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5 Best Indoor Water Features for Relaxation and Health

Last updated on September 6th, 2021

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Replace the noise of the hustle and bustle of everyday life with the soothing bubbling sound of water from an indoor water feature. Healthwise, running water combats air pollution and adds moisture to your home environment.

My review of the Best Indoor Water Features looks at models that are suitable for your tabletop or the corner of a room. We list each model’s pros, cons and discuss their notable features and then give our recommendation.

My Buyer’s Guide gives advice on how to take care of your indoor water fountain.


Cascading Bowls Indoor Water Fountain with LED Light
The carved rock-like rectangular block and base supports three round bowls between which the water flows (downwards of course). All of this sits in a large basin of a different colour with a concrete-like finish. Taken together, this resin water feature is a stylish naturalistic structure. The LED light in the bottom bowl glows upwards to highlight the flowing water. It's worth noting that the light that comes with this fountain may be a cool and bright white colour, not the warm and gentle yellow-white colour shown in the pictures on the Amazon and other online stores. As the sound of the water from this model is quite soft, this is a good choice for those who prefer their water features to be seen and not loudly heard. Overall a stunning water feature to consider.

Best Premium Pick

Homedics WFL-SLVS Envirascape Silver Springs Fountain
The Homedics WFL-SLVS Envirascape Silver Springs Fountain is a premium pick due to its contemporary design and its On/Off button. You just plug in most indoor water fountains to turn them on, but this model has a separate switch so you don't have to keep following the cable to the wall to start it up. The three squarish matte silver-coloured resin leaves connect to black poles in an open and spacious minimal structure. It's also worth noting that the sound can be changed by how you place the rocks. The white LED lights give an unusual illumination pattern that adds more visual appeal to this eye-catching indoor water feature. This is personally one of my favourite picks.

5 Best Indoor Water Features Reviews

1. Cascading Bowls Indoor Water Fountain with LED Light


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Cascading Bowls Indoor Water Fountain with LED Light | Size 21 * 17.5 * 25 Cm | 3 Pin UK Plug Included |

The Cascading Bowls Indoor Water Fountain brings a naturalistic yet sophisticated touch to any room in your home. Looking like carved rock, the polyresin structure has a rectangular back and three round bowls that complement each other, especially as they all have the same parallel carved lines in them. Polyresin is a strong and durable material that’s also lightweight – this water feature only looks heavy.

The electric pump continually recirculates the water so it cascades down all three bowls into the square basin at the bottom and is then pumped up to the top again. Some online reviewers report that the pump is very quiet, but others also report that the trickle of water is sometimes difficult to hear in noisy environments. I can tell you that the more water there is in the water feature the quieter it is. So the louder it is, this is a gentle reminder that it might need topping up. In a warm room, you might want to top it up with a jug of water every few days.

The lowest bowl has a built-in LED light for gentle illumination through a cosy glow. Although it’s supposed to come with a warm white colour, I have noticed a few online reviewers report that their bulb was a cool and bright white light, giving out a harsh brightness instead. It’s also worth noting that the water feature cannot be run without the LED lights on either.

Note that this indoor water feature is only 25cm (just under 1ft) tall, so it’s best displayed on a table or wide window sill.


  • Made from lightweight and durable polyresin textured to look like carved rock.
  • Simple hand-carved lines in the structure add a sophisticated appeal.
  • Water flows from the top bowl down to the third bowl and then into the square basin.
  • Lowest bowl has a LED light for illumination.
  • Pump is electric and unit comes with a power cord and 3-pin plug.
  • Water tank is accessible through the back of the basin.
  • Dimensions: 21cm (width); 17.5cm (depth) and 25cm (height).


  • No On/Off switch for the light.

Our recommendation

The Cascading Bowls Indoor Water Fountain has the look of carved rock and contrasts a geometric structure with the circular bowls. It comes with a few pebbles scattered over the top of the basin, but you could add a few more to create more of a naturalistic look to this water feature. This is a good choice for people who don’t really like the sound of water flowing as this fountain has a soft sound, and so does the pump. If you start hearing the water trickling a little louder than you might like, it is time to top it up a little.

2. Homedics WFL-SLVS Envirascape Silver Springs Fountain

Best Premium Pick

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Homedics Tabletop Fountain, 1, Black, 1 Count (Pack of 1)

The Homedics WFL-SLVS Envirascape Silver Springs fountain offers a different style of electric indoor water feature. Although it’s made out of resin, like all the other fountains in our review,  the three square leaves are finished in a matte silver colour.

This Homedics fountain looks light and airy as the leaves are joined to each other and to the basin by black rods arranged in an angular pattern. The water flow starts in the small leaf at the top and streams down leaves of increasing size, ending by splashing onto the (included) river rocks in the basin. I did notice that other online reviewers also complimented the water sound of this fountain.

It’s also worth experimenting with the placement of the rocks as this is key to the kind of sound of the water the fountain produces. You could choose to place some of the river stones on the leaves themselves to slow down the water flow.

Under the second and third leaves are built-in LED lights that illuminate both leaves and shine off their reflective surfaces. There also appears to be a LED light in the topmost leaf. The placement of the lights gives an interesting light pattern rather than just a straight illumination effect. While there’s no On/Off switch for the lights, there is an On/Off switch for the pump – a feature that’s missing from all the other indoor water features in this review.


  • Three tier water fountain of leaves and a styled rectangular basin all made of polyresin.
  • Electric pump is submerged in the basin.
  • Leaves are supported by black rods in an angular arrangement.
  • Leaves start small at the top and increase in size going down.
  • Built-in LED lights light up all three leaves..
  • Om/Off switch for the fountain.
  • Natural river stones to put on the leaves and in the basin are included.
  • Dimensions: 20.6cm (width); 18.4cm (depth) and 21cm (height).


  • No On/Off switch for the lights.

Our recommendation

The Homedics WFL-SLVS Envirascape Silver Springs is a premium indoor fountain that offers a contemporary design and unusual lighting arrangement. I noticed that other reviewers also complement the sound of the water in this fountain and suggest that you can modify this by placing and arranging the (included) river rocks in different ways. This Homedics fountain is small enough to fit into the corner of your desk to help you de-stress during your workday.

3. Geezy Indoor Tabletop Lotus Fountain

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Indoor Tabletop Fountain Water Feature LED Lights Polyresin Statues Home Decoration (Lotus Fountain)

The Geezy Indoor Tabletop Lotus Fountain brings the look of the outdoors into your home along with the sound of trickling water.  Everything, except the natural river rocks (included), in this electric water feature is made of resin so it’s lightweight and strong.

The water bowls are in the shape of lotus leaves growing larger in size from the top to the bottom. Water is pumped up the same-coloured stem to the top leaf and flows down to the bottom leaf (that’s facing at a different angle for interest) and then onto the river rocks in the matte black circular base.

Some online reviewers report that the water coming down the lotus leaves is a trickle and doesn’t make much sound, even when it hits the stones at the bottom. Other reports highlight that you may not receive enough stones to fill the basin so you may have to root around and find some more of your own. What I will point out, is that the bags of small pebbles often found in garden centres (called pot toppers) are perfect. The other workaround is to use other natural materials that match your décor.

A white LED light is in the basin and works as an uplight to emit a glow to the structure. The long green resin leaves are an elegant contrast to the lotus leaves and give some depth to the structure.

See all the other options of tabletop water features from this manufacturer in one place.


  • Resin indoor fountain with a circular base and lotus leaves as water bowls.
  • Circular base is matte black resin and has long thin green resin leaves standing in it.
  • White LED light in the base adds a glow to the fountain.
  • Pump is electric and comes with a 1.5m power cable.
  • Comes with pebbles to cover the base.
  • Dimensions: 23cm (diameter) and 33cm (height).


  • No On/Off switch for the light.
  • Very quiet sound of running water.

Our recommendation

The Geezy Indoor Tabletop Lotus Fountain brings the exotic lotus leaf into your home. Standing in a contrasting matte black resin basin of river stones, the glossy resin leaves give a shine to the water as well as from the LED light in the basin. This is a good choice for those who want a stylised flower arrangement in their water feature. It’s also a suitable selection for those who like to watch the water flowing but don’t necessarily like to hear loud water sounds.

4. Ganesha with Water Cups Indoor Water Fountain

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Ganesha with Water Cups Indoor Water Fountain with LED Light | Size 21 * 17.5 * 25 Cm | 3 Pin UK Plug Included |

The Ganesha with Water Cups Indoor Water Fountain brings the Hindu deity of new beginnings and overcoming obstacles into your home. This water feature has four different textures to catch your eye, but it’s the gold-coloured statue of Ganesha that’s front and centre. Made of polyresin, this electric-powered fountain is both lightweight and long-lasting.

The Ganesha fountain stands in a rectangular basin that has some etchings on its sides for texture. Above this, a rectangular(ish) stone-look arch rises and on that four circular clay-like bowls curve downwards. To the right side, and almost the same height of the arch is Lord Ganesha. Altogether, this Ganesha water feature has plenty of interesting details to look at.

The water flows down the bowls into the lowest one which has a built-in LED light. The light throws a warm glow upwards and a bit sideways to reflect off Ganesha’s gold-coloured body. The light is on whenever you run the fountain as there’s no On/Off switch. The water trickles over the side of the lowest bowl into the carved-rock top of the basin and is then recirculated by the electric pump. There’s enough room on the base to add some natural elements of importance to this deity.

The water tank for replenishing the water lost to evaporation is in the basin. It’s easy to fill and clean.


  • Polyresin tabletop fountain with engraved rectangular base, four clay-like water bowls, a stone-like arch and a gold Ganesha statue.
  • Pump is run off of mains electricity.
  • Water tank is in the base.
  • Water flows from the top bowl, through three others and into the base.
  • LED light in the lowest bowl throws light upwards and sideways that reflects of the golden Ganesha statue.
  • Power cord is 1.5m long and comes with a 3-pin plug.
  • Dimensions: 21cm (width); 17.5cm (depth) and 25cm (height).


  • No On/Off switch for the light.

Our recommendation

The Ganesha with Water Cups Indoor Water is the perfect size to put on a tabletop perhaps along with some flower offerings to the deity – hibiscus is a favourite choice. The contrast in colours and textures in this fountain to Lord Ganesha’s golden body give much to look at as you relax to the sound of the cascading water. This is a good choice for those who welcome Lord Ganesha into their homes.

5. Geezy Garden Water Feature LED Fountain

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GEEZY Garden Water Feature LED Fountain Indoor/Outdoor Cascading Freestanding Polyresin Garden Statue Lights & Water Decoration (Cascading Fountain)

The is another water fountain by Geezy that combines a water feature with a sculpture for added interest. Made all from polyresin, which (as previously mentioned) is a strong and lightweight material. This electric water fountain features a blue curved sculpture and base that supports three circular shallow bowls and a large basin at the bottom. Both the sculpture and the bowls have textures that, while different, work well together in most interior decors.

The three, same-sized, bowls through which the water flows are positioned at different angles so that the path of the water is not straight down to the basin. Flowing from the top bowl to the bottom basin, the water then flows into the bowl/basin below on top of the in-built LED light there. The moving water diffuses the light giving a soft glow and reflecting the ripples upwards.  

What I will say is that the pump is quiet and you can hardly hear it. However, the water flow is rather slow and so the water sound isn’t very loud. But as the pump is also very quiet, they are able to hear the water sometimes. It usually all depends on the noise in the surrounding environment, which should be quiet when you’re trying to relax.

At 45cm high, this Geezy fountain is the tallest one in our review. It can stand alone on the floor or you can place it on a low coffee table as a conversation and art piece.


  • Self-contained indoor fountain whose pump works on mains electricity.
  • All the bowls and the supporting sculpture are made from durable polyresin.
  • Water bubbles from the top bowl down through two other bowls to the large bowl at the bottom and is pumped back to the top.
  • White LED lights in the two lower small bowls and the large bottom bowl illuminate the water.
  • Water tray at back holds the circulating water.
  • Indoor power cable is 1.5m long.
  • Dimensions: 26cm (width); 24cm (depth) and 46cm (height).


  • No On/Off switch for the lights.
  • Trickling water sound is quiet.

Our recommendation

The Geezy Garden Water Feature gives you a multi-functional piece – sculpture and water feature in one – that fits inside your home or in your garden or both. The quiet electric pump is welcome if you don’t like a background hum and the quiet sound of the water is delightful for those who aren’t too fond of loud trickling sounds. This is a good choice for an eye-catching interior water feature.

Indoor Water Fountain Buyer’s Guide

As buying an indoor water feature comes down to the style you want and the size, and they’re personal decisions, we devote this Buyer’s Guide to some advice about how to care for your indoor fountain after you’ve bought it.

Don’t get caught out by the size

But we do start with our usual warning about size. By far the most common complaint from online reviewers is that the fountain they chose is too small. Carefully read the dimensions given in the sales blurb and be sure you know (a) that they’re in the measurement units you usually use and (b) the parts of the fountain that they measure. It’s even worth drawing out the size of the water feature on a piece of paper and standing it up so that you can see exactly what size fountain you’re ordering. It’s well worth taking the time to get a tape measure or even a ruler or a sewing tape measure.

Indoor water fountain with clean water

Looking after your indoor water feature

The best type of water to use in an indoor water feature

It’s best to use distilled water in the tank of your fountain. Tap water won’t cause any serious damage but over time the chemicals and minerals, plus any pollutants, in the tap water may stain your fountain or start to build up in the pump and hoses. You do have to purchase distilled water but, as most fountain tanks hold just a litre or so, it’s not too expensive.

And make sure to keep topping up the water tank. You lose water due to evaporation and you don’t want the pump to run dry. If you don’t use the fountain much, changing the water in the tank at least weekly stops it from becoming stagnant.

Electric indoor water fountain safe around children

Cleaning an indoor water feature

I would recommend cleaning your water fountain every couple of months. Although if you spot any algae growth, attack this at once. This is the only time to use bleach – dilute it first – on your fountain, although lemon juice or vinegar usually work as well.

To clean your fountain, switch it off and unplug it from the wall. Empty out all the water and take the fountain apart, including the pump as you want to clean that too (but only if you’re confident about putting it back together). Wipe everything down with a damp rag or sponge and vinegar. Experts report that apple cider vinegar is the best choice for this as it’s anti-bacterial and kills germs. Get into the nooks and corners with an old toothbrush. Don’t use any abrasive cleaners unless necessary to get calcium or lime build-up off the parts.

Indoor water feature creates peaceful surrounding

Use a soft brush to clean the pump parts. Don’t forget to thoroughly clean any river stones or other materials you have as decorative accessories in the fountain.

Rinse and dry everything and put it all back together.

Freshening up your water feature using vinegar

If you don’t want to do a full clean of your fountain, you can just freshen it up. Put 250 or 500ml of vinegar in the water tank and let it (and the water) run through the fountain as usual. It’ll smell of vinegar at first, but that soon goes away and your fountain will be clean.

Final Conclusion

An indoor water feature introduces the element of sound to your home as well as having the visual interest of flowing water. This review presents a range of choices from a naturalistic-looking fountain representing rock to a more contemporary one with matte silver square leaves as bowls. Not only can you relax by watching and listening to the running water but also the negative ions produced in the air above the water help combat air pollution.

My Best Pick is the Cascading Bowls Indoor Water Fountain with LED Light. This is an unassuming looking electric tabletop fountain that incorporates the look of natural rock and real river stones.

My Best Premium Pick is the Homedics WFL-SLVS Envirascape Silver Springs Fountain. This has a contemporary design in stark contrast to our Best Pick and a unique light pattern from the LED bulbs.

For other water features, many of which are suitable for indoor use, please see our 8 Best Self-Contained Water Features review which is more suited for larger spaces.

And if you’re also considering a water feature for your garden, we have advice for that too. Our 6 Best Sphere Water Features – Add Sound to Your Garden and our 7 Amazing Solar Powered Water Features For Small Gardens articles give our recommendations for outdoors water features.

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