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Choosing the best garden incinerator

Last updated on October 24th, 2019

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Garden incinerators are an effective way to expose of garden waste as they are designed to burn efficiently at high temperatures. They are commonly used to burn allotment waste including leaves, branches, clippings as well as paper, card, and rubbish.

Another option worth considering as an alternative is to use a garden shredder so that waste can either be spread as bark chipping as mulch or user to make compost. You can learn more about garden shredders here

The garden incinerators come in all shapes and sizes, with the most popular being the round 90 litre galvanised incinerator.

What makes a good garden incinerator?

They need to be strong and durable and made from galvanised steel as this helps to protect them from rust. However even galvanised steel incinerators will rust if they are left out in the rain so it is always better to put them under cover when not in use.

The key to an efficient fire bin is that air can circulate through, ensuring that the fire gets enough oxygen it to burn very hot which in turn will create an efficient combustion. This is usually achieved by having holes on the outside of the bin and lower down. Some new designs now have an air vent through the centre of the bin which allows air to circulate through the centre of the fire. On top of this, all good galvanised incinerator bins have a lid with a small chimney which helps contain the heat but lets the smoke escape.

Garden incinerator reviews

There are many different incinerators available in garden centres and online but which one you buy may depend on how often you use it, whether you need a large or small one, whether you use it regularly or alternatively a couple of times a year. The prices vary from the cheaper models that ideal for using a couple of times a year to more expensive models which are better for a more frequent use.

We have recommended some of the best models where they range in price from under £20.00 to over £30.00. Each have incinerator has it’s own advantages.


galvanised steel garden incinerator

At under £20.00 it offers the best value for money and is made from high quality galvanised steel and has holes on the bottom as well as the sides for better combustion. Surprisingly you would expect it to be flimsy but it is actually of a solid construction. Comes with legs to hold the base off the ground which helps with air flow and stops it scorching the ground. This incinerator comes with a lid as expected but always check before purchase as some models don’t and others may charge extra. Also, has solid handles to make moving it around or putting it under cover easy when not in use.

Highly recommended for use in the garden or allotment, but if you plan to use it excessively it may be better to purchase a more robust model.

Highly recommended for most gardeners




fast burner incinerator, slightly more expensive that some other cheaper models but this product is fully made from galvanised steel and is uk made so it made to the highest quality.

If you are looking for a high-quality garden incinerator then this ‘UK made’ model should tick all the boxes. It is made from a high quality galvanised steel and does burn faster than other models due to the extra holes which go right to the top of the bin. This 90 litre bin is ideal for someone who id looking for a better than average incinerator that will burn through rubbish quicker. Comes complete with lid, the small chimney and legs (which need to be bolted on) before use so a little building is required when it arrives but this only takes a few minutes.

Recommended for someone looking to pay a little extra for a fast burning incinerator for a more than average use. Strong construction and made to last.




mini garden incinerator ideal for anyone who does not have the need or have the space to store a larger incinerator. Still made from Galvanised steel and uk main so made to the highest standard it ideal for burner smaller batches of rubbish.

It may be small at only 15 litres compared to the larger 90 litre models (and not for everybody) but this mini garden incinerator is a quality British product made from galvanised steel and has a sturdy 3 legged base and strong riveted handles for easy moving.

Another advantage for people who may have nowhere to store a larger incinerator is that this small model can be stored in the smallest of spaces or placed on a shelf. Why buy a larger one if you only need a small one?!

Ideal for someone who only needs to burn a small amount of garden rubbish or would prefer to burn more frequently in smaller amounts. Comes complete with lid.




210 litre incinerator for burning large quantities of garden waste

At 38 inches tall and 23 inches wide this garden incinerator is large enough to burn the largest piles of garden waste. It actually started life as a fruit juice drum, they are re-conditioned and have 4 holes drilled near the bottom. These are very popular with customers on and they have commented on how well made they are and how well they work.

A couple of recommendations we have is to first stand the container on a few bricks to lift it off the floor and secondly it may need a few more holes drilling to improve air circulation which in turn will improve burning. This being said people have commented on how well it does burn as it is.

If you have larger amounts of garden rubbish to burn, at under £30.00 it offers great value for money.




Conclusion – There are many more garden incinerators available and most a very similar design, but the majority of gardeners would be happy with the ‘Galvanised 90 litre garden incinerator’ as it offers quality and value for money and we would highly recommend this product over other similar ones.

The other ones reviewed above are all the top of their game compared to similar models that are available and all have their advantages, from a faster burner to a more small and compact design to that extra large for burning larger quantities of rubbish.

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