Top 8 best walking boots for a woman from budget to premium picks

Last updated on March 28th, 2022

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Some of the outdoor activities that make for good fun include walking or taking a hike. Seeing that normal shoes are unable to handle these activities, there is a need to find the right pair of footwear. Luckily for us, technology is more advanced and therefore we are able to produce specific footwear for specific activities. Walking boots are available in the market for both men and women. Today we are looking specifically at some of the best walking boots for women.

We have compiled eight walking boots that are created for women. These boots vary in price and design, therefore, catering to everyone’s taste. We have provided detailed reviews that reveal what to expect from these branded walking boots. Furthermore, we have provided a buying guide that will show you some of the features to look out for. Not only did we consider the construction of the boots but the comfort level they have to offer. By the time this review ends, you will be able to select a pair of the best walking boots for ladies with such ease you will be surprised.

In a hurry? The Grisport Women’s Lady Hurricane Hiking Boots provide premium quality footwear for an affordable price. Made of durable waterproof leather, these boots will keep your feet protected from water and other elements all year round. The promise with these women’s boots is that they possess the technical ability to enable you to conquer the toughest trails. 


Mountain Warehouse Intrepid Women’s Hiking Boots
Mountain Warehouse Intrepid Women’s Hiking Boots are another noticeable pair that will serve you well. They are sold at a cheaper price than our best pick and their performance is dependable. For those looking budget-friendly boots these would make a good consideration.

The exterior

The exterior of the boots can be made of natural or synthetic fibres. Some designs include both natural and synthetic fibres to give optimal performance. What is important is that the material used has waterproof abilities.

Leather is a common natural fibre that is used to make the boots’ uppers. Leather is preferred for its unquestionable durability, comfort and waterproof abilities. The grain of leather used will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer depending on the effect they are trying to achieve. Full-grain leather is softer than the reverse full-grain leather but the reverse full-grain leather is more resistant to abrasion. Whether the boots possess pigskin leather or the regular cowhide, what matters is that the material is strong and flexible enough to be comfortable.

Synthetic materials like nylon, synthetic leather, vinyl or neoprene are used in making walking boots. These fabrics are breathable and provide protection from water seepage. In most cases walking boots made of synthetic fibres are affordable unless they are made of high-end materials.

Regardless of the materials used, the walking boots should provide an acceptable level of comfort and offer optimal performance over a period of time.

Quality soles

Walking boots comprise of midsoles and outsoles. The midsoles follow the natural contour of the foot and they provide room for flexible natural movement. Midsoles are made of different materials like polyurethane and ethylene-vinyl acetate. Having well-engineered midsoles provide comfort for the wearers, even those suffering from arthritis. Choose midsoles that offer adequate cushioning and won’t go flat easily, leaving you with a poor shock-absorbing layer.

The outsoles of the walking boots can be made from natural or synthetic rubber. They are responsible for direct contact with the ground and thus have to be durable. In some of the best walking boots, Vibram rubber soles are used because they are durable and they still offer an acceptable layer of flexibility. Soles made from synthetic materials are lightweight but they have a tendency of wearing out quickly therefore, check customer reviews to get confirmation on the quality of the boots.

Another thing to check on the outsoles is the lugs. Lugs are patterns found on the outsole that are responsible for traction. The deeper the lugs the better because you will have access to better traction against slippery surfaces.

Interior lining

The weather changes and with that, you need walking boots that can adapt. This is why you find that the boots possess an inner lining. The lining is responsible for facilitating air ventilation and insulation. You want your feet to remain cool and not retain sweat no matter how thick your socks are. Gore-Tex fabric membrane linings are recommended as they are waterproof and they will prevent your feet from getting wet when you step into substantial amounts of water.

Height of the boots

The primary purpose of the boots comes into play again in this section. Depending on where you intend to walk, the height of the boots matters. Low cut boots are perfect for day trips as they are easily packable. Mid-cut boots provide good ankle support and they protect your ankles from scratches just in case you walk into a thicket. High cut boots are the best for bush adventures because they offer maximum support and protection.

Protective and comfort features

Walking boots possess some protective features, for instance, toe caps. Toe caps protect your feet from injury just in case you bump into something hard. Not all boots have them but if you require toe caps, check the boot’s product description before purchasing so that you don’t miss out.

Padded tongues and collars cushion your feet and offer you comfort. If the padding is of good quality it will sustain you, even if you go for long walks. Poor padding ends up causing blisters and sore ankles that nobody likes experiencing.

Care tips for your walking boots

  • Always clean your boots after you use them. Removing the dirt and debris allows the boots to retain their appearance and overall structure.
  • If the boots are not in use, stuff them with paper to maintain the shape of the boots.
  • Leather shoes need treatment and polishing when they start to wear out or crease. Treating leather prevents more damage to the boots.
  • Any ripped seams should be repaired before the damage becomes irreparable.
  • Check for cracks in the soles often to avoid water seeping in as you walk.

Our Top 8 Walking Boots for Women Reviews

Take a look at these pairs of walking and hiking boots and select the pair that fits the best walking boots for women according to your taste.

1. Grisport Women’s Lady Hurricane Hiking Boots


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Grisport Lady Hurricane Womens Brown Walking Boot - Size 6 UK - Brown

The Grisport Women’s Lady Hurricane Hiking Boot comes in a dark brown colour that blends well with the environment and your outfit. Available in sizes from UK 3 to 9, these walking boots are designed to give the wearer comfort and durability. They are made of leather and therefore they are more likely to offer you service for a long period of time. Consisting of a waxed leather upper allows the boots to be waterproof protecting you from water, even when it rains.

These walking boots weigh 886g, making them lightweight enough for summer wear. They also make a good choice when winter comes around because the boots are warm. They consist of an inner fabric lining that allows ventilation and thus your feet remain cool. The design of the boots permit excellent ankle support and they are easy to lace up. Whether you are taking a hike or walking the dogs, you can be assured of comfort.

To add to the list of expected features in the boots is the use of Vibram rubber soles. These soles are widely known for their flexibility and durability. The boots also sport a tread designed to offer good traction, even on slippery surfaces. You will be able to enjoy being in the outdoors without getting your feet wet, slipping or suffering from unwanted muscle aches. We would recommend these boots for those who need lightweight but hardwearing footwear for active outdoor activities.


  • Good all-round walking and hiking boots made from the best materials and suitable for all weather.
  • Made from leather and therefore guaranteed to offer durability.
  • They are waterproof thanks to the waxed leather upper.
  • Can be worn in both warm and cold weather conditions.
  • Weigh a measly 886g making them light and comfortable to wear.
  • Feature Vibram rubber soles that are flexible and durable.
  • Provides good ankle support and cushioning.

2. Mountain Warehouse Intrepid Women’s Hiking Boots


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Mountain Warehouse Shadow Womens Softshell Boots - Mesh Lined Ladies Shoes, Rubber Outsole Footwear, EVA Cushioned, Breathable - Best for Camping, Outdoors & Travelling Purple Womens Shoe Size 7 UK

The Mountain Warehouse Intrepid Women’s Hiking Boots are made from synthetic fibre and therefore, lightweight and ideal for summer weather. These boots also include a Phylon midsole that is flexible and has been designed to offer more cushioning as you walk. The midsole absorbs impact from different surfaces ensuring that your feet do not suffer. For people with minor injuries or arthritis, this feature will offer some form of relief.

These pair of boots are sold in two colours, and are purple and teal, both of which look stunning. The colours aren’t too vibrant and therefore would blend in with your walking clothes. On the interior of the boots lies the mesh lining that is responsible for ventilation. You will discover that your feet remain cool despite the hot summer weather, therefore, keeping odours at bay. To enforce ideal comfort, these boots feature good ankle support and a padded tongue. You are able to lace up easily and go about your way with no worry.

When you look at the soles of the boots you should expect nothing but dependable quality. The rubber outsoles are durable and able to provide a good grip. One thing to note about these boots is that they are not waterproof, we would describe them more like water-resistant. They offer some waterproofing abilities, but in heavy water they buckle and start letting water in. These boots would be recommended for those who need a light synthetic pair, for undertaking lighter activities, in better weather conditions. A good waterproof alternative would be our next pick by Solomon, although they are more expensive.


  • A great alternative to our best pick and more affordable but not quite as waterproof, though still good enough for mild wet weather, puddles etc. They are just not 100% waterproof.
  • Available in two stunning colours for your selection.
  • Made from synthetic fibre and therefore, lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • They offer good ankle support and they have a padded tongue for comfort.
  • Feature a mesh lining to promote air ventilation and keep your feet cool.
  • They offer some form of waterproof protection from light water contact.
  • Feature a Phylon midsole and durable rubber sole for durability.

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3. Salomon Women’s Quest 4d 3 GTX W High Rise Hiking Boots

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Salomon Women's Backpacking Boot

Offering fully waterproofing abilities the Salomon Women’s Quest Hiking Boots come in various colours for you to choose from. The high-rise boots feature the famous Gore-Tex fabric membrane that is assured to keep water out. Perfect for winter and summer, these boots provide both warmth and ventilation. They are not heavy to wear and therefore, provide comfortable company as you engage with the outdoors.

The exterior of the lace-up boots consists of nubuck leather and other synthetic fibres. The combination of these fabrics creates a durable and waterproof exterior that is needed to survive the outdoors. The interior of the boots has a mesh lining that is in control of air ventilation. Whether you are wearing thin or thick socks, your feet will be able to remain cool and not clammy.

Finally, the soles of these boots are made from synthetic rubber that offers adequate grip. They are not the best in terms of grip but they perform better than the cheaper walking boots on the market. The walking boots possess a heel height of 9mm and can be used with orthopaedic pads to relieve pain from the wearer. Additionally, they also provide generous ankle support, making sure you don’t strain your ankles or twist them accidentally.


  • They are lightweight and comfortable to wear. 
  • Created from nubuck leather and Gore-Tex fibre membrane to give the boots waterproofing abilities and durability.
  • Features a mesh lining for air circulation.
  • Offers excellent ankle support, therefore, relieving discomfort for injured wearers.
  • Come with synthetic rubber soles that provide good traction.
  • Available in different colours to match your preferences.

A bit on the pricier side of things although these boots offer good value for money. They would be perfect for those who don’t mind spending a pretty penny on a premium pair of walking boots.

4. Berghaus Women’s Explorer Active Gore-Tex Walking Boots

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Berghaus Women's Expeditor Ridge 2.0 Boots, Black, UK5

The Berghaus Women’s Gore-Tex Walking Boots are comfortable footwear that can serve you during both summer and winter. Sold in sizes 5-7.5 UK, these boots are available in three colours that you can choose from. The colours are dark and may suit those who gravitate to darker colours instead of bright colours.

These shoes are made of leather, and together with Gore-Tex fabric, creates the perfect waterproof exterior. The durable boots possess a breathable lining to keep your feet warm and provide comfort. The lining, paired with the foam padded tongue, places your foot in a comfortable position, even when you lace them up tightly.

The lace-up boots provide good ankle support and they also possess an EVA sole which allows for flexibility. The Eva sole is lightweight and it permits excellent shock absorption, making them perfect for undertaking lighter activities. They may not be perfect for mountaineering, however, if your dogs need a walk or you need to jog, they would perform optimally.


  • They are fully waterproof thanks to the use of Gore-Tex fabric and leather.
  • Available in various colours for selection.
  • Offers excellent ankle support thanks to the padded tongue and collar.
  • Features an EVA sole that is durable, shock-absorbing and flexible.
  • Comes with locking eyelets to permit tension adjustment around the arches.
  • They are breathable and lightweight making them comfortable to wear.
  • Premium pair of boots for those looking for the very best.

5. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid GTX High Rise Hiking Boots

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Merrell Women's Moab 2 Mid GTX Waterproof Walking Shoe, Sedona Sage, 6.5

These are another pair of boots that feature great construction at an attainable price. The Merrell Women’s Moab High Rise Hiking Boots are available in five colours from sizes 5-8.5 UK. These durable boots are made of synthetic leather mixed in with the Gore-Tex fabric. You can wade through mud or puddles without worrying that your feet will get wet. The boots are also breathable guaranteeing you comfort, even when hiking on hot days.

If you happen to bump into stone as you walk you can rest easy knowing you won’t end up with a sore because the boots feature a rubber toe cap that will absorb some of the impacts. Additionally, the outsole bears 5mm lugs that give good traction as you move across different terrains.  The gum rubber soles are flexible but still offer some rigidity to deal with stony or snowy terrains.

The lace-up walking boots give ankle support and also feature a padded tongue for cushioning. If you are going to areas that have deep water it is better to wear waterproof socks to keep your feet dry. The boots are not fully water-resistant so some water may seep in and you end up with soggy socks. We would recommend these boots for warm weather because they are not equipped to handle too much rain. They are light enough for summer walks and they are durable and thus you get value for money.


  • Lightweight, breathable and comfortable to walk in.
  • Utilises Gore-Tex fabric to provide a waterproof layer.
  • Made from synthetic leather that is durable.
  • Features 5mm lugs to give good traction across different surfaces.
  • It has a toe cap to protect your toes from hard objects.
  • Available in different colours.

6. Northwest Territory Ladies Waterproof Walking Boots

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Grab the affordable Northwest Territory Ladies’ Walking Boots and enjoy your time outdoors. These boots are available in fun colours and they are amazingly light to wear. Sold at affordable prices these leather boots have an inner lining that guarantees proper ventilation. The lace-up boots are also waterproof so you can wade in puddles and mud as much as you like.

Having the choice is the spice of life and therefore, you can select these boots in the colour you like. The range of colours is able to satisfy people who enjoy dark colours or those who enjoy more vivid colours. The 1-inch heel boots are made of gum rubber and therefore the boots are both durable and flexible enough. These lace-up boots feature a padded collar and they do offer ankle support. For wearers with sore ankle muscles, having ankle support relieves some of the discomforts.

Available in sizes 4-8 UK, these lightweight shoes are a pleasure to walk around in. The boots come with round laces that tend to come undone often, so you may need to make more secure knots, or exchange the round laces for flat ones. Other than that they make the perfect pair if you are on a tight budget and you need to make rounds in the neighbourhood.


  • They are more budget-friendly.
  • Features a durable leather exterior and synthetic lining to promote air circulation.
  • Available in different colours to choose from.
  • Provides ankle support and sports a padded tongue for comfort.
  • Feature gum rubber soles that offer great traction.

7. Karrimor KSB Orkney III Ladies Weathertite Boots

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Karrimor Ksb Orkney III Weathertite Women's High Rise Hiking Boots, Brown, 7 UK (41 EU)

The Karrimor ksb Orkney III Ladies Weathertite Boots are made of leather and they won’t cost you as much as the higher-end walking boots. The 2.44mm American leather boots are waterproof and possess an inner lining for ventilation. These lace-up walking boots come in a brown colour which will easily match your walking clothes. The boots are guaranteed to keep you dry and warm as long as they are in good condition.

On top of offering ankle support, these boots are equipped with Vibram rubber soles. The Vibram rubber soles are known worldwide to be durable and to have great traction. While these boots perform well for light activities they are not suitable for heavy-duty activities like months of mountaineering. The price you pay for them indicates the quality that you should expect from them.

The walking boots also possess a padded tongue and collar to offer you comfort. You may want to make sure you order the right size to prevent any sore ankles or blisters. If you are unsure you may seek your supplier to get the sizing. Other than that, they are a good pair of walking boots to own at an attainable price. Be sure to take good care of them to expand their service life.


  • Made of 2.4mm leather that is durable and offers waterproofing abilities.
  • Comes with a padded collar and tongue for cushioning to offer comfort.
  • Offers good ankle support which is helpful in avoiding injuries.
  • Features Vibram rubber soles for a firm grip and flexibility.
  • Comes with an inner lining to promote air circulation.
  • Sold at an affordable price offering excellent value for money for a premium pair of boots.

8. Northwest Territory Trek Boot

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Ladies Trek Leather Upper Lightweight Fully Waterproof, Walking/Hiking/Trekking Winter Boot. (Red) (6 UK) Red 6 UK

If you are a lover of colour you may want to check out the Northwest Territory Trek Boots. These are some of the most affordable walking boots that you can find on the marketplace. They are created from smooth leather and they really give an attractive appearance. They are sold in a multitude of colours which means you can select the colour that appeals to you most.

The lace-up boots have a waterproof exterior and an inner lining made of synthetic fibres. This makes the boots wearable in both hot and cold conditions. The walking shoes are a bit stiff at first and they need some breaking in before they are completely comfortable so bear with them. Designed to house wider feet, these boots have a 1-inch gum rubber sole. The sole is durable and thus will be able to hold its own on different surfaces.

They come with a padded tongue but they do not have ankle support. If you need ones with ankle support from this brand you can check the Northwest Territory Ladies Lightweight Waterproof Walking Boots. They are a bit heavy and therefore, we would recommend them for short distance activities so as not to wear you out.


  • Available in a wide range of colours.
  • They are sold at pocket-friendly prices.
  • Made from leather which proves durable and waterproof.
  • Feature 1-inch gum rubber soles for good traction and longevity.
  • Come with an inner lining to facilitate air circulation for cooling.

Final Conclusion

Taking a walk does not have to cause you any pain. Select a pair that is well designed and you can enjoy your time outdoors. If you are undecided you can always go without recommendations for the best pick and the runner up. At least you can be sure that the quality is dependable and that they will serve you all year round. With that, we have come to the conclusion of our review and we wish you all the best in your search for the best walking boots for ladies. Join us next time for another great review.


Grisport Women's Lady Hurricane Hiking Boots
Grisport Women's Lady Hurricane Hiking Boots are highly recommended as they offer excellent value for money. Supported by over 200 reviews it is evident that these pair of boots are popular with the customers. They are comfortable, lightweight and hardwearing.

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