5 Best Planer Thicknessers – Buyer’s Guide With Reviews

Last updated on March 24th, 2023

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Choosing The Best Planer Thicknesser and The Best Models for DIY Enthusiasts and Professional Tradesmen

When you get your hands on either soft or hardwood boards you want to get rid of some of the imperfections present and make all the boards the same size and thickness. The planer thicknesser combines two functions into one unit and allows you to do just that.

We assume you are looking for a good thickness planer and we are here to help you along the way.  There are many who have purchased unreliable models when looking for the best planer thickness to handle their projects. Where they faulted was lacking the right information and understanding product features.

They say a stitch in time saves nine, therefore consider this review your stitch in time. You will find a buying guide and varied brands represented here. The information provided will prove beneficial to you. Shall we begin?

Before we begin we would like to bring our attention to the winner of our ‘Best Pick’, which after many hours of research and much debate, we came to the conclusion that the Makita 2012NB/2 Thicknesser is the best model for most people both the amateur DIY enthusiast and professional tradesmen.


Makita 2012NB/2 Thicknesser
The Makita 2012NB/2 offers extendable table support for longer pieces of wood, and this planer thicknesser comes with an 8.5m per minute feed rate. It offers an adjustable planing depth between 3mm and 150mm and a wide planing width of 304mm. Powered by a powerful 1650w motor, it also has dual-edge blades. These blades will save you both time and money as they provide optimal use.

The 5 Best planer thicknessers which we have included in our review are listed below.

  1. Makita 2012NB/2 Thicknesser – BEST PICK
  2. Triton TPT125 Thicknesser – RUNNER UP
  3. DeWalt DW733 1800w Portable Thicknesser – BEST WORKSITE PICK
  4. DART F22-564-250 Planer Thicknesser – BEST STANDALONE PICK
  5. Metabo MPTDH330 1800w Thicknesser

The Top 5 Best Planer Thicknessers

Let’s present you with our top 5 models. Depending on your needs and preference, you can select which models contend for the best planer thicknesser in your eyes.

We have our opinion but we cannot force it on your personal tastes. Read through the planer thicknesser reviews and pick for yourself. We do start with our ‘Best Pick’ which is probably the best choice for most people as it is a great machine that offers excellent value for money.

1. Makita 2012NB/2 Thicknesser


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Makita 2012NB/2 Thicknesser, 220 V, 1650 W, 304 mm Blue Large

The Makita 2012NB/2 Thicknesser gives you an almost vintage feeling when you look at it. The 28kg unit has the distinctive Makita blue colour we have all come to know and you can see straight away it’s a well-built machine. Compared to some of the models we have seen it is rather small but nonetheless powerful. This makes it perfect for taking job to job.

Let us talk about dimensions, the table, in general, is 304mm x 771mm. The planing width is 304mm while the maximum planing depth is between 3mm and 150mm. Any piece of wood that exceeds these measurements may warrant the use of a larger planer thicknesser so bear this in mind when choosing the model for you but it is perfect for planing boards to the same depth.

A proper planer thicknesser needs a mechanism that helps the user work with different depths of the wood. With this model, you can adjust the depth depending on the size of the wood. If you happen to be working on a long piece of wood, the table extensions will offer vital support which is a nice little feature, not every model has,

The blades used here end up saving you money because you can use them twice. The double-edged blades can be switched around once one side goes blunt. The unit even features a dead stop in the case you want to indulge in repeated cuts which is another great feature.

The 1650 watt motor supports a constant speed of 8500 rotations per minute. Because of the speed, you would think that the unit could be noisy. That is not true, this planer thicknesser has a noise level of 83dB which is very manageable and surprisingly quiet.

An LED indicator can be seen whenever the machine is plugged into a power source. The little compartment provided can be used to store the tools you need near you whilst working. This compartment is not important but it makes life a little simpler.

For dust collection measures you will find the dust port available for use. Connect using the proper adapters or to a compatible workshop vacuum. The unit is stable due to the 4-poster design that most benchtop units have. In the box, you will find an accompanying wrench, dust extraction hood and a magnetic holder.


  • Features an LED indicator that lets the user know it is ready for use.
  • Offers adjustable cutting depth depending on the size of wood.
  • A detachable storage compartment for tools helps with organisation of tools.
  • Its dual edge blades save you money and time due to optimal use.
  • Designed with a dead stop that can be used at any given time.
  • Offers extendable table support for long pieces of wood.


  • Can be quite heavy for daily transportation to the worksite but this also help it feel more stable when in use.
  • No adjustable speeds.

Our recommendation

The Makita 1650w 2012NB/2 Thicknesser is worth every penny. The manufacturer has provided the right medium for you to work with comfort. The tables are extendable to accommodate long pieces of wood and the blades are of superior quality.

For a workshop or DIY enthusiast, this machine would be one of the better choices. It is a bit on the higher side price-wise but this is a machine that can serve you for years to come. We love the tool compartment, it adds an extra function to the planer thicknesser.

After much consideration we decided that this model was the best choice to be awarded our ‘Best Pick’, largely due to its features, performance and of course value for money, there are cheaper alternatives but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. If this is within your budget we would recommend paying a little extra, especially if you intend to use it frequently, it truly is an impressive model.

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2. Metabo 1800w MPTDH330 Thicknesser

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Metabo MPTDH330 1800 W 240 V Thicknesser

The Metabo MPTDH330 Thicknesser is compact in size and is ideal for worksites and mobility. This planer thicknesser weighs 35kg so is fairly heavy but manageable and measures 579 x 857 x 574 mm. It is not so small therefore make sure you have adequate storage space.

This planer thicknesser features stable gears that are able to facilitate fluid movements of the wood through the machine. Featuring two durable HSS blades the machine is able to scrape a maximum of 3mm of wood in one passing. Meanwhile, the maximum planer width is a very impressive 330mm whilst the maximum thicknesser height is 158mm, which is basically the maximum thickness of the board it can take.

For those wondering about the motor, it is very dependable. The 1800 watt motor is capable of supporting a speed of 9800 rotations per minute, again which is very good. The feeding rate is approximated at 7.5m/m which is enough to work with.

Another thing we observe is that the machine has safety features. If there is a power interruption, a mechanism is installed to disengage the unit until it is reset and ready for use. The cutter head is able to be locked in place so as to facilitate clean non-fiddly cuts.

You have the ability to adjust how deep the blade slices through the wood. If the piece of wood is large or small, the machine can be adjusted to suit the piece of wood. This is as long as it is within the specified range.

At the end of a long day, cleaning up is the last thing on your mind. If you have connected this unit to a workshop vacuum then you will have little to do and is highly recommended. It produces minimum heat thus making it energy-conscious.


  • Compact and stable for constant use.
  • Features large feeding tables to accommodate larger pieces of timber.
  • Offers a well-calibrated system that lets you adjust for the right style of cut.
  • Has a dust port which facilitates a clean working environment.
  • The cutter head can be locked into position for neat outcomes.
  • Includes a safety function that protects from electrical disruptions.


  • Quite a heavy model, so may it require substantial manpower for transportation.

Our recommendation

The Metabo 1800w MPTDH330 Thicknesser offers no trouble as long as you follow the manufacturers’ instructions. The specifications, according to the manufacturer, will tell you the maximum wood size to work with.

We like that they have an electrical safety feature installed and that the adjustment systems work without hitches. For those in the construction business or just regular DIY enthusiasts, this machine will serve you well. If you need a smaller machine, the Triton TPT125 Thicknesser is always a great alternative. Overall though, the Metabo Thicknesser is a great model that we would highly recommend.

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3. Triton TPT125 Thicknesser

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Triton 1100W Thicknesser 317mm TPT125 (583534)

The Triton 317mm TPT125 Thicknesser is a benchtop model weighing a whopping 29kg, making it one of the heaviest models and it has been designed to undertake some serious work. This model isn’t small thus make sure you have prepared adequate space. The motor operates on 1100 watts to support the speed of 17,500 cuts per minute offering excellent performance. Because it is not small, you have room to work with as the entire unit measures W38 x D60 x H47cm.

The planer thicknesser features sharp blades that can be replaced when both sides of the blade go blunt. With every pass, this unit cuts a maximum cutting depth of 2.4mm. Paired together with the fast speed, the result is a smooth manageable finish.

Parts of the table extend out to support wooden planks of different lengths. These tables also offer space where the wood can be worked on according to its depth. The table measurements can be approximated at 317 x 320mm. This unit can accommodate wood depth between 3.4mm and 150mm. The level of accommodation can be altered by the mechanism provided. Each step moves 1.5mm further up.

An effective circuit breaker ensures that no surges or electrical malfunctions mess with the planer thicknesser. With that set in place, dust ports can be connected to either side of the machine depending on your dominant hand. The ports using the right adapter can be used to keep your workshop clean.

You can fix the machine on your bench without worry thanks to the mounting holes so it can be fixed in place onto a workbench. All these features are accompanied by an impressive 3-year warranty, instruction manual, dust chute screws, crank handle together with the screw/cap and finally a dust chute.


  • Stable and rigid structure ensures durability.
  • Features wide feed tables to accommodate larger pieces of wood.
  • Features double-sided blades that can be exchanged when one side wears out.
  • Offers an adjustable wood depth to accommodate different wood sizes.
  • Provides a dust shoot for dirt collection.
  • 3 years warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Feed tables need re-calibration to avoid snipe.
  • Can be quite loud.

Our recommendation

The Triton TPT125 Thicknesser is a medium-sized benchtop planer thicknesser. It has high speeds combined with sharp blades to provide a very smooth finish. This model has quality features that can suit a small professional workshop or domestic uses.

It might be a bit loud but at least it offers you precise measurements so that your work can be of aesthetic appeal. If you like the features and it is within your price range then this is a good model that will not disappoint.

We think it is a great alternative to our ‘Best Pick’ and also has a slightly wider capacity but it is slightly more expensive. We did notice that it has around 300 reviews, which shows how good this model really is.

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4. DeWalt Dw733 1800w Portable Thicknesser

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DEWALT DW733-GB 230V Portable Thicknesser 1800W

The DeWalt 1800w Dw733 Portable Thicknesser can be mounted onto your workbench or carried to the worksite and it has been designed with professionals or hobbyists in mind who are looking for a top-notch reliable machine. This machine is supported by a powerful 1800 watt motor that is durable and designed for more demanding workloads. This motor happens to support a blade speed of 10,000 rotations per minute and a very impressive feed rate of 8 meters per minute.

There are two blades working to get imperfections from your hardwoods or softwoods. These blades, accompanied by the speed, will produce some rather pleasing effects. The cutting head is locked into position so that the blades do not move unwarrantedly and they are also reversible so you can turn them around once they start to show signs of becoming blunt.

The maximum thicknesser capacity is 152mm which can be adjusted according to the thicknesser scale provided. The maximum planing depth is 2mm and this can also be adjusted depending on the user’s needs.

This model, as we expected, features a dust port that can be connected to a vacuum or workshop dust extractor. If you have the right adapter you can save yourself some energy and cleaning time. The cutting table is extended enough to accommodate longer pieces of wood. In the same case, the metallic grate on top prevents objects from damaging the machine and the graduated depth crank makes accurate planing quick and easy.


  • Features a large in-feed and out-feed to accommodate larger pieces of wood.
  • 4 post column design allows the cutter head to move up and down smoothly and accurately for the best finishes.
  • Powerful 1800 watt motor for optimum performance.
  • The cutter head can be locked in position for precision cuts.
  • Operates at fast speeds and accompanied by sharp blades to provide the right texture.
  • Offers a dust port for organised dirt collection.
  • Provides an accurate scale for use.
  • 3 years warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Can prove quite heavy to transport. 
  • Expensive. 

Our recommendation

The DeWalt Dw733 Portable Thicknesser is a high-performance unit that you can trust and is probably the best choice overall for professionals looking for a machine they can trust and most importantly, will last.

We like that the unit can accommodate larger wood planks at 317mm compared to smaller models, (such as the Makita model which has a slightly smaller max planing width of 304mm) again another reason it is a great choice for professionals and why it has the slight edge over other models. We like that it is built to withstand the worksite environment and that it is durable, which are both big pluses for professionals that are looking for a reliable model.

Those who are loyal to the DeWalt brand can add this high-performance model to their stack of machines. It may be a bit heavy but it is not unmanageable. It is dependable and the price is fair due to the fact that it can fit well into both commercial and professional settings.

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5. DART F22-564-250 Planer Thicknesser


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The DART F22-564-250 Planer Thicknesser can definitely keep up with some hardcore jobs. It is smaller compared to some of the others in this review, but none the less it packs a really nice punch. The 240V unit supports a no-load speed of 9000 rotations per minute. The estimated feeding rate is 6m/min.

It is almost an industry standard that planer thicknessers come with strong blades. This 33kg machine uses sharp steel blades that can be replaced once they wear off. The table size of this unit in terms of planer procedures is 920x262mm. The thicknesser table can also be estimated at around 270x290mm. The maximum cutting width is 250mm. The blades will shave off 2mm while operating planer procedures and 3mm while using the thicknesser function.

A fence has been provided for guidance. The fence can be adjusted between 0-45 degrees depending on the goal of the cut. The aluminium fence is guaranteed to stay rust-free and impact resistant as long as excessive force is not used.

Dust collection mechanisms are facilitated by the 1000mm diameter dust port. If you have a vacuum that can fit right in then we recommend to use it, if not, find an adapter. All these features come with a three-year warranty that can be activated upon purchase.


  • Features wide in and out feed.
  • Has strong blades that travel at an an impressive 9000 rpm speeds to provide fluid, accurate cuts.
  • Offers a guide for precision and angled cuts.
  • It has a dust port for dirt collection.


  • Can be quite noisy.
  • Extraction vacuum recommended to stop the machine clogging up.

Our recommendation

The DART F22-564-250 Planer Thicknesser is the kind of machine you purchase if you are looking for quality at an affordable price. The planer thicknesser is not so large in terms of capacity so there are wood sizes that are limited.

The machine comes with a durable stand that raises the unit from the ground and it can accommodate both planer and thicknesser functions with ease.

If you need a no-fuss planer thicknesser for light work and are more than a DIY enthusiast then this is the model for you. Overall an excellent model and we like that it comes with a stand.

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Our Buyer’s Guide

What exactly do you look for in a sturdy planer thicknesser? Is it the size you are after or the overall capabilities of the unit? There are a few points we think will help you shed light on the kind of models that you would prefer. Take your time to understand the different features. Once you have these at your fingertips, you can look at any model and give it an honest rating in terms of specifications.

Power Specifications

The type of motor matters in elongating optimal functions. You can meet models that have synchronous, single phase, or asynchronous motors. What matters is that the motor is able to support the needed speeds. The speed (which is measured in rotations per minute) is an important factor in the quality of cuts.

Models ranging from 1200W -1700W can be considered adaptable to lightweight use. Models ranging from 2000W upwards can effectively handle whatever process is thrown at it. Whether you are working hardwoods or softwoods, the eveness will be incomparable.

Planing Width

Are you working with small pieces of wood or are you working with larger pieces? The planing width measured in millimetres will determine the size of wood that will pass through. Smaller tables range from 200mm to about 300mm. Larger pieces have a wider table ranging from over 400mm. professional workshops rely on larger tables to handle varied projects.

Planing Depth and Precision

When we use the term in dedication to the depth of shavings allowed. Are you able to adjust how much material is taken from the piece of wood?  If the maximum cutting depth is 2.4mm, then that is how deep the blades will go. Choosing a model that lets you adjust your piece of wood to the precise requirements you need will be convenient. There are units that do not offer adjustable planing depth, indicating that one has to run the wood through the machine a couple of times.

Make sure that the measuring equipment supplied is precise so as to avoid making mistakes when working. Whether linear or metric, clear instructions from the manufacturer are needed in order to adjust the measuring systems.

Thicknessing capability

If you look into different sizes of Planer Thicknessers you will find that all present a different capacity for thicknessing applications. The unit can only accept wood sizes within its range. If a machine can accommodate wood widths between 3.4mm and 15cm then that is the range to work with. You can get a model with a wider range if you are working in the furniture industry.

Spare accessories

The planer thicknesser that you have in mind may be made in a foreign country.  In some cases, spare parts are easy to find if you are located near large cities. In the case that you are in the middle of nowhere, you will have to consider shipping in spare parts which will be an extra cost.

If you go online you can get information about the availability of spare parts for the model you are interested in purchasing. If it will be a struggle, we suggest you seek local brands of the same magnitude.

Ease of Use

Having dust and wood chips flying around is neither good for your health nor aesthetically appealing. If you are using a benchtop model or a full industrial model, make sure that a dependable dust port is available at all times. You can use universal adapters in the case that the manufacturer has not provided one. Ordinary vacuums or workshop vacuums will work well, ensure the collection capacity is large enough to prevent dust re-emittance.

Guide systems are essential to the manoeuvring of different angled cuts. The guide is just there to ensure everything stays in position for precision.

A pusher is a feature that you get in some models that prevents your fingers from intersecting with the blades. These pushers are more convenient when working on small bits of wood.

Some models offer table extensions but they will cost you extra since not many have this feature. You can even find guide extensions if you need them that badly.

Blades and safety measures

The quality of blades is rather important especially if you are worried about the final finish. Most of the blades used in this field are fashioned after standard steel. These blades are durable and can be compared to the HSS steel.

The other kind is the tri metal blades. These blades are fashioned out of cobalt steel and can be trusted to provide optimal performance but they can be a bit costlier though. The more blades you have, the better for you especially if you are working at high speeds. The combination of both delivers fine cuts and even smoother finishes.

Safety is crucial when handling anything with a cutting edge. Machines equipped with emergency stop buttons are recommended. This is because you can stop the motor at any point in the process if you notice a mistake. A protective cover is essential for protection against cuts. The cover can be adjusted depending on the size of the project being worked on. Many recommend the bridged style protector as it provides easy access for precise cuts.

6 quick tips for using Planer Thicknesser

1. Avoid working in clothes that may easily get snagged, for instance, long-sleeved clothing.

2. Eye protection is recommended to avoid any distractions caused by dust.

3. Ensure that the unit is always lubricated to facilitate easy movements.

4. Replace or sharpen blunt blades to avoid ripples.

5. Regular repair and maintenance will increase the years of service.

6. Avoid working when distracted. You might end up feeding the machine a piece of wood and a piece of your own hand.

Final Conclusion

Finding the right planer thicknesser might seem frustrating at first but with the right guidance, the process is simplified. Decide on the size and amount of power need from your planer thicknesser and then decide whether you want a model which is perhaps a little cheaper for light use or a professional model such as the DeWalt Thicknesser for more intensive jobs.

Remember to always keep your hand away from the blades. It will save you a lot of tears. Finally, we have a quick roundup of 3 of our favourite models below.


The Makita 1650w 2012NB/2 Thicknesser does not have the largest planer width, but the features are very decent. It is a well-built machine and of course, offers excellent value for money as most Makita tools do. 

The detachable storage compartment and the LED indicator give the machine a user-friendly experience. With a maximum planing depth is between 3mm and 150mm and a maximum planing width of 304mm it really is perfect for home users as well a professionals.

After much debate over which model deserved to be awarded our ‘Best Pick’ pick, we decided this model by Makita was the best choice for the majority of people. The only other model we would recommend over this is the DeWalt Thicknesser, but this is also more expensive which is why it did not take the ‘Best Pick’ spot.


For those looking for a model that does not need to be used on a bench, there is not really much choice but the DART F22-564-250 Planer Thicknesser. This is a good choice if this is one of the main features you require.

It operates at high speeds and depends on sharp blades to smoothen out any imperfections. It does not have a large planer width but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in quality and performance. If you are looking for a model you can use without the need for a bench the is a dependable model that is also budget-friendly all things considered.

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We chose the DeWalt Dw733 1800w Portable Thicknesser due to its power and durable construction. The 1800-watt model comes with sharp blades and speeds of up to 10000 rpm which is higher than any other model. We love the wide feed tables and functional dust port. Although it may be a tad heavy, it will withstand the high impact rate that is usually present on construction sites as well as being used on a daily basis. The metal grate protects the machine from impact facilitated by falling objects. The price matches its admirable performance so it’s not a cheap model, however, all things considered, it is still a really good buy for such a robust and reliable machine from a trusted brand.

Have you seen the planer thicknesser you have been looking for? If you have not found one, find more planer thicknesser reviews to get more information on new and upcoming models. The market is flooded and the choices are unlimited. Keep a keen eye and you won’t regret it. 

We hope we have given you a good idea of which model might be the best choice for you and your own situation. All things considered, you cannot really go wrong with either the DeWalt 1800w Dw733 Portable Thicknesser or Makita 2012NB/2 Thicknesser.

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