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Best Greenhouse Staging and Shelving Products to Organise Your Greenhouse

Last updated on April 23rd, 2021

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Are you running out of space in your greenhouse? Does it look larger from the outside than when you’re inside? Greenhouse staging and shelving products provide extra areas for growing your plants by using your greenhouse’s vertical space. It doesn’t matter that your greenhouse came without any shelving or storage as most do, design your ideal greenhouse by staging it to suit your selection of plants and your desired layout.

Most of the products we review here are shelving units, but we’ve also included a folding shelf to put above your greenhouse staging for even more growing or storage space. We review the pros and cons of each item, with some discussion as well as a list. We also include our recommendation as to what situations the staging unit or shelf is best for. Our Buyer’s Guide highlights the features to look for when making your purchase decision.

Our two selections for Best and Runner-up Greenhouse Staging and Shelving Products are a little different from our other reviews. Buying both of these products, rather than one or the other, gives you a variety of surfaces on which to position your plants so they flourish.

Our Best Pick is the VonHaus 4 Tier Staging Shelving Unit for Garden/Greenhouse. This unit is made of powder-coated steel for durability and you receive two sets of shelves in your purchase.

The Runner-up selection is the Tibshelf Garden Products Greenhouse Staging with Seed Trays. This is a specialist staging unit for starting seeds as each of the three tiers contains four full-size seed trays.

Best Pick

VonHaus 4 Tier Staging Greenhouse Shelving For Greenhouse
The VonHaus 4 Tier Staging Shelving is a freestanding set of shelves that’s made of powder-coated steel. The strength of this metal adds to the durability of the staging unit and its resistance to water which is a must for greenhouses. The four wire mesh shelves provide ample growing, display and storage space for your plants and gardening supplies. The shelves are also removable to make room for your taller plants. Each purchase includes two of these staging units, making them a welcome cost-effective choice.

If you need quite a bit of storage, display or growing space in your greenhouse or garden, and want a strong and durable staging unit, the VonHaus 4 Tier Staging is the one for you.

Runner-up / Best Greenhouse Seed Tray Staging 

Tibshelf Garden Products Greenhouse Staging
The Tibshelf Garden Products Greenhouse Staging with its 12 Seed Trays is more of an addition to our Best Pick than an alternative. This staging unit has three shelves, but instead of a mesh wire, they’re made of four full-size seed trays. These twelve trays give you plenty of room to start your seeds and cuttings. If you need to expose your seedlings to the outside before you plant them out, the seed trays are durable enough to be used outdoors as they are made from good quality plastic.

If you grow most of your plants from scratch, add the Tibshelf Garden Products Greenhouse Staging with its 12 Seed Trays to your staging spaces for a ready-made seeding area.

Best Greenhouse Staging and Shelving Reviews

1. VonHaus 4 Tier Staging Shelving Unit for Garden/Greenhouse 

Best Pick

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VonHaus 4 Tier Staging Shelving For Greenhouse

The VonHaus 4 Tier Staging is perfect for greenhouses and is a freestanding set of shelves with a welcome bonus – you receive two sets of the shelving unit in your purchase. Never keep your gardening tools and plants on the greenhouse floor again.

This staging unit is freestanding and is made from powder-coated steel which is good for durability and protection from moisture. Water running through the shelves after you’ve watered your plants won’t cause rusting on the steel frame or on the plastic connectors. The four shelves (in each unit) are also of powder-coated steel and have a wire mesh surface. This lets water drip down to the floor below rather than pooling in your plant pots. 

However, you need to secure the somewhat light shelves to the framework as the shelves can move around as they are a little lightweight. We recommend using cable ties or garden wire to easily solve this problem.

Each shelf holds 8kg of garden equipment and plants, as long as the weight is evenly distributed. We recommend that you put heavier items, such as bags of compost, on the bottom shelf to anchor the shelving unit.

The dimensions of the VonHaus 4 Tier Shelving are: height, 107cm; width, 80cm; and depth 30.5cm. Assembly of these shelves is simple through its push-together system for which you don’t need any tools. Other users report that the customer service from the company is good and they quickly respond to any queries. The two-year warranty on this product lets you rest easy in case something happens to the shelving units.


  • Freestanding shelving units suitable for your greenhouse or garden.
  • Comes with two identical shelving units to hold plants, pots and gardening paraphernalia.
  • Construction is from powder-coated steel in a neutral grey colour with green connectors.
  • Four removable shelves in each unit hold 8kg of plants or garden stuff per shelf.
  • Shelves of gridded powder-coated steel let water pass through them and don’t rust.
  • Dimensions are 107cm (height) x 80cm (width) x 30.5cm (depth).
  • Easy assembly doesn’t need any tools for the push-together system.
  • Good customer service in case anything isn’t quite right with the shelves.
  • A two-year warranty is included so you know the unit’s robust.


  • Lightweight and ideally needs anchoring although putting some heavy items on the bottom shelf such as compost solves this issue.

Our recommendation

The VonHaus 4 Tier Greenhouse Staging is one of the larger staging products in our review. Its powder-coated steel frame is durable both in your garden and inside your greenhouse. You receive two shelving units in your purchase which makes this product reasonably priced. Four shelves in each unit give ample space to grow all the plants you dream of.

We’ve made this our Best Greenhouse Staging Pick for its expanse of shelving space, its long-lasting construction and its reasonable price.

If your greenhouse has little or no storage or growing space, the two units in the VonHaus 4 Tier Shelving Unit is a well-reviewed and durable start to your greenhouse organisation.

2. Tibshelf Garden Products Ltd Greenhouse Staging | Seed Tray Unit x 12 Seed Trays


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Tibshelf Garden Products Greenhouse Staging

The Tibshelf Garden Products Greenhouse Staging made up of 12 Seed Trays is a complement to the shelving units of our Best Greenhouse Staging Pick. While you put pots and tools on the shelves of the Best Pick, this Tibshelf staging unit is for when you sow your seeds, plant cutting or transplant your seedlings.  

This freestanding shelving unit is made of aluminium, including the bolts and nuts. This lightweight metal is easy to move and won’t rust in the humid climate of a greenhouse.

Each of the three shelves consists of four seed trays in which to sow your seeds and germinate them. However, there are no holes in the seed trays so you either have to make some holes yourself with a drill which is easily done on a few minutes or put another seed tray – with holes this time – inside. These 12 full-sized seed trays give ample room to start off both seeds and cutting off, of whatever you fancy growing from vegetables to tropical plants. The trays are durable enough to use outside if you want to get your seedlings used to real weather when hardening off plants.

The dimensions of the Tibshelf Garden Products Greenhouse Staging are: 96.5cm, height; 104cm, width; and 43cm depth. Assembling this unit is easy but you do need a spanner to tighten the nuts and bolts.


  • The aluminium shelving unit is specially designed for starting off seeding plants.
  • Three shelves provide a significant area to hold your seedlings.
  • Each shelf is of four heavy-duty seed trays to sow your seeds in.
  • Seed trays can be used outside the greenhouse if you want to harden the plants off before transplanting them.
  • Unit is lightweight so you can move it around easily.
  • Dimensions are: 96.5cm, height; 104cm, width; and 43cm depth.


  • No solid shelves.
  • No holes in the seed trays.

Our recommendation

The Tibshelf Garden Products Greenhouse Staging | Seed Tray Unit is a specialised unit to serve gardeners who grow plants from seeds or cuttings.

The 12 standard-size plant trays are made of heavy-duty plastic and fit four to a shelf in the unit’s aluminium frame. This is a staging unit that’s easy to move when it’s empty. When the weather turns warm enough, use the seed trays outside to acclimatise your seedlings.

The Tibshelf Garden Products Greenhouse Staging is our Runner-up selection in this review. It’s also our best seed tray staging product. We like it for its specialised function and its lightweight aluminium construction.

The Tibshelf Garden Greenhouse seed tray Staging is a convenient all-inclusive product if you grow your plants and vegetables from seed every year.

3. Two Wests and Elliott Two Tier Standard Up Staging 5′ 9″ Long 18″ Wide Trays

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Two Wests and Elliott Two Tier Standard Up Staging

The Two Wests & Elliott Two Tier Standard Up Staging 5′ 9″ Long 18″ Wide Trays unit is a long and low shelving unit. Although we review a particular size of staging unit here, the company lets you choose from a wide variety of widths (58cm to 350cm) and depths (45cm to 90cm). If you don’t find the right size in this range, the company also offers to custom make your ideal unit.

This staging unit is made from aluminium, including the bolts and nuts. Its stability is enhanced with the two aluminium cross braces at the upper corners of the legs. The unit has two shelves and the lower shelf is 20cm from the ground. You can put bags of dirt or heavy items underneath. 

Two choices of shelving come with this staging unit. The solid shelves are a good choice for everyday use if you want to use the shelves as a workspace. The solid shelves have a hidden surprise: turn them over and find a 2.25cm tray. Use the trays as gravel containers to allow the water to runoff when you water your plants. Both the shelves are removable to make space for and give support to your taller plants.

The other choice is slatted shelves which allow good air circulation for your plants, useful in winter. The six slats are each 6cm wide and spaced 4cm apart. Whatever shelf type you select, this Two Wests & Elliott Staging Unit is easy to assemble but requires a screwdriver and spanner.


  • Aluminium frame and fittings are lightweight and weatherproof.
  • Top corners of the unit are cross-braced in two directions for additional stability.
  • Two shelves for your gardening needs with enough space for storage underneath.
  • Choice of a slatted shelf or a reversible tray/solid surface for your unique growing needs.
  • Dimensions of this model are: 175cm, height; 69cm, width; and 45cm, depth.
  • Wide choice of sizes with widths up to 350cm and depths up to 90cm to fit a large variety of pots and planters.
  • Choose your own dimensions for a custom-made staging unit.

Our recommendation

If you don’t like the size of this Two Wests & Elliott Two Tier Standard Up Staging 5′ 9″ Long 18″ Wide Trays unit, then check out the complete range. This aluminium staging unit comes in a variety of sizes and a custom-made option is also available. This long-and-low unit is cross-braced at each upper corner for added strength and stability. You have a choice of shelf type, one of which is reversible for two different surfaces.

We like the Two Wests & Elliott Two Tier Standard Up Staging for its range of sizes and choice of shelves to suit any greenhouse.

If you’re already using most of the vertical space in your greenhouse, perhaps for individual shelves or hanging pots, the Two Wests & Elliott Two Tier Standard Up Staging Trays unit provides out of the way storage and growing space.

4. Oypla Greenhouse Shelving Double Pack 

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Oypla Flower Staging Display Greenhouse Racking Shelving Double Pack

The Oypla Greenhouse Shelving Double Pack describes it all in its name. The “Double Pack” means that you receive two sets of the shelving in your purchase. That’s quite a deal as this staging unit is the least expensive one in our review. 

This unit is constructed from metal tubing that’s lightweight. Reviewers report that the structure is a bit flimsy and doesn’t support heavy items. However, this unit is marketed as a “flower staging display” structure and doesn’t mention storage at all. It’s best for indoor use in sheds, garages and, of course, greenhouses.

The four shelves have an open grid of thin metal. The bottom shelf is low to the ground so only flat items fit under there. As this unit is self-assembled, you can build it to whatever height you want. Split in into two shorter units or maybe make it taller by adding a shelf from one unit to the other. Be aware though that the shelves are not attached to the framework but are just placed on side supports. Online reviewers suggest that you use cable ties or metal wire to connect the shelves to the frame as the shelves sometimes bend and twist. And they say that this staging unit is best for light objects and flowerpots.


  • Shelving unit for garages, sheds and greenhouses, anywhere indoors.
  • Two shelving units are included in your purchase for double the display space.
  • The framework is from metal tubing that keeps the shelving unit lightweight.
  • Four metal grid shelves come with each staging unit.
  • Can build each unit to be higher with shelves from the other to suit your organization plan.
  • Dimensions are: 106cm, height; 89cm, width; and 28cm, depth.


  • Metal tubing frame is flimsy. 
  • Shelves prone to flexing and twisting.

Our recommendation

The Oypla Flower Staging Display Greenhouse Racking Shelving Double Pack comes with two sets of the shelving unit – and it’s already the least expensive unit in our review. You can use the two sets as they are or extend the height of one unit with shelves from the other. But be careful that the higher unit is safe to stand alone. The gridded metal shelves let the water run through to below and to the ground.

We like the Oypla Greenhouse Racking for its lightweight and budget cost. 

The Oypla Greenhouse Shelving could be your choice if you’re looking for a staging unit to display your plants, rather than for storage.

5. Speed Shelf 11 inch Mesh Shelf Green

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Speed Shelf 11in Mesh Shelf Green

We’ve included a shelf in this staging unit review to provide you with another option that adds to your greenhouse surface space. The Speed Shelf 11in Mesh Shelf Green is a mesh shelf that fits nicely above any staging unit, using yet more of the greenhouse’s vertical space.

This single shelf is made of strong steel mesh with a green UV coating. The sunlight that you’re encouraging into your greenhouse won’t harm the shelf. And the mesh helps good air circulation as well as not retaining water from your plant pots. The shelf has an extra convenience in that it folds down when you don’t need to use it. Just make sure that there’s enough room under the shelf for you to do this.

This useful extra storage space fits into the aluminium with the included fittings but you could also fit onto a wooden greenhouse with a little DIY and some screws. The shelf is 120cm wide and 28cm deep.


  • Single shelf made of strong steel mesh for good air circulation.
  • Green UV coating protects the shelf from sunlight.
  • Fits into greenhouses made of aluminium.
  • The shelf folds down when not in use and works as a trellis for your climbing plants.
  • The dimensions are: 120cm, length and 28cm, depth 

Our recommendation

The Speed Shelf 11in Mesh Shelf Green provides display, grow and storage space in itself or in conjunction with a shelving staging unit. If you plan to have several shelves one above the other in your greenhouse, consider a staging shelving unit instead. However, if you want to fully use the vertical height of your greenhouse, this foldaway mesh single shelf works well with other staging options.

We like the Speed Shelf 11in Mesh Shelf Green as an alternative storage and growing option for a greenhouse; plus it folds away when you don’t need it.

If you’re running out of floor space in your greenhouse because of your staging units, the Speed Shelf 11in Mesh Shelf Green takes your storage and display space even further up the greenhouse wall.

6. Garland Self Assembly Greenhouse Ventilated Plastic Shelving

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Garland Self Assembly Greenhouse Ventilated Plastic Shelving

The Garland Self Assembly Greenhouse Ventilated Plastic Shelving unit comes from a company that’s in the business of manufacturing plastic products. This lightweight staging unit is the only plastic one in our review.

This Garland staging unit is constructed from a heavy-duty plastic in a green colour. This serves as a neutral colour that blends in with your plants. The three shelves are in a grid pattern for good ventilation and water run-off. Even if you’re not a DIY person, you can easily assemble this unit as it has a push-and-click system that doesn’t require any tools.

This shelving unit has a sturdy structure. Each shelf holds up to an impressive 50kg; that’s more than any other staging unit in our review. You can store your heavy pots and bags of compost on the shelving unit rather than underneath it. However, the manufacturer recommends that you use the included wall clips if you’re placing heavy objects on the shelves. This safety feature does require a tool to set up.

This staging unit is 97cm high, 80cm wide and 40cm deep.


  • Heavy-duty plastic staging unit in a green colour that blends in with the riot of colour in your greenhouse.
  • Three gridded shelves aid in circulating the air through your plants placed on them.
  • Each shelf holds up to 50kg of your plants, pots and bags.
  • Easy and quick assembly that doesn’t require any tools.
  • Wall clips are included if you intend to take advantage of the 50kg per shelf feature.
  • Dimensions are: 97cm, height; 80cm, width; and 40cm, depth.

Our recommendation

The Garland Self Assembly Greenhouse Ventilated Plastic Shelving unit has some advantages over its metal counterparts. It’s both sturdy and lightweight, and each shelf holds an impressive 50kg of your plants, your tools and your gardening supplies. You also don’t need any tools to assemble this unit, though you do if you use the included wall safety clips.

We like the Garland Self Assembly Greenhouse Ventilated Plastic Shelving unit because it’s lightweight, holds heavy objects without any trouble and has the safety feature of wall clips.

Consider this Garland staging unit if you need growing and storage space for your heavier plants and gardening paraphernalia.

Buyer’s Guide

Now you’re considering adding growing, storage and/or display areas to your greenhouse, there are some things that you should consider. Here we give an overview of the features of shelving staging unit that are most important to know about. If you’re thorough, the units you select can take your greenhouse to the next (productive) level.

Staging and shelving

The terms staging units and shelving sets are often used interchangeably. Both terms refer to storage and growing surfaces you use in your greenhouse to keep your plants, tools and other garden supplies off the floor. And to bring some organization into an area that can quickly become a wild space of foliage. We look at shelf units in our review, but we’ve included a review of a shelf for an alternative or complementary staging option. Staging options also include workbenches but we haven’t covered those in this review.

The basic idea with staging is that you can move your plants within the greenhouse to the best microenvironment for their growth.

Staging shelving structure

A freestanding shelf unit lets you move it easily to a different place in your greenhouse (as long as you empty it first.) All the units in our review are freestanding and are reported to be lightweight enough to easily rearrange them.

A self-assembly staging shelf unit lets you bring it home from the store in your car. These are usually quick and easy to assemble. Some of the staging options in this review don’t require the use of any tools. They all should include the fittings you need to assemble them. They may even have wall clips to attach the unit to the greenhouse wall for extra support.

Staging units of shelving have between two and many more shelves, usually up to four. Look for shelving that is gridded, meshed or has other holes in it. This helps with the air circulation as well as increases the water run-off from watering your plants. If you do regularly use too much water on your plants, place the most water-loving ones on the bottom shelves. Plants revive more sunlight when they’re at a higher level, so place your sun-loving seedlings on the higher shelves. 

Some of the shelving products in this review have shelves attached to the side posts of the structure; others have free-floating shelves. If your shelves are loose or wobbly, consider using cable ties or wire to secure them firmly against the posts.


Staging and shelving units are usually made out of metal or plastic, though you can also find some made of wood. (We haven’t reviewed any wood-shelving units here.)


Heavy-duty plastic is both sturdy and lightweight. Units in this material are easy to keep clean and often hold more weight on each shelf than metal staging units. Make sure that the plastic is strong enough to stand up to many hours of sunlight in the summer and that it won’t become brittle with the sun UV rays.

Powder-coated metal

Powder-coated metal offers protection from sunlight and from rust due to the humid climate in the greenhouse. Steel structures resist warping and aluminium ones are lightweight. These metal staging units are also easy to maintain. But if the coating is chipped, be sure to weatherproof the bare metal.


It’s not that easy to find wood shelves for a greenhouse. They’re heavy and are prone to warping and rotting in the damp greenhouse climate. In addition, the shelves may not have holes in them for drainage. However, wood units may be more affordable than structures of metal or plastic. Choose rot-resistant wood or paint the shelves in a glossy paint to protect them.

Questions to ask yourself before purchase

When you’re considering extending your growing/display/storage space in your greenhouse, it’s not just a matter of taking some measurements and heading out to the store. Here are some other key issues to address.

Plan your space

Consider how you want to use your greenhouse: Where do you work? Where do you store different items? Do you want a potting area? Do you grow everything from seeds and need an area for this? Do you want to display your plants or do you place them in a haphazard manner?

How organized are you normally and how much can you manage to keep your greenhouse neat and tidy?

Draw a diagram of the inside of the greenhouse and plan areas for each of the tasks you do. Ensure that there’s a clear flow from one station to another. If you have existing growing furniture such as a potting bench, consider rearranging it to suit your new plan. Take into account the type of exposure that each species of plant requires. How many sun-loving plants (upper shelves) and how many shade-loving ones (lower shelves) do you have? 

Take measurements

Now you can take accurate measurements for the size of the staging unit you need. Think not only about the footprint of the unit but also of its height. Don’t be limited to the heights of the shelving units; you can place individual shelves above it for more space (and full use of the height of the greenhouse.)

Choose the types of staging you need

We’ve reviewed shelving unit and single shelves here. These are suitable for most needs in your greenhouse. However, you may like a workbench for a large workspace to repot your plants on. Or maybe you grow tall plants and need a staging unit that’s close to the ground in which you can adjust the headroom between the shelves. In this case, consider how much space each plant takes up to arrive at how many shelves (and their size) you need.

In addition, estimate the weight of the items you want to put onto the staging unit. Then make sure that the shelving you’re considering can handle that weight. A lightweight unit may also be able to hold heavy objects – the plastic one in this review (Garland Self Assembly Greenhouse Ventilated Plastic Shelving) holds 50kg per shelf; that’s a lot of flowers and gardening supplies.


If you regularly grow your plants from seeds or very young seedlings, you need some seed trays. You can purchase these as an accessory or look for a staging unit that incorporates them. Our Runner-up Pick, the Tibshelf Garden Products Ltd Greenhouse Staging | Seed Tray, comes with 12 full-size seed trays built into it. 

Maybe you need larger or smaller pots to take advantage of all the growing space your staging unit provides.

Final Conclusion

If you trip over your plants on the floor of your greenhouse when you’re tending to them, then greenhouse staging products will help to solve your problem. Stage your greenhouse with shelving units and individual shelves for extra growing and storage space. Move your plants to the microclimate in which they grow the best. Make use of the vertical height of your greenhouse to its full advantage. No matter how much room you have in your greenhouse, there’s always room for a shelf or two or even a shelving unit. 

Our Best Pick is the VonHaus 4 Tier Staging Shelving Unit for Garden/Greenhouse. Although it’s made from powder-coated steel, this is a lightweight and strong unit. Your purchase includes two of these staging units.

The Runner-up, the Tibshelf Garden Products Greenhouse Staging with Seed Trays, is also our selection as Best Greenhouse Seed Tray Staging unit.  Each of the three shelves contains four heavy-duty seed trays that you can also use outside.

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