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Top 6 Best Convector Heaters – Detailed Reviews With Thermostats & Timers

Last updated on January 20th, 2022

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Convector heaters are amongst the more popular kind of electric heaters. This is because they have mastered the art of supplying heat in enclosed areas quickly and efficiently. Convection heaters come in various shapes and sizes. They are particularly good for heating homes and offices. They are not pricey and you can definitely rely on them to keep your space warm during the cold winter season.

How they typically work is by installing a fan that moves warm air through the room. Cold air is passed over a heating mechanism to raise its temperature according to your preference. This makes them less likely to overheat or cause any damage to your health.

If you are in the market searching for a convector heater you need to accustom yourself to their available features. This will help you to narrow down on the kind of model that is suitable for your home. The price and the performance of a unit will vary from model to model. Below we will look at the few factors that you should be on the lookout for.

Before we do go into detail about the different models and features, below is what we consider to be the best convector heater for most homeowners, which we awarded our ‘Best Pick’. This model is the Duronic HV220 Slimline Mica Panel Convector Heater.


Duronic HV220 Slimline Mica Panel Convector Heater
The Duronic HV220 Slimline convector heater features a built-in thermostat for maintaining the optimal room temperature. It heats up to full power in only one minute, so it won't be long before you are feeling toasty warm again. A lightweight model that is easy to maneuver from room to room around your home. Safety features include an overheat protection mechanism and a tip-over switch.

The best convector heators that we have included in our review are listed below:

  1. Duronic HV220 Slimline 2.0KW Radiant Convector Heater – BEST PICK
  2. Oypla Electrical 2KW Convector Heater
  3. Dimplex 3KW Electric Convector Heater – BEST LIGHTWEIGHT PICK
  4. De’Longhi 2KW HCM2030 Convector Heater with Thermostat
  5. Dimplex 2KW Convector Heater with Thermostat and Timer
  6. Duronic HV102 Digital Display Mica Panel 2.5KW Convector Heater with Thermostat and Remote Control

Best Convector Heater Reviews

1. Duronic HV220 Slimline 2.0KW Radiant Convector Heater


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Duronic Heater HV220 with Mica Panels | 2kW | Electric | Radiant and Convection | Micathermic | Convector Heater with Thermostat | 2 Heat Settings | Oil Free Heater| Heats up in 1 Minute

The Duronic HV220 Slimline Radiant Convector Heater is an oil-less one that has a few advantages over the oil-filled models. This means that you won’t need to wait for the oil to heat up before you feel the warm air. This model can actually reach full temperature in less than one minute. At the end of the month, your utility bill will show you how little this model actually costs to run. This is because this unit works efficiently, minimising the wastage of energy and saving you money on your heating bills.

The unit is built with a tip-over switch that renders the unit inactive if it happens to fall. The safety feature ensures that there are no fire hazard situations created and ensures that children and pets are kept safe. The unit is also fitted with a mechanism that prevents the unit from overheating. Even if the unit runs constantly for many hours, it will still continue functioning as it is designed to automatically turn off periodically and come back on again to protect the unit from overheating. 

The unit is designed to warm the air only and not to rip moisture from the air. This is how people end up with respiratory infections as it creates what some people refer to as dry air. Be sure to check if the unit you are buying is friendly to the atmosphere that you live in.

When the device gets hot, you don’t need to worry should you need to move it. The unit has plastic holdings fitted. This feature paired with the wheels makes this unit very easy to transport, to be honest, at only 5kg is fairly light anyway for its size. This is not such a heavy product thus the wheels will manage to hold their own on different surfaces.

Being a 2kw heater it will work well in small to medium-sized rooms and offices.

This unit has heat settings that you can manipulate and a thermostat so you can set the room to the exact temperature that you desire. You can also select the speed at which the warm air is produced and distributed.

Finally, this unit comes with a 2-year warranty for extra peace of mind so you know you are covered should any problems arise.


  • Heats up in only 1 minute and very efficient at heating small and medium-sized rooms.
  • Built-in thermostat for maintaining the optimum room temperature.
  • Easy to move from room to room on wheels and at 5kg it is lightweight.
  • Produces warm air very quickly.
  • Stable, robust design that also looks amazing.
  • Runs quietly so as not to disturb you.
  • Excellent value for money when compared to similar models in the same category.
  • 2 year warranty for extra peace of mind.


  • Cannot manage large spaces.
  • No timer fitted to you cannot set it to automatically come on at certain times.

Our recommendation

The Duronic HV220 Convector Heater heats up amazingly quickly and is very effective and has some great features. As well as this, it comes in at a great price making it one of the most affordable options available.

The energy dispensed is so high that it is recommended that you do not place it in close proximity to objects. The unit comes with heat settings that you can adjust so as to get the right amount of heat and the thermostat is a great feature for controlling the room temperature.

It has a few flaws, the main one being a lack of a timer. This obviously depends if you need this extra feature but regardless it is a well-made convector heater that is robust, dependable, amazingly good at heating rooms and comes with some great features. 

After many hours of research, we decided it is only fair to award this brilliant heater with our ‘Best Pick’ award and the fact that it includes 2 years warranty is another bonus. We also noticed it was a very popular model on Amazon, with mostly very positive reviews.

Overall, this model would be ideal for most homeowners and offers excellent value for money. If you after a very good heater at an even better price, this model ticks all the boxes.

However, if you are looking for a good model that comes with a timer function then we recommend you consider the equally impressive Dimplex 3kw Convector heater, which we have also reviewed further down in more detail.

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2. Oypla Electrical 2KW Convector Heater

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Oypla Electrical 2KW Free Standing Convector Heater

The Oypla 2KW Electrical Convector Heater can be mounted or left free-standing. The well made unit offers 2kw of output to supply warm air to a sizeable room.

The unit offers a neutral colour that can blend into your décor and can be easily cleaned and maintained. To move the unit from location to location, handles have been fitted to facilitate this movement. It is a very lightweight unit, therefore, there will be no excessive pressure applied to your hands and is easy for most people to move, even those who are not a strong as they once were. A powder-coated mesh is provided for safety against touching the heated parts.

To adjust the temperature in the room a thermostat has been fitted, which is a simple turn dial and it has three heat settings so you can choose between, 750w, 1250w and 2000w and it is easy and simple to use.  The knobs provided are marked visibly so that even those with poor eyesight won’t have problems, something, that even some of the fancier models do not take into account.

The model is easy to assemble unit so will not take up too much of your time. The easy manual can be digested by most and is really easy to understand, although this heater really is as simple as they come.


  • 3 heat settings, 750w, 1250w and 2000w for maximum heat output.
  • Adjustable thermostat for setting the desired temperature.
  • Lightweight design with handles.
  • Excellent performance and heats up quickly.
  • Runs quietly.
  • No assembly required as it comes fully built. Plug in, set the temperature and its ready.


  • Lacks a digital thermostat.
  • Could get knocked over easily, it is better mounted on a wall if possible.
  • Lacks a timer to set the time of day to come on.

Our recommendation

The Oypla 1KW Electrica Convector Heater is a tidy unit and the cheapest model to make it onto our list. We looked at several very similar models but none seemed to be as good as this for the price.

The small lightweight unit can heat up a room very quickly which many of the 700+ reviews on Amazon confirmed during our research. As the unit is lightweight we recommend that it be mounted if you have children or pets as it could be knocked over quite easily.

The flaws of this unit are minor and can be easily overlooked. If you are in search of a small dependable unit, we believe that this one can be counted upon to serve you well. The motor is strong but if you have anything larger than a smallish room you would be better off investing more and considering a slightly better model. However, it’s a cheap and cheerful model that does as expected.

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3. Dimplex 3KW Electric Convector Heater

Features a turbo boost fan and 24 hour timer functions

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Dimplex 3KW 403TSFTie Electric Convector Heater with Turbo Boost and Timer

The Dimplex Electric Convector Heater incorporates some great features, such as a timer, thermostat and a fan boost. The strong construction allows the unit to supply heat without faltering and overall, it is very well built. It has an impressive 3kw output that ensures that air is circulated and heated according to your requirements with the help of the thermostat and timer. Because the build is of high quality the durability of this product should never be in question.

It features a digital timer so that those who require the unit to turn on or off at certain times can set it to do just this. The timer on this unit is limited to 24 hours and can be set to come on and go off twice a day. For example, you could have it come on at 6am just before you get up and go off at 8am when you leave for work and then it could then be set to come on at 5pm after work and go off again at 10pm when you go to bed. If you require a unit that can save a whole week’s worth of programming, you might have to look for a model with a 7 day timer, unfortunately, most models do not have this feature and a 24-hour timer is a great alternative.

This unit is the same as some of the other units presented and has 3 heating functions that you can regulate. Whether you want to go low or high, the knob provided will be your facilitator. A small display was installed so that you can program the unit and view any other details that you need. The whole unit as a whole is very easy to clean and maintain and relatively easy to use and program.

The unit also never allows the room temperature to drop below 5 degrees. That is what the frost watch function is designed for, which can be handy in rooms where you don’t want it to be heated high, just enough to stop pipes freezing etc. In addition, a safety cut-out switch has been fitted to make sure that the temperatures do not rise higher than needed.

We like that the unit can be mounted or left free-standing. Both the feet and the fixtures are provided by the manufacturer for easy fitting. This is very simple to do and only takes a couple of minutes.

A warranty has also been provided to make certain that if you have an issue with the product, something can be done about it. It comes with a 3-year warranty that is fairly good and most include 2 years, with the exception of the odd more expensive model that sometimes comes with 5 years.


  • Easy to use controls with clear LCD display.
  • High heat output aided by a turbo fan so the room gets an extra boost.
  • 24 hour timer for setting the heating to come on at certain times of the day.
  • Lightweight and durable, making it easy to move around and withstand the odd knock.
  • Great value for money and within most budgets.
  • Comes with frost watch function.
  • 3 years warranty for extra peace of mind should a fault develop.


  • Fan somewhat noisy when in boost mode.

Our recommendation

The Dimplex 3 KW Electric Convector Heater is a good product and we really like its easy-to-use controls and great features, especially the timer and fan boost. Unlike its counterpart, it uses 3kw of output to distribute hot air making it very effective, even in medium-sized rooms.

The unit is well built and you will find that it is quite stable. The 24-hour timer is a plus for anyone who wants to program the heater and it is a great alternative to our Best Pick that does lack a timer function.

The heating functions provided and the frost watch function will not let you down and fan boost is a good feature.

Overall, a unit like this can serve small to medium-sized spaces effectively if it has been well-positioned. It’s got some great features, is affordable and comes with a decent 3-year warranty. 

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4. De’Longhi 2KW HCM2030 Convector Heater with Thermostat

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De'Longhi HCM2030 Convector Heater with Thermostat - 2 Kilowatt

The De’Longhi HCM2030 Convector Heater is an okay heater for its price, however, there are better options that we have already reviewed. It works just the same as most other convection heaters do. The unit uses up to 2000W to start and provides effective heating. This is not much considering that electricity is sparsely used.

The unit comes with a 3-year warranty that you can use to exchange the product for another one if need be. This is a good warranty as most models only include 2 years, so it gains some extra points here. To control the ranging temperatures, the unit is fitted with a thermostat that you can control with a simple dial. That being said, the thermostat has three heat settings you can adjust accordingly.

Just like most electric heaters, the unit has to be protected from overheating and this model is no different. It has an overheating protection mechanism that dulls the thermostat until the temperatures drop. The simple unit has feet and handles to facilitate easy transportation. The dimensions of the unit are 54 x 17.5 x 38cm.


  • Heats up quickly and efficiently to heat a room up quickly.
  • Fitted with handles and feet for easy movement.
  • Can also be fixed permanently to a wall.
  • Runs quietly with no noise.
  • Comes with a generous 3 year warranty for full peace if mind.


  • Thermostat is very simple, using just a simple dial that is numbered 1-7.
  • A little expensive in comparison to similar models, but does include the 3 year warranty and is a manufactured by a well known manufacturer that has a good reputation.

Our recommendation

The De’Longhi HCM2030 Convector Heater shows us nothing special but it is great for anyone looking for a basic affordable heater with a decent warranty. The basic unit can provide enough heat to warm up small spaces quickly. Other than that it is limited. It has a working thermostat that is another bonus.

With such models, you cannot set the temperature to an exact value. This is a unit for those who just need the basic features without any fuss and is more designed for spot heating where you just want to turn it on now and again.

The price is not too high so it can be purchased and used according to your liking, however, there are much cheaper options, but the quality is generally not as good.

Overall, a nice reliable convector heater that is very easy to use and comes with a decent warranty.

If you looking for something within the same price bracket but with a timer then the Dimplex Heater (reviewed below) might be suitable but it’s not quite as powerful being 2kw, but does still have a 3-year guarantee.

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5. Dimplex 2KW Convector Heater with Thermostat and Timer

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Dimplex Convector Heater with Timer, 2 Kilowatt, White

The Dimplex Convector Heater with Thermostat and Timer is no different from its 3kw counterpart. The features are basically the same, it is just that this unit has lower power output and has a mechanical timer and no LCD screen or boost fan. This unit consumes 2000kw to fully function and heat up a small space.

The small unit has colour contrasted knobs so that people can set the temperature easier. This unit comes with a thermostat that you can adjust to choose the level of heat that you desire. A red light will indicate when the unit is on and an electromechanical timer has been installed so that you can do a bit of programming over 24 hours.

Just like the other unit, a 3-year warranty has been provided. A warranty is a sign of faith that the manufacturer trusts their product. Should any problems arise, contact the manufacturer for solutions or product exchange. You can decide to have this unit mounted and out of the way or choose to leave it freestanding. Both the brackets and the feet have been provided.

Like all good heaters, a cut-out has been fitted so that the temperature does not exceed your preferences. A unit like this has overheating mechanisms to make certain that the unit remains functional despite the temperature.

The dimensions of the unit are 60.8 x 20 x 44.2cm.


  • 24 hour timer so you can control at what time of the day the heater comes on.
  • Built-in mechanical thermostat.
  • Contrasted knobs for easy visibility.
  • Includes a frost watch function.
  • Can be mounted or left freestanding
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • 3 year warranty protection so you can get a repair or replacement if a fault develops within 3 years.


  • Has a fiddly timer.
  • Cannot manage heating larger spaces.

Our recommendation

The Dimplex Convector Heater leaves us wanting more, however, it does come at a fair price when you consider the features it comes with, which include both the thermostat and the timer control. 

The colour contrasted knobs offer the consumer an easier time identifying the settings as the timer can be a little fiddly.

Overall, when you consider it comes with a thermostat, a timer and a 3-year warranty it offers excellent value for money. Most models with these features would set you back at least £60, which makes this heater amazingly priced as it is well under this price bracket. The 3-year warranty is always nice to see as well.

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6. Duronic HV102 2.5KW Convector Heater with Thermostat and Remote Control

Features a digital display mica panel

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Duronic Heater HV102 with Mica Panels | 2.5kW | Electric | Radiant and Convection | Micathermic | Convector Heater with Thermostat | 2 Heat Settings | Oil Free | Remote Control | Digital Display | Heats up in 1 Minute

The Duronic HV102 Black Digital Display Mica Panel Convector Heater gets amazingly hot on full power and heats up almost immediately. The dark colour and design show how easily it can fit into your space and it looks great, especially in a modern setting.

The unit is fitted with a sizable digital display that you can use to set accurate temperature measurements. You can choose to run the machine on the 1.5kw or 2.5kw setting, which reduces the running cost should you not need to run it on full power. The choice is entirely yours but at least this model gives you that option. The unit is fitted with an 18-hour timer as opposed to a 24-hour timer which we found a little strange, however, it still works amazingly well. On this model what the timer actually does is turn it off and not on. So you actually set when you want the heater to be off rather than programming it to come on and off.

As this unit is an oil-less heater (as opposed to a model that uses oil and can take up to 15 minutes to get to temperature) this model heats up in minutes and gets very hot on full power and will quickly heat up the room.

The unit is protected from overheating and has a safety knock-off switch just in case it gets knocked over. That is why the overheating mechanisms and tip-over safety switches are fitted as this can be a problem, especially around pets. This also makes it a safe unit to use around children, but never leave children unattended with the heater on. The plastic moulding enables you to touch and move the unit, even when it is hot.

This is the only model that made it onto our review that actually has a remote to control the heater and pretty much controls all the functions. Although not essential, it is a great feature and more of a convenience.

A 2-year warranty has been provided for this unit. This unit does not deplete oxygen or moisture from the air so it is safe to use in your space.


  • Lightweight and has wheels fitted for even easier mobility.
  • Thermostat and 17 hour timer.
  • Has great safety features, such as a knock over cut out switch and overheat protection.
  • Good price for the high quality features that are provided.
  • Does not strip moisture or oxygen from the air
  • 2 year warranty for extra piece of mind.


  • No major issues to report.

Our recommendation

The Duronic HV102 Black Digital Display Mica Panel Radiant Convector Heater is a step in the right direction. Here we have a heater that has the ability to adjust the thermostat in an accurate manner and provide sufficient heat when needed and can be controlled by remote. This could be a great feature for any individuals who may not be that good on their feet.

This unit is somewhat heavier than some of the other models featured in our review. It has been fitted with wheels and plastic mouldings to enable easy transportation from place to place. We like that the design is cool and the display sizeable. It has all the right safety features set in place so that it does not become a fire hazard.

The price is higher but with the power and quality provided, you can swing it. It is a manageable unit and a great choice, especially if you’re looking for a model with a remote to control the heater.

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Convector Heater Buyer’s Guide

A good convector heater is able to deliver full heat in less than one minute. You do not have to wait for ages just for the room to get warm. A good convector heater has safety measures installed so as to prevent accidents, especially around children and pets. These are just some of the few factors that you will have to bear in mind. Despite the overwhelming number of brands available, you should be able to point out which is the one for you amongst the best convector heaters that are currently on the market.

  • How much space do you have? – The size of the space that need to to be warmed does (not surprisingly) factor in making a decision. The size of the space that you want to be warmed will determine the size and the power output required. Smaller spaces do not require much. In fact, you will find that warming up smaller spaces doesn’t cost as much as you would think and uses less space. Larger spaces need work and that is why the output needs to be high. The size of the unit will also determine whether you can mount it on the wall or leave it free standing. Measure out the space that you want to be covered so that you can pick the right unit. Most heaters give an approximate room size they can heat effectively.
  • What is your budget? – As pointed out earlier, the size of the room to be warmed will determine the size of the unit you need to purchase. A smaller unit is likely to cost you less than a larger unit, simply because it is not likely to be of a high output. If you are looking for a large unit then you are guaranteed to spend more. The price goes even higher depending on the features that have been provided. Look at the money that you have at hand and decide if the product that fits well. If you disregard this, you might end up overspending or underspending and buying a unit that is not fit for purpose. You can cut spending by choosing models that don’t have timers or thermostats if this is a feature you do not require. If you prefer to turn the heater on manually when you feel necessary you probably do not require a timer for example.
  • How much power is produced? – The energy that you consume on a daily basis usually ends up being reflected on your electricity bill. Knowing that you have a large space, you will definitely need to buy a large unit. The trick is to find a power saving unit. A unit that has a safety cut out so that the temperatures does not get too high. You can buy units that have timers so that you can have the machine off when it is not needed. Usually measured Kw, the higher the power you want the more you will end up paying for it.
  • Consider ease of use – The unit that you want to buy has to be fitted with convenient features. This makes the unit easier to engage with. If the unit is heavy, wheels and handles have to be fitted. This is so that easy movement is facilitated. Easy to use displays make setting programs easy and temperature control visible. Safety features such as tip-over switches and over heat protection are required. This is because they make the unit safe to use. The use of a thermostat is nothing new. Make sure that you pick a unit that is able to give you accurate temperatures. Those with heat settings also use a different kind of thermostat. An easy to clean unit is also very much appreciated too.

Final Conclusion

The secret is just to look at your budget and the space that requires heating. Once you figure this out, the features that you need will fall into place.

Make sure that you have credible electricity connections so as to avoid problems like the fuses blowing or plugs melting. If you have a large space that needs heat you can buy one big unit or several well-positioned units. The choice is yours.

We looked at over 30 models when we started our research and narrowed our search down to just the 6 models that made it onto our list. We highly recommend any of the heaters we have included in our review and it all depends on the size and features you need.

The world we live in is changing faster than we can keep up with. Soon we will find the market flooded with new and improved models so we will soon be testing more models. The best way to keep up with all this change is to regularly visit our convector heater reviews. That way, you will be able to keep up with the newer models arriving on the market. For now, though we believe we have found 6 of the best convector heaters currently on the market and we found some of the best prices were online.

We hope this has been helpful and has helped you choose the convector heater that is best suitable for your own situation.

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