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Best fox deterrent for repelling foxes and the top 8 picks that actually work

Last updated on April 10th, 2021

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One question many people ask is, how do you repel foxes? they can be a big problem for many gardeners so we look at 5 available options worth considering

The fox has long been known as an unwanted nuisance that causes a host of problems including killing chickens, cats, and rabbits, as well as digging and fouling in gardens. Many often think the fox is only a pest to countryside homes, but the modern fox has started causing a nuisance in even urban residential areas.

The solution? A fox deterrent/Repeller. They come in different designs from ultrasonic to water jet repellents. Finding the best fox deterrent, however, requires some research and understanding of the types of deterrents available on the market. For instance, if you decide to go with a water jet fox repellent, you need to know the range it can protect, how it’s powered and how the device is activated. Even ultrasonic models vary in range as well as in other nifty features.

In this post, we have compiled some of the best fox repellents in the UK to help you pick a model that you deem good for your garden. Note that all the 8 models we review below are humane and safe to the pest.

After comparing them all, we concluded that the Yoleo Solar Power Ultrasonic Fox Repeller is the best overall. Solar-powered and waterproof, with the option of USB charging on rainy days, this ultrasonic deterrent has an impressive 5,000 sq. ft acoustic coverage, making it perfect for large gardens. Check it out below before going through our buyer’s guide and the in-depth product reviews.


Yoleo Solar Power Ultrasonic Fox Repeller
This fox repellent is incredibly effective at driving away unwanted foxes, and it does so without causing pain or harm to the animal. Featuring a motion sensor and dual speaker design, the device detects animals within a large 30ft range and around a 210-degree arc to create a large protected zone. For improved results, the device features LED lighting that would make animals uncomfortable from a distance which is a nice added feature most other models lack. A great benefit of this fox repellent is that it uses solar energy, meaning you won’t get caught out by the battery running flat. Better still, it comes with a USB charging cable so you can easily recharge the build in battery quickly when the solar power is low at times of the year when we get low light conditions. Then there’s the option of staking the repeller into the ground or fixing it on the fence, wall or tree through its hanging hole. With a variable and irregular frequency, this device can drive away even the most aggressive animals that may adapt to a certain frequency bands which is another added feature and its excellent value for money too.

8 Best fox deterrents that we have reviewed are listed below:

  1. Yoleo Solar Power Ultrasonic Fox Repeller – BEST PICK
  2. Pestbye Ultrasonic Fox Deterrent with BehaviourSpecific Timing Designed Specifically To Scare Foxes – Runner-up
  3. Home Defence Scarecrow Fox Water Repeller
  4. STV International STV415 Fox Repeller – A great water sprayer solution which no foxes like but does need to be connected to hose
  5. Aspectek Predator Eye Pro Night and Day Solar Animal Repeller – Can be very effective
  6. Scoot 50g Fox Repellent Sachets
  7. McKlords Ltd Inspired 500ml Fox Repellent
  8. Defenders Prickle Strip Dig Stopper

Fox Repeller Buyers Guide

If you keep chickens, don’t forget to check out our recommended chicken coops here’ here and our recommended automatic chicken coop door openers to help keep your chickens safe from foxes.

Types of Fox Repellent currently available

The common fox repellents include ultrasonic, water jets, and repelling scents. Below we go other the different types and discover the pros and cons of each.


These pest repellers emit high-frequency sounds that are disruptive to foxes and that forces the animals to avoid an area that has the devices installed. The theory behind ultrasound is that confused animals eventually flee when the noise prevents them from gathering food, communicating, and building nests. Ultrasonic repellers are appealing to most people because they are silent to human ears, easy to use and eliminate the need for dangerous traps and poison, which are thought to be inhumane methods of pest control. 

Patience is absolutely needed when using ultrasonic models In the first few weeks, foxes may see the device as an enemy that needs to be challenged until they realise they cannot win then leave the area for good. The best models that are designed for foxes have to be a little more advanced than standard models used on cats, this includes BehaviourSpecific Timing which is designed especially for foxes as they are smarter than most other animals, hence there reputation for being very cunning.

Repelling scents

This can be in the form of a powder that needs to be diluted in a given amount of water then sprayed over the affected area or can be supplied as granules to be spread across a particular area. Scent repellents usually contain ammonium or citronella which let off a strong smell. This smell gives the incoming fox the impression that another animal has already marked the area as their territory. The thing is, foxes will avoid trespassing into the enemy zone and instead go elsewhere which is what we are trying to mimic. 

Be sure to check whether the scent repellent has got any harmful effects to humans and plants. The scent repellent that we’ve reviewed in this post – Scoot 50g Fox Repellent Sachet – is totally safe with children, pets, and edible plants. Also keep in mind that you have to continue reapplying the scent repellent, therefore, consider whether cost versus effectiveness makes sense in the long run. Again, the Scoot 50g wins because it’s pretty much affordable and can have long-lasting effects of up to a month before reapplying again. It’s a little hit and miss with some people finding it very effective while other people didn’t find it as effective. However, it’s well worth a try and is pretty affordable to try.


Aspectek Predator Eye Pro Night and Day Solar Animal Repeller
A truly innovative, humane, and economical way of protecting your space against foxes. The package includes two lights that flash brightly at night to give approaching animals the sense that they're being watched. Foxes will try to avoid this situation as much and disappear into the woods. The cost of running this device is almost zero since its batteries are solar-powered. The body is also weatherproof for complete protection come rain or shine. Some people have found this device very effective.

Water jet repellents 

These are designed to spray a burst of water once an integrated sensor detects a fox. A water jet repeller is good for installing in your lawn and prevent foxes from entering the area or in the worst-case scenario, pooping on your finely cut lawn or digging holes into it. The major benefit of water jet repellents is that they water your lawn at the same time, though you may have to check how much water is sprayed in one burst. They are also a great alternative to chemical products and very effective, no fox will like being sprayed with a burst of water. 

These repellers are a bit demanding to install due to the hosepipe attachment. In addition, they can spray you or your pets if you pass by them. Water jet repellents often have a range of 1 to 3 metres but it also depends on your hose pipe water pressure. Standout models such as the Home Defence Scarecrow Fox Repeller have a range of up to 10 metres and the spray direction can be adjusted up to 120 degrees, allowing wider coverage. 

Who are you dealing with anyway?

Let’s accept it, foxes are incredibly cunning and will become accustomed to your deterrents in a short period of time. In fact, you may need to employ more than one strategy to keep foxes out of your garden completely.

These animals are smart and their genetic makeup is designed for survival. They do have bad eyesight, however, and will do everything to avoid dangerous situations. Foxes will keep off fearful and confronting situations and that’s something you can use to your advantage. They are evaders, runners, and scavengers, but not brawling fighters. 

Foxes love darkness, shaded secluded zones, consistency, security, peace and quietness. They hate the unexpected, surprises, loud noises, sudden movement, and flashing lights.

So if you want to keep foxes out of your area, you must make the environment less appealing to them. The animal should feel very insecure the moment it enters your garden and chooses to go elsewhere.

Fox repellent manufacturers understand fox’s natural survival skills and nervousness and that’s why you see noise, scent and behaviour targeting repellents. 

To overcome the fox’s natural instincts, we recommend that you start using a deterrent as soon as you detect the animal in your garden. Once the animal comes across the deterrent, it will find the environment unfavourable and move out. Interchanging scaring tactics from time to time can ensure that foxes won’t get used to the “repellers” in your garden.  

You may also need to use deterrents affecting different senses of the animal. For instance, appeal to visual and hearing perception simultaneously to confuse the fox and make it more cautious.  


Scoot 50g Fox Repellent Sachets
This powder repellent targets a fox's sense of smell by fooling the animal to believe that the area is already occupied by another fox. The SCOOT has no harm to humans, edible plants and crops. It comes in two sachets that can treat an area of up to 34 square metres. The product is easy to apply using a simple watering can or a garden spray. Some people have found it effective, some not so much, however it's well worth a try and one of the more affordable options.

What kind of danger do foxes pose?

In the natural wild, foxes are predators that feed on rodents, insects and surprisingly, worms. If they discover your property, however, you will be in serious trouble. They’re not really dangerous to humans and in fact, they try to avoid contact as much as possible. It is what is in your home that will suffer; cats, chicken, ducks, geese, and small livestock. Foxes are capable of killing these birds and animals and cause serious losses. They can also damage lawns and flower beds too.

Foxes will also forage for any food scraps in your garden waste bin. If there’s a field nearby, they can eat berries, seeds, and fruits, and mark the territory producing a nasty smell. Keep in mind that these cunning foxes take the easiest route to get food, so if a pet bowl is easily accessible, they won’t bother themselves with hunting. 

Another damage that’s associated with foxes is the establishment of dens. They will settle in basements, crawl spaces, and other similar places if they get chance, this is common in more built-up urban areas too. 

That said, let’s check out the options available for fox control:

8 Best Fox Deterrents

1. Yoleo Solar Power Ultrasonic Fox Repeller


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Yoleo Solar Power Ultrasonic Fox Repeller

Our best pick the Yoleo Fox Solar Power Sonic Repeller is an ultrasonic deterrent that uses solar energy to help with powering and conserve battery powder. There’s a solar panel on its top for that purpose which is something we are starting to see on other models. Don’t worry when there’s no sun at all as the repellent can even be charged via a USB power supply (USB charging cable included). It takes around 4 hours to be fully charged and there’s a light that turns green once it attains full charge so it doesn’t need to be out of action for long.

What’s more? This thing has a waterproof design that makes it able to withstand the British weather as well as ice, snow and wind.

The solar-powered repellent works by emitting a mixture of ultrasonic sounds that frighten foxes and pests to avoid the area.

Its motion sensor has impressive coverage of 5,000 square feet with a radiation range of 210 degrees. The motion sensor activates when an intruder enters within 30ft and also produces LED lighting to make the animal feel uncomfortable.  Moreover, the repellent emits irregular and variable frequency which prevents animals from getting used to a certain frequency band and becoming immune to it. To make sure its effected for foxes you do need to select mode 1.13.5KHz ~ 19.5KHz.

The fox repeller is easy to install as you just need to place it pointed towards the zone that you want to deter foxes from, select a mode as mentioned, insert the spike into the ground, and switch it on. Make sure the installation area is open to the sunlight, to reduce having to charge it as often. If the ground doesn’t work for you, the back of the repeller has a hang hole so you can set it up on a fence, wall or trees which is also super handy.

Note that human ears can hear the sound which is one of the downsides to making a device that is effective with foxes, so you need to install the device as far as possible from your living space.

Cleaning the fox repeller is also a breeze; simply use a damp-soft cloth with mild soapy water to wipe it clean. No abrasive cleaning agents or harsh chemicals required.

All things considered, the Yoleo Fox Repeller is something you can rely on as far as dealing with unwelcome visitors are concerned. Be it foxes, rats, mice, cats as well as foxes, the device features a range of frequencies to scare them away from your home.

2. Pestbye Battery Operated Fox Deterrent


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Pestbye Set of 2 Battery Operated Fox Deterrent with BehaviourSpecific Timing Designed Specifically To Scare Foxes


  • Easy to install – stake into the ground, insert batteries and that’s it.
  • Features HyperResonance Frequency Fox Scarer – probably the best frequency for scaring foxes.
  • BehaviourSpecific Timing – unlike most repellers, the sound activates at random timing intervals to have maximum effect on foxes and to prevent them from getting used to the sound of the repeller which is a common problem.
  • Perfect for large open areas such as lawns.
  • Safe and humane method of deterring foxes.

The Pestbye Ultra Sonic Battery Operated Fox Repeller is an ultrasonic device that produces a high-frequency noise that’s inaudible to humans but extremely shocking to foxes. It utilises what Pestbye calls PIR motion sensor, which is integrated at just the right height to detect any passing fox. This means it can work during the day and night. With BehaviourSpecific Timing, which is what separates it from most other ultrasonic models, the device activates at random intervals so that foxes cannot get used to a specific routine and realise they are being fooled. It’s very effective this fox scarer, thanks to HyperResonance Frequency that emits a high-pitched noise to send foxes scattering back to the where they belong. 

Installing the device is a breeze, simply stake into the ground or even plant into a flower pot. Point it in the direction you want and let it deter unwanted visitors. The device relies on 3 AA batteries, which you’ll have to buy separately. It has a coverage of up to 32ft away do its perfect for large open areas and benefits from a variety of frequencies that eliminates the need for adjustment dials. The set we looked at came in twos, allowing you to place each at a convenient location and you can buy as many pairs depending on the size of your garden. The product requires little to no maintenance; just replace the batteries after every couple of months and it’s good. 

Perhaps the only downside is that once you plant the devices in the ground, it’s hard to pull them out without the bottom part remaining in the ground, just a little negative point there to be aware of. Nonetheless, you can always re-attach it back easily. 

Overall, it’s not an overly expensive and easy-to-use solution to fox problem as opposed to scattering repellents or has hoses attached to sprayers.

3. Home Defence Scarecrow Fox Repeller

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Home Defence Scarecrow Fox Repeller

The Home Defence Scarecrow Pest Control Water Repeller is basically a sprinkler head on top of an infrared sensor housing that can sense animals up to 11m in front of it. Actually, it can sense them much further ahead but since the sprinkler can only manage the 11m distance, you won’t want to set it more than that. The device is on a stake that you can just insert into the ground and there’s a connection point for a hose. When foxes come within range, the device releases a startling burst of water to scare them away.

The product also comes with some fancy decals that you can put on it to make it look fearsome as the animal deterrent it claims to be. It’s powered by an alkaline 9V battery (not included) which you can easily install on the bottom and shut it in with its door. A single battery can have it running for day and night for up to 6 months. The scarecrow also has adjustable sensitivity as well as a spray rotation of 260 degrees.

All in all, this thing works and would definitely deter foxes, cats and deer. It may not be the right one to stop dogs from digging up a garden though as they aren’t that timid. What we will say its best to change the position now and again as foxes are cunning and can learn how to avoid the senor.

4. Inspired 500ml Fox Repellent

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McKlords Ltd Inspired 500ml Fox Repellent


  • Deters foxes by masking fox marking and most foxes dislike the odour.
  • Comes with an easy-to-use trigger. 
  • Deters foxes more humanely.
  • Pretty much affordable.

The Inspired 500ml Fox Repellent is a unique formulation intended to be sprayed around the perimeter of important areas to deter foxes and other animals. Most importantly, this product is not harmful to humans, allowing you to spray on edible and non-edible plants which is good.

It only has an odour that foxes dislike and that would make them not to approach the areas that have been sprayed. The formulation comes in a 500ml bottle with an easy to use the trigger. Available at around £6-8, this repellent should be used once every week, though applying on a day to day basis will have a long-lasting deterrence effect.

We also recommend buying more of this and being more consistent than the fox. Overall people have had mixed results with this repellent, some say it has been very effective while other people have not been so lucky, again it’s very affordable and well worth trying. May be useful for spraying around chicken runs and on plants.

No products found.

5. Aspectek Predator Eye Pro Night and Day Solar Fox Repeller

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ASPECTEK Predator Eye Pro Day Solar Repeller Deterrent Light Night Guard Protects from Nocturnal Animals, Birds, Raccoons, Owls, Wolves, Deer, Foxes, Dogs, Cats, Black


  • Gives the impression the fox is being watched which helps deter them from the area.
  • Very easy to set up and can be screwed to a wall, fence, stake and just sat upright on a surface.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions due to its waterproof design. 
  • Powered by a solar-charged battery with a runtime of up to 30 days on a single charge.
  • Supplied as two devices for maximum coverage.
  • Long-range detection up to 500 yards.
  • 1-year warranty and 30m days money-back guarantee for full peace of mind, this means its practically risk-free to try,

The Aspectek Predator Eye Pro Animal Repeller is designed to protect your property from nighttime pests including foxes and even cats. The device is solar-powered, it charges during the day and starts working automatically at nightfall to deter those cunning invaders. It works by flashing a red light that mimics a home security system, giving pests the perception that they are under surveillance. The fear of being watched will cause animals to avoid the area in theory and its works amazingly well. 

Featuring all-weather construction, the Predator Eye can be left out and withstand the elements throughout the seasons. The product comes in a pack of two for increased coverage and effectiveness. To start using the device, just mount it at the eye level of the animal and make sure it’s facing the entryways to the area you want to guard. Mount it higher if facing a valley or lower if facing a hill. A single device has a range of up to 500 yards and this is very much achievable if the area is flat. You may want to employ extra devices to protect additional sides of your area. 

Thought this model charges during the day, it can actually last up to 30 days on one full charge. That means worry-free operation during the peak winter days. Aspectek offers a 30-day money-back guarantee plus a 1-year limited warranty.

One downside of this device is that it only works at night. So if you’re having trouble with daytime visitors, you will have to seek elsewhere for solutions. Otherwise, the Predator Eye is all you need to deal with nocturnal animals like foxes and has proven very effective.

6. STV International STV415 Fox Repeller

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Defenders Jet-Spray Pond & Garden Protector (Motion-Activated, Heron, Fox and Wildlife Repellent)


  • Motion-activated fox repellent spray that sprays water when it detects a fox.
  • Covers an area of up to 10m2 – perfect for flowerbeds, ponds, and lawns. 
  • Deters a range of nuisance animals including foxes, cats, rabbits, squirrel, and herons.
  • IP44 weather tested, designed to withstand heavy downpours and snow.
  • Easy to set up following simple instructions.
  •  2-year warranty for full peace of mind.

The STV International STV415 Fox Repeller not only acts as a fox scarer but also deters other nuisance animals such as squirrels, rabbits, deer, cats, and herons. This product is painless to install using a standard hose connection and 2 x AA batteries. You also get straightforward instructions to guide through the set up which is handy but its simply enough you probably want need them.

The STV415 is motion-activated and once its integrated sensor detects animal movement ie the fox, the device shoots a powerful jet of water to deter pests which are obviously going to be very effective.

A good attribute of this fox repellent is that its coverage area is adjustable from 1 – 10 metres in a 120-degree arc, creating a protected zone of up to 100m² so its great for large lawns. That’s also enough coverage for flowerbeds, ponds, hen runs, and small lawns as you can lower the reach.

With all-weather enclosed electronics, this fox repellent can be left out in any weather, ensuring year-round protection against foxes. 

But at this price point, the STV415 is a humane and eco-friendly repellent for foxes and with a 2-year warranty for any manufacturing defects which does give extra peace of mind.

7. Scoot 50g Fox Repellent Sachets

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Scoot 50g Fox Repellent Sachets (Pack of 2)


  • Deters foxes mark artificially marking areas so foxes think another fox is around and as they don’t like conflict they avoid treated areas.
  • Treats an area up to 34 square metres. 
  • Causes no harm to pets and the environment.
  • Easy to apply with a watering can or garden spray.
  • A very affordable deterrent.

Manufactured by London’s fox control specialists Foxolutions, the Scoot 50g Fox Repellent Sachets is specifically targeted at foxes and protects against foxes scent marking, digging, fouling, and urinating. This product is based on the scent-marking behaviour of animals in that it creates an artificial scent around a given territory, thus preventing foxes from invading the area in order to avoid potential conflict with other foxes. 

The product is supplied in two 50g sachets to be diluted and then sprayed over the desired area. One 50g sachet should be dissolved in a minimum of 2.5 litres or a maximum of 9 litres of water. It’s very effective and can cover up to 32 square metres. You may go with the higher concentration for particular hotspots where foxes are usually active. For blanket coverage across your entire garden, it’s better to spray using the maximum dilution. You will need a garden sprayer to dispense the fox repellent but even a watering can is enough but we find it can be a little wasteful compared to using a garden sprayer. 

For maximum effectiveness, you will have to spray the repellent during dry conditions as applying under wet weather is another factor that can reduce effectiveness. Even so, the product can withstand light showers and last for about 30 days before you need to spray again. Applying 2-3 times a week in the early stages can overcome an enemy’s attempt at scent marking before advancing to once a week. Over time, the fox will start to see your garden as a danger zone and eventually not go for good. 

The Scoot Fox Repellent is pet-friendly and won’t have the same deterring effects on your cats and dogs. It’s additionally safe to use on edible plants and has no ill-effects to children, though the undiluted powder should be kept away from minors to avoid inhaling or ingesting. Perhaps the only issue is that the product must be applied more frequently and that means high maintenance costs. It also gets washed away in heavy rain and can take a few attempts before you know if it’s been effective or not. Remember foxes will enter the areas before smelling the scent so don’t be surprised if you see a fox the first few nights as this is normal.

8. Defenders Prickle Strip Dig Stopper

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Defenders Prickle Strip Dig Stopper

The Defenders Prickle Strip Dig Stopper is a deterrent designed to prevent foxes, dogs, cats, rabbits, squirrels and other animals from digging up plant beds, flower beds, seedbeds, lawns and vegetable gardens. The product is basically a mesh rubber strip construction measuring 28cm x 200cm, and it can be trimmed to size to fit pots and containers, or used in multiple connections to cover vast garden areas. These rubber strips can be placed just beneath the soil so they are not unsightly while still allowing plant growth.

The prickly points irritate the paws or feet of any animal that starts scratch or dig on top of them, and the discomfort forces them out of the area. No pain or harm is caused to the animal, so this is a humane way of chasing away any unwanted foxes that like to dig. Another thing, the plastic strips are weather-resistant so they can stay out there in any weather.

They are actually cheap when compared to prickle strips from many other brands. If you are looking for a humane way of keeping foxes out of important areas of your garden, consider the Defenders Prickle Strip Dig Stopper.

Our Final Conclusion

In truth, many people have found success with the affordable solutions we’ve provided above, so don’t feel that you need to invest heavily to keep foxes away. One thing you need to appreciate is that foxes don’t like to take risks and they will avoid areas that scare them.

Keep in mind that not even a product marketed as the best fox repellent will be 100% effective on its own. You can expect certain products to take some time before you start seeing results and you may need to interchange or reposition the repellent every few days. Whether you choose a jet sprayer, a scent repellent, or an ultrasonic model, or maybe a combo solution, you will be on your way to a fox free home. 

We have also reviewed the best cat scarers if you’re having problems keeping your cats from flowerbeds, kitchen counter, lawn, and other areas.

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