Best Reciprocating Saw – Top 8 Models, Comparison & Reviews

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Best Reciprocating Saw – Top 8 Models, Comparison & Reviews

Best Reciprocating Saw – Top 8 Models, Comparison & Reviews

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Choosing The Best Reciprocating Saw

When you are looking for a reciprocating saw, selection might seem confusing at first, specially when you start comparing prices. So many brand names and so many features to select from sometimes it can be a little daunting if its your first reciprocating saw.

To make this process manageable you have to understand a few things about the functionality of a reciprocating saw. To find the best reciprocating saw for your needs, you will have to have an eye for detail. This is so that you can tell the difference between each products specifications such as variable speed and brake, built in anti vibration and blade stroke length to a few. Then there build quality, warranty, corded or cordless to consider. 

To make choosing the best cordless reciprocating saw we have compared over 17 models and narrowed our list if recommended reciprocating saws to just 8 models which included both corded and cordless models from leading brands including DeWalt and Ryobi.

For anyone looking for our Top Recommended Reciprocating saw, after hours of research and much discussion, we came to the conclusion that the Ryobi RRS1801M Reciprocating Saw is the best reciprocating saw for both DIY enthusiast and professional tradesmen looking for a reliable all round model at a reasonable price. 

Ryobi RRS1801M ONE+ Reciprocating Saw Review
  • Suitable for cutting a range of materials including wood, plastic and steel.
  • Incorporates easy blade change using the quick change magnesium.
  • Designed with a 22mm stroke length for better cutting performance.
  • Anti vibration mechanisms reduces fatigue.
  • Comes with an adjustable shoe for blade use optimisation.
  • Optimum  speed control from 0 to 3100 rpm ensures you can control the speed for the job at hand.
  • Impressive maximum cutting length of 180mm of wood.
  • 3 Year warranty when you register online for full peace of mind.


Ryobi 18v - RRS1801M Reciprocating Saw Review


Ryobi RRS1801M ONE+ Reciprocating Saw Review

Ryobi RRS1801M ONE+ Reciprocating Saw

The Ryobi RRS1801M Reciprocating Saw is a good product for sizeable situations and is a great model for both DIY enthusiast and Professional tradesmen and is one of the most affordable cordless models without compromising on quality, performance and power. The colour and design are hard to miss and is instantly recognisable as being part of the Ryobi  One+ range. This means if you all ready have Ryobi tools such as the cordless hammer drill drills or cordless jigsaws etc from this range, then you can purchase the bare tool and save money by not having to invest in a battery and charger which makes up well over half the price if purchased as a full set including the battery and charger,

More in the saw itself, for maximum performance, the unit is powered by a 18V lithium ion batteries. These batteries are known for their fast charging and no memory capabilities and allow units to run for longer hours. We recommend using the 5Ah battery as they offer reasonable run times.

Talking if batteries, this model is part of the Ryobi power sharing movement. If you already have Ryobi tools with Ryobi one plus batteries, you don’t have to buy batteries as you can interchange between the tools as you wish and save money as you only need to invest in the bare tool which is well under £80.

One problem we noticed with cheaper saws is you have to change the blade using a small allen key which is a little fidgety and time consuming. Taking this into consideration its good to see that this saw is fitted with a easy blade changing mechanism. You can attach blades without tools and within seconds.

It also has a good maximum stroke length of 22mm which is excellent when compared to cheaper models and can cut through 18cm of wood with ease thanks to the long blade capacity. You will find that every model is supplied with one wooden and metal blade for use so you're good to get started, however its all ways a good idea to buy some spare blades when you buy your saw. It also features an adjustable shoe that has been fitted to allow you use of the whole blade and at angles.

Speed is as important as the power of the motor. The higher the speeds the more you will get through the material quicker and the smooth the cut usually is. The top speed recorded for this unit is at a maximum of 3100 rpm. We like that instead of just having a single speed, the speed can be controlled from the trigger for optimum cutting performance. You can decide to go faster or brake midway due to the quality control mechanisms provided.

In terms of use, this unit as you would expect is fitted with anti-vibration mechanism so that your hands do not get wary. When working long hours, the last thing you want is a unit that vibrates too much. At it is ergonomically designed with a soft handle it is extremely comfortable to use. The unit is also lightweight even when the battery is fitted when compared to cheaper models but this is partly because it uses lithium-ion batteries.


  • Suitable for cutting a range of materials including wood, plastic and steel.
  • ?Good quality construction.
  • Incorporates easy blade change using the quick change magnesium.
  • Designed with a 22mm stroke length for better cutting performance.
  • Anti vibration mechanisms reduces fatigue.
  • Comes with an adjustable shoe for blade use optimisation.
  • Optimum  speed control from 0 to 3100 spm ensures you can control the speed for the job at hand.
  • Impressive maximum cutting length of 180mm of wood.
  • 3 Year warranty when you register online for full peace of mind.


  • Battery bought separately thus extra costs if you do not all ready have tools from the Ryobi one+ range.
  • No carrying case included.

Final conclusion

The Ryobi RRS1801M Reciprocating Saw  is one of convenience, reliability and power and is one of the best models we have come across and has a length warranty to match. After we reviewed all the reciprocating saws it became clear that this model was really hard to beat as it has the quality, performance and features of the more expensive model by DeWalt but for a lot less money.

This model has easy blade attachment systems which make time wastage a problem of yesterday. Paired together with high adjustable speeds and an adjustable shoe, you get true value for your money.

We wish it had a carrying case but that can be managed. If you already have Ryobi tools that are compatible, you don’t need to spend money on getting batteries which is another bonus. 

Overall it's probably the best cordless reciprocating saw for both Professionals looking for a high quality tool for a little less money or the DIY enthusiast looking a robust saw for tackling their latest projects but who is looking for a more professional model that can tackle heavier cutting jobs. After careful consideration we came to the conclusion that this would be the best choice for our 'Best Pick' Award for the best cordless reciprocating saw.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Bosch PSA 700 E Sabre Saw Review

Bosch PSA 700 E Sabre Saw Review

Bosch PSA 700 E Sabre Saw

The Bosch PSA 700 E Sabre Saw will make you smile. This is because it is such an easy reciprocating saw to use and a great choice for home use for a range of rough sawing robs from cutting branches in the garden to some DIY work. All the blades that you find in standard saws will fit this model which means that buying new blades is easy and affordable as there is no special blade attachments specs to worry about. The unit is able to accommodate different blades for different amounts of work. You can change these blades without taking too much time using the very impressive quick blade change feature. Bosch have made certain that you only take a few seconds to change your blade and being designed for amateur use this is important as most people will have never changed a blade before in a reciprocating saw. So first advantage, no tools are needed.

For maximum performance, the model has been fitted with a very powerful motor. The motor has to run smoothly to ensure that the stroke is smooth which Bosch as done very well with this model. The 710w motor provides continuous performance no matter matter how hard the cutting task you are attempting is. Considering that it is a corded tool, you will have to make sure that you have extensions just in case you have limited reach which is one of the disadvantages over a cordless model such as our 'Best Pick' but we understand not everyone needs the convenience of cordless.

To make certain that your hands do not get calluses, the reciprocating saw is fitted with soft handles so it is very comfortable to use even on full power and the handle makes sure that your hand does not slip regardless of how sweaty they get which is handy If you are working for extended time.

The whole unit is constructed from high quality metal and plastic which is far superior to cheaper models on the market. Therefore, durability and stability will not be an issue.

The unit is designed with smooth acceleration and variable speed just like the Ryobi model. Depending on the pressure applied to the trigger. You can control when you want to stop or go faster.

The unit is also fitted with an adjustable shoe that lets you optimise the blade to use. The unit can cut up to 150mm in wood and 10mm in steel. This unit has a stroke length of 20mm which is more than adequate for domestic and frequent use.

The model is also supplied with one wood saw for use. You will have to purchase the other blade separately. This model does come with 2 years warranty  but like the Ryobi mode  you can extend it to 3 years by registering your saw online.


  • Perfect for home use in the garden or cutting cutting a range of materials including wood, plastic and even metal with the right blade.
  • Lightweight bow design for easy handling.
  • Power 710w motor with speed control for optimum cutting performance.
  • 2 years warranty which can be extended to 3 years by registering online.


  • Lacks a safety cut-out.
  • Comes with only one wood blade.
  • Only suitable for smaller jobs

Final conclusion

The Bosch PSA 700 E Sabre Saw is lightweight and can be used for nearly all jobs around the home and in the garden. The lightweight reciprocating saw does have a good powerful motor which does produce plenty of power and will easily cut through material.

It has a fair price considering the quality of the features presented. We recommend this unit for home use and to be honest it would be good enough for the DIY enthusiast who may do more cutting than your average user but we would recommend maybe upgrading to the professional model by Bosch as it offers a little extra power for those tougher jobs and fast cutting performance.

This model also only comes with one wood blade for wood so you will need to invest in a good set of new blades to go with this model.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

VonHaus 710W 115mm Reciprocating Saw Review

VonHaus 710W 115mm Reciprocating Saw Review

VonHaus 710W 115mm Reciprocating Saw

The VonHaus 710W 115mm Reciprocating Saw is another corded saw, firstly this is not an alternative to the other models we have reviewed, it's more of a suitable saw for one off light use where you just got the odd job in mind.

Operating with a 710 watt motor it should have all the powered to compare to the Bosch models above at less than half the price, this is simply not the case, its adequate but simply does not have the power of the Bosch corded model. This unit is a lightweight model that is great for the off small scale job. Its lightness makes it very easy to move around and work with though.

This VonHaus unit  does have speed control which is controlled using the trigger that lets you control the speed.

The trigger lets you control the various speeds and the lock button allows the user to set the speed. Once you have engaged the lock button, the speed will remain constant which is a good feature for this cheap saw. The maximum speed for this unit is approximated at around 2800 spm which is actually less than out battery powered best pick.

For convenience purposes, the unit is fitted with a rotating handle which is a great feature for such a budget range model. This will allow you to work from a multitude of angles but the maximum cutting depth associated with this product is 115mm which means its only meant for less demanding thicknesses. The stroke length is also recorded at 20mm. This is adequate for home/ domestic applications. You won’t have to waste time changing the blades since the unit is fitted with an easy to use blade change mechanism and an adjustable shoe has been fitted so you can decide on how deep they want to go.

Work does get intensive and the last thing you need is sore muscles. You will meet units out there that have poor handle construction. This model is fitted with rubber covered handles for a soft but firm grip. A 2 year warranty and 2 blades are included with this reciprocating saw which is one more then the Bosch. There is a blade wood and metal applications so there is no need to purchase others as these should be fine for the odd job around the home. 


  • Very affordable pricing.
  • Well-constructed and lightweight for manoeuvrability.
  • Comes with an adjustable handle


  • Can only cater to small jobs.
  • Blade holding mechanism needs tightening regularly.
  • Could be noisy for some.

Final conclusion

The VonHaus 710W 115mm Reciprocating Saw is better fitted for small applications. If pushed too hard it will end up being overworked and want last long. However, we have to acknowledge that the features presented are of good quality. For the price that you pay for the saw, you will be happy with its performance.

One unique feature that we do really like is the adjustable handle that lets the user work from different angle. Being that it is a small unit, it will not emit enough power to cut through thick materials. If you are not looking to spend much but need a good quality saw for the odd job, this is worth considering and you want find a better saw for the same price.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Makita JR3050T/2 Reciprocating Saw Review

Makita JR3050T-2 Reciprocating Saw Review

Makita JR3050T-2 Reciprocating Saw

The Makita JR3050T/2 Reciprocating Saw is another good reciprocating saw and a good alternative to the Bosch model and is around same price. This 3.2 kg saw is very user friendly and a very robust saw perfect for tackling just about any cutting job. This model has been designed to have variable speed which is convenient when you are working with different kinds of material. As with most models the speed is controlled by the pressure asserted on the trigger depending on the user.

This reciprocating saw comes with a brushed 1010 watt motor so has plenty of power. This motor has the capabilities of running for as long as you need which we  would expect from Makita and It has safety measures installed to prevent it from overheating. The motor is brushed motor and is designed more for cutting tasks that do not require very heavy duty power but the brushes are replaceable to keep the unit in good shape. 

To save you time and frustration as you work, a hustle free blade mechanism is installed just like that on the Bosch model. Now you can focus on your work rather than getting tools to fix your blades at every change.

The unit will be delivered with blades. There is no need to purchase blades. Also, you will find an adjustable shoe that you can use to maximise on your blades.

A carrying case has been provided to make transportation and storage much easier which is a bonus as most models do not include a case.

When working with this model, you have the 2800spm speed to work with. This speed seems to be the industry standard for corded units in this range. It has a stroke length of approximately 28mm. This is adequate to cut through 255mm in wood and 90mm in steel. Finally it also comes with a 3 year warranty which is pretty standard for Makita tools.


  • Excellent cutting performance on a range of materials including wood, plastic and metal and will even cut through cast iron pipe.
  • Robust high quality build which is well balanced and comfortable to hold.
  • Perfect for Home use and tradesmen.
  • Good price for the offered features.
  • Comes with an adjustable shoe for blade control.
  • It comes with a storage case.
  • 3 years warranty for full peace of mind.


  • The blades could be of better quality.
  • Can be a little noisy but with power comes noise.

Final conclusion

The Makita JR3050T/2 Reciprocating Saw is affordable and has good features making it an excellent choice for someone looking for a more heavy duty model for professional or home use. This corded machine comes with a carrying case which is a bonus as they don't all ways include a case despite there high price tags. 

The speed on this reciprocating saw is more than adequate and so is the stroke length of 28mm.

Overall this is a well balanced saw with plenty of power and a great alternative to the Bosch PSA 700E Sabre Saw and has very similar features and performance. Both models are a great choice, I suppose it depends on which brand you usually go for. Personally we would go for the Bosch model but this is an individual choice and the Makita is just as good.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

DeWalt DWE305PK-GB 240 V Reciprocating Saw Review

Dewalt DWE305PK-GB 240 V Reciprocating Review

Dewalt DWE305PK-GB 240 V Reciprocating

The DeWalt DWE305PK-GB 240 V Reciprocating Saw may be a little more expensive than the Makita model but it cannot be overlooked. Making another appearance for corded reciprocating saws, this unit comes with a powerful 1100w motor. The motor, in this case, has been designed for constant and heavy use so is perfect for professionals and tradesmen. Unlike the smaller models that handle heavy work but could be pushed to their limit, this unit can be used for heavier applications and will not miss a beat.

Many people worry about speed when it comes to most power tools. This unit comes with an effective speed of 2800spm which is on pair with the Makita model in this respect. This speed has to be regulated when you are working so as to avoid any mishaps. The trigger can be used to control the speed variation and the handle has been designed to ensure that the user has a comfortable grip despite the size of the hand.

The structure of the unit is made out of high quality materials as you would expect for DeWalt and has been designed to last on busy daily sites where it will get some hammering. The material used will not crack or break easily when subjected to extended use and the odd knock and drop.

Whether this model stands out from most other models is that it comes designed with 4 blade clamp positions. The positions allow the user to engage in activities like flush cutting and its secures its very versatile. The blades can easily be attached or detached from the main unit as you do not have to use any tools. This kind of system saves time and much needed energy and is a must have feature.

This reciprocating saw can cut through 280mm through various woods and 100mm through selected steel pipes and sections. The stroke length is also as important as it allows you to get through cuts faster. The stroke length on this model is 29mm which is one of the best we have seen which only increases its performance. This is definitely longer than the smaller sized saw.

The unit is supplied with a carrying case. The carrying case is made of durable material so as to withstand heavy impact and provide easy storage. 


  • Can be used for heavy duty work.
  • Well-constructed and durable.
  • It comes with a carrying case.


  • No blades provided.

Final conclusion

The DeWalt DWE305PK-GB Reciprocating Saw can be considered among the best of all the corded models and it simply does not miss a beat and will handle anything that gets in its way. This is because it is well constructed and has good quality features and an impressive speed of 2800spm.

We love the fact that it comes with its own carrying case which makes transportation and storage easier for the consumer.

The only flaw is that no blades are provided thus you will have to purchase them separately. If you are working within a budget it is important to consider this factor, however with a good set of blades cost around £15 its probably not worth worrying about.

Aside from that, this is a reliable product that can be used by various HVAC professionals, plumbers, electricians, among others. All in all the best cordless reciprocating saw for professional use.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Bosch Professional GSA 1100 E Corded 240 V Sabre Saw Review

Bosch Professional GSA 1100 E Corded 240 V Sabre Saw Review

Bosch Professional GSA 1100 E Corded 240 V Sabre Saw

The Bosch Professional GSA 1100 E Sabre Saw is another great product from Bosch and an upgraded more powerful alternative to the Bosch PSA 700 E Sabre we reviewed above. The unit features a powerful 1100 watt motor to cope with more industrial type work. These watts go ahead to power a maximum speed of 2700spm. This speed can be controlled by the amount of pressure asserted on the trigger.

When it comes to the blade section, Bosch got it covered. They have provided an SDS system to facilitate conveniently timed blade changes that will save you some frustration. Also, you will find that you will be supplied with blades that you can use for either wood or metal. This saves you some money that you could have used buying new ones.

This saw has been fitted with LED lights to increase the visibility of the work piece which is handy when working in dimply lit areas such as under stairs or simply where there is bad lighting. You can comfortably cut 230mm in wood and about 20mm in metal applications. The overall stroke length of this model is 28mm which most people find comfortable to work with.

The unit is fitted with rubber insulated handles to make sure your fingers don’t slip. This design is comfortable for any size of an adult’s hand. When you are taking a break from work, you can hang the saw using the metal hook provided. If you are done for the day, you can put it back in the carry case and store it for another day. The carry case is of good quality, therefore, will protect the reciprocating saw.


  • Ideal for home use and professional use such as plumbers, electricians etc.
  • Designed with LED lights for better visibility.
  • Good lightweight construction.
  • It comes with a carry case.
  • Comes with a hanging section.


  • Blades provide could be better.
  • Interlock button may be quite stiff.

Final conclusion

The Bosch Professional GSA 1100 E Sabre Saw is a good product at the very least. It comes and overshadows the other Bosch saw featured in this review. We like the inclusion of LED lights as they make working a bit easier. We also love the handle since the rubber gives you that comfortable feeling.

The unit is delivered with a carry case and some blades so it offers good value for money. The performance of the tool cannot be put into question. The motor runs strongly and efficiently as long as it is maintained well. Apart from the few misgivings, this saw can stand among the best reciprocating saws in our review. This unit is recommended for domestic and commercial use.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below


Makita DJR185Z Cordless 18V Li-Ion Mini Reciprocating Saw Review

Makita DJR185Z Cordless Li-Ion Mini Reciprocating Saw Review

Makita DJR185Z Cordless Li-Ion Mini Reciprocating Saw

The Makita DJR185Z Cordless Mini Reciprocating Saw is a lightweight wonder that perfect if used within its limits. Unencumbered from the limitation of cords, this little guy can be carried and used anywhere. The unit relies on lithium-ion batteries which make them easy to carry around and use in areas where corded unit are limited. If you have similar Makita tools you probably all ready have compatible batteries and charger. If not the 18V batteries and charger will have to be purchased separately.

This is another model which has thought about dim working conditions, for an easier time seeing when you are cutting through materials, an LED light job has been fitted. This convenient feature is accompanied by a shoe adjustment feature that lets you decide how deep you want to go. With a light to guide the way, you can cut the right dimensions with ease.

With a speed of 3000 spm, you need to have some sort of control. That is why you will notice that the reciprocating saw is fitted with two switch mechanism. The mechanism is just there to foster smooth speed control as you have variable speed control.

Another neat little feature of this reciprocating saw is that it can be adaptable to take jigsaw blades and other reciprocating saws that you purchase in the market. This basically means you can use it as a jigsaw which is perfect for small jobs and saves you carrying a small jigsaw around. It does lack quick change blade mechanism that most models come with and instead uses a hex key for easy blade change. Not a deal breaker but it would be nice to have a tool-less blade change feature.

The maximum stroke length on this saw is only 13mm. that is quite short but it is understandable due to the size. You can comfortably cut through 50mm on wood and 50mm on mild metal applications. The handles have been rubber grip to make sure that you don’t slip eve when you are working on high ceilings.


  • Perfect for small jobs such as reaching into awkward to reach spaces inside cavities, cutting drywall, cutting through nails/screws, pipes etc.
  • Comes with an LED job light.
  • Good pricing for features provided.
  • High speeds for effective cuts.
  • Can be used with jigsaw blades.
  • 3 years warranty when you register online.


  • Has no carry case.
  • You need to purchase batteries and charger separate.

Final conclusion

The Makita DJR185Z Cordless Mini Reciprocating Saw is a mini wonder that separates itself from the competition by being small. Because of its size, it is only appropriate for small jobs though.

The stroke length is also limited therefore DIY enthusiasts will have an easy time dealing with small projects. The speed is higher to make up for its small size. We like that the features like the trigger have been designed with mechanical steps to make speed control easier.

The unit does not come with a carry case, however, this means you will have to find a way to store it properly. Remember to include the price of the batteries and charger to know the overall cost. This mini saw is of good quality but should not be tasked with big jobs.

Once thing to remember, this is not a alternative to the bigger reciprocating saws we have reviewed, This is one on its own which is great when used for what its designed for. 

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw Review

DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw Review

DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw

The DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw is by far the best cordless reciprocating saw we have reviewed and possible the best available, it truly is an amazing piece if kit. The vibrant signature DeWalt colours make it visible and easy to find in a hectic worksite and you can tell from the quality that it really is the best of the best, I can't speak highly enough about it, amazing. Its incredibly light weight for its size and is powered by 18V lithium ion batteries and has enough power to cut through various materials with ease, you name it, it will cut through it. The motor which is fan cooled and it has replaceable brushes to ensure that it runs well and will last for many years.

The well designed unit has ergonomic handles which makes it very comfortable to use. The weight of the unit is balanced thus you will find no strain applied to your muscles. I think the balance is partly due to the magnesium gear case which is fitted.

The speed on this cordless reciprocating saw has a speed of 2950 strokes per minute which is about the maximum for a cordless model and even more than most corded versions. The approximated stroke length stands at 28.6mm which is also very goo and the electronic brake that has been fitted ensures you can stop whenever you want to for more accurate cuts. It also has a lock off switch and trigger to control the various speeds so you can start slow to start the cut and then speed up to cut through the material quickly.

It also has an adjustable shoe which is always a convenient feature to have when dealing with reciprocating saws. This feature lets you gauge the usage of your blade. Speaking of blades, this model is designed with easy fitting blade mechanism so it takes less time to change blades.

A four position clamp will ensure stability during flush cutting applications.


  • Perfect for cutting through even the most demanding materials making it perfect for professional tradesmen and DIY enthusiast.
  • High speeds of 3000 strokes per minute with electronic brake.
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.
  • A pivoted shoe with 4 position blade clamps.
  • Extended 3 year guarantee when you register online.


  • No carriage box provided.
  • The batteries charger and blades have to be bought independently thus pricey.

Final conclusion

The DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw is perfect for heavy use and is by far, the best cordless reciprocating saw we have seen, its well built, powerful and perfect for trade use.

Firstly this unit is capable of running for a long period before the batteries run out but we recommend getting at least 4Ah or even better, 5Ah batteries. If you are working for long periods it goes without saying, carry a couple of battery packs.

Although the unit has lovely features and is an amazing tool, it is quite pricey, more than double that of other reciprocating saws we reviewed. You will also have to purchase the blades, batteries and charger separately unless you all ready have compatible batteries which many people will.

If you have the capital, then this is a lovely unit to use. If you need a less expensive unit, you can try the Ryobi RRS1801M Reciprocating Saw or the Bosch Professional if you want a corded alternative.

Overall it is a well-made product that is a worthy investment for those who will get the use out of it,

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Reciprocating Saw Buyers Guide

These kinds of saws are very popular with both home user looking for a good multipurpose saw and professionals such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians and most other professional tradesmen. This is because they are good at cutting up nearly all types of materials from wood floors, to decking, to plastic pipes and even steel. They are not really built to give accurate and clean cuts like circular saws do. They are, however, powerful and with the right the quality blades are very effective and extremely useful.

Depending on the scale of work you intend do do, you will have to select the right size with the right stroke length as well as take into account other features and your budget.

Here are a few factors that you can consider when you are seeking to buy a reciprocating saw that is right for your own needs.

  • Do you want a corded model or the freedom of cordless - When choosing a reciprocating, you will find two kinds of reciprocating saws. The corded saws are generally more powerful since they have a constant power supply all though some cordless models are now just as powerful but are expensive in comparison. Obviously corded models can go for longer and generally are heavier than the cordless ones. The cordless units are generally lighter and easier to use. The fact that they use batteries makes them perfect for taking to different sites where you may not have access to plug sockets. Their flaw is that the batteries need recharging fairy frequently and they have limited power compared to the corded counterparts. In general good cordless reciprocating saws cost a lot more compared to similar cordless models.
  • How much power do you need - In most cases, you find that the power is measured in watts on corded models and volts on cordless models . Whether you are using a corded or cordless unit, you need to gauge how much power you need. If you are working on small amounts of work or just need a model for some home tasks then there is no need to get a very powerful saw and can settle for models with slightly less power. Heavy duty machines will take up more energy so more powerful batteries are needed if using a cordless model and larger batteries cost more. You will find that most models are between the 700w and 1100w. For DIY enthusiasts 700 watts or 18 volts is fine and professionals will need to look at a 1100w model.
  • Look at the stroke length and speed - Usually, the stroke length refers to the distance the blade travels back and forth. The longer the stroke the more thickness of the material you can through. You will find models ranging from 3/8-1 ¼ and so forth. If you find a model that offers adjustable measurements, you can consider it for the convenience.

    Speed is a very important factor that cannot be overlooked. The faster the saw travels the faster the work gets done. Smaller units have slower speeds compared to the larger unit with bigger motors. The speeds usually measured in strokes per minute can be adjusted depending on the range of the product. You will do well with high speeds so as to get through different materials. Also be on the lookout for models with adjustable speed mechanisms where you can adjust the speed to the job at hand making the saw more versatile.
  • Consider blade quality - The blade quality determines how precise your cuts are and how well it cuts through the material. The more teeth per inch the more likely you are able to have a neater finish. The material that fashions the blade needs to be durable and flexible. You will find blades made from different materials and styles. You will meet good quality like High speed steel among others. The teeth styles can be milled or ground which gives off a different finish. When purchasing blades look for blades that are designed for the material you intend to cut such as wood or metal and in general, the more expensive the blades the better they are all though you can get some good aftermarket alternatives much cheaper then branded blades. 
  • Ease of use - You want a tool that has easy to use mechanisms. There are models that come with an easy blade attachment mechanism so you can quickly and easly change the blade with ease. There are models on the other hand that come with tools like Allen keys just to change the blade and usually takes longer. You will get models that allow the blade to rotate. This is just some of the things to look for.
  • For units that have an adjustable shoe, it becomes more convenient. You are able to adjust the base according to the angle that you are cutting at. The shoe offers much needed support and stability.
  • There are manufacturers that offer storage cases to enable mobility and storage options. The storage case should be constructed from durable materials so as to house the reciprocating saw for extended periods of time. Cheap plastic cases leave the tool vulnerable to impact damage that can occur accidentally.
  • There are models with auto brushes. The brushes allow the tool to be inactive immediately when called upon to do so. The brushes also prevent the much needed motor from unnecessary damage that may occur.
  • Make sure that the weight of the unit is balanced and the handles ergonomically designed. That way you will be assured of the feel of the model. If it is too heavy, you will not be able to work for long periods without stress to your arms. Adjustable hands allow the user to find a comfortable grip despite the size of their hands so be on the lookout for these features. Both Ryobi and DeWalt are well known for ergonomic design.
  • Consider your budget - Money makes the world go round. The amount of money you are willing to spend will affect the general quality of the product offered. We found that there is no need not spend ridiculous amounts of money to get an effective tool and if you need a simple model for home use then there are some really good models for less then £100 but a good cordless model with battery and charger will cost at least £160.
  • Warranty length - Warranties allow the manufacturer to show confidence in the make of a product. As a consumer, a warranty lets you test out the validity of a product. If it falls short you can return it or get it exchanged depending on the terms and conditions. Most good models usually come with 2-3 years warranty which can usually be extended by registering your product online so its all worth doing and not putting off.

Safety and User Tips

  • Anticipate various objects when cutting through walls so as to avoid live wires and piping, using a Multi-Scanner / Stud Finder
  • The blades have a tendency to get heated while using, avoid touching the blade so as not to burn your fingers. Its amazing how many times we hear of people touching blades.
  • Ensure that the unit is removed or unplugged while attempting to change the saws blade.
  • Usually, kickbacks are not experienced very often with reciprocating saws but it can happen so make sure to be in a stable position so as to control the kickback, pushing the saw again the shoe reduced this and reduced vibrations.
  • Make certain that the blade is well fixed to avoid the blade jumping or snapping.
  • Safety gear like protective glasses and gloves are recommended when working with objects like metal.
  • If you are planning on using the saw to cut through wood with nails. Be sure to control the speed so as to avoid unnecessary kickback.

Our Final Conclusion

To conclude, the choice between corded and cordless units will depend on your preference. If you want to move around or do a lot of field work the cordless unit will probably be the best.

If you need an affordable saw with plenty of power and connecting to a plug socket is not a problem then you can seek out one of the corded models.

Look at the speed and the stroke length to determine if it will be sufficient according to the material you are working with. Most models have plenty of power in our review so this should not be an issue. Consider the features and the accessories provided to weigh the value for money and the cost of batteries if purchasing a cordless model as batteries alone can cost £60 and that without the charger.

Below is a quick summary of some of our best recommended reciprocating saws:

Ryobi RRS1801M ONE+ Reciprocating Saw Review

With careful considerations, we stick to the fact that the Ryobi RRS1801M Reciprocating Saw is the best choice for most people both DIY enthusiast and tradesmen looking for an affordable but reliable model.

This is because it comes at an affordable price and comes with some great features and is made to a professional standard, now low quality plastic or cheap motor to worry about.

The speed is at 3100 spm is fast enough to drive the blade through just about anything. We also like the tool-less blade change as it lets work carry on without a hitch.

The adjustable shoe and anti-vibration mechanism make it easier to handle and control the blade. The lightweight construction will be convenient for small-medium applications. It is a unit that is not out of reach for most people budgets. If you do need a saw for very heavy use then we recommend the cordless DeWalt as the best alternative or the corded version blow for a cheaper alternative.

Overall though the Ryobi  is a fantastic choice that will not disappoint.

Best Corded Reciprocating Saw

DeWalt DWE305PK-GB Reciprocating Saw

Dewalt DWE305PK-GB 240 V Reciprocating Review

This title goes to the DeWalt DWE305PK-GB 240 V Reciprocating Saw. This is because of its design. The unit can allow flash cuts and has a stroke length of an impressive 29mm.

The motor operates with a high wattage so as to ensure that it can cut through different materials with ease.

The only downside is you will have to purchase the blades separately but it is entirely worth it. Unlike other manufacturers, it comes with a durable carrying case for easy storage which we like.

Overall if you want the best corded reciprocating saw then this is a great choice that will not disappoint. 

Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw

DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw

DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw Review

As you have probably guessed by now, the title is bestowed on the DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw. This is because this unit is large enough to take up weightier tasks.

The stroke length stands at 28.6mm which is long enough to work with. The speed is also high enough to work through various materials with ease.

You will have to spend a pretty penny on this model but its worth every penny and will not disappoint. This high quality model will serve you well and is the best choice overall for any tradesmen or professionals looking for the very best.

Look at all the specifications and do your research so that you don’t purchase the wrong product. All the best out there, we hope you have found our finding useful and will use it to help you choose the best reciprocating saw for your own needs.

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