Top 6 Best Bench Grinder Reviews – UK Comparisons

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Top 6 Best Bench Grinder Reviews – UK Comparisons

Top 6 Best Bench Grinder Reviews – UK Comparisons

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Best Bench Grinder Reviews

When it comes to woodworking and metalwork, you always want to present a neat product. During production, materials tend to have a rough look that is where bench grinders come in. Bench grinders have become invaluable in many workshops dealing in different materials including the basics like wood and metal. Basically, a bench grinder has a motor that rotates the grinders that are positioned on either side.

The market has a wide variety of top bench grinders to work with. The question is, which one is right for your projects? It is easy for you to get carried away with brand names and high prices. If you are in the search for a bench grinder you have to be careful in your selection so as to get the best bench grinder for you.

We’ve reviewed our top 6 choices which we narrowed down from over 20 models and we have also done in-depth bench grinder review for each model. When it comes to selection, there are features that you need to be aware of so as to make the best possible choice. Of course, we are going to reveal them to you. Grab a pen and paper let us have fun.

Before we reveal all the models we found to be the best we would like to point out that after hours of research we came to the conclusion that the Draper 05096 Bench Grinder with its sending belt is probably the best bench grinder for most people.

Draper 05096 Bench Grinder with Sanding Belt Review


Draper 05096 Bench Grinder with Sanding Belt

  • Features a 150mm grinding wheel for both grinding and polishing.
  • Brilliant sanding belt for versatile application and a handy dust extraction port.
  • Worklight that enhances better vision.
  • Built-in tool rest that lets you rest other tools for better grinding.
  • Equipped with many safety features such as spark deflector, wheel guard and adjustable eye protection shield.

Bench Grinder Mini Buyers Guide

Scale of work and power

The scale of work is critical to the size of unit you will select. If you are seeking to do small tasks say, home improvements or sharpening drill bits there is no need to purchase a large unit. A larger unit is able to handle more tasking jobs like metal applications. The larger the scale of work the bigger the motor has to be. Take into account the amount of space that you have to accommodate the unit and the noise level that may emanate from the unit.

A motor that is in constant motion needs a coolant to keep the motor from overheating. A heated motor is of no use and may end up with irreparable damage.

What of the wheel?

The act of organisation is an important thing. It enables us to do things the right way. Most people wonder why bench grinders have wheels with different colours. The reason is simple. Each colour stands for a different application. You find that brown is for fettling applications, white for sharpening applications, grey for steel applications, and green for fine grinding bits. Some grinders such as our Best Pick from Draper have the ability to change the grinding wheel for different ones.

If you are looking to engage in fine sharpening that usually relies on wet grinding, is sure to select wheel materials that can keep up.

Consider the ease of use

There are features that manufacturers install just to make life a little bit better. These features could make a huge difference in between models. Lights never miss in a good bench grinder. It lets the user see the object they are working on much better which is great for delicate jobs like sharpening drill bits etc. It is also especially handy when you are in environments where lighting may not be the best.

Safety First

Safety is a feature that we can never overlook and the top bench grinders are usually equipped with plenty of them. There are different features installed to ensure safety and control. A guard is installed to keep your clothes from getting snagged or injuring your hands as the roller moves. It is advised not to use gloves while working the bench grinder as they can easly be taken in by the grinding wheel.

Vibrations are inevitable since the motor runs at very high rpm's. The vibrations may cause you to polish unevenly. Therefore, it is important that you seek a model that has anti-vibration features installed. Cast iron feet are fitted to keep the unit stable as the motor runs. If you are working on a delicate project, this will come in handy.

When working with metals you will find that they will remove sparks due to friction. Some models come with spark protection. 

Draper 29620 Heavy-Duty Bench Grinder


Draper 29620 Heavy Duty Bench Grinder

  • Very robust machine suitable for heavy use.
  • Very powerful 370w motor.
  • Very low vibrations.
  • Comes with 2 wheels, one fine, one course.
  • Very durable and reliable.

Look at the price and warranty

Warranties are a gesture from a manufacturer to assure you of the quality. The longer the warranty the better for you. You will be able to determine the value of a product before completely committing to it.

The price is also important. There are models that come at high prices due to the features and the power offered. Look at the features presented and compare to confirm if they will offer value for money. Work within a budget to make matters simpler for you. Never compromise quality for quantity. We found that the best bench grinders retail between £50 and £100.

A few quick tips

  • Remember to regularly clean your wheels to facilitate optimal performance.
  • Do not touch the object immediately after being in contact with the grinder. Wait for the object to cool down.
  • Make certain that the wheel is firmly fixed to avoid having a vibrating wheel. Accuracy and quality will be affected.
  • Keep clothing or anything that can be snagged away from the grinder.
  • It is recommended to use ear protection due to the noise levels and protective eye glasses.
  • Regular maintenance and dust removal are to be observed for durability purposes. Solvents and detergents are ill-advised as they can damage the wheels.
  • Remember to confirm the size of the wheels that you need so as to get the perfect fit. 


Draper 05096 150mm Bench Grinder with Sanding Belt Review


Draper 05096 Bench Grinder with Sanding Belt Review

Draper 05096 Bench Grinder with Sanding Belt

The Draper 05096 Bench Grinder with it's Sanding Belt is well designed with reasonable build and control qualities. It is packed with very useful features that improve its performance. This bench grinder is a workshop machine with a 5 x 686mm sanding belt, a 150mm grinding wheel which can be changed to other types, all important adjustable eye protection shield, spark deflector, a little storage tray to can pull out, tool rest for betting control, wheel guard for your protedction, dust extraction port on the belt sander to collect the sanding dust, and finally an incandescent worklight to ensure you can see what you are doing properly. I told you it was packed with features,

This tool is used to grind metals for the purpose of welding or fitting. Depending on the grade of the wheel you are using for grinding, this bench grinder is also used for sharpening cutting tools such as drill bits, log splitting axes and other lathe tools. Also, this tool has a wire brush wheel that can be interchanged with grinding wheels for polishing work pieces.

The Draper 05096 bench grinder can also grind harder metals like titanium thanks to its powerful motor. The motor is relatively quiet for a 370w motor and has little vibration since it has a high wattage and very well balanced. Its high power allows the grinder to act as a reasonable polisher in situations when the grinding wheel is replaced with a wire/polishing wheel.

However, the only shortcoming after replacing the grinding wheel is that, the wheel rotation will slow down if too much pressure is applied. The motor heats up after 30 minutes of use and it is allowed to cool down for its efficiency improvement. Cooling of the motor is highly recommended especially when using the tool for long working sessions.

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 230V
  • Wattage: 370W
  • Item Weight: 12 Kg
  • Dimensions: 44.8 x 39.5 x 24.7 cm


  • High performance motor for efficient grinding and polishing.
  • Dust extraction port which can be used with sanding belt to keep work area clean.
  • Worklight for better visibility.
  • Very low vibrations when in use when comprted to cheaper models.
  • Very versatile grinder with interchangeable wheel and sanding belt.
  • Good durability and very well made.
  • Good value for money for features offered.


  • Fiddly to change the sanding belt belt.

Final conclusion

The Draper 05096 Bench Grinder is a very reliable tool for those working in workshops or DIY enthusiast looking for a decent reliable model. We find that Draper tend to manufacture high quality tools and this model is just an excellent example.

When assembling this tool, make sure that the sanding belt has proper alignment as it sometimes does not. If not, then you can correct it using the appropriate tracking knob which is very easy to do. Don;t forget so do this as it will help you to avoid damaging the belt when the motor is switched on.

We do really like the add on's such as the worklight and dust extraction port to use with the sanding belt.

All in all, if you are looking for a powerful, top quality bench grinder, this model will give you peace of mind in solving most of your workshop tasks. After taking everything into consideration including the versatility of this model we decided that it was the clear winner of our 'Best Pick' award. It really it one of the best models we have seen and if we had to recommend just one bench grinder, this would be it.

Einhell TH-BG 150 W Bench Grinder Review

Einhell TH-BG 150 W Bench Grinder Review

Einhell TH-BG 150 W Bench Grinder

Einhell produces a range of tools for both professional and DIY (Do It Yourself) tasks in workshops and usually come at very affordable prices so when we seen this bench grinder we had to take to a look and were glas we did. The Einhell TH-BG 150W bench grinder is a well-built unit that exhibits very little vibration and surprisingly emits minimal sound. With an 150W motor, this tool is capable of dealing with most DIY tasks like shaping and sharpening metal. However, heavy duty tasks like grinding harder materials will be a challenge for this tool as it doesn't quiet have the power of some of the more expensive models.

We think this tool is perfect for most polishing work and lighter grinding work. It features a standard 150mm discs, one fine grit and one course grit and the grinding wheels can easily be replaced by a polishing or wire wheel you can purchase separately. The Einhell TH-BG bench grinder sits on 4 rubber feet for safe and low-vibration standing. Also, the feet are used in fixing the bench grinder to a bench top for safety reasons. However, we think that this is probably not essential for TH-BG bench grinder since it has very low vibrations.

For the durability of this tool, it features integrated rubber bumpers, adjustable work supports and robust compact metallic constructions which are very robust and well build, that ensures its safety and longevity of the product. The integrated work supports of this tool are also adjustable which provide you with various applications for DIY jobs. The Einhell Grinder also features adjustable spark reflectors and guard hoods with closed sides which ensure safe operation of this tool, and zero-play ball bearing shaft that enables precise operations. This is perfect for less experienced users as they have done everything possible to make it safe to use.

As all ready mentioned, the 150mm discs of this tool are divided into two; the coarse (K36) and the fine (K60) grinding discs. Coarse grinding wheel completes coarse grinding operations such as repairs and corrections very quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, fine grinding wheel performs precise tasks like sharpening axes, drills, chisels and many more.

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 230V
  • Wattage: 150 watts
  • Dimensions: 29.5 x 20.5 x 20.5 cm
  • Item Weight: 5 Kg


  • Highly versatile.
  • Good value for money.
  • Good quality.
  • Very durable.
  • Smooth and quiet operations.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Affordable.


  • No assembly and use instructions.
  • Can be a challenge for unskilled users.

Final conclusion

This is perfect for the home user or the enthusiasts enthusiast working in their workshop and garage, grinding tasks and all creative work will no longer be an issue if you get yourself the Einhell TH-BG 150W Grinder.

Being a tool with reasonable price, it is among the cheapest grinding tools available. However, price says little about this tool compared to the services it offers. It is very reliable and will probably meet all your expectations once you put it into use but it does lack the power some users may need so we would not recommend this model for professional use or for heavy grinding work.

Overall a great model for the home user tinkering about in their garage sharpening a few tools and for small grinding jobs,? If your looking for a more industrial model with two grinding wheels we recommend you take a look at the next grinder on our review below as it has proven a good alternative to the Einhell Grinder.

Draper 29620 Heavy-Duty Bench Grinder Review

Draper 29620 Heavy-Duty Bench Grinder

Draper 29620 Heavy-Duty Bench Grinder

Another one from the Draper Company, this is an industrial grade heavy-duty bench grinder designed for use in more industrial situations such as in garages or workshop. The Draper 29620 is pretty much solid and will help you handle grinding tasks for many years as it has been built to last and withstand heavy use.

With a high power 370w motor which is more than double that of the Einhell model, the tool is capable of handling the toughest grinding tasks. The machine comes with fine and coarse grinding wheels like that of the Einhell model, a spark deflectors and eye protection shields for safety, tool rests, and as you would expect, wheel guards. 

What really stands out with this machine is how solidly built it is as well as well-balanced wheels which run smoothly with little vibrations. It is designed for the DIY enthusiasts and homeowners as well as for professional use. Its quality and performance rate is promising since it is has a no load speed of 3000 rpm which is very impressive for a bench grinder.

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 230V
  • Wattage: 370W
  • Dimensions: 38.4 x 21.6 x 25.3 cm
  • Item Weight: 9 Kg


  • Very robust machine suitable for heavy use.
  • Very powerful 370w motor.
  • Very low vibrations.
  • Good performance overall.
  • Comes with 2 wheels, one fine, one course.
  • Very durable and reliable.


  • Tool rests are a little flimsy and can deform when grinding tougher materials.

Final conclusion

Its first impression is great due to its solid build, its well balanced, runs smooth and generally a all round good piece of kit. For those that want a bench grinder that can perform all DIY grinding tasks and runs smoothly and quietly, then the Draper 29620 150 mm Heavy-Duty Bench Grinder is one you should consider.

Overall, this is a lovely piece of equipment because it has most features you could be looking for in a bench grinder. We think this is a great alternative to the Einhell model for those tougher jobs as it has more power and is better made. Overall a great tool, just a shame the tool rest are not a little better as this would make this model perfect in every way.

Sealey BG150XLW/98 150mm Bench Grinder with Wire Wheel Review

Sealey BG150XLW-98 150mm Bench Grinder with Wire Wheel Review

Sealey BG150XLW-98 150mm Bench Grinder with Wire Wheel

Sealey, is a leading UK suppliers of workshop tools and equipment, makes products that offer good value for their consumers. Sealey brand is well-known to DIY enthusiasts and trade professional around the world so we decoded to take a look at this bench grinder which also features a wire wheel as well as the usual grinder wheel.

The Sealey BG150XLW/98 bench grinder is a well-built machine with a powerful motor that’s capable of grinding even harder metals. This motor has a no load speed of 2850 rpm which is less than the Draper models but more than the cheaper Einhell model. This machine is an all-purpose tool that we think would be perfect for using in a DIY workshop or even in a professional setting such as in a garage.

The machine comes with one coarse aluminous oxide grinding stone and one wire wheel. Due to its high power induction motor, this bench grinder is capable of working for a quite long time before it is given time to cool down. The unit runs smoothly with little vibrations. Its wire wheel is used for removing old coating on metal objects such as paint or rust of which is does an excellent job overall with many positive recommendations online.

As with most grinders, you can swap other wheels into the place of the grinding wheel or the wire wheel depending on the task you are dealing with. Also, care and maintenance of the tool is considered, by ensuring that too much pressure is not applied on the spinning wheels. By so doing, the ability of the machine to grind or polish remains very effective.

The machine is fitted with stone guards, spark deflectors and eye protection shields for safety. Overall a great tool for sharpening and cleaning use and comes with full manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year.

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 230V
  • Wattage: 370W
  • Wheel size: 150 mm Diameter
  • Item Weight: 12 Kg


  • Powerful 370w motor which produces 2850rpm for optimum performance.
  • Versatile machine for home and professional use.
  • Multi-purpose tool.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Very durable and very well made made.
  • Little vibrations for smooth use.


  • Has no worklight and tool rests.

Final conclusion

The Sealey BG150XLW/98 150mm Bench Grinder is one of the best utility bench grinders on the market, which makes it worth anyone’s consideration. It is very reliable and convincing to fulfill all your expectations as an enthusiast in the field of DIY and trade professional, thanks to its power and multi-use.

This is and affordable bench grinder that is capable of doing justice to all basic sharpening and shaping projects you need it for. Overall as you would expect from Sealey its made to last, just a shame it lacks the tool rest.

Draper 31235 Wet and Dry Bench Grinder Review

Draper 31235 230-Volt Wet and Dry Bench Grinder Review

Draper 31235 230-Volt Wet and Dry Bench Grinder

The Draper 31235 wet and dry bench grinder is well designed for is a great grinder for DIY enthusiasts and homeowners alike and all though it is the most expensive grinder we have reviewed its also one of the very best model with the selling point being the wet grinder wheel. This machine is suitable for sharpening hand and garden tools, making it ideal for anyone looking to keep there tools in good shape.

This machine has a 20 cm-diameter horizontal whetstone and 12.5 cm-diameter dry white stone wheel which makes 2850 revolutions per minute. It features spark deflectors, wheel guards, eye protection shield, and of course adjustable tool rests. One of the unique features on this bench grinder is the forged hardened and tempered carbon steel claws.

Also, the Draper 31235 bench grinder comes with a white dry grinding wheel, which is specifically suitable for high-speed steel tooling. This powerful machine from Draper is fully guaranteed and comes with very clear and brief but comprehensive instructions which are very helpful if your not familiar with grinder.

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 230V
  • Item Weight: 12 Kg
  • Dimensions: 49.4 x 32.4 x 30.8 cm
  • 1 x 12.5 cm dry white stone
  • 1 x 20 cm wet stone


  • ?Great for sharpening and reshaping garden tools.
  • Very well made to the highest standards.
  • Powerful induction motor.
  • Very versatile tool
  • Compact design.


  • It is very expensive compared to most grinders.

Final conclusion

Where this bench grinder really stands out from the rest is that it offers wet grinding, thus it produces cleaner and more polished finish when it comes to sharpening your metal tools and objects due to less friction.

By using this type of bench grinder, your tools are safe from being exposed to wear thus ensuring long life for your tools. If you looking for a grinder specially for sharpening and reshaping garden tools this is the best choice hands down. Just a shame about the price tag being a little more than most will want to spend.

Silverline 544813 Wet and Dry Bench Grinder Review

Silverline 544813 Wet and Dry Bench Grinder Review

Silverline 544813 Wet and Dry Bench Grinder

The Silverline 544813 Wet and Dry Bench Grinder is one of the cheapest grinders on the market with similar features to the expensive ones. Therefore, it is considered as an alternative for enthusiasts who cannot afford the high priced bench grinders but still want to invest in a cheaper but quality tool. First things first, this model is not to the same quality in terms of build quality and performance but it is more than adequate for home use.

This machine can be mounted to the benchtop to ensure its efficiency since it will not be making any movements while grinding. It features a long-life induction electric motor with sealed bearings that produce high power for high quality performance, and it is fully water cooled to ensure its durability, the water cooling is what really separates this model from most cheaper models that simply would not make it onto our recommended list.

This wet and dry bench grinder comes fitted with a whetstone grinding wheel and a grinding wheel, hence you have a machine which is capable of dealing with multiple jobs and fulfill your needs. This Silverline 544813 bench grinder has necessary features that ensure safe operation. This include, eye protection shield, spark deflectors, dust extraction port, and rubber layered mounting legs.

Furnished with fine grit grinding wheel and whetstone, this machine whetstone makes 134 rpm while the grinding machine has a no load speed of 2950 rpm which is not made for the price you pay.. Its 22:1 low-geared 134 rpm whetstone wheel is used for sharpening and polishing making it ideal for tools. It also features a tool rest which is a very important feature for any outstanding bench grinder and for people who are not skilled in using grinders. This bench grinder uses water as a coolant and lubricant to prevent metal impairment and ensure perfect polishing.

  • Voltage: 230V
  • Wattage: 250W
  • Dimensions: 41 x 25 x 24.5 cm
  • Item Weight: 8 Kg


  • ?Ideal for the home gardener or DIY enthusiast looking for an affordable grinder.
  • Great budget model with wet grinder.
  • Very versatile.


  • No worklight.

Final conclusion

The Silverline 544813 Wet and Dry Bench Grinder is suitable for grinding and polishing metal, especially for sharpening blades and final polishing or tools. Any tool polished using this tool gives a mirror polish, which is eye catching for anyone dealing with DIY jobs. Therefore, if you’re looking for a decent bench grinde but at an affordable price, this is worth considering but if you can budget more we would recommend investing in one of the other models on our review.

Our Final Conclusion

In conclusion look at the material that you are about to work with and select the right motor to work with. The larger the motor the more power you will experience and generally the more versatile the grinder and the better the finish.

Don't just take our word for it, take your time to read bench grinder reviews online and product ratings so as to make informed decisions. With those few words, all the best!

Below is a quick summary of some of our best recommended models.

Our Best Pick

Draper 05096 150mm Bench Grinder with Sanding Belt

Draper 05096 Bench Grinder with Sanding Belt Review

The overall features on the Draper 05096 Bench Grinder with it's Sanding Belt help this model stand out of the rest. It even comes with a sanding belt which means you can do more than just grinding and polishing materials.

A worklight feature ensures that you can work in dimly lit places as not all workshops have the best lighting. You’ll also benefit from an array of safety features including an adjustable eye protection shield, wheel guard, and spark deflector.

In our opinion, the handy features combined with a decent price are what makes this tool the best bench grinder on the market for most people both professionals and DIY enthusiast.

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