Best Concrete Breaker Review – Top 5 Electric & Petrol Models

Last updated on November 30th, 2021

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Which is the best demolition breaker? – We look at some of the best electric and petrol models and see which are worth considering and for who

Anyone involved in the construction industry knows that a concrete breaker is a tool to have by your side. This tool comes in very handy when you need to break concrete paths or drives, break up hard slabs as well as helping break up brick walls or similar. Concrete breakers are also called demolition breakers, hammer breakers, pneumatic drills, demo hammers or sometimes demolition hammer drills.

There seems to be a wide range of demolition breakers claiming to be up to the task, however, the best concrete breaker will vary depending on your needs. No matter your job requirements, this guide and concrete breaker reviews will help you find the best demolition hammer for you.

From our research and analysis of various tools, we think that the ReaseJoy 1700W Electric Demolition Jack Hammer is the best demolition breaker for most people with the exception of professional use, where the DeWalt model would be a much better choice. However, our ‘Best Pick’ by Reasejoy comes with everything you need including various chisel bits, gloves and glasses and all come contained in a nice case. This option really is the best choice for home use and lighter trade use and comes at a very affordable price.


ReaseJoy 1700W Electric Concrete Breaker
he ReaseJoy Electric Concrete Breaker has been designed for a wide range of demolition jobs such as trenching, chipping, breaking up concrete, bricks and blocks, plus many more. Everything you will need to get the job done is included, even the gloves and the glasses. Features a lock-on button that will allow continuous use without the need to hold onto the trigger.

The best concrete breakers that we have included in our review are listed below:

  1. ReaseJoy 1700w Electric Demolition Jack Hammer – BEST PICK
  2. Silverline Silverstorm 263570 1500w Electric Breaker – RUNNER UP
  3. EBERTH 1600w Demolition Hammer
  4. DeWalt 240v 10kg SDS-Max Breaker Demolition Hammer – BEST PROFESSIONAL PICK
  5. ReaseJoy 52cc Petrol Jack Demolition Hammer – BEST PETROL PICK


DeWalt D25899K-GB SDS-Max Breaker
If you are in the trade and looking for a professional-grade breaker then this model is probably going to be the best choice.  It's extremely durable and has an excellent concrete breaking performance making it the ideal choice for professional and trade use where a reliable workhorse is needed. It has many features not found on cheaper models such as quick accessory changes and chisel adjustment as well as 12 preset positions for effective and easy operating of the hammer. Finally, it comes with a 3-year warranty for full peace of mind.


ReaseJoy 52cc Petrol Jack Demolition Hammer
The ReaseJoy Petrol Demolition Hammer comes with a high tensile reduction gear-set that works to minimise vibrations when in use and helps to provide minimal noise. The powerful 52cc engine provides sufficient demolition force for even the most demanding jobs you need to undertake. A well-built demolition hammer with easy control and handling is provided thanks to the thumb throttle and rubberised hand grip.

Top 5 Concrete Break Reviews

1. ReaseJoy 1700w Electric Demolition Jack Hammer


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ReaseJoy 1700W Electric Demolition Jack Hammer Three Chisels Concrete Road Breaker Double Insulated with Steel Case

The Reasejoy electric Jackhammer is a professional tool for any handyman, builder or tradesman and a great option for the home user breaking up some old paths. With a 1700w motor, it is powerful enough for most heavy-duty job applications and it comes with plenty of accessories making it ideal for the home user as they do not need to invest in anything else.

This electric demolition jackhammer is well built-up with standard features. It has shock-mounted handles as you would expect from a good jackhammer and this will absorb vibrations thus reducing fatigue. In addition, it features a lock-on-button that allows continuous working without holding the hammer’s trigger, whilst a 360-degree swivel side handle enhances easy control of the tool. All these features ensure that it’s one of the easiest models to use making it perfect for an inexperienced user.

The electric jackhammer also features an extra thick and strong aluminium main casing which is an industrial quality that ensures high durability. It has a double insulated motor casing that improves and delivers secure operations and its excellent impact force makes light work of breaking up block and concrete easily and quickly. Its full copper motor is capable of resisting too much heat thus ensuring the long lifespan of the hammer. Also, it has superior cooling vents for smooth operation and to help stop the motor from overheating.

When it comes to execution, the ReaseJoy 1700W electric demolition jackhammer comes with a flat chisel for shaping, cutting and grooving, a point chisel for clipping, crushing and making deep penetrations. It also includes a U chisel for easy wire slotting. This electric demolition hammer is ideal for making trenching, chipping, removing old foundation concrete slabs and breaking up concrete, brick and block paths. Additionally, it is useful in ripping up driveways and breaking through solid rock making it ideal for the mining industry and excavation works.


  • Compact design for easy handling and safe operation.
  • Perfect for the home user breaking up concrete paths and drives or the trade user for lighter breaking jobs.
  • Industrial made quality for excellent durability.
  • Comes with a 1700w high power motor for efficient and effective operations.
  • It is well-built with extra thick and strong aluminum main casing for extended lifespan and extra protection to the motor.
  • Reduced operator fatigue thanks to its shock mounted handles for vibration absorption.
  • Gives users easy control by its 360 degrees swivel side handle.
  • Ensures secure operation due to its double insulated motor casing design.
  • Reliable for all heavy-duty applications due to its high impact rate.
  • Easy to clean, maintain and store.


  • At 23kg its fairy heavy when compared to some electric models but this further confirms its quality build in some ways.


  • Voltage: 240V
  • Wattage: 1700W
  • Speed: 1550 bpm
  • Impact Energy: 45 Joules
  • Power cord length – 9.5ft
  • Weight 23kg

Our recommendation

Dealing with demolition tasks can be quick and easy when using this jackhammer and for the home user wanting an affordable model for breaking up concrete, this is probably the best choice, especially when you take into account all the extras that come with it.

The combined 1700w high motor power and impact rate lead to all positive results. With all of its outstanding features, the ReaseJoy 1700W Electric Demolition Jack Hammer can tackle most applications without much for you to worry about. It has a decent buying price which makes it an affordable hammer. The only downside is its weight, which can be troublesome for long hours of work. However, overall this model really is hard to beat and with 3 chisels, gloves, eye protection and a few more bits, it has everything you will need to start breaking up concrete.

After taking everything into account, we decided that this model was the clear winner of our ‘Best Pick’ award and was also one of the best-rated models on Amazon at the time of our review.

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2. Silverline Silverstorm 263570 1500w Electric Breaker


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Silverline 263570 1500 W Electric Breaker 1500 W UK

Silverline is a leading supplier of power tools in the UK and they are experts in making both hand and power tools at affordable prices so when we came across the Silverline Silverstorm 263570 Electric Breaker we had to take a look and we are glad we did. It is a heavy-duty electric breaker that is easy to handle and set up for use and comes with a full range of chisels and a nice case, just like our Best Pick.

With 1500w of hammer action, the tool is suitable for small and medium-sized demolition work. It features a 360 degrees rational side handle and a rear handle, which provides a solid grip for safety and an ergonomic working position for all its applications. Both of these handles have a soft-grip finish to improve grip and comfort when you are using the tool by minimising the effects of vibrations.

This Silverline electric breaker has an impact rate of 1900 BPM (Beats per Minute) which is more than our best pick and makes it very versatile and suitable for use with concrete, block and even brick. With a compact design, the tool is particularly useful in any smaller areas where larger models cannot be used as easily. Being quick and easy to set up, the electric breaker accepts standard 3cm (1-1/8 inch)  steels which are secured in position using a simple sprung-pin mechanism we have seen on most other models.

The Silverline Silverstorm 263570 Electric Breaker comes with a plastic carry case, wrench and chisel. These make it a ready to use item for you. As well, it is supplied with a 3-year manufacturer guarantee for full peace of mind.


  • Has a ridged rubber grip for reducing vibrations and better grip when in use.
  • Perfect for the home user and lighter professional use.
  • Comes with a 3cm hex steel that ensures deep breaking on the surface you are working on.
  • It has a high impact rate of 45 joules that is useful when dealing with hard materials like concrete and brick.
  • It has a compact design that improves the tool’s versatility.
  • It is lightweight for easy transportation.
  • 3 year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • The case could be better as it has some sharp edges but other than that no real concerns to report.


  • Voltage: 230V
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Speed: 1900 bpm
  • Impact Energy: 45 Joules
  • Item Weight:  16 Kg

Our recommendation

The Silverline Silverstorm 263570 Electric Breaker is ideal for almost all masonry applications and is a good alternative to our ‘Best Pick’ but it does have a slightly smaller 1500w motor compared to the 1700w fitted on our Best Pick.

It is a very promising tool that is capable of meeting the demands of most jobs around the home. With top of the range features, excellent build quality and safety measures, you can have complete confidence when handling this electric breaker.

It comes with an impressive 3-year warranty which means you’ll have no worry about the tool for the time being. Hence, if you are looking for a versatile electric breaker for breaking up concrete or brick, you can rely on the Silverline Silverstorm 263570 model to do all your work perfectly.

The reason this model did not win our ‘Best Pick’ spot is that it has a smaller motor which just gives our best pick model the edge. However, for someone looking for a lighter model, this is only 16kg which is a fair bit lighter than our Best Pick.

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3. EBERTH 1600w Demolition Hammer

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The EBERTH 1600w Demolition Hammer is a powerful tool that is suitable for demolition tasks in both indoor and outdoor areas.

It has high striking energy that makes it ideal for chipping, smashing and breaking up tiles and concrete, as well as plaster amongst other materials. The hammer features a high impact force for handling heavy and demanding lifting and gouging tasks. Also, it has a reliable and sturdy 1600W electric motor that provides sufficient power to ensure effective and efficient working.

Being a professional demolition hammer, it is ideal for removing plaster or ties with its high impact force from any surface. It features a compact design for easy handling and safety purposes. The equipment comes with a wide range of accessories that makes it very versatile in applications.

For optimal control, convenience and safe work, the tool is equipped with a supplementary handle. Also, it is supplied in a practical metal case that includes 41cm flat and pointed chisels among other extensive accessories.

Overall, this is a great model for use inside the home for where a small model is needed.


  • Fitted with a high powerful 1600w motor that delivers efficient power for sufficient work output.
  • It has a wide range of accessories to improve its versatility, thus making it very reliable.
  • It has good impact force of 36-42 joules that improves hammer striking intensity for maximum chiseling.
  • It is quite affordable compared to other models.
  • It has a compact design for simple handling of the hammer.
  • It is easy to use and cleaning with minimal maintenance requirements.


  • Not suitable for professional use on heavy duty tasks such as breaking up a concrete drive.


  • Voltage: 230V
  • Wattage: 1600W
  • Speed: 1800 bpm
  • Impact Energy: 36-42 Joules
  • Item Weight:  21Kg

Our recommendation

We really like the EBERTH 1600 Watt Demolition Hammer and it’s another great model to consider. Its powerful motor and excellent impact force combine to deliver an efficient work rate in all applications.

We really like the good metal construction, so we can rest assured of the reliability and durability of this tool. Overall not a lot to comment on, a good case is included and two decent chisels. One of the most affordable options, which is probably why it seems to be one of the most popular models on

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4. DeWalt SDS-Max Breaker Demolition Hammer


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DeWalt D25899K-GB, 240V 10Kg SDS-Max Breaker Demolition Hammer, Black/Yellow

The DeWalt D25899K-GB SDS-Max breaker is a premium all-purpose demolition hammer with high standard features that have been designed for the professional user. It has a large oversize hammer mechanism that delivers excellent concrete and brick breaking performance. In addition, the tool features an ergonomic inline design which gives the operator maximum comfort during application and a modular design that allows for quick access to key components, thus ensuring faster and cheaper servicing of the hammer.

With a compact and streamlined design, the hammer allows you to access very confined areas. Also, its inline design ensures fast orientation of the chisel through the hammer’s 12 pre-set positions, hence quick and better handling when changing chisel adjustment.

This demolition hammer features a 1500W motor that delivers sufficient power for efficient working, and a multi-adjustable side handle that ensures simple handling of the hammer, whilst maintaining your comfort always when using it in any application. Also, it has magnesium housings that ensure the maximum durability of the hammer. The housings are also lightweight.

The DeWalt D25899K SDS-Max Breaker Demolition Hammer is ideal for breaking thin section paths and pavements rather than larger drive areas, its also perfect for chasing floors, breaking through break walls as well as opening ceilings for plumbing and electrical work where you need something with a little power. Basically, it is perfect for any demolition work where you need to break concrete or brick.


  • Extreme durability and excellent concrete breaking performance making it the ideal choice for professional and trade use where a reliable workhorse is needed.
  • It has an ergonomic design for improved handling and comfort during any application.
  • It has a streamlined body with compact design for accessing confined spaces.
  • It’s inline design also enhances quick accessory changes and chisel adjustment.
  • Comes with a powerful motor for delivering sufficient power for various applications.
  • Has modular design that allows you to access hammer components easily.
  • Features 12 preset positions for effective and easy operating of the hammer.
  • Has little weight for easy transportation.
  • 3 years warranty for full peace of mind.


  • This model comes at a very expensive price but is worth every penny for the professional tradesman looking for a reliable and robust model.


  • Voltage: 240V
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Speed: 2040 bpm
  • Impact Energy: 25 Joules
  • Item Weight: 9.6 Kg

Our recommendation

This tool is designed to work into spaces that other models can’t manage thanks to its compact design. No matter how small the area or place you are working on, this demolition hammer should be compact enough for most areas.

Its capability to work in very confined places makes it a very versatile and reliable hammer to handle any application. Despite being an expensive model, the DeWalt 10Kg SDS-Max Breaker Demolition Hammer is worthy of purchasing because its excellent features offer good value for money and with a 3-year warranty it does offer some peace of mind. 

Overall it is an excellent model and a worthy investment for the professional looking a lightweight model as it only weighs 9.6kg making it the lightest model we have seen, however, it is also the most expensive on our list.

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5. ReaseJoy 52cc Petrol Jack Demolition Hammer


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ReaseJoy 52CC 1700W Heavy Duty Gasoline Petrol Demolition Jack Hammer Concrete Breaker Single Cylinder Power Tool Kit

The ReaseJoy 52cc Petrol Powered Jack Demolition Hammer is the ultimate companion for any demolition task and the only petrol model we thought were good enough to feature on our review. It is a professional grade task making it perfect for the professionals looking for an affordable model. It has a high power 52cc motor and mechanical components that ensure excellent operations with high efficiency, high tensile gear set for maximum reliability and it is combined with a high tensile reduction gear set that offers an eco-friendly working environment. This all adds up to a very reliable and impressive machine.

The hammer is very well built with toughened crankshaft and ball bearing construction that ensures operation effectiveness and high durability and accurate thumb throttle control for maximum comfort. A full commercial-grade unit means it has been made to the highest of standards. For easy handling of the tool during operation, it has the famous Baumr’s series II Vibe-Flex TM rubber hand grip which we really appreciated.

The unique feature of this demolition hammer is the perfectly matched 52cc power unit that gives maximum demolition force. Also, it is suitable to work in places or areas without power or in wet conditions as it does not need an electricity supply.

The ReaseJoy 52cc Jack Demolition Hammer is ideal for demolishing re-enforced concrete, walls and floors, breaking up old driveways, breaking up foundations and will even handle breaking through solid rock.


  • It comes with a high tensile reduction gear-set that minimises vibrations and makes minimal noise making it better to work with.
  • Powerful 52cc engine that provides sufficient demolition force for even the most demanding jobs.
  • Full commercial grade unit for versatility of the hammer.
  • Well-built with long lasting steel material for high durability.
  • Easy control and handling of the demo breaker due to the thumb throttle and rubberised hand grip.
  • Non corded-electric hammer hence can be used at any site with no power and in the rain.
  • It comes at an affordable price.


  • Needs servicing to maintain the engine, change oil and refuel.
  • It is fairly heavy compared to electric models but it is more mobile in areas where there is no access to electric.


  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.3 Litres
  • Fuel Consumption Rate: 0.6L/h
  • 52cc 2 stroke petrol engine
  • Speed: 700-1500 bpm
  • Impact Energy: 20-55 Joules
  • Max power and speed: (2.4HP) – 9000r/min
  • Max torque and speed: 2.5N.m/5000r/min
  • Item Weight: 24 Kg

Our recommendation

This is the kind of tool that comes with excellent features that are again compromised by a few flaws. For instance, it comes at a great price but because it uses fuel, it needs a lot of precautions in operating it in comparison to other models that depend on electricity as their source of power as they require very little maintenance.

However, its ability to work in sites with no power gives it the advantage of being a mobile hammer and that improves its versatility and reliability. Therefore, those contractors or home users building in rural areas with no power can rely on the ReaseJoy 52cc Petrol Powered Jack Demolition Hammer to get the work done perfectly.

Overall a brilliant alternative to the electric model which is the winner of our Best Pick.

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Concrete Breaker Buyer’s Guide

So you need a concrete breaker for your next job? But you are not sure where to start or which demolition hammer is right for you. There are general aspects that you should pay attention to in order to ensure you get the best out of your investment. We’ve provided the considerations below along with some recommendations.

Types of concrete breakers

  • Electric concrete breakers – these are extremely portable and easy to use and usually the lightest in terms of weight. They are also the most affordable and usually the best choice for home use and lighter trade use. Because of their ease of use and affordability it may be of no surprise that most of the models that made it onto our review are electric.
  • Petrol concrete breakers – they are quick to start-up and are very portable, with the advantage being that they can be used in areas where you may not have access to electric, which means an electric model would be of no use. The downside though it maintaining the engine, refueling and mixing the oil on fuel to the correct ratio as most models are 2 stroke engines,
  • Pneumatic demolition breakers – they usually used by professionals and often low maintenance. The problem with these models is that they need an external air compressor for power which is an extra cost. Most home users would not need to consider these types of concrete breakers.

For jobs that require high power and constant mobility, petrol or pneumatic models are the best options. Electric concrete breakers are ideal for small, low intense jobs making them perfect for the home user breaking up concrete around your garden.

Consider the percussion rate and impact

The percussion rate is an important spec to look at in a concrete breaker. It basically refers to the demolition breaker’s ability to break concrete surfaces. Percussion rate is measured in blows per minute and they usually range from 1000 blows/min to over 3000 blows/min. A high percussion rate is usually associated with a large motor and an improved ability to crush hard concrete. Concrete breakers also have impact energy which is measured in ft/lbs or joules. These specs can give you an idea of the breaker’s capability. It’s advisable to choose a tool that surpasses your job requirements so as to benefit from the most longevity of the tool.


Large demolition projects on harder surfaces require heavy breakers. Light concrete breakers are more versatile and ideal for smaller jobs that require constant mobility. In general the heavier the concrete breaker the more heavy-duty the breaker.

Handheld vs mounted demolition breakers

Handheld demolition hammers provide suitable power for small jobs. They can either be T-handle models for upright use on walls or D-handle models for overhead use.

Mounted demolition breakers are usually used by large construction firms for excavation jobs. Some smaller commercial concrete breakers can be used for demolition jobs in tight spaces, sidewalk removals, drives and such materials. In the case of commercial breakers, make sure to check the noise level of the equipment – it has to meet the standards of use in urban spaces. Remember, models that have adjustable blow frequency can maximise productivity by increasing the energy of the impact.

Concrete breaker bits and chisels

Concrete breaker bits are designed to achieve different objectives and they can be exchanged out of the end of the demolition hammer. These bits and chisels include:

  • Spade – create an edging in asphalt or provides flat finish on concrete.
  • Bull point bit – used for general demolition of concrete.
  • Flat tip chisel – allows finer edge finish and direction control.
  • Stake driver – drives concrete from stakes.
  • Flex chisel – used for tile removal and scraping.
  • Scabbler – used for cleaning before bonding or for finishing surface smooth.
  • Bushing tool – for knocking down rough spots in concrete and cleaning up seams.

Important features to look for

  • Power – Does it have enough power for your job? – This is especially important for professional use but most power rating are suitable for home use. 
  • Vibration control – Does it reduce vibration control and by what percentage? – In general, the cheapest models are usually create the most hand shaking, with the more expensive models investing in features to reduce vibration as much as possible.
  • Housing unit – Is it metal or hardened plastic? Metal housing is best for construction sites although some of the more expensive plastic models are also very robust.
  • Vertical or horizontally operated – Horizontal works need a lighter tool whilst tools for vertical operation can be heavier.
  • Oil level window – If the model takes oil, can you easily see the oil level?
  • Bits – What kind of bits does it accept? And do they come with any?

Concrete Breaker safety tips

  • Always wear gloves to protect against vibration and flying debris, especially for handheld demolition breakers. Usually because you are breaking up concrete you will be moving it as well by hand.
  • Always wear protection glasses with 100% eye coverage to protect yourself from flying debris. This is a must.
  • Make sure to wear steel-capped boots.
  • If you are dealing with a corded tool, ensure to keep the cord away from potential hazards. Seems simple but you would be amazed by the amount of people who damage the cable.
  • Avoid demolishing materials directly overhead that can fall on you.
  • With the case of noisy concrete breakers, make sure you have ear protection on hand.

These are the important considerations before purchasing a demolition hammer. The best demolition breaker should satisfy most of the above points as well as offering excellent value for money.

Final Conclusion

This guide has covered the basics of concrete breakers, which should help you find a decent tool. Long gone are the days of breaking concrete with a sledgehammer, buy a demolition hammer today and get the job done quickly and with a lot less effort.

Price is not a very important consideration when it comes to demolition hammers because it’ll be unwise to compromise performance for a few pounds. Most of the models are very well priced, with the exception of the expensive professional models by the likes of DeWalt.

Jobs of concrete nature need the most powerful and most durable tools, so never settle for anything less other than the best concrete breaker. The best demolition breaker is one that matches your job requirements perfectly.

If you have got smaller jobs to do you may want to consider an SDS Hammer Drill which is perfect for smaller jobs and have a chisel attachment to break up concrete, bricks and remove tiles.

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