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6 Best Wheelie Bin Storage Ideas with Reviews

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Garden Wheelie Bins Storage Solutions

Practicality and usefulness notwithstanding, wheelie bins are not the most attractive of garden furniture. As a matter of fact, if appropriate storage is ignored, wheelie bins are left exposed to a number of threats from getting knocked over, whether that be by kids or simply during storms and even if that doesn’t happen, you simply can get past the fact that they don’t look very appealing

The Rowlinson Triple Bin store I choose as my best pick as I was that impressed by it
The Rowlinson Triple Bin store I choose as my best pick as I was that impressed by it

So what is the solution to these never-ending problems I asked myself? and after a little research, I decided its time to get a wheelie bin storage unit to hide my bins. The problem as always is choosing the best wheelie bin storage for your garden. You’re going to see some wheelie bin storage ideas that can help you identify the most ideal wheelie bin storage for you including some wooden wheelie bin storage ideas which like the model I decided to use by Rowlinson but I also review some low maintenance plastic wheel bin storage ideas as well as rattan screen style solutions.

I also have a list of 6 wheelie bin storage ideas and I’m certain one of these models can suffice you.

My Best Pick is the Rowlinson Triple Bin Store which is perfect for 3 bins and it is constructed from pressure treated FSC certified timber to ensure longevity and best of all is very well made.

Best Pick

Rowlinson Triple Bin Store
So after much debate and research as I needed a durable, sturdy bin store that would last, so I decided that the Rowlinson Triple Bin Store was the best option for most people including myself. I found it very easy to asseble, taking only 30-40 minutes to build with the help of my wife to hold the sides on while I screwed them in place and help slide the bolts in that attach the lids. The assembly instructions were very easy to follow too. I have had it over a year now and its stood up well in all weathers and I think its also the best looking wheeliebin store currently available thanks to that curved lids and brass fitting. I also love the built in chains that open the wheelie bin lid when you life the wooden lid and teh habdle that hold it open so you got two hands free. Its worth noting that this model is also available in the singe, double which I also have and the tripple again which I also have. Overall, I have been pleased with this model and would recommend it to anyone.

Our top 6 wheelie bin storage options that are included in my review

  1. Rowlinson BINTRPL1 Triple Bin Store – BEST PICK
  2. Rowlinson Double Bin Store
  3. VidaXL Double Wheelie Bin Rattan Screen
  4. Double Sage Wheelie Bin Store
  5. Rowlinson Single Wheelie Bin Store
  6. Keter Store It Out

Best Budget Pick

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Wheelie Bin Storage Reviews

1. Rowlinson Triple Bin Store Review

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Rowlinson Triple Bin store review
My bin store, really pleased with the overall quality.

The Rowlinson BINTRPL1 Triple Bin Store provides enough space for three bins without having to squeeze in making it a good choice and probably one of the best wooden storage bins currently available.

So I have had Rowlinson wooden products before and they have always been good quality and this wheelie bin storage unit was no different. It made from quality pressure treated timber, I would away from any models that don’t say they use pressure treated timber.

Rowlinson Triple Bin store side view after i built it

So it literally arrives with the panels already built, you simply just need to screw the panels together with the included screws. So it took me and the wife about 30-40 minutes to build and the instructions were easy to read which was a nice change from the usual poorly written instructions I have come to expect from flatpack products.

First section put together, two more to go
First section put together, two more to go

So the first thing I did was attach two side panels to the back panel and screw the front brace in place this was easy enough and I have to build 3 of these, one for each bin.

screwing the 3 section of the Rowlinson Triple Bin store together

Next I had to screw the 3 sections together but first I just had to drill 3 small pilot holes before inserts the screws, this just made it easier to screw into the wood.

three sections of Rowlinson Triple Bin store now fixed together

Once that was done, I was ready to attach the doors which only took a few minutes. I screw the hinges onto the doors first and then attach the doors to the main frame.

attaching doors to Rowlinson Triple Bin store

Next, I just attached the latches which were easy enough using my electric screwdriver as shown below.

screwing latches onto Rowlinson Triple Bin store

Finally, I attached the three lids using the included nuts and bolts and attached the chains and it was ready to use.

Rowlinson Triple Bin store full build in 30 minutes

So I did run into one small issue once it was finished but it’s nothing to do with the bin storage unit itself. One of my bins does have handles that you can loop the rain through like in the picture below. So what I have done is just screw two eye screws into the lid and it does the job.

chains on Rowlinson Triple Bin store that open bin lids when you open the bin store lid


  • Offers enough space for three standard bins which is convenient when recycling different materials.
  • Chains lift the lid up when you open the storage lid.
  • Features a simple wooden pole that holds the lids open so ypu have both hands free.
  • The wood has been treated to avoid rot and extend durability.
  • Look great in any setting.


  • No back panel just cross braces

Thoughts and recommendations

The Rowlinson Triple Bin Store has got. tobe one of the best wooden bin stores currently available, I compared a few and not many even came close in terms of durability and build quality but you do need to pay a little more.

As with all products, you will find cheaper alternatives but they won’t be as well made and had features missing such as the chains that open the bin lid when you open the storage bin lid. I also noticed that some cheaper alternatives also cut corners when it comes to the type of timber used too.

Rowlinson Triple Bin store with one bin almost taken out

With the Rowlinson range, you really do get a good quality product

I also like that the wheelie bin storage has chains that can be attached to the actual bin so that you do not have to open lids twice.

Looking for one for only one or two bins, our next model below could be for you and if you like this model you’re sure to like our next model as it’s almost identical.

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2. Rowlinson Double Bin Store Review

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Large Bin Store

The Rowlinson Double Bin Store is another timber inspired wheelie bin storage from Rowlinson. As the story goes, the timber is pressure treated to keep rot at bay as we have come to expect now. 

Rowlinson Triple Bin store branding plaque

The bin storage offers you space for two bins. The bins are placed in the wheelie bin storage with ease through the door positioned at the front. Even when your bin is full, you will find it very easy to access the bins and empty them. Another thing to be experienced is straightforward lid lifting. like most models we came across this is facilitated by the chains that can be attached straight to the lid of the bin.

Rowlinson double Bin store with both lids held open

This unit has a small back section to help make it more sturdy but not a full back panel so needs to be positioned against the wall. This unit measures 82 x 156 x 128 cm, this is enough space for 240L bins to coexist in peace.


  • Made from pressure treated timber, therefore, providing durability.
  • Offers easy lid lifting mechanisms.
  • Fetched at affordable pricing.
  • Easy to place and remove the wheelie bin even when full.


  • Assembly may be frustrating for some as we found some reviews online that commented on the instructions being a little confusing.
  • No back panel so needs to be placed against a wall.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Rowlinson Double Bin Store is not the best you can find in the market but it is affordable and more than adequate for holding two bins and when you finally get it built it should last for many years.

If you want a wheelie bin storage for two bins at an affordable cost this may do. We wish that they gave the wood a better protective coating but that will be left to the user’s preference. Assembly may be a frustrating bit but once assembled, you are good to go. Other than that, it’s not a bad wheelie bin storage to own and while it does have its issues it still offers excellent value for money and does its job.

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Rowlinson Double Bin Store
See availability from the best retailers

3. VidaXL Double Wheelie Bin Rattan Screen Review

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The VidaXL Double Rattan Wheelie Bin Screen is a somewhat affordable screen that you can purchase to cover two bins. The screen is made from PE rattan which is a strong and durable material. To give the screen some structural support, a powder-coated steel frame is used and the rattan screen is built into this. It’s an excellent choice for anyone just looking to screen the bins rather than using a complete store solution.

If you plan to place it in an exposed position then it can be anchored to the floor by fixing 50mm x 50mm brackets to bottom rails in 5 places four corners and back middle and secure brackets to base with plugs and screws.

Depending on the size of your bins or how many you have, you can buy different sizes of this product which include a small version for one bin and a larger model for 3 bins.


  • Fairly lightweight, thus easy to handle.
  • Very simple to use as it has straightforward mechanisms.
  • Comes with its own fixtures for stable support.
  • Comes at a decent price and does not need treating which means it very low maintaince.


  • The metal frame is prone to rust but this is not a huge issue as its mostly covered by the willow.
  • The lid is one piece so you have to expose both bins when opening the lid

Thoughts and recommendations

If you prefer screens over wooden structures, the VidaXL Double Rattan Wheelie Bin Screen might be a product for you to consider and they do a single version two. This screen is affordable compared to some of the wheelie bin storage products presented here although you can get cheaper alternatives I feel there not was well made.

Overall this model VidaXL is a joy to use and a great solution for keeping their bins out of sight especially if you already have rattan furniture as it blends in well. Those who do not want to spend too much money on a wheelie bin storage can benefit from this product and one of the best features is no painting or treating so is maintenance-free too.

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4. Double Sage Green Wheelie Bin Storage Review

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Double Wheelie Bin Storage Sage Green 480L Garden Shed Latched Lockable Outdoor Patio Recycling Dustbin Trash Cover Store Lid Unit Chain Wooden Slatted 122cm H x 149cm W x 92.5cm D FREE Fixing Kit…

The Sage Green Double Wheelie Bin Storage looks good and can accommodate two large bins without worry. The colour is perfect for garden scenes as it blends well with the environment. Not to mention that the timber design adds a decorative feel to the place.

To maintain the quality of the wooden wheelie bin storage the timber is treated but I still recommend giving it a coat of wood preservative before assembling and once a year. The unit is raised from the ground to ward off moisture damage. The lids fit well with the rest of the body preventing escaping odours.

It measures 149 wide by 92 deep x has a total height of 122cm but it does come flatpack and so needs assembly as do most models we reviewed. You will find capable instructions provided and it’s fairly straightforward to build.


  • Lightweight and well made.
  • It is made from timber that has been treated to increase longevity.
  • Sold at an affordable price.
  • Can contain two large wheelie bins with ease.
  • Easy to assemble and serves a decorative purpose.


  • Some comments we found concerning regarding this model when we did our research was in regards to the quality of the wood. However we think its more than adequate for the price and overall is well made but just be a where the wood quality is not on par with our ‘Best Pick’ but this model is also less than half the price.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Sage Green Double Wheelie Bin Storage is an affordable piece that you can purchase for your bins and it does its job. The best thing about this product is how affordable it is and the aesthetic value it offers. There is enough space for your bins and a back end which means it does not need placing right against a wall, unlike some models.

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5. Rowlinson Wheelie Bin Store Review

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Rowlinson Single Wheelie Bin Store

The Rowlinson Wheelie Bin Store is a one-man-band. It will keep your storage bin away from sight and it won’t cost you much overall but remember they also do the two bin and three bin models we have already reviewed. If you need a bigger size, this will be much cheaper than buying three single models so bear this in mind as most people so now have two or three bins. Back to the single model, the single unit is made from wood same as some of the Rowlison products featured in this review. You can expect that the wood has been treated so that it is able to last for many years.

To house one bin, the wheelie bin storage measures 82 x 80 x 128 cm and weighs 26kg so is fairly sturdy. To access your bin, all you have to do is lift the wheelie bin storage’s lid. There is a latch to ensure the doors stay in place. This freestanding unit will prove to be good company whether you are in a cabin or urban home setting. It’s worth mentioning that this model also has no back so it’s best placed against something like a wall.


  • Made from pressure treated wood.
  • Offers easy lid access.
  • Can be located alongside a wall or left free standing.
  • Sold at affordable prices.


  • Assembly can be painstaking if you are not use to assembling DIY products.

Thoughts and recommendations

In the case that you only have one wheelie bin, the Rowlinson Wheelie Bin Store would make good company and is a great product overall. The structure is simple and effective for small gardens. The lid is a bit heavy but this only further confirms the sturdiness of this model. The colour of the wood is easy to maintain with a few protective coatings. This unit can hold a large bin with plenty of room to spare.

Overall if you only need a wheelie bin store for one bin this is probably the best choice for you.

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6. Keter Store It Out Wheelie Bin Store Review

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Keter Store It Out

The Keter Store It Out Wheelie Bin Store is an impressive wheelie bin storage made from plastic and therefore there is no need to worry about maintenance or treating it once a year like that of wooden models. The strong plastic is treated against UV rays to ensure that it maintains its appearance which is what really separates it from cheaper plastic alternatives.

As for accessibility, you have nothing to worry about. The design allows you to access the bin lids with ease. It also is able to facilitate easy wheeling of the bin in and out of the unit due to the lowered step and double door. It has a latch that secures the door preventing the bins from sliding outside.

It measures 145.5 x 82 x 125 cm and weighs about 25kgs. You get a 2-year warranty so you can be sure it will last.  It is an affordable item that will need two people to properly construct it so be sure to have your other half or friend handy. 

One feature we really like is the pistons that hold the lid open, this is a feature we did not see on many models.


  • Lightweight and thus relatively easy to move.
  • Fully water proof.
  • Made of plastic and, therefore, less maintenance compared to wood.
  • Features easy lid lifting mechanisms.
  • A pretty affordable wheelie bin storage.
  • Features a latch for locking purposes. 


  • May need reinforcements in excessively windy areas.
  • Needs time and effort to put together.
  • Before purchasing check with the seller that it comes with the pistons that open the lid as we found some comments that mentioned the pistons being missing.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Keter Store It Out Wheelie Bin Store is made of plastic making it very attainable to most and is ideal for those who don’t want to worry about treating it with a coat of paint once a year and because it is made from plastic it is also very easy to clean.

If well taken care of, the plastic unit will last for many years. There is enough room for two normal-sized bins. The design is brilliant since you can leave the lid hanging as you continue emptying the rubbish. This saves you energy and frustrations especially if you have a large bag of rubbish to put in the bin. One last point worth mentioning is that it is also watertight, unlike most wooden models that are not completely water tight. This is not really a big issue for a bin store but if you wanted to for example store one bin and other items in there such as a small lawnmower, this would be a great model to choose,

Overall, it is a quality product that can be trusted. Try it and see for yourself.

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Buyer’s Guide

By now you have seen the need for a wheelie bin storage. Purchasing wheelie bin storage is another thing. In this guide, we cover the major benefits of wheelie bin storage and the things to consider before buying wheelie bin storage.

Benefits of a wheelie bin storage

Keeps off garden pests

Wheelie bin storage helps keep off pesky garden pests including rats, flies, and urban foxes. Most wheelies can be securely locked to prevent even the most sneaky intruder from scouring through the rubbish. Yet, these storage units still offer householders simple access to the wheelie bins themselves. 

Conceals ugly wheelie bins

Wheelies are considered an eyesore in the garden rather than items that can be admired. Just looking at them standing at one end of a neatly done lawn creates an atmosphere of dissatisfaction. You just wonder how the hell they can be out of your site, yet you still need them for your household waste. A nicely structured wheelie storage unit is, therefore, an excellent solution to hide the ugly-looking wheelies. The storage units themselves come in different designs with different levels of appeal. We explain this in the types of wheelie bins. 

Deters thieves and vandals

It’s no joke, wheelie bins theft and vandalism is real. Having a wheelie bin store can prevent theft from happening. The storage units feature locking systems and padlock fittings, which can deter prying individuals. 

Withstands elements

Harsh winds can easily knock over a sizeable wheelie but not when inside a large, robust storage unit. These units are cleverly designed to withstand the elements, whether strong winds or heavy rain. A wheelie on its own if knocked over can attract some of the threats we’ve mentioned above, so buying a storage unit is a wise idea. 

Types of wheelie bin storage

When shopping for a wheelie bin, you’ll be faced with several options to choose from and they all have their pros and cons. 

Wooden wheelie bin storage

These are the conventional options. They are the most aesthetically appealing and tend to blend seamlessly into any garden with wooden fence panels. Most wooden wheelie bin storage come pressure treated to prevent rot and fungal decay, guaranteeing use for up to 15 years. 


  • Totally disguises your wheelies.
  • Usually have a sturdy structure to cope with the elements.
  • Last for several years, especially if treated annually.
  • Designed with locking systems for increased security.


  • Can be time consuming to build and will need an extra hand.
  • Usually not ideal for the larger 360-litre wheelie bins.

Plastic wheelie bin storage

If you are looking for a lightweight and portable unit, consider a plastic-made option. These are easy to manoeuvre around the garden yet they’re still weatherproof and sturdy structures. 


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Requires little or no maintenance. 
  • Lightweight and easy to move around the garden
  • Usually impervious to waterproof and resistant to insect damage.
  • Some are big enough to accommodate larger wheelie bins.


  • Can be prone to fading if not UV protected.
  • Do not portray the kind of elegance that wood or oak does. 
  • Usually get very hot in sunny weather. 

Willow Wheelie Bin Screens

These are great alternatives to the other wheelie bin storage units. Usually constructed using willow panels or bamboo, they are fenced around wheelies to keep them out of sight, thus given the name “screen”.

They are attractive to look at and robust enough to cope with harsh weather. Most of them are three-sided structures, giving you easy access to your bin, both for adding rubbish and removing the wheelie itself for emptying. You can still find some four-sided screens and even others with a lid on top for an absolute cover of the bins inside. 


  • Relatively affordable to buy.
  • Easy and quick to build.
  • Can hide small, medium and large 360-litre bins.
  • Willow design often blends with other garden furniture. 


  • Not completely reliable against strong winds and rain.
  • Usually demands that you put your bins up against the fence or a wall.
  • Some, specifically the three-sided screens only offer partial conceal.

Other factors to consider when looking for a wheelie bin storage

  • Placement – Do you plan to place your wheelie bin storage unit on concrete, soil or grass? Whilst concrete provides stable ground, we wouldn’t recommend recommend placing your wheelie storage on soil or grass because the unit can can warp or twist, especially if it’s a wooden storage. Furthermore, grass and soil are damp surfaces so you might be forced to invest in a sturdy base if you’re to secure the bins off a wet ground.
  • Space –  To arrive at how much space your storage should have, you should first consider the size of your wheelies. Most storage bins are clearly described the number of wheelie bins they can store so it’s easier for you to make a straightforward selection. Keep in mind that you need enough space in your garden in terms of footprint whilst allowing enough room for when the storage doors are open. 
  • Wheelie bin transportation – At least once a week, obviously on bin day, you’ll need to roll the bins in and out of their storage. This is where it’s important to place the storage unit on concrete or at least near concrete because wheelies are hard to roll on soggy ground, specially the bin for garden waste when full. Many people forget this factor. They install their storage anyhow in summer and then find it difficult to get the bins to the curb when it starts to get muddy.  

Our Final Conclusion

Wheelie bins are now part of a British lifestyle. Every home has at least one wheelie bin if not 3 or 4 and most councils are always willing to offer an extra if needed. The problem is, these bins become so unappealing once they start filling up with rubbish. Thanks to garden wheelie bin storage units, the bins can be put out of sight in a practical way.

If you have been tentative to buy a wheelie bin storage, it high time you make that move. When shopping for a wheelie bin storage, consider the size of the unit, where to put it, and the type of storage.


Rowlinson Triple Bin Store
So after much debate and research as I needed a durable, sturdy bin store that would last, so I decided that the Rowlinson Triple Bin Store was the best option for most people including myself. I found it very easy to asseble, taking only 30-40 minutes to build with the help of my wife to hold the sides on while I screwed them in place and help slide the bolts in that attach the lids. The assembly instructions were very easy to follow too. I have had it over a year now and its stood up well in all weathers and I think its also the best looking wheeliebin store currently available thanks to that curved lids and brass fitting. I also love the built in chains that open the wheelie bin lid when you life the wooden lid and teh habdle that hold it open so you got two hands free. Its worth noting that this model is also available in the singe, double which I also have and the tripple again which I also have. Overall, I have been pleased with this model and would recommend it to anyone.

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