Top 6 Best Router Tables, buyer’s guide and reviews

Last updated on February 12th, 2022

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Woodwork and routers are synonymous with router tables. Router tables provide a stable environment for routers to make accurate incisions in wood. If you have a powerful router then working with a router table that has adequate features is a recipe for success. In the marketplace, you will find various types of router tables. Some come with their in-built routers and some are designed to adapt to any kind of router. Regardless, the point is to purchase the best router table that your money can buy.

Below is a list of router tables that we found to be reliable from the many router tables available at the moment. It is not that these are the only dependable router tables available, these are also the ones that can be vouched for by their many customer reviews. Feel free to read through the product reviews and select a model that befits your use.

Need our take? You can pick the Lumberjack RT1500 model which is our best pick, or the Trend CRT/MK3 router table which is our runner up. You can also check out our best routers review to find a model you can use if this is your first time shopping for both. Shall we begin?


Lumberjack RT1500 1500w Bench Top Router Table with Integrated Router
Obliterating the competition is the Lumberjack RT1500 router table which has all the features needed to start work immediately after assembly. The model comes with its router and onboard storage for tools you need within reach like cutters. It possesses an ergonomically designed wheel for better control of the cutter to avoid any mistakes.

The varied speed settings permit the user to get good results even when working with different materials. Additionally, you will find an adjustable fence and a mitre guide to improve the accuracy of the cuts. Durable and made of premium quality materials, this 1500W router table would be perfect for both professionals and amateurs which is why we decided to name this model our best pick. Look for a router table without the router, check our runner-up model.


Trend CRT/MK3 Craft Pro Router Table
This model is smaller than the regular sized router tables but it has all the basic features. Weighing around 13kg, this router table has a low profile and can easily be transported due to its size. The model comes with a mitred fence, a quick raiser mechanism and it is compatible with most of the routers in the market. Easy to assemble and sold at an affordable price, this router table would better serve crafting enthusiasts. It would also serve professional environments but on a lighter scale. Overall, it is a router table designed to please the user and provide a fluid experience.

  1. Lumberjack RT1500 Bench Top Router Table with Integrated Router – BEST PICK
  2. Trend CRT/MK3 Craft Pro Router Table – RUNNER UP
  3. Trend WRT Workshop Router Table
  4. SKIL RAS900 Router Table
  6. Charnwood W012 Bench Top Router Table


FERM PRA1011 Router Table
Made for lightweight use, the router table has all the required accessories to facilitate effective operations. The price of the unit will not leave you bare even though the instructions will offer some frustration but it shouldn't be too difficult to work out. With a little tweaking and patience, this unit would make a fantastic beginner unit but remember it does not come with a built-in router. This model is also one of the most affordable.

Top 6 Router Table Reviews

1. Lumberjack RT1500 1500W Bench Top Router Table with Integrated Router


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Lumberjack RT1500 1500W Bench Top Router Table with Integrated Router

The Lumberjack RT1500 Bench Top Router Table, with its Integrated Router, is powered by a 1500 watt motor and features adjustable speeds. These varying speeds are between 8,000-26,000 rotations per minute for precise work.

To hold the bits into place, this router table features 1/2 and 1/4 inch collets. Accompanying the collets, are three feather boards that you can use to keep your work material in place. You also get access to an adjustable fence and a mitre fence. All these can be used when working with different wood applications and make this model one of the most versatile router tables.

At around 19kg, it’s fairly substantial yet light enough to move around, but heavy enough to be stable and robust. The unit offers a table size of 59.7cm by 45.7cm and the height of the table is 35.5cm. For cutting applications, the vertical travel can be set between 0-4cm using a small wheel and this ensures accurate cuts with fewer adjustments to achieve the finer level of precision and accuracy you would expect. The table insert has a measuring diameter of 7.5cm.

They have also made provisions for dust collection. With a dust collection tube having a diameter of 7cm so you can attach it to your dust vacuum. Find a suitable adaptor to aid yourself with this task, we recommend checking for compatibility with the dust vacuum model before purchasing. You also get two compartments that you can use to store tools for use.

This unit is supplied with a build-in 1500w router, collets, a guide assembly, mitre guide, feather boards, storage compartments and an adjustable fence. All of this together provides you with excellent value for money and it is nearly ready to use straight from the box. Simply fix the rear rail and finger guides and you’re ready to go.


  • Powerful 1500w router that means you do not need a separate router.
  • Offers side compartments so you can store your collets safely away, neat and tidy.
  • Electronic speed control for the best accuracy.
  • Features a mitre guide, adjustable fence and guard assembly for precision cutting.
  • Offers an ergonomic wheel to control the rise and fall of the cutter for better accuracy.
  • Comes with compatible collets for easier bit attachment. 


  • Instructions are a little poor which could lead to confusion during set-up.
  • Some have commented on the positioning of the feather boards tend to get caught up with the clamping knobs. 

Our recommendation

The Lumberjack RT1500 1500W Bench Top Router Table is a good choice to work with and a great choice for anyone buying their first rooter table or professional woodworkers alike. We like that it comes with a powerful 1500w router built-in and one that features electronic speed control. This is perfect for those who don’t have a router already or even if you do, this is still a great choice because it’s nice to have the router built-in anyway for convenience.

We love that it has an adjustable fence and mitre guide provided and that it comes with pretty much everything you need in the box. On top of this, it comes almost fully assembled. For such a sized machine, it will provide you with all the essential functions needed.

The quality of the machine is top-notch, we just wish that the instruction manual was better. Overall, we decided that this was probably the best router table for most people, which is why we awarded it our ‘Best Pick’. It offers excellent value for money and is a top-notch product. We never found that perfect router table during our research but this model was as close as you could get to perfect.

2. Trend CRT/MK3 Craft Pro Router Table


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Trend CRT/MK3 Craft Pro Router Table

The Trend CRT/MK3 Craft Pro Router Table features a 6.35mm aluminium plate that is durable and easily removable if necessary. The 240V model measures 13.5×73×40.8cm, giving you ample room to work on your projects. It possesses a router cutter aperture of 98mm with a maximum cutting diameter of 86mm. It is designed to suit both professional and amateur environments because it has all the basic features. The router table works with varied portable routers making it convenient for many different users.

To allow for accuracy, the router table comes with a mitred fence. The fence is equipped with a spelch block facility and zeroing features to make your work easier. Additionally, the table features a quick raiser that is useful when working with a T11 router. The quick raiser permits fine height adjustment that is common while working with the T11 router.

The router table comes with a 57mm diameter dust port to collect all the wood trimmings. If your workshop vacuum does not correspond with the size of the dust port, you can get an adapter to make matters simpler. The 13.6kg router table comes with a lead-on pin, side pressure, insert rings, mitre fence, top pressure, safety guard, no release switch and a push stick.


  • Comes with a mitred fence with a spelch block facility for accuracy purposes.
  • Made of MDF material for durability.
  • Able to work with different router models.
  • Features adjustable guard assembly.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • It is smaller than it looks.
  • The table is low and therefore may be troublesome for people with back problems.

Our recommendation

The Trend CRT/MK3 Router Table is perfect if you are looking for an affordable, low profile design router table. It has all the basic features needed to make your woodwork projects possible.

It is not as expensive as the other Trend model featured but works just as well. Unless you are planning to kneel whilst working, it is best advised to place this low profile model onto a raised platform. It doesn’t have all the features needed to handle heavy-duty professional work but it can handle light work well. Made more for DIY enthusiasts, this model is one to watch out for.

3. Trend WRT Workshop Router Table

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Trend WRT Workshop Router Table

The Trend WRT Workshop Router Table provides good value for your money when you consider all the features that are offered. The 230V model is adaptable to the Trend ½-inch or ¼-inch routers that are popular nowadays. It is not only limited to those routers and it can work with many other models too. It comes with an aluminium insert plate that possesses screws that are adjusted to provide the perfect alignment.

Additionally, the plate features a 98mm aperture for routers using cutters up to 86mm. This provides perfect settings for cutters intended for joint making and wide panel raising. If you are using smaller cutters you will find the reducing rings provided are useful.

To make the job run smoothly without any obstacles, both the fence and the table itself are laminated. The T-slot is designed to permit the removal of the fence, which then provides easy adaptability while working. You can groove, curve, mould and joint in peace.

The 27.5kg router table also comes with scales that are intended to allow applications like rebating and grooving. Working together with the fence, the scales ensure that your cuts are accurate. This router table is ideal to work with a T11 router because it has height adjustable settings.

When you purchase this table expect to find a leg stand, no-release voltage switch, mitre fence, top pressure, safety guard, side pressure, lead-on pin and a push stick. It is important to note that this model is only sold for customers within the UK.


  • It is stable and made of quality material for durability.
  • Features an easily adjustable fence and scales for accuracy.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Comes with height-adjustable feet for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Able to work with small cutters thanks to the provision of reducing rings.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • When assembling some of the parts may not fit correctly and require adjustments.

Our recommendation

The Trend WRT Workshop router is built to serve those in search of a premium product. It can serve both professional and DIY enthusiasts with no problem. The 19×33×72cm model is a bit expensive but once you purchase it, you don’t need to think about getting another router table. It is stable and features an adjustable fence for accuracy. With this table router, you can accomplish a lot from rebating to grooving and additionally it is safe. You can change a few bits here and there to suit the work that you want to do. Get it for your workshop and experience a model designed for optimal woodworking.

4. SKIL RAS900 Router Table

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SKIL RAS900 Router Table

The SKIL RAS900 Router Table features an easy to fold design and can be stored in a small space making it a compact model. This design facilitates easy set up every time it is needed. This also allows for easy storage and transportation from job to job if necessary.

This unit features a 26 in. x 16.5 inches MDF table. The table is flat and smooth so that the wood moves smoothly. Together with this feature, you get to experience the adjustable fence. The fence is created from MDF materials and features durable shims for jointing applications.

For more precise routing, feather boards and mitred guides are always advised. This unit features two feather boards that are impact resistant, contributing to the overall durability. Now when you need to make curves on the wood you need a tool that will assist and this is why the starter pin and guard are present in this model, something our ‘Best Pick’ doesn’t have which would have been handy.

Mounting the router is not hard work and neither is bit placement. You can change in between your 1/4 and 1/2 inch bits in no time. When these bits are not in use, you need somewhere to store them and this is where the storage compartments provided come in useful.

You can adjust the height of the bit to make the right cuts. A dust port collects all the trimmings from the wood if connected to a vacuum dust extractor. The unit also features a dual outlet system that protects the unit from overloading. This unit weighs 14.5kg and measures 70.4 x 48.2 x 24.2cm.


  • Supports a foldable design that facilitates easy setup and storage.
  • Includes bit height adjustment needed for different applications.
  • Features a dual outlet switch that is needed for overload protection.
  • Includes storage compartments to store tools. 


  • Works with specific routers and this makes it inconvenient for people owning other models so you may need to make some minor adjustments. Customisation is needed to find the right fittings. 

Our recommendation

The SKIL RAS900 Router Table is a very convenient model and, in truth, probably just as good as our ‘Best Pick’. However, it has one problem, Amazon ships this model from the USA  and we are sure that this is the reason it doesn’t come with a warranty.

We especially enjoy the foldable design and you can imagine how convenient it is to store this item when you are pressed for space. Simply, this model contains quaint but effective features.

The storage compartment, starter pin and mitre guide (amongst other features) make this tool an effective company for any DIY enthusiast. The build is stable and you can easily adjust it to your preference, ideally, if you can find this model in a UK store it would be a great alternative to our ‘Best Pick’.

5. FERM PRA1011 Router


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FERM PRA1011 Router

The FERM PRA1011 Router Table is a dependable lightweight model perfect for the woodworking enthusiast looking for a table to use with a separate router. Weighing in at 5kg it’s certainly one of the lightest router tables available, however, don’t forget the router you use will also add on a few kgs. This unit measures 48 x 35 x 12cm giving you plenty of space for most of your projects. The 250-watt corded electric unit is made of aluminium which ensures is lightweight whilst still be strong and this is probably why it is so light compared to the other models.

To make sure that you are working smart, a dust port is featured. The dust port, using the right adaptor, can be connected with ease. The routers that can comfortably fit on this table will need to have a router with a plate diameter up to 16.2cm, so be sure to check before purchasing or alternatively, use this table with the FERM PRM1015 Precision Router. The dust-free feature keeps the key active and away from dust obstructions.

The table is not so large but it offers a working table of 45.5 x 33cm. You will find a mitred guide supplied for use. Together with the fence, you can be able to make precision cuts. The fence is not made of metal so you will need to be careful not to damage it.

For those wondering about adjusting the table to fit the router, have no worries. This model uses secure clamps that won’t dislodge easily. Finally, the rubber feet keep the unit in position despite the pressure being applied and also help absorb the router vibrations.


  • Compatible with most routers from brands such as Bosch, Einhell, Hitachi and Black + Decker.
  • Lightweight making it simple to move and store away.
  • Made from strong and durable aluminium material.
  • Features rubber feet that keep the table from sliding during procedures.
  • Due to the design, it is easy to attach a router and it stays in position. 


  • The instructions provided are poor so may complicate assembly.
  • Too small to cope with any serious or heavy-handed work.
  • No storage compartments offered for tool storage. 

Our recommendation

The FERM PRA1011 Router Table would make a good beginner model for anyone who already has a router. Being that it cannot handle heavy applications, it can only serve DIY enthusiasts and is not really made for professional extensive use.

This model is made of light material and it is only capable of supporting a certain size of router. Check to see if your router specifications will be managed by the specifications of this table. It may have a few faults but the price that you are charged for this router table is very reasonable. If it is within your budget and you are not engaging in heavy-handed woodwork, this is a great model. If you have a Bosch router, which we have also recently reviewed, then this table should be compatible.

6. Charnwood W012 Bench Top Router Table

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Charnwood W012 Bench Top Router Table

The Charnwood W012 Bench Top Router Table would be perfect for a DIY/hobby enthusiast. The 8kg unit measures 40 x 43 x 45cm, this unit is lightweight compared to large units and therefore, would handle light applications well.

As for the working table, it is constructed from MDF material with melamine sides. This provides a level and smooth surface to work with. The unit also features vertical clamps to hold the material in position against the fence.

For your different applications, this unit has been provided with a horizontal feather board. You can also find a sliding mitre fence to improve on precision cuts. The adjustable fence will offer valid support, ensuring that you get the correct measurements for your different projects. Once set up, it is perfect for jobs such as edge moulding, trenching and tenoning.

The maximum route cutter diameter prescribed is up to 35mm. Also, this unit can accept compatible 1/4 inch routers. If you happen to own one of these it should be compatible.

The working table size measures 43cm x 40cm. Finally, it comes with a 2 year warranty for full peace of mind, vertical clamps, plastic plate, feather board, an adjustable fence and a mitred guard. Be sure to connect an appropriate dust vacuum supported by a compatible adapter for keeping your work area clean.


  • Provides strong and stable construction thanks to its steel legs and strong MDF table.
  • Should be compatible with any 1/4 inch router available.
  • Small and lightweight making it easy to store.
  • Adjustable horizontal feather board adjustable and mitre fence for clean cuts.
  • Includes three clamps to securely hold your workpiece to the table so you can simply feed through from left to right.


  • Space between the table and surface is a little shallow. You will need to raise the legs if the height of your router is longer, which some reviews on Amazon have commented on.
  • No isolation switch has been supplied. 

Our recommendation

The Charnwood W012 Bench Top Router Table is not a large table but is perfect for most DIY enthusiasts looking for a decent table. The build of the unit is dependable but could do with a few upgrades, one of these being the addition of adjustable legs, which would have made this unit just perfect. We like that it is adaptable to a wide range of routers and support features provided.

What we do like is that it comes with an insert plate that you drill to suit your router’s fixing points which is a great design.

For light handed work, this model will perform wonderfully. Those who need something larger than this can take a peep at the Charnwood W012 Bench Top Router Table.

Router Table Buyer’s Guide

So what do you look for in a good router table? Do you understand what the different features are required to do? If you do, then good for you because this will just be a refresher. If you know that you don’t know very much about router tables, we suggest that you go over this guide. It never hurts to have a little bit of insight.

First, let us look at some of the benefits that router tables provide for the woodworker.

Some projects are too large or too small to be handled manually. A router table provides a safe environment where the router cannot slip or impact unwanted areas. The better the position of the router, the safer the user feels.

  • Router tables are perfect when you need both hands concentrating on a project. The router can continue processing different cuts depending on the bits and your guiding.
  • The router table was created to offer stability and an even surface for precision cutting. Uneven surfaces give wooden surfaces an erroneous finish that lacks aesthetic.
  • Some projects are too large or too small to be handled manually and a router table provides a safe environment where the router cannot slip or impact unwanted areas. The better the position of the router, the safer the user feels.

Flat and firm table

Pressure is something we rely on with woodworking to make the right impressions for different purposes. Whether it is joint work or pattern work, stability is essential. You do not want to work with a table whose legs are wobbly. If you apply too much pressure on an unstable unit you are much more likely to make irreversible mistakes.

Also, be sure to check out whether the table has been fitted with rubber feet. Not only do these rubber fittings prevent the table from sliding across the surface when pressure is applied, they also help to absorb vibrations when you are using the rooter.

What material has been used to construct the table?

If all router tables were constructed from one material, there is a high chance we would get bored. Different materials offer different benefits depending on the function intended. The following are most likely the ones you will find.

  • MDF tables happen to the most popular type. Standing for Medium-density fibreboard, these kinds of router tables are affordable and very accessible. The material is able to take impact without creating deep deteriorations in the table. Considering that they have different types of finishes, MDF tables happen to offer different aesthetic feels. Mostly you find that high-pressure laminate or melamine is used to finish off the MDF material.
  • Cast Iron tables are another favourable kind. Known for their rigidity and stability, they tend to be used in commercial applications. Cast iron is known to have properties that are more appreciative than regular iron. They won’t rust easily and you can trust that the vibrations won’t overwhelm the table. If you can afford one it will last for many years to come.
  • Resin-based router tables are another option if the two above don’t appeal to you. The benefits of having these kinds of tables is the durability, stability and resistance to damage. You can find them in a wide range of colours and designs.

What of the base plate? 

This is basically the unit that holds the router. Depending on the weight and the size of the router, you will notice that the thickness differs. It is very important to have a level and a durable base plate. Materials that can keep up with this kind of pressure include aluminium or phenolic resin materials.

You can be sure that the material doesn’t move by purchasing models that offer fixtures. If you need a simple table, look for the ones with very heavy base plates. The heavier they are, the fewer vibrations there are that will be able to rattle it out of place.

Fencing options

In the world of router tables, the fence acts as your guide. There are some applications that need you to produce precise work. There are two types of fences that you can access. These are the split and the one piece fence.

  • Split fences offer a better option when working with angled projects and you need to be careful while using this kind of fence. A little problem in alignment will cost you the precision you are looking for. High-quality models taking the next step offer adjustable split fences and this helps when working with smaller pieces of wood that need finesse.
  • One-piece fencing is simple to use and they can be found in basic models where intricacy is not needed. These types of fences are common and nonetheless effective. The good thing about these kinds of fences is that you will have no problem aligning your pieces of wood. 

Additional features

Not all routing tables will come with these features. Some tables will have the bare minimum whilst others will have all these features. Walk through our list of these features and acquaint yourself with them. Even though you may not need them now, the information might help someone else.

  • Feather boards – These are here to support you on your quest for stability. What they do is clamp down on the piece of wood preventing it from moving against the fence. Whether you want to make a joint or engage in moulding processes, these feather boards are essential. They come in different sizes so you can select accordingly. 
  • Dust Collection – This feature is a lifesaver. You can imagine having to clean up the floor at the end of a long day. It can be utterly frustrating. Select a table that has a dust port fitted and according to the workshop vacuum you have, choose a suitable adapter that will fit properly and help make cleaning possible. If you are not sure which size to get, you can grab the universal adapter and it will do just fine for most models. 
  • Adjustable features – In some cases you find that models come with adjustable height and this allows the user to find the right working posture for them. Another feature that is found in some models is micro-adjustment tht allows the operator to make tiny but remarkable changes when engaging in detailed work. 
  • Mitre gauge – This feature cannot be found in every model. A mitre gauge comes in handy when you want to undertake bevelling, dadoing or mitre applications. Depending on the design some come with stabilised bases to avoid erratic movements.
  • Drawers – This is not essential but it is convenient. You can store away various tools that you need nearby. Some drawers are lockable to avoid any theft or misplacement. 
  • Lockable fences – These are just additional support features. There are models that have these secured clamps. They won’t cost you a fortune but they will ensure to avoid unnecessary slips.

Final Conclusion

Buying a router table should not cause you to pull your hair out. It should be a relaxed experience where you select exactly what you want. The best router table is one that is stable, easy to assemble and has all the features you require to get your woodwork completed.

Our best pick happens to be the Lumberjack model because it provides you with everything you need to complete your projects, including a router. If you already have a router then try checking for the Trend CRT/MK3 router table. With that said and done, join us next time for another brilliant review.

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