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best plants for a pergola

10 Best Plants for a Pergola and Garden Trellis

10 Amazing easy to grow climbers for a pergola and covering trellis Do you want to improve the quality of your outdoor living space? Are you looking for a way

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top 10 climbing plants for shade

Climbing plants to brighten up that shady corner of the garden

Climbing plants for shade Most gardens have a shady spot, usually against a North or East-facing wall or fence where conditions can also be dry but can equally be damp. These areas

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Pruning Honeysuckle. Prune after flowering, evergreen varieties do not need pruning

Pruning Honeysuckle – When and how to prune Lonicera

Lonicera (Honeysuckle) Honeysuckle Climbers Lonicera, more commonly known as the ‘Honeysuckle’ plant are one of the most popular garden climbing plants and often seen in many gardens throughout the UK. They

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Wisteria not flowering, how to get this stunning plant to bloom

Why is my Wisteria not flowering Wisteria is a climbing plant that produce masses of long petulant, sweetly scented flowers, usually lilac-blue, blue or white in colour. They lend themselves to many

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when to prune a wisteria

When to prune wisteria to get more flowers

When to prune Wisteria and the importance of it Wisteria are a beautiful climbing plant and there is no mistaking the masses of (usually) blue or white petulant, sweetly scented flowers that

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