The UK’s Best Concrete Breaker For Heavy-duty Demolition

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Over the years, I’ve used my fair share of concrete breakers, mainly while doing building work at my family’s garden centre in Manchester over the past 20 years. This included installing new paths where the old concrete paths were, breaking down old display beds made from breeze blocks, as well as tearing up an old concrete and tarmac sales area ready for new pattern concrete to be paid. I’ve also used concrete breakers to break up old concrete fence posts and, more recently, to make a channel in the concrete drive by first cutting it with a diamond-cut circular saw to create a channel and then breaking it up with a breaker. This was done to extend the watering system to a new area.

Digging channel into concrete using the Makita concrete breaker
Digging channel into concrete using the Makita concrete breaker

Originally, we used to hire big Demolition breakers from the local HSS Hire Shop for our building projects. However, the more we hired one, the more we realized it would be better just investing pulling the trigger and investing in our own concrete breaker. I think, even if you only need it for a week or so each year, or even just a few days each year, the cost of hiring can quickly add up. Owning your own concrete breaker turned out to be a wise investment in the long run, paying for itself over time.

You can now get a good concrete breaker for around £160-£200, perfect for using around the home and garden for personal projects. Even for professional work, you can get reliable heavy-duty DeWalt or Makita concrete breakers for between £500-£800, and they are surprisingly lightweight at around 15kgs but very durable and well built. Don’t forget if you hire, you often have to price in a compressor as some models need a compressor to run. These newer electric concrete breakers really are an incredible tool.

Now, don’t get me wrong, an SDS hammer drill with an SDS chisel is a handy tool, but sometimes, it is simply not up to the job. Maybe you’re dealing with a too-large area, or the concrete you’re up against is just too thick. This is where a concrete breaker is worth its weight in gold, making light work of what would otherwise be a daunting task. To put things in perspective, SDS drills generally produce 4-5 Joules. That’s the impact force. These demolition hammers can produce 40-50 Joules.

My Einhell TC-DH 43 SDS Hex Demolition Hammer I have been using for over 3 years
Einhell TC-DH 43 SDS Hex Demolition Hammer

When it comes to specific models, if you’re looking for the best concrete breaker, one of my favourites, and the one I always recommend for occasional home and garden jobs, is this Einhell TC-DH 43 SDS Hex Demolition Hammer. It can easily break through 6-8 inches of concrete, and it’s a solid, reliable piece of kit that won’t let you down. It’s powered by a 1500W motor, produced 43J of impact power, and comes with all the bells and whistles, including the oil and a nice carry case. Other similar models I really like include the Vonhaus 1500w breaker and the Silverline Silverstorm 1500w Electric Breaker. Both these models are excellent heavy-duty breakers. However, for a few quid extra, this Einhell TC-DH 43 SDS Hex Demolition Hammer has the edge and is the model I would recommend under the £200 price mark.

DeWalt D25899K SDS-Max Breaker Demolition Hammer we use on the nursery for breaking up concrete
DeWalt D25899K SDS-Max Breaker Demolition Hammer we use on the nursery for breaking up concrete

However, if you’re taking on more professional work or larger areas as we have done in the past, I would look at this DeWalt D25899K SDS-Max Breaker Demolition Hammer. It’s just built with heavy-duty use in mind. It’s surprisingly lightweight at only 10kg, thats super lightweight for a breaker which makes it very versatile while still delivering 17.9 joules of impact energy. It’s incredibly well-built. The only downside is price, but all things considered, I think it’s a steal and a worthy investment if you use it enough and appreciate good quality tools that last.

Makita HM1214C/2 SDS-Max AVT Demolition Hammer perfect for more heavy duty demolition work
Makita HM1214C/2 SDS-Max AVT Demolition Hammer perfect for more heavy duty demolition work

There is also another model I highly recommend, but it’s a little pricey, and that is this Makita HM1214C/2 SDS-Max AVT Demolition Hammer. This is similar to the DeWalt D25899K SDS-Max in performance. Both have a 1500w motor; although the Makita is slightly heavier, it has some extra features, including variable speed control and a soft start. It definitely has the edge over the DeWalt model, but it’s also around 200 quid more and personally, I think the DeWalt model would do any job this Makira one can do, those extra features are nice though.

The best concrete breakers that I have included in my review are listed below:

  1. Einhell TC-DH 43 SDS Hex Demolition Hammer – BEST PICK FOR HOME USE
  2. DeWalt 240v 10kg SDS-Max Breaker Demolition Hammer – PROFESSIONAL PICK
  3. Makita HM1214C SDS-Max AVT Demolition Hammer – PROFESSIONAL PICK
  4. VonHaus Concrete Breaker Demolition Hammer
  5. Silverline Silverstorm 263570 1500w Electric Breaker
  6. ReaseJoy 52cc Petrol Jack Demolition Hammer

Top 6 Concrete Breaker Reviews

1. Einhell TC-DH 43 SDS Hex Demolition Hammer

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When choosing a concrete breaker for occasional use, maybe you have an old driveway to breakup, or you are installing a new drain and have used a disk cutter with a diamond disc to cut a channel in the concrete first. Whatever the reason, if you’re considering renting from somewhere like HSS Hire (thats who we have always used for work in the garden centre). 

However, if you know you will use it for a few other jobs, then instead of renting, this is when I think this Einhell TC-DH 43 SDS Hex Demolition Hammer is a solid concrete breaker to consider. For the price range of under £200, it is one of the best for sure, and I would even choose it over the Vonhous breaker, which I also review below. Another solid alturnative, but I think this Einhell model has the edge on build quality. Both are very good models for the price!

This Einhell TC-DH 43 SDS Hex Demolition Hammer comes with a 3 pin plug and is a heavy piecekit

Yeah, it’s a bit on the hefty side if you are used to using an SDS heavy-duty hammer drill for small jobs. However, when dealing with large areas of thick concrete and asphalt, maybe up to 8 inches thick, you need the weight to help break up the concrete. That being said, this thing only weighs around 15kg, so it’s manageable for most people. From experience, it’s definitely much lighter than most of the hire tools plus, you might even need to consider an air compressor with a rental breaker, which is often overlooked.

What I really liked about this Einhell TC-DH 43 SDS breaker are the double handles and the fact thats it is electric. Simply plug it in and get to work. The handles provide extra grip and control, so you can get in there and work the angle you need. Something else that is worth mentioning is that the handles spin all around 360 degrees. This means that no matter what tricky corner or crevice you’re tackling, it is still comfortable to use and easy to manage at different angles. 

Combined with the powerful 1600w motor, this is more than Vonhaus, Makita, and even the DeWalt Breaker but has half the price. This Einhell model also produces 43 joules of impact energy compared to just 19.9 joules for the Makita model and even 25 joules for the DeWalt model. Just remember that a lower joules rating doesn’t make the other models any worst, the joule rating determines how much energy your surge protector can absorb and doesn’t really mean it will break up the concrete any quicker. 

In theory, the higher the joule rating, the greater the protection. However, that doesn’t mean this model is better than Dewalt or Makita breaker. In fact, it’s not. The DeWalt and Makita breaker, which I review further down, are much better choices for heavier use as they are designed and manufactured with this in mind. However, there also three or four times the price, which is why this Einhell mode is a better choice depending on how much work you intend to do.

Einhell TC-DH 43 SDS Hex Demolition Hammer
Einhell TC-DH 43 SDS Hex Demolition Hammer in its carry case and included chisels

More about this breaker, firstly, it comes with a few handy accessories to get you started out of the case. You’ve got a flat chisel, a pointer chisel, a socket head wrench, an oil bottle, three hex keys in 8mm, 6mm, and 5mm sizes, a pair of carbon brushes, and a carry case. Basically, everything you need to get started and keep it working. The carry case could maybe be described as a little bit flimsy. But honestly, it’s more than good enough.

Now, a quick heads-up I think is worth mentioning, make sure you check for oil before using it. This is super important. This model does come filled with oil to keep the chisel lubricated, and it only uses standard 20/40 oil, which you can get from any DIY store such as B&Q or even a petrol station; better still, just order a bottle online.

Overall, it’s an excellent example of a concrete breaker and makes short work of concrete and brickwork much better than an SDS hammer drill with an SDS chisel you might have already tried; definitely easier than breaking up concrete manually. 


  • You’ve got 43J of impact power: This tool doesn’t shy away from those tough, demanding jobs. It’s a heavyweight contender in the world of demolition hammers but at an affordable price.
  • Two chisels for the price of one: With both a straight and pointed chisel included, you’ll be equipped for most jobs out of the box.
  • A user-friendly SDS hexagonal system: Swapping between chisels is as easy as pie, thanks to the seamless, user-friendly SDS hexagonal system.
  • Freedom of movement: With the swivel handle and a generous 3m power cord, you’ve got all the flexibility you need to tackle the job from any angle or distance.
  • Light on your hands: Despite its heavyweight performance, this hammer is surprisingly lightweight at 15kg when compared to heavy petrol models and some alternative electric models. That means less strain on you, even when using over longer periods of time.


  • Voltage: 240V
  • Wattage: 1600W
  • Speed: 1800 bpm
  • Impact Energy: 43 Joules
  • Power cord length: 3m
  • Weight: 14.6kg

My recommendation

All things considered, this Einhell TC-DH 43 SDS Hex Demolition Hammer is a very good concrete breaker for occasional use and an excellent alturnative to renting one from your local hire store. If you only need to use it a handful of times, you could put it on Facebook marketplace or eBay and get half your money back when you run out of uses for it, which would work out cheaper than renting. 

If you have larger jobs or need something that is going to get a lot of use, I would then seriously consider upgrading to the Makita HM1214C/2 240V SDS-Max AVT Demolition Hammer or even the DeWalt DeWalt D25899K-GB SDS Breaker which is usually a little more affordable. For occasional use though, the Einhell TC-DH 43 SDS really is hard to beat.

2. DeWalt SDS-Max Breaker Demolition Hammer


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For those looking for something that can handle more abuse than the budget friendly models. I’m thinking of professional use such as contractors, landscapers, even personal use if you have a lot of jobs planned out and appreciate a high-quality tool. Then this DeWalt D25899K SDS-Max breaker is well worth considering. It’s more expensive than Einhell TC-DH 43 SDS Hex Demolition Hammer, twice the price to give you an idea. However its on another level in terms of reliability. It’s just designed for regular use. That being said, it’s a couple of hundred quid cheaper than the Makita HM1214C SDS-Max AVT Demolition Hammer I review next, it just doesn’t have some of the more advanced features like speed control that Makita has.

Anyway, the DeWalt D25899K-GB SDS-Max breaker is a premium all-purpose demolition hammer with high-standard features designed for the professional user. It has a large oversize hammer mechanism that delivers excellent concrete and brick breaking performance. In addition, the tool features an ergonomic inline design which gives the operator maximum comfort during application and a modular design that allows for quick access to key components, thus ensuring faster and cheaper servicing of the hammer.

With a compact and streamlined design, this breaker allows you to access very confined areas. Also, its inline design ensures fast orientation of the chisel through the hammer’s 12 pre-set positions, hence quick and better handling when changing chisel adjustment.

DeWalt D25899K SDS-Max Breaker Demolition Hammer we use on the nursery for breaking up concrete - this is 110v but I link to the 240v with. teh3 pin plug version as is better for personal use
DeWalt D25899K SDS-Max Breaker Demolition Hammer we use on the nursery for breaking up concrete – this is 110v but I link to the 240v with. teh3 pin plug version as is better for personal use

This demolition hammer features a 1500W motor that delivers sufficient power for efficient working, and a multi-adjustable side handle that ensures simple handling of the hammer, whilst maintaining your comfort always when using it in any application. Also, it has magnesium housings that ensure the maximum durability of the hammer. The housings are also lightweight.

The DeWalt D25899K SDS-Max Breaker is ideal for breaking thin section paths and pavements rather than larger drive areas, its also perfect for chasing floors, breaking through break walls as well as opening ceilings for plumbing and electrical work where you need something with a little power. Basically, it is perfect for any demolition work where you need to break concrete or brick.


  • Extreme durability and excellent concrete breaking performance making it the ideal choice for professional and trade use where a reliable workhorse is needed.
  • It has an ergonomic design for improved handling and comfort during any application.
  • It has a streamlined body with compact design for accessing confined spaces.
  • It’s inline design also enhances quick accessory changes and chisel adjustment.
  • Comes with a powerful motor for delivering sufficient power for various applications.
  • Has modular design that allows you to access hammer components easily.
  • Features 12 preset positions for effective and easy operating of the hammer.
  • Has little weight for easy transportation.
  • 3 years warranty for full peace of mind.


  • This model comes at a very expensive price but is worth every penny for the professional tradesman looking for a reliable and robust model.


  • Voltage: 240V
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Speed: 2040 bpm
  • Impact Energy: 25 Joules
  • Item Weight: 9.6 Kg

My recommendation

This concrete breaker is designed to work in spaces that other models can’t manage thanks to its compact design. No matter how small the area or place you are working on, this demolition hammer should be compact enough for most areas.

Its capability to work in very confined places makes it a very versatile and reliable breaker to handle any application. Despite being an expensive model compared to teh budget models, the DeWalt SDS-Max Breaker Demolition Hammer features offer good value for money and don’t forget it comes with 3-year warranty it does offer some peace of mind. 

Overall, it is an excellent model and a worthy investment for the professional looking a lightweight model as it only weighs 9.6kg making it the lightest model I have seen. However, it is also one of the most expensive in my review.

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3. Makita HM1214C SDS-Max AVT Demolition Hammer

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Makita HM1214C SDS-Max AVT Demolition Hammer
Makita HM1214C SDS-Max AVT Demolition Hammer

This Makita HM1214 SDS-Max Demolition Hammer is a great alturnative to some of the more domestic models. This even includes my favourite, the Einhell TC-DH 43 breaker, which I’ve already reviewed above (a great model), as well as the Vonhaus 1500w breaker as well as the Silverline Silverstorm 1500w breaker. 

For those looking for a more professional model for demanding jobs, larger jobs etc, this Makita is well worth the extra cost and can easily pay itself back. There is a big difference between this and the more affordable models. These include the built quality; being Makita, you know it’s a very robust breaker for demanding jobs. It has more features, including controlled speeds and double insulation, so it’s quieter. It’s just a better model overall. However, it comes with a much higher price tag. In fact, it’s over 3 times the price of the Einhell breaker I reviewed above. Even though this is more robust, it’s actually lighter at around 10kg, thats 4-5kgs lighter than the more affordable Domestic models.

Makita HM1214C/2 240V SDS-Max AVT Demolition Hammer Supplied in A Carry Case

What I will say, for the price, I would also consider the DeWalt 25899K-GB SDS-Max Breaker Demolition Hammer, which is a couple of hundred quid cheaper. They are very similar in specs, but this Makita has the edge with a few extra features, such as variable speed control. When it comes to the actual build quality and, more importantly, reliability, they are very similar. 

Anyway, back o this Makita breaker. Let’s start with power. This demolition hammer puts out 1500W of power, which is pretty standard for such a tool. But it produces up to 1,900 blows per minute with this power and at the level of professional electric concrete breakers.

But not only that, one of the extra features this model has is the variable speed feature. With just the spin of a numbered dial, you can adjust the speed from 950 bpm to 1900 bpm. 

Makita HM1214C SDS-Max AVT Demolition Hammer had proved a reliable workhorse
Makita HM1214C SDS-Max AVT Demolition Hammer had proved a reliable workhorse

This basiclly allows you to match the speed to the job at hand. Use a higher bpm rate when you need a more sustained and faster rate of hits to the hard surface, such as thick concrete. Use a lower rate for a thinner or softer surface, maybe thin concrete, brickwork etc. You’re in control.

And you don’t need to worry about the speed changing on its own when the hammer is in use. The hammer holds a constant speed when it’s being used, even if the type of surface you’re breaking up changes. You’re the only one that can change the speed.

With all this power and speed, you’d be right to worry about the types of vibration being generated by this Makita concrete breaker, and this is always my concern too. That’s where the AVT – anti-vibration technology – comes in. This system uses an internal counterbalance mechanism to reduce vibration and direct more impact energy to the work surface. You feel fewer vibrations.

For your extra added comfort, there’s also double insulation. Plus, damper springs in the handle also reduce the vibrations that you feel. The soft start also eases the hammer into use without any sudden jolt of power and vibrations. All these features make it a nice machine to use for longer periods of time and give it a slight edge over the DeWalt DeWalt D25899K-GB SDS-Max Breaker Demolition Hammer.

As for controlling the hammer, various features make this easier. The D-shaped side handle rotates a full 360? so you can position your hand in the most comfortable position with the best leverage for you. The side of the body is flat, which makes it easier for you to handle. And you have a choice of 12 positions to angle the bit (chisel) for the best possible approach to break up the work surface.

Finally, putting the bit in and taking it out is also simple. The chuck is adaptable for SDS hexagonal bits, which means that they’re removable with one quick and easy motion; most models use this system, though.

Another advanced feature is that there are warning lights. One for when the carbon brushes are within eight hours of needing to be replaced, and one for when the power cord is damaged or there’s a problem with the On/Off switch. 



  • One of the best concrete breakers for professional work, designed to last and is a real workhorse with some amazing features.
  • Anti-vibration technology (AVT) for vibration absorption makes it easier on the hands.
  • 12-bit angle settings for repositioning make it easier to use.
  • Soft start and variable speed control via a dial provide more precise control.
  • Constant speed when in use.
  • Damper springs absorb impact.
  • Adaptable for SDS hexagonal bits.
  • One-touch sliding chuck to replace chisels.
  • D-shaped side handle rotates 360?.
  • Side of body is flat for ease of handling.
  • 1500W of power produces 1,900 bpm.
  • LED light indicates replacement of carbon brushes needed.
  • Comes with a carry case.


  •  Expensive


Voltage: 240V

Wattage: 1500W

Speed: 950 bpm – 1900 bpm

Impact Energy: 19.9 Joules

Power cord length: unspecified

Weight: 12.25kg

My recommendation

This Makita HM1214C/2 240V SDS-Max AVT Demolition Hammer is a professional-level concrete breaker with all the features and functions that give the operator the options needed to break up any work surface in comfort and easily. The only downside is that it’s expensive for a corded concrete breaker, but this also means that because it’s made to last, it still offers excellent value for money for those who use it regularly. It’s a real workhorse.

Overall, this Makita HM1214C/2 SDS-Max AVT Demolition Hammer is a great choice for professionals and those with a lot of complex surface demolition work. That being said, if you need a decent breaker for personal use and like to invest in quality tools and are willing to pay a little more, I’d be tempted to save some money and go for the DeWalt D25899K-GB SDS-Max Breaker Demolition Hammer instead.

4. VonHaus Concrete Breaker Demolition Hammer

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VonHaus Concrete Breaker Demolition Hammer Electric Chisel Jack Hammer Drill Corded 230V 1500W with a Powerful 45 Joules Impact Force at 1500 Blows per Minute - Comes with Flat and Point Chisels

This VonHaus Concrete Breaker Demolition Hammer is hard to beat for the money; it just offers so much value for the price. The downside is the weight, it’s mega-heavy! It weighs 20kgs, making it one of the heaviest electric models. With this in mind, it’s really the type of breaker you use to break up material at ground level, i.e. it’s to heaver to hold and break up a wall. I just thought that was worth mentioning. However, when used on the ground, for breaking up a concrete base, for example, the extra weight does help.

I think it’s a good choice for occasional jobs around the garden and home, and it includes everything you need to get started. Just get yourself 15W40 synthetic engine oil to use as a lubricant. If you don’t want to get the Einhell 1500w breaker, I recommend or it’s out of stock, this is a good alturnative for the price. 

I also like that this VonHaus demolition hammer has two handles. This lets you have more control of the angle and position you hold it in. Add in that the handles rotate 360?, and you have a hammer that can get into all the difficult corners and nooks of whatever hard surface you’re breaking up.

It also comes with a full accessories package. The contents incude a flat chisel which is great for tarmac, pointer chisel, which is great for concrete, then you get the socket head wrench, oil bottle; three hex keys (8mm, 6mm and 5mm), plus one pair of carbon brushes; and finally a carry case.

Like most budget breakers, the carrying case may be flimsy. However, it does have wheels on the carry case to make it easier to pull along, which most other models don’t.


  • Electric demolition hammer suitable for domestic use, such as around the home and garden.
  • Two-handled design with 360? rotation makes it a versatile breaker.
  • Ideal for breaking up brick, blockwork, concrete and asphalt.
  • Come with a comprehensive accessory set, including flat and pointed chisels.
  • Comes with spare pair of brushes.
  • Comes with a carrying case with wheels for easy moving around.
  • Powerful 1500w motor that produces 45 Joules of impact power.


  • Voltage: 240V
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Speed: 1500 bpm
  • Impact Energy: 45 Joules
  • Power cord length: unspecified
  • Weight: 20kg

My recommendation

If you’re looking for a cheap concrete breaker, something for around the home and garden, this is well worth considering. It’s a little on the heavy side at 20kg, while most other models are around 15kg, but this also helps break up concrete when combined with the 1500w motor and 45 Joules of impact energy. 

I would probably recommend this as an alturnative to the Einhell TC-DH 43 SDS Hex Demolition Hammer and the Silverline Silverstorm 263570 1500w Electric Breaker, both good models. If I had to choose one, I would first go with the Einhell TC-45 because it’s lighter, followed by this Vonhaus breaker and then the Silverline breaker. For more demanding jobs, think professional use, it would have to be the DeWalt SDS-Max Breaker Demolition Hammer.

5. Silverline Silverstorm 263570 1500w Electric Breaker

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Silverline 263570 1500 W Electric Breaker 1500 W UK

Silverline has become one of the leading suppliers of budget-friendly power tools in the UK and they are experts in making both hand and power tools at affordable prices so when I came across the Silverline Silverstorm 263570 Electric Breaker, I had to take a look and I’m glad I did. It is a heavy-duty electric breaker that is easy to handle and set up for use and comes with a full range of chisels and a nice case, just like the Vonhaus breaker. The two models are identical and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were made in the same factory and just branded differently.

Just like the Vonhaus model, it has a 1500w electric motor and is a good choice for small and medium-sized demolition work. It features a 360 degrees rational side handle and a rear handle, which provides a solid grip for safety and an ergonomic working position for all its applications. Both of these handles have a soft-grip finish to improve grip and comfort when you are using the tool by minimising the effects of the vibrations.

This Silverline electric breaker has an impact rate of 1900 BPM (Beats per Minute) which is more than the Vonhaus model, which makes it very versatile and suitable for use with concrete, block and even brick. With a compact design, the tool is particularly useful in any smaller areas where larger models cannot be used as easily. Being quick and easy to set up, the electric breaker is compatible with two standard 3cm (1-1/8 inch) steels which are secured in position using a simple sprung-pin mechanism you get on most other models.

The Silverline Silverstorm Electric Breaker comes with a plastic carry case, wrench and chisel. These make it a ready-to-use out the box. As well, it is supplied with a 3-year manufacturer guarantee for full peace of mind.


  • Has a ridged rubber grip for reducing vibrations and better grip when in use.
  • Perfect for the home user and lighter professional use.
  • Comes with a 3cm hex steel that ensures deep breaking on the surface you are working on.
  • It has a high impact rate of 45 joules that is useful when dealing with hard materials like concrete and brick.
  • It has a compact design that improves the tool’s versatility.
  • It is lightweight for easy transportation.
  • 3 year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • The case could be better as it has some sharp edges but other than that no real concerns to report.


  • Voltage: 230V
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Speed: 1900 bpm
  • Impact Energy: 45 Joules
  • Item Weight:  16 Kg

My recommendation

The Silverline Silverstorm 1500w Electric Breaker is ideal for almost all masonry applications and is a good alternative to the very similar Vonhaus 1500w breaker.

It is a very promising tool that is capable of meeting the demands of most jobs around the home and garden. With top of the range features, excellent build quality and safety measures, you can have complete confidence when handling this electric breaker.

It comes with an impressive 3-year warranty which means you’ll have no worry about the tool for the time being (domestic use only of course). Hence, if you are looking for a versatile electric breaker for breaking up concrete or brick, this Silverline Silverstorm model is well worth considering.

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6. ReaseJoy 52cc Petrol Jack Demolition Hammer


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ReaseJoy 52CC 1700W Heavy Duty Gasoline Petrol Demolition Jack hammer Concrete Breaker Single Cylinder Power Tool Kit

The ReaseJoy 52cc Powered Jack Demolition Hammer is the ultimate tool for any demolition task and the only petrol model I thought was good enough to feature on my review that wasn’t £1000’s. It is a professional-grade breaker making it perfect for professionals looking for a more affordable model.

Because it’s not electric it also doesn’t have the restrictions a corded electric breaker brings either, no socket, no problem. All you need is a jerry can of 2-stroke petrol already mixed ready to go!

Its actually powered by a single-cylinder, air-cooled, 2-stroke engine which puts out 2.4HP at a maximum rate of 9000rpm which can generate 700 to 1350 BPM of impact force. The mechanical components also ensure excellent operations with high efficiency, high tensile gear set for maximum reliability and it is combined with a high tensile reduction gear set that offers an eco-friendly working environment. This all adds up to a very reliable and impressive machine. The downside is the sound, it’s loud like most 2-stroke power tools are, plus you have the maintenance of a petrol engine. Not a big problem for those who have experience with petrol powered tools but if you don’t, they can be a little daunting.

Now some goods points, the hammer is very well built with a toughened crankshaft and ball bearing construction that ensures operation effectiveness and high durability and accurate thumb throttle control for maximum comfort. A full commercial-grade unit means it has been made to the highest of standards. For easy handling of the tool during operation, it has the famous Baumr’s series II Vibe-Flex TM rubber hand grip, which you will really appreciated.

The unique feature of this demolition hammer is the perfectly matched 52cc power unit that gives maximum demolition force. Also, it is suitable to work in places or areas without power as already mentioned or in wet conditions as it does not need an electricity supply.

This ReaseJoy 52cc Jack Demolition Hammer is ideal for demolishing re-enforced concrete, walls and floors, breaking up old driveways, breaking up foundations and will even handle breaking through solid rock.


  • It comes with a high tensile reduction gear-set that minimises vibrations and makes minimal noise making it better to work with.
  • Powerful 52cc engine that provides sufficient demolition force for even the most demanding jobs.
  • Full commercial grade unit for versatility of the hammer.
  • Well-built with long lasting steel material for high durability.
  • Easy control and handling of the demo breaker due to the thumb throttle and rubberised hand grip.
  • Non corded-electric hammer hence can be used at any site with no power and in the rain.
  • It comes at an affordable price.


  • Needs servicing to maintain the engine, change oil and refuel.
  • It is fairly heavy compared to electric models but it is more mobile in areas where there is no access to electric.


  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.3 Litres
  • Fuel Consumption Rate: 0.6L/h
  • 52cc 2 stroke petrol engine
  • Speed: 700-1500 bpm
  • Impact Energy: 20-55 Joules
  • Max power and speed: (2.4HP) – 9000r/min
  • Max torque and speed: 2.5N.m/5000r/min
  • Item Weight: 24 Kg

My recommendation

This is the kind of tool that comes with excellent features that are again compromised by a few flaws. For instance, it comes at a great price, but because of petrol engine, there is more maintenance compared to other models that depend on electricity as their source of power as they require very little maintenance.

However, its ability to work in sites with no power gives it the advantage of being a mobile hammer, and that improves its versatility and reliability. Therefore, for those contractors or home users building in rural areas with no power, this ReaseJoy 52cc Petrol Powered Jack Demolition Hammer can get the work done perfectly.

Overall a brilliant alternative to the electric model which is the winner of our Best Pick.

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Concrete Breaker Buyer’s Guide

So you need a concrete breaker for your next job? But you are not sure where to start or which demolition hammer is right for you. There are general aspects that you should pay attention to in order to ensure you get the best out of your investment. We’ve provided the considerations below along with some recommendations.

Types of concrete breakers

  • Electric concrete breakers – these are extremely portable and easy to use and usually the lightest in terms of weight. They are also the most affordable and usually the best choice for home use and lighter trade use. Because of their ease of use and affordability it may be of no surprise that most of the models that made it onto our review are electric.
  • Petrol concrete breakers – they are quick to start-up and are very portable, with the advantage being that they can be used in areas where you may not have access to electric, which means an electric model would be of no use. The downside though it maintaining the engine, refueling and mixing the oil on fuel to the correct ratio as most models are 2 stroke engines,
  • Pneumatic demolition breakers – they usually used by professionals and often low maintenance. The problem with these models is that they need an external air compressor for power which is an extra cost. Most home users would not need to consider these types of concrete breakers.

For jobs that require high power and constant mobility, petrol or pneumatic models are the best options. Electric concrete breakers are ideal for small, low intense jobs making them perfect for the home user breaking up concrete around your garden.

Consider the percussion rate and impact

The percussion rate is an important spec to look at in a concrete breaker. It basically refers to the demolition breaker’s ability to break concrete surfaces. Percussion rate is measured in blows per minute and they usually range from 1000 blows/min to over 3000 blows/min. A high percussion rate is usually associated with a large motor and an improved ability to crush hard concrete. Concrete breakers also have impact energy which is measured in ft/lbs or joules. These specs can give you an idea of the breaker’s capability. It’s advisable to choose a tool that surpasses your job requirements so as to benefit from the most longevity of the tool.


Large demolition projects on harder surfaces require heavy breakers. Light concrete breakers are more versatile and ideal for smaller jobs that require constant mobility. In general the heavier the concrete breaker the more heavy-duty the breaker.

Handheld vs mounted demolition breakers

Handheld demolition hammers provide suitable power for small jobs. They can either be T-handle models for upright use on walls or D-handle models for overhead use.

Mounted demolition breakers are usually used by large construction firms for excavation jobs. Some smaller commercial concrete breakers can be used for demolition jobs in tight spaces, sidewalk removals, drives and such materials. In the case of commercial breakers, make sure to check the noise level of the equipment – it has to meet the standards of use in urban spaces. Remember, models that have adjustable blow frequency can maximise productivity by increasing the energy of the impact.

Concrete breaker bits and chisels

Concrete breaker bits are designed to achieve different objectives and they can be exchanged out of the end of the demolition hammer. These bits and chisels include:

  • Spade – create an edging in asphalt or provides flat finish on concrete.
  • Bull point bit – used for general demolition of concrete.
  • Flat tip chisel – allows finer edge finish and direction control.
  • Stake driver – drives concrete from stakes.
  • Flex chisel – used for tile removal and scraping.
  • Scabbler – used for cleaning before bonding or for finishing surface smooth.
  • Bushing tool – for knocking down rough spots in concrete and cleaning up seams.

Important features to look for

  • Power – Does it have enough power for your job? – This is especially important for professional use but most power rating are suitable for home use. 
  • Vibration control – Does it reduce vibration control and by what percentage? – In general, the cheapest models are usually create the most hand shaking, with the more expensive models investing in features to reduce vibration as much as possible.
  • Housing unit – Is it metal or hardened plastic? Metal housing is best for construction sites although some of the more expensive plastic models are also very robust.
  • Vertical or horizontally operated – Horizontal works need a lighter tool whilst tools for vertical operation can be heavier.
  • Oil level window – If the model takes oil, can you easily see the oil level?
  • Bits – What kind of bits does it accept? And do they come with any?

Concrete Breaker safety tips

  • Always wear gloves to protect against vibration and flying debris, especially for handheld demolition breakers. Usually because you are breaking up concrete you will be moving it as well by hand.
  • Always wear protection glasses with 100% eye coverage to protect yourself from flying debris. This is a must.
  • Make sure to wear steel-capped boots.
  • If you are dealing with a corded tool, ensure to keep the cord away from potential hazards. Seems simple but you would be amazed by the amount of people who damage the cable.
  • Avoid demolishing materials directly overhead that can fall on you.
  • With the case of noisy concrete breakers, make sure you have ear protection on hand.

These are the important considerations before purchasing a demolition hammer. The best demolition breaker should satisfy most of the above points as well as offering excellent value for money.

Final Conclusion

This guide has covered the basics of concrete breakers, which should help you find a decent tool. Long gone are the days of breaking concrete with a sledgehammer, buy a demolition hammer today and get the job done quickly and with a lot less effort.

Price is not a very important consideration when it comes to demolition hammers because it’ll be unwise to compromise performance for a few pounds. Most of the models are very well priced, with the exception of the expensive professional models by the likes of DeWalt and Makita.

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