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Top 5 Best Garden Obelisks For Climbing Plants

Last updated on June 13th, 2022

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Garden obelisks transform your garden into a different dimension as they tower over your flowerbeds, planters, and containers. These obelisks are not only there for aesthetics but they act as supporting structures for different kinds of climbing plants and are especially good for growing dwarf clematis and sweet peas. If you are preparing for a new season, you will need to get your obelisks early so that you can avoid structuring the plants mid-growth.

In this review, we have assembled 5 reliable obelisks that can be regarded as among the best wooden and metal obelisks currently available to buy. These obelisks are of different heights and prices thus we are sure one or two models will catch your eye and be suitable for your taste and garden. 

We have chosen the GAP Garden Products 7ft Obelisk as our best obelisk and in terms of the quality of the steel used, nothing even comes close. The Selections Parisian Garden Obelisks come as a pair and is our runner up choice which is a more affordable option. We will explain the reasons below before progressing to the detailed reviews.


GAP Garden Products 7Ft Obelisk
This obelisk can house tall and short plants with ease. This obelisk is made from durable strong tubular and flat steel bar and therefore, it will last for years to come. Much more substantial than the cheaper alternatives available, however, at the end of the day you get what you pay so this is not a cheap model but its certainly one of the best if not the best. It is easy to assemble (with two people) and the price is not out of reach considering that you will get value for your money the longer you use it. From the customer reviews, we can see the users were pleased with the product performance thus reinforcing our choice as the best pick.


Selections Parisian Garden Obelisks
They say good things come in two's and that is what the Pair of Selections Parisian Garden Obelisks have done. The ease to assemble these obelisks is perfect if you want to create a border/fence post. They are made of durable steel that is plastic coated that guarantee durability and helps them last longer. For two obelisks, the price is pretty fair, thus it is suitable for those who are looking for an affordable reliable pair of obelisks at a more affordable price.

Top 5 Best Garden Obelisks Reviews

1. GAP Garden Products 7ft Traditional Obelisk


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GAP Garden Products 7Ft Traditional Obelisk

Introducing the GAP Garden Products Traditional Obelisk that is manufactured from a durable steel construction. It is much more substantial than most other steel obelisks, and to be specific they are made from strong tubular and flat steel bars. The tall obelisk is also given a black finish that protects the metal from the elements so they will last for many years to come.

It is ideal for supporting climbing plants such as miniature roses, dwarf clematis, and more commonly, for growing sweet peas. This obelisk’s height is 84″ and the width is 14″ but you can get a slightly taller one too. It provides adequate room for the plants to grow to their full height.

It comes flat packed and it will need assembly before it is ready for use. It’s worth noting that although one person can put them together (as many people do) it is actually much easier with a second pair of hands.


  • A sturdy obelisk made from durable steel construction.
  • Easy to assemble, especially with two people.
  • Provides enough room to support climbing plants.
  • Offers good value for money.

Our recommendation

The GAP Garden Products 7ft Traditional Obelisk is a robust and stable model for those who have climbing plants and are looking for a more substantial obelisk than the ones usually sold in garden centres and online.

This tall obelisk can easily be the focal point of your garden without sticking out because it has a dark colour. Overall, we find that this model is much more durable than most and thus it offers good value for money and will last for many years to come.

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2. Selections 2.1m Parisian Steel Garden Obelisks (Set of 2)


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Pair of Selections Parisian Steel Garden Obelisks

This Pair of Selections Parisian Steel Garden Obelisks present a commanding height of 2.1 metres, which is just under 7ft. This pair of obelisks are made from steel with a plastic coating finish to prevent the metal from rusting. These obelisks are stable and easy to assemble because all you need to do is stack one piece on top of the other and bolt them together, keeping assembly down to a minimum. 

In addition, they are ideal for climbing plants and they can be placed anywhere from the patio to the fence depending on your requirements. The models are stable thanks to their 35cm2 base and they can be dismantled easily for storage.


  • Made from plastic-coated steel for durability.
  • Comes in a pair, offering good value for money.
  • Easy to assemble as it comes in just two sections.
  • Tall and stable enough to support climbing plants and roses.

Our recommendation

The Pair of Selections Parisian Steel Garden Obelisks are suitable for those who need taller models, but at the same time, are looking for an obelisk that is more affordable than our best pick. However, this model by Selections is still very stable and is well-made and so they will not rust or get bent out of shape easily. 

If you live in windy areas, you might want to secure the obelisk to prevent it from tipping over, especially when the plants are young. After the plants weave around the obelisks, you do not have to worry about them tipping over because they will be weighed down. It also helps to push the legs right down into the ground as much as you can.

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3. Ruddings Wood 200cm Diamond Garden Obelisks

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Ruddings Wood 200cm Diamond Garden Obelisks

The Ruddings Wooden 200cm Diamond Garden Obelisk has the same structure as the model above and is a good alternative model. It is made from a heavy-duty steel rod that has a PVC coating to prevent the metal from rusting and corroding. 

This model bears a diamond design that allows the climbers to weave their way easily within the structure. The obelisk is easy to assemble because it is stackable and it comes with fixtures to keep it in place. You can place it anywhere you like, whether on top of a planter, or the flat ground.


  • Made from durable steel rod with a PVC protective weatherproof coating.
  • Two metres tall to give plants enough room for growth.
  • Easy to assemble, comes in two sections.


  • A little expensive.

Our recommendation 

The Ruddings Wooden Diamond Garden Obelisk is well made so it will provide you with long service. It has the same basic structure as the Pair of Selections Parisian Steel Garden Obelisks, only that it is slightly shorter and a bit pricier, and perhaps also a little better built.

This model would be perfect for those who wanted a singular diamond design obelisk for a premium price, and in comparison to our runner up model, we think it’s well worth the extra cost.

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4. Garden Pride Garden Obelisk

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Garden Pride Garden Obelisk

Easy to assemble is the Garden Pride Garden Obelisk. This obelisk is made from raw steel and it lacks a protective coating because it is built to rust to give a more rustic appearance, to look like it’s been there for years.

The rusting effect (once it takes place) presents a vintage aesthetic that ties in well with the sight of climbing plants. 

You will find that the model supports different climbing plants and flowers easily. You can fit it over a planter easily because of its small base. This model comes with a height of 1.6m or you can select the smaller model with a height of 1.3m.


  • Made from raw stainless steel for durability.
  • Rusts to give an aesthetic effect.
  • No assembly is required because it comes in one piece.
  • Offers good value for money.
  • Sold individually or in pairs.


  • Takes some time for the rust effect to take place.

Our recommendation 

The Garden Pride Garden Obelisk is simple and effective. The medium-sized obelisk is perfect for supporting younger climbing plants that do not occupy a lot of room. It is easy to assemble, you can place it on top of a large flowerpot or directly into the ground. 

Price-wise, it is considerably affordable, making this model a good idea for those with restrictive budgets. The rusting effect will not take place immediately because of varying weather patterns so be patient. Overall well worth considering, although it is slightly smaller at 160cm compared to our top two picks.

5. Parcel in the Attic Solidwood Garden Obelisk

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Parcel in the Attic Solidwood Garden Obelisk

Finally, we have the Parcel in the Attic Solidwood Garden Obelisk that is made from FSC-certified timber. This all wood model measures 60cm x 60cm x 200cm and it weighs 7kgs, providing a lot of stability. At around 2ft wide, this is wider than most other models and we recommend using stakes to secure if used in a more exposed area.

The obelisk is made from pressure-treated wood which is important and we wouldn’t recommend any wooden garden products that are not pressure treated. By pressure treating the wood there is a guarantee at least 10-years of rot-free use. It comes flat-packed with clear instructions for easy assembly so there is a little DIY involved.


  • Looks good and is fairly substantial at 2ft wide.
  • Made from sustainable pressure-treated FCS timber.
  • Comes with a 10 year guarantee against rot.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • It is pricey compared to steel alternatives.

Our recommendation

The Parcel in the Attic Solidwood Garden Obelisk is suitable for those looking for a wooden obelisk. Because the entire structure is made of wood, it may cost a bit more compared to the metallic models.

The good news is that you get value for money because you are guaranteed that the structure will last for at least 10 years, however, we still recommend giving it a coat of paint once a year. In addition, the structure looks really good once assembled thus it will make a good focal point in the garden.

Buyer’s Guide

You can change how your garden looks by purchasing the best obelisk designs available on the market. You are not limited to one obelisk; you can purchase a couple and use them to create vertical displays in the garden using climbing plants without the need for a trellis on the wall.

In this short buyer’s guide, we will show you the simple features to look for when shopping for the best wooden obelisk or the best metal obelisk. 


There are mainly two materials that are used to make obelisks and those are wood and metal. These materials are durable but some are much more durable than others. Willow obelisks are available at a lower cost but they are not as durable as the oak wood and obviously metal ones. They, however, look more natural and give the garden a vintage feel. When choosing a wooden model we highly recommend you only buy ones that are manufactured using treated timber.


The height of the obelisk will depend on the plants that you are growing. Shorter plants will not require tall obelisks because then there will be an empty space at the top, some dwarf clematis are perfect for smaller models.

If you are growing overly aggressive climbing plants or taller growing sweet peas, a tall obelisk will be ideal to provide adequate room. Also, look not to purchase an overly tall obelisk that is unstable when it gets windy. Sometimes it’s better to use taller models in more sheltered positions for this reason.

Protection from the weather

Whether wood or metal was used to make the obelisk, measures need to be taken to prevent the degradation of the material. That is why wooden obelisks are treated to prevent rot and metal obelisks are powder or plastic coated to prevent rust, unless they’re specifically going for the natural rustic feel. Wooden obelisks will require occasional maintenance to ensure the wood can keep up with the elements over the years.

There are cases where metal obelisks are left raw so that they can rust as just mentioned. The rust effect is idyllic for gardens teeming with flowers. A good example of such a model would be the Garden Pride Garden Obelisk.


Easy assembly makes matters easier because no time is wasted. Fiddling with parts while reading vague instructions can be frustrating, to say the least. That is why the best obelisk will come already assembled or partly assembled for an easy fit. Even if it comes flat packed, the instructions provided should be clear enough to make assembly a straightforward process.


Can I place an obelisk on top of a planter/flowerpot?

Yes, this is possible as long as the base of the obelisk can fit inside the planter. You may want to use large planters so that the obelisk has enough room for stability and is less likely to blow over.

Are there other materials used to make obelisks?

Apart from the basic metal and wood, you can get obelisks made from rattan. Rattan obelisks are easy to manage and they are suitable for light climbing plants.

How do I maintain my obelisk? 

Obelisks do not require a lot of maintenance. Metal obelisk can be repainted occasionally to prevent the metal from being exposed to the elements. Wooden obelisks can be given coats of protective oils, stains, or paints to prevent rot/warping

Final Conclusion

We have already selected the GAP Garden Products 7ft Traditional Obelisk as our best pick because of its accommodating size and more importantly how well built it is. Basically it has been made to last, which is not something we see with products these days.

We also went ahead and chose the Pair of Selections Parisian Steel Garden Obelisks to be our runner up because they offer the best value for money without compromising on the quality of the materials used.

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