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Top 5 Best lawn mowers for wet and long grass with powerful engines and large cutting heights

Last updated on May 3rd, 2021

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Are you envious of those “fairweather” gardeners who only mow their well-kept lawns on clear, sunny, dry days? If your mowing chores need to be done regardless of bad weather or how long it’s been since the grass was last cut, you need to know about lawn mowers that can handle long and wet grass. Note that all the mowers in our review are petrol powered. This is because: (1) the ultimate power of a petrol engine is needed to cut wet and long grass cleanly and efficiently; and (2) you should not be using electric or cordless lawn mowers (or any electric power tools come to that) in the rain or on wet grass.

Our review of the Best Lawn Mowers For Wet and Long Grass brings you a range of options to choose from. These go from those that are best suited for medium size domestic lawns to a couple that are for professionals whose job it is to cut lawns or other grassy areas in all weather conditions. We identify the pros and cons of each model and discuss their features. Our Buyer’s Guide is an overview of what to look for in lawn mowers in general but especially in those that are best suited to these exacting conditions.

Our Best Pick is the Hyundai HYM510SPE 196cc Self-propelled Petrol Lawnmower. This is an affordable self-propelled petrol lawn mower with a significant amount of power to handle long and unkempt grass. It has all the usability, safety and convenience features that come in a top-of-the-line lawn mower but for a more affordable price.

The Hayter Harrier 48 Pro FS BBC Rear Roller Lawn Mower is our Runner-up selection. This is more for professional gardeners and the most serious amateurs with large areas of grass to tend. The rear roller lets you put traditional stripes in your lawn. For professionals, we highly recommend considering this model.


Hyundai HYM510SPE 196cc Self-propelled Petrol Lawnmower
The Hyundai HYM510SPE 196cc Self-propelled Petrol Lawnmower is Hyundai’s top lawn mower, and the features reflect this. It’s a self-propelled mower with an electric start, so getting it going and moving it around can’t be any easier, though it is a bit on the heavy side. This mower has all the functions you need – cut, collect, discharge (side and rear) and mulch – except for a rear roller, so you’re on your own for making those traditional Wimbledon stripes in your lawn. And it’s easily cleaned by hooking up your garden hose to the underside of the deck. The two beverage holders on the ergonomic handle bar come in handy for cool drinks on warm, muggy days or a cup of tea on those wet rainy days. If you’re looking for a fully-featured lawn mower that handles wet and long grass as well as regular grass, and comes at an economical price, look no further than this Hyundai HYM510SPE model. Its easy to see why we choose this as our best pick.


Hayter Harrier 48 Pro FS BBC Rear Roller Lawn Mower

The Hayter Harrier 48 Pro FS BBC Rear Roller Lawn Mower is a lawn mower that’s designed for use in commercial long grass cutting and general everyday mowing. It’s the heaviest mower in our review and is self-propelled. It has all the features a professional grass cutter (or serious amateur gardener) requires. Cut, discharge or collect the grass into a 70L fabric collection bag. And also create the envy-inducing stripes in the lawn with the rear roller and the lowest grass height setting. The range of grass heights covers fairly short grass to a modest shaggy length. The one speed of this mower is a comfortable walking pace that you can keep up over a period of time and still get the job done efficiently. This is the choice for a professional lawn mower that turns wet and long grass into a desirable lawn. For those who have to mow no matter the weather, this is a great choice.

Top 5 Lawn Mowers For Wet and Long Grass Reviews

1. Hyundai HYM510SPE 196cc Self-propelled Petrol Lawnmower 


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Hyundai HYM510SPE 196cc Self-propelled Petrol Lawnmower

The Hyundai HYM510SPE 196cc Self-propelled Petrol Lawnmower is the top-of-the-line mower in Hyundai’s lawn mower range. This is the only mower in our review that has a selection of speeds so you can find one to suit the terrain and your energy level. Even with all that this model offers, it’s towards the lower end of the price range we consider in this review making it a great choice for homeowners as well as professional gardeners who are perhaps just getting started and need an affordable mower for all-weather mowing.

This Hyundai petrol model has a powerful, and just as importantly, reliable 196cc engine which, along with being self-propelled, takes little effort to manoeuvre around your lawn or smallholding.

The electric start button makes it easy to get going, though there is a recoil cord in case the battery is flat which is a must for professionals. Assembly is tool-free and we recommend watching the YouTube videos rather than reading the poorly written instruction book.

This mower has enough power, and a wide enough cutting blade at 51cm, to use for large gardens and small agricultural or horticultural businesses. However, at 43.8kg, it is a heavy machine so some people may find that it’s a bit difficult to move around obstacles if you have limited upper body strength or shoulder injuries. Just be honest with yourself about whether you can comfortably handle this much weight for the period of your mowing sessions. Overall it should be ok for most people but just something to be aware of.

The HYM510SPE mower has all the functions that a garden needs. It cuts and collects grass in the larger than average 70 Litre polyester collection bag. If you want to return the clippings to the lawn, you have the choice to eject them from the rear or the side of the mower. The mulching function lets you have the clippings finely chopped into mulch and sprinkled onto the grass as fertiliser, this is especially useful for cutting large areas of long grass.

Cutting long grass doesn’t mean that you have to leave it that way. The choice of six pre-set grass lengths from 25mm to 75mm lets you select how long to leave the grass, depending on how soon you can get back to it and the type of grass you have. One central lever adjusts the cutting height for all four wheels simultaneously which is a fairly good easy to use system.

A unique addition to the Hyundai HYM510SPE mower is that it has two cup holders in the soft-grip handlebar. Either take turns mowing with a partner with your own drinks, or take out two beverages for yourself to see you through your long mowing day. Not seen any other mowers with drink holders.


  • Perfect for both domestic and professional mowing.
  • Self-propelled petrol lawn mower with four variable speeds that you just guide where you want it to go.
  • Powerful and reliable 196cc Hyundai engine with the power to cut long grass efficiently.
  • Electric button start for easy powering up.
  • Functions are: cut, collect, discharge and mulch; everything a gardener dreams of.
  • Cutting blade is a generous 51cm for fewer passes of your medium to large lawn.
  • Choose from six grass lengths ranging from 25 – 75mm for an even and healthy lawn length.
  • Polyester grass collector holds 70L of cuttings and has an easily removable lid.
  • Two beverage holders in the soft-grip handlebar hold your drink of choice to keep you going.
  • Tool-free assembly is quick and easy.
  • Operator Presence Control lever stops the engine if you let go of the handle, a welcome safety feature.
  • Weighs 43.8kg.
  • Three-year Hyundai Platinum warranty gives you confidence in the quality of the product.


  • Heavy to move around obstacles.

Our recommendation

The Hyundai HYM510SPE 196cc Self-propelled Petrol Lawnmower is the best lawn mower that Hyundai has to offer. It has everything that you want to manage long and wet grass, as well as caring for your lawn under normal conditions.

Cut, collect, discharge (x2) and mulch with this machine, and clean it easily by hooking up your garden hose to the underside of the deck. Plus you can select from four speeds to suit the terrain and the ability of the operator. Hyundai’s three-year Platinum warranty backs up the high quality of this mower.

The Hyundai HYM510SPE 196cc Self-propelled Petrol Lawnmower is our pick for Best Lawn mower for long, wet grass. We like all its features, the Hyundai guarantee, its variable speed and its electric start. (Plus the cup holders.)

If you’re looking for an economical lawn mower with all the functionality and convenient features that you could want, the Hyundai HYM510SPE 196cc Self-propelled Petrol Lawnmower could be the one for you.

2. Hayter Harrier 48 Pro FS BBC Rear Roller Lawn Mower


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The Hayter Harrier 48 Pro FS BBC Rear Roller Lawn Mower is an updated model for 2020 of the successful previous version which was very popular with professional lawn care professionals. The updates include an improved Honda engine and a re-designed cutting blade. This is a lawn mower for professional use and so its features suit the wear and tear required by commercial grass cutting so everything is designed to last.

This Hayter Harrier lawn mower is a fixed speed self-propelled with a 170cc Honda engine to provide the power that commercial grass cutting requires on a daily basis. The lawn mower moves at one fixed speed of 4.8kph (3mph), which is a comfortable walking speed that is sustainable for a long period, but it’s also fast enough to cover a large area of grass quickly. Use the recoil cord pull to start the mower. 

The cutting blade is 48cm wide, which is a popular size for a large lawn or expanse of grass. You have a choice of seven pre-set cutting heights for the grass from 13mm to 60mm, conveniently adjustable by a single lever. The lowest height is quite short so you can leave the grass looking manicured, a very close cut with spectacular stripes rather than shaggy if you want. 

The fabric collection bag holds 70L of grass cuttings, which is standard for this size of mower. However, online reviews always say that, whatever the size of bag, it’s never large enough but as a professional gardener, you probably already know this. You can stop the blade and remove the bag without having to turn off the engine, saving you the hassle of re-starting it each time you empty the collection bag which is super useful for those who spend all day mowing through the cutting season.

This mower has the usual functions of cut, collect and discharge, though there’s no mulching feature. However, you do have a rear roller that produces those longed-for stripes in the grass for that professional finish. Turn your wet and long grass into lawn that brings to mind a bowling green lawn.


  • Heavy duty professional petrol lawn mower with a reliable Honda GCVX170 170cc engine for use every day.
  • Fixed speed of 4.8kph (3mph) is a comfortable walking speed but fast enough to get the job done quickly.
  • Cutting width of the blade is 48cm, designed for you to make the fewest passes of your grassy areas.
  • Cutting heights are in seven steps from 13mm to 60mm, giving you the choice from an almost manicured lawn up to a more natural look.
  • Three functions are: cut, collect and discharge.
  • Rear roller flattens the grass after it’s cut, giving a striped appearance.
  • Fabric collection bag holds 70L of grass cuttings so you don’t have to stop to empty it too often.
  • Right side wheel, cutting blade and rear roller in line make it easy to trim around borders and walls.
  • Easy clean the mower deck by hooking up your garden hose after every use.
  • Weighs 46kg.
  • Two-year warranty for commercial use and also for domestic use shows the manufacturer’s commitment to the quality of this mower. Most manufactures provide very limited warranty for professional use.


  • Doesn’t mulch but it is designed but as a cut and collect mower.

Our recommendation

The Hayter Harrier 48 Pro FS BBC Rear Roller Lawn Mower is a professional self-propelled lawn mower that deals with all kinds of grass and circumstances, including wet and long grass. It cuts, collects ad discharges the grass and also has a rear roller to provide those awe-inspiring stripes you see in magazine photos. This model is an improved version of the well-rated previous model with a re-designed cutting blade, among other updates, for more effective mowing.

This is the Runner-up in our review and the best lawn mower for long grass for professionals. We like its solid features (plus the stripes) and that it’s designed especially for professionals. 

If your job includes a lot of grass cutting, or you live on an acreage, consider the Hayter Harrier 48 Pro FS BBC Rear Roller Lawn as your next garden machinery purchase.

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3. Cobra M51SPC 20″ (51cm) Petrol Lawn Mower Self Propelled 4in1 Mulch Collect 173cc OHV Engine

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Cobra M51SPC 20

The Cobra M51SPC 20″ Petrol Lawn Mower is a mower that handles wet and long grass in small to medium gardens, up to 600m2. This is a self-propelled petrol mower that has a 173cc Cobra engine, that’s on par with the engine in our Runner-up selection. But don’t be intimidated by that. The Cobra is much lighter weight and has a slower walking speed. This mower is definitely a domestic mower but it will handle longer and wet grass with ease.

Even domestic lawns need all the functions that a lawn mower can provide. The Cobra M51SPC model offers the four functions found in professional and higher-end mowers: cut, collect, discharge (side and rear) and mulch. The collection bag is made of polyester and holds 60L of grass cuttings so slightly smaller than out two previous picks. The cuttings are compressed in the bag by the air flow so more fit in, meaning fewer trips to the compost heap or recycle bin.

The cutting dimensions aren’t skimped on either. The blade cuts a 51cm swath through your grass so you won’t have to make umpteen passes across your lawn. You choice of cutting heights are adjustable from a single lever. Choose one of 10 pre-set heights from 25mm to 75mm. This number of steps giving such fine control of the length of your grass blades is quite unusual; you can leave your cut grass looking exactly how you want it to.

The Cobra M51SPC mower weighs 35kg, making it one of the lightest mowers in our review which is better for domestic use. It travels along at 3.2kph, which is a walking speed that most people can manage comfortably.


  • Perfect for domestic use for mowing wet and long grass.
  • Self-propelled petrol lawn mower with a 173cc Cobra DG600 OHV engine for almost effortless lawn mowing.
  • Four functions: cut, collect, discharge (rear and side) and mulch, for all your lawn care needs.
  • Cutting width is 51cm to quickly cover medium lawns.
  • Wide selection of cutting heights from 25mm to 75mm in ten steps so you find just the perfect height for your lawn.
  • Single speed of 3.2kph offers a medium-speed walk that most people can manage.
  • Fabric collection bag holds 60L of grass clippings and allows for a free flow of air that compacts the clippings so they take up less space.
  • Weighs 35kg.

Our recommendation

The Cobra M51SPC 20″ (51cm) Petrol Lawn Mower Self Propelled mower is a mower that’s all set for a domestic setting. It’s relatively light weight with a comfortable walking speed so is not a challenge to keep up with as you cut your grass. It has all the features most gardeners need for their lawn care, including mulching, but doesn’t make stripes. The wide range of cutting heights have ten pre-set values so even the most exacting lawn expert can find one to suit.

We like the Cobra M51SPC 20″ (51cm) Petrol Lawn Mower for its suitability, with a full range of features, for a domestic garden. If you have problem grass (wet and long or otherwisee) in your garden at home, take a close look at this mower.

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4. Honda HRH 536 QX Pro Self Propelled Rear Roller Lawnmower 

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The Honda HRH 536 QX Pro Self Propelled Rear Roller Lawnmower has it all (if you count in the optional mulching feature). This is a lawn mower that’s built for commercial use and has all the necessary features to provide. But that’s not to say that home gardeners with medium to large lawns or grassy areas can’t make use of it too. Afterall for domestic use, it comes with a very generous 7-year warranty but this is cut back to only 12 months for professionals.

The power for this self-propelled mower comes from the reliable 163cc Honda motor. Interestingly, this is not the most powerful engine of the mowers in our review, but it’s enough for the cut, collect and discharge functions of this lawn mower. Start the engine by pulling the recoil cord. The mower’s Roto-Stop feature stops the blades without stopping the engine so you can empty the collection bag without having to restart the mower afterwards, something that is expected for professional-grade mowers. This mower travels at one speed that’s not specified on the sales or the manufacturer’s websites but its a nice walking pace. 

In place of rear wheels is a rear roller, which flattens the grass after cutting to produce those longed-for stripes in the grass. The visibility of the stripes depends on how short you cut the grass: the sorter the grass, the more visible the stripes.

The cutting height range is from 14mm to 52mm in five steps. The shortest height is low enough to give a “crew-cut” appearance to your lawn, while the longest height lends to a wilderness look. The blade’s cutting width is a generous 53cm; you won’t have to go back and forth across your lawn too many times and your stripes are wide enough to be really visible.

Two features show that this is truly a professional lawn mower: the collection bag holds an impressive 83L of grass clippings (the standard volume is between 60 and 70L). And the handle bar height is adjustable to three positions, so you can change its level depending on how tired or tall you are.

However, home gardeners should also consider this lawn mower if it fits their grass situation – there’s a seven-year domestic warranty as already mentioned.


  • Self-propelled professional petrol lawn mower has a 163cc Honda engine that operates at a single speed.
  • Heavy-duty alloy deck suitable for professional use or for medium to large domestic lawns.
  • Three functions: cut, collect, discharge.
  • Roto-Stop feature stops the blades without stopping the engine so you don’t have to turn off the mower to empty the grass collection bag.
  • Rear roller gives you the traditional strips in the grass when you cut it.
  • Cutting width of the blade is 53cm, suitable for large areas of grass.
  • Five cutting heights in the range 14mm to 52mm provide a wide selection of looks for your lawn.
  • Grass collection bag holds a very impressive 83L of cuttings, letting you focus on cutting and not making trips to your compost heap.
  • Handle height adjusts to three positions to ensure your upper body is in a comfortable position.
  • Weighs 56kg.
  • Seven-year domestic warranty and one-year commercial warranty.


  • Mulching is optional accessory.

Our recommendation

The Honda HRH 536 QX Pro Self Propelled Rear Roller Lawnmower is a lawn mower that can handle all grass types, lengths and situations in professional or domestic circumstances.

Homeowners, as well as commercial grass cutters, benefit from its features as well as the power and the reliability of the Honda engine. The one feature missing is the ability to mulch the grass, and that attachment is available as an optional extra but for the price, and it’s not cheap, we think it should include the mulching plug.

If you’re looking for a professional-level lawn mower for wet and long grass and are prepared to invest in a high-quality Honda product, this is the lawn mower for you and is a great alternative to our runner-up pick by Hayter.

5. Einhell GC-PM 46 S HW-T Petrol Push Lawnmower

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Einhell GC-PM 46 S HW-T Petrol Push Lawnmower

The Einhell GC-PM 46 S HW-T Petrol Push Lawnmower is different in one major way to the other wet and long grass lawn mowers in our review – but that’s good. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s the least expensive of the mowers we review; it still has all the other features you need for serious lawn care and can tackle even tough, uncontrolled grass making it perfect if you have paddocks or rough edges of grass such as paths.

This Einhell lawn mower is the lightest mower we review, it weighs 30.5kg, and the steerable from wheel makes it easy to move around obstacles and turn corners. If you have to go in a straight line for quite a way, lock the front wheel imposition and you won’t have to continually worry about adjusting the mower’s course. 

This mower has rear-wheel drive; disengage the rear wheels if you just want to push the mower along to get to your lawn. The mower travels at one speed, which is not identified on either the sales or the manufacturer’s website. However, our research found that it’s quite fast. 

The Einhell GC-PM 46 S HW-T mower has the four functions well-tended lawns need: cut, collect, discharge and mulch. The manufacturer recommends that you use the side discharge feature when you cut long grass. 

The cutting height choice is from 30mm to 80mm in eight pre-selected heights adjusted from one central lever. The lowest height won’t give a close shave to your lawn but it’s low enough so your grass looks well cared for. The strips of grass you cut are 46cm wide which is a suitable width for, and proportional to, lawns up to 1,400m2


  • Self-propelled mower with a powerful 141cc engine for rough grass cutting.
  • A steerable front wheel that makes it easier to guide around obstacles and turn corners.
  • The rear-wheel-drive can be disengaged for so you can just wheel the mower along.
  • Four functions: cut; collect; discharge; and mulch.
  • Eight cutting heights to choose from in the range from 30mm to 80mm.
  • Blade width is 46cm that is proportional to medium size lawns.
  • The handle is height adjustable and foldable, with starter cable placed there for easy access.
  • Grass collection bag holds 70L of grass clippings, with an indicator so you know when to empty it.
  • Weighs 30.5kg.


  • Does give a traditional manicured finish.

Our recommendation

The Einhell GC-PM 46 S HW-T Petrol Push Lawnmower is perfect for mowing uneven or rough ground such as paths through paddocks or woods, perfect if you own one or both of these on your property which many more rural homes do.

However, the steerable front wheel and the mower’s lightweight make it easy to manoeuvre around obstacles and off the beaten track. All four functions – cut, collect, discharge and mulch – are available and the cutting height range is wide and contains eight pre-set choices but it doent give a really close cut both that not what its designed for.

If you need a home lawn mower for grass of all kinds, including wet and long, and the other models in our review are too heavy, too powerful or too expensive for you, the Einhell GC-PM 46 S HW-T Petrol Push Lawnmower is a great alternative choice.

Buyer’s Guide

Mowing wet and long grass has slightly different needs than cutting regular dry, well-kept lawns. Lawn mowers for this task differ slightly in their feature, especially in power and function. Here’s what to look for in these two areas.


This feature is non-negotiable – you must use a petrol mower. Electricity and water, even from a cordless/battery mower, don’t mix; well, they do but with disastrous consequences. 


The engines of the mowers in this review range from 141cc to 196cc, but don’t assume that the commercial mowers have the largest engines.

Most petrol lawn mowers have a recoil start. This is where you pull a cable to power up the machine. The cable may be on the body of the mower or perhaps on the handlebar. Sometimes the mover has an electric start; this may be a button that you press or a key that you turn. This is an easier way to start a mower and doesn’t require any effort. Electric start mowers always have a recoil start backup in case something goes wrong.

Your effort

Mowers that are self-propelled provide the energy to move themselves forward; you’re there to guide them in the direction you want them to go. You turn them around corners or coax them around obstacles. 

Push mowers require a little more effort on your part and are not really ideal for long and wet grass as pushing through it can be much more difficult. Although they’re powered by a motor, you do have to push them along. Take account of how much the mower weighs and factor in your upper body strength and your pushing ability. We just recommend going with a self-propelled model for mowing long and wet grass which is why al our recommended models are self-propelled.


You find the same range of functions in mowers for wet and long grass as in regular lawn mowers. 


Of course, all lawn mowers cut grass but they may have a different number and arrangement of blades. 

Two other numbers are key to understanding what the lawn mower can do for your lawn.

Cutting width

The cutting width of the blade(s) is how wide a strip your mower cuts of the grass in one pass. It varies from mower to mower but the ones in this review all have blades around 50cm wide. This is ideal for a medium to large lawn as it’s in proportion and means that you don’t have to make too many passes.

Cutting heights

All lawn mowers give you a choice of heights at which to cut your blades of grass. This usually fall within a range with a pre-determined number of steps; so the actual choice of heights are set. 

The mowers for wet and long grass we review each have a wide range of heights. However, the lowest height generally won’t give you a well-manicured lawn unless is really level or they will scalp the lawn. 


All the mowers in our review can eject the clippings back on the lawn as an option. 

Rear discharge

All the mowers here eject the cuttings from the back of the lawn mower. This throws them at your feet As you walk along. Personally unless its also mulching we don’t recommend doing this.

Side discharge

Some mowers come with a side discharge plug which you insert into the mower so that the cuttings are thrown out to the side. Choose the side on which you’ve already cut the lawn for the most efficient use of this feature.


All the mowers come with a grass collection bag or box. This may be made of fabric, usually polyester, and sometimes has a hard lid. Sometimes, it’s completely made of solid plastic. Look for a collection bag/box that has an indicator on the lid (or a clear lid) that lets you see how full it is.

The size of the grass collection bag/box/bin varies between mowers. 70L is a good size and holds quite the results of quite a long mowing session. Anything below 60L means you’ll be running to the compost heap or green bin quite often to empty it.

Some mowers let you stop cutting without turning off the engine. In this way, you can leave your mower running while taking off the collection bag to empty it. This is ideal for professional gardeners as you don’t need to turn the mower off everything you stop to empty the collection bag.


Several of the long-and-wet grass mowers in this review offer a mulching feature. This is when the grass is cut and re-cut so that fine particles of it are ejected back onto the lawn. They serve as fertiliser and a nutrients and put them back into the lawn. The mowers we look at are designed to handle the multiple cutting up of wet grass with this feature.


If your heart is set on traditional stripes in your lawn (like at Wimbledon), even when you’re working with wet and long grass, you need a lawn mower with a roller at the rear. The roller tamps down the grass after you cut it. leaving a strip of a different colour. Cutting the grass in opposite directions in alternate strips changes the look of the stripe.

Final Conclusion

Mowing wet or long grass (or a combination of the two) often takes more effort and dedication than the regular casual Sunday afternoon mowing chore. But the lawn mowers we look here at provide the power and the features for doing this tough task easily.

The mowers intended for use by professional gardeners, who have to be out there whatever the weather, provide the high-quality machines needed for daily toil. Their features translate well to large gardens and smallholdings.

The mowers intended for domestic use deal well with long and wet grass as well as regular mowing chores, though their selection of grass cuttings heights are not always short enough for a closely manicured lawn.

The Hyundai HYM510SPE 196cc Self-propelled Petrol Lawnmower is our Best Pick. This lawn mower takes the effort out of cutting long, wet grass. Guide it where you want it to go and adjust the cutting heights with a single lever. The two beverage holders let you carry coffee along on a cool, damp morning or a cold beverage on a muggy afternoon. This model is perfect for domestic use or professionals looking for a more affordable model, especially if their just starting out.

Our Runner-up is the Hayter Harrier 48 Pro FS BBC Rear Roller Lawn Mower. This commercial lawn mower has you covered if you really have to go out and mow grass in inclement weather. Impress your customers further when you leave their lawns striped in the traditional way as well due to the rear roller on this mower. This is really the only model we recommend for a professional gardener looking for the very best mower.

If you’re just not going to be mowing in, or soon after, bad weather, take a look at our reviews of some other lawn mowers which could be the right one for your particular mowing tasks and lawn situation:

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