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Best Paint Sprayers and Reviews

Need assistance with painting something around your house, or even the house itself? Then a paint sprayer is exactly the tool you need. This tool is a great alternative to brushing and rolling on paint. The best paint sprayer can actually complete the same job in a fraction of the time as a conventional sprayer would do. These sprayers are great for both indoor and outdoor jobs and they deliver neat finishes. If you are a DIYer, your project is about to become a lot easier while professionals will work much faster and make more money.

Like many other seemingly simple tools, paint sprayers come in distinctive versions. The wide range of paint sprayers can be intimidating and confusing if you don’t have extensive experience working with these tools. Our buyer’s guide will help you understand these tools and even determine whether the one you’ve been eyeing is the right tool for your project. Later on, our paint sprayer reviews will help you learn more about the functionality of these tools. 

Before we get into the different types of paint sprayers in more detail, below is the winner of our 'Best Pick', which after many hours of research and much consideration we came of the conclusion that it is the best paint sprayer for most people due to its ability to be used in many different situations and with different paint types.

MYLEK PRO-SPRAY 700W Electric Paint Sprayer Gun Kit Review
  • Perfect professional coverage everytime.
  • Can be used to apply satin, undercoat, wood preservatives, varnish, stain and most other paints.
  • Can be used indoors & Outdoors.
  • Can be used to spay everything including fences, decking, walls. ceilings, skirting, furniture & more.
  • It comes with a commercial grade motor for an extended life.
  • Tough and robust design for home & professional use.
  • It offers 3 different spray patterns intended for various job demands.

Paint Sprayer Buyers Guide

When it comes to paint sprayers, it’s imperative to invest in one that is best suited to your own needs all though many models including our 'Best Pick' are ideal for a large range of applications and paint types . Below we go other the different types of paint sprayers to give you an idea of which type may be more suitable for you.

The types of paint sprayers you can choose from

  • Airless Paint Sprayer - These types of paint sprayer apply paint at a very high pressure and spay out droplets to uniformly cover the surface very evenly. Airless paint sprayers are excellent for applying layers of paint to exterior surfaces like lattice, shutters, lattice and fences and can also be used for painting interior walls and ceilings. Airless paint have an advantage over compressed air or High Volume Low Pressure sprayers as they are very good for applying  thicker paints other sprayers cannot handle.
  • Compressed Air Sprayer - Compressed air sprayers as the name suggest uses compressed air to spray your chosen paint to a surface, creating a smooth and even surface. They are useful for painting furniture and cupboards. The downside is that these sprayers can be a little messy and and can result in more over spray than other types. They generally also use more paint per square foot. However the sprayers themselves cost significantly less than airless or HVLP sprayers but there is the added expense of a compressor to buy. If your fortunate enough to all ready have an air compressor, this is often a cheaper model to invest in and some air compressors even come with accessories for paint sprayers to get you started.
  • High Volume Low Pressure Sprayer - HVLP sprayers convey tiny droplets of your chosen paint on an unfaltering yet substantial volume of air. The paint is applied slower, so more droplets adhere to the surface, with the final result being a nice smooth finish. These sprayers squander less paint, yet regularly cost more than the other sprayers. They are great to use on inside works such as painting kitchen cabinets, skirting boards, decorative moulding and even doors. Unless you are putting resources into a costly sprayer designed for professional use, abstain from using with thicker paints such as lacquers and varnishes.

When to use a paint sprayer

  • When you are covering an extensive space.
  • When you are painting an unoccupied room or house.
  • On furniture – when spraying a fine mist into those hard to reach places where you have a difficult time painting with brushes and paint rollers.

When you would be better using a paint brush or roller

  • When working on small jobs or you don’t have a spray area that is suitable to work in.
  • In case you are stressed over the amount of paint you have, generally paint sprayers tend to use more paint than conventional brushes and rollers.
  • In the event that you would prefer not to do lots of preparation work as everything must be taped and covered to stop paint getting where you do not want it.
  • On the off chance that you dislike the clean process; dismantling and cleaning a paint sprayer is more tedious than cleaning the odd bush, roller and tray.

Runner’s up model

Bosch PFS 1000 Fine Spray System

Bosch PFS 1000 Fine Spray System Review

The Bosch PFS 1000 Fine Spray System is the top competitor to our best model. It is also a powerful tool that delivers 410 watts, guaranteeing a fast, consistent application of paint for excellent results.

What stands out in this tool is the easy-to-use colour spray system and 4-stage paint flow control for accurate and quick paint application. Its SDS system offers fast paint changes as well as easy cleaning.

This tool is best for spraying varnishes, fences or garden furniture.

How to choose the best paint sprayer

Consider the Power Wattage and pressure

The words pressure and wattage often come up in paint sprayer descriptions. Wattage basically determines the power of the electric motor which is generally between 350 watt and 850 watt. In general, the higher the wattage the more powerful the sprayer and the larger area it is suitable for spaying.

More often than not, you would go for the higher pressure sprayers as they finish the job quicker and usually do give the best finish but this is also effected by the the users skill. In any case, of course, not every other project should be done that way. If you need a steady and moderately weak stream, you may go for more less powerful lower wattage sprayer. In general try to choose one with a wattage of at least 450 watt for home use and 750 for professional or larger more frequent jobs.


Speaking of the volume of the sprayer, we are, obviously, with respect to the L/min (Litres per minute) value. L/min determines how much paint you can spray from the sprayers tank onto a surface in 1 minute. Generally the higher the Litres per minute the faster you can spray a given area.


Paint sprayers are as versatile as any other tools in the industry. There are many choices as well as the various manufacturers and brands. Choosing the right sprayer for your project is, as usual, a matter of debate. You’ll always find high-end professional machines mashed with inexpensive alternatives.

With regards to picking the right sprayer, you must comprehend that the one you buy may be the one you will use for a considerable length of time to come. This means you ought to pick wisely. It is usually advisable to look for a somewhat better model and spend a couple few more pounds on a better sprayer. A decent choice can mean a great deal. In any case, you should know your limit at some point, since the professional sprayers can be quite expensive and you simply might not need such a serious machine.

As a rough guide, we found that you can buy a good all round paint sprayer for amateur DIY use for around £50-£60? with professional serous models cost well over £150. For most people, if you budget £60 this gives you plenty of choice.

Important paint sprayer considerations

  • Adjustable models - an adjustable sprayer allows you to dispense paint at various speeds, thicknesses and different spray patterns.
  • Portability - a portable paint sprayer is essential for large projects where easy mobility is required. They come in two variations; wheeled and backpack.
  • Easy cleanup - again, dismantling and washing out a paint sprayer can be time-consuming. As such, look for versions that can attach to a good garden hose for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Power supply - paint sprayers are powered in a number of ways, including, electric, cordless or gas. Electric are probably the easiest to use which is why they are so popular,

Paint sprayer accessories

You can invest in many axtra accessories that will not only help make your job much easier,  they can also help keep your painting sprayer in good working order for many years.

  • Conditioners and Protectants to help clean and prolong the life of the sprayer - these are liquid formulas that you can apply to your device to prevent freezing, sticking, rust and corrosion from setting in and help to prolong the life of the equipment and sprayer.
  • Extensions pips for better reach - extension pipes will help you get into those tricky spots such as ceilings or paint decks without it taking a tole on your back.
  • Filters help help keep the paint ultra clean and smooth - these are handy for a smooth finish. Apart from removing unwanted debris and dust from paint which also helps prevent the spray tips from getting clogged and and reduces paint to splatter.
  • Long and short Hoses - consider the project you’re undertaking when choosing a hose. If you are working in a smaller space, then you’ll need a shorter hose. On the other hand, jobs in large or long areas will require a longer hose, at least 25ft.
  • Choose the correct spray tip - most sprayers come with 3 or 4 different sprayer tips which can be used for various types of paints. They can emit different spray patterns such as fan, vertical, horizontal and round, can spray handle thicker or thinner paints, and be used for interior or exterior works.
  • Protective gear - when dealing with paint and fumes, the right protective gear is important. The range here include protective clothing, face mask, respirator and googles. All ways use protection clothing, at the very least get yourself some goggles and a mark and some old cloths.


MYLEK PRO-SPRAY 700W Electric Paint Sprayer Gun Kit Review


MYLEK PRO-SPRAY 700W Electric Paint Sprayer Gun Kit Review

MYLEK PRO-SPRAY 700W Electric Paint Sprayer Gun Kit

This is one powerful paint sprayer boasting 700 watts of power that will enable you to complete all kinds of projects with ease and fast. Featuring three individual spray patterns; vertical, horizontal and round, this model gives you complete control over various materials. This professional sprayer has been specially designed to save time with its 3 spray head settings to produce ultra-fine atomisation for even coverage with a single coat, even in those tricky areas. The sprayer can be used with satin, undercoat, stain, varnish and wood preservatives.

It comes with a commercial grade, industrial length motor for an extended life. On top of that, it comes with several useful accessories to make work easier. There are two spray cups for better preparation and speed, thus enabling you to finish your task in a shorter time. In addition, it comes with two distinctive, quick to change, washable filters to ensure a longer life of the tool. Simply wash the filter after every use and its good.

What you’ll mostly love with this tool is its non-messy operation. It lets you achieve a perfect, professional coverage on; fencing, decking, sheds, masonry, stucco, garden furniture, all types of wood, and interior and exterior walls. In fact, this tool has a high quality construction and is CE certified and RoHS compliant to the highest UK standards by a European recognised testing house.

A summary of included accessories

  • ?PRO-SPRAY paint sprayer with 1.8m hose.
  • 900ml paint cup.
  • 1.2L paint cup.
  • Shoulder strap.
  • Extra washable air filter.
  • Velocity measuring cup.
  • Cleaning needle.

Technical specs

  • Voltage rating - 230V – 50Hz/60Hz.
  • Maximum output – 1100ml/min.
  • Nozzle side – 2.5mm.
  • Max. viscocity – 70 –DIN-s.
  • Air pressure – 0.1 – 0.3 Bar
  • Cable length – 2m.
  • Hose length – 1.8m.


  • Ideal for small to large projects.
  • Very powerful with a 700W motor.
  • It comes with several handy accessories.
  • Good cable length.
  • Good hose length.
  • It offers adjustable spray patterns.
  • Lightweight design.


  • None found

Final conclusion

The MYLEK PRO-SPRAY 700W Electric Paint Sprayer Gun Kit is a top quality product that will handle almost everything you throw at it, whether small or large projects. And that’s because it comes armed with the necessary accessories to handle all sorts of project. It is additionally powerful thanks to its 700W motor that’ll ensure smooth finishes in a matter of minutes, of course, depending on the size of the project.

Adjustable flow rate regulator plus variable spray patterns just make it suitable for a wide range of tasks. In a nut shell, this tool is a combination of great construction, high performance, handy accessories and a great price.

Yes it cuts across small to large projects, but this will be a great choice for professional work.

Bosch PFS 1000 Fine Spray System Review


Bosch PFS 1000 Fine Spray System Review

Bosch PFS 1000 Fine Spray System

The Bosch PFS 1000 Fine Spray System allows you to spray a wide variety of materials with impressive results. It is ideal for all woodworking projects, including spraying wooden ceilings, wooden beams, pieces of furniture and sanded stairs that are in need of renovation and more. This model is suitable for spraying solvent wood paints such as lacquers and glazes. At 410 watts, this tool offers the highest power in its class and enables a fast, even application of paint, resulting in nicer surfaces than those achieved with a roller or paintbrush.

This tool is convenient to work with. DIYs can choose the intensity of the application and easily adjust the flow using a control located on the head of the gun. There are easy-to-understand symbols directly on the tool which give you maximum control over it. As such, you can clearly see how to set the nozzle in order to achieve a vertical, horizontal or pencil spray. A graphic also displays the right distance to the work surface and the ideal spraying technique required to achieve great results.

The PFS 1000 is a top quality spray with a flexible air hose. It has a compact design and comes complete with a shoulder strap, making it flexible and comfortable to work with in various positions both indoors and outdoors. The paint holder is specially designed for quick use with short set-up times. It holds 800ml of paint and is quick to refill. Cleaning this tool is also a breeze; simply rinse the parts after work and prepare for your next project. For information, the product comes with a 2-year warranty (extendable to 3 years upon registering the tool with MyBosch).

Other specs

  • Pumping capacity – 100ml/min.
  • Hose length – 1.25m.
  • Weight without paint – 2kg.
  • Dimensions – 203 x 124 233 mm.


  • Convenient – easily adapts the paint flow to different projects.
  • Comes with shoulder strap for comfortable and mobile use.
  • Easy to use thanks to clear symbols on the tool.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It has a high-quality hose with enhanced flexibility.


  • Relatively small paint holder capacity.

Final conclusion

The Bosch PFS 1000 Fine Spray System is an incredible tool that comes with handy accessories to help complete a number of projects. The shoulder strap is one useful accessory and it’s very comfortable to wear.

Clear symbols make it pretty easy to use while cleaning is also simple. The only negative we can say about this unit is the small paint holder but it’s a minor thing.

Overall, the PFS 1000 is a great tool for a wide range of DIY projects.

BLACK+DECKER HVLP Hand Held Paint Sprayer Review

BLACK+DECKER HVLP Hand Held Paint Sprayer Review

BLACK+DECKER HVLP Hand Held Paint Sprayer

The BLACK+DECKER HVLP Hand Held Paint Sprayer is a compact tool that is broadly used for a range of paint jobs around the house. As the name suggests, this is a HVLP tool which enables even of paint on large surfaces devouring about 30% less of the paint. It boasts 400W in power and 1.5kg in weight which is fairly good to work with.

The canister that holds the paint is located on the side and features a large opening which makes it easy to fill or empty as well as avoid any spillage. It is a 1.2L container which eliminates the need for frequent top up. Inside the canister is a curved tube that allows for handling the sprayer in both vertical and horizontal manner, depending on the surfaces to cover.

There’s a paint flow indicator which displays the flow setting for straightforward, repeatable performance. The spray pattern can also be adjusted to meet the demands of your project. It comes with a manual booklet that provides guidance on the proper use of the tool such as what gloss paint to use, maintenance procedure, and more. This machine doesn’t even need any big treatment, applying some oil on the nozzle and cleaning the filter with water after every two weeks might just be enough. It is also supplied with a paint mixing bucket.


  • It comes with an easy-to-fill and empty side filling canister.
  • Allows for precise and simple adjustments of spray patterns.
  • Supplied with paint mixing bucket.
  • It comes with a handy manual.
  • Features a paint flow indicator.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Easy to clean, especially when used with water-based products.


  • No problems found.

Final conclusion

The BLACK+DECKER HVLP Hand Held Paint Sprayer is well constructed tool that will complete most of the painting tasks really fast. The side filling canister is a lovable feature and especially because it’s easy to fill and empty. It is an adjustable model that will allow you to spray according to the demands of you project.

You’ll also appreciate the supplied accessories which ease up the work. However, this model is quite messy and you’ll definitely have to invest in protective gear. Still, you’ll find it quite useful if you have a large surface you want to paint.

WAGNER W100 Wood & Metal Electric Paint Sprayer Review

WAGNER W100 Wood & Metal Electric Paint Sprayer Review

WAGNER W100 Wood & Metal Electric Paint Sprayer

The WAGNER W100 Wood & Metal Electric Paint Sprayer is perfect for small to medium-sized projects such as decking, windows, furniture and fences. It is appropriate for use with water based or solvent wood and metal paints such as gloss, satin, stain, varnish, wood preservative, and more. There’s an extra-fine automisatiion that gives even paint scope with a single coat while an air jacket that encompasses the spray jet helps minimise overspray.

The WAGNER W100 is a fully adjustable model from 0 – 110ml/min to ensure that you meet the requirements of your job. The pot holds 800ml of paint which is just enough for the small jobs it can handle. In addition, it offers 3 paint jet settings; vertical, horizontal or detailed to effectively match the surface being painted, and features HVLP technology for economical spraying. This detachable model allows quick and easy change of attachment, paint, refill and cleaning of the gun. This tool has a solid construction and is backed with a 3-year warranty.


  • It has 3 paint jet settings.
  • Fully adjustable paint volume.
  • It has a detachable gun for easy changing of accessories and cleaning.


  • Small reservoir.

Final conclusion

The WAGNER W100 Wood & Metal Electric Paint Sprayer is designed for small to medium jobs and it has especially been found very useful for fence painting. Thanks to its adjustable settings and high automisation power, you can attain an outstanding finish and get real value of your wood and metal paints.

This tool will help you achieve a quick, perfect finish in any position and any working direction. The small pot capacity is clearly the major downside of this tool so you just have to get used to it.

Vivo Pro 350W Electric Automatic Paint Sprayer Review

Vivo Pro 350W Electric Automatic Paint Sprayer Review

Vivo Pro 350W Electric Automatic Paint Sprayer

The Vivo Pro 350W Electric Automatic Paint Sprayer comes with a staggering 350 watts of power that promise an even finish on the work surface. This tool is engineered to save paint by precisely regulating the amount of paint to be sprayed. It comes with a precise spray nozzle with trigger adjustment to ensure even paint application.

There are 3 spray settings, including vertical, horizontal and circular jet, that enhance effective spraying depending on the job. Basically, this model can work from any angle including underneath and overhead surfaces. What even makes it suitable for such tasks is its lightweight design that makes it easy to carry and make complex manoeuvres.

This model has a detachable paint holder for quick an easy paint changes and without dripping. It also offers unmatched versatility in terms of what it can work with as well as the surfaces it can work on. It can spray paint, lacquer and varnish on wood, glass, cement, stucco and brick. It also works on rough, curved or smooth surfaces including fences, indoor and outdoor furniture and interior and exterior walls. Accessories supplied with this tool include 1 viscosity measuring cup, 1.88mm nozzle and 2.6mm nozzle


  • It has a paint flow regulator.
  • Delivers even paint application.
  • Features 3 spray settings.
  • Easy to carry and clean.
  • Works on various materials.
  • Large 700ml Paint reservoir.
  • Longer 2 meter cable for better reach.


  • It is a bit heavy at 2.3kg
  • Slow application.

Final conclusion

The Vivo Pro 350W Electric Automatic Paint Sprayer is another tool that’s good for a number of applications. With various spray settings and a paint flow mechanism, this model will help achieve a fine finish on the work surface.

Its 700ml paint holder along with a 2m length cable implies that it’s ideal for DIY jobs at home and is especially great for covering fences. At 2.3kg, this tool is a bit heavy compared to others that average less than 2kg, and it’s a bit slower.

All in all, this is a handy tool for the right project and it comes at a great price.

Wagner W-550 HVLP Fine Paint Spray System Review

Wagner W-550 HVLP Fine Paint Spray System Review

Wagner W-550 HVLP Fine Paint Spray System

From a leading manufacturer of painting equipment, the Wagner W-550 HVLP Fine Paint Spray System is suitable for wood and metal paints including; satin, gloss, undercoat, stain, varnish, wood preservatives and many more. The sprayer can use oil and acrylic paints, antiseptic and protective compounds, and various varnishes. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what material you are using – the finish will be thin and smooth.

The Wagner W-550 can make different spray patterns, including vertical, horizontal or detailed positions. The paint sprayer is even fitted with a flow regulator that helps achieve the best results for particular surfaces.

Wagner’s Click and Paint system allows for easy change of paint materials in one go. Furthermore, it uses HVLP technology for minimum overspray plus it will save you half the time compared to rollers or brushes. A weight of 1.7kg doesn’t make it the lightest tool on the market but it’s quite manageable when dealing with demanding jobs. In simple terms, this tool combines convenience, high quality, portability and affordable price.

Other specs

  • Input power – 280 watts.
  • Atomisation power – 65 watts.
  • Paint delivery rate – 0 – 110ml/min.
  • Tank capacity – 800ml.


  • Works with both wood and metal paints.
  • Adjustable paint volume for complete control.
  • Easy to change painting materials.
  • It offers different spray patterns.


  • Can be a bit messy.
  • Some parts are quite flimsy.

Final conclusion

This is a quality sprayer that works pretty well with a range of paints and on a variety of surfaces. It offers adjustable paint volume control along with 3 spray patterns to ensure you get the best results on the surface you’re are working on.

The Click and Paint system is also great for changing various materials quickly. The major complaints we found about the tool include being messy and short lifespan of some parts.

If you could probably handle yours well, it can help you tackle several metal and woodworking projects for quite some time.

Our Final Conclusion

The power of paint sprayers make both DIY and professional jobs much easier to do. No matter what your project is, a paint sprayer ensures that it is done in a smart manner.

These tools can drastically increase the speed and quality of painting jobs. Using the information in our buying guide, you’ll be able to choose the best paint sprayer for your project. Remember to match your job requirements to the right paint sprayer type. Below is a summary from our reviews.

Our Best Pick

MYLEK PRO-SPRAY 700W Electric Paint Sprayer Gun Kit

MYLEK PRO-SPRAY 700W Electric Paint Sprayer Gun Kit Review

MYLEK PRO-SPRAY 700W Electric Paint Sprayer Gun Kit

Without a doubt, the MYLEK PRO-SPRAY 700W Electric Paint Sprayer Gun Kit is our best paint sprayer. This tool has a lot that you want in a paint sprayer. From a powerful 700W motor to washable air filter, velocity measuring cup, shoulder strap and cleaning needle, this tool will let you tackle your jobs with ease and give you an easy time cleaning and preparing for the next task.

Whether you want to handle simple fencing tasks or paint large ceilings, it is ready for it. With the kind of versatility it offers on paints and working surfaces, you won’t easily find anything else like this on the market at its price range.

Runner’s up model

Bosch PFS 1000 Fine Spray System

Bosch PFS 1000 Fine Spray System Review

The Bosch PFS 1000 Fine Spray System is the top competitor to our best model. It is also a powerful tool that delivers 410 watts, guaranteeing a fast, consistent application of paint for excellent results.

What stands out in this tool is the easy-to-use colour spray system and 4-stage paint flow control for accurate and quick paint application. Its SDS system offers fast paint changes as well as easy cleaning.

This tool is best for spraying varnishes, fences or garden furniture.

Last updated on February 15th, 2021


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