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How to secure hanging baskets

Last updated on April 6th, 2022

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Growing plants in a hanging basket can offer a wonderful array of colours, at heights and levels that ground-based potted plants simply don’t offer. Of course, that comes with the requirement to hang it securely, so that the basket doesn’t fall and it’s important to remember that a large 16-18 inch basket that has just been watered is very heavy.

Thankfully this process is rather simple. 

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What you will need

You will need a drill, the mounting brackets, heavy-duty wall plugs and screws, and a pen or pencil. 

Most hanging baskets are better mounted on what is called a hanging basket bracket and these are available from most DIY stores, garden centres and nurseries. The mounting bracket often has two or three points that are affixed to the surface, with a large, flat bottom on which the baskets can hang. Depending on what hardware you are using, you will need to drill one or two holes measured accurately apart. 

It’s worth noting that you can buy different-sized hanging brackets to match the size of your hanging baskets. You can use large brackets without issues but if you use a smaller bracket than recommend, the basket will rest against the wall and probably get damaged in windy weather. In some cases, it might not even be strong enough to hold the weight of the basket.

Gardman 03015 Standard Hanging Basket Bracket, Black, 30 cm
  • For 30/35cm (12-inch/14-inch) baskets
  • Made from 3mm black coated steel
  • Durable black coating to protect against rust and damage
  • Suitable for baskets up to 20 kg
Gardman 03060 Heavy Duty Hanging Basket Bracket, Black, 35 cm, 14-Inch
  • For 35/40 cm (14-inch/16-inch) baskets
  • Made from 4 mm Black coated steel
  • Durable Black coating to protect against rust and damage
  • Suitable for baskets up to 25 kg
Garden Pride Forged Hanging Basket Bracket – Made of heavy duty forged steel (18" Bracket)
  • Forged Hanging Baskets
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Made of heavy duty forged steel
  • Holds hanging baskets or bird feeders
  • Features two screw holes (Supplied without fixings)

Hanging on a brick wall or concrete

Step 1

If you have a regular brick garden wall, you need to mark the position where the hole will be, based on the height you want the hanging basket to be hanging. First, hold the bracket in position and mark inside the holes with a pen or pencil. Using a drill bit, make a preliminary hole into the wall for the size of the screw you will use where you marked the wall with the pencil. 

If you are hanging to a brick wall, you will need to ensure you have a masonry drill bit. The drill bits meant for materials like wood might break when you try to drill the hole on a harder surface. Also note that if you are drilling into brick, always drill right into the brick itself, not the mortar in between bricks because this can become loose and this is when hanging baskets tend to fall off walls. 

It is important to hold your drill level during this time, and this may require standing on something to reach the right height at eye level. 

Step 2

Once you are ready, insert a raw plug into the hole, if the hole is too small make a slightly larger hole with the next size drill bit. This may require a slightly bigger hole, but when it comes to affixing or mounting, it is always better to start with a slightly smaller hole than have one that is too large right from the start. 

Step 3

Finally, screw the bracket for the basket into the holes securely until it is very tight and secure. 

Hang your basket and enjoy. 

Hanging on a Fence

If you are attaching the basket to a fence instead, you have the issue of thickness. Fence posts don’t have the same depth as a wall, which means the screw would likely come right out the other side.

So, before you begin, figure out how thick the fence is, and if it is too small, use the fence post which is often the only part thick enough. The method for hanging should be the same as with brick. 

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