Top 5 Best Dust Extractors For Workshops & Power tools

Last updated on November 30th, 2021

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Best Dust Extractor Reviews

If you want to save time and ensure that your surfaces and workshop/garage are clean, a dust extractor is always a good idea and a worthy investment. Buying the best dust extractor model is not the most advertised or the most expensive, it all boils down to quality and power. If you are in search, you have come to the right place.

Read through the buying guide below and our detailed reviews to help you narrow down your search and choose the best model for your own needs.

Below is the winner of our ‘Best Pick’ the Bosch Professional GAS 35 M AFC Wet & Dry Dust Extractor which we think is the best dust extractor for most DIY enthusiasts as well as professional tradesmen and carpenters. It is perfect for use with most power tools, it can also be used with wet spills for vacuuming and has a decent 35-litre capacity, big enough for a small workshop whilst still being compact enough for taking on jobs.


Bosch Professional 06019C3160 GAS 35 M AFC Wet & Dry Dust Extractor
The Bosch Professional GAS 35 M AFC Wet&Dry Dust Extractor is perfect for use with a wide range of power tools and the compatible power tools can also be plugged directly into the extractor itself. This model can be used for vacuum cleaning and this extends to wet spills as well. Audio signal will alert the user to any blockages, low suction and when it is full. The Bosch Dust Extractor offers a large 35L capacity and this will help to prevent constant stopping to empty.

The Top 5 best dust extractors for the DIY enthusiasts and professionals

  1. Bosch Professional 06019C3160 GAS 35 M AFC Wet&Dry Dust Extractor – BEST PICK
  2. Makita DVC350Z 18v Cordless Li-Ion Vacuum Cleaner/Dust Extractor – BEST CORDLESS PICK
  3. DJM Workshop 1100w Dust and Chip Collector Extractor
  4. Festool CTL MINI GB Cleantec Mobile Dust Extractor
  5. Scheppach HD2P 240v Extractor/Dust Collector – BEST COMPACT PICK

Our Buyer’s Guide

Do you know what features make a dependable dust extractor? What size of unit are you purchasing? All these questions act as guides to point out the kind of unit that you need. Selecting a dust extractor is very simple due to the fact that they are easy to use, but you need to consider which features you need, the capacity, as well as whether you need a large corded model or an easy to transport cordless lightweight dust extractor.

You also need to consider what it will be used for, perhaps you only need one for connecting to a belt sander or jigsaw. Maybe you need a more powerful model to use with a router table or for vacuuming a large workshop.

Regardless of what you need one for, here’s what you need to know when selecting a dust extractor:

What is the suction power?

When talking of power in dust extractors, we are talking about the CFM rating. The CFM rating which stands for Cubic Feet per Minute, determines the basic airflow being produced for suction purposes. Models that are of a lower rating will not be as powerful as the larger sizes and they will take considerably more time to suction a large amount of dust.

Remember that the higher the CFM, the faster work gets done. Models with ratings of 50-150CFM are appropriate for light-duty work whilst industrial models can go as high as 300CFM or higher. On some models, you have the option to adjust the suction depending on what job it is being used for.

Size of the dust extractor

Dust extractors cannot be compared to the small car vacuums and thus will take up considerably more space. As a user, you need to look at your work area and find adequate space for this unit. The larger the unit, the heavier it is and the more storage space it takes. If you want a tool for light work, choose a small model that is easy to manoeuvre around with.


Scheppach HD2P 240v Extractor/Dust Collector
We like how this unit is contained and compact. On top of offering adequate room for you to store all your attachments, this extractor offers 3 functions under one model. Furthermore, the price is very friendly on the pocket. When you are done with work, simple organisation and storage won’t take much time. Good features offering you value for your money is what we like to see in a product. We think this is a great choice for the home user looking for an affordable model for using around the home on projects over the weekend etc.

Does it support wet/dry applications?

Sometimes we do not have a choice over the kind of mess that occurs in our work area. When these sudden cases arise, your dust extractor should be able to assist you. Ensure that you read the specifications of the product to confirm if it supports any of these features separately or combined. The same principle applies here in the case that the higher the PSI the more water you will be able to suction at a given time. Not all models can be used to clear up water so always check first. Our ‘Best Pick’ does support clearing up spills.

What of the capacity?

The capacity of the collection compartment determines how often you will have to empty the unit. If by chance you were looking for a dust extractor to use occasionally, you need not worry about the capacity as such. Those who use these extractors on a regular basis are the ones to fret over capacity unless they enjoy frequent emptying. You can get models that offer capacities from 10 litres to 50 litres depending on the model. According to your needs and surroundings, select a model with ample capacity and at the same time consider the overall weight.


The whole world is concerned over respiratory issues, as they should be, and that is why safety officials ensure that adequate filters are fitted in these machines. Many models on the market you will find that they either use the HEPA filter or the Microfilter. Both work distinctively well but HEPA filters are preferred generally due to their binding characteristics.

Wood dust and comment present dust of various textures. HEPA filters are great at trapping allergens and microbes that are responsible for respiratory problems. These filters are also adequate due to the fact that they do not clog easily. It is better to look for filters that can be washed and recycled. They save you money in the long run. Some models even have automatic filter cleaning built into the machine.

Hose length and attachments

Adequate length equals adequate reach. If you have a long hose you are able to reach places that would normally escape a short hose. The hose itself should be made of quality material that is able to withstand the wear and tear of constant use. The hose should be securely fitted to the extractor to prevent dust from being released back to the environment unexpectedly.

Dust extractors don’t cover open surfaces only. If you have the right attachments you can get to those nooks and crannies. These attachments also need to be secured safely and offer easy release so as to make the users work easier.

Onboard storage and variable speed

Onboard storage is not a feature you find in all models, however, it is rather convenient. Whether you are working indoors or outdoors, the extra storage compartment will provide shelter for the objects and tools you need. Also, provisions for cable and hose storage are recommended to keep these features out of harm’s way.

Variable speed is not something that is common in all models either. There are models that give you the choice to select the suction power you want to work with. The suction power is usually regulated depending on the amount of material to be cleaned and the diameter of the hose attachments etc.


Makita DVC350Z 18v Cordless Li-Ion Vacuum Cleaner/Dust Extractor
The Makita DVC350Z 18V Cordless Li-Ion Vacuum Cleaner/ Dust Extractor/ Blower is our cordless model of the moment. The unit depends on the latest lithium-ion batteries to provide a running time that will get the job done. Although the running time is not as long, it does not mean that it doesn’t have any tricks up its sleeve. The provided functions, which include extracting and the blower function, makes the machine even more useful. Lightweight and easy to carry around, the unit would be perfect for domestic use as well as for professionals for smaller jobs. Do you like it? Why not grab it.

What of the wheels?

For medium to large-sized models, it is always a good idea to confirm the quality of wheels. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to drag a heavy unit with sub-par wheels. Look at the number of wheels provided and inquire about the construction materials. Castor wheels are usually preferred due to their strength.

Noise Level

Noise level affects those working in noise-sensitive environments. In this case, you need to confirm that the dB levels are low. The higher the decibel rating the worse your neighbours will complain. Machines ranging from 60-85dB are manageable, higher than 95dB, you need mufflers to protect your ears.


How much are you willing to spend? That is the question. Whether you want to spend a few hundred pounds or less, the choice is yours. The thing to remember is to make sure that the quality within that price range is worth it. If the quality doesn’t match up, look for a model that provides you with the quality you need.

Now that you have a good idea of what features to look out for, below are our top five models, which we think are the best overall so you are sure to find the model that is right for your needs and budget. We start with our very impressive ‘Best Pick’ followed by the rest.

Our Top 5 Dust Extractor Reviews

1. Bosch Professional 06019C3160 GAS 35 M AFC Corded Wet/Dry Dust Extractor


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Bosch Professional 06019C3160 GAS 35 M AFC Wet/Dry Extractor (1.200 W, 3 m extraction pipe, 5 m hose, crevice nozzle, disposal bag, elbow, floor nozzle set, PES flat-pleated filter, in cardboard box)

The Bosch Professional 06019C3160 GAS 35 M AFC Wet/Dry Dust Extractor is a class M unit and is about as good as dust extractors get, simply put this model is amazing. What this means is that it can deal with dust that is very fine compared to the L-rated models. The higher the rating class, the finer the dust collected can be dealt with.

It is a model that features an automatic cleaning function. This function allows the machine to facilitate effective and continuous suction. The 1200 watt unit is built according to the European Union’s specifications meaning your respiratory health is catered for as well as ensuring maximum suction.

The unit is fitted with a stable, durable chassis that is able to withstand being moved around. The model even has static dissipating equipment which means that you don’t have to deal with the problems that come with static charging.

When you need to connect a power tool to use, there is a power socket provided. Not very many brands provide this feature, therefore, be sure to confirm before purchase. In terms of extra accessories, you have nothing to worry about. You will find chrome plated extraction tubes, a floor nozzle, a crevice nozzle and a power tool adapter.

Considering that this model can accommodate both water and dust, it is important that you know the capacity. It can contain 19.5 litres of water whilst the net capacity for dry vacuum applications is 35 litres so you have plenty of room. If you have a lot of cleaning to do, you will not empty the unit as regularly.

This unit contains a PES filter that is capable of retaining fine dust. You will also find a disposable dust bag provided for cleaning purposes and to ensure easy removal of the waste. When the unit accommodates the full capacity of water indicated, it will automatically shut off. This safety feature prevents damage to the machine and keeps the contents from spilling back to the surfaces.

When the flow rate drops to a minimum, the audible signal will let you know that it is time to shut down the unit or increase the flow rate. You have the ability to select the suction power you want to work with. With variable suction, you are able to pick up dense material with ease.

The 12.4kg unit has a filter surface of 6,150 cm². Since it is not so light, the wheels will facilitate easy movement from location to location. This unit measures 72.6 x 59.6 x 39.4cm.


  • Perfect for using with power tools as well as clearing up large areas of chippings and even spills.
  • Meets European Union class M standards for safe use.
  • Features both dry and wet suction applications which means it can be used for collecting dry waste such as wood chippings and dust as well as water spills.
  • Offers a connection port for power tool use which means you can plug power tools directly into the dust extractor.
  • Provides audio signals to alert the user when it is full, blocked or experiencing low suction.
  • Features automatic cleaning filters to ensure suction continuity, this cleans the filter every 15 seconds.
  • It automatically shuts off when full capacity is attained.
  • Offers a large 35 litre capacity to deter frequent emptying.


  • Runs optimally when connected to a direct power source. Those with generators will not enjoy its full output.
  • Fairly expensive in comparison to some models.

Our recommendation

The Bosch Professional GAS 35 M AFC Dus Collector is quality and function at its best and is, without doubt, one of the best models by a long way. The features alone outperform most other models not to mention the performance and build quality. 

The unit looks heavy but you will find it surprisingly light to move. This unit can be used at worksites with ease as it comes with both dry and wet functions meaning it can be used to clear up spills which make it stand out from most other models.

Those with power tools can connect them with ease too and they will find that it does an amazing job at collecting all the dust. When you have finished working it will even cope with large piles of wood chips, not to mention large spills of liquid. The wheels are strong and at least they provide all the attachments you need for immediate work. For the price you pay for this item, you are guaranteed its quality. It may be expensive but for anyone looking for a serious model for professional use or even a DIY enthusiast working out of their garage, this model is worth investing in.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

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2. Makita DVC350Z 18V Cordless Li-Ion Vacuum Cleaner/ Dust Extractor


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Makita DVC350Z 18V Li-ion LXT Vacuum Cleaner – Batteries and Charger Not Included

The Makita DVC350Z 18V Cordless Li-Ion Dust Extractor / Blower offers you a number of functions for the right price. You can use it as a regular vacuum or extractor attached to a power tool such as a circular saw or utilise its blower function using the attachments. When you fix the right attachments, you just need to flip a switch to pick which function you want.

The unit is light weighing in at only 2.28kgs. This means that you can easily strap it on your shoulders and get to work. If you do not want to strap it onto your shoulders, you can always use the ergonomic handle provided to handle the unit whilst it is in use.

This model is a cordless unit meaning that batteries are required. With this unit, you need to use 18V Lithium-Ion batteries but we would recommend using the 5Ah ones to make the most of it as this will give you around 30 minutes of suction. These batteries are not included so be sure to factor in the cost of the batteries before purchasing.

Starting softly, you can select the speed that you want to work with. This gives you an option when dealing with difficult material. The maximum airflow velocity of this model is 90m/sec. It is not as powerful as the larger corded models but for light tasks, it will do.

As for capacity, we are looking at 3 litres. That is to be expected due to the size of the model itself. When filled, simply detach the bag to empty. The hose provided is 2.5 meters in length so you have a bit of reach, but considering that it is cordless, you are not entirely restricted.

You get a 3-year warranty on this item for full peace of mind. The overall dimensions of the product are approximately 30 x 35 x 25cm.


  • Being cordless gives you the freedom to work anywhere.
  • Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre which means it is very portable.
  • Features both a strap and handle to provide the user with comfort.
  • Offers two-functions for the price of one, suction and blower.
  • Provides variable speed for suction level selection.
  • 3 years warranty for full peace of mind


  • Battery and charger sold separately.
  • Short run time even with the 5Ah battery which only gives around 30 minutes. 
  • Not suitable for larger applications such as table saws etc.

Our recommendation

The Makita DVC350Z 18V Cordless Li-Ion Dust Extractor and Blower is perfect for light tasks and using with smaller power tools such as jigsaws, circular saws, routers and any other small power tools with a dust extraction port. It doesn’t have a large capacity and thus you should expect frequent emptying. We like that it offers two major functions at an affordable price. Although it does not have a long-running time as you get around 30 minutes max, it serves with vigour.

This would be for those who are looking for a quality lightweight cordless machine. You will have to add the cost of the batteries and charger but apart from that, it is workable. For domestic purposes or small workshops, it will do just fine and overall does a great job when used with power tools or as a small vacuum.

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3. DJM Workshop 1100 watt Dust and Chip Collector Extractor 50L

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DJM Heavy Duty Industrial Workshop 1hp Dust Collector Dust Extractor 240v

The DJM 50l Workshop 1100 watt Dust and Chip Extractor offers you large capacity and user-friendly features all at an affordable price and is perfect for DIY enthusiasts working in their garage or workshop. The first thing you notice about this model is its colour and cylindrical tank. The hose measures 1500mm x 100mm, therefore, you are assured of ease of movement but the hose is a little stiff when compared to some other hoses that come on the other models.

As mentioned previously, workshops are the beneficiaries of this unit’s features. The large 50-litre capacity compartment affects ease of use by minimising emptying trips. The collection bag is easy to empty using the clamp installed. If you intend to use this unit occasionally, you will find that you empty the collector once or twice in a span of a few weeks.

As for filters, they can’t be missing. This model supports a filtration level of 0.5 microns. Both your environment and lungs will have nothing to complain about after a few hours working away. Your ears will still be of good use too, the 1100w motor runs quietly compared to lower quality machines so it is surprisingly quiet.

To use this machine is very simple, it comes with 5 attachments that you can use to make clean different surfaces and locations. If you have a planer thicknesser or a sander then this unit can be your new friend. You will be able to keep your surfaces clean and store the hose away safely.

Operating at 500CFM, you will find that you have enough power to suction dirt particles with ease. The 12.1kg unit is very affordable and simple to use. What more can you ask from a simple unit?


  • Perfect for use with power tools for collecting dust as you work.
  • Large capacity tank to hold a large amount of dirt and dust.
  • Comes with all the needed cleaning attachments.
  • Offers powerful suction for effective cleanup.
  • It has a dependable clutch for the dirtbag release.


  • Might be a tad noisy for some.
  • The hose is somewhat rigid – could be a bit more flexible.

Our recommendation

The DJM Workshop 1100 watt Dust and Chip Collector Extractor is an affordable model for a workshop and retails at around a quarter of the price of our best pick. It does not have too many features making it very simple to use.

You also get excellent value for your money because all the needed attachments have been provided. It is a powerful model offering 500CFM to work with.  Those looking for a simple dust extractor for their power tools or saws can purchase this model. The hose could do with a bit of work but that is nothing that cannot be managed. Great price for a great value.

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4. Festool CTL MINI GB Cleantec Mobile Dust Extractor

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Festool CTL MINI GB Cleantec Mobile Dust Extractor, 240 V

The Festool 240v CTL MINI GB Cleantec Mobile Dust Extractor is a mini helper that you can use with all your powers tools and plug them directly into the extractor using the built-in 3 pin socket. Its compact design makes it manoeuvrable in tightly spaced areas. It only weighs 8.8kgs so you can only imagine how lightweight it is compared to the other models featured in our review.

This mini model is a class L model according to European standards. This means that the allergens being allowed to pass through are slightly bigger than the class M models. The 240-watt model combines adequate cyclonic suction to collect your dust and over waste when used with tools such as saws. This suction is constant and proves effective and even works automatically with tools when used in auto mode.

Air pollution is a real concern around the world and that is why models like these have to incorporate filters in any way they can. This model uses a 10-litre filter bag to house all the dirt particles the machine picks up. The capacity is not large but since it is a mini model, it is not surprising.

For those who have systainers (storage boxes), you will find the dock adequately designed to securely hold the box. You will see that the systainers lock without a hitch on the deck. This lockable fit makes the unit stable during transportation.

Is it wet or is it dry? That doesn’t carry any weight when it comes to this model since it can attend to both. It has a maximum volume flow of about 3700 litres per second. The maximum airflow generates is 24000pa. With an electric cable of 7.5 meters, you can easily reach a few areas with ease.

The hose is another thing that should be measured to determine actual usability. This extractor offers a 4-meter hose that is well connected to give you optimal suction. When you are through with your projects, there is a compartment that will hold the coiled cable.

With variable suction speeds and a locking brake, it is easy to see why many love this product. It measures 430 x 330 x 422mm and operates quietly, it is simply a wonder to use.


  • Perfect for using with various tools such as table saws, jigsaws, circular saw, the list goes on.
  • Socket for plugging in power tools and auto switch which means it switches on automatically when used with power tools plugged in.
  • Lightweight but stable and durable construction making it perfect for a busy workshop.
  • Designed with compartments for both cable and hose storage.
  • Can perform both dry and wet functions.
  • Offers powerful cyclonic suction for optimum performance.
  • Designed with a proper and secure landing dock for systainers.
  • Features variable speed to effect proper cleaning.
  • Runs quietly, thus does not cause noise disturbances.


  • Could be rather costly to some but not as expensive as the Bosch model.

Our recommendation

The Festool CTL MINI GB Cleantec Mobile Dust Extractor is another machine that can handle both dry and wet applications and is a great alternative to the Bosch model although the capacity is a little smaller. What we admire about this unit is its ability to be lightweight and compact. We appreciate that space was made for cable storage as poor storage leads to damaged wires.

We appreciate the accommodation of systainers which can be purchased separately to store things in and attach to the extractor.

We would recommend this for those in search of a high-end dust extractor for their home workshop. It is a bit pricey but at least you have all the features you need. Overall another great model, the one we reviewed is a mini model but they also do a midi which has a slightly larger capacity. This was actually a close second to our ‘Best Pick’ the next best choice overall.

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5. Scheppach HD2P 240v Extractor/Dust Collector


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Scheppach HD2P 240V Extractor/ Dust Collector/ Vacuum/ Inflator with Attachments

The Scheppach HD2P Dust Collector comes with attachments and is a good bargain for three in one functions. You can use it as a dust collector when using your different power tools, as a vacuum or blower for cleaning up areas or as an inflator for different projects and it’s also great for blowing up air beds.

The unit depends on a 1200 watt motor to produce the right amount of suction. You are not likely to experience any clogging due to the filters provided. The filters are positioned next to the collection bag to facilitate the effective entrapment of dust.

Collected dust is then deposited into the 5-litre collection bag which is sizeable. The different attachments provided ensure that you have all the tools to clean as per surface. These accessories can be stored within the unit itself making access and organised storage available.

Another thing that can be seen is the easy store-away this unit provides. The detachable parts of the unit like the hose have an accessible compartment that you can utilise. This feature makes the unit easy to store away without anything missing.

The 6.4kg unit offers a maximum air output of 120 m3/h which is perfect for light-handed jobs. The package comes with four attachments and a 2-meter hose which gives you some mobility to reach higher areas. The whole unit measures 450 x 350 x 227mm.


  • Can be attached to power tools, used as a shop vacuum or blower and used for inflating.
  • Lightweight thus can be moved from one location to the other without strain.
  • Features on board storage for attachments.
  • The dust bag is easy to disengage and empty.
  • Offers dependable filters to trap dust.


  • Slightly noisy.
  • Dust bag could be of better quality to prevent dust re-emittance into the air.
  • Suction is not powerful enough to handle heavy functions.

Our recommendation

The Scheppach HD2P Extractor/ Dust Collector/ Vacuum/ Inflator is the kind of unit you get if you are tied down to space. This little machine is not as large as say the Bosch Professional GAS 35 M AFC Dust Extractor, but it is very convenient. For the price that you fetch this machine, you can only expect to find simple features.

The good thing is that it has three functions that you can make use of. It has a few problems but for light projects, it will not disappoint. It has adequate storage and it is well built. If you want a simple machine that can operate more than one function, this might be a good choice. Probably a better choice for the home user looking for a model to use every now and again.

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Final Conclusion

You may be in search of a corded or cordless extractor to use for your projects. If you are using cordless units ensure that the running time is decent by investing in the larger capacity batteries, ideally at least 5Ah. The longer the running time, the more work you can get done before recharging.

As for corded units, ensure that the length is adequate and that there is proper storage for them. Whether you are looking to do wet or dry functions, ensure that the motor is capable of keeping up. If the motor is good and the features are in place, work has never been easier. One thing all the models above have in common is that they all have excellent suction.

Below is a quick overview of some of our favourite models:


We chose the Bosch Professional GAS 35 M AFC Wet/Dry Dust Extractor simply because it offered the best quality features and performance that was simply unrivalled.

Being that it can serve both dry and wet functions, it makes it adaptable to different situations. We also like the filters used to better the quality of air for those with respiratory issues. On top of that, it has a large capacity and features audio indicators to alert the user. We found that this model would serve well in both professional and domestic environments even though the price is a bit high. But to be honest, top-notch equipment doesn’t come cheap.

If you have a budget this model really is hard to beat and is worth every penny.


We like how this unit is contained and compact. On top of offering adequate room for you to store all your attachments, this extractor offers 3 functions under one model. Furthermore, the price is very friendly on the pocket. When you are done with work, simple organisation and storage won’t take much time. Good features offering you value for your money is what we like to see in a product.

We think this is a great choice for the home user looking for an affordable model for using around the home on projects over the weekend etc.


The Makita DVC350Z 18V Cordless Li-Ion Vacuum Cleaner/ Dust Extractor/ Blower is our cordless model of the moment. The unit depends on the latest lithium-ion batteries to provide a running time that will get some work done. Although the running time is not as long, it does not mean that it doesn’t have any tricks up its sleeve. The provided functions which include extracting and the blower function make the machine even more useful. Lightweight and easy to carry around, the unit would be perfect for domestic use as well as for professionals for smaller jobs.

Now that we have made your path straight, we are confident in your ability to select the right dust extractor for you. In the case that you have not found a model that tickles your fancy, you can check on this site for more dust extractor reviews. You might find even more dazzling products to make your life a bit more like cold lemonade quenching your thirst on a hot day. All the best.

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