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Top 6 Best Rabbit Hutches & What To Look For When Choosing The Best One

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The best rabbit hutch will not only have room to move around but it should be well ventilated and protected from predators, most commonly foxes here in the UK. Do not worry so much about the price as the marketplace has various models with different affordable designs. The main thing is to look for is a model that is durable, and has easy to use features.

We scoured the marketplace to find six rabbit hutches that will fit your budget and garden space. These hutches have different features hence it is up to you to select the model that appeals to you the most. Before we go any further into the review, let us look at our Best Pick and Runner-up model; and the reasons why we selected them to be at the top of our list.

Best Pick

Chartwell 6ft Double Rabbit Hutch
The Chartwell 6ft Double Rabbit Hutch is the most spacious model in the review as it offers sizeable headroom, and the floors are deep. This model is a favourite with customers as it has the best reviews out of the bunch. Its solid structure and it possesses easy to use features like the cleaning bar make it among the best models you can get for your rabbits. It is a bit pricey, but it is robust hence, you will get value for money and we highly recommend considering this model if you have plenty of space and its within budget.


Chartwell 5ft Outdoor Rabbit Hutch
The Chartwell 5ft Outdoor Rabbit Hutch is ideal if you only have one rabbit and you need a spacious model. This single-tier hutch with separate quarters is made from robust Scandinavian wood hence, its a good quality, durable hutch. It is easy to clean, and with a protective cover, the hutch does have some extra protection for them colder and wetter winter months. If you want a premium quality hutch for your medium-large-sized bunny, this model is perfect and well worth considering

Top 6 Rabbit Hutch Reviews – In Depth Review & Comparisons

1. Chartwell 6ft Double Guinea Pig Rabbit Hutch

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6ft Chartwell Hutch (Double)

Made proudly in Britain by a family that has four decades in the business, the Chartwell 6ft Double Rabbit Hutch is durable and spacious and is one of the very best models when it comes to wooden rabbit hutches. It is made from thick wood treated to survive the outdoors and given a layer of water-resistant coating to prevent damage to the wood. The 23kg Scandinavian timber model features two tiers that provide 2ft of floor depth and headroom for the rabbits to move freely.

To keep the predators at bay, the rabbit hutch has a fox-proof wire enclosure that does not rust (Check out our fox repellers here for even more protection). The metal enclosure is strong enough to support the installation of water bottles and toys to keep the animals in good health. This 6ft wide model is raised from the ground for effective air circulation, and it is easy to clean because it possesses a cleaning bar too. All you have to do is push the cleaning bar to the side and sweep the waste into a bin, as easy as that, simple but effective.

In addition to the fox-proof wire, you can lock your animals in their own compartments for the night as an extra protection measure. Considering that the hutch’s upper deck is about 56cm x 56cm, there should be enough room for two rabbits to comfortably sleep at night if you don’t want the rabbits sleeping alone.

It is good to know that the back of the hutch consists of 10mm of plywood and it does not come with plastic trays; hence, a lot of bedding is required to keep the wood from soaking in the urine. The plywood is not thick, but it is of good quality marine plywood; therefore, it will not disintegrate fast and is treated. This hutch model comes flat packed for assembly before use, and if you need a protective cover; you can purchase one at an affordable rate.


  • Made from treated Scandinavian timber.
  • Spacious with a ramp for exercise.
  • Features a fox-proof wire enclosure.
  • Easy to clean thanks to the cleaning bar.
  • Raised from the ground for better air circulation.


  • Plywood used at the back of the hutch could be thicker.
  • Takes a while to put together.

Our recommendation

The Chartwell 6ft Double Rabbit Hutch has a few flaws, but it gives good value for money because it is spacious. This Scandinavian timber model features two tiers that are separated by a ramp, so there is enough room for your rabbits to move around. The hutch is easy to clean, but you need to ensure there is enough bedding to keep the floor from soaking up moisture. With this model, there is a bit of help required during assembly to make the work go faster. Overall its an excellent hutch with plenty of space and one that we highly recommend and from a UK company that uses durable timber thats is designed to last.

2. Chartwell 5ft Single Tier Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

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The Hutch Company 5ft Chartwell Single Tier Outdoor Rabbit Hutch | XL Wooden Pet House For Small Pet Rabbits or Guinea Pigs | The Tallest and Deepest 5ft Single Pet Cage on Amazon

Another great product from the UK-run family business is the Chartwell 5ft Single Tier Outdoor Rabbit Hutch. This model is designed to house one rabbit or two Guinea pigs as it only consists of one-tier and is not quite as wide too. The hutch is made from robust 14mm Scandinavian timber that is treated to keep rot at bay. This tall and deep hutch with 2ft of headroom as well as floor space offers adequate room for the rabbit to move around and not feel restricted.

The 5ft wide hutch gives protection from predators by including fox-proof wire. Cleaning the hutch will not be a problem as the manufacturer has installed a cleaning bar to clear the dirt in a short time just like the one fitted to our two tired best pick.

This model is raised from the ground to make sure that the animals receive good circulation and are spared from rising damp. It is easy to assemble hutch although it may take you some time, they say nothing good comes easily. Once you put it together, you should have a hutch that is about 5ft wide, by just over 2ft deep, and 72 cm tall.


  • It is a robust Scandinavian timber spacious hutch.
  • Features an easily accessible cleaning bar.
  • Elevated from the floor for optimal ventilation.
  • It has fox-proof wiring for protection.
  • Offers good value for money.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The floor and back panels could be thicker but there adaquat.

Our recommendation 

The Chartwell 5ft Single Tier Outdoor Rabbit Hutch is suitable for those who want to keep one or two animals. This robust model is spacious and compared to other hutches in the market; it is relatively easy to put together. It offers a separate sleeping and eating area so you can maintain a healthy environment for the animal. 

Although this model is a bit on the higher side price-wise, it offers good value for money as the structure will last a long reach and it’s made from good quality materials, not forgetting it’s also UK made.

3. Bunny Business 2 Tier Rabbit Hutch & Run Guinea Pig House Cage

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2 Tier Rabbit Hutch & Run Guinea Pig House Cage (RH06)

Introducing the Bunny Business 2 Tier Rabbit/Guinea Pig Hutch made from sustainable fir that has been treated with a water-based chemical to keep the wood safe from fungi but is also safe for pets. The wood has also been stained to give it an attractive colour and added protection from the elements. This model has two layers separated by a ramp; these two layers can be used individually if you want to completely separate the animals.

The hutch uses high-quality wire to keep the animals safe from any garden predators. On top of that, the hutch is not tasking to keep clean as it has removable plastic trays which make life easier when it comes to cleaning. You also have the convenience of cleaning the top tier by opening the round-felt edge rooftop and removing the unwanted waste.

This 20kg model arrives flat-packed with instructions ready for assembly. You can easily get a cover for the 110cm high by 52cm wide by 24 cm long model and keep it from unwarranted exposure to the elements.


  • Spacious enough for two rabbits.
  • The two tiers can be used independently.
  • Features a strong wire enclosure for protection.
  • Comes with removable trays for straightforward cleaning.
  • Affordable and easy to assemble.
  • The hutch is accessible from the roof.


  • Removable trays could be of better quality.
  • The wood is a little thin.

Our Recommendations

If you are looking for a model that is a bit friendlier on your pockets than our best pick but still two tier, then you can consider the Bunny Business 2 Tier Rabbit Hutch. It’s fairly good quality, affordable and although slightly smaller than our Best Pick is a great alternative if you want a 2 tier hutch.

4. FeelGoodUK Rabbit Hutch

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Feel Good Rabbit Hutch and Run Wooden Bunny House with integrated run, slide out tray, cover available.

The FeelGoodUK Rabbit Hutch stands 84cm high and 147cm in width which is just under 5ft providing enough room for two rabbits to thrive and you can also give them access to the lawn as there no bottom floor. This hutch features two tiers and a run so that the animals live in peace and exercise for good health. The structure is made of fir and equipped with a quality wire enclosure to keep other animals from attacking the rabbits.

Although the wood used is robust and treated, we still recommend getting a cover to protect it from the elements in winter. The hutch does not take too much time to clean as it has removable trays of good quality. This model does not come with a base, so you are only cleaning the top section; hence, taking less time. At night, you can lock the animals in the top section to prevent them from going back down where it may be less safe as it does not know floor.

The roof of the hutch is slanted for better water drainage, and it comes with clear instructions on how to assemble it. The hutch will arrive flat packed, and all you need is a screwdriver to put it together. For added protection from the elements, the brand offers a suitable quality cover fetched at an affordable price.


  • It is a robust lightweight fur model and offers broad space.
  • The upper level of the hutch can be secured.
  • Features quality fox-proof wire.
  • Comes with removable trays for easy cleaning.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Possesses an anaesthetic design. 


  • Not suitable for large rabbits.
  • Does not offer a separate sleeping area.

Our recommendation

The FeelGoodUK Rabbit Hutch is an attractive hutch that can house two Guinea pigs or two small-sized rabbits because its size is too small to contain two large rabbits at the same time. This model’s lower tier does not have a base, but it has enough room for the animals to run around. The hutch is suitable for those who want to provide their animals with access to the natural environment or you can move it around the lawn so they can go on the grass. It only weighs 18.5kg so it is not too heavy to move, but it is stable, and robust to last for many years.

5. Easipet Wooden 4ft Rabbit/Guinea Pig Hutch

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Wooden 4ft Rabbit/GuineaPig Easipet Hutch single storey 21508

The Easipet Wooden 4ft Rabbit Hutch is a single-tier structure raised from the ground at a height of 70cm, a width of 122cm, and a depth of 50cm. This fir wood model offers space for one small rabbit or Guinea pig with separate sleeping and living quarters. The floor of the hutch is plastic, and it can be pulled out to make cleaning out the bedding an easier job, so much better than a bare wood floor. Additionally, the hutch opens up from the roof hence you have easier access to the animals when the need arises plus easy to clean too.

The hutch consists of a quality wire that prevents animals such as foxes from penetrating the hutch. The hutch is also quite raised from the ground, which gives added protection from dogs and other animals but also makes it easier to clean than hutches at floor level. It is equipped with rubber feet to prevent the wood from coming into contact with moisture on the ground, which causes rot overtime.

The roof of the hutch has felt to protect the wood from the elements and is slightly slanted to help water drain off easily. This model comes flat packed with clear instructions for easy assembly. The wood is stained to provide a natural finish, but we recommend doing annual treatments to keep the hutch in good condition.


  • Made from reliable fir and plywood.
  • Offers separate sleeping and living areas.
  • Easy to clean thanks to the removable plastic floor.
  • Features fox-proof wire for protection.
  • The hutch is accessible from the roof.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The wood is a bit thin.

Our recommendation

The Easipet Wooden 4ft Rabbit Hutch is a great choice if your looking for a simple hutch that raised and easy to clean. This lightweight model is quite small therefore, it is not suitable for larger sized rabbits, but at least it is easy to clean and keep your animals protected. We find that this model is affordable; hence, it would appeal to those looking for a temporary hutch that is cost-effective.

6. Chartwell 4ft 2 Tier Rabbit Hutch

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The Hutch Company 4ft Chartwell 2 Tier Rabbit Hutch | Perfect for keeping Rabbits and Guinea Pigs separate

Finishing off our review is the Chartwell 4ft 2 Tier Rabbit Hutch, which boasts of a 10mm wooden side panel construction that is robust. It’s perfect if you’re looking for two separate hutches stacked on top of each other. The Scandinavian wood model offers two tiers with enough headroom for the rabbits to move around freely even as they increase in size. This 4ft model provides separate sleeping and eating areas to promote a clean environment.

You can be assured that the animals are safe at night, as the doors comprise galvanized stainless steel mesh that can withstand some impact. You can hang your water bottles on the central wire panels for the animals to access easily. This model is easy to clean because it comes with removable kickboards that take only a few seconds to disengage from the main structure.

The wooden hutch is protected from the elements because it is treated and raised from the ground to ensure the animals have good air circulation as well as keeping damp conditions at bay. The 4ft model arrives flat packed with instructions for assembly; you can choose to paint the 24in Deep by 46in Wide by 57in High model to your favourite colour once assembly is completed.


  • Consists of 10mm Scandinavian wood panels for a robust structure.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Offers two tiers with separate sleeping and living quarters.
  • Features galvanized stainless steel doors for protection.
  • Raised from the ground for better ventilation.
  • Comes with removable kickboards.


  • The floors and back wall could be thicker for more durability.

Our recommendation

The Chartwell 4ft 2 Tier Rabbit Hutch is ideal if you want to separate your male and female rabbits without buying two structures. The separate living quarters are ideal for good health for the animals. This model is not cheap, but it provides good value for money because it is robust. While the plywood is maybe a little thin, you can choose to reinforce the floor during assembly for better durability or get some plastic trays. This model is easy to keep clean, and it is weatherproofed hence you are guaranteed to last many years.

Rabbit Hutch Buying Guide

Considering the hutch is your rabbit’s house, you want to get them the best rabbit hutch you can find without breaking the bank. You need to think of the animals’ short-term and long-term requirements to avoid purchasing a new hutch every so often. Think about the type of rabbit you have and its overall dimensions, so that you select a model that offers adequate space. There are more factors to consider while shopping for the best rabbit hutches that will be discussed below.

What to consider when shopping for a rabbit hutch

Rabbits are not difficult animals to keep, but selecting the right hutch can be tricky if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. Apart from the price of the hutch, you should also consider:

Quality of the materials

It does not matter if you are looking for an indoor or an outdoor hutch, the quality of the material matters. Hutches made from flimsy material tend to disintegrate quicker compared to those made of thicker material. It does not matter if the hutch is wooden or plastic, what matters is that the hutch provides durability. 

If you end up buying a cheap hutch, you will spend more on repairs over time; thus, you must invest in a good hutch that will last you for many years especially if the model is weatherproofed.

Size of the hutch

What breed of rabbits do you have because their size will determine the overall dimensions of the hutch.  For example, pygmy bunnies will require less space than dwarf rabbits even as fully-grown adults will. In addition, you need to consider the number of rabbits you want to keep so that you find spacious accommodation for each rabbit. It is ill-advised to overcrowd rabbits because they are territorial animals, and fights will arise.

Rabbit hutch with run

Runs or No runs?

Exercise is important for animals, but sometimes you may not have space to have a hutch with a run. Getting a hutch with or without a run will depend on how much space you can spare, and your budget. However, if space is not an issue, it is advisable to get a hutch with a run, for the animals to find a way to get rid of the excess energy.


Rabbits have natural predators like foxes, rats, ground squirrels, and birds like hawks. It is important that the enclosure be raised from the ground to deter these predators. It is also crucial to include a strong wire enclosure to keep animals with strong jaws from accessing the rabbits. The wire used should be rust-free to maintain the durability and the general appearance of the hutch in years to come.

Separate quarters

When you have a two-tiered hutch with a run, you don’t want the rabbits to have access to each other at night. You can safely lock the top tier and keep bunnies in their quarters until morning when socialization is allowed. 

Also in regards to separate quarters, one should consider that rabbits need separate sleeping and eating areas.

Easy to clean

Rabbit hutch with cleaning tray

A hutch needs to be cleaned regularly, but you don’t want to spend too much time attending to it because there are other things to do in a day. Some models in the market come with removable trays that make the cleaning process easier. Without a cleaning bar or a removable tray, you will have to struggle to reach the corners of the hutch, which can be difficult considering the general size of hutches. Always confirm if the model you are buying has an easy-to-clean feature to avoid frustrations in the future.

Things you can add to a hutch to make it a stimulating environment

Apart from providing a clean living environment, rabbits need some form of entertainment and exercise. There are things you can add to the hutch to make them feel more at home and these things include;


Rabbits enjoy chewing toys because it allows their teeth to grow healthy. Gnawing on something permits the incisors to maintain a manageable size, and avoid overgrowing. If you don’t have money for chew toys, you can give them empty tissue paper rolls or cardboard boxes without any tape/staples attached.

Items to throw

In addition to the chew toys, you can get the rabbit something to throw and play around with. These toys can be either plastic, cane, or sisal depending on what is available locally. You can check online or your local pet store for suitable brands of such toys. 


Do not lock the rabbit in the hutch the whole time, as it is not healthy, because these animals are naturally social. Allow the rabbit to come in contact with other rabbits, or humans for socializing.  This way the animal won’t panic and bite you out of fear whenever you pick it up.

Scratching/digging area

Another thing that rabbits do is dig the ground to create burrows. You can take a container and fill it with soil to act as a digging ground. Alternatively, you can place an old phone book in the hutch and let them shred it to bits. These little things are not a must but they provide a rabbit with a healthier state of being.


Why are hutches elevated from the ground?

It is essential to elevate the hutch from the ground to prevent its base from getting, and staying damp. The elevation also protects the floor material from unwanted pests and promotes proper circulation of air to help prevent rotting.

Rabbit hutch review

How often should a hutch be cleaned?

A hutch should be cleaned at least weekly so that the animals are not exposed to disease-causing microbes. It is vital to clear all the waste and change the bedding especially for animals whose hutches do not have separated quarters.

What is the ideal bedding for rabbits?

Safebed Paper Wool Petlife Small Animal Bedding for Rabbit, 2 Kg

There are several materials that are ideal for bedding which include sawdust, aspen shreds, Megazord, hay, and straws among other materials. It just depends on the materials that are available locally and how much you are willing to spend in the long run. 

Our Final Conclusion

We as humans spend so much time looking for suitable living quarters, so it is only fair that you take some time before settling on the best rabbit hutch for your budget. There are many amazing rabbit hutches in the market; therefore, with some patience, you will find the right model for your purpose. For example, it took us a while before we settled on the Chartwell 6ft Double Guinea Pig Rabbit Hutch as our Best Pick.

Apart from the spacious accommodation, Chartwell 6ft model is made of thick robust wood. It will serve you whether you have large or small rabbits.

If it is too large, our runner-up model the Chartwell 5ft Single Tier Rabbit Hutch is available. You can keep your rabbit in this comfortable model with no worries. 

These are not the most luxurious hutches in the market, but they give good value for money, especially for domestic use. Try any of the models presented in this review, and tell us if they fit the purpose you purchased them for.

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