5 Best Mitre Saw Stands That Are Compatible With Most Mitre Saws

Last updated on October 15th, 2021

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If you have a mitre saw or use tabletop power tools, then a mitre saw stand can be an invaluable accessory to have. We looked at 5 universal models that can be used with nearly all mitre saws, comparing quality, weight and features.

A mitre saw stand is an indispensable tool for woodworkers who use mitre saws often. Mitre saw stands offer a great level of support and rock-solid stability, making it a doddle to work with a mitre saw and manipulate the workpiece without restriction.

Another positive is portability. Of course, it’s possible to construct your own table otherwise known as a chop stand, but as the stands and benches get taller, they’ll be difficult to lift and shift. However, many mitre saw stands can fold down compact for easy transportation, allowing you to tackle projects on the road.

The models we review here were selected after careful consideration of maximum weight support, the weight of the saw stand, stand dimensions and warranty offered, just to mention a few factors that will impact your purchase. We also have a mitre saw stand buyer’s guide that covers everything you need to know when shopping for a stand. 

To give you an idea of what to expect, below we present our best overall stand – Evolution Mitre Saw Stand with Extensions. This stand is very popular, with over 2000 reviews on Amazon documenting that it’s true to its quality. Some of the things you will love about it include easy set-up, the material capacity of up to 150kg and 3m in length thanks to extendable arms, and the fact that it fits a broad range of mitre saws.


Evolution Power Tools 005-0001 Compact Folding Mitre Saw Stand
This Evolution Compact Folding Mitre Saw Stand has a lightweight construction that is stable and durable at the same time. It is suitable for use with Evolution mitre saws as well as being compatible with saws from other brands. Features integrated quick folding legs that will eliminate unnecessary assembly. Easy removal (and fixing) of the mitre saw thanks to the quick-release mounting brackets.

The best mitre saw stands to buy that we have reviewed, including our top picks

  1. Evolution Power Tools 005-0001 Compact Folding Mitre Saw Stand – BEST PICK
  2. DeWalt DE7033 Heavy Duty Short Beam Mitre Saw Leg Stand – BEST PROFESSIONAL PICK
  3. Charnwood W212 Compact Folding Tool Stand
  4. Bosch Professional GTA2600 Mitre Saw Leg Stand – BEST DIY PICK
  5. Arrow Universal Mitre Saw Stand – BEST BUDGET PICK


DEWALT DE7033 Heavy Duty Short Beam Mitre Saw Leg Stand
With a maximum material capacity of 227kg, an extendable beam for longer pieces and portable aluminium construction, this model is hands down ideal for professional woodworkers who need flexibility on the job site. Other great features include sturdy, foldable legs, carry handle and supplied mitre saw brackets. If you have the budget for the very best then this model is well worth considering, the quality is simply outstanding as you would expect from a DeWalt product. The experts choice.

Top 5 Mitre Saw Stand Reviews

1. Evolution Power Tools 005-0001 Compact Folding Mitre Saw Stand


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Evolution Power Tools EVOMS1 Mitre Saw Stand, Universal Compact Folding with Extending Support Arms, Fits Evolution, Makita, DeWalt, Bosch, Ryobi, Einhell and Metabo, Supports 150kg Weight & 3m Length

We consider the Evolution Mitre Saw Stand with its Extensions a top of the range stand but at an affordable price, much cheaper than alternatives from DeWalt or similar. It makes a great addition to Evolution’s range of mitre saws plus it’s compatible with saws from other brands. This is the key point here because we don’t all have, or want to be forced to have an Evolution Mitre Saw, although when we reviewed these we found them to be very good, so something to consider if you are looking to purchase both a top-quality mitre saw and stand at the same time.

All fixings are supplied to fix the saw to the stand, including quick release mounting brackets (for mounting any saw with mounting holes up to 68cm x 37cm apart), this is a key point because some mitre saw stands do not come with clips to fasten other branded mitre saws to the table and mounting brackets need to be purchased separately.

Other supplied accessories include 2 work supports, 2 work support brackets, 6 long locking screws and 1 pack of assorted fixings. It sets up in minutes and has foldable legs that make it easy to store and transport. 

One thing we really liked is despite the lightweight construction, the stand is very stable, hardwearing and supports material of up to 3 metres in length and weighing a maximum of 150kg. It weighs a mere 15.5kg and that’s pretty light for a stand, allowing it to be carried with one hand also thanks to telescopic arms. Another integral part of this mitre saw stand is the height-adjustable rollers with end stops that allow for repeat cutting. 


  • Quick and easy set up.
  • Easy to transport and store away due to its foldable design.
  • Fits most brands saws and includes all fixings for fitting saws.
  • Height adjustable rollers plus integrated allow for repeat cutting.
  • Great weight support – up to 150kg and 3m material length
  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty for full peace of mind.

Our recommendation

Considering the capability of this stand, the price point and a 3-year warranty for UK customers, we think it provides excellent value for money. This model is suitable for small, medium and some heavier projects. The only negative point is that it may be a little lower than some people may prefer, if you are taller, for example, you may find yourself bending over a little when using the saw. However, overall it’s a fantastic model and well worth considering.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

2. DeWalt DE7033 Heavy Duty Short Beam Mitre Saw Leg Stand


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DEWALT DE7033 Heavy Duty Short Beam Mitre Saw Leg Stand, Multi, 24.0 cm*115.0 cm*39.0 cm

The DeWalt Heavy Duty Short Beam Mitre Saw Stand is an upgrade of the DeWalt 7023 leg stand. The major improvement is that the beam is shorter allowing for easier transportation but it still extends up to 2.6 metres for use with longer workpieces which is handy. With its lightweight aluminium construction, this stand offers exceptional portability and flexibility in and around the job site while not being too heavy.

This stand fits a wide range of DeWalt Mitre Saws including the likes of DW701, DW707, DW706, DW708, DW718 and more, it should also fit other mitre saws but you can get clip-on brackets that make it compatible with other mitre saws so you don’t have to just use a DeWalt mitre saw on this stand, which is a feature we look for.

The legs of this stand are incredibly sturdy to offer the maximum support of materials weighing up to 227kg. The frame is solid and the arms are well-built as well. It also includes work stops that can easily be converted into end stops to allow repetitive cutting. Integral folding legs make for easy set-up whilst an integrated carry handle provides for simple transportation. It is amazing how many mitre saw stands don’t come with some sort of carry bag.

The lack of wheels may be a turn off for some woodworkers but at 14kg, the stand shouldn’t be a problem to move. Also included in the box are 2 work stops and 2 mitre saw brackets.


  • Works with all DeWalt mitre saws and most other saws too, you can use clip on brackets for saws that don’t fit, these can be purchased separately.
  • Massive capacity of up to 227kg so suitable for heavy materials.
  • Lightweight aluminium construction, thus portable around the job site.  
  • Extendable beam provides for the cutting of larger workpieces.
  • Comes with folding legs for a simple set up and space-saving storage.
  • Designed with carry handles for ease of transport.
  • 3 year warranty for full peace of mind.

Our recommendation

This model is twice expensive as our best pick but that’s because it’s meant to deal with heavy duty projects, you can’t really compare the quality of this model to most other stands as its in a league of its own.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

3. Charnwood W212 Compact Folding Tool Stand

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CHARNWOOD W212 Mitre Saw Floor Stand with Folding Legs and Quick Action Clamps

Charnwood designed the W212 Compact Folding Tool Stand after many requests from customers who found the previous W215 stand too big for them. The W212 is best described as incredibly strong yet incredibly lightweight and portable, allowing maximum mobility in and around the job site. The folding legs ensure a no tool assembly and it has clearly been manufactured using round tube that helps to reduce overall the weight. 

This stand includes roller supports at each end and they’re adjustable to provide maximum support for material up to 2m in length, so it will handle good-sized pieces.

One feature we do like is that each roller additionally has a flip-up stop to speed up repetitive cutting so you don’t have to measure each piece of wood every time which we think is very handy. The roller supports also make it perfect for use with a variety of tools including mitre saws, band saws, router table and a planer or thicknesser. Two small bench top machines can even be mounted at the same time. 

There are two base runners attached to the stand and a simple lever to lock them in position. You can also purchase another set of runners that will then allow for a quick swapping of different tools. Probably the most outstanding feature of this stand is the quick clamping system and this is a feature we really appreciate. Whatever tool you want to use, you can mount it onto the stand and remove it within seconds and we mean seconds, no bolts to tighten or clamps to screw.

The mitre saw stand can support a maximum weight of 80kg, making it ideal for home DIY projects but this is really the only restriction of this model. This is why we would not really recommend it for professional use, especially for heavier loads.


  • Lightweight and strong design.
  • Suitable for all mitre saws as well as a variety of other tools including planers, scroll saws, router tables and all other bench top tools.
  • Supports up to 80kg and 2m length of material. 
  • Comes with folding legs for a straightforward set up. 
  • Features quick action clamps for mounting and dismounting in seconds.
  • Lightweight and portable design for ease of transport. 

Our recommendation

Charnwood backs this model with a 1 year warranty, although the stand is sure to provide several years of service if used correctly. This an affordable option for any casual woodworker and perfect for the home DIY’er who wants an affordable stand for their tabletop tools without having to worry about how to clamp it on.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

4. Bosch Professional GTA2600 Mitre Saw Leg Stand


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Bosch Professional GTA 2600 saw stand (19.6 kg, 2,600 mm length)

The Bosch Professional GTA2600 Mitre Saw Leg Stand is a practical and versatile stand that is compatible with all Bosch mitre saws as well as saws from other brands. This model is quick to assemble and offers a decent load bearing capacity even for longer material, thanks to adjustable side extensions, rollers and side stops. The GTA2600 is ideal for sawing large panels when using stationary mitre saws, but it’s still a must have accessory for tradesmen who travel a lot. It is worth noting that this stand is on the heavy side, so bear this in mind. 

The stand comes with horse-style legs that are designed to fold and unfold with one lever movement. Rubber end caps at the bottom of the legs ensure maximum grip on surfaces, preventing the stand from moving as a result of vibration caused when sawing. Most importantly, the legs are individually adjustable and this allows for the effective balancing of the stand on uneven surfaces. This is a feature we have not seen on many models although it seems like a no brainer. If you don’t have a level surface to set the stand up on this feature is worth its weight in gold. The sturdy stand weighs 19kg and although it’s on the heavy side, it ensures that the tool remains stable. 

As the title suggests, this stand comes with a universal bracket to allow the fitting of different bench top tools including Bosch’s mitre saws and those from other manufacturers, which is something we definitely look out for. This Bosch stand saw is therefore suited to jobs such as trimming wall panels, floor cladding and skirting boards to desirable sizes. 

As usual, Bosch offers a 2-year warranty that can always be extended to 3 years upon product registration so its well worth doing (for free) to get the extra year of warranty, just in case.


  • Comes with robust side extensions for sawing long panels. 
  • Includes tool mounts with safety locks for safe and quick assembly.
  • Height adjustable legs allow balancing on uneven floors. 
  • It is easy to fold and unfold the legs with the push of a lever.
  • Supplied with workpiece supports for longer materials.
  • Designed for Bosch mitre saws and suits most other saws. 

Our recommendation

Overall, a great choice for DIYer’s who often work with long pieces of material. 

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

5. Arrow Universal Mitre Saw Stand


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Universal MITRE Saw Stand CHOP Leg Miter Sliding EXTENDABLE Rollers Workbench Table

The Arrow Universal Mitre Saw Stand is a lightweight, heavy-duty model that fits almost every bench top tool on the market including sliding or fixed mitre saws, chop saws, sanders, pillar drills, planers and more. Best of all it is also one of the most affordable models as well.

It comes with quick release clamps that allow the mounting of tools in seconds. Simply press a handle to lock down the tool and lift the handle to release the clamp and remove the tool. 

There are two rollers on either side that are adjustable in height and length to support materials of up to 2m in length. These are additionally supported on two telescopic tubes for robustness, unlike cheaper stands that support the rollers on one tube. Even the legs are made from 38mm steel tube for increased strength. For the ease of transport and storage, the legs fold and unfold, then securely lock in place using quick release pins. 

This mitre saw stand weighs 15kg so it isn’t too heavy and it has a maximum load capacity of 150kg which isn’t bad for most DIY type jobs.

This model also has a 12 month warranty, so not the longest warranty but when you compare the price to the DeWalt and Bosch alternatives, its to be expected.


  • Foldable design with no tools required for assembly.
  • Quick release clamps for easy mounting and removal of your tool.
  • Adjustable roller supports allow loading of materials up to 2m in length.
  • Fits nearly all mitre saws and other benchtop tools such as table saws.
  • Maximum load capacity of 150kg makes it suitable for medium to heavy projects.
  • 12 month warranty for full peace of mind.

Our recommendation

A good choice for any tradesperson who works with a variety of different tools and doesn’t want to spend too much.

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Buyer’s Guide

Time for a more detailed look at the aspects to think about when you’re looking for a mitre saw stand for your needs. Whilst budget plays a key part in any purchasing decision, even the top-rated mitre saw stands are not too costly. User reviews are also a good way of weighing the pros and cons of the model that you are eyeing to purchase. 

What type of stand should you buy?

Conventional mitre stand

This is the most basic design. It’s simply a workbench that is made up of a wooden plank with a pair of wooden sawhorses holding up on either side. This stand is incredibly heavy and it is becoming less and less popular as the days go by. It makes a good choice for a stationary workshop but is definitely not for transporting your mitre saw. As it is very sturdy, this stand is can hold an incredible amount of weight.  We don’t review these types in this article because we have focused more on portability, which we think is important for most people, especially tradespeople.

Table top mitre stand

This stand is extremely durable and has a top section that mimics a table. Ideally, your mitre saw should be mounted onto the top surface. The design comprises two legs on one side and two wheels on the other end. This stand is highly versatile in that it allows for the use of different mitre saws and sizes. 

Rail mitre stand

This type features four metal pull-out legs that come out of a horizontal rail, this is where its name derives from. It also includes a sturdy crossbar that clamps into place and can be positioned anywhere on the rail. The legs can be placed anywhere and that offers the user great versatility.  

The choice of placement will house a variety of different kinds of saws, so you do not have to worry about matching a stand to a particular saw. They also usually come with slide-out extensions so that you can have some extra space to work should you need it. This stand also works with different mitre saws and usually include side extensions to further increase your workspace if necessary. 

Wheeled one-hand folding mitre stand

It has a one-handed design on top of all the desirable features that you want in a stand. This stand is easy to set up and folds down nicely for easy and space-saving transportation. All you have to do is release a catch to fold it down and do the same to set it upright. The design also includes a sturdy table portion with two wide-set legs on one end and locking wheels on the other. This stand is a favourite for carpenters who regularly move between job sites. 

Compound mitre stand

These typically include metal and plank build with two pairs of horse-style legs. Compound stands have a mix of traditional and modern configurations, and they are very sturdy, portable and durable. 

What else should you consider when choosing the best mitre saw stand?


The importance of portability depends on your individual circumstances. If you are always on the road with your mitre saw, then portability is a major priority. Even if you are a DIY user working from home, you may need to move the stand at some point or maybe do your neighbour a favour. Weight, of course, is something to factor in when it comes to portability. If you will need to lift the stand in and out of a vehicle, then its weight has to be manageable. The inclusion of wheels will also come in handy, it’s not essential but can be helpful.

Maximum weight support

Every mitre saw stand has a specific weight limit. The goal is to find one that can handle the size of timber that you will throw at it. Some of the heaviest stands can deal with material up to 200kg and as such, are only ideal for large workshops. A capacity of around 100kg will be more than enough for an average woodworking project.

Another thing you will need to think about is the length of the material as well as the stand dimensions. A longer model will help in carrying larger pieces of timber, but it will be bulky to manoeuver. In short, it’s a matter of striking a balance between your personal needs and the size of the stand. 


You are not going to use the same mitre saw forever, are you? You may upgrade in the future or simply find the need to add another model to your arsenal. With that in mind, it’s vital that your stand should accept a wide range of mitre saws, including circular saws and band saws. This can be done in the form of clamps that you can hook up to your mitre saw and then attach to your stand. 

Ease of use

Ideally, a mitre saw stand is a simple piece of equipment. You can start using it in three easy steps; set it up, clamp your mitre saw and load the material, that’s it. Some stands come with an array of features that may or may not be quite so user-friendly. Think about how those additional features affect performance. If they are not necessary, then you don’t need to splash more money on them. For instance, I would consider pneumatic wheels for moving around rugged terrain, but there’s no need for them if I won’t actually be moving it. 

Folding for storage

Almost all mitre saw stands can fold down compact for storage or transportation. This is a great concept because we are all pushed for space these days, be it in the garage, workshop or garden shed and more importantly, so they are easy to transport in a car or small van. 


This is probably the number one reason for seeking a mitre saw. If a stand wobbles, shakes or buckles, you are never going to get accurate cuts no matter how good you are with a mitre saw. One of the things we consider is how stable the mitre saw stand is, this usually comes down to the quality of the materials used as well as the weight of the mitre saw stand and how well the legs lock into position.


It is only reasonable that your purchase lasts the test of time. The build has to be of the highest quality because the last thing you want is a stand succumbing to the stress of the material, in the middle of a project. Consider warranty as a rough indication of durability. The longer the warranty, the more confidence the manufacturer has in the model. 

Now that you’ve learned how to buy a mitre saw stand, let’s find out what the market has to offer.

Final Conclusion

Mitre saw stands are one of those tools where you wonder how you got by before having one. They are well worth investing in if you use a mitre saw or any other tabletop-type tool.

Having seen our select picks as well as what to look for in our mitre saw stand buyer’s guide, we believe you now have the front foot in choosing the best mitre saw stand for your needs. Be sure to look for one with good reviews like the Evolution Mitre Saw Stand. It’s only ideal that the model you buy has already been proven to be worth the money.

Avoid the temptation to buy the most expensive stand because you can easily find some cheaper models that are well built, sturdy and capable of handling serious projects. The Arrow Universal Mitre Saw Stand is a good buy in this regard. If you only want the best mitre saw stand for heavy-duty projects, then you should grab the DeWalt Heavy Duty Mitre Saw Stand.

All in all, the goal is to find a sturdy, easy to use and durable mitre saw stand. 

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