Best Garage Workbench – In-Depth Review of 5 Top Models

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A good workbench is as good as gold whether you are a professional mechanic or DIY carpenter. A solid workbench allows you to work on various projects without moving from one surface to the next. These structures come with adequate storage to house your tools and other items, thus, encouraging organisation, and accessibility.

The workbench you purchase does not have to be expensive, but it should be fit for your exact requirements. You can find models suitable for light projects such as our best pick, the Racking Solutions 2 Level Workbench at considerably affordable prices. Those in need of a robust wooden workbench will be pleased with our Runner-up model, the 6ft Solid Wood Workbench by Arbor Garden Solutions but it is also available in other shorter and longer sizes too.

To assist you in finding the best garage workbench for your needs, I have scoured the market and highlighted five models with reliable quality. You will also find a buying guide below with adequate information to make purchasing the right model a breeze. Let us dive in!


Racking Solutions 2 Level Workbench
The Racking Solutions 2 Level Workbench is simple in appearance but it very durable and a great affordbale option for occassional use. The steel and MDF shelf model is easy to assemble, taking only 10 minutes as it all slots together. It has a fairly good 300kg capacity, more suitable for light jobs but it does comes with a 5-year guarantee. This model would be suitable for small garages, as it does not take up much space, and it is light enough to move around if needed. Overall an excellent workbench for the DIY enthuseast or someone looking for storage rack and workbench in one for doing odd projects.


Arbor Garden Solutions 6ft Workbench
The Arbor 6ft Workbench’s capacity is enough to handle both light and heavy works. This Scandinavian softwood workbench is weatherproof and easy to assemble. Although it is a little heavy, it has proven to be worth every cent, thanks to the abundant positive reviews. This premium-priced workbench comes with two shelves to store all the items you need, and its design integrates into any background whether modern or traditional.

The workbenches in this guide are all heavy permanent workbenches perfect for garages and workshops!

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Garage Work Bench Reviews

1. Racking Solutions Heavy Duty 2 Level Workbench

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FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY**.Heavy Duty 2 Level Workbench 600KGs Workstation Home Garage DIY Work Table 900mm H x 1200mm W x 600mm D

Simple in design and offering a maximum capacity of 300kgs per shelf, the Racking Solutions 2 Level Workbench features 1.2mm Graded Steel and two 7mm MDF Shelves. It’s also worth noting that the shelves are also adjustable every 35mm too so you do have some flexibility there. This workbench is a durable model that possesses powder coating to prevent rust and two thick MDF shelves which are more durable and stronger than chipboard which some alternative similar models use.

The workbench offers adjustable shelves; therefore, you can assemble it to suit your preferences. What I really like about this model is that it’s easy to assemble in around 10 minutes and no tools are needed as it all clips together.

It comes with plastic feet to protect your floor, that’s not an issue for me, but for some people, they may have a nice painted floor and it stops the steel feet from marking the floor. It also comes with a 5-year guarantee for peace of mind too.

The only downside is, it’s not really suitable for attaching a bench vice as it’s relatively lightweight. However, there is a workaround with a little DIY. I would replace the top panel with a thicker 15mm ply panel and put a 3×2″ timber edge around it. This will then make it strong enough for a decent size vice. For a small vice, it would probably be fine as it is.

You can also check my review of some of my top recommended bench vice in this review


  • Features strong steel frame and two fairly good MDF shelves.
  • Offers a maximum load capacity of 300kgs per shelf.
  • Easy to assemble in around 10 minutes, no tools required.
  • Shelves are adjustable so they can be placed as needed.
  • Comes with rubber feet for surface protection.
  • Accompanied by a 5-year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • May be lighter than some might expect.

Our recommendations

The Racking Solutions 2 Level Workbench is about 90cm in height, 60cm in width and 120cm in length making it perfect for small-medium sized garages but you can always buy more and bolt them together if needed.

This model is easy to assemble, and it is a bit lightweight; therefore, making it suitable for what I might call lighter activities. Price-wise, I find this model affordable for those who do not want to break the bank but require a dependable workbench.

If you have got a mitre saw, pillar drill or some other benchtop power tool, this is perfect and you also have storage underneath. The only exception is if you plan on using a bench vice, the worktop is just not quite thick enough and would need switching out for a thicker piece of MDF and reinforcing around the edges.

2. Arbor Garden Solutions Workbench with Double Shelf  

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Workbench With Double Shelf Indoor/Outdoor - Pressure Treated - Heavy Duty - Handmade Garage Workshop Work Table (6ft)

The Arbor 6ft Workbench is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as it is made from pressure-treated timber although it’s best kept indoors which I suspect most people will be doing.

Firstly what an amazing piece of kit, when you compare that it can support up to 950kg, compare this to the 300kg of my previous pick and you can tell this really is a heavy-duty model.

So firstly, it’s manufactured from CLS C16 construction-grade pressure treated timber 89mm x 38mm CLS Scandinavian softwood. Basically, it’s heavy-duty and when it comes to sizes you do have options too.

As standard it’s 90cm in height which I think is a good height for a workbench, 64cm in depth gives plenty of workspace and the width depends on which model you go for ranging from only 3ft wide to 10ft for those who need a much larger workbench for larger projects but the 5 and 6ft lengths are probably about right for most people.

It has two-tier shelves where you can place tools which is super handy and other items you need close by. In terms of assembly, with an electric screwdriver you’re talking around 10 minutes and it’s ready to use. If you take the manual screwdriver approach, then allow around 30-40 minutes and it will be ready to use. If you don’t have a cordless screwdriver, do yourself a favour and invest in one, they’re worth every penny, even the cheaper models for occasional use. I have even reviewed some in this guide if you need help choosing one

Assembly is actually minimal, most is already done for you. Don’t forget, this workbench is also handmade too.


  • High quality premium handmade workench for heavy duty work
  • Manufactured from CLS C16 construction grade pressure treated timber 89mm x 38mm CLS Scandinavian softwood.
  • Offers two shelves for additional storage.
  • An impressive weight capaicity of 950kg.
  • Easy to assemble in around 10 minutes with a cordless screwdriver.


  • No cons to report, a little heavy but that is to be expected and this means it is more sturdy.

Our recommendation

The Arbor Garden Solutions Workbench is one of the most durable and solid workbenches making it perfect for those who want something that will last for decades. It really is an excellent piece of kit and being handmade it really does show.

It is a little pricey, but considering the size and robustness, it provides good value for money. The workbench is a little heavy, so if you do want a more portable option you might want to consider adding some caster wheels.

Overall, if you’re looking for a premium workbench that is still what I would consider affordable, and trust me, there are much more expensive options out there, this is well worth considering. You might just want to run around the edges with a little sand pad but overall, the finish is excellent and this is probably not really needed either.

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3. PP Railing Steel Garage Work Bench

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Steel Garage Work Bench Tool Box Workbench Storage With Drawers Pegboard and 12 Pegs Shelf Boltless DIY Workshop Station Heavy Duty 440kg Capacity (Black)

For those looking for a workbench for occasional use, perhaps you do an odd project at weekend, something you can also store your tools on so they are nicely presented. This next pick is well worth considering. The only downside is that it’s really built for more domestic use and not professional as it’s simply not designed for heavy-duty use.

So the PP Railing Steel Garage Work Bench is fitted with a pegboard to hang your tools on and it also has a handy draw. You can also just buy pegboards on their own for storing your tools, I recently reviewed some here.

Back to the workbench, this model comes in three colours, it is robust because it features a gloss powder-coated steel frame and good quality MDF worktop. Together with the pegboard and the 12 pegs, the workbench comes with a drawer to hold smaller tools and an adjustable bottom shelf. In total, this model supports a maximum weight of 440kgs so not that heavy-duty but good enough for the average DIY’er looking for a decent workbench with some storage built-in.

Overall, most will find it easy to assemble thanks to the boltless shelving feature. Once assembled, this powder-coated workbench is 91cm to the top of the workbench work surface, 148cm tall in total to the top of the pegboard and its 120cm wide which is 4ft so overall doesn’t take up to much space.


  • Ideal workbench for any garage for providing workspace for projects.
  • Features powder-coated steel and durable 8mm MDF worktop.
  • Offers a maximum load capacity of 440kgs in total, 200kg per shelf and the worktop itself.
  • Easy to assemble but you will need a rubber mallet.
  • Comes with a pegboard, 12 legs, drawer, and a shelf.
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty.


  • Needs two people to assemble more easily, a little difficult with just one but still do-able.

Our recommendation

The PP Railing Steel Garage Work Bench with built-in Peg Board is a robust 27kg model available at a premium price. This model offers a pegboard and a drawer making it perfect for those that need additional storage space for their tools and need a somewhat compact workbench ideal for smaller garages.

I know some people find the assembly instructions provided are a bit vague, but it’s easy enough and much easier with a second pair of hands. Makes for some good bonding time with the other half. Overall it’s a great choice for those who need a more compact workbench, especially if you can make use of the pegboard and draw for additional storage.

4. MonsterShop Work Bench Garage Table

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Work Bench Garage Metal Storage Shelving DIY Tools Heavy Duty Workbench Table Workshop Shed / 2 Shelves 90cm x 120cm x 60cm Black

A good alternative to my Best pick, the MonsterShop Work Bench is a simple model made from alloy steel and 7.6mm thick MDF shelves to support a maximum load of 400kg so it can handle a fair bit of weight but thats the shelf and worktop combined.

Each shelf has the capacity to support 200kgs, which makes it perfect for those who want a smaller workbench and don’t need anything too heavy-duty. As you would expect, the steel frame is powder-coated to keep the metal from rusting or corroding.

Just like a lot of these steel workbenches, the frame features boltless shelving that makes it easy to slot in, thus, saving you time and making assembly easier.

The size is pretty standard at 90cm tall, 120cm wide so just over 4ft, and 60cm deep which is 2ft. Not that it really matters but it comes in either red, black or blue.


  • Lightweight and easy to assemble.
  • Offers a 400kg load capacity, 200kg for the shelf and 200kg for the worktop.
  • Made from powder-coated alloy steel and featuring 7.6mm thick MDF shelves.
  • Available in different colours.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • MDF shelves could be more robust but this is the case with most similar models.

Our recommendation

The MonsterShop Work Bench costs less than our best pick, but it supports less weight. If you’re not using it for heavyweight then it’s a good alternative.

The steel frame is durable and it is very easy to put together as it does slot together. If you want to use the workbench for heavy projects, I suggest you replace the shelves with high-quality MDF shelves but I would personally do this with most models anyway which have the MFD shelving. Other than that, this workbench is well worth a look at.

5. Arbor Garden Solutions 4ft Wooden MDF Workbench with Double Shelf

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Arbor Garden Solutions wooden MDF workbench with double shelf, garage table (4ft)

This is another slightly smaller but still heavy-duty garage workbench by Arbor Solutions. This 4ft Wooden MDF Workbench still offers heavy-duty performance thanks to the high-quality wood used and it still has a maximum capacity of 750kg, way more than any other model in this review with the exception of the best pick, also handbuilt by Abor Solutions.

The wood used is pressure-treated pine to prevent rotting and the build quality is overall just excellent, and the fact that it’s handbuilt really stands out with their workbenches. The 4ft table is proudly made in the UK, and it arrives flat packed ready for assembly, should it be too difficult but a second pair of handy will help.


  • Heavy duty wooden workbench, ideal for small workshops or garages.
  • Made from pressure-treated wood for durability.
  • Offers two shelves for additional storage.
  • Robust enough to support considerable weight up to 750kg.
  • Offers good value for money, designed to last.

Our recommendation

If you liked the Arbor 6ft Workbench but found its size too big and maybe too expensive, this Arbor 4ft model might be a good alternative. It is made from the same robust wood, hence, the only thing that changes is the size and design slightly. This premium-priced workbench is robust, so it will last which is what I look for in a workbench.

I would suggest this model to those who need a small but robust wooden bench for small, but heavy projects.

What to consider before buying a garage work bench

The market is full of workbenches of different designs, materials used and of course price points. Purchasing the best garage workbench is frustrating if you do not know what to look for, do you go for steel with an MFD top or a solid wood workbench that will probably outlive you?

Below, you will find small tips to help you get the best model that provides good value for money.

The materials used to make the workbench is probably the most important consideration

Consider a workbench with a high impact surface

Wood workbench top that is durable and well used

For the sake of durability, the materials used in making the garage workbench are important. A workbench needs to absorb impact without damage and be easy to clean for hygiene purposes. In many cases, garage workbenches feature a metal frame supporting MDF/plywood/glue-laminated timber but some are constructed from solid wood.

Steel frames are often durable but also more lightweight than solid wood but not as sturdy

The steel frame is typically powder-coated to prevent rust it’s also much lighter than a solid wood bench. In addition, you need to consider the quality of the workbench surface provided which is usually MDF. The downside is that they usually have a much smaller maximum capacity than a solid pine workbench.

MDF surfaces are affordable but need replacing sooner than some premium alternatives

MDF surfaces are common because they are cheap compared to plywood or glue-laminated timber. They are good at absorbing impact but after a while, they require replacement. If you have an unlimited budget, you can seek models with glue-laminated timber surfaces as they provide superior durability for usually at a cost.

With some worktops, you also get construction-grade pressure treated timber for the worktop instead of MDF which is much more durable. Also, those that use MDF sheets can vary from 7mm MDF to much thicker 18mm MDF sheets.

Get the largest workbench your space and budget can accomodate

Choosing the right workbench height and size

How much space do you need to work, and does it correlate with the storage space available? You may want a large workbench, but the space in your garage is limited. You can pick a smaller and lighter table, which will save on space while providing enough work surface to get the job done.

Always look at the dimensions of the workbench and compare it with the dimensions of the space you have before purchase; this will save you any size mishaps. Remember you can never have too much workspace but you can have too little.

Another factor to consider is the height of the bench. You want a table that is suitable for your height to allow you to work comfortably. In general, you are looking for a workbench that is around 90cm (3ft) tall to be able to work comfortably.

Assembly should be easy and straight forward

Everyone knows how frustrating things can get while assembling products, think IKEA, most people dread it. Luckily, workbenches are not that hard to assemble because most have features such as boltless shelving so they just click together. This allows you to slot in the pieces without needing more tools.

Some models come partly built so you just need to screw a few sections together. I always recommend using a cordless screwdriver, it saves so much time.

You can get an idea of any assembly issues by going through the customer reviews of a particular product.

Maximum capacity

The workbench that you purchase must match the work you want to carry out. If you handle light projects, then you can purchase a workbench with a low capacity of say, 200-400kgs. If you plan to tackle heavy tasks, you want a more robust workbench with at least a 600-1000kg capacity. Usually, workbenches come with shelves to permit equal distribution of weight while providing additional storage.


Why is it important to have a garage workbench?

If you enjoy tweaking, making, or repairing things, a workbench gives you ample room to do so without the worry of damaging the surface. Workbenches are designed to handle both light and heavy work, and they come with adjustable shelves; therefore, your tools will always be at hand. Once you are done with work, you can clear the workbench out and use it as a regular table.

What is the ideal workbench height?

This depends on your height and the job you are carrying out. A low workbench will have a height between 20-30 inches while a tall workbench will be between 38 and 39 inches, which is ideal for power tool use. Look at the dimensions of the product before purchase because most models lack an adjustable height feature.

How do I maintain my garage workbench?

Maintaining a workbench is simple. Just try to clean the surface after every use to prevent dirt from piling up. Also, check for any damages and repair or replace the parts to maintain the robustness of the structure. I recommend using a dust extractor vacuum to keep a workbench and area clean, most will even attach to your power tool.

Check out some dust extractors for workshops here

Final Conclusion

A workbench is not something you will buy often; therefore, it is important to put some thought into it, a decent model will last literally a lifetime. You want to make sure you got the best garage workbench for your purpose so that you can go about your business with no regrets.

If you have heavy projects to work on, I suggest the Arbor Solutions Workbench because it’s handbuilt, extremely durable and available in many sizes.

If you just want a small workbench for occasional use, our Best Pick, the Racking Solutions 2 Level Workbench is more than ideal and is a great choice for most people although it’s not ideal for mounting a vice on without some alterations. For the average DIY’er, this would be an easy job to do.

For those who need a workbench offering more storage solutions for tools, the PP Railing Steel Garage Work Bench is a great choice, with plenty of storage, a draw and not too big.

Remember; think of the work that needs to be handled, the space you have, your budget and you are good to go!

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