Top 10 best screwdriver sets for the DIY enthusiast and professional tradesmen

Last updated on April 22nd, 2021

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Screwdrivers are essential accessories in any household. From fixing broken electronics to building flat-packed furniture and assembling garden equipment, they can be useful in many different ways. Instead of purchasing individual screwdrivers as you need it, it is a great idea to purchase a full set with multiple screwdrivers. Luckily, there is a cool range of sets on the market.

But as it turns out, there are many factors to consider when trying to choose the best screwdriver set for your needs. From 6-piece to 10-piece and 34-piece sets, there’s plenty to pick from. We scoured the internet for the best screwdriver sets on the market and compiled the top 8 to choose from.

Our favourite pick turned out to be the Stanley Fatmax 12 Piece Screwdriver Set. These are professional quality screwdrivers that are made from chrome vanadium steel bars for high torque, minimal chance of breakage and extra durability. They come in a nicely designed robust box that should last long too. Stanley has been committed to offering tools which are tough, pioneering and up to the task and this one certainly lives up to those expectations.

Find out more below and hopefully by the end of this guide, you would have found a good screwdriver set.


Stanley Fatmax 12 Piece Screwdriver Set
Arguably one of the best screwdriver set on the market, it comes with well-built pieces with handles moulded directly to the bar for a truly unbreakable bond. These are highly reliable and durable, with their large diameters offering great torque required for driving wood screws. Their shot blasted tips also ensure enhanced torque whilst smooth domed ends ensure fast-rotating action. Thanks to chrome vanadium steel bars, there is little chance of tip breakage, and their soft-grip handles make a perfect combination of the excellent grip plus minimal fatigue.


SolidWork 8-Piece Screwdrivers Set
Coming in a sturdy box, these screwdrivers are made of premium quality chrome vanadium steel which makes them extremely resistant to stress. Of course, they feature magnetic tips for enhanced screwdriving, and with their ergonomic and non-slip handles, driving screws is almost effortless. Every single piece is well-labelled its size so you can never go wrong when it comes to picking the right driver. Affordable and with 100% money back guarantee, this set certainly offers great value for money.

Top 10 Screwdriver Set Reviews

1. Fatmax 12 Piece Screwdriver Set


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The Fatmax 12 Piece screwdriver set review

The Fatmax 12 Piece Screwdriver Set is effective for regular duties. It does not come with varies bits for exchange. The screwdriver tips are permanently attached to the handles. The tips are moulded into the handle for better handling and torque. The handle is made wider to provide you with a firm and comfortable grip. The handles are coated with rubber to sustain your grip whether your hands have gloves on or not.

Colour coding is a convenient feature when it comes to organising and fast identification. Sometimes in the middle of work, you don’t have the pleasure of added time. You need to get work done as fast as possible. The colour coded screws are an identifier of all the types of screwdrivers available for use. You can spot them from far and make your work run smoother.

The tips on the screwdrivers have been fashioned from chrome vanadium steel. Chrome vanadium steel does not rust and it is robust enough to handle tough work. Paired together with round ends, these screwdrivers can handle a considerable amount of work. You can be certain that the tips will not go blunt after several uses. The tips provide you with the required amount of friction to drive in screws efficiently without causing damage.

This brand also comes with a 1-year guarantee. The guarantee is there to act as insurance. If you experience difficulties with the product. You can contact the manufacturer for solutions. The 1-year warranty will serve as enough time to test out the screwdrivers. This set comes housed in a plastic carrying case. The case is provided for easy storage and transportation. The case is see through to effect better visibility for easy selection.


  • High-quality chrome vanadium steel screwdrivers.
  • Wide aesthetically designed round handles for better handling.
  • Comes with a colour coded system for easy organisation and selection.


  • They are non-magnetic screwdrivers.
  • They are not electrically insulated.
  • The storage box can be of better quality.

Final conclusion

The Fatmax 12 Piece Screwdriver Set does not come with a wide variety of drivers but it covers the basics and most common. The vanadium steel is rust free and resistant to unnecessary damage. The tips have been treated to provide stability when driving screws. The 12 screwdrivers have been provided colour coded for easier identification. The colour coding gives you an easier time locating them in messy backgrounds. The vibrant colours make them even more appealing to the eye.

Though they are not insulated, they can be counted as among the very best high-quality screwdrivers. For this level of quality, you will pay more but its well worth paying extra for the quality and reliability that’s comes with using them. The price is high compared to some of the other brands featured. However, the quality of the products is simply unbeatable. The casing could do with an upgrade but that is a fault we can overlook. We recommend this product for general work around homes and commercial situations which is why we decided it deserved to be our best pick.

2. SolidWork 8-Piece Screwdrivers Set In a Sturdy Tool Case


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SolidWork 8-Piece Screwdrivers Set In a Sturdy Tool Case

The SolidWork 8-Piece Screwdrivers Set in a Sturdy Tool case comes with high-quality pieces made of chrome vanadium steel, making them capable of handling tremendous amounts of stress. In addition, the screwdrivers have a magnetic tip that is cured for additional stability in screw heads.

Another thing with these pieces is that they have ergonomic handles that fit nicely in your hand. The handles also have non-slip surfaces owing to the blend of hard/soft materials, and they allow for a great transfer of power. Brilliantly designed, the form of the handle prevents the screwdriver from rolling away.

This set comes in a compact box that can be stored easily in any workshop and it keeps your screwdrivers secured in one place, eliminating the need for searching each individual piece all over the place. You get 4 pieces for slotted screws, 3 Philipps screwdrivers and 1 voltage tester slotted piece. Each piece is marked its size on the handle to ensure that you always pick the right screwdriver for the task at hand.

Last but not least, SolidWork stands fully behind this product and they offer 100% money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the set. This applies within the first 12 months after your purchase.


  • The pieces come in a sturdy box.
  • Ergonomic handles with non-slip surfaces.
  • Easy to pick the right screwdriver thanks to markings on their handles.
  • 100% money-back guarantee for full peace of mind.
  • Affordable making them perfect for occasional DIY use.

Final Conclusion

This SolidWork 8-Piece Screwdrivers Set in a Sturdy Tool is a handy and nifty set with a wide range of shapes and sizes ready for any task that requires a screwdriver. The supplied box is sturdy and lightweight, allowing you to carry the pieces around with little effort. Their magnetic tips are a great help for holding onto screws and making them easy to drive in. The 1-year money back guarantee tells enough about the quality of this set. With nothing negative to report at the moment, this set is really worth every penny.

3. Stanley 34 pcs Screwdriver Set

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Stanley 34 pcs Screwdriver Set

Coming in at a cheaper price than the SolidWork set, this Stanley – STANLEY Screwdriver Set 34 pcs are as well magnetic tipped making them great at driving in screw and removing threaded screws. The standout thing is that you get 34 pieces to use for various tasks and these are; 8 cut Torx slotted Phillips, 5 precision screwdrivers and Phillips screwdrivers, 20 inserts and 1 screwdriver bit holder. These are all packed in a practical tray for organized storage and transportation.

When it comes to construction, the handles feature rubber material for a better grip and this guarantees top performance. Another thing to love about these screwdrivers is that they are clearly labelled, thus easy to pick the appropriate one for a given task.


  • Comes with a variety of screwdrivers to perform a wide range of tasks.
  • Solidly built pieces for durability.
  • With grip handles for ease of use.
  • More affordable than many other sets.


  • Carry case isn’t as practical as it looks in pictures.

Final conclusion

This Stanley Screwdriver Set 34 pcs provides loads of options at a very cheap price, making it such a good investment. The major selling point is that you get the very fine precision-type drivers. The only complain is the carry case, which many say it’s flimsy and won’t last long. Stanley should probably improve that and get a five-star rating for this product.

4. DeWalt 32 Piece- XR Professional Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Set

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DeWalt 32 Piece XR Professional Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Accessory Set Review

The DeWalt 32 Piece- XR Professional Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Set is impressive and well designed. They offer you 32-bits to choose from. The range is wide enough to cater to the projects around your home. The high-quality bits will be strong enough to withstand constant use. They are also gentle on your screw heads. You also have access to different types of bits that become convenient when working on multi-projects….

You need to keep track of your screwdriver head and bits. That is why DeWalt is offering you a colour coded bit organisation system. Now you can save time and identify the type of bit that you need. All this is without looking through all your bits with frustration. They are so aesthetically packaged, they make a good addition to anyone’s toolbox.

This DeWalt set comes in a protective box. This box has been designed to make sure that all your bits stay in place. The individual slots make it easy for easy cleaning. The set comes with a belt clip. The belt clip is a convenience every professional craftsman should have. You can transport and store your bits safely in the hard wearing case as you work. You count on the box housing your bits for years to come.

The bits are made from high-quality materials. The bits will be able to operate under constant pressure without wear. The bits are fashioned from S2 grade steel. They can be trusted to execute the job without tearing into the screw heads. Be sure to confirm the construction material of the bits before you purchase the set. This way you can gauge the strength of the bits.


  • Well-designed robust carriage box.
  • Colour coded bits for easier identification and organised storage.
  • Affordable price for a wide range of bits.


  • The carriage box fastener is vulnerable to damage.
  • The bit holder may be wonky, thus making the driving function a bit more challenging.

Final conclusion

The DeWalt 32 Piece- XR Professional Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Set is excellent for DIY endeavours and small scale professional projects. It may prove challenging to use in industrial applications. We love the fact that this product is well designed and well presented. The colour coded system will be convenient for those of us who love to work in a seamless manner. The price is just right for such an extensive collection of bits.

This product will serve you for years if you maintain the bits. It is important to make sure that you do not push the bits past their capability. That is how most people end up with torn screw heads or snapping the bits. This product provides you with value for your money. The lightweight design makes it a breeze to carry around. This product is an investment worth looking into.

5. Rolson 28882 58 Pieces Screwdriver Set

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Rolson 28882 Screwdriver Set - 58 Pieces - Review

The Rolson 28882 58 Pieces Screwdriver Set presents you with more detailed options to work with. You can select from the 52 bits for any project that needs detailed work. The bits are securely held in position inside the plastic carry box. You do not have to be content with misplacing your precious bits. You have a wide variety of bit types to select from. This versatile product is advantageous to those with DIY projects at hand.

The rubber handles provide you with firm and comfortable grip. Even with sweaty hands during those hot summer days, the grip remains adamant. You also will find it unbelievably comfortable for you to use with gloves on. The colour contrast on the screwdrivers makes them easy to spot in messy environments. The colour is also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

By now, we understand that the material that makes the bits is important. This set is equipped with steel bits. The material can manage a little tug here and there. The material is rust free. This means that you never have to worry about blunt and shabby looking screwdrivers.The box is built for easy maintenance. The plastic material is flexible enough to absorb a few blows. The design locks in the bits in positions so that they don’t move around. After a long day at work, you just wipe them down and put them away safely. This maintenance ritual will prolong the service time of the product.


  • The materials used to construct the bits are of high quality thus the robustness.
  • The plastic material of the carriage box is easy to clean.
  • Offer such a great price for all those bit options.
  • Great looking and ergonomically designed screwdrivers for longer use.
  • Color coded for efficient organisation.


  • Carriage box material deems the box rather vulnerable to long term wear and tear.
  • The bits are unable to keep up with heavy-duty projects.

Final conclusion

The Rolson 28882 58 Pieces Screwdriver Set is a bargain set. They offer all these bit types and sizes but the quality leaves us wanting. This set cannot handle industrial or construction projects. The tips would be unable to keep up with the constant wear and tear. If you are looking to spend a small amount of money for an intricate set, this is the one for you. The screwdrivers are at least comfortable to use for long periods of time without any soreness.

We would have loved for the carriage box material to be a bit stronger than that. The material on this product’s carriage box is certainly flimsy and vulnerable to damage. If the small flaws are not deterring enough, you can settle for this product. It will provide you with adequate services especially if you are working on small projects. You can decide to settle for fewer bit pieces but stronger and more durable bits.

6. Draper 81294 44 pieces’ screwdriver Set Plus Stand

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Draper 81294 Driver Set Plus Stand Review

The Draper 81294 44 pieces Screwdriver Set comes with a stand that acts as a storage unit. The set comes with a variety of screwdrivers and bits. You can go through all the 44 pieces to get exactly the right bit for your project. The stand is loaded with the essential types of bits that are popular with DIY or commercial services.

The bits are created from blasted chrome vanadium steel. This material is one made to withstand pressure and constant use. The days where bits used to go blunt due to rust are long and gone. The material is strong enough to withstand pressure but supple enough so as not to rip the screws when driving. Remember there are materials like aluminium that are not as strong.So select your bits wisely.

For all of those who work for extended hours can take comfort. The screwdriver handles are made to provide comfort and grip as you work. Those with sweaty hands or small hands, the handles are cushioned and well finished. There are no sharp edges sticking out that can cause discomfort while working.

The stand is designed with selective ports where the bits and the drivers are stored. The stand keeps the screwdrivers in position despite any angle that it is in. You will attest to the fact that the stand is not flimsily put together. The stand has a system built in to make sure the bits do not move unnecessarily.

The magnetic tips keep the bits in place as you work. You do not have to spend valuable time with complicated bit attachment mechanisms. With this model, you just pick attach them and detach them as you like. There is no pulling or twisting making this product is user-friendly and durable.


  • The stand is well made and can be mounted on walls.
  • The price is just right for such high-quality bits.
  • They are manufactured under the strict guidelines of the EU guaranteeing you of its quality.


  • The Allen keys might prove challenging due to limited reach.
  • Comes with an organised stand for easier access.
  • The colour is dull making them hard to spot in messes.

Final conclusion

The Draper 81294 44 pieces Screwdriver Set is impressive. We love the fact that it comes with secured slots for the bits and drivers provided. The ergonomic based design will offer your hands an easy time despite the material you are working on. The sand blasted tips give the tip a better hold on the screw. The Sand blasted chrome vanadium steel tips reinforce it with the extra strength to handle home or commercial applications.

You may have to shell out a few extra coins to purchase this model compared to other brands. It will be worth every cent, however. The stand encompassing all the bits is not heavy to transport or mount on a wall. You can enjoy these screwdriver sets if you keep them well maintained. Look out for the plastic case and keep it away from unnecessary damage.

7. Wera Kraftform 300 6 Piece Screwdriver Set

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Wera Kraftform 300 Screwdriver Set 6 Piece Review

The Wera Kraftform 300 6 Piece Screwdriver Set offers quality over quantity. The efficiently designed screwdrivers are designed for comfort and grip. The handles are fashioned from high-quality material. You may find that over time, the material on the handles tends to fade away. With this product, that will not be expected. We bet you would hardly feel any discomfort in your hands.

This set offers you the basic types of screw drivers. There are no detailed bits to work with. They can be used for regular chores and tidy around the house. They are strong enough to be used in some professional workspaces but not for heavy duty industrial work.

This brand offers the consumer bar markings for easy selection and identification. The screwdrivers types that are included in this package are the Pozidriv, slotted and cross-recess Philips. The tips have been designed to offer more traction while driving-in or out screws. The treated steel tips can handle strain without snapping or deform the screw itself.The steel is protected from damage that occurs due to the weather elements.The tips are slightly magnetic so you can use them to pick screws.

The screwdrivers come with a rack that facilitates easy storage. The rack can be mounted if needed for convenience. The storage rack is of good quality assuring its durability. The rack has individual slots for each driver. That way storage, cleaning and maintenance are made even simpler.


  • You get quality over quantity.
  • Well designed and pleasing to the eye.
  • Comes with a mountable storage rack.


  • Lacks the range needed for intricate work.
  • It could do with a carrying case for manageable storage and portability.

Final conclusion

The Wera Kraftform 300 6 Piece Screwdriver Set is good for general applications. These screwdrivers are moulded for strong grip and comfortable handling. Unlike some screwdrivers that cannot stay still on flat services, this brand is created not to roll over. The indentations increase traction for better stability.

These screwdrivers have non-slip blades meaning you can work without frustrations. The steel blades will last you long and are less likely to go blunt easily.The price is manageable for a high-quality standard screwdriver set. If you need a dependable screwdriver set, you can definitely depend on Wera Kraftform to deliver.

8. Stanley Multibit Ratchet Screwdriver Set

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Stanley Multibit Ratchet Screw Driver and Bits Review

The Stanley Multibit Ratchet Screwdriver Set presents itself as a one-man band. The screwdriver is equipped with magnetic sensibilities. This way the bit can be held in place while working. The magnets will also be of assistance when locating and storing the bits.

The model is capable of withstanding the corrosive nature of the work environment. The screwdrivers are formed with the durability in mind. The chrome plated stem is long enough to work with different lengths from school. The steel will hold under pressure no matter what material you are driving into.

The handle is made from two resistant materials. The material is able to keep up with daily use. The top cover has a form of padding to protect your hands from grazing or forming blisters. The textured finish will supply you with enough grip to effect maximum torque. Therefore, with maximum torque, you end up using a little effort.

For variation, the set comes with 10bits you can select to work with. The bits are constructed from strong materials that can remain sharp with constant use. The Three ratcheting position mechanism allows the screwdriver to work in a fixed, clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. This convenient mechanism will work perfectly in tight corners.

Ease of use is an important factor to consider when purchasing any kind of tool. Easy storage and maintenance are some of the features you need to consider. This Stanley model will make changing and storing the bits simple. The handle has internal storage compartment that can keep the bits safe as you go along with your activities.


  • The screwdriver is of light weight and reliable quality.
  • Comes with a functioning ratcheting positions for easier work.
  • Designed with an internal bit storage for convenience.
  • Affordable price for magnetic tipped screwdriver.


  • The bits may prove challenging to access especially for smaller sized hands.
  • The magnetic disk needs strengthening to retain the bits’ better.
  • Cannot handle heavy-duty work

Final conclusion

The Stanley Multibit Ratchet Screwdriver Set is for the uncomplicated individual. The colours on the handle are noticeable, so finding it will be very easy. The bits are varied in type and size. You can access these bits whenever you need them. This is facilitated by the storage compartment that is inbuilt. You will be able to keep track of your bits at every time.

This Stanley model comes at a very friendly price. This set is recommended for simple tasks that do not require industrial strength.even though the model needs a few strategic upgrades, we salute that it includes ratcheting positions. This easy to handle and easy store screwdriver will be a welcomed edition for those who are looking for dependable inexpensive screwdriver sets.

9. Draper 46479 RBS42 42 Piece Ratchet Screwdriver Set

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Draper 46479 RBS42 42 piece Ratchet Screwdriver

The Draper 46479 RBS42 – 42 Piece Ratchet Screwdriver Set is a compact little gift. You have been presented with a well-designed carriage box. This plastic carriage box will make certain that the bits are stationed in the right places. The bits have individual slots that they can be housed in. It makes a neat package.

The chrome vanadium steel bits ensure longevity and precision when working. The 42-piece set offers you an array of bits to select from. You can work on intricate projects with this product expecting only the best results. For the ratcheting function, the manufacturer has provided a ratcheting stubby. This stubby can be switched for the regular screwdriver extension. We find this fitting since these different functions require different structural support.

The bits provided in this set are compatible with attachment mechanisms found in the popular Pozidriv® brands. This feature is advantageous only you those who have adapted to said systems. The bits themselves are not magnetic, but they attach to the base beautifully. You have no worries when it comes to stability and torque.

For comfort while working, this set comes with bi-material handles. The materials satisfy two functions. These functions being decorative and protective. Your hands should not have to suffer. The grip is comfortable enough even with work gloves on. This easy to clean and easy to maintain set will provide you with useful service for times to come.


  • Comes in a display case for easy visibility and selection.
  • The product offers value for money in terms of bit range.
  • Compact and easily organizable bits.


  • They are not magnetic thus are limited in some sectors. For example, the computing world.
  • The product lacks an extension rod. Therefore, reach will be limited.

Final conclusion

The Draper 46479 RBS42 42 Piece Ratchet Screwdriver Set is another one that offers value for money. For a few coins, you get yourself a compact set that has enough variety in terms of bits. The handles are well made to make sure you don’t get sore hands. The size allows maximum torque to be applied in both the driving and ratcheting function. We like the overall presentation and quality of this product. We love the subtle style of this product as it is pleasing to the eyes. Both professionals and DIY enthusiasts can enjoy this product.

Those in search for magnetic tips will be disappointed. The bits themselves do not possess magnetic abilities. You can pick the DeWalt 32-piece set for magnetic bit holders. We believe that this product is durable and highly dependable for purchase.

10. Stanley 562573 10-piece Fatmax Insulated Screwdriver Set


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Stanley 562573 FatMax Screwdriver Set Insulated Review

The Stanley 562573 10-piece Fatmax Screwdriver Set was designed for those working with electrical current. The set comes with Pozidriv, parallel and Philips screwdrivers. The screwdrivers are tested to make sure that they meet the standards. The drivers can measure up to 1000Volts. These tools are a must have for standard electrical related work.

The chrome vanadium steel material makes the screwdrivers have the ability to withstand constant use. The durable material also allows the user to apply maximum torque when working. The material will hold under duress without snapping or bending. The bits are sharpened and well crafted. You will enjoy the strength emitted by these screwdrivers.

The insulated screwdrivers come designed with a domed end. The function of this dome shaped end to facilitate fast spinning. Now your hands can remain comfortable when spinning a number of screws at a given time. The carry case will store and protect the screwdrivers from unnecessary damage especially in busy construction areas.

The design and vibrant colours on this set are not to be ignored. The colour makes for easy identification when working. Dull colours can prove challenging to find, especially when your brain is frazzled by stress. The set comes with an electrical tester. This facilitates a user to find out if the current is running through wires. This can prevent unwanted electrical accidents.


  • Comes with a tester to look for electrical current.
  • Vibrant and visible colours for easy spotting.
  • They are insulated for safety purposes.
  • Ergonomically designed.


  • The packaging could do with an upgrade.
  • The tips are not magnetised.

Final conclusion

The Stanley 562573 10-piece Fatmax Screwdriver Set provides insulation and quality. These ten screwdrivers are created for convenience and comfort. The domed handles and soft grip answer the question of comfortability. The bi-material handles offer a good colour contacts for easy visibility. The tips are made from a resilient material that can withstand wear and tear. The tips are rust protected for a longer shelf life.

The package comes with a tester which you can use at your convenience. This feature is not readily available in some brands. If you are looking for insulated screwdrivers, you can depend on this product. The price is considerably higher than the brands featured in this review. But what is price compared to range, function and quality? We love the fact that they are vibrant and come with a storage case. The Stanley 562573 10-piece Fatmax Screwdriver Set will adapt to both home and professional environments.

Screwdriver Set Buyers Guide

Sometimes when we are handed too many options, selection can turn out to be a hard task. There is no need of complicating a process that should be easy as pie. The secret lies in understanding the different type of screwdriver sets that are offered in the marketplace. The small differences can be distinguished from brand to brand. They may be small differences but they affect a whole lot of variables. Be sure to have an eye for detail in order to select the right screwdriver set at the right price.

Variations of screwdriver sets available in the market

There are various types of screwdriver sets that you can access in the market. Most times you find that people are looking for screwdriver sets for their home DIY or work functions. Below are the types of screwdriver sets you are likely to find.

  • Precision Sets – These types of screwdrivers are those that attend to specialised needs. They provide small and detailed tracks that do not distort the material. These types of screwdrivers can be found in the jewellery and computer industries. These specialised screwdrivers are usually able to access hard to reach areas due to their size. Watchmakers are likely to have a few precision sets at hand. All those tiny screws are kept in place by magnet tips located on the bits themselves or the base of attachment.
  • Construction sets – Constructions screwdrivers are made for heavy duty work. Due to the scale of work and the frequency of work, these screwdrivers have to be made of durable materials. The tips are usually coated with other materials to make them more durable.They are a favourite with builders and handymen.
  • General sets – These types of sets include the basic screwdriver tips that can be used for general applications. Usually, they can contain bits of different sizes or have the basic tips provided. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you have a wide range of options. The higher the quality, the more likely you will spend more.
  • Mechanical Sets – Screwdrivers constructed for the automotive industry and for other industrial uses. These screwdrivers are those that can handle strenuous tasks without snapping under pressure. In most cases, you find that they have undergone several treatments to make them strong. They are usually heat treated and covered with other alloys to make them usable over decades. For the high quality these screwdrivers provide, you will have to spend a little more than usual.

Consider Ergonomics and Aesthetic Feature

Things that are easy to the eyes please the senses. If you have time to select a good looking set, you might as well select the most comfortable to use. Remember that different people have different hand sizes. You can select different handles made from wood or plastic depending on your personal preferences. Some materials offer better grip than others. Be on the lookout for materials like cheap plastic that tend to chip away and wear out with time.

  • Access to variety – If you are involved in activities that require different bits. It is better that you have access to a screwdriver set with different bits that can satisfy your needs. there are sets that have different types of bits and those that come as specialised bits. These specialised bits are presented in different sizes ranging to those that handle miniature screws.If you are in need of basic screwdrivers, it is possible for you to purchase a basic set. Basic sets contain basic screwdriver tips like the flathead and the Philip.These basic screwdriver sets cost less than the intricate ones. For professional functions, the more intricate the bits get, the better. You have the ability to purchase insulated screwdrivers for electrical work. Just be sure to look for brands that specialise in these types.
  • Consider the construction materials – Whether it is the handle material or the bit material itself. It has to be of the highest quality. When manufacturers skimp on the quality of material, you end up with sub-standard products. The bits are usually made from various materials such as aluminium, or chromium vanadium steel. If you need bits that can handle heavy duty work, you can trust in chromium vanadium steel. It is popular for its resilience and longevity.
  • Put in mind ease of use – When it comes to ease of use we have to consider storage and portability. We also have to factor in attachments systems. When working on a project you might find that you have scattered your bits in different locations. To make sure that they are safe and can be retrieved it is better if they are magnetic. You can easily find the bits and put them back in place. It is good to note that some sets come with protective and colour coded boxes. This makes organisation, storage and portability very easy. Magnetic tips are easy to attach and detach according to your needs.
  • Consider the Price – When it comes to price, we have to consider the function and the budget. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you can access a wide range of products. If you are working on a tight budget try and select the best within that price range. If you do not have monetary constrictions you can purchase the best and most intricate screwdriver sets available in the market. Low-end screwdrivers are likely to snap during use or bend.
  • Do they have warranties? – Warranties are a form of surety a manufacturer offers the customer. You can trust that the product is made of the highest quality. If any incidences arise within the period of warranty, the manufacturer is liable to look into it. Not all brands offer warranties but that is not a reason not to look into a product.

Final Conclusion

The market has a vast variety of screwdriver sets, so whether you need a decent selection for tough jobs or a large set with various tools for multiple tasks, there is one out there for you. Remember – you do not need to consider the number of screwdrivers in a set, but rather the benefits it can give you. Don’t forget to check other customer reviews too just to be sure the manufacturer lives up to their promise. If you can get a screwdriver set with a warranty or money back guarantee, this is a good indication of quality and durability.

The Stanley Fatmax 12 Piece Screwdriver Set is the best overall in our list, coming in large soft grip handles, premium grade plated vanadium alloy steel bars, shot blasted tips and colour coded ends. The SolidWork 8-Piece Screwdrivers Set is another good option and an affordable one, with superior quality, ergonomic handles, a practical box and with a one-year money back guarantee.

We hope that after our product reviews and buyers guide, you will be able to make an informed decision.

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