Top 6 best mole traps for catching and removing moles

Top 6 best mole traps for catching and removing moles

Top 6 best mole traps for catching and removing moles


With so many mole traps in local stores and online, how do you no which ones are truly the best. In reality, its not 'which ones are the best' you need to ask yourself, its 'which ones actually work and will catch moles'.

We have seen lots of cheap copies of some of the best traps available, the problem is, at best  these cheap copies are useless and will leave you frustrated, and worst, leave you thinking you cannot catch moles and you are doing something wrong.

After lots of intensive research and testing, we have put together the best mole traps available and in what situations they are ideal for, some traps work better in stone free soil.

Duffus tunnel mole trap review


Duffus Tunnel Mole Trap

Probably the only trap you will need, mainly because of its high catch rate and its ability to be used in any soil type, including stony soil which is not possible with some traps. It is discrete, easy to use and can be used in shallow or deep runs.

How to get rid of moles

Below we look at 6, different types of mole traps which include the popular scissor trap, the Talpex mole trap  as well as the Duffus tunnel trap. We also look at the latest sonic mole repellers and live catch traps (which we don't recommend), read our review further down our guide to learn why.

Important note about cheap copies

During our research we discovered that there are a lot of cheaper traps, that have copied the designs of some of the best traps. However, we found that most of these were made from poor quality materials and had weak springs that may cause a slow painful death for the mole..

Regarding the 'Humane mole trap' if you choose to buy a trap, ensure you go through our link to ensure you buy one of the quality versions and not a cheap copy.

Mole Trap Reviews



Duffus tunnel mole trap review

Duffus mole traps, also known as 'tunnel traps', have been around for a long time and are used by many professional mole trappers.

By design, it only makes sense that these traps are the best type of trap available, The traps are very well designed and have a very powerful spring action that instantly kills the mole, they can even trap two moles, one at each end and it does happen.

What makes Duffus traps so effective at trapping moles, is that they incorporate a half tunnel design and you can cover it with soil. The moving parts are also not prone to being jammed by stones and turf like some other similar traps.

Duffus traps are extremely versatile trap, there is not really any situation you cannot use a tunnel trap in, they can be used in shallow and deep runs and have a great success rate.

How to use this trap

To set the trap, simply locate a mole run using a mole probe. Next, using a small trowel, expose a small section of the run just large enough to fit the trap in. 

Next carefully set the trap, so that its very sensitive, you can then cover the trap completely with soil to stop any light entering the run.

When the mole passes through the trap, it will activate the trap by pushing the trigger with its noise or foot which will instantly kill the mole.


  • Very easy to set
  • The very powerful spring deisgn ensures moles are killed instantly
  • Jamming is very uncommon and stones will not jam the mechanism which mean its ideal for stony soil
  • Because the trap can be totally covered with soil, it is not effected by frost or rain which can jam some types of traps that have part of the trap, exposed above the ground
  • Can be used on areas with live stock present - Simply cover with a small board
  • Very discrete and cannot be seen by the public (assuming you have not used a marker to mark the trap and have remembered where it is. 


These traps are that good that there is not really any negative comments regarding these traps. As they are below ground you can not see if they have been set off from a distance like you can with some other types of traps.


These traps really are a must for anyone with a mole problem or any professional mole catcher looking for good quality, reliable traps.

What I really like about these tunnel traps is that they can be used in any run, whether it be a shallow or deep run. One problem you often find with mole traps in stony soil can prevent traps from triggering but these tunnel traps virtually never jam.

If you have mole problem, I would not hesitate, to recommend the Duffus tunnel trap.

Watch out for cheap coppies

We have noticed there are now, lots of cheap copies of the duffus trap available. The problem is, they have weak springs and are a total waste of money and will not catch many moles, worst they will cause moles to become trap shy and more difficult to catch.

We only recommend quality manufactured traps, usually made in the uk. The button below will take you to a seller on Amazon, who is also a professional mole catcher, who sells the best traps and it even comes with a CD which teaches you how to set the traps. They also set, tested and adjusted to ensure they work perfectly before being sent to you..



Mole Scissor trap review

The scissor trap, is probably the most popular mole trap available and is fairly effective at catching moles. One of the reasons this type of trap is very popular, is that its very easy to set, thanks to its very simple design and you can easy see from a distance, if the trap has been triggered so you can go and investigate..

How to use this trap

To set the trap, simply locate a mole run using a mole probe. Next, using a small trowel, expose a small section of the run just large enough to fit the trap in. Now that you have exposed the run, sqeeze the handles and position the trigger plate so its as sensative as possible.

Place the scissor trap into the hole and carefully place turf and soil around the trap being careful not to get any stones or bits of turf into the working bits of the trap.


  • Very easy to set so that its set very sensative
  • You can quickly see if the trap has been triggered from a distance


All though very successful and sufficient for most people trying to catch moles, this type of trap does have a few disadvantages under certain conditions.

  • They can be difficult to set in both very shallow runs and deep runs, in these situations the tunnel traps seem to be a better choice.
  • When set, any small stones or bits of turf can interfere with the moving parts of the trap, stopping it from triggering properly. This can be a particular problem when using it in stony soils.
  • Its not suitable for using where animals are present because of the handles sticking out of the ground. The tunnel traps are far better for this as you can just put a small board over where the trap is.
  • If there is a hard frost, it can freeze the ground around the trap, preventing it from triggering.


I would recommend the tunnel trap over the scissor trap every time, however tunnel traps can be tricky to set, until you've mastered the technique to set them just right.

If you have got the odd mole to contend with and your soil is NOT stony, then the scissor trap would be a suitable alternative to our 'Best Pick' and will get the job done.

its also important to remember that anyone who can see the area you set the trap in, will know you are trapping moles, as they will be able to see the traps handles sticking out of the ground.

Watch out for cheap copies

As with most traps available, we have seen a large number of very cheap copies of this trap with weak springs and the manufacturing quality is very poor.

We only recommend quality traps manufactured to the highest standard, after comparing a lots of models, we have identified what we consider the best scissor trap available. Check it out by clicking the button below.



Talpex Mole Trap Review

Talpex traps are one of the best traps available and are used by many professional mole catchers. They are similar to scissor traps using claws to kill the mole instantly, but they are triggered in a different way.

Unlike most other mole traps that are triggered by the mole pushing the trigger as they pass though the tunnel, Talpex traps are triggered when the mole comes cross a block in the tunnel, when it tries to move the soil upwards out the way, it triggers the trap, killing the mole instantly. 

How to use this trap

After locating a mole run, using a small trowel, make a small hole to expose a small section of the run just large enough to fit the trap in. Now that you have exposed the run, set and position the trap in the run and fill around the trap with soil ensuring there is no stones in the soil.


  • Usually ideal for trap shy moles that may be blocking up tunnel traps which can happen on occasions
  • Very powerful spring and will instantly kill the mole
  • Very easy to install the trap in a run and very easy to set.


Talpex traps are one of the best traps available, however there are a few possible issues you may have when using them.

  • Just like scissor traps, they are not ideal for stony soils, as the stones can interfer with the mechanism, stopping the trap from closing properly
  • Can take a little time to master how to set the, correctly


If you like the scissor traps, then we would recommend you use the Talpex trap instead. They tend to be more powerful making them more effective and humane.

We would recommend using these traps along side the tunnel traps as they can will catch the odd mole that keep avoiding the tunnel traps.



Beagle Easyset Mole Trap Review

The Beagle Easyset Mole Trap, works in the same way tunnel traps do. However, they have been designed to be very easy to set and all the working parts are in a sealed integral box design which makes them much safer to use.

How to use this trap

Like all traps, you first need to locate a mole run, to set the trap you simply press down a trigger and that's it, its now ready to insert into the run. 

Once triggered, you can see the red plunger so you know its time to check the trap.


  • Very easy to use and set, simply press the plunger down and its ready to use
  • Integral box design, increases user safety and stops all parts being blocked with soil
  • Red Plunger-  easy to see when it has been triggered


This trap has proven very successful and there are no really any negative design faults we have seen.


We really like the Beagle Easyset Mole Trap and its ideal for home use and is, as you would think, by far the easest mole trap to set. You don't get much simpler than pressing down the trigger.

Our research has shown that its very effective and is probably the best choice for someone with the odd mole in their garden to catch.

Brilliant design, very effective at killing moles.


Freeing a mole to a new area may lead to a slow death

Humane Mole Trap Review

This Humane mole trap is designed to catch the mole alive so it can be released some where else.

The mole can enter the trap at any end and once inside, cannot escape. You can then retrieve the trap and release the mole.

How to use this trap

Like all traps, first you need to locate a mole run, once you have, simply put the trap into the mole run and cover up. 


Firstly, I will say that these traps do work and you will catch moles, do I recommend them?  The answer is No!

So why no you must be thinking. Its been proven that captured moles that have been released will suffer stress.

Even when released they may not find sufficient food and will probably die of starvation. If you release a mole where there is no signs, of other moles, ask yourself why.

Moles are also very territorial animals and will fight to their death.

For the reasons above, this is why we would not recommend trying to relocate moles you have caught in live catch traps as they will likely die a slow death.

Instead, think about trying the sonic mole repeller reviewed below 


Drillpro Solar Sonic Mole Repeller

The Drillpro Solar Mole Repeller emits a sonic frequency that moles cannot stand and will lead to them quickly retreating and avoiding the area.

It uses a Ni-cad battery to store the power the solar panel collects during the day, no batteries or power cords to contend with.


We have tested sonic repellers before, mainly to repel cats and have had mixed results, however, this model seems to be very effective at deterring moles and has lots of very positive reviews on

Read the reviews here to see for yourself.

I would recommend this before using the humane mole trap reviewed above.

Finals thoughts and conclusion

All the mole traps we have reviewed above will get the job done, we feel our 'Best Pick' the Duffus Tunnel Mole Trap is the best choice for most people.

The Duffus trap, combined with the Talpex Mole Trap would be the best combination for anyone with a serous mole problem or who is a professional mole catcher.

If you want a simple, easy to set option, to catch a few moles from your own garden, then the Beagle Easyset Mole trap is probably the best option for you.

Duffus tunnel mole trap review


Duffus Tunnel Mole Trap

Probably the only trap you need, mainly because of its high catch rate and ability to be used in any soil type including stony soil which is not possible with most traps. Discrete, easy to use and can be used in shallow and deep runs.

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  • i found duffus traps a little dauntng to set t first but with a lbit of practice it worked very weland my first outing caught three moles with three traps
    highly recmmended

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