Top 10 Best Tool Boxes For DIY and Professional Tradesmen

Last updated on February 12th, 2022

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Toolboxes come in a wide range of colours and designs. They have come a long way from the simple toolboxes people used to use decades ago. These quintessential companions of both professional workers and DIY enthusiasts come with various features. One needs to consider things such as security, overall capacity and partitioning of the toolbox before deciding which is the best toolbox for purchase.

We present below some of the best-rated toolboxes that you may consider for your needs. The Stanley 1-94-850 toolbox is our best pick thanks to its large capacity, easy to use features and durability. Our runner up is the Keter Job Box which is more compartmentalised and affordable and a toolbox brand we had never considered before. Read on further to find out what more these models have to offer.


Stanley 1-94-850 FatMax ProMobile JobChest
Certainly worth every penny, this product strikes a good balance between price and storage capacity offered. This model is weatherproof and comes with little nifty features like a portable tray for your small tools. It is easy to transport and it can be locked to protect your tools. Designed to fit both professional and domestic purposes, this toolbox is a winner. Those in search of a large toolbox that has a loosely defined storage design will benefit from using this model.


Keter 17203037 KET17203037 Wheeled Job Box
Designed to offer optimised storage, the cantilever style toolbox reveals all its contents once opened which is good if you work in a busy environment where you need to pick something real quick. The partitioning of the toolbox allows tools of different sizes to be stored. The toolbox is additionally water and dustproof meaning that your tools will be protected. Costing less than our best pick, this model will be a good fit for those looking for an affordable medium-sized toolbox.


Dirty Pro Tools Large Tool Chest
It not only offers a large capacity but also provides diverse compartments to hold your tools. The metal toolbox is durable and it comes with wheels to make moving from one location to the next easy. You can store tools that you don’t want to displace in the lockable top chest. Costing less than our best pick, this model would be suitable for those in search of a large metal cabinet to store their tools who don’t need a portable toolbox to take from job to job.

The following products represent some of the more trusted toolboxes. You will get to understand their various pros and cons and therefore be in a position to make an informed decision.

Below we get straight into the detailed reviews followed by a detailed buyer’s guide with buyers tips and what to look out for, finally, we finish up with a quick summary and final conclusion with a few of our favourite most impressive models. 

Let us begin:

Top 10 Tool Box Reviews

1. Stanley 1-94-850 FatMax ProMobile JobChest


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Stanley 1-94-850 FatMax ProMobile JobChest

The Stanley 1-94-850 FatMax ProMobile JobChest is stylish and offers a large capacity of 30gallons. This is adequate space for you to organise and store your tools, whether at home or at the workshop. You even have the option to store your tools vertically without disorganising the layout of the box.

Well designed and durable, the Stanley toolbox features an all-round water seal. This water seal prevents water from entering the box and causing damage to your tools. If you are on the worksite and it starts raining, you can be sure that your tools will remain dry. The lid comes with a lock that has a weatherproof cap. The weatherproof cap prevents the elements from damaging the locks. The lid is additionally designed to hold tools like saws because it features a clamp to hold them in place.

Inside the toolbox is a portable tray that holds small tools. This tray sits neatly on the rim of the toolbox for easy access. There is also a V- groove on the toolbox just in case you need to do some sawing. Overall, this compact toolbox is easy to use and maneuver around with. The telescopic handle and durable wheels make it easy to transport from one location to the next.


  • Compact tool box for professional or home use.
  • Features a sizable capacity to store your tools.
  • Comes with heavy-duty wheels and a telescopic handle for easy manoeuvrability.
  • It has a weatherproof lock mechanism to keep your tools safe.
  • Features an all-round water seal to keep moisture out.
  • Permits the vertical storage of tools.


  • It could do with more sections for more detailed organisation.

Our recommendation

The Stanley 1-94-850 FatMax ProMobile JobChest is an excellent option if you are looking for a large toolbox. The toolbox provides a large capacity of 30 gallons and it is designed to protect your tools from moisture damage. The large box can be transported easily and if you are careful, it will serve you for a long time.

If you are a detailed organiser, then this box might not be it for you. It needs a few more sections to create space for the detailed organisation of tools like the RIDGID 54358 Professional Tool Storage System. Also, you might want to be careful not to go banging the toolbox around because the material used is not as durable as metal. Other than that, the toolbox would be a good addition to your workshop.

2. Keter 17203037 KET17203037 Wheeled Job Box


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Keter 17203037 KET17203037 Wheeled Job Box

The Keter Wheeled Job Box is a sturdy medium-sized model that will keep your tools in an organised manner. The 57litre toolbox opens up to reveal several compartments that are used to store various tools. There are smaller compartments for the smaller tools and the central compartment intended for the larger tools.

To protect your tools from dust and water, the toolbox is designed to be weatherproof and dust resistant. Once you lock the lid, you can be sure that your tools are safe. The lid possesses metal latches that can be locked with a padlock. The padlock is not provided and therefore, you are free to use your favourite brand of locks.

The toolbox is designed to facilitate easy maneuverability by the addition of wheels. The durable rubber wheels in conjunction with the soft-grip handle make moving the toolbox a breeze. This affordable toolbox is made of durable plastic so you can expect some good years of service from this model.


  • It is a sturdy and durable toolbox.
  • Offers different sized compartments to house different tools.
  • Features wheels and an ergonomic handle for easy transportation.
  • The toolbox can be locked to protect its contents.
  • It is weatherproof and dust-resistant therefore, maintaining the condition of your tools.


  • It needs an additional handle to facilitate easy pickup.

Our recommendation

The Keter 17203037 KET17203037 Wheeled Job Box comes with a design that allows for easy access to your tools. The compartments neatly hold the tools without the toolbox looking crowded. For those who want a toolbox that opens up to expose all the tools at once, this would be a good option.

The toolbox is not large but it offers decent space to hold DIY or a professional set of tools. It also helps that the toolbox is more affordable compared to the high-end models. If you are looking for a toolbox that offers good value for money, this model should be amongst your options.

 3. Dirty Pro Tools Large Tool Chest With Draw Divider


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Dirty Pro Tools Large Tool Chest With Draw Divider

The Dirty Pro Tool large tool chest with drawer divider is quite a looker and one impressive piece of kit that comes at a very reasonable price. The unit comes designed with castor wheels to help with easy transportation and to balance the weight of the unit. The red and black toolbox has a steel frame that is able to keep up with constant use. This means it is great for anyone wanting a toolbox they are moving around such as in a garage or workshop.

At 30kg it’s a fairly heavy piece of kit but has the ability to store a number of different tools. This is facilitated by the different chest and compartments available. Another great feature is that you can store the smaller tools, especially expensive ones like laser levels etc in the lockable chest above and place the large tools in the drawers that have ball bearing runners so are super smooth. You will notice small handles that help you pull the drawers out easily which are also a nice touch.

As I have already mentioned, operating the drawers won’t have any snags when pulled out due to the ballpoint design and well placed rollers. The drawers have anti-slip mats in them. The function of these mats is to prevent the tools from slamming into the sides when the drawer is opened/closed.

Another additional feature is the hooks installed on the side of the box. The hooks can be used to hang hats/cords and other equipment that can’t fit inside the toolbox. Two handles are placed on either side of the toolbox to pull or push the machine from one location to the next.


  • Large toolbox able to store a larger amount of tools from screwdrivers to spanners to just about any tool you can imagine.
  • It is a heavy unit; the castor wheels help move the unit with ease so you can quickly move it around and have all your tools to hand.
  • Offers several compartments for the varied size of tools.
  • Top chest is lockable to keep valuable tools from getting lost.
  • Additional hooks are installed for better storage of wires/torches.
  • Smooth draws thanks to the ball bearing runners.
  • Width 610 x Depth 330 x Height 1080mm with castors on (1000 mm height without castors)


  • Interlock switch is needed to prevent the drawers from opening without assistance.

Our recommendation

The Dirty Pro Tools large tool chest is one of the best large toolboxes we have seen and worth the price because it offers unlimited storage for those with a large number of tools. We are impressed by the variety of features offered, including the lockable chest. Well, it is not fully professional for workmen and probably not quite up to being in a busy garage but it can nonetheless do a lovely job and is more than good enough for anyone looking for a decent toolbox for their own garage at home or DIY workshop.

Watch out for the castor wheels because they aren’t lockable. So always make sure that the unit is positioned on a flat surface to prevent it from rolling away.

Overall we think it’s a brilliant toolbox and would make a great addition to anyone looking for a large but affordable toolbox, some similar models would cost upwards of £600 making this model seem like pocket change.

4. Stanley 1-70-326 3-in-1 Mobile Work Centre

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Stanley 1-70-326 3-in-1 Mobile Work Centre

The Stanley 1-70-326 3-in-1 Mobile Work Centre is a dependable toolbox on wheels but only for lighter use. Great for personal use but probably not the best choice for professional use. The large wheels balance the weight of the unit and affect easy movements. The unit consists of three sections. The larger section at the bottom is used for the larger-sized tools whilst the middle section is perfect for small items and accessories, and then the top holds smaller tools like screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters etc.

The top compartment can be removed to offer easy access to the accessories tray and tools at the bottom of the box. This is especially handy if you have many tools that need to be transported in one go. Smaller tools that tend to get lost easily can be placed in the smaller compartments available in the top box.

Weighing in at 2.6kg and measuring 47.5 x 28.4 x 63cm it is an easy toolbox to work with. The handle is well placed to help you steer the box, even when it’s full. You can secure the contents of the box using the latches provided. Different people use different methods to secure the latch, so use the method that feels safest to you.

When work is done, the two boxes are placed on top of each other with the accessories tray in between. A strong metal latch acts as the joint between the two main boxes. That way, the entire unit can be stored securely without tipping over.


  • Perfect good-sized toolbox for home use.
  • The toolbox can be split into three sections for storing different types of tools as well as accessories.
  • Adequate compartments for both large and small tools.
  • Features 7 inch wheels to facilitate easy transportation.
  • Ergonomic handles support the weight of the unit without tagging much on the user’s muscles.


  • Plastic construction is vulnerable to damage and wear.
  • It is not to bad for the price, but could be better.

Our recommendation

The Stanley 1-70-326 3-in-1 Mobile Work Centre is good if you are looking for dual storage that has a small footprint and a separate accessories tray for storing screws and other small bits and pieces. The two compartments can store tools well bearing in mind the general size of tools.

What is flawed about this product is that the construction is not so good. If it falls over the shell could incur some damage because it’s not as robust as you might expect.

The toolbox is appropriate for those with limited space but who own a lot of tools. It is a solution to simple storage for an affordable price. For something a little better we recommend looking at the Stanley 192902 Professional Mobile Tool Chest which we review further down.

5. Faithfull 17-inch TBC517 Metal Cantilever Tool Box

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Faithfull 17-inch TBC517 Metal Cantilever Tool Box

The Faithfull 17inch TBC517 Metal Cantilever Tool Box arrives in a fetching colour and at first, appears a little smaller than you might think but obviously very well designed. The unit opens up to display a 5-layer tray that can store different tools according to the user’s preference. The design offers a compact way to store a number of tools and with easier hold a good 20kg of tools no problem.

Durability is a factor that most people consider because they want their toolboxes to last. Metal boxes are preferred for this reason. This toolbox is fully metal meaning that you can trust the strength and security. The handle is designed in a tubular shape to appear very strong and comfortable to carry.

The box is only 17 inches long so be sure to double-check it is big enough, at around 3.2kgs is fairly lightweight, however, it may not contain some tools comfortably because of its size. The box can be locked for security purposes which is also an added bonus. This is convenient for workmen who need to keep a track of their tools. You will have to purchase the lock yourself because it isn’t supplied with one, but overall, it’s a great toolbox that is made to last.


  • Strong construction ensures long life span.
  • Opens and closes the box as it is lifted and lowered.
  • Contains a number of tools without enlarging the footprint.
  • The box can be locked enforcing the security of the contents.


  • The layers don’t open fully to let the user scan the contents of the box.
  • Not large enough to contain large tools.
  • May not be strong enough to be used around a building site situation. 

Our recommendation

The Faithfull TBC517 Metal Cantilever Tool Box is a lovely metal box to have but for sizeable tools. The larger tools will not be able to fit in the small compartments. The box takes up little space and would make an appropriate starter toolbox. For heavier tools, one should seek a larger box.

Those who need a strong metal box for their small home tools can purchase this box and will probably think it’s just the business. For DIY enthusiasts, this toolbox would be adequate and comes at a very affordable price. Be sure to find a small sizeable lock that can’t easily be broken into to help keep your tools secure. Having said that, it wouldn’t help if someone stole the whole box.

If you would prefer a larger toolbox that is very similar in design take a look at the Laser Toolbox that we have reviewed further down.

6. Stanley 26-inch 195620 Galvanised Metal Toolbox

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Stanley 26-inch 195620 Galvanised Metal Toolbox

The Stanley 26 inch 195620 Galvanised Metal Toolbox is a heavy-duty box that can be adopted for both tradesmen and domestic use. The construction of the box can be trusted to provide durability and safe storage thanks to its rustproof galvanised finish and robust plastic construction making it suitable for even the most demanding site. The unit weighs 3kgs so it’s a heavy piece of kit, however, with the extra weight you get the extra quality, in total it measures 66 x 29.5 x 22.5cm so will comfortably hold a decent amount of work tools.

The galvanised sides are installed to ensure that the box does not succumb to impact damage or rust. If you are working in areas that have high humid conditions, the box will keep your tools dry and safe from harm.

To prevent just anyone from accessing the unit, heavy latches have been fixed to the box. The latches won’t rust either therefore jamming is not on the list of problems. To move the unit, a soft padded handle is featured. The handle can conveniently be folded into the structure to keep it out of the way.

The top of the toolbox features a honeycomb design to provide extra strength from impact. If you want to access your tools, the partly removable tray will come to your aid. All tools have diversified compartments where organisation is possible. A final little design feature some will appreciate is the saw groove that can hold pipes and wood that you may need to cut. Finally, it is also lockable with a padlock for a little extra security.


  • Well-constructed with galvanised sides to protect from rust and add extra strength.
  • The tray is partly removable for easy identification of tools.
  • The box is lockable for security purposes.
  • Foldable and ergonomic handle for easy movements.
  • Seems strong enough to stand on.


  • Opening the latches requires a little force.
  • Provides only one compartment for smaller sized screws/nails.

Our recommendation

The Stanley 195620 Galvanised Metal Toolbox is a good product from Stanley and a great choice for the trade because it’s definitely one of the better boxes in terms of quality.

We love the galvanised sides because they provide an extra layer of protection and add an aesthetic appeal as well. We are impressed by the security of the latches but remember to put a bit more muscle into it for the first few times. The handle is also pretty comfortable when carrying a considerable number of tools.

Overall it’s a good box that you can purchase for affordable pricing. If you are looking for something with a similar build quality for trade use then our next review might be a better option which is also by Stanley.

7. Stanley 192902 Professional Mobile Tool Chest

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Stanley 192902 Professional Mobile Tool Chest

The Stanley 192902 Professional Mobile Tool Chest is a dependable heavy-duty toolbox with wheels making it easy to move your tools around the site. The 6kg unit is made mobile by the heavy-duty wheels on the back. The user can pull it along wherever they go. The overall dimensions of the box measure 61.3 x 37.5 x 41.9cm which gives you plenty of space for your tools.

The unit has two compartments meant for light and heavy tools. The top part stores the smaller screws and tools whilst the lower bit takes in the larger tools. As you would expect the tray is removable to gain access to the lower unit. The polycarbonate tray is durable and compartmentalised to help with easy organisation.

There are two handles present on this toolbox. A top handle that lifts the top box up and the second handle that pulls out and folds away is responsible for moving the whole unit by pulling it on the two wheels. Both handles are ergonomically designed and are capable of offering comfort and function.

Security is an important feature, which is why lockable units are preferred, especially if you leave your toolbox around on site while attending to jobs. This is a unit that understands the need for security. There is a durable latch presented that can be locked by a sizeable padlock.


  • Adequate storage provided for both small and large tools and a handy pull out tray for accessories.
  • Strong latch that is lockable to keep your tools safe.
  • Ergonomic handles that provide comfort despite the weight of the tools.
  • Pull out handle and two large wheels make moving your tools around much easier.
  • Groove on the top so you can place pipes or wood into to make it easier to cut.


  • The handles feel a bit flimsy, especially when the toolbox is full.
  • Plastic material seems a little vulnerable to damage.

Our recommendation

The Stanley 192902 Professional Mobile Tool Chest is a well-designed toolbox and a great model for those looking for a model with wheels. We like the fact that the wheels help you drag it around. It offers a very easy way to store your tools offering two major compartments. The price compared to the features offered is fair. We would recommend that this unit be used by those who indulge in activities occasionally and need to carry around heavy tools and need a toolbox that makes moving tools around a site much easier.

The strength of the shell could be better and may not withstand constant use without a bit of wear and tear. DIY enthusiasts should take a look at this model. They may find that it fits well in a domestic home. Less motion is offered inside homes thus prolonging the service life but making it easy to move your tools around.

8. Laser 21 inch – 3487 Tool Box With 7 Trays

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Laser 21 inch - 3487 Tool Box With 7 Trays

The 21 inches Laser 3487 Toolbox is another metal box but it has a little more space than the Faithful model we reviewed earlier. Metal boxes are quite simple in design and have always been popular and this model is no different. The two handles open the box up to display the contents. The material used to build the toolbox is strong and can contain a number of tools with ease without buckling under the weight.

The box unfolds to reveal 7 layers of differentiated sizes where you can store your various tools, the red finish that was transferred into the interior gives it a rather pleasing look. Units that are designed like this take up a small footprint and personally we think they are very well designed. This makes them easy to store away under surfaces and garages.

The handles are tubular to prevent the weight from taking a toll on the user’s hands. It features a small hole where small-sized padlocks can be squeezed in for a little extra security. The unit measures 53.6 x 22.4 x 16.2cm so as you can see it’s a decent sized toolbox.


  • Offers compartmentalised sections to keep various sizes of tools.
  • The unit is lockable making it secure from theft.
  • Offers durability for the right price.

Our recommendation

The Laser 3487 7 Tray Toolbox can be described as efficient and fairly well built and is probably a better alternative to the Faithful model we have also reviewed. The toolbox isn’t fit for professional standards because it cannot contain large equipment. However, for the user who is not storing heavy equipment, it is perfect. It is not a heavy toolbox to carry making it user-friendly for smaller-sized users.

We recommend this unit for medium use because we think it may not handle professional demands. Domestic and DIY applications will be the perfect fit for this model. We love the red interior and exterior. It reminds you of the toolbox that your grandfather had in his tool shed. If you can afford it, we don’t see why not.

9. Stanley STST1-71963 3-In-1 Tool Organiser

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Stanley STST1-71963 3-In-1 Tool Organiser

The Stanley STST1-71963 3-In-1 Tool Organiser looks like something that could be really useful, which it certainly is, but it does have its drawbacks depending on what you want to carry. The design is very geometric but rather attractive in a weird sense. The 2kg unit measures 43 x 30 x 25cm so overall it is a decent size for carrying a drill, bits and pieces and maybe a hammer and screwdrivers. It can contain a number of tools but not at a professional level.

The toolbox is divided into sections that can accommodate the varied sizes of tools which is a good design feat. Each compartment is further divided to help the user organise their tools in an orderly manner. Some parts are movable to create more room. The plastic lid over every compartment is transparent to facilitate the easy identification of tools. They are easy to pry open making them accessible.

A convenient handle has been placed in a centralised position to help the user be able to balance the weight of the box. The handle is ergonomic therefore your muscles won’t be strained to the point of discomfort.


  • Features compartmentalised parts that aid the user in arranging the box neatly.
  • The handle is ergonomic and well positioned to avoid straining the user.
  • Quality strong construction that can take some impact without breaking.


  • Cannot be locked as no provision is made.
  • The middle compartment is limited by what it can carry because it’s not very deep.

Our recommendation

The Stanley STST1-71963 3-In-1 Tool Organiser would be appropriate when working in an impact-risk environment. The casing makes it hard for the tools to get damaged when closed because it does seem very robust. Even when the casing is open the respective compartments still remain sealed.

We love the compartmentalisation strategy that lets small and large tools stay separate. No more losing screws in a sea of wires. The price of the unit is manageable and the quality is not bad at all. If you are loyal to the brand and you feel it appeals to you, why not?

The only downside we found is that the middle compartment does not seem deep enough to hold much, except for maybe a hammer and a few screwdrivers.

Overall, a great toolbox but just be aware of the middle section limitation.

10. RIDGID 54358 Professional Tool Storage System

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RIDGID 54358 Professional Tool Storage System

The RIDGID 54358 Professional Tool Storage System is designed to provide maximum functionality and style. The stacked-up system provides different levels to store different sized tools. The toolboxes are made of high-impact resin and thus, they can provide durability. The stack comprises a mobile tool cart, a medium and organiser toolbox.

All of the toolboxes in the stack feature a water and dust-resistant seal. The seals aim to ensure that your tools are kept in a dry and clean environment. The boxes also feature heavy metal latches that secure the contents inside. The boxes can be locked to prevent any unauthorised people from accessing your tools. The lock is not provided thus it has to be purchased independently.

The boxes are stacked using strong connectors to prevent them from toppling over. Once the boxes are stacked they create a compact structure that is easy to move around. The mobile tool cart has a telescopic handle and the lower box possesses rubber wheels to effect easy maneuverability.

Weighing 16.2kg and offering a total capacity of 180kgs in total, this tool storage system comes with a lifetime warranty. Read the terms and conditions of the warranty to get a better understanding of what the manufacturer will cover.


  • Offers adequate space to store various sizes of tools.
  • Made of high-impact resin thus providing durability.
  • Sturdy and it offers good value for money.
  • The boxes can be stacked for easy maneuverability.
  • Features wheels and a telescopic handle for smooth transportation.
  • It has dust and water seals to protect the tools from damage.


  • The wheels are a little prone to damage.

Our recommendation

The RIDGID 54358 Professional Tool Storage System would perform well in both professional and home settings. The system provides adequate space for a varied number of tools and it is easy to transport. If you want to want to invest once in a premium-priced toolbox, this system is perfect for you. We love that it comes with a lifetime warranty and that it is easily stackable. For the price that you pay for this storage system, you can rest easy knowing that you got good value for money.

The Buyer’s Guide 

When it comes to purchasing a toolbox, many will agree it’s a tough decision to make before you can get the right toolbox that you’re comfortable with. Given there’s a large variety of toolboxes in terms of size, drawers, storage pockets, and prices, one may find it difficult to make an informed decision.

There are a couple of factors to consider while selecting your preferred toolbox to purchase. You need to consider the uses, number of tools you have, construction material, and its primary use. Durability is important for any toolbox. You need a toolbox that will be able to serve you for a long time without breaking down or having to replace it from time to time. Consider the factors below to get the best toolbox:

Type of Toolbox 

It may seem obvious but the type of toolbox you eventually settle for must cater to the needs of your tools. You should consider where you will be using the toolbox and whether it will be moved around or kept stationary. You should also consider if it will be used indoors or outdoors. Engineers might prefer a different type of toolbox to the one a carpenter would prefer. Here are a few general types of toolboxes on the market to help you determine which one fits your needs:

  • The Basic Metal Toolbox: This toolbox is considered to be highly functional and robustly built to hold more tools for a longer period of time. Most brands will last a lifetime due to their metallic durability. For the stationary consumer, this would be a good choice to store all your tool effectively in a dry environment.
  • Rolling Toolboxes: Rolling toolboxes are ideal for consumers who need to transport heavy tools and equipment around. These are for the mobile consumer. The rolling toolbox has sets of polyurethane wheels with a handle for easy movement to your next destination.
  • Hand carry toolboxes – When you want to move around with your tools, plastic or steel portable toolboxes come in very handy. Removing the hassle of a rolling toolbox or carrying a number of small toolboxes. You might need to keep a portable toolbox handy even if you have your normal large tool chest because it’s handy for outside jobs. You don’t want to be dragging all this weight around.
  • Waterproof toolboxes – These toolboxes come installed with an all-round water seal that makes sure your tools remain safe and dry. They are commonly made of structural foam to enhance their strength and also has an extra-large storage space complete with a lid for ease of access. On the other hand, it’s tough but soft ergonomic grip handling allows for heavy loads to be easily carried and stored.

Toolbox Sizes 

For many people, their tools are scattered all over the house, office or workshop. Before choosing a toolbox for your usage, it’s important to take note of how many tools you actually have. You’d be surprised to find out an inexpensive small toolbox may not be enough to hold all of the tools you need and therefore end up with multiple small toolboxes.

Further to this, you may also want to consider the type of tools you have. Are they small and delicate? Are they large and heavy? Size and weight are key factors to consider before choosing the right size toolbox. At any given time, a larger toolbox is often the best choice allowing you room to properly store your tools and also expand your tools collection.

Monetary Budget 

Having considered the variety of toolboxes to choose from, then comes the budget discussion. Many options are available for the low cost, mid-range and expensive toolboxes you can purchase. Before setting out for a toolbox, set aside a minimum budget for what you eventually wish to spend. Setting a budget for an item enhances your ability to work with the general concept behind a toolbox; proper and careful storage of your tools.

Purpose of the toolbox 

You need to ask yourself a few questions about what you intend to use the toolbox for. Do you simply wish to organise all your tools into one central location? Or are you looking for an easy way to take your tools with you to off-site locations? It is therefore the most important step to make before making your purchase. This will inform whether you need to buy a rolling toolbox to move your tools around or get a robust metal toolbox with enough storage and load capacity.

Tools are generally expensive and important such that most jobs cannot be performed without them. Your toolbox is as important.

Load Capacity 

Any toolbox’s loading capacity can be easily determined using the material it is manufactured from and tools therein. The type of tools one prefers in their box will greatly define the weight that it can eventually hold. Each toolbox comes with a pre-set maximum storage capacity to make the owner aware of its threshold limits and also avoid any kind of accident whilst transporting or carrying it around.

Final Conclusion

As you can see, it is easy to be spoilt for choice as there are many wonderful toolboxes on the market. You may be looking at our best pick for its capacity, our runner-up model for its design or our best tool cabinet for its durability. Regardless, it is important to bear in mind the kind of toolbox that will hold all your tools in an organised manner. Only you know which of these will make the best toolbox and we trust that you will make the right decision.

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