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6 Best Football Nets For Your Gardens

Last updated on October 8th, 2021

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The Best Kids Football Nets plus Buying Guide for Portable to Full-Sized Goals

Whether you are a football fanatic who wants to bring the action into your back garden, or you have promising youngsters that want to perfect their skills before taking on the Premier League, a garden football goal is all you need. Luckily, there are many manufacturers of football nets around, from Samba Sports to Net World Sports, so you have a decent pool to choose from. However, the more brands in the market, the harder it gets to choose the best football goals for the garden. 

Today we are going to cover the best football nets for your garden with the aim of helping you select an ideal set. Ideal in the sense that it’s just the right size for your garden, portable enough for you to shift if necessary, strong enough to withstand the hardest strikes and able to stand up to the elements for years. We review 7 football goals in total and they happen to be the best-rated models we could find and we looked at over 30 models.

To ascertain the word above, check out the Net World Sports Forza 6′ x 4′ FORZA Football Goal, which is the winner of ‘Our Best Pick’. This best selling goal has an essential locking system that makes for a 5-minute assembly. Most importantly, it’s fully weatherproof, hence can be left out throughout the year, not many models ticked all these boxes. 

Sounds good? Find out more in the reviews section and don’t forget to go through our brief buyer’s guide below. 


Net World Sports Forza 6' x 4' FORZA Football Goal
A standard choice for most kids, this is the best football goal in its size range and best of all it is fully weatherproof and can be left out all year round. The frame is manufactured from a strong, lightweight and weatherproof UPVC and it comes with a 2mm UV stabilised HDPE net as standard. Assembles in minutes so your children won't have to wait long to get scoring their goals.

Our top 6 football nets for the garden that we have reviewed, including our top picks

  1. Net World Sports Forza 6×4 Football Goal – BEST PICK
  2. Net World Sports Forza 12×6 Football Goal – RUNNER UP
  3. SAMBA Football Goals
  5. Forza Flash Pop-Up Football Goals (Pair) – BEST PORTABLE PICK
  6. QUICKPLAY Elite Combo 3 in 1 Nets


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Top 6 Kids Football Goals Reviews

1. Net World Sports 6×4 FORZA Football Goal


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FORZA Football Goal - 6ft x 4ft Kids Garden Goal with PVC Posts & Net | Optional Target Sheet, Ball & Bag (Goal, Bag, and Target Sheet)

Easy to set up, weatherproof and with the options of purchasing a target sheet and football, this football goal is a mind-blowing offer at a decent price and setup takes only minutes thanks to the locking feature. 

The Net World Sports Forza 6′ x 4′ Football Goal is such a high-quality goal that the manufacturer takes pride in, claiming that it’s the only goal that can be left out all year round. Well, the goalposts are made from durable UPVC material which is 100% weatherproof. The net is made from high-density polyethylene which has been UV treated and designed for maximum weather resistance, thus able to withstand rot during inclement weather and the damaging UV summer rays. 

The 6′ x 4′ size is perfect for aspiring youngsters, providing an ideal introduction to the football game. It is easy to assemble due to a flawless locking system that bonds the posts together. Your future stars will be ready to play within minutes of receiving this net. The system additionally enhances the stability of the goalposts and provides the strength for standing outside all year round. 

With a lightweight yet strong construction, this football goal is portable enough for when you need to shift it, whilst the posts can withstand as many shots fired at them. A pack of net clips is supplied to help secure the net tightly to the goalposts for a neat professional finish. 

This football goal can also be purchased with a carry bag, target sheet and garden football. The carry bag is incredibly strong and makes for easy transportation of your football goal. Made from 100% weatherproof material, the target sheet is great for training accuracy in front of goal and it combines perfectly with the net. The ball has a very durable outer and pretty lightweight for kids to replicate their Premier League stars safely. 


  • Quick and easy to set up due to an essential locking system.
  • Weatherproof construction ensures the football goal can be left outside 365 days a year.
  • Lightweight and portable for easy shifting from one location to another. 
  • Supplied with great extras including a carry bag, football and target sheet. 
  • Great value for money with amazing features at an incredible price. 


  • May be a bit smaller for older children. 

Our recommendation

There is plenty of good stuff with this football goal for children. First is the ease of assembly thanks to an essential locking system that also ensures the stability and durability of the goalposts. You can always use the supplied net clips and ground pegs to enhance solidness which we like. The weatherproof construction is obviously a huge advantage over other models that won’t stand the elements all year round. 

The FORZA 6′ x 4′ is perfect for kids as young as 2 years old although it gets smaller as they grow older than 10. A few extra pounds can get you a carry kit, a garden ball and a target net, which are all useful in their own right.

For the price, overall quality and the extras on offer, it’s no wonder the Net World Sports Forza 6′ x 4′ FORZA Football Goal is arguably the best selling model we have come across and it’s easy to see why. 

Overall, these are an excellent choice and will even fit in smaller gardens, best of all they don’t need to be taken down, this alone saves loads of time. A great set of nets, older children might want to consider a larger set if you have the space.

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2. Net World Sports 12′ x 6′ FORZA Football Goal


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The Net World Sports 12′ x 6′ FORZA Football Goal is a larger version of the 6′ x 4′ model above and a small-sided variation of the standard football goals. The assembly of this goal for youngsters is as quick as 5 minutes as the goalposts slot together effortlessly, providing a hassle-free set-up. Once the set-up has been done, the goalposts stay firmly held together thanks to the essential locking system, a brilliant feature that makes the goal amazingly strong. No matter how many shots you fire against this goal, you will barely see any damage or bend due to the toughness of the posts. Supplied with the goal are net clips and U-peg anchors for securing your goal in place. 

This garden goal is ideal for normal use all year long. It has been expertly designed to stand up to the severity of the elements including heavy downpours, blizzards and the hottest summer temperatures. UPVC goal posts and HDPE net combine to give long-lasting performance. Rust and corrosion cannot affect the all-weather football goal, so it can be left standing in the garden throughout the year which is a huge bonus, eliminating the tedious exercise of frequently taking down the net, which many will admit is the worst part.

At 12′ x 6′, this garden goal is ideal for mini-football tournaments in the back garden. It is suitable for older kids of all ages. Note that you can buy this football goal with a carry bag, or alternatively with a carry bag, target sheet and garden ball. The choice is yours.


  • Has an ideal size for small tournaments in the back garden. 
  • Comes with a strong goal frame that is made from durable and lightweight UPVC.  
  • It stays stable and rigid throughout due to the use of the essential locking system.
  • Quick and easy to set up so it gets the action kicking in a matter of minutes. 
  • Includes a highly durable UV treated HDPE net that won’t suffer rust and corrosion.
  • Provides options of purchasing with extra handy accessories including target sheet, ball and carry bag. 


  • No problems found

Our recommendation

The Net World Sports 12′ x 6′ FORZA Football Goal is good for youth-sized football games at home. It is well made and promises long-term value due to an all-weather construction. Frequent assembly and disassembly of football goals can be tedious but this one is totally hassle-free. Initial set up itself isn’t a big deal and the package includes everything you need including clips and anchor pegs. It makes a pretty strong structure with a frame that won’t flex with shots and volleys hammering at it.

The manufacturer has it that this is the best kids football net in the UK and we tend to agree with that, you can get better but they are much more expensive. It is fairly priced and meets the necessary regulations of a garden football goal. Really functional beyond expectations and kids will enjoy training and match sessions like the football stars that they adore. A great recommendation for anyone looking for a large garden football goal for youngsters to use all year round.

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3. SAMBA Football Goals

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Samba 8 x 6ft Fun Goal - Portable Garden Football Goal Post

The SAMBA Football Goals offer perfect alternatives to those who aren’t fans of the Forza range. This particular version comes in a variety of sizes, including 6 x 4, 8 x 4, 8 x 6, and 12 x 6ft. As you’d expect, they are priced differently whilst still being affordable to many parents.

This goal features the innovative Samba goal locking system for straightforward assembly and sturdiness. The joining pieces simply click and lock into place with one part having a button on a spring and the other adjoining piece has a hole. Net clips and ground anchors are also supplied to attach the net and secure the goal in place, respectively. These parts can also be dismantled easily by pushing down the locking button. In addition, the locking system allows you to shift the goal around without having to disassemble it.  

Speaking of the quality of the posts, they are made from 68mm high impact UPVC and Samba claims the posts are 80% thicker than other goals. The frame is portable and has extra strong corners for increased strength and durability. The tubing is also UV stabilised to prevent surface degradation by the radiant energy, in other words, the rays of the sun, together with the elements. Combining the weatherproof frame and a rot-proof net means that this garden football goal can be left outside throughout the year just like our ‘Best Pick’. The strong frame doesn’t mind the hardest shots fired against it too – it just eats up the punishment. 

If you order early enough, you may even get next day delivery upon ordering your Samba goal from It also comes with a 12-month guarantee for full peace of mind. 


  • Comes in four different sizes, allowing you to select your most ideal goal with budget in mind as well.
  • Lightweight and portable enough for users to shift it with ease – no disassembly required at all. 
  • Easy to assemble due to a brilliant locking system and without any tools required. 
  • Fast delivery in the UK and the product is backed by a 12-month warranty. 
  • Fully weatherproof and rust-proof, thus can be left outside all year round. 


  • No problems found.

Our recommendation

This is a high-quality goal made here in the UK by Samba Sports. The construction is solid, featuring a high impact UPVC that withstands the elements and not even the hardest shots will damage the frame.

Quick assembly is a big advantage, especially because the parts come together in a simple locking system. This can stay out virtually in any season and ground anchoring even improve sturdiness.

We really like the fast delivery service when ordering online and the 12-month no-quibble guarantee that Samba offers. There are no major hiccups with this goal, which is why is a top-rated goal and so we feel SAMBA Football Goals offers great value for money. Simply choose the perfect size for your back garden and get the kids into action. This is certainly on par with the Forza range of similar goals we have reviewed.

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4. QUICKPLAY Kickster Fun Goal


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QUICKPLAY KICKSTER 6x4ft Youth Football Goal – Quick Setup Portable Football Net for Kids, Target Training & official size goal for 3v3 - Quick Setup Garden Goal for U6's - Includes Carry Bag

The QUICKPLAY Kickster Fun Goal comes in either 8ft x 4ft or 8ft x 5ft and offers standard-sized football goals for children. These are perfect for training and playing within the back garden or park. They stand out because of their ability to deform and instantly return to shape when hit by hard shots, thanks to QUICKPLAY’s innovative high-tension technology. In addition, the goals come with a special shock-absorbing bungee attachment that helps improve the lifespan of the net. The quality of these goals is generally in line with British Standard BS-EN7 and they have been tested for 9 years so you know they will stand up to the job. 

The package arrives with every component of the goal and the set-up will take no more than 5 minutes and it’s very easy. This is due to QUICKPLAY’s special pre-attached pole system that promotes quick assembly. The goals pack away neatly too to be stored in a supplied carry bag if need be, or carried easily from one place to another using its handy shoulder strap. The manufacturer claims the Kickster Fun Goal is the lightest and most portable goal in its size range, making it a great choice for coaches and PE teachers on the go. 

QUICKPLAY takes pride in excellent customer service and as such, they offer a free 1-year warranty on parts of this football goal for full peace of mind. 


  • Has a robust and flexible design, with the frame able to warp and instantly return when hit by hard shots. 
  • The goals feature a special shock absorbing attachment to enhance the durability of the net.
  • Quick and easy to set up in minutes, owing to a pre-attached pole system. 
  • Supplied with carry bag for storage and transportation. 
  • Comes with a 1 year parts warranty, therefore you can trust the quality. 


  • No problems found.

Our recommendation

The QUICKPLAY Kickster Fun Goal makes a good choice for children up to 11 years. They have simple designs that even children can set them up on their own. The goals are also lighter than many others in the same range, so you will have an easy time moving them should there be a need.

They come with heavy-duty nets that can take the punishment and so are the frames. Not sure whether the deform and instant return characteristic is good or not, though, a unique feature after all. The supplied carry bag is handy as ever and we like the included 1-year warranty on parts provided by the manufacturer. 

A few people have complained that the plastic edges degrade and break easily over time, but our research found that the goals can last past three years with consistent use. All in all, their sizes are a good starting point for young football enthusiasts. Probably one of the best truly portable goals that come in a decent size we have seen.

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5. Pair of Forza Flash Pop-Up Football Goals


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FORZA Flash Pop-Up Football Goals [Pair] | Kids Football Goals for the Garden | Mini Football - Quick & Easy Pop Up Portable Goals | [2.5ft, 4ft & 6ft] (2.5ft [Pair])

The Forza Flash Pop-Up Football Goals is a portable goal solution for kids and youth league football clubs. These are designed to enhance training in the back garden as well as in the club training pitch. They can help users perfect their short-range and long-range passing and enhance their shooting accuracy too. Compact and portable, these goals pop up in seconds, making them perfect for training sessions on the go. The pop-up goals can virtually be used by youngsters and professional players. 

The pop-up design makes for the quickest assembly, no doubt, meaning they are ready for action in the blink of an eye. Similarly, and after practice sessions, the pop-up goals collapse with a single twist to sneak into their own carry bags for storage or transportation. Such convenience allows you to take training anywhere you see fit and with supplied 8-inch anchor pegs ensuring the goals won’t uproot upon impact. 

The beautiful game doesn’t need to stop during the dark and cold months. The folks at Net World Sports designed these football goals with a highly reflective strip around the edges, offering maximum visibility during nighttime and winter sessions. The mesh netting is hard-wearing and will gladly take intense football action for many years. The goal frame is made from fibreglass for unmatched stability and the corners are reinforced to increase the strength of dealing with powerful strikes. 

The goals come in a range of sizes including 2.5ft, 4ft, and 6ft. Simply choose the size that meets your requirements and alter your difficulty levels at your own pace. They actually come as a pair to maximise the action on the training ground. 


  • The goals come as a pair, so you can use for mini training sessions. 
  • Hard wearing design means the goals can survive the elements for years to come.
  • Fastest installation due to pop up design and folds away neatly into a carry bag that comes as standard. 
  • They feature a reflective strip around the edges that enhances visibility in darker conditions. 
  • They come with 8-inch ground anchor pegs to secure the goal in place and increase impact resistance. 
  • Tough mesh structure for unmatched durability. 


  • Won’t last for years if constantly used. 
  • Not a typical goal shape.

Final Conclusion

If you are looking for the simplest, easiest to use garden goals, the Forza Flash Pop-Up Football Goals are the right choice. Simply select a size that suits the standards of your players and give it a go. Note that the smaller the goals, the more difficult the challenge of hitting the target, hence these are perfect for enhancing shooting and passing accuracy. 

You will love the ease of set-up, whether you want them in your back garden or on a training pitch – they get the ball rolling immediately. They are easy to put away and you can always use the supplied carry bag for storage. No winter break for this FORZA pop-up goal, owing to the reflective strip that illuminates the pitch in dark nights. 

Basically, the design has been well thought of even though the goals don’t take the traditional shape. We also found a few concerns with durability, but we bet kids can’t take such powerful shots to quickly degrade the mesh net nor the frame. So this one is a great choice if you love the design and obviously need portable goals for use almost anywhere. 

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6. QUICKPLAY Elite 3 in 1 Combo

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QUICKPLAY Elite Combo 3 in 1 - Portable Football Goal, Rebounder and Free Kick Wall

The QUICKPLAY Elite Combo 3 in 1 model has more tricks up its sleeves than a magician and we think you will find it interesting. The unit is multi-purpose providing different functions for active players. The user has a choice to use the unit as a free-kick wall, football goal or rebounder. With this professional standard unit, there is no getting bored because the quality is up there.

The 8 x 6ft model weighs 12.5 Kg making it stable enough to withstand daily use. The base is heavier to ensure that it remains upright. You will also find rubber feet whose function is to facilitate good traction in both indoor and outdoor activities which is a nice touch. If you are using the unit inside then at least the non-slip feet will protect your floors.

To make the goal set more usable, Quickplay provides 6 cones and a free carry bag which provides more value for money. With these accessories, your child can play freely despite the location being indoors or outdoors. The model takes a short time to assemble and the net quality is durable enough to withstand daily use. Within two minutes the net is set and the good news is that you can get free training videos. How did you ask? Well, all you have to do is get the QUICKPLAY eCOACH app and you are good to go.


  • Offers 3 functions under one unit for all age groups.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Weighted base makes the unit stable.
  • Non-slip feet protect the surface and provide good traction.
  • Supplied with 6 training cones and a carry bag for better storage.
  • Has a durable frame with matching net.
  • Quick to set up in just 2 minutes.
  • Provides the option of downloading an app for exclusive training videos. 


  • Very expensive in comparison to many other football goals. 

Our recommendation

Before you bat an eyelash over the price, you need to understand what this model is offering you. The QUICKPLAY Elite Combo 3 in 1 is made of durable materials that can afford to be used often without any damage. The fact that it provides three functions under one roof already saves you money as opposed to getting individual models, a rebounder alone could set you back £80 before you have even bought a goal net.

From a young age to older users, the model proves functional in both indoor and outdoor environments. It takes about 2 minutes to set up or take it down for storage which is super quick, this means more time playing and less time setting up and taking down.

With this very versatile set, you will be able to practise different skills without having to pay for a tutor. This is because you can get free training videos through the app provided which is a nice bonus. If you were looking for a multi-purpose model at the right price, this one is worth the extra investment. With long service and adequate support, there is nothing not to love. If you have the budget this is a great buy and well worth considering.

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Buyer’s Guide

Now you are not just going to pick any football goals and put them in your garden. There are few things to consider when comparing football nets before you purchase one. This guide will lead you on the right foot when it comes to buying a goal for your child(ren). 

What size of football goal should you buy?

The first thing you want to consider is the space you have in your garden. Well, what’s the point of buying a football goal that barely stretches across your entire garden? Or, why buy one that leaves no room for taking long-range strikes? Most garden football goals come in sizes of 6 x 4, 8 x 4, 8 x 6, and 12 x 6ft. Choose size in relation to your garden’s size. Ideally, there should be plenty of space in front of the goal for play and space on the side for corners. 

Another thing you want to look into is the age range of the children you’re buying for. A 12 x 6ft football goal, for instance, is suitable for all ages and it’s the official recognised size for mini football tournaments. The 8 x 6ft and 8 x 4ft are similarly ideal for the back garden and perfect for 7 – 14 years and 5 – 10 years, respectively. For the youngest children of age 3 – 7 years, the 6 x 4ft football goals are the right starting kit. If your child is showing signs of becoming the next Joe Hart, then it’s better to go a size higher than their recommended goal for them to practise diving effectively. 

What material is the football goal made from?

Garden goals are commonly made from high impact UPVC with a few others using galvanised steel and aluminium materials. They have their advantages and downsides as highlighted below:

UPVC is incredibly strong yet lightweight and portable. It can withstand a youngster’s hard shots and is tough enough not to flex, making it perfect for kids football tournaments, 5-a-side games and garden practice. UPVC is also weatherproof and can stay out all year round without suffering any serious damage. 

Galvanised steel make extremely durable football goals that are protected against rust and corrosion. On the downside, they tend to be seriously heavy that kids can’t handle them on their own. 

Aluminium brings the advantage of weighing less and they are pretty durable too. Freestanding models, in particular, are a breeze to shift without compromising on stability. They are weatherproof and the aluminium finish is a replica of the goals you see in top-flight football pitches across the UK and beyond. 

Portable or Permanent Goal?

A portable football goal is obviously the best choice for playing in the back garden. These can be removed when the practice session is over and put away for storage. Most portable goals even come with carrying bags that promote neat storage. Portable goals require simple installation with ground anchors supplied for enhancing stability. They are also available in many sizes and designs, from entry-level 6 x 4ft to larger 12 x 6ft, and from rectangle shapes to curved pop-ups. A portable goal is perfect for kids as they can always take them to the park, beach or public fields where they can play with friends. 

Permanent goals, on the other hand, are permanently installed in the ground and usually embedded in a concrete footing. They boast the utmost stability and durability to withstand heavy use and the elements. There aren’t many of these types for back gardens and we don’t recommend one, but they make strong choices for school fields, club teams and other fields that are dedicated to football use. 

Shape of the goal

Goals come in a variety of shapes. One is the standard box like the ones you see on professional football grounds. This shape is the most robust, but it can be bulkier to carry and certainly more expensive. 

Then there are goals without depth. This goal has a net that descends from the crossbar directly to the ground at an angle of about 45 degrees. They are often the most lightweight and portable but less sturdy than boxed goals. Many of the best kids football nets take this shape and you will often see them in parks. 

Lastly, there is a goal that isn’t really a box but has quite some depth to the net behind the crossbar. There’s usually a frame at each top corner of the crossbar and it extends backwards about half a metre, then descends down to the ground at a 45-degree angle. When the net is attached to the frame, it then creates a bit of depth. 

Final Conclusion

We hope this guide helps you find the best football goals for your garden. The right football goals can transform your back garden into a mini stadium where your young strikers can start their journey to Premier League stardom.

Garden football goals are not too difficult to choose, because, as we have seen, there isn’t much to ponder. Simply check the size against your child’s age, choose an ideal shape and a design that your youngsters will make the most use of.

Be sure to buy trusted brands such as FORZA and Samba brands. They certainly have the best quality products and good customer service. Don’t forget to share your stories once your superstars start finding the back of the net. Good luck! 

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