Top 9 Best Air Compressors – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Last updated on February 2nd, 2022

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Known to be a multi-functional machine, an air compressor is a reserve of compressed air that can be used to run pneumatic or air tools, as well as inflating inflatable items. They are such an important part of any garage or professional workshop but are useful at home too. However, with different types and designs of air compressors out there, choosing the best air compressor for your needs can be a challenging task.

In this post, we focus on a variety of air compressors, both big and small, with the goal of helping you decide on one particular model. You will first learn the key factors to consider before buying an air compressor for your home or business. Then you will go on to find out what our nine select models have to offer in terms of features and specifications, as well as our final recommendations for each model.

Before you go any further though, allow us to present the winner of ‘Our Best Pick’, the Wolf Dakota 90L Twin Cylinder Pump Air Compressor. It boasts outstanding performance with 14cfm at 150 PSI, a motor speed of 3000 rpm and a pump speed of 1480 rpm. These are extraordinary figures compared to other models in our line-up or anywhere else. The whole thing weighs 80kg and is wheel mounted for easy transport.

Find out more below and hopefully, you find one that suits your needs.


Wolf Dakota 90L Twin Cylinder Pump Air Compressor
This air compressor packs plenty of punch in the form of 14cfm at 150 PSI, making it ideal for most air powered tools in commercial settings or the DIY enthusiast. Furthermore, it has a massive 90-litre tank capacity which is perfect for larger tasks. The tank is weather protected so it can be used outside and you’d be surprised that this large unit operates quieter than many others.
The twin-cylinder features two gauges with a regulator that allows one to reduce or increase pressure the desired level making it multi-functional. Given its 80kg weight, this machine is outfitted with solid, wear-resistant wheels along with a sturdy handle to help in moving it. It comes at a serious cost, but that’s because the Dakota is meant for industrial applications. This is too much for occasional home use.


Stanley 24 LTR Electric Compressor
Here is the right model that strikes the right balance for domestic and lighter professional use. Its 1.5HP motor offers a good 8 bar/116 psi from a 24-litre tank and is lightweight and portable. The tank itself is compact with a standard design and it’s easy to move around thanks to fitted wheels and large handle. The control panel is a doddle to use thanks to the easy-start motor, anti-vibration foot, easy-adjust regulator and easy-drain valve. For light to medium-duty jobs such as nailing, blowing tools clean, inflating tyres, and operating some air-powered tools, this air compressor is sufficient.


1. Wolf Dakota 90L Twin Cylinder Pump Air Compressor


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100 Litre Air Compressor 14CFM 100L 150psi Belt Driven 10 BAR 2200w 3HP Twin Cylinder Wolf Dakota 100' Oil Lubricated Portable 230V - 2 Years Warranty

The Wolf Dakota 90L Twin Cylinder Pump Air Compressor is made for large tasks. It has a large capacity tank that gives you a longer working time. The 90L tank is weather protected and will maintain its colour. This can handle commercial uses with unbelievable ease.

This perfectly balanced twin cylinder runs a lot quieter for such a large unit. They are adaptable around garages and other workshop setups. The twin-cylinder is fitted with two gauges that have clear displays for efficient possibility. The gauges are accompanied by a regulator that can reduce the pressure to the levels that you require. The maximum pressure that can be produced is at about 150 PSI. Compared to the smaller compressors, the PSI is high, indicating more capacity. The CFM is estimated at 14cfm which is impressive considering the capacity of the tank.

This product is intended for industrial use. That is why it needs a direct power supply. It cannot operate on extension cords. Buying this unit for regular home use is overkill. This unit is heavy weighing around 80kgs and this is too much weight to be carried around on flimsy wheels. That is the reason why this model is fixed with wear-resistant wheels. They definitely have to be made of a stronger material than regular compressor wheels due to the weight. The handle is of the rounded kind to ease the pressure off your hands. The positioning of the handle enforces balance, even in inclined positions.


  • Industrial strength capabilities.
  • The size facilitates a longer running time.
  • High-quality wheels with good traction.
  • Offers value for money.
  • Not as noisy for such a large unit.


  • Takes up a lot of space.
  • Weighty so it may prove difficult to move from place to place.

Our recommendation

The Wolf Dakota 90L Twin Cylinder Pump Air Compressor is basically for industrial use. The big motor gives out enough charge to run for a while before stopping. These would be perfect operating in the automotive industry or textile industry for wide applications. The price is quite high, however, for the power you receive, it is completely worth it.

This air compressor can be ranked as the best air compressor for industrial use as well as the more DIY type people, which is why we decided to name it our best pick.

2. Stanley 24L Electric Compressor


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Stanley 24 LTR Electric Compressor

The Stanley 24 litre Electric Compressor is marketed as being suitable for craftspeople, professionals and hobbyists alike. The oil-less compressor is virtually maintenance-free and has a generous 24L air reserve. While its 1.5HP power may only seem sufficient for domestic applications and lighter professional work, this versatile machine exceeds expectations by meeting the needs of demanding jobs equally, thanks to a maximum pressure of 8 bar/116 psi.

The tank has a sleek, compact design making it fairly portable, so it takes a small footprint on the job site as well as when it is stored away. There’s a large handle that combines with its large wheels to make it easy to move around the job site. The rated noise level is 97dB and this is quite loud, so you will want to use earplugs when working around this machine.

What’s more? Its shroud-mounted panel includes a set of controls for quick and easy operation thanks to the easy-start motor. The shroud is made of heavy-duty plastic for enhanced protection of the internal mechanical parts.


  • Larger capacity – 24L for longer running times.
  • Maintenance-free due to oil-less operation.
  • Compact design so it takes up little space anywhere.
  • Comes with large handle and wheels to ease transportation.
  • Decent pressure – 8 bar max.


  • No problems to report.

Our recommendation

The Stanley 24 Litre Electric Compressor is a good buy for most jobs around the home or home workshop. This handy compressor will give an impressive 116psi/8 bar maximum pressure. To run most air tools such as sprayers, you will have to allow the compressor to be recharging the tank from time to time. Another thing we like is how portable this model is, thanks to the attached wheels and ergonomic handle. We bet most homeowners and DIYers will love it.

3. ORIZI 241184 Low Noise 24L Air Compressor

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ORIZI 241184 Low Noise 24L Air Compressor

The Orazi 241184 Low Noise 24L Air Compressor is not one for slackers. This heavy-duty air compressor can handle both industrial and home functions. The air compressor comes with wheels and a handlebar. This is to make sure that the compressor can be manoeuvred easily when changing locations. Both the bar and wheels are made from high-quality materials and they handle the weight beautifully.

This is not a machine that produces an unnecessary racket. The sound level produced by this compressor is estimated at 65dB. This is considered manageable and won’t drive your neighbours mad. As stated, the higher the dB, the higher the noise level. This compressor can adapt to both indoor and outdoor settings.

The tank capacity on this model is approximated at 24L and this is enough capacity to let you do some work. The tank capacity indicates how much running time you have before the next refill or recharge. It is important you look at the tank capacity before you buy an air compressor. If you looking for home-based air compressors, you can settle for smaller tanks.

The Orazi Low Noise 24L Air Compressor operates with a CFM of 4.77 which is not so bad considering the size of the tank. With an 8 bar pressure that translates to 116 PSI, you can be able to work with some pneumatic tools. You can use this compressor with staplers and nailers without any obstacles. The tank may need refilling once or twice within the hour, which gives you enough running time.

In the marketplace, you will run into models that lack well-placed gauges and regulators. With this model, you don’t have to worry about that. The model comes in with an easy access regulator that you can access to reduce the pressure to where you want it. The gauge is clearly visible and easy to clean.


  • Well made wheels and strong handle for easy manoeuvrability.
  • It presents itself with lower noise levels.
  • It has a pressure regulator for convenience.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Takes up quite some space.
  • Is limited with working with some air tools.

Our recommendation

The Orazi 241184 Low Noise Air Compressor is not the biggest or the best. However, it is appropriate for home situations and some commercial settings. The price indicated that it is a high-quality product that can be depended upon. The 24L tank offers you sufficient capacity to work without frequent refills.

This electric compressor emits low noise levels. This is especially convenient in indoor situations. Your neighbours are safe from noise pollution that would be experienced with larger gas air compressors.

The operating pressure will make for even airbrushing and offer much-needed support for pneumatic tools. Although it lacks a moisture trap it comes with a pressure regulator. All these features are compactly designed to assure durability and longevity. We think it is a product that will offer consistent power and service.

4. Richmond 24L Air Compressor


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Richmond 24L Air Compressor

The Richmond 24L – 115 PSI Air Compressor offers great value for money. The pocket-friendly price affords you a wide range of features. The electric compressor comes fashioned with a 24L tank which is sufficient. Although larger tanks provide you with a larger volume of air, small tanks are just as powerful. This tank is sufficient for DIY applications but it may struggle with industrial applications.

The CFM on this model ranges around 9.6. This means the tank will take less time to refill. In the world of air compressors the higher your CFM the higher your PSI will be. The CFM on this model will work wonderfully with airbrush applications and some air tools. The Psi is estimated at 115. That is enough pressure to satisfy nailing functions.

This is not a light air compressor. The weight can be debilitating for small-framed users. That is why the manufacturers include wheels and a comfortable handle. The wheels are located at one end of the base to offer leverage while moving. The handle is coated with protective materials to make sure it does not succumb to damage. The two features support easy handling and manoeuvrability.

To make operations easier for you, this model comes with a gauge and pressure regulator. This way you can adjust the pressure according to the projects. The gauge is positioned in such a way that you can look downwards and clearly see the measurements. The regulator is not hard to work around so you will find no problems there.

The Richmond 24L,9.6 CFM, 2.5 HP, 1.5 KW/230V,115 PSI Air comes with a 1-year warranty and an air toolset. The air toolset is convenient for easy operations when you want to switch functions. The one-year warranty will prove useful if you run into problems with the product. The manufacturer has an obligation to fix these issues.


  • Has automatic switches for on/off functions.
  • Offers convenient value for money.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comes with an air tool kit.


  • Might be rather loud in some environments.
  • Takes up a large space.
  • Spanners needed to fix the wheels are not included.
  • Could use a longer handle to avoid slouching.

Our recommendation

The Richmond 24L –  115 PSI Air Compressor is a bargain. You get a well-functioning air compressor for the price of a sale offer. The tank capacity is standard for most of the air compressors in this range. The higher CFM will provide you with seamless service before recharging. The pressure is sufficient to work on different functions as long as you use the regulator.

The inclusion of a regulator makes operations easy, especially if working with pneumatic tools. We like the fact that this product comes with a warranty. There are brands featured in this review that lack warranties. Although not a must, it is convenient.

The air compressor also comes with an air tool kit that you can access when you need them. The advantage of this product is evident in its robust features and easy assembly options. Just remember to buy the spanners separately for fixing the wheels.

5. Hyundai HY3050V 3hp V-Twin Direct Drive Electric Air Compressor

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Hyundai HY3050V 3hp V-Twin Direct Drive Electric Air Compressor

Hyundai does manufacture high-quality machines and the Hyundai HY3050V 3hp V-Twin Direct Drive Electric Air Compressor is no exception. This 3HP compressor produces 2200 watts of power, which is more than enough for jobs such as spray-painting, running air tools and inflating tyres and other inflatables.

Weighing 40kg, this model is incredibly heavy for one to deal with, though the addition of 2 rear wheels and a sturdy handle makes moving it around easy. The quality of this air compressor is evident in its V-Twin pump that features durable cast-iron cylinders and aluminium cylinder heads for enhanced cooling. They also come ready to use out of the box.

The air compressor is fitted with a standard 13amp UK 3-pin plug, making it perfect for garage use or home workshop where conventional power sockets are available. An added advantage is that the compressor includes a 5-piece tool kit that comprises a degreaser, tyre inflator, spray gun, air duster and a high-pressure 2m coiled hose.

This model uses a V-twin direct drive system that connects the motor directly to the pump for increased efficiency. This allows the power produced by the motor to be utilised to drive the compressor air pump, generating incredible power in what is a super-compact design.

Its 50L tank provides a consistent supply of air for air tools with 14cfm, 396 litres/min air displacement. Dual quick-release air outlets allow two air tools to be connected simultaneously, whilst the pressure regulator allows pressure to be increased or reduced accordingly. There is also a pressure gauge for the tank and another for measuring outlet pressure. Better still, the HY3050V has an automatic pressure control system that switches it off when the maximum pressure (8 bar) is reached and turns it on again when the pressure drops to 6 bar.

Assembly is required for this project with the manual guide having step by step instructions on how to put everything together. Basically, you just need to fit the cylinder head heat covers, two rubber feet and screw in air filters. The job should take 15 minutes at most and you will need a 17mm spanner and cross screwdriver. Hyundai backs this air compressor with a 2-year warranty against defects and workmanship.


  • Compact and powerful 3HP air compressor.
  • Suitable for trade and DIY jobs.
  • Comes with two rear wheels and handle for easy movement.
  • Durable cast iron cylinders and aluminium cylinder heads for enhanced cooling.
  • Supplied with a 5-piece tool kit.
  • Large 50L tank capacity.
  • Features a pressure control system.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Quite a heavy one.

Our recommendation

Barely a few months old on the market, this model has received very good reviews and we thought it would be nice to bring it to your attention. Well-built with durable components, it offers substantial power to drive applications such as degreasing, spray painting, tyre inflating and more. The fact that it comes with a 5-piece tool kit that includes a range of handy accessories is a true bonus.

Its built-in handle with two rear wheels are a godsend for such a heavy air compressor and the safety features in the form of a pressure control system is another thing to appreciate. All things considered, the Hyundai HY3050V 3hp V-Twin Direct Drive Electric Air Compressor is an outstanding combination of performance and durability, ideal for domestic and trade applications.

6. Richmond PAC-96-50L Air Compressor

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Richmond PAC-96-50L Air Compressor

The Richmond PAC-96-50 Air Compressor debuts its larger tank capacity with pride. The 50L capacity makes for a long and extended running time. This tank is designed to handle larger amounts of work at a given time. The well-made tank is able to keep the pressure contained without leaking or rusting.

This product comes with a noise level that is around 90dB. This is definitely more noise emitted than the smaller air compressors featured here. If you choose to use this item indoors it is advisable that you protect your ears. If you choose to use it outside at least be polite enough to notify your neighbours.

This model works perfectly fine for spraying and nailing applications. The CFM on this model is approximated at 9.6 CFM. You will get to save time from constant and time-consuming refills. The motor that operates on the electrical current is better for the environment than the gas-based ones. The 230V motor runs smoothly to provide a seamless expulsion of pressurised air, especially for pneumatic tools.

For portability and transportation of the heavy air compressor, the wheels and handles are fitted. The wheel is easy to attach during assembly and they will not go bare quickly. The handles are well positioned for easy control during gregarious functions. The handles are insulated for comfortability whilst transporting the air compressor through a rough patch.

The Richmond brand also fitted with well-positioned gauges. This enables the user to monitor the pressure. The gauges face upwards for better visibility. The pressure regulator has also been installed on this model. The regulator will facilitate control over the amount of pressure that is dispensed. The 115 PSI will ensure that you have equal pressure all through before the air compressor automatically turns off for a refill.

This air compressor provides a 1-year warranty. The warranty will give you access to repairs at a reduced rate or a new product. This is only if the manufacturer decides they are responsible for the flaws in the product. It is a large unit so you will need enough space to store the air compressor. If you have a small space, you might want to consider a smaller sized compressor.


  • Larger tank size for longer running time.
  • Great value for money.
  • Easy assembly manual.


  • Quite bulky.
  • A little noisy.

Our recommendation

The Richmond PAC-96-50 Air Compressor is powerful. You get a 50L tank which is a large capacity. If you were spray painting, you would get a large area covered before requiring another refill.

This bulky air compressor operates at 115PSI. It is not as high as the industrial types but it can manage just fine. If you are looking for a workshop air compressor, you might be swayed to look into this.

Apart from the noise level and the weight, we find nothing wrong with this product. We suggest you find adequate space before purchase. The only difference compared with the Richmond 24L Air Compressor is the tank capacity.

7. Cobra 50L Air Compressor

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Cobra 50L Air Compressor

The Cobra 50L, Air Compressor is blessed with a big tank. Compared to its smaller counterpart, this model comes with twice the tank capacity. As established earlier, larger tanks make for a longer running time. The tank is created from high-quality metals that are able to hold the pressure. The welded tanks are of the standard according to the European Union regulations.

The model follows industry standards and has wheels and handles fitted on the unit. The unit is heavy so it was important for the manufacturer to create credible wheels. The wheels are capable of withstanding the pressure of moving on uneven surfaces. The handle is formed from robust material to give more structural support whilst in transit.

As most air compressors go, the CFM and PSI play a valuable role in the performance. A high PSI ensures the even distribution of compressed air. The CFM on this product reads as 9.5. That means that the time taken to fill the tank will be shorter. The pressure produced by this model is estimated at 115PSI.

The Cobra Air Tools 50L, 9.5 CFM, 2.5HP, 230V, 115PSI Air Compressor comes with twin gauges. The twin gauges are built to decipher the air pressure conditions in the tank. These two gauges measure the pressure that can be accessed from the two outlets. This indicates that you can use this device for two different functions.

The pressure regulator is still included in this model. The regulator is handy, especially when working with air tools that need less pressure to function. The regulator is made out of good material, there will be no breakages or damages witnessed. The manufacturer does not offer a warranty in this case. The 5-piece tool kit can be used at your own convenience.


  • Larger tank capacity.
  • Double gauges for the twin outlets.
  • Offers you value for money


  • The air filter could be made from better quality materials.
  • It is very noisy

Our recommendation

The Cobra 50L, Air Compressor is huge. The weight can put a small-bodied person in a breathless position. To manage the weight, the air compressor is fitted with strong wheels.

Compared to the COBRA 25L Air Compressor it offers more value for money. You get a double-take for the price of one. This well-constructed compressor is a bit noisy compared to our best pick by far. However, it performs just as well.

This model is adapted for workshop functions. If you do not have enough space in your home, we advise that you select the smaller model. You can enjoy the air tool kit supplied for your different needs. Not all brands supply these kits. We believe that it is a steal.

8. Stanley 5L Portable Air Compressor


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Stanley 5L Portable Air Compressor

The Portable Air Compressor 145 PSI / 10 Bar by STANLEY is as light as a feather compared to most of the brands featured. Weighing at around 9kg, you will find this considerably easy to manoeuvre. The model has an ergonomic based design to make your hands feel comfortable. With this easy portability, you will find that it is appropriate for light works. The straps can be used to carry the compressor at shoulder length.

This 6.35 CFM is sufficient to make work seamless. However, the tank capacity of 5L is too small to provide sufficiently running time before needing to recharge. This is why this air compressor is limited for minor functions.

This little beast is, however, highly pressurised. It can provide you with enough force to cover a wide surface area. The pressure produced is around 145PSI. This pressure is higher than what other brands are offering. The 230V air compressor will provide you with enough power to work with pneumatic tools that operate at lower pressure.

The Portable Air Compressor 145 PSI / 10 Bar by STANLEY is designed with a regulator and gauges. The two gauges are designed for accurate readings. The regulator is a knob that can turn to the appropriate level. The gauges are quite small, you may have to squint if you have bad eyesight. This may be attributed to its generally small size. The power cord is not so long; you may want to get extension cords.


  • Lightweight thus very portable.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Faster speeds.


  • Very noisy.
  • Quite expensive for a basic model.

Our recommendation

The Stanley Portable Air Compressor is made for simple applications. This cannot manage running for a while without refilling. The tank capacity is quite small compared to our larger air compressors. The 5L is limiting when dealing with large applications.

It is, however, convenient for its inbuilt straps and handles. This way you have a choice on how to carry the compressor. The other advantage is that the PSI enable the compressor to expel air faster. Those after the airbrush function will enjoy this product immensely.

This little darling will serve you for a long time, just make certain you have ear protection. It can get a bit loud.

9. Black + Decker 195/6 NK Air Compressor

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Black + Decker 195/6 NK Air Compressor

This Black+Decker 195/6 NK Air Compressor is one of the top-selling air compressors from BLACK+DECKER. This machine is pretty compact and therefore, suitable for hobby and semi-professional tasks. It weighs just 11kg compared to the Hyundai model above at 40kg. This means it’s quite easy to carry on its built-in metal handle. The tank capacity is only 6 litres, meaning it can only store as much compressed air.

In terms of technical specifications, it produces 1100 watts of power and the air displacement is rated 180 litres/min or 6.4 cfm, and the maximum pressure is 8 bar. In addition, the 195/6 NK model has 1 cylinder and runs on 230 mains electricity. Its ON/OFF knob is placed on the top for convenient reach.

This model also comes with oil-free aluminium die-cast pumps that do not require maintenance. The pump was installed outside to help in air cooling during longer operating times. A cool feature of this air compressor is the automatic shut off. With this feature, you won’t need to closely monitor the running of the machine. Once it reaches the desired pressure, the auto shut off activates itself to stop the pump from running. This means you can do other things and let the air compressor complete its job.


  • Lightweight and compact build, thus easy to transport.
  • With an integrated metal carry handle.
  • Easy-to-reach ON/OFF button.
  • Outfitted with an oil-free pump, so there’s zero maintenance.
  • Comes at a decent price.


  • Small tank capacity.
  • Noisy.

Our recommendation

Needless to say, the Black+Decker 195/6 NK Air Compressor is a hobby tool and you will only find it useful for light tasks, such as pumping up a tyre and blowing out a vacuum cleaner. By trading tank capacity, however, BLACK+DECKER made a model that’s easy to carry and transport to where you need it. It looks like it will last for years and the good thing is, it requires little to no maintenance. If your needs fall within the capability of this air compressor, then go ahead and have it.

 Air Compressor Buyer’s Guide

A good air compressor should be able to serve you for decades to come. As stipulated before, there are many characteristics of a good air compressor. These characteristics are based on the important features of an air compressor. Depending on the features you are after, you may end up with a larger-sized or smaller-sized air compressor. Apart from size, here are a few factors that you need to take note of.

Type of air compressor

When you are looking for a dependable air compressor, you will most definitely run into many types of air compressors. This is due to the fact that different air compressors cater to different functions. We will simplify the types as stationary and portable compressors. The stationary ones are very bulky and designed for industrial use. These types of air compressors depend on electricity for maximum output. Here are some of the types of portable air compressors you are likely to run into;

  • Hot dog air compressors – These types of air compressors are identified by their hot dog design. The cylindrical tank is responsible for producing the pressurised air. These portable tanks can be transported from one location to another with ease due to their design. They are smaller than the industrial type of air compressors, but they take up a considerable amount of storage space. Be sure to make note of compressors that have low maintenance pumps. This way you do not need to worry about constantly checking the pump for leaks and inefficiency.
  • Pancake air compressors – Pancake compressors are also identified by their shape. There are amongst the most portable types available. The flatly shaped tanks make weight distribution even for transportation. They are not to be underestimated, however. They are known to be as powerful as some of the large air compressors on the market. They are also known for producing minimal noise while working.
  • Wheelbarrow air compressors – Generally created for heavy-duty functions, these compressors are fitted with wheels. The wheels are put there to provide operability. Considering that they are quite heavy, it is only fitting that it comes with handles. The handles paired with the wheels make working with these compressors a very simplified process. To purchase these compressors, keep in mind the available space that you have. They are large units that need copious amounts of space.
  • Twin stack air compressors – These air compressors have a large capacity of air. They are created for industrial type settings where power is required. They are more compact and provide twice the power. Just like the wheelbarrow compressors, they take up quite a considerable amount of space.- 

Power Source

Mostly you find that many air compressor brands are either gas or electrically powered. Gas-powered air compressors are adapted to the outdoors. They are noisier than electrically powered air compressors. They offer more power and a larger air capacity. These features are what attract professional workmen to this product. They are not limited by cords or lack of electricity.

Electrical air compressors are popular for their low maintenance and environmental friendliness. They are preferred for indoor use due to their low noise emission. They generally do not produce industrial-strength service but they are adaptable to DIY functions and small commercial settings. They are limited on occasions where an electricity supply is not available. Regular air compressors operate at 120V while larger sizes need more electrical output ranging from 220V and above.

Consider the specifications

When we speak about specifications, we are dealing with tank capacity, the PSI(pounds per square inch) and the CFM( cubic feet per minute). These are the features that show you what your air compressor can accomplish.

The PSI indicates the air pressure available for use. The greater the PSI the more capacity your tank will be able to hold. The more pressure you are able to release, the faster you will be able to accomplish your tasks. The PSI also affects the power delivered for nailing functions and air wrenching.

The CFM basically points out the amount of time it’ll take for your tank to fill out. The CFM is directly proportional to the PSI. The second your CFM drops so does your PSI. If you have intentions of purchasing a high PSI air compressor, be sure to check if the pump can keep up. The higher the PSI the wider your area of coverage.

The larger your tank capacity the longer running time you have. DIY activities do not require large tank capacities. Electric air compressors have a medium tank capacity while gas compressors can offer a larger capacity. Manufacturers have put this information on the packaging. So be sure to take notice.


Depending on what you want your air compressor to accomplish, you need to spend accordingly. If you are working on a budget, it is better to consider the best option within the set price range. There are brands on the market that are of low quality. These brands only tend to work for a short time. It is advisable to read reviews and consider the rating of a product before purchasing it. That way you will get value for money. In the case of an open budget, you have no limits to the size or features you can access.

Is it user-friendly

A user-friendly interface makes operating the machine a whole lot easier. Weather-protected parts are crucial in maintaining the performance of the air compressors. Rusty parts and leaky parts can be a nightmare to deal with. It is important that you seek products that are weather protected, especially if you work outdoors. These layers of protection also make cleaning and maintenance easier.

All air compressors need cooling systems. You can select to have oil-based or oil-less-based compressors. The advantage of oil-less compressors is that they have low maintenance. The main disadvantage is that they tend to be vulnerable to fast wear and tear.

There are some portable compressors that come with shrouding. This protective case covers the compressor from unnecessary damage that is caused by bumps. This is especially convenient for compressors found in the automotive or construction industry.

The noise level also matters. The noise level is measured in dB and shows you how much noise to expect. The higher you go, the louder it gets. Most compressors produce noise levels between 60-80 dBA. The noise level should be manageable for both you and the neighbours. Remember that petrol-powered compressors are louder and preferred for outside use.

Air Compressor FAQ’s

How to use an air compressor?

  • Assemble the air compressor to the model’s installation instructions. Check all the dials and ensure that the hose is properly connected.
  • Check the oil level (for oil air compressors) and add oil if necessary. If using an electric model, turn on after plugging into a socket. A petrol air compressor requires you to check the fuel level and increase if necessary.
  • Once the machine starts running, adjust the pressure gauge to the pressure that’s required for the job. Make sure to check your tool’s pressure requirement before setting on the gauge.
  • When the tank is full with air, you can start using the hose to perform a task. If you have any special attachment to use, now is the time to attach it to the hose end.
  • After you’re done, turn off the pressure gauge and shut down the air compressor. Unplug the power cable from the socket and release any leftover air in the tank. Keep the pressure relief valve open until all leftover air has been released.
  • Store your air compressor away from the elements to keep in top-notch condition for every time you need it.

What types of air tools can be used with air compressors?

What types of air tools can be used with air compressors?

There are different forms of air tools, allowing one to carry out various tasks and projects. Pneumatic air tools can handle jobs such as filling tyres, painting and cleaning hard to reach areas. A few of the popular air tools include grease guns, impact wrenches, brad nailers, coil nailers, air chisels, caulking guns, drills, sandblasters and fastening tools.

What size of air compressor do I need to run air tools?

Ideally, every type of application has a specific air pressure requirement. To know the size of the air compressor needed for your air tool, just look at the CFM. General use air tools like air drills, air nailers and impact wrenches require around 0 – 5 CFM. Smaller nailers run on 2 – 5 CFM at 70 – 90 PSI, whilst larger air sanders require around 10 CFM or more at 100 – 120 PSI.

What is the best small air compressor to buy?

Stanley Portable Air Compressor

We would recommend the Stanley Portable Air Compressor. It’s really a small unit that packs a punch. This model may not power all your air tools but at 116 PSI and a 6-litre tank, it well has enough capacity and airflow for jobs such as nailing, cleaning and inflating tyres. Of course, it’s easy to carry around as it weighs a mere 9kg.

Are air compressor hoses universal?

Not really. Hoses typically have two ends and both ends vary in size and shape. Depending on your compressor, an adapter or coupler may be used to attach different sizes of tools to a single hose. Another thing, pneumatic tools have different pressure requirements, meaning you need the right hose diameter to withstand the pressure. For instance, tools that require high pressure need a hose with a larger diameter for proper airflow without much resistance. With that in mind, we can say that air compressor hoses are not universal.

Why use an air compressor for tools?

Air-powered tools provide a lot more power than their electric-powered equivalents. They are also cheaper and have fewer components to wear, unlike electric models.

Final Conclusion

We hope you have enjoyed reading the air compressor reviews above. As you have seen, you can easily get a portable air compressor for around £100, though such usually have a small tank capacity. Alternatively, you can get a big one like the Wolf Dakota 90L Twin Cylinder Pump Air Compressor and enjoy the unmatched performance. But that doesn’t mean you go on and shell out 300 quid for the sake of it. Let your air tools specifications determine the right kind of compressor to buy.

That’s it from us.

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