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Top 3 Best Parasol Heaters to Warm your Cool Evenings

Last updated on February 17th, 2022

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It’s difficult to ensure that everyone under your patio umbrella is equally warm in the cool evenings – and that’s what these parasol patio heaters are specially made for plus there out of the way unlike some of the alternative standard patio style heaters.

These electric umbrella heaters clip around the pole of the parasol so that they send heat down equally on everyone underneath, whether they’re at your outdoor dining table or lounging on your patio couch.

We review the pros and cons of the heaters along with their features and our recommendation. Our Buyer’s Guide briefly covers the key points to buying an infrared outdoor heater.


La Hacienda Heatmaster Parasol Heater
The La Hacienda Heatmaster Popular Electric Heater has four 500W ruby lights that each cast rosy red illumination as well as heat. Working in pairs, each with their own ON/OFF switch, these lamps offer you a choice of two heat settings (one pair on, or all lights on). By adjusting the height of the heater up the parasol pole and by angling each light up or down, you create an area of heat to satisfy each person around your outdoors dining table or on your patio lounging furniture. The pressed steel and aluminium construction, along with the grid over the bulbs, makes sure that this heater is safe.


WANGXIAO Electric Patio Parasol Heater
Looking like an unmoving ceiling fan, the WANGXIAO Electric Patio Umbrella Heater has three long blades containing heating elements which each put out the familiar warm amber glow of an electric heater. Each blade has a 650W carbon fibre infrared heating element. You can use the blades individually or in combination for heat settings of 650W, 1300W and 1950W. Just turn off the appropriate blade's heat by folding it downwards. The aluminium alloy ring structure opens up to fit around the pole at any height (though higher is best) and closes by tightening the clamp. With a diameter of 100cm, this Wangxiao emits a wide area of warmth.

Top 3 Best Patio Parasol Heaters Reviews + 2 Other Alturnatives

1. La Hacienda Heatmaster Parasol Heater


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La Hacienda Heatmaster Popular U3-R20 - Parasoll Tripod Mounted - Short Wave Infrared - 1800w,Black

The La Hacienda Heatmaster Popular Electric Heater is an umbrella mounted infrared heater that has four 500W individual halogen ruby light bulbs arranged equally around the pole. This gives a uniform sphere of heat for the people underneath, which works especially well if the umbrella is in the centre of your outdoor dining table.

The lighting unit is made of pressed steel and aluminium so it’s suitable for use both indoors and outdoors although our review assumes you be having it outdoors. The light fittings have a safety grid of metal over the bulbs to ensure that no one burns themselves accidentally. The unit fits any pole from 25mm to 55mm in diameter, and that covers most domestic parasol models of all styles.

You open the centre ring of the unit and place it around the pole. Raise the light fixture to the top of the parasol pole and fix it by tightening the clamp, but you can lower the light fixture to anywhere on the pole. Or you can rotate each lamp fixture individually up and down to direct the heat according to the height of the person it’s pointing towards which is a nice feature.

This heater puts out a rosy red glow of light that creates a warm ambience in the evening as well as the heat. With all four lamps on, you have 2000W of warmth but you have the option of only using two lamps (that’s the second heat setting mentioned) for 1000W of heat so this makes sure your not wasting heat or energy if you don’t need the heat right around the umbrella.

Some online reviewers complain that this isn’t enough heat to really warm things up on cold nights and others remark that it’s enough to take the chill off cool air which is what we tend to find. The thing is, Inferred heaters are designed to heat you and not the air which is what some people may not have understood. They are not like gas heaters that heat the air but there still very effective and much safer too.

Finally, each pair of light bulbs has its own ON/OFF switch with a clear plastic cover to keep any rain out.


  • Parasol mounted electric IR heater with four individual 500W ruby halogen bulb fixtures.
  • Pressed steel and aluminium construction with a black hammered metal finish.
  • IPX3 (waterproof) rated for outdoor use.
  • Bulb fixtures have safety guards and highly polished interiors for reflection.
  • Total heat output is around 2000W, in two 1000W (pairs of light bulbs) options.
  • Individual ON/OFF switch, with plastic weather-resistant covers, for each pair of bulbs.
  • Fits parasol poles 22mm to 55mm, that’s most home parasol types.
  • Circular centre ring opens to go round the pole at any height and closes by tightening the screw into the clamp.
  • Lamp fitting angle is adjustable to point on the vertical plane.
  • Lights put out a warm red glow as well as infrared heat.
  • Optional extra is a chain adapter to hang the heater from a ceiling.


  • Due to their design, they don’t heat the surrounding air, only you as they are infrared heaters.

Our recommendation

The La Hacienda Heatmaster Popular Electric Heater is a pole-mounted, parasol, infrared heater that provides four points of heat. The upwards/downwards path of the heat and the height of the heater on the umbrella pole are up to you. This stylish heater – hammered black metal finish with ruby light – is very easy to install and takes the edge off the cool air of summer evenings.

The La Hacienda Heatmaster Popular Electric Heater is our Best Pick for parasol patio heaters because they are effective at heating you while being efficient and very safe under a canvas parasol. Overall I feel this model is one of the best parasol heaters currently available.

2. Eurom 1500W Parasol Heater

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The Eurom 1500W Parasol Heater is similar to our Best Pick – Ruby Lights, the La Hacienda Heatmaster Infrared Heater. But it’s not quite as stylish and has three infrared light bulbs that generate slightly fewer watts of power.

The three 500W halogen ruby light bulbs are arranged in a circle that fits around the umbrella pole. Any parasol pole from 25mm to 55mm in diameter, that’s most of them, will comfortably hold this heater. These ruby lamps produce infrared heat for your guests who can adjust the angle of each light fitting to direct the heat towards or away from them to their comfort level. They just loosen the button on the side of each lamp, adjust the angle, and then make sure they tighten the button again.

This Eurom parasol heater produces 1500W of power from all three bulbs, and that’s its only heat setting. You cannot turn on the lamps independently from each other which is a shame. However, raising and lowering the heater on the pole increases and decreases the area that the heat covers. The rosy red light also falls in this area.

Be aware that this model doesn’t come with a UK plug so you need to buy an adapter as well, it also doesn’t have an on/off switch so you do need to turn it off at the plug.


  • Electric IR ruby light parasol heater with three halogen bulbs for a total of 1500W.
  • Bulbs cannot be turned on individually so just one heat setting.
  • Puts out rosy red light.
  • Dark grey, heavy duty plastic construction.
  • Central ring clamp attaches to the pole of the parasol.
  • Fits poles 25mm to 55mm in diameter.
  • Light fittings have safety screens over them for safety
  • Standard 1.9m power cord included with the purchase.
  • Rainproof to IP23 standard.
  • Optional chain adapter to use hang heater from a roof instead.


  • Doesn’t come with UK plug.

Our recommendation

The Eurom 1500W Parasol Heater is a slightly less powerful alternative to our Best Pick – Ruby Lights. With three bulbs and a total of 1500W, this Eurom model has only one heating setting (full on) but you can adjust where that heat falls.

We recommend the Eurom 1500W Parasol Heater for those with small parasols and smaller outdoor dining tables (perhaps a bistro set). It’s also the most affordable but don’t forget it does come with a EU plug so you will need an adapter but they are available online and in most DIY stores so not a big issue. The big plus with this model is that its offers excellent value for money and is the most affordable option.

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3. WANGXIAO Electric Patio Umbrella Heater


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WANGXIAO Electric Patio Umbrella Heater, Infrared Outdoor Heaters Super Quiet 3s Instant Warm, Weatherproof With 3 Adjustable Power Settings(650/1300/1950w) for Pergola or Gazabo

The WANGXIAO Electric Patio Umbrella Heater is a pole-mounted infrared heater that looks just like a ceiling fan. Each of its three blades contains a 650W clear halogen light that heats up instantly (in three seconds) to provide that much-needed warmth on cool evenings.

This heater has a black aluminium alloy structure with a silver underside to each of the three blades. The central circle ring opens up to form around the pole and then clamps shut. Parasol poles from 28mm to 58mm are all suitable for this heater, and you can choose how high up to position the unit just like you can with our previous picks. The area heated is 20m2 so does give good coverage too. The heating tube is made of carbon fibre and produces a non-glare amber light for a cosy ambience for your outdoors gatherings.

Each of the three blades operates independently which means you don’t have to have the heat on all the way around the parasol if it’s not needed. This of course saves energy which in turn lowers the already low running cost of the infrared bulbs further.  

When they’re folded down, the heater in that blade stays off. You can have one blade open (650W), two blades (1300W) or all three blades (1950W). This is how you control how much heat is produced. Make sure to push the locking pin in on each blade before you fold it down. And just fold all three blades down and press the OFF switch when you want to close up the umbrella. Overall it’s a great design.


  • Infrared electric parasol heating unit with three blades in a fan style.
  • Infrared heater uses carbon fibre elements and clear halogen lights for energy efficiency.
  • Aluminium alloy housing is weatherproof to IPX4 standards and durable.
  • The central ring opens to go around the pole and closes by tightening the clamp.
  • Heats up to 20m2 and the bulbs are covered with a metal grid for safety.
  • Conforms to British CE standards and comes with a British plug.
  • Three foldable heating blades each operate individually for three heat settings.
  • Blades fold down to the pole for easy storage.
  • Fits on poles 28mm to 58mm in diameter.
  • Comes with 3m power cord.
  • Dimensions: 45cm (length blade); 100cm (diameter of unit).

Our recommendation

The WANGXIAO Electric Patio Umbrella Heater is an infrared heater that has a great design with more options than our previous pick. Its three heating blades are arranged equidistantly around the circle which works well for providing even heat around the parasol.

The WANGXIAO Electric Patio Umbrella Heater is our Best Pick of fan style parasol heaters and it’s within the same price range as our best pick. It’s wide heating area is great for large dining tables underneath or for a cantilever parasol above a patio sofa.

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Other fan-style patio parasol heaters

Several other fan-style patio parasol heaters are available and they’re very similar to our Best Pick, the WANGXIAO Electric Patio Umbrella Heater. Here are links to some of the ones that we have not reviewed in more detail but looks like they are well worth considering.

SANVAN Electric Patio Parasol Heaters

 WANGZI Electric Parasol Heater, 2000W

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a heater especially made for patio parasols is as simple as finding one that clings to the pole of the umbrella – with a circular ring that opens up to surround the pole and clamps shut.

We review two styles, one with ruby halogen lights and the other in the style of a ceiling fan – but they’re both infrared (IR) heaters which means they warm you rather than the air around you. It’s a strange feeling at first as you can feel the heat and it’s only warming you up.

Our Buyer’s Guide very briefly explains what to look for in an IR heater for outdoors.

IR heaters

The heat produced by IR heaters is similar to the heat produced by the sun. The IR rays are absorbed easily by objects rather than the air. Cool surfaces gradually heat up and gradually warm the air around them rather than the heat itself directly warming the air. They are safe to use under parasols which is what they are the heater of choice for parasols.


While the internal temperature of IR heaters is never as hot as conventional heaters, they all still have a protective metal shield covering the heating element. It’s still good practice to avoid touching any part of the lamp enclosure but that’s just common sense. For adjusting the angle of the lamp/light, use the provided lever or button.

Outdoor use

Don’t leave any heater outside in wet or damp weather even if the manufacturer states that it’s weather-or rainproof. All the heaters in this review are certified to CE standards to be waterproof to some degree but that’s in case any stray water gets into them, not a downpour.

Heat settings

The heat settings options in patio parasol heaters are simply a matter of using the lights/lamps individually or in combination rather than turning down the temperature on each one like you can with other types of heaters. If you have three bulbs of 450W each that operate independently, then your heat choices are 450W (one bulb), 900W (two bulbs) and 1350W (three bulbs). Note that not all parasol heaters allow you to do this; with some, it’s all or nothing heat.

Light colour

Most IR heaters produce the familiar warm glow of amber light. Those with ruby lights generate a warm rosy light instead. The choice is yours.

Adjustable options

All parasol patio heaters let you choose the height on the pole at which to install the heater. The higher up the pole, the greater the area of heat thrown down. Some heaters also let you adjust the angle of each individual lamp so that it points more horizontally or vertically or somewhere in between. This is a good option for guests of different heights or who prefer different levels of heat.

Final conclusion

Keeping everyone warm and cosy under your patio parasol is easy with a heater made specially to direct heat down on you from above. All the heaters in this review are electric and infrared. This makes them more energy-efficient than conventional heaters, which may stand to the side of your parasol and overheat some people and leave others out in the cold.

Our Best Pick of parasol heaters with ruby lights is the La Hacienda Heatmaster Parasol Heater. The four 500W ruby lamps work in pairs to offer you the choice of two heat settings.

Our Best Pick of fan-style patio parasol heaters is the WANGXIAO Electric Patio Umbrella Heater. With three heat settings and three long blades, this heater throws a wide circle of heat and light down onto your outdoor dining table or couch.

Reviews on our website provide information and recommendations on other ways of heating your patio which include table top heaters, electric patio heaters and wall mounted garden heaters.

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