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5 Best Parasol Bases For Garden Umbrellas and Cantilever Parasols

Last updated on May 24th, 2021

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Living in the UK, we get our fair share of warm but breezy days so when it comes to parasols or garden umbrellas as they are often called, this is where a good quality parasol base comes in.

To secure your parasol from going with the wind which I think is also a 1930’s film, it is vital to select a proper base that is heavy enough to provide good support but not too large that it gets in the way, it’s about finding that sweet spot. Parasol bases are available in different designs, sizes, and weight capacity; hence, it is easy to find a model that will anchor your parasol according to its size. It’s also worth noting that garden umbrellas and cantilever parasols need different types of bases too.

my testing a parasol base weight set designed for a cantilever parasol
Cantilever parasol with our Runner-up

I have highlighted some good-quality parasol bases in this review that you might find useful. These parasol bases are not only robust but are decorative to add some flare to the space. Before going any further, feel free to take a look at our top picks and discover the reasons I selected them to be top of the list. Afterwards, there is a brief buying guide to help you pick out an appropriate base if you’re still unsure.


Charles Bentley 12Kg Cast Iron Parasol Base
The Charles Bentley Cast Iron Parasol Base Stand is heavy at 12kg and it will support standard-sized parasols easily, even crank and tilt models. This model is robust and very decorative and extremely well made and being cast iron, its will stand the test of time too. The base supports two parasol pole diameters through the removable collar fitted, and the tightening screw secures the pole without loosening over time. This model has received plenty of positive reviews from previous customers showing that it gives good value for money and further confirming that it deserves to be named our top pick. If your looking for a parasol base for a standard patio umbrella this is well worth considering. If you have a cantilever parasol, then our next pick is what you need.


AIRWAVE Set of Four Parasol Base Weights
The AIRWAVE Set of Four Parasol Base Weights is for those who own heavy cantilever parasols similar to the one I own above. The base consists of four sections that can be filled with water, but sand is much better because it is heavier but water is easier to fill. It's super easy to assemble is durable and weatherproof thanks to the polypropylene material used. It is not a cheap base but it's not expensive either for a cantilever parasol base, however, it is super robust. Additionally, it is compatible with various parasol brands; therefore, it is easy to fit in your parasol securely. In terms of weight when all 4 sections are filled with water which is what I did it weights 60kg, more than heavy enough to support a large 3-meter banana parasol.

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Top 5 Parasol Base Reviews

1. Charles Bentley 12Kg Cast Iron Parasol Base Stand


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Charles Bentley 12Kg Cast Iron Round Umbrella Parasol Base Stand - Green

The Charles Bentley Cast Iron Parasol Base Stand is robust as it’s made from cast iron and is about as low maintenance as you get, no filling with sand or water, it ready to use straight away.

At 12kg it’s heavy and this model features a pleasant vintage swirl design to add some style while supporting the parasol. This model holds parasols of different diameters in place by securing the tightening screw but it’s important to remember it’s for standard garden umbrella and not cantilever parasols but it is more than suitable for crank and tilt models. 

The base can support parasols with a minimum diameter of 38mm, and a maximum diameter of 48mm so just made sure your parasol shaft is between them limits which is almost certainly will be. It’s just better to double-check.

All you have to do is remove or insert the plastic collar when needed. This robust model also features a green finish.


  • Made of durable cast iron to last for many years.
  • Presents a beautiful vintage swirl design.
  • Supports most standard parasol diameters.
  • Weighs 12kgs for maximum stability.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • Not suitable for cantilever parasols

Our recommendation

The Charles Bentley Cast Iron Parasol Base Stand is an affordable option if you are looking to secure small to medium-sized parasols and want a low maintenance model that is extremely robust.

Larger parasols weigh more; therefore, the base will not be able to fully support the parasol, particularly in strong winds but for most models, it will be just fine. What I like about cast iron models is there no water or sand to fit, not plastic that can break and they are fairly compact while still being very stable. For most people, this will probably the best option if you like the design and if it’s going under the centre of a table, even this probably will not really matter as you won’t really see it.

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2. AIRWAVE Set of Four Parasol Base Weights


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AIRWAVE Set of Four Base Weights For 3x3 Metre Cantilever Banana Parasols, Can Be Filled with Sand or Water, Waterproof, Easy Storage, Built In Handle, Black

The AIRWAVE Set of Four Parasol Base Weights which should sit nicely over most cantilever base frames can be filled with sand or water depending on your preference. Personally, I use water, it’s easier to fill using a hose pope, obviously, it’s also easy to source water from your tap too.

When you fill the weights with water, each base weighs 15kgs so it gives you a weight of 60kg, more than enough for most 3-meter cantilever parasols. However, with sand, each base weighs 20kgs giving you a total of 80kg so if you have a more substantial parasol, I would consider using sand to give you that extra stability, especially in breezy postions.

The base weights are lightweight when emptied thus, making it possible for easy storage. These base weights are also durable because of the polypropylene material used, so you will get good use out of them.


  • Works with most cantilever parasol poles.
  • Made from very durable polypropylene.
  • Can be filled with sand for a total weight of 80kg or water with a total weight of 60kg.
  • Easy to assemble in minutes.


  • Filler holes are small (fill will play sand and not sharp sand as it doesn’t flow the same when filling up, water is the easiest but not quite as heavy).
  • Doesn’t include pole, use with pole and base frame that comes with parasol.

Our recommendation

The AIRWAVE Set of Four Parasol Base Weights is perfect if you have a large cantilever parasol you want to support as I have. This model offers adequate weight to secure large parasols because it is heavier when filled with sand although minds in a sheltered position so just use water and it works fine.

Although the holes are small and it takes time to fill them, once it’s done, you have a sizeable base that gets the job done. This model is a premium-priced product that offers value for money because it is robust to support the parasol for years to come. If your going to fill will sand, don’t use sharp sand, it’s almost impossible to fill and it doesn’t flow. Use play sand which works well or water which is even easier.

3. Kingfisher 9kg Cast Iron Effect Parasol Base

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Kingfisher 9kg Cast Iron Effect Parasol Base

The Kingfisher Cast Iron Parasol Base is made from robust iron to support smaller-sized parasols and is a little lighter than our similar best pick at 9kg. The base features an attractive rose pattern to add some vintage décor, and it is compatible with most parasol brands.

Its stem secures parasol pole diameters of up to 50mm, which is perfect for most parasols. This affordable model possesses a reliable tightening screw, and with easy assembly, you can start using it in minutes.


  • Made from durable cast iron to provide excellent support.
  • Compatible with most standard parasols.
  • Supports maximum parasol pole diameters of 50mm.
  • Easy to assemble as there no assembly.
  • It is affordable.


  • Too light to support larger parasols. (best used under a table where the centre hole also offers some support)

Our recommendations

For those with smaller parasols, perhaps with your parasol in the centre of a table, the Kingfisher 9kg Parasol Base would make a good choice. It has a small base hence it is not heavy enough to support larger parasols or really be freestanding, especially in strong winds.

However, it looks good, and it is easy to assemble; thus, it is a user-friendly model. I would recommend this model for those looking for a base to use occasionally but don’t want to spend too much. I would only really use it under a table so it does not blow over in the wind. If you want something to support a parasol without a table, I would go for my best pick with the extra weight, for under a table though, it perfect and compact and won’t get under your feet.

4. CHRISTOW Garden Parasol Base

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CHRISTOW Garden Parasol Base 11kg, Square Patio Umbrella Weight, Outdoor Sun Shade Canopy Stand Holder, Heavy Duty Compound Concrete

If you are looking for a heavy-duty model for under a table, the CHRISTOW Garden Parasol Base is a great choice. Firstly is made from concrete with a steel frame and then an iron centre pole so it’s very well built, perhaps not quite heavy enough to be used standalone with an umbrella but for under a table, it’s perfect.

This square base does come with three adapters that you can interchange to support 30mm, 35mm, or 38mm parasol pole diameters.

So in terms of weight, at 11kg it’s perfect for under a table but perhaps not quite heavy enough for use without a table to offer some support. However, they do have a larger 25kg version which would be more suitable for this.

The base is easy to assemble, and it has rubber gliders to prevent it from scratching your floors. Additionally, you will spot a steel band around the base that allows you to roll it from one location to the next easily.


  • Made from robust stainless steel, concrete and iron.
  • Possesses three adapters to support parasol poles of different diameters.
  • Features rubber gliders and a steel band for easier manoeuvrability.
  • Easy to assemble.

Our recommendation

The CHRISTOW Garden Parasol Base serves small-sized parasols with ease. The 11kg model will remain rust-free because it is weatherproof, so it is designed to last. This base is not large so it would be appropriate for parasols fitted through the central hole of a table. Overall is a nice modern base that well worth considering, they even sell a larger version for those who want to use it without a table too.

5. Strata Products Ltd GN351 Ward Parasol Base

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Strata Products Ltd GN351 Ward Parasol Base, Black

The Strata Products Ward Parasol Base is a circular and robust model that has a capacity of 7 litres and is a cheap and cheerful solution for those looking for a parasol base.

This small model supports parasol pole bases with a maximum diameter of 32mm which will cover most parasols. This plastic model is durable; hence, you won’t have to deal with rust even if you leave the base outside year-round. Furthermore, it is an affordable model that gives value for money because it can support lightweight parasols with ease.


  • It is affordable and robust.
  • Made of weatherproof plastic.
  • Easy to fill with water or sand.
  • Holds parasol poles with a maximum diameter of 32mm.


  • Cannot support large parasols.

Our recommendation

The Strata Products Ward Parasol Base is the most affordable model in this review, but it also has the smallest support capacity. The 7-litre capacity model is small; therefore, it can only support small lightweight parasols. I would recommend this model for small parasols placed in areas that are not too windy or when used under a table. For its price, this plastic model is durable, and a good option for those who don’t want a metal model.

How to Choose the Best Parasol Bases

Getting the best parasol base is fairly straight forward as long as you understand the size and weight of your parasol. Once you have this basic information, it is easy to filter through products and find the best model for you. Some of the points to think about before making your choice include:


Parasol bases are usually, made from either metal, often cast iron, plastic, concrete, or even granite, some models even use a combination of a few materials to improve durability. It is up to you to select the model that you find affordable.

The material you select should be durable to promote long service to get value for your money. This means that the material needs to be weatherproof and very robust. 

Diameter of the base

Heavy wide parasol base for large cantilever parasol
Weight used with a large cantilever parasol

The diameter of the base is important because the wider the base, the more stable it will be. Those with large parasols should look for heavier and wider bases so that the parasol remains sturdy in strong winds. People with small parasols will do well with bases of smaller diameters, but the base has to be heavy. If you have your parasol in the centre of a table you often don’t need one that quite as big or heavy.

Cantilever parasols also need different bases than normal patio umbrellas, they often have much larger bases to support these large parasols that overhang.


The base you purchase should fit the diameter of the parasol pole. There are models like the CHRISTOW Garden Parasol Base that offer adapters to ensure different pole diameters are catered for. If the base will be supporting different parasol, then it is better to find a model that is compatible with various diameters for compatibility.

Weight limit

When buying a parasol base it is important to take note of its weight limit so that the parasol is well supported. A light base supporting a heavy parasol makes no sense. If you are unsure of how heavy the parasol is, you can purchase a model like the AIRWAVE Set of Four Parasol Base Weights. This way, you can ensure that the total weight of the base is adequate regardless if it is filled with sand or water. When it comes to weight limits and the size of the base you need, it usually just takes a little common sense.

Final Conclusion

When you finally purchase the best parasol base, you can relax under the parasol with no worries. As you can tell from the buying guide, finding a parasol base is quite straightforward. I understand if you are a little undecided, so let me make a quick summary.

If you have a standard-sized parasol, our Best Pick, the robust Charles Bentley 12Kg Cast Iron Parasol Base Stand, will serve you well because it has a 12kg capacity and very durable being cast iron.

If you have a larger and heavier parasol such as a cantilever style parasol, then the AIRWAVE Set of Four Parasol Base Weights will anchor your parasol with its maximum weight capacity of 80kgs if you use sand.


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