Why you should invest in a wheelie bin storage shed?

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Why you should invest in a wheelie bin storage shed?

Why you should invest in a wheelie bin storage shed?

Looking for wheelie bin storage solutions? we have the answer!

Many of us would be lost without our wheelie bin, but who hasn’t looked out at it in their garden and thought it was an eyesore? Who hasn’t been worried that it’s going to blow away during high winds, or that someone is going to dump their rubbish in it without asking? The list of wheelie bin woes is a long one, but we have the answer to all your problems; a wheelie bin shed for your driveway or garden. Here are some reasons why you should invest in bin storage.

It protects your bin from others

This is important for a few reasons. If your bin is locked away in a secure storage unit (many come with a lockable hasp), people can’t dump their rubbish in your bin, or rifle through it for your personal information. Your bin can still be easily accessed by you, just not by anyone else.

It shields your bin from wild weather

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when wheelie bin owners across the UK are bracing themselves for high winds and driving rain. To avoid having your bin blow away or be filled with water, invest in a weather-resistant wheelie bin storage unit to keep your bin and your rubbish safe and secure.

It hides your bin away from wildlife

Whether it’s seagulls, rodents, foxes, or other pests, they love a good root around in your bin for a tasty morsel. Meanwhile, your rubbish ends up strewn all over your garden or your street. Wildlife won’t be able to get into a securely ground mounted lockable storage unit so they’ll have to find their feast elsewhere!

It looks good and can be an environmentally friendly choice

Hide your clunky wheelie bin inside of a storage unit of your choice and it will no longer be a blight on your beautiful garden. There are a lot of different bin storage designs available so you’ll be able to choose something that complements the style of your garden. Because they are weather-resistant, they’ll look great for many years, certainly better than your wheelie bin anyway.

If you opt for a wooden unit, you’ll be helping the environment. They are made from pre-treated timber sourced from FSC certified forests. This certification means that wildlife habitats were preserved, local communities were informed and environmental standards adhered to in the forests where the timber was sourced. They’re recyclable and biodegradable, and to reemphasise the last point, they look great!

Add Value

If you keep your bins in the garden, don’t think that wheelie bin storage can’t add value to your home too. The garden is often one of the biggest selling points of any house, and if you’ve worked hard to keep yours in tip-top condition, you don’t want to spoil it by there being plastic bins out the back. Wheelie bin storage can be incorporated into your garden far more easily as it has a far more natural look about it, helping to ensure that it doesn’t make your garden look cheap and tacky, especially when you’ve worked so hard on it. On top of this, due to the nature of the storage, putting them near a shed helps them to blend in even more. For only a tiny financial outlay, you can truly transform your home and help to add a lot of value when selling.

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