7 Best Saw Horse For Cutting Logs

Last updated on November 28th, 2023

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How to choose the best log sawhorse

Sawhorses happen to be convenient when you have a pile of logs to saw through to make into firewood for the coming season. They are simple structures that allow you to cut your logs with precision. Depending on the design of the sawhorse, you will be able to transport the structure from one place to another with ease. There is a wide range of saw horses on the market that are able to manage heavy work and save on space.

In the sea of products out there, acquiring the best quality for the right price is what most of us want. Here you will find detailed reviews on the products that stand out on the market. From the selection below it is possible to get the best sawhorse for your logs at a reasonable price. Go over the guide to understand what saw horses are about and then afterwards make your decision.

Before we get into our buyer’s guide, which will help you decide which type of sawhorse you might need and our detailed reviews, we would like to quickly bring your attention to our ‘Best Pick’, which is the Forest Master Quickfire Saw Horse. We think this is probably the best choice for the majority of people as it is easy to use, is very well made so will last for years. Best of all, you can drop the firewood into a garden cart or wheelbarrow as you cut so you don’t have to pick the cuts up off the floor.


Forest Master Quickfire Rapid Load Saw Horse
This product is very easy to interact with, it is safe to use as you're not working low down on the floor and will hold most sized logs with ease. It is not the cheapest but it's certainly one of the best available and will last many many seasons. A very easy to use sawhorse that can be used by a single person, simply load the log and cut it from one end to the other. The teeth will automatically adjust to different sized logs (to a maximum of 10 inches) and grip to log to prevent movement or rolling.


Portek Log Master Saw Horse
The Portek Log Master Saw Horse is designed to harness the power of the chainsaw preventing things like a kickback. It is fitted with a chainsaw clamp that allows the user to work without straining their back lifting and placing the chainsaw back on the ground. The chainsaw blade is covered by a guarded chain bar, therefore, preventing any accidents. The adjustable feet with anti-sink feet provide stability thus there are no accidental slips whilst cutting through the wood. With a good pair of safety glasses and gloves, you can cut through wood without worrying that a piece of wood will enter your eye or that the chain blade will snap back. For those who are keen on safety, this sawhorse ticks all the boxes.

Our top 7 saw horses for cutting logs that have been included in our review

  1. Forest Master Quickfire Rapid Load Saw Horse – BEST PICK
  2. Portek Log Master Saw Horse – RUNNER UP
  3. Forest Master Bulk Log Stand Saw Horse – BEST BUDGET PICK
  4. Faithfull Folding Saw Horse
  5. Draper 32273 Saw Horse
  6. TecTake Saw Horse – BEST AFFORDABLE PICK
  7. Makita P-71691 Smart Holder Saw Horse

Saw Horse Buyer’s Guide

In the event that you have never used a sawhorse, most people would agree they wish they had invested in one sooner, however, there are a few things to know before going out and buying one. These considerations will guide you through the market and help you pick out the right sawhorse. A sawhorse is a simple tool to help with cutting longer longs into shorter pieces, therefore there is not much to it, but we have found that you do get badly designed models and models that simply are not sturdy enough and will not last and worse, can topple over.

Here are some of the considerations to bear in mind:

Saw Horse Construction Material

Sawhorses are majorly constructed of metal. The material used and the complexity of the design will affect the price of the sawhorse. It will also affect durability and maintenance. Many models are made of steel as it is durable. With a few protective coatings, steel is able to keep corrosion at bay and maintain its appearance. It is possible to get aluminium models but they might not last as long as the steel models and sometimes can be a little on the light side and feel less substantial, however, they are easy to move as they are generally lightweight.

Steel teeth are features you find in models like our ‘Best Pick’ the Forest Master Quickfire Rapid Load Saw and the Draper Saw Horse we review that the teeth hold the log steady and prevent it from moving.  These teeth need to be strong to support varied sizes of logs without bending. We did find many models that use this design and the two we include in our review are very good but we did see other models that looked identical but simply are not in the same league in terms of build quality. Personally, we prefer this type as they are very easy to use and they stop the logs from rolling whilst cutting but they only take one log at a time. Still, you can cut through a pile of logs in no time.

Weight limitations

If the sawhorse is unable to support the weight of the piece of wood then more likely everything will come tumbling down. Each sawhorse has a certain weight it can support. Many manufacturers have made it a point to display this information so take note. They tell you the maximum weight each model can support. Remember that the more weight the model can support, the more likely it will cost you more to purchase. We found the weight support only really matters with models that hold multiple logs.

Assembly options

Assembling a delivered package can be frustrating at times. We have all dealt with that. To avoid frustrations and hefty mumblings under your breath, find out how the product is delivered. There are sawhorse models that come fully assembled and others need some assembly. You have the option to choose between either. It just depends on what you need and what you can afford. In general, the models that fold down are already somewhat assembled, which was also one of the positives of investing in the Forest Master Quickfire Rapid Load Saw.


Forest Master Bulk Log Stand Saw Horse
The Forest Master Bulk Log Stand Multi Log Saw Horse is one of the best priced, high-quality models in our opinion. The product has some great but simple features. The well-designed sawhorse comes with chains to secure the logs that simply slide up and down easily to secure the logs in place. We also like the adjustable log holders which can be moved thanks to the pre-drilled holes. Whether you are dealing with large or smaller pieces, you can safely saw through the wood. It is easy to manage and store as it folds down flat. One feature we really like in the design is how there is no frame under the logs to catch your chainsaw on.

Overall size and dimensions

It is true that saw horses come in different sizes. Look at the scale of your work to get a bigger picture of the size needed. If you need a large saw horse then expect the sawhorse to have a bit of weight to it which is essential for stability. If you need a log horse that can handle both large and small logs, look for models that allow you to adjust the cutting width.

Size is an important feature for comfortability when working. Whether you are sawing through a small piece of wood or a larger log, a comfortable stance is needed. There are models that may have been designed too low for tall people to saw through wood effectively. Save yourself some back problems and find a good-sized model.

Adjustable or not?

When it comes to sawhorses, you can adjust the cutting width depending on the model. There are some that are not adjustable at all and thus cannot house small sized logs or the size of the log you can cut is limited in length. Another adjustable feature is the clamp. There are models such as the Makita P-71691 Smart holder Saw Horse that have a clamp that can be adjusted. The clamp is able to adjust and hold on to varied sizes of logs. Make sure to go over the product specifications to ensure that the size of logs you will be cutting.


TecTake Saw Horse
The TecTake Saw Horse can take anything you throw at it. Well, within its limits of 400kg, of course, to be honest, I don't think you would load any sawhorse with 400kg of wood. However, with this capacity, you can really get some work done. It is also a space-saving product as it folds down flat really well, very well designed. The clamp provided secures your logs and is one of the easiest to use, to finish it off it's also very stable. You can certainly consider this product the best lower-priced sawhorse for logs. Overall a great choice for anyone looking for a more affordable model for cutting multi logs at a time.

Portability and storage

How much space do you have to spare? Those who are tied down for space ideally will be wanting a foldable model to save on space.  The foldable sawhorse can be stored and transported easily which might also be important for some people. There are clever designs out there that fold flat for easy storage. In the event that space is not an issue, you are free to choose what you want but we think its almost always a good idea to look for models that fold flat, during our research we made this one of the top priorities so all the models we recommend do fold flat, even if they have to be split into three sections.

Ease of use

There are features whose purpose is to make life a bit smoother.

A sawhorse sporting a smooth finish is smooth to the touch. There are no sharp ends or snagging bits to catch the logs. With well-oiled joints and a smooth finish, using and storing the sawhorse is a pleasant experience overall and makes life a lot easier.

Well placed chains and clamps are also crucial to providing ample support whilst working. Do not settle for cheap clamps, they will not be strong enough to last long. Invest in models with quality clamps so that the logs remain stable as you saw through. Cheaper models almost certainly always have weak clamping systems that are simply not up to the job and is usually a problem with cheap Chinese imports.

Do you need a sawhorse that is more multi-purpose? Check out my review where I have compared some of the best workbenches that can also be used as a sawhorse.

Our Top 7 Saw Horse Reviews

Go through the reviews below and see which one makes the best sawhorse for your own needs. Our many hours of research began with comparing over 30 models, the models below have all been chosen as they excel in both usability, quality and should last for many years. We start with the QuickFire by Forest Master which is our Top Pick for both domestic and professional use as very well designed while still being very sturdy and more importantly affordable.

1. Forest Master Quickfire Rapid Load Saw Horse


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Forest Master QSH Quickfire Rapid Sawhorse Log Holder for Chainsaw - Efficient, Fast Loading Log Holder with Ground Spikes for Stable Woodcutting - No Assembly Required, Holds Up to 4m Long Logs

The Forest Master Quickfire Rapid Load Saw marks another victory for sawhorses and is our Top Choice if we could only recommend one model. This unit has a similar build to the Draper model, which is also worth considering and we have reviewed this item further down. It features an easy process for loading the logs which is convenient if you don’t have much time on your hands. Once the log is loaded, there are teeth installed to secure the log and on this model, they seem very strong, which is often an issue with some of the cheaper copycat products on the market.

To provide you with an easier time, the model is designed to hold the log stable and also to stop the log from rolling whilst cutting, this is something it does extremely well. We like that you can make several cuts without needing to adjust the log as you simply cut from one end to the other. Something to be aware of though is that the teeth can hold logs up to a maximum diameter of 10 inches. This should be just fine for most people but if you do have very wide logs you may need to look at another model. What we do like is that there are no adjustments needed, the teeth adjust automatically, with traditional models you need to adjust the clamp so it is nice to not have to worry about loosening and tightening clamps every time you load logs.

For storage solutions, this is a fairly straightforward model. You just need to fold it away and place it in storage. To make matters better, the unit comes fully assembled out of the box so no awkward instructions to read when you first use it. This unit comes with a 1-year warranty which we think provides excellent peace of mind but it should obviously last many many years and from the build quality, we would expect it to do just that.

Finally, it can support logs up to 150kg and you won’t get many logs that weigh more than this. It measures 115 x 40 x 90 cm and weighs 10kg so it is extremely heavy but heavy enough to be very stable.


  • Very easy to use with one person, simply load the log and cut from one end to the other. 
  • Teeth automatically adjusts to different sized logs (up to 10 inches in diameter) and grip the log to still them moving or rolling.
  • Well designed to avoid the chainsaw hitting the metal.
  • Good value for the price asked.
  • Can be folded flat for easy transportation and storage.
  • Ready out of the box, no assembly necessary.


  • May prove challenging to work with small sized logs.
  • Not suitable for cutting multiple logs at once.

Our recommendation

The Forest Master Quickfire Rapid Load Saw is more adapted to cutting different sized logs one at a time but in quick succession. It is not a large unit and thus doesn’t take up much space but can cut larger logs with ease which we like.

The well-constructed sawhorse is made from a strong metal which is probably the first thing you notice about it. This, in turn, facilitates stability as the log is being cut.

The unit can handle large logs well but the smaller sizes may be more difficult. We would recommend this sawhorse for those who do not mind spending a little more to get a better quality item.

Something we do really like with this design ( and something not always possible with other designs) is that there is room to put a basket or garden trolley underneath so the logs fall into it, rather than directly onto the floor. It is also better for longer logs and they don’t seem to turn when you are cutting, which can be another issue with other models sometimes. Overall, we really like this model and its design, not forgetting it comes fully assembled. All things considered, we really did think it was worthy of our ‘Best Pick’ award for the best log saw horses. A little more expensive than most but worth every penny.

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2. Portek Log Master Saw Horse


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The Portek Log Master Saw Horse is made of steel which is known to be a durable and reliable material. The steel frame is given a 2mm zinc plating to keep the metal from corroding, therefore, providing durability over time. This sawhorse is designed in a way that allows the user to cut different sizes of wood into usable logs. It is easy to adjust the sawhorse to suit the size of wood you are cutting into.

Handling chainsaws can be dangerous and that is why safety can never be overlooked. This sawhorse is probably among the safest to use on the market. The saw is fitted to the chainsaw clamp that holds the chainsaw in position thus making it easily accessible compared to picking it from the ground. There is a fully guarded chain bar to prevent you from coming into contact with the blade.

Not only is this sawhorse safe to use, but it can also handle some weight. With a maximum load capacity of 125kg, you can cut through thick wood with ease. Whether you are tall or short you can work in a comfortable position because the sawhorse legs are adjustable. Furthermore, the legs are fitted with anti-sick feet ensuring that the sawhorse is always stable on different surfaces. You cut through the wood using different kinds of chainsaws without being scared that the 17kg model will tip over.


  • Made of steel with zinc plating making it durable.
  • Easy to assemble as no tools are required.
  • Offers a load capacity of 125kg which is commendable.
  • Able to work with a variety of chainsaws.
  • Features a chainsaw clamp for user comfortability.
  • Fitted with a full guarded chain bar for safety.
  • Comes with adjustable legs fitted with anti-sink feet for stability.


  • A fair bit of effort is required to tighten the clamp sufficiently.

Our recommendation

It is not a secret that the Portek Log Master Saw Horse is durable and well made. There are many reviews from satisfied customers that testify to the robustness and steadiness of this model. You can trust that the steel frame will not rust or corrode. It can cater to different sizes of logs as long as they are within the load limit.

If you are looking for a reliable sawhorse that is safe to use with a chainsaw then this model is what you need. It is not the cheapest model on the market but it is a worthwhile investment, especially for those who work with logs often or are not very experienced using a chainsaw. It is easy to assemble allowing you to start working in no time. Overall, it is a simple but well-thought-out sawhorse that can fit both professional and domestic use making it a great choice for all.

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3. Forest Master Bulk Log Stand Saw Horse


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Forest Master Bulk Log Stand 3 Multi Log Saw Horse Chainsaw

The Forest Master Bulk Log Stand Saw Horse is an affordable option when you need to cut through multiple logs at once saving you time. This saw horse is able to hold multiple logs for sawing as long as they are not over 150kgs when stacked as this is its limit. It is better to stay within the recommended weight capacity so as to avoid accidents even though we do feel it could hold more.

This is a fold-flat model and thus can be stored easily and is easy to fold down. It weighs 14kg so its not too heavy, but still heavy enough to be stable. This model is probably one of the best models that hold several logs at once which means you can cut larger piles of logs quickly and efficiently.

The design of this sawhorse is simple and yet completely functional. This model features 3 Y-shaped log holders to ensure that the logs are balanced. One feature we do like is the log holder section can be moved as it has pre-drilled holes, This means it can also accommodate shorter logs as well as enable you to cut the logs into smaller sections themselves. You are obviously limited by the gaps as to how long the logs can be cut to, so this model could give you a little more options compared to fixed models.

Safety is an important thing, especially when handling a chainsaw. Another design feature we really like is that the sawhorse is designed to provide a clear path to cut through different sections of the logs. This basically means there is no frame where you cut through the logs which we think is a good design to avoid catching your chainsaw on steel frames. This can be an issue with some models, especially the cheaper models you often see.

At the base of the structure is a wooden base instead of metal. This means that even if you miss your mark by a bit, your saw is still safe as it won’t hit any metal. To secure the logs completely, various well-positioned chains have been installed on rings that you simply slide up and down, again no screws to unscrew and tighten like on some models that use clamps. The chains prevent the multiple logs from jumping around as you saw through the wood which works quick well.


  • The strong structure that can support sawing through multiple logs at once.
  • The cutting width of the structure can be adjusted to suit smaller logs.
  • Well designed to avoid the chainsaw hitting metal frames
  • Features sliding clocking chainsaws to hold logs securely whilst cutting.
  • Excellent value for money and very affordable.
  • Can be folded flat for easy transportation and storage.
  • Easy to assemble in seconds.


  • Unable to support logs with diameters larger than 240mm.

Our recommendation

The Forest Master Bulk Log Stand is one of the best models models for holding multiple logs at once. The design is simple but it enables you to slice through multiple logs at a time. One of the design features we really like is that there is no metal frame underneath where you cut that you could catch your chainsaw on, we found that this is one of the only models that was designed to take this into consideration. 

It is also designed to hold the logs securely whilst still maintaining a stable stance as it uses two chains that easily slide to secure the logs. This is another good design instead of using clamps that you would need to screw which takes more time. 

For those who have simple tasks to attend to and do not want to spend too much money, then this model is a great choice. For domestic or commercial work, this model would adapt well. Overall, this model probably the second best model after the Quickfire Rapid Load Saw which also is manufactured by Forest Master. Both models really do come out on top when it comes to sawhorses for cutting logs.

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4. Faithfull Folding Saw Horse

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Faithfull FAISAWHORSE Folding Galvanised Metal Saw Horse 150 kg Capacity

The Faithfull Galvanised Folding Saw Horse is designed to last longer and be even friendlier to your pocket and it is probably one of the best models within its price range. The sawhorse features a simple structure with serrated jaws instead of clamps. The serrated jaws are intended to keep the log stable and avoid moving around. The sawhorse is made of steel and thus is expected to last a long time. Measures have been taken to protect the metal from rust as it is galvanised.

Sawhorses are meant to be convenient when it comes to their size. This is a foldable model and one of the lightest we have reviewed at just over 8kg. When you are done working, you can easily fold it up and store it away. It weighs only 8.26kgs and measures 100 x 81 x 16.5cm so it is not too big to handle either.

This affordable model can support a maximum of 150kgs. It is designed to house large chunks of wood but will take smaller logs. It comes with a 5-year guarantee which we think is amazing considering the price. 


  • Foldable for trouble-free storage.
  • Features serrated jaws for log support to help stop the logs from turning.
  • Protected against rust with its galvanised finish and is easy to maintain.
  • Come with a 5 year guarantee for full peace of mind.
  • Very affordable.


  • Assembly instructions need more detailed information as some people have found them hard to understand.
  • Nuts and bolts need to be tightened after some time and some people have even replaced the bolts for better ones.

Our recommendation

The Faithfull Saw Horse can make a good option for someone looking for a cheaper model who is on a budget. It is simply made to offer adequate support as you saw through multiple logs.

It is a foldable design and therefore will take up little space wherever you decide to put it. 

Overall, a great model for the price not forgetting the 5-year guarantee, not the best model we have seen but is certainly more than suitable for home use and does the job.

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5. Draper 32273 Saw Horse

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Draper 32273 Log Stand, 150kg

The Draper 32273 Log Stand Saw Horse features a robust frame and an interesting mechanism and one that we have previously seen on the Forest Master model, which safely grips the log being worked on and you can cut the whole log without having to move it. All you have to do is insert the log in the required compartment and the teeth will hold onto the log and prevent it from sliding or turning as you cut it.

This model is able to support a weight capacity of 150kgs, this means it will support even the largest logs. The powder coated frame is not the largest but it should not be underestimated. The steel frame is strong and will not rust easily. Weighing in at 11.9kg it is slightly heavier than the Forest Master model but there is not much between them. It is not too heavy to be moved from location to location making it a great choice for professional tree surgeons who need a model to use on the go to help make cutting logs to manageable sizes much easier.

It is easy to use and will not provide any maintenance challenges. You can expect to use the sawhorse for a long time. It works well with logs 3-9 inches across. The Draper company also has a good reputation for good quality products, therefore, we think this model ticks all the boxes.


  • Well-constructed and durable.
  • Easy to maintain and transport.
  • Features durable teeth for maximum support.
  • Ready to use out the box.


  • No problems to report.

Our recommendation

The Draper 32273 Log Stand is durable but you will have to pay a little more than most other models, however is worth the extra cost and it is probably on par with our ‘Best Pick’ which is almost identical.

Overall another great model worth considering. 

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6. TecTake Saw Horse


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TecTake Saw Horse - Different Models - (Black/No 400737)

The TecTake Saw Horse is constructed from durable steel with a nice black finish. Steel is a strong material capable of handling rough conditions and this steel structure is designed to handle more weight compared to other saw horses we have reviewed. With a threshold of 400kg weight capacity, you will be able to engage with heavier logs, that being said you can still only load so much wood into it.

In addition to this, the unit can be deconstructed into a compact size for storage. The time taken to assemble or disassemble the structure is short due to its clever design. When in use, the saw horse features an easy to use clamp whose intention is to secure the logs well. The clamp is of nice quality and does not move during operation. There is also a plastic protected knob to assist in making this process simple and easier to turn.

This unit measures 76 x 53 x 102cm and weighs 10.5kgs.


  • It is able to handle up to 400kgs of wood.
  • Can be set up and disassembled in a short amount of time.
  • Easy to transport as it folds down flat.
  • Features a clamp system to keep the logs secure.
  • Made of strong materials to facilitate durability.
  • Supplied with ergonomic knobs.


  • None found.

Our recommendation

If you have been in search of a sawhorse with a large weight capacity then the TecTake Saw Horse might be perfect for you. The unit possesses a maximum capacity of 400kgs which is no small feat. The unit is capable of holding large logs without compromising the stability of the sawhorse. The good thing about this unit is that in as much as it can hold large amounts of weight, it is also affordable. We would recommend this model for users facing large loads of logs to cut through. It is a stable product and therefore dependable as well as being one of the best-priced models out there. Overall, it is easy to see why this model has proved so popular Amazon.co.uk

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7. Makita P-71691 Smart Holder Saw Horse

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Makita P-71691 Smart holder Chainsaw Horse, Multi-Colour

The Makita P-71691 Smart Holder Chainsaw Saw Horse is a strong sawhorse that is able to handle varied sizes of logs. It is able to hold 9-inch diameter logs without problems. The strong structure is not too big and it weighs 12kgs, measuring 6 x 40 x 120cm makes it manageable to transport from one location to another and folds down flat.

Delivered flat-packed, there is a bit of assembly required. It won’t take much time out of your day. Once you have gotten through the assembly, the foldable unit is ready for use. Being that it can be folded into a compact size for storage makes it adaptable for use in smaller spaces. The foldable nature also facilitates easy mobility as we have already mentioned.

Constructed from high-quality steel, you can trust the durability of this Makita product. The steel structure is protected in blue powder coating to keep corrosion at bay as well as giving it that nice blue finish. The sawhorse also features a clamp that is adjustable in seconds to accommodate different sized logs. The 4-position clamp will secure the log regardless of its overall size. There are strong sharp teeth that the logs rest on which keep the log in perfect position as you cut away and help stop the log from rotating.


  • Stable, well-designed construction.
  • Features an adjustable clamp to suit the log being cut.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to store and move due to its foldable design.
  • Has teeth to secure the log to the structure.


  • A tad wobbly on some surfaces.

Our recommendation

The Makita P-71691 Smart holder Chainsaw Horse is a dependable model made of high-quality stainless steel and from a reputable brand that we have come to love. The design is unique and allows you to deal with varied sizes of logs.  

The adjustable clamp is of good quality and locks well into position and is used instead of the twinging teeth that both the Forest Master and Draper models. The advantage of this is that there are no teeth to bend, however, you have to adjust the bar for different sized logs so takes slightly longer to load which may be a little disappointing.

The price is a bit high compared to the others but it’s probably worth the extra if you prefer this design. Overall another great product from Makita to make your life simpler and they have done well with this log sawhorse. The only real niggle is that it takes slightly longer to load logs.

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Final Conclusion

We are not likely to stop using saw horses anytime soon. They serve us well and are fun to interact with especially if you fetch the right one and re much easier than cutting wood at floor level.  Quality is everything, remember to be your saw horse’s keeper and keep it in good shape. The longer you keep it the longer it will serve you. Getting spare parts from trusted suppliers when things go south is always a welcomed idea and that is why we only recommend trusted manufacturers. 

We selected the Forest Master Quickfire Rapid Load Saw as our overall winner because it has a few obvious advantages. The quality of the product has met the standards and proved durable. It possesses a space-saving nature as well as the capacity to deal with large pieces of wood. The unit facilitates fast loading which saves time and you can cut the logs straight into a basket or garden trolley. Generally, it is a product that will provide you with good value for your money.


We hope you have gotten all the information you need to get yourself the best sawhorse. Don’t be too cautious, it will prove a worthy experience.

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