10 Best Drill Bit Sets – Top Picks For Professional & DIY

Last updated on October 12th, 2023

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When you think of drill bits, you probably picture a particular kind of drill bit. Most people would imagine of the morse or twist bit which is made for metal drilling but used for all sorts of drilling anyway. And if you happen to find a kit with a single set of drill bits, most likely they’ll be twist bits.

Yet, drill bits are as unique as any kind of industrial tools. Some are designed for cutting large holes through framing studs while others are for nipping out miniature buds to countersink a screw. These small accessories are designed specifically for metals, masonry and wood.

Bosch 70 Piece Titanium Drill and Screwdriver Set
The 70 piece Bosch set is well worth considering and probably a good choice for most DIY'ers like myself

However, for me, someone who is into DIY, a good drill bit set also comes with other useful pieces such as small socket sets, screwdriver bits as well as some flat drill bits for wood just to name a few. Basically, I want to know that with my bit set, I have everything I’m likely to need for basic jobs. A cordless screwdriver, a decent drill and I are ready to go.

Therefore, buying drill bits requires determining how they are going to be used, the materials/surfaces to be drilled, the kind of drill to be used, and the needed size of holes. Keeping these considerations in mind will help you to shop confidently for drill bits whether online or from a local retailer.

Best Pick

Bosch 70 Piece Titanium Drill and Screwdriver Set
Ideally equipped to tackle almost anything in wood, metal and masonry jobs, this set includes drill bits, screwdriver bits including star bits and extended driver bits which come in handy, nutsetters (mini socket sets) and nutsetter adapter, and a tape measure, making up a total of 70 pieces. Everything is neatly packed inside a robust plastic case with rubber holders that click in place.

The drill bits are finished with nitride coating to give them a longer life and high strength, as well as enhancing fast, clean drilling in a range of materials. This set is certainly a good choice for DIY jobs which is why it's the set I use most myself but it's also suitable for light-duty professional work. Overall you get a well-stocked set at an even better price from a brand renowned for quality.


VonHaus 99 Piece Cobalt Drill Bit Set
If its just drill bits you want and plenty of them then this VonHaus drill bit set with 99 drill bits at a very impressive price for the quality you get. It offers 14 sizes of bits from as tiny as 0.5mm to 10mm, making it the ideal set no matter the task. Made from cobalt-infused steel, these bits are super-hard and able to drill through hard material including steel, titanium alloy, cast iron, plastic, and wood so it's a drill bit for all jobs in one.

Each bit comes fully grounded and features a 135 degrees split point to deliver seamless penetration with clean drilling. The whole set includes a durable case with a handle for easy transportation and storage of the drill bits. VonHaus offers a 1-year warranty for this set, so it’s worth looking at if you need a wide variety of drill bits this set has you covered.

10 best drill bit sets included in this review are listed below:

  1. Bosch 70 Piece Titanium Drill and Screwdriver Set – OUR BEST PICK – Ideal for home DIY jobs and lighter trade use
  2. VonHaus 99pc Cobalt Drill Bit Set – Runner-up
  3. Sealey AK4702 contains 25 pieces – A good choice for trade use
  4. Bosch 2607010546 – 7 Piece Multi-Construction Drill Bits
  5. Makita 100 piece Power Drill Accessory Set
  6. Makita P-44046 – 216 Piece Drill Bit Set
  7. Draper 18549 15 Piece Drill Bit Set
  8. DEWALT DT71563-QZ – 100 piece Combination Drill Bit Set
  9. Irwin Tools 3018002 Cobalt M-35 Metal Index Drill Bit Set – 29 Piece
  10. DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set – 21 Piece (DW1361)

Professionals Pick

Sealey AK4702 Metric Cobalt Drill Bit Set
Most drill bits are often lacking on one side, either in smaller diameters or a bit larger diameters. So, we picked the Sealey AK4702 Metric Cobalt Drill Bit Set (25 Pieces) as our best drill bit set with a better range but this time suitable for professional use so they had to be up to the job.

This set only has 25 pieces but they range from 1mm to 13mm as compared most other models that go up to 10mm on the higher side. They are split-tip type so there’s no need for centre marking the workpiece. The option for re-sharpening is also an awesome option which will save a little money too. The Sealey AK4702 is the perfect solution when a wide range of hole sizes are needed. Best of all they are also very good quality, much better than most sets we came across and will take a hammering making them a good choice for tradespeople.

DIY’ers Pick

Makita Power Drill Accessory Set
For DIY’ers, we think Makita Power Drill Accessory Set (100 Pieces) is the perfect toolset for you. We only recommend for home use and DIY enthusiast but probably not professional drill works. The 100 pieces of varying diameter sizes are just what you need for day to day unexpected tasks. You get drill bits for drilling on wood, metal, masonry and PVC at a reasonable price.

10 Best Drill Bit Set Reviews

1. Bosch 70 Piece Titanium Drill and Screwdriver Set


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Bosch drill bit set case
  • Made for drilling various surfaces including metal, wood and masonry. I don’t recommend it for aluminium.
  • Contains a wide range of screw driving bits – standard screwdriver bits, extra-long screwdriver bits and star bits.
  • The drill bits feature titanium nitride coating for enhanced cutting speeds and clean, accurate holes.
  • 6 masonry drill bits 4mm to 10mm, 11 metal from 1.5mm to 6.5mm and 5 wood drill bits 4mm to 10mm.
  • Also includes 3 flat head drill bits – 16mm, 22mm and 32mm.
  • Socket wrenches and adaptor included – ideal for bolts such as the ones my auto hose came with recently.
  • Includes a handy tape measure and countersink bit.
  • Comes in a moulded display carry case for keeping the bits in place.
The Bosch Titanium Drill and Screwdriver Set is perfect for standard DIY jobs but you got to stick to drilling wood, metal and masonry. At the price of slightly above £20, you get 70 drill bits that are high-quality and long-lasting.

This is a handy and practical kit equipped to tackle almost any kind of task which as a DIY enthusiast is important to me. The set comes in a robust carry case with rubber holders that everything clicks in place for keeping the pieces intact even when on the move and they fit in super tight too. Inside the case, there are drill bits, screwdriver bits, a small s7 piece socket set, socket set adapter and a handy measurement tape.

Supplied with a range of drill bits for masonry, wood and metal. I have not used the steel drill bits too often but I have has plenty of work out of the wood and masonry drill bits. I recently installed a new automatic chicken coop door and everything I needed with included in this set.

Bosch drill bit set come in handy when installing chicken coop door
Bosch drill bit set come in handy when installing chicken coop door

These bits are particularly designed for masonry, wood and metal. Masonry drill bits diameters range from 4-10mm, I’ve had plenty of use out of these and never had any issues even with my house being made from accrington brick which is known for being hard to drill into. I recently did a job and installed a new automatic hose reel and the masonry drill bits didn’t disappoint as shown below.

Drill hose with masonry set to hand heavy hose reel up

The wood drill bits have the same range of 4mm to 10mm but I don’t think any set really has an issue drilling into wood and this set certainly doesn’t. The wood drill bits also have a titanium-nitride coating which increases the cutting speeds and delivers clean, accurate holes in wood.

Now the metal drill bits diameter range is from 1.5mm to 6.5mm but I have honestly not used them that much. However, the odd job I have used them on they have been fine.

22 drill bits that are included in Bosch 70 piece set

The titanium nitride coating on the metal bits should excel through a long lifetime and have high strength thus delivering fast, clean drilling in most metals, hard plastics and plexiglass. As I mentioned though I have not tested the metal drill bits as much as the other pieces in the set. The few times I have used them they do seem to be up to the job.

It’s worth noting that the set also comes with 3 flat bit drill bits for drilling deep wide holes through things like beams or studs. They have also come in handy and are super sharp and cut well. I have actually given them plenty of use recently while renovating my house when we did a rewire in part of it.

Flat bit drill bits for drilling large holes

Also included in the set is a selection of screwdriver bits as shown below, perfect for a cordless screwdrivers or a standard screwdriver where you insert driver bits. It includes a large selection of cross head bits, flat head bits, and even those star-shaped bits you find yourself needing now and again but don’t normally have. You also get the long common driver bits which also come in handy when you need a little extra reach.

The screwdriver bits are compatible with all types of standard screw heads and the socket set is for key-headed screws and just recently come in very handy when installing that auto hose reel I talked about earlier. The screws were heavy duty with socket heads so that set came in very handy when fastening the bracket to the wall and saved me having to buy them separately.

Socket set included in the drill bit set from Bosch was very useful when it came to fastening my new auto hose to the wall.
Socket set included in the drill bit set from Bosch was very useful when it came to fastening my new auto hose to the wall.

That’s about sums up this set, you also get a countersink drill bit to sink screws into wood and an extender piece that fits between the screwdriver and screwdriver bit for extended reach as well.

Would we recommend

This set comes brilliantly packaged in a robust carry case just like you would expect of a toolbox from Bosch. Now I have several sets I currently use as shown below but I really do love this set by Bosch over the others now. It’s also one of the most affordable and seems to always have what I need which is why it is my best pick in this review.

The set contains an impressive 70 pieces designed for masonry, wood and metals. The titanium nitride coating is a great idea for increasing the cutting speeds and ensuring clean, precise holes on particular workpieces. The coating also increases the lifespan of the bits and gives them more strength so I expect them to last for quite a long time.

I found one or two complaints on the masonry bits but we think if they are drilled with normal speed and moderate pressure for general use like I do, they won’t bend or break and would be fine for DIY’ers like myself to use. If you need better masonry bits we would recommend investing in the Sealey Tungsten Carbide Tipped Masonry Bits.

Overall, this set is excellent value for money for a good range of sizes and types plus I like the other useful pieces that come in handy such as the sockets and star drivers. A must for any home DIY jobs and lighter professional work. For the price, you really can’t beat this set.

2. VonHaus 99pc Cobalt Drill Bit Set


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VonHaus 99pc Cobalt Drill Bit Set
  • Comes with 99 drill bits in 14 sizes from 0.5mm to 10mm.
  • Made from super-hard M35 high-speed steel with 5% cobalt for maximum resistance and durability.
  • Suitable for drilling into wood, plastic and metal.
  • 135 degrees split point ends for easy penetration and fast, clean performance.
  • Includes a metal carry case with handle for ease of transport.

This VonHaus 99pc Cobalt Drill Bit Set is a comprehensive kit for woodwork, metal and masonry. It comes complete with 99 pieces ranging from 0.5mm to 10mm, making sure you’re equipped to tackle a variety of tasks. Manufactured from M35 grade high speed steel with 5% cobalt, this set is incredibly durable and will offer many years of service.

The bits additionally have 135 degrees split point ends that deliver seamless penetration and swift, clean drilling so you have more control over your project. Everything is locked inside a sturdy metal carry case which also has a carry handle for easy transportation.

  • Poor box design which if held up, makes the bits to fall out and mix up, meaning it’s hard to keep every bit in its designated slot.
  • The 99 pieces are great to have but some are too small that they have very little use.

Would we recommend?

Obviously, the fact that you get 99 pieces to work with is the major selling point with the VonHaus 99pc Cobalt Drill Bit Set. Expect a great level of durability from these cobalt steel drill bits as well as fast and clean drilling into materials. The supplied metal case comes in handy as far as transporting the bits is concerned, but it’s a shame that the bits will keep falling around when carrying the kit. Anyone that likes to have options from the tiniest of drill bits to larger ones would love this set.

3. Sealey AK4702 Metric Cobalt Drill Bit Set (25 Pieces)


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The Sealey AK4702 is a brilliant set with a wide selection ranging from 1mm to 13mm. The split tip is a great feature as it reduces the need for a centre mark and the option of re-sharpening the drill bits ensures you have high-performing bits throughout.

  • The drill bits are made of high-speed steel with 5% Cobalt making them perfect for drilling harder materials.
  • They feature a split-tip which enables bits to bite quickly through workpiece thus eliminating the need for a centre mark.
  • The drills can be re-sharpened yet their performance won’t be affected.
  • The set comes in a metal storage case and the interior is well partitioned for keeping every bit in its place.

The Sealey AK4702 contains 25 pieces with a drilling range of 1mm to 13mm of 0.5mm increments. This is quite a great selection as most sets only start from 1.5mm and/or go up to 10mm. They come nicely packed in a colour card box but the metal red tin case photo on Amazon is not as awesome as it looks. However, the case is pretty robust. Together with the drill bits inside, the set weighs 1.4kg which is just moderate thus can be carried easily.

The bits are made high-speed steel with 5% cobalt which makes them extra tough for drilling those extra-hard materials. Whether you want to drill holes through thick galvanized steel or thick aluminium, these bits will bite through smoothly and come out as sharp as they went in. The good thing is you can re-sharpen the bits if need be without even affecting their performance. These bits have a split-tip which enables them to bite through workpiece quickly so there’s no need for centre marking.

  • The bits are not as strong as advertised as there are a few complaints on the bits snapping while drilling on thick materials. The black tray holders are of poor quality and have some bad fitting.

Would we recommend

The Sealey AK4702 is a brilliant set with a wide selection ranging from 1mm to 13mm. The split-tip is a great feature as it reduces the need for a centre mark and the option of re-sharpening the drill bits ensures you have high-performing bits throughout.

Made from high-speed steel plus 5 per cent cobalt, the bits are sure to last long if worked properly. These bits are perfect for drilling harder surfaces but we found a few complaints about them snapping on the job. The tray holders also have poor fitting but the tray itself is robust.

If you have a wide range of drill jobs, we recommend the Sealey AK4702 for the unique selection it offers in a set of 25 pieces.

4. Irwin Tools 3018002 Cobalt M-35 Metal Index Drill Bit Set, 29 Piece

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  • Made of high-speed steel with 5% cobalt for super abrasive resistance in tough materials.
  • Cobalt steel prolongs cutting edge life after resharpening.
  • 135 degrees split point tip that starts on contact and cuts with little force.
  • With reduced shank over 3/8-inch, allowing you to utilise larger bits in a 3/8-inch chuck.
  • Comes with a rubber over-moulded case which protects the kit if dropped.
  • Includes a tap and drill selection chart for convenient reference.
  • Features automatic indexing for easy accessing of drill bits and identification.
  • Includes a wide variety of bits ranging from 1/16” to 1/2″ in 1/64” increments.

Yet another superb drill bit set, the Irwin Tools 3018002 Cobalt M-35 Metal Index Drill Bit Set, 29 Piece includes bits constructed from HSS and 5% cobalt. The result is an ultra-abrasive resistance when drilling into hard materials. The combination of steel and cobalt also serves to extend the cutting edge of each bit.

At first glance, you will notice the 135° split point at the tips. This enables the bit to cut with little force. A minimalist shank that’s over 3/8” makes it possible to use bigger drill bits in a 3/8’’ chuck. Moreover, the set includes a selection chart that is useful in providing a convenient reference. Accessing and identifying the bits couldn’t be easier owing to the automatic indexing feature.

The accessories are kept secure and organized in a neat rubber moulded case. The use of removable cartridges also allows you to carry the bits from the case to Jobsite. You get drill bit sizes ranging from 1/16” to 1/2” with 1/64” increments. Irwin Tools also comes with a lifetime warranty that covers defects in parts or workmanship.

  • These bits require frequent lubrication to avoid breakage.

Would we recommend?

The Irwin Tools 3018002 Cobalt M-35 Metal Index Drill Bit Set is one of the best sets on the market thanks to the wide range of bits it offers plus their versatility. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced handyman, you will surely appreciate that it provides you with virtually everything you need. Its 29 bits are made to be tough and feature heavy-duty web construction. You can expect the cutting edges to last a lifetime.

We really like the selection chart and the rubber over mould case. The robust case keeps the variety of bits from falling around inside the kit during transportation. All in all, this set is a nice buy for professional craftsmen who need long-lasting bits that can drill on any workpiece.

5. DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set – 21 Piece (DW1361)

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DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set, Pilot Point, 21-Piece (DW1361)
  • A set of 21 drill bits which are suitable for drilling plastic, wood and metal.
  • Features patented web taper for increased rigidity of the bit and reduced potential of breaking.
  • Innovative bit-bar design for easy removal of bits and customizable replacement.
  • Proprietary pilot point tip delivers outstanding speed and clean, burr-free holes which help reduce bit walking.
  • Clear lid inside the casing lets you see the bits at a glance.
  • Connectable bit storage system, which ensures optimized storage space. 

The DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set, Pilot Point, 21-Piece (DW1361) comes in DEWALT’s ToughCase®+ system, which is a connectable case system made to optimize storage space and keep your items organized. Every single piece in this set has a titanium pilot point to ensure extended bit life, making them tougher HSS bits compared to ordinary HSS bits.

In addition, the titanium point tip is designed to stay sharp for long as well as produce very little friction so that penetration into the material is smooth. While DEWALT states that they are best suited for plastic, there’s no reason not to use them on wood, metal, fibreglass as well as PVC. These bits start on contact, meaning you can simply let the tool do the hard work. No need to apply too much pressure but just steady pressure directly parallel to the bit.

Making precise, clean holes, the pilot point bits come with outstanding high surface hardness whilst being resistant to corrosion, lessening the friction between them and the workpiece being drilled through for immediate startups. From the moment the drill bit enters the material, you have constant contact until the bit breaks through the bottom or is removed from the hole.

What’s more? The patented web taper increases the rigidity of the bits to reduce the potential for bit failure or breakage. The continuous web construction additionally makes the flute part consistent so that the chip won’t need to ‘climb a hill’ when coming out of the workpiece. The rigidity of the drill bit also adds to this aspect.

Coming in sizes 1/16 to 1/2 inches, the drill bits have no spin shanks and this ensures they lock firmly and correctly to the chunk. The result is proper centring and high torque capability while delivering dependable durability to lessen bit breakage.

  • Some users claim that the bits do not perform quite well on hardened materials such as stainless steel. However, others dispute this claim, advising on starting at lower torque setting and working your way up when drilling hard materials.

Would we recommend?

The DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set contains bits with bits equipped with the innovative pilot point for a longer lifespan. Durability is also enhanced by the use of the tapered web on each of the bits in this 21-piece set. You can use them with any good quality drill press.

The fact that they start on contact ensures clean drilling with little chance of tearing and unpleasant splinters when making a hole. We also like the no spin shanks which ensure effortless connection into the chuck of the rotating mandrel. Ideal for plastic, wood and metal, this drill bit set is definitely worth the time and money.

6. Bosch 7 piece 2607010546 Multi-Construction Drill Bits


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The Bosch 2607010546 Multi-Construction Drill Bits includes a set of 7 awesome drilling pieces with varying diameters. Whether you are drilling on wood, plastic, or mixed materials, these bits are sure to get the job done without alternating them.

  • Features special ground tip along with diamond ground cutting edges which enable multi-purpose drilling.
  • Robust drill bit enhanced by hardening technology and diameter optimized brazing to reduce vibration while drilling.
  • The reinforced core area for improved resistance and stability when drilling in concrete.
  • Made from strong fine grade highly durable carbide material.
  • Comes in varying diameters which include 5/5.5/6/6/7/8/10mm. It makes it easy to drill holes of different sizes.
  • Made to drill on any surface including concrete, plastic, ceramics, wood, aluminium, brick, eternity, etc.
  • Features a centring tip for an accurate drilling start.

Made by Bosch in Germany, this bit set contains 7 drilling pieces with varying diameters. They are well-identified in the carry box with the numbers at the bottom so you can’t mistake the pieces when you want to use one or store them.

The diameters are in 5, 5.5, 6, 6, 7, 8 and 10mm. Note that there are two sixes but one is longer and the other one is shorter.

The bits have a centring tip which gives a precise drilling start. Once it starts biting away, we recommend working with a normal speed so the bits can last longer. Running the drills fast heats up the tips and blunten’s them down quickly.

Diamond ground cutting edges which promote multi-purpose drilling

These bits feature a special ground tip and diamond ground cutting edges which promote multi-purpose drilling. You can drill on any surface or straight through mixed materials without having to change bits.

You can drill on concrete, brick, masonry, multi-layer materials, light building materials, tiles and ceramics, plastic, wood, sheet materials, aluminium, and many more.

Bosch manufactures these bits from a strong material (fine grade carbide) which makes them highly durable. They are quite robust thanks to the hardening technology used in manufacturing and diameter optimised brazing which reduces vibration when drilling. The reinforced the core section on these bits improve resistance and increase stability, especially when drilling in concrete.

  • Bosch claims the bits work great on all surfaces but we found some complaints on ceramic tiles. The bits are also prone to bluntness if drilling is done fast. On tiles, we would recommend using specialist tile drill bits.

Would we recommend

The Bosch 2607010546 Multi-Construction Drill Bits includes a set of 7 awesome drilling pieces with varying diameters. Whether you are drilling on wood, plastic, or mixed materials, these bits are sure to get the job done without alternating them.

We like the tough construction of these bits which is an assurance of how durable they are. The centring at the tip makes work easy for you while the reinforced core area increases resistance and stability when drilling.

As much as the manufacturer claims that the bits work on any surface, we think there’s some doubt in that as we found a few complaints regarding some few surfaces. In any case, these are high-quality drill bits that get the job done and for less than you would think. Amazing value for such a high-quality set.

7. Makita Power Drill Accessory Set (100 Pieces)

**Perfect for DIY enthusiasts**

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This power drill set is perfect for DIY enthusiasts as it sets a perfect balance between minimalist sets and the ‘extreme’ sets that you only end up using about 20 pieces.

  • 100 Piece Trade set full of all the tools you may need for various jobs.
  • Includes 50 screwdriver bits and a variety of Brad points, Hess, Masonry, outdrives and hole saws.
  • The bits are suitable for wood, PVC, metal and masonry.

The Makita Power Drill Accessory Set is the perfect toolbox for those unexpected kinds of jobs. It consists of 100 drill bits including 50 screwdriver bits and a variety of Brad pints, Hess, Masonry, outdrives and hole saws. The number doesn’t sound too little to limit you to some jobs yet it’s not overwhelming like the Makita P-44046 Drill Bit Set.

We love the extensive screwdriver bits selection and they all seem good quality for DIY’ers. Of course, things you buy break at some point but these bits will take a toll before you lose one. If you plan to drill big holes for a kitchen unit or something, you’ll love working the hole saws in this set. Whether you are drilling through wood, PVC, metal or masonry, you are sure to get the job done.

The 100 pieces are securely kept in Makita’s blow moulded case with metal latch and the box weighs 2.1kg complete with the drill bits. This sounds a bit heavy but, of course, the numbers translate to more weight. The box is pretty comprehensive and everything seems easy to remove and replace.

  • It doesn’t contain Torx so you might need to buy them as a separate set.

Would we recommend

Yes, it’s okay to start out with a minimalist set, and then it becomes apparent you haven’t got enough accessories when an unexpected job arises.

That’s when a tool box such as the Makita Power Drill Accessory Set with 100 pieces comes in handy.

This power drill set is perfect for DIY enthusiasts as it sets a perfect balance between minimalist sets and the ‘extreme’ set that you only end up using about 20 pieces.

With this one, you can drill on the most common surfaces including wood, metal, masonry and PVC. 

8. Makita P-44046 Drill and Bit Set


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The Makita P-44046 Drill Bit Set is for you. However, we recommend spraying the complete set with rust prevention to keep them in good shape as there are tools that you might never use.  The bits are made of tough steel so at least you can be somehow sure they won’t break when drilling.

  • Complete drill set which includes standard and long series flat bits plus masonry bits.
  • Hex, Torx and square driver bits included.
  • Philips bits, Pozi, flat screwdriver bits, tape measure and spirit level included.
  • In total, over 216 pieces so there a drill bit for every job possible.
  • The set comes in a solid case designed to hold the bits securely.

Let’s talk bits. There are 216 pieces of drill bits in this Makita P-44046 set some of which you might never use but they are quite handy. The good thing is there are lots of duplicates so if any of them becomes blunt you’ll have an immediate solution. Of course, these bits can and will rust so ensure you have a rust prevention spray ready if you plan to buy this set.

These drill bits have been thoroughly tested and used on many surfaces and materials to ensure they’ll serve their drilling purposes. What you’ll precisely find in this set are long series of flat bits, masonry bits, hex, Torx, square driver bits, Philips bits, Pozi, flat screwdriver bits, spirit level and tape measure. There’s also a T-shaped screwdriver with magnetic tip and 1-bit driver with magnetic tip.

The masonry bits are made of steel with Tungsten Carbide tips brazed-on standard practice. This complete set of bits comes in a sturdy case for holding the bits in place.

  • The numbers on this set are overwhelming and some pieces might be a nuisance in the long run. 
  • The clips that hold the two internal panels together are unreliable so take care not to break them.
  • No tile drilling bits included.

Would we recommend

Do you love having many drill bits including multiple duplicates?

The Makita P-44046 Drill Bit Set is for you. However, we recommend spraying the complete set with rust prevention to keep them in good shape as there are tools that you might never use.

The bits are made of tough steel so at least you can be somehow sure they won’t break when drilling.

The case is fantastic and perfectly designed to accommodate the 216 pieces. Yet, the clips holding the internal panels are somewhat weak which is a shame.

Still, this Makita is a good drill bit set for home DIY use and professional / trade use, especially with the screwdriver and bits included which can come in very handy.

If you looking for a set with nearly every piece you could possibly ever need, this is for you.

This would have won our ‘Best Pick’ award, however we felt that the large selection would be too big for the majority of people, especially anyone doing home DIY jobs.

If you really like the Makita selection and build quality but 216 pieces are just too big, take a look at the 100 piece kit which we have reviewed further down.

9. Draper 18549 Titanium Nitride Coated HSS Drill Bit Set


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The Draper 18549 Drilling Bit Set is unbeatable when it comes to the drilling options it offers. The 15 drilling pieces are the major selling point on this set. They can drill through most surfaces although there are a few issues on metal surfaces.

  • Comes with 15 drill bits of different diameters ranging from 1.5mm all the way to 10mm.
  • The bits feature titanium nitride coating for increased durability.
  • Supplied with a soft grip plastic case for convenient handling and storage.
  • Drills through most surfaces including aluminium, steel, carbon sheets, plastic, etc.

Draper Tools has been manufacturing high-quality tools in the UK for over 90 years now and the Draper 18549 Drill Bit Set is such an exceptional tool that boasts their vast expertise and experience.

Just when we thought the 7 drill bits in our Bosch model are something to talk of, enters this Draper with more than twice the pieces of Bosch and less than half the price.

The bits vary in diameters as follows; 1.5×2, 2.0×2, 2.5×2, 3.0, 3.2, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 6.0, 8.0 and 10mm. So whether you want to drill the smallest hole possible or somewhat larger, these bits give no excuse. These pieces are all included in a simple plastic case and we were surprised it only weighs 360 grams together with the bits making it quite handy.

These drills are brilliant and go through almost any material whether plastic, aluminium or steel. We recommend going slowly when drilling and not applying too much pressure to prevent breakage.

These bits are quite strong in any case thanks to the titanium nitride coating and they would only break perhaps if not used properly. When making large holes, for instance, it’s advisable to start with a small size then work your way up. Also, try to use the smaller bits on softer surfaces such as carbon sheets and the bigger bits on hard surfaces like metals.

  • The coating on these bits tends to come off after a few uses and that raises questions on the advertised durability. There are also a few complaints on the bits getting blunt when drilling on metal but this is usually expected when using cheaper drill bits.

Would we recommend

The Draper 18549 Drilling Bit Set is unbeatable when it comes to the drilling options it offers. The 15 drilling pieces are the major selling point on this set. They can drill through most surfaces although there are a few issues on metal surfaces.

The manufacturer coated the drills with Titanium Nitride to make them last longer but then, on the other hand, the coating comes off after a few drills.

However, the case is fantastic, solid and handy. This Draper set is perfect for anyone working on a budget but still want a full set of drilling tools without buying very poor quality drill bits. Overall a great affordable choice.

10. DeWalt DT71563-QZ Combination Drill Bit Set – 100 piece set


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This is certainly worth considering if you in the trade and all from a trust brand known for its quality. We love this set.

  • The case features a magnetic bit holder for keeping the bits secure.
  • Tough plastic storage case that won’t break easily.
  • Includes bits designed for drilling in wood, masonry and metal plus the most common screwdriver sizes.
  • Ideal for professional and trade use.

The DEWALT DT71563-QZ COMBINATION DRILL BIT SET is ideal for a variety of applications. It’s a combination of both drill and screwdriver bits that are suitable for drilling in wood, metal and masonry.

The set contains 13 x brad point wood bits in 2×3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 2×5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5 and 8mm.

There are 12 metal drill bits of sizes 1.5, 2, 2.5, 2×3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6 and 6.5mm. There are 3 masonry bits of sizes 6, 7 and 8mm and 2 hole saw bits of 32mm and 44mm.

The set comes in a tough plastic carry case featuring a magnetic bit holder which holds the bits securely. It also helps in organising the bits. The full set weighs about 1.5kg thus easier to carry around. These bits are made of uncoated steel yet they are still strong and durable. They easily drill on concrete, steel and other materials and deliver smooth, clean holes.

  • It lacks larger drill bits such as 10mm.

Would we recommend

This kit comes in a sturdy plastic case that most of you will find easy carrying around because of the reasonable weight. The magnetic bit holder in the case is a great feature for storing the bits and it’s hard to lose any bit.

The wide drill bit selection is also something we liked on this kit and it cuts across masonry drill bits, metal drill bits and brad point wood bits.

Although its standard range is 1.5 to 8mm, we think it would have been extra handy if there were larger diameter sizes. In any case, you pay a fair price for a set of 100 of the most popular pieces.

This is certainly worth considering if you in the trade and all from a trusted brand known for its quality. We love this set.

Drill Bit Set Buyers Guide

Keeping in mind the kind of job you want to do, the materials you want to drill, the drill you want to use and the size of holes you want to achieve, here is our guide to choosing the best drill bit set.

What type of Drill do you want to use

Most drill bits perfectly fit into standard drills. A standard hand drill and standard power drill are both normally chucked for the same drill bits hence letting users to have one set of bits for each kind of task that needs to be tackled. The SDS hammer drill for masonry is an exception as it uses its own specific drill bits to handle unusual tough work.

  • Power Drills: These are standard drills for home and professional works. They usually have many power modes including cordless drills, electric cord power drills and sometimes compressed air power drill which is usually a specialist drill.
  • Hammer / SDS Drills – These are specialised power drills designed for masonry work. They drill and cut as required. A standard hammer drill features 3 action modes: rotary, rotary with impact and chisel action with rotary stop. The hammer action usually crushes the masonry ahead of the drill bit and the rotary action draws the pieces out of the hole.
  • Hand Drills – As much as drill bits are usually seen as power toll accessories, interchangeable drill bits are often used in hand drills. Countersink bits are the most common bits often designed for the hand drill.
  • Drill Press – This type of drill is usually mounted permanently in a vertical position over a table where the materials being drilled are securely tightened in a set or vice against a positioning bar, thus allowing for precise positioning of the drill hole (s). The drill mount is made to allow the accurate specification of the depth of the drill hole as the drill is lowered alongside a shaft to a specified height.

What type of material is to be drilled?

Your choice of drill bits is determined by the material you plan to drill. The material and shape of the drill bits differ for drill bits designed for drilling wood, masonry, plastic, ceramics, stone and metals. The hardest drill bits usually made with tungsten carbide can handle all sorts of materials.

Drill bit material

Drill bits are made from different materials and each has its own pros and cons. As the material becomes more rigid, it gets more brittle and less able to be sharpened when blunt.

  • Low carbon steel: they are usually inexpensive and require sharpening and replacement. They are perfect for drilling wood and soft plastics.
  • High carbon steel: designed for wood and metal drilling, these bits may lose cutting edge and temper if overheated.
  • High-speed steel (HSS): the most preferred and common among production workers. They have the ability to retain temper at very high speeds. They have a wide range of applications including wood, metal, plastics and most ceramics.
  • Cobalt Steel Alloy: the highest performing and durable drill bit material but more brittle than HSS. They are great for drilling stainless steel.
  • Titanium coating: includes Titanium Nitride, black oxide, Titanium Aluminium Nitride and Titanium Carbon Nitride. They deliver softer bits and high performance and handle the more hard materials than base bit can handle.
  • Tungsten Carbide: the toughest and hardest of all bit materials. All-carbide is usually very expensive while carbide-tipped bits are pretty effective and come at reasonable prices. They can virtually handle any material including stone.

The choice of drill bit material depends on the material to be drilled. While a home user may likely replace a blunt bit, a professional worker may find value re-sharpening a dull bit.

Types of drill bits

Drill bits are shaped in different ways to perform specific tasks. Here are the most common drill bit designs:

  • Twist bit: this is the most popular type of bit. It may be used for virtually drilling every kind of material but it’s usually preferred for metal drilling. It works with high speed thus less appropriate for accurate drilling.
  • Split point bit: also designed for metal drilling. It looks like a twist bit but it has a split point for maintaining a centre mark in hard materials. The various angles and points are a bit sharper making it more effective for metal drilling.
  • Brad point bit: it has a sharp tip with wide outward curves towards the cutting edges. The tip helps to maintain the centre whilst drilling while the isolated cutting edges create a clean hole.
  • Auger bit: it bores long, rough holes through wood. It looks like a spiral since it’s made to not only drill through the material but clear out the fragments.
  • Countersink bit: this bit creates a hole into which you may set a screw head.
  • Spade bit: it takes the name of its shape and is designed to drill holes in wood.
  • Hole saw bit: this two-part bit includes a circular ring with serrated teeth and a twist bit. The teeth cut extra smooth holes and may be used with hand drills and power equipment.
  • Forstner bit: it bores smooth, clean holes in wood. It has a central point that allows you to accurately place the bit on the workpiece. It is also capable of clearing out chips as you work. It works best with a drill press as it gives you the force and control you need to use.
  • Masonry bit: designed to drill into hard materials like brick, concrete and other masonry. They work best with a hammer drill or rotary hammer and bore into masonry more effectively than when used with corded or cordless rotary drill.
  • Glass & tile bit: it uses a carbide tip to bore into glass or tile while minimising the chance of cracks and chips.
  • Step bit: it’s primarily designed for drilling in thin metal and wood, up to ¼ inch. The stepped structure allows using a single bit to drill holes of varying diameters. The diameter of each step is usually etched into the bit.

Hole size: buy the set or single bits

Most bits come in a set that offers a range of diameters. The set is a good style as it allows users to choose the appropriate bit for a specific job for the moment. The most common range of drill bits starts from 1mm to 10mm.

There are also bits that are likely sold as single bits. These include masonry bits, auger drill bits, spade drill bits, countersink bits, tile drill bits, extra-long bits and large diameter bits.

Finals thoughts and conclusion

Drill bits have become must-have tools at home just as they are in workstations for professional contractors. More often than not, you will find yourself wanting to perform some repairs and improvements around the house, and drilling holes should be part of it. When it comes to picking the best drill bit set, the bit construction is a huge factor to consider. Bits made from high-speed steel coupled with cobalt or titanium are undoubtedly the most durable and resistant to wear.

We’ve also seen that drill bits come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit various projects. In our analysis, the clear winner is the Bosch Titanium Drill and Screwdriver Set for the home DIY enthusiast. This set adequately caters to all your drilling needs and is ideal for tackling a myriad of applications without stress.

And that’s it from us. We hope this guide has been informative enough.

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