Top 6 Best Wallpaper Strippers – Steamer Reviews & Buyers Guide

Top 6 Best Wallpaper Strippers – Steamer Reviews & Buyers Guide

Top 6 Best Wallpaper Strippers – Steamer Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best Wallpaper Stripper To Make Stripper Wallpaper Easier and Faster

Wallpaper has become an essential part of our homes and offices. We cannot overlook the benefits. When the wallpaper starts deteriorating, that is when we have a problem. It tends to look worse for wear and that is something that most people find hard to overlook.

Manually removing the wallpaper will take ages and also leave you in despair. The wall might end up looking worse than before and you will still have bits and pieces stuck to the wall. Depending on the adhesive used, removing wallpaper can be a challenge. To remedy this problem, wallpaper strippers were invented. There are wallpaper strippers that use chemicals and those that use steam. There are many contraptions that have been invented over the years but wallpaper strippers also known as wallpaper steamers have taken over the job.

To pick the best wallpaper strippers you have to consider a few factors. The features provided need to meet the demand of the work. Below we will discuss these factors in length. 

Before we go into more detail and look at the Top 5 wallpaper strippers, below is the winner of our 'Best Pick' which is the Earlex SS27 Wallpaper Stripper which we think is the best wallpaper steamer for most people, specially home use but also by professional decorators.

Our Best Pick - Earlex SS77 Semi Wallpaper Stripper Review


Earlex SS77 Semi Wallpaper Stripper

  • ?Ideal for home use and professional decorators.
  • Remove all types of wallpaper including multi-layered, painted, and even Artex.
  • Large 5 litre capacity tank for longer wallpaper stripping time and less refilling.
  • Delivered with two stripper plate sizes and a scraper to choose from.
  • Long 78 minute running time.

Wall Paper Stripper Buyers Guide

When speaking of wallpaper strippers, you have to put into consideration the type of wall you are dealing with among other factors. Factors like these limit the kind of method you can use in stripping wallpaper. Since there are various methods of stripping wallpaper you have to consider the best method for your walls. The need for a proper tool will only make your work easy despite the kind of wallpaper you are working on. Let us look at these various factors that may influence your purchasing decision.

Look at the type of wall

There are two types of wall that you are likely to come across. They are basically plastered walls and drywall. You can notice the differences between the two types of walls. Plaster is usually smoother and sounds solid when tapped. Dry wall is the chalk like material that is usually covered with cardboard. When to tap drywall expect a hollow sound to emanate from the wall. Since drywall is the sensitive and more delicate of the two be careful not to use abrasive methods. You should also be careful not let a steamer linger too long on drywall. It tends to be more prone to water damage.

Method of stripping used

As stipulated before, there are many contraptions that have been created over the years to deal with wallpaper stripping. We can choose to categorise them into two methods. Dry methods and wet methods. Sometimes the method used to correlate with the type of wallpaper in question.

Dry methods are appropriate for thick layers of strippable paper that can easily be stripped. The fine paper may require even finer methods. For this, you just need a scrapper and knife.

For wallpaper that might put on a fight, you can use wet methods. Wet methods can include the use of chemical solvents or water to remove the wallpaper. Not everyone is for the use of chemical solvents and we actually advise against them.

That is why steamers have become so popular. You create perforations in the wallpaper in which the steam can infiltrate the paper, You can do they using a wallpaper perforator / scorer to create thousands of holes which lets the steam in. Once the paper is wet. It will be easy to scrap. Vinyl wallpapers can benefit hugely from steam perforators. The trick with steamers is that you have to strip as the steam infiltrates the wallpaper.

Consider the safety and quality

Since steam strippers are more of the popular models, you have to consider the safety. Steam can be fairly dangerous if not correctly used. The connection between the steam plate and the stripper has to be tight. This is because we cannot have hot steam just shooting in any direction. That is hazardous to the user and the next person in the room. A cut-out has to be fitted to prevent the machine from overheating which is another fire hazard.

You have to make sure that the material holding the water is able to deliver quick heat action. The hose has to be long enough to make sure that you can reach all those areas. The stripper in itself has to be light so as not to wear down your hands. A heavy stripper will leave you with sore muscles at the end of the day. Everything from the water holder to the stripper has to be made from materials that can withstand constant heat. Without this, you are dealing with an ineffective tool. Luckily all our top recommended models pass this test.

Look at the power and capacity

Different units have a different power output that is usually displayed in Watts. The output determines how fast the unit can warm up the water. The higher the wattage the faster steam is produced for use.

The size of the tank will also affect the amount of output. A larger tank will definitely need more wattage to warm up the whole tank. A small unit does do not need a lot of power to produce steam. If you have a lot of wallpaper to strip it is better if you get a unit with a larger tank since it will prevent the constant need for refilling.

A wider stripper will dispense more steam to a larger area. This will deplete your source of steam faster. Just look at the area and the wallpaper you are using to determine the size of wallpaper stripper you can bear. Some wallpaper strippers come with a large and small plate for fitting into them smaller areas the larger plates cannot fit into.

What are the price and warranty offered

Wallpaper strippers are generally an inexpensive tool. You will not spend large amounts of money unless you are looking for commercial sized units which can cost over £400. You can get a decent unit for less than 50 pounds or more depending on the brand. There always those top of the range products that will cost you something pretty. Look at the features offered to determine the value for money.

Warranties are a sign of good faith from the manufacturer. The length of the warranty may differ depending on the brand. However, if you run into problems with the unit due to manufactural situations, you can use the warranty to return the item or get it fixed. It is prudent to accustom yourself to the terms and conditions of the warranty. That way you will know what the manufacturer will cover.


Earlex SS77 Semi Wallpaper Stripper Review


Our Best Pick - Earlex SS77 Semi Wallpaper Stripper Review

Our Best Pick - Earlex SS77 Semi Wallpaper Stripper

The Earlex SS77 Semi Wallpaper Stripper offers value for money and is perfect for the home DIY user and the professional decorator. This unit has the ability to scrap most of the available wallpapers on the market with ease, specially with the aid of a perforator. This unit has good features that we really like. At 2300 watts its powerful but this is needed to heat the large tank of water quickly, essential for professionals as time is money. This is a bit high compared to some smaller models in the same price range.

The unit comes with a 5 litre capacity tank which is quite a lot of water, therefore, shortening a number of times you have to refill in case it is a busy day. The water will take approximately 15 minutes to become available for use which is fairly quick for such as big unit. The time might seem longer to boil, but once that happens, you have 78 minutes to yourself which is enough time to scrape a good sized room if done correctly. 

For those who are worried about the length of the hose, fear not. The wallpaper stripper is armed with a 3.65 meter hose. This will definitely provide you with some room to work with. A 2-meter cable has also been provided to give you even more reach. A long electric cord will allow you to attach the unit to different sockets as you move along. The machine will automatically cut out if it gets to hot as a safety procaution.

For variety and function, the manufacturer has provided you with two steam plate sizes and design. Depending on the space you are working with, you can use either. The smaller one is for tight corners and sections.  

Finally for your peace of mind a 2 year warranty is included in the unlikey event it should develop a fault.


  • ?Heats up in only 15 minutes and gives a very impressive 78 minutes of steam time.
  • Great price for features provided.
  • Comes with 2 steam plates making it more versatile.
  • Has a large 5 litre capacity tank for longer run times.
  • Long hose provided for better reach.
  • 2 year warranty for full pace of mind.


  • There have been reports of a few units cutting out. This however could be by overuse and are very few problems noted. It is covered by warranty if there is a fault.

Final conclusion

The Earlex SS77 Semi Wallpaper Stripper is a decent wallpaper steamer and perfect for home use or lighter professional use.

We like that the flat end stripper is clear so that you can see where you are stripping towards and the smaller plate is a great idea for reaching the smaller areas. This model was the only one that included 2 different size plates which is a nice addition and we like the long 78 minute run time which is longer than most other models.

It is a tidy product that will serve you well if you do not overwork it. Overall a great wallpaper steamer at an affordable price which comes with a 2 year warranty. 

Wagner W-14 2000 Watt Steam Wallpaper Stripper Review

Wagner W-14 2000 Watt Steam Wallpaper Stripper Review

Wagner W-14 2000 Watt Steam Wallpaper Stripper

The Wagner W-14 2000 Watt Steam Wallpaper Stripper can also deal with a wide variety of wallpapers. This makes it a valuable unit even for those who are not sure of the constitution of their wallpaper. The unit consumes 2000 watts of energy to offer you maximum performance when you need it most.

The unit has a safety cut out that has been installed as a safety precaution. Without the cut out, the unit would continue to heat and eventually cause serious damage. When the optimal temperatures are reached the unit switches off. This will allow the unit to cool down.

The wallpaper stripper has a 3.5 litre capacity tank. This is sufficient water to offer steam for around 70 minutes. That means for an hour and a few minutes, you can joyfully scrape away at the old wall paper.

A large steam plate has been designed. The large steam plate will make certain that more steam is released for better and faster coverage. The steam plate only weights 250 grams so you will work comfortably. A 3.5 meter hose has been provided to ensure that you can work on the ceiling without any problems. 


  • Offers a large steam plate for faster coverage.
  • 78 minutes of steam stripping time.
  • Light model with a light steam plate.
  • 12 month warranty for full peace of mind should it develop a fault.


  • Large steam plate will limit you in some areas.
  • Refill will be required often.

Final conclusion

The Wagner W-14 2000 Watt Steam Wallpaper Stripper is dependable. However, the large steam plate will limit you in some areas. The advantageous point of having a large steam plate is that you will get to produce a lot of steam thus stripping will be faster but a smaller steam plate is just as handy for them smaller areas you can't physically use the larger plate. This is where our 'Best Pick' is a better choice along with the longer run time.

However we very much like this model too as it seems like a solid build and can contain 3.5 litres of water which isn't bad as it does give to 70 minutes use. The tank capacity is not large say compared to our best pick. That is the the Earlex SS77 Semi Wallpaper Stripper will limit you. You will have to keep refiling if you want to work for long hours.

The 70 minutes running time is adequate running time compared to the size of the tank and the stripper plate. 

A great choice for the home user but more expensive than our 'Best Pick' but ideal for someone looking for a slightly lighter model.

BLACK+DECKER KX3300T 2400W Wallpaper Stripper Review

BLACK+DECKER KX3300T Wallpaper Stripper Review

BLACK+DECKER KX3300T Wallpaper Stripper

The BLACK+DECKER KX3300T 2400W Wallpaper Stripper is another good product which we really like, just a little more expensive but a contender to our 'Best Pick' Award. The well designed and brightly coloured model will be hard to miss. The unit takes up 2400W to boil the water available in the tank. The wallpaper stripper has a safety cut out fitted to ensure that it cuts out if the tanks runs dry.

The tank provided on this unit can hold a water capacity of 4 litres which is fairly good. The tank will take only a few minutes to heat up thanks to its powerful 2400w heater and you are ready to go. Once the water is boiled and the steam is in use. You will enjoy around 60 minutes until you have to refill the tank again. That is the limitations that come with smaller tanks. The unit can be used on walls or other flat surfaces that have wallpaper posted and is great for all wallpaper types.

A 3.65 meter hose has been provided for your convenience which is very handy If you are working with high walls you will appreciate the value of a long hose. It has a longer 3 meter power cable to also give you that little more reach. With all that reach, you can manoeuvre within a large room with unwavering ease.

For all the features provided, you have provided with a  2 year warranty for extra peace of mind. This easy to clean and maintain machine will be a joy to use. It should not be overworked or used in excessively large places.


  • Good and vibrant construction and design.
  • Designed with a long hose and cable for better reach.
  • Affordable price making it idea for home DIY use.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Not for commercial use.

Final conclusion

The BLACK+DECKER KX3300T 2400W Wallpaper Stripper is a great bit of kit from a trusted brand we have come to love. The vibrant colours make it appealing to the eyes and its a really smart looking tool. Aside from the aesthetic value of this product, it has an hour of undivided attention.

What pleases us most with this unit is that the Black + Decker  has provided enough length of hose and cable. Therefore the you will never be out of reach especially for people with high ceilings and walls.

The price you pay for this model is only fair and it offers excellent value for money. Overall an excellent choice with a very impressive 190+ reviews on, most of which are very positive.

Earlex LMB275 SteaMMaster Wallpaper Stripper Review

Best Professional Model we have ever reviewed - What a beast!

Earlex LMB275 SteaMMaster Wallpaper Stripper Review

Earlex LMB275 SteaMMaster Wallpaper Stripper

The Earlex LMB275 SteaMMaster Wallpaper Stripper is one heavy model but if your serous about stripping walls quickly and efficiently, specially professionally on a daily basis, hour after hour, this is the one for you.

The model weighs an estimated 10kgs which is heavy, when filled the water alone weights 7.5kg without the stripper machine itself. This is not a unit that is intended for domestic use and is for professionals only. This unit can be used to remove large areas of wallpaper comfortably with ease. The unit is very high powered at 2750 watts and that shows you the intensity of the unit along with its very expensive price tag that only professionals can justify paying.

The wallpaper stripper comes with a tank capacity of about 7.5 liters. This is considerably higher than many other models can offer. The large capacity will cut the number of times that you need a refill compared to the smaller models. For the 7.5 litres of water boiled you get 90 minutes of constant running time which is one and half hours. That is enough time to get through a large amount of wallpaper despite the material. This is great for professionals as time is money.

You only have to wait for 18 minutes for the water is effectively boiling. That is not much time now is it?. For those who have a lot of room to work with, 5 meters of the steaming hose is provided again much longer than domestic models provide. Another additional 5 meters has been dedicated to the electric cable for even more freedom. A contraption has been designed to limit the amount of cord released according to your preferences to keep the cable neat and tify.

The size of the stripper plate is 253 x 305mm which you can compare with other models in the market. The unit has a protective casing that is meant to prevent any damage from affecting the unit. The metal casing will protect it in busy environments where things are regularly dropped or bumped into.


  • ?190 minutes of uninterrupted steaming time.
  • Comes with a protective functional casing.
  • Designed with extra-long cable and hose.
  • Very powerful integrated heater and fast heat up time.
  • Larger tank thus longer running time.


  • It is a tad heavy to move around but this is the price you pay for longer run times.

Final conclusion

The Earlex LMB275 SteaMMaster Wallpaper Stripper cannot be overlooked if you are a professional lookin for a larger wallpaper steamer for daily use. It has an interesting design that comes with a protective casing. The casing can also be used as a stool that can be stood upon. Be careful if you are a bit heavy boned.

The unit has a large capacity and high performance to work in commercial situations where you need a machine that can cope. 

The cost of this unit though is not for the faint hearted - it will cost you over £400 - 'ouch i here you say'. Be sure though that you are spending all that money for a product that you will put to use often  without fear of it overheating.

We like the extra-long cable and hose which provide you with more reach. If you put all the features together they make a sound product. You can depend on this unit to give you better than average service.

It may be expensive but this is the sort of wallpaper stripper professionals need to get the job done quickly.

Earlex SS125UKP Warrior Wallpaper Stripper Review

Earlex SS125UKP Warrior Wallpaper Stripper Review

Earlex SS125UKP Warrior Wallpaper Stripper

The Earlex SS125UKP Warrior Wallpaper Stripper can handle most kinds of wallpaper. Just like the other units that are available, it has to have the capability to hold its own. The unit consumes 2000 watts for maximum performance to produce effective steam.

The unit is designed with a 4 litre capacity. With four litres you can work for a while before having to refill the unit. The 4 liters take approximately 12 minutes to boil and produce steam. Compared to other models, the timing is modest and manageable. At the pace that the system works, you will have roughly 70 minutes of running time before refilling.

A 3.5 meter hose has been provided will provide with enough reach to move around. A longer cable is advantageous when you are dealing with wallpaper in high places. The length of the electric cable is also long enough to aid in the search for reach. 


  • Great construction, thus durable.
  • Less heating time required and longer run times.
  • Affordable price.


  • Unfavourable for long use.

Final conclusion

The Earlex SS125UKP Warrior Wallpaper Stripper is a small inexpensive unit which is great for anyone on a budget. You should not expect a lot of steam for long periods of time but you will still get around 70 minutes.

The power output is not as high as we expected. For those who have small amounts of work to do and do not want to spend a lot of money. You can let this unit take up residence in your home.

Overall it will serve you effectively for as long as you take care of it. You can get more power and capacity if you settle for the Earlex SS77 Semi Wallpaper Stripper. It comes with extra accessories that would help in the stripping process as well. 

Our Final Conclusion

It is important that you look at the scale of work to be done and you choose appropriately. If you buy a small unit to take care of a big job you may end up with malfunctions caused by overheating or will be refilling regulary.

We have read comments about many unit’s breakdowns due to overuse. The larger the room the more you should spend to keep up with space. The length of the cord and hose will affect how far you can get wallpaper off high ceilings and walls. The price difference is not much but the offered features will make all the difference.

We recommend trying to budget at least £45, this will give you plenty of choice. Below is a quick overview of some of our favourite models:

Our Best Pick

Our Best Pick - Earlex SS77 Semi Wallpaper Stripper Review

After looking at the evidence provided, we instinctively still select the Earlex SS77 Semi Wallpaper Stripper as the best wallpaper stripper for most people.

The reason for this is that it offers quality and value for money. The manufacturer threw in a few accessories to make the packaged deal even sweeter and we like the additional smaller sized stripper plate.

The capacity of the tank is also large enough to offer an hour plus of running time. It is not so bad for such a fairly prized item that is durable. Finally it also includes 2 year warranty for full peace of mind.

Best Wallpaper Stripper For Professionals

Earlex LMB275 SteaMMaster Wallpaper Stripper Review

This title can only belong to one heavy wallpaper stripper that has enough power to manage large scale wallpaper removal and commercial settings. This goes to the Earlex LMB275 SteaMMaster Wallpaper Stripper 230V.

The unit comes packed with strength and function. The unit comes with an extra long 5 meter hose and cable meaning that you have enough reached to work in even the largest and tallest rooms.

The unit is designed in such a way that you can stand on it if you are not too heavy. The unit has a tank capacity of 7.5 litres, which will provide you with 90 minutes of running time. 

Our Best Lightweight stripper

Wagner W-14 2000 Watt Steam Wallpaper Stripper Review

For those who not want to spend a lot of money but still need a dependable heater can rely on the Wagner W-14 2000 Watt Steam Wallpaper Stripper. This is because this unit has no fuss and can operate frequently.

The unit is recommended for small jobs since it has a small tank. The good thing about this unit is that the stripper plate is so light you might forget you have it at hand. The 3.5 liter capacity tank will need a refill after 70 minutes. That is not so bad for this lightweight model with a large stripper plate.

There are new models of wallpaper coming out every day. To make sure that you select the best wallpaper remover, we suggest that you visit other wallpaper steamer reviews for better insight on a product that is not featured here. That way you can compare and contrast before you buy.

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