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Last updated on January 8th, 2021

Have your hand and arm ever ached from hours of using a sanding block to smooth out boards for your garden fence? Or perhaps you’ve experienced the stress of trying to remove old varnish from your family’s heirloom china cabinet before you revarnish it. Suffer no more. Read our review of the Best Orbital Sanders to find your next favourite power tool.

We don’t just give you a list of the best orbital sanders out there. We’ve produced a Buyer’s Guide that explains the different types of orbital sanders available and tells you about the features that are necessary and those that are nice to have. For example, a good dust collection system is a must and a variety of sanding disc sizes is a nice-to-have. And then we include the individual reviews of the best orbital sanders, along with the features, pros and cons of each model.

Our Best Pick among the orbital sanders we review is the Bosch Professional GEX 125-150 AVE Corded Random Orbit Sander. This is a professional quality sander that has all the features you need for even the most ambitious home DIY project.

The Metabo SXE450 240V Orbit Sander is the Runner-up in this review. It doesn’t have quite all the features of the Best Pick but it’s powerful and solid enough for most DIY tasks around the home and even professional tradesmen.


The Bosch Professional GEX 125-150 AVE Corded Random Orbit Sander
The Bosch Professional GEX 125-150 AVE Corded Random Orbit Sander is our Best Pick of the orbital sanders in this review. Operating with a 400W motor, this orbital sander powers your choice of sanding pad size: 150mm and 125mm. Use the smaller pad for difficult-to-get-to areas and the larger pad for quicker coverage. You can also select the speed you sand at from 5,500rpm to 12,000rpm, with the higher speed perfect for the roughest sanding jobs.

Lightweight and with two ergonomically positioned handles, this orbital sander has comfort and ease in mind. The sanding paper is held on by Velcro, making it easy to remove and change. The dust is collected in the translucent box or, optionally, you can hook the sander up to a vacuum/extractor system.

The Bosch Professional GEX 125-150 AVE Corded Random Orbit Sander is a powerful sander with all the features you need for your woodworking and other projects.


Metabo SXE450 240V Orbit Sander
The Runner-up in our Best Orbital Sander review is the Metabo SXE450 240V Orbit Sander. With its two oscillation settings for fine and coarse work, this orbital sander covers all of your woodworking sanding needs from the most fragile in the home to the most robust in the garden.

The Metabo SXE450 sander is a little heavier than our best pick, the Bosch Professional GEX 125-150 AVE, but it has Intec technology that reduces the vibrations by 25%. Along with the soft-grip surface, this makes it comfortable to use, even for a longer period.

This orbital sander runs at 8,000 to 12,000rpm so it isn’t as finely tuned as the Bosch Professional Model. However, its long 4m (13 feet) cord lets you take it throughout the home and into the garden without worrying about finding an extension cord.

The Metabo SXE450 240V Orbit Sander is a worthy runner-up that will be enough for all your DIY personal projects.

Top 6 Orbital Sander Reviews

The products that are some of the best products in the market with regards to orbital sanders. They are capable of producing quality finishes and serving with longevity.

Read through the products to determine which one works best for you:

1. Bosch Professional GEX 125-150 AVE Corded Random Orbit Sander


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Bosch Professional GEX 125-150 AVE Random Orbit Sander Review


  • Powerful 400w motor and 6 speeds with a choice of using 150 mm or 125 mm sanding pad diameter 
  • It is a low vibration unit thus providing a less muscle/health strained environment.
  • Features varied sander sized discs to offer more working options.
  • Small, lightweight and easy to steer making work seamless.
  • Offers varied speeds for different finishes and contains a friction brake for emergency stops.
  • Fitted with a dust port that can be connected to a workshop vacuum.
  • Offers a storage box and ample cord for use.

The Bosch Professional GEX 125-150 AVE Corded Random Orbit Sander is one that is designed to operate with low vibration and is a good alternative to the Dewalt model we have just reviewed. To be honest it probably has the same vibration as the Dewalt model from what we have seen but overall, what an amazing sander and this model does include a box which is a bonus.

This random sander operates on a 400-watt motor. This motor with an easy start is able to power 150mm diameter pad and keep it running for as long as you require. The friction brake is there just in case you need to stop suddenly, this is great as you can put it straight down rather than wait for the motor to stop. On another note If you find the 150mm sanding pad large, you can switch to the smaller 125mm pad. Convenient isn’t it?

Varied speeds are important for varied finishes. This unit is no different, it houses variable speeds from 5500-12000 rpm. The orbital stroke is approximated between 11000-24000opm. As you can see this offers a high speed that you will appreciate especially when dealing with difficult sanding jobs on rough material.

To replace the sanding paper, you simply use the Velcro aided mechanism provided. It is simple and fast since you just patch it in. The sanding unit is separated from the motor to effect constant working contact with the surface in question.

When working all the dust collected is led to the translucent dust box. This compartment is said to collect 81% of the dust over a 25-minute sanding session. If you choose not to use the microfilter dust box, you can attach a compatible vacuum for easy disposal, we think that you would need a Bosch model of vacuum to fit without any attachments so it’s worth bearing this in mind.

The sander is designed to have an oscillating circuit diameter of 4mm. The 2.5kg unit is fitted with ergonomic handles that allow the user to find the perfect balance. The main handle is positioned in such a way that even without the auxiliary handle, the movement is unencumbered.

The size of the product is 17 x 13 x 37 cm so a similar size to the DeWalt alternative.


  • Lacks an adapter from the sander to the workshop vacuum and may only fit Bosch vacuum as standard without extra attachments.

Final Conclusion

The Bosch Professional GEX 125-150 AVE Corded Random Orbit Sander is a well-made and reliable oscillating sander and is a great alternative to the DeWalt model we looked at. This short unit is comfortable to use due to the size of it and the fact that it has a low vibration. This unit impressed by offering varied sized sander discs for those who need smaller or larger discs.

We appreciate the provision of a carriage box since it affects compact storage and not all models come with a storage box. Ultimately the only flaw with this product is the fact that it lacks a dust extractor adapter. This is manageable however since an adapter can be purchased separately at not much cost.

Other than that, you can trust the Bosch Professional GEX 125-150 AVE Orbit Sander to do the work at hand without fail. Personally we feel the DeWalt model is a little better but if you usually use Bosch tools this is a great model for looking for a good sander for professional use.

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2. Metabo SXE450 240V Orbit Sander


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Metabo SXE450 240V Orbit Sander our runner-up model

The Metabo SXE450 240V Orbit Sander is a random orbital sander that can handle your heavy and light sanding jobs. Its high-powered 350W motor makes easy work of the heavy labour of sanding paint off wooden boards at the higher oscillation setting. Yet the lower oscillation setting is well suited for the delicate work of removing a fine layer of varnish from your treasured family heirloom dining table. You choose what speed to use the sander at by adjusting the convenient thumbwheel.

This random orbital sander is designed to be ergonomically easy to hold. It’s compact and weighs just 2.2kg (5.3 pounds). Adding to your comfort is the gearing that has a bearing system that produces 25% less vibration than similar orbital sanders. This places less stress on your hand, wrist and arms and won’t tire you as much when you use the tool. The soft-grip surface also helps. 

The efficiency of orbital sanders means that they produce lots of fine particle dust that is dangerous to breathe in. The Metabo SXE450 has an Intec dust filter that removes these particles. It works best if you hook it up to a regular vacuum cleaner/extractor that pulls the particles away from the bottom of the sander as soon as they are created. This model has a Turbo-boost function that directs more power to the extractor to remove more particles when you’re sanding heavy or rugged wood. You can use the dust filter without an extractor as the sander comes with a textile dust bag that’s easy to empty.

As the Metabo SXE450 comes with only one sheet of sandpaper, make sure to buy more when you purchase this product. The diameter of the backing pad is 150mm (6 inches) so you’ll need sandpaper sheets of this size or larger. You may also want to consider the optional storage case if you don’t have shelf space in your workshop to store it. You probably won’t have to buy an extension cord as this orbital sander has a 4m-long (13 feet) cord of its own. If you register your sander online with the manufacturer within four weeks of purchase, they’ll extend their standard warranty to three years.


  • Random orbital sander for all your sanding jobs in the home.
  • 350W motor gives an adjustable no-load speed of 4,200 – 11,000 rpm.
  • Weighs 2.2kg (5.3 pounds) so you won’t tire too easily when using it for extended periods.
  • Orbit diameter 2.8mm (1/8 inch) is standard for these sanders.
  • Two oscillation settings for coarse and fine sanding and removal.
  • Intec dust filter unit to remove the fine particles produced by the sanding before you breathe them in.
  • Ergonomically designed with 25% fewer vibrations than other orbital sanders to reduce your tiredness when working.
  • Comes with: sander; one sanding sheet; collection cartridge; additional handle; and a hexagonal spanner.
  • Cable length of 4m (13 feet) reduces the need for an extension cord.
  • Storage case available for an additional cost.
  • Three-year warranty if you register the product online within four weeks of purchase.


  • Dust filter bag gets full quickly.
  • Difficult to tell which oscillation setting you are in.

Final Conclusion

The Metabo SXE450 240V Orbit Sander is a corded random orbit sander that will cover the whole spectrum of sanding jobs you have in the home. From gentle work on delicate heirloom wood through to more vigorous sanding on rough fence boards, this random orbit sander will let you produce your best work.

The long (4m; 13 feet) cord lets you take the sander wherever you need it, as does it’s lightweight and compact design. Its 350W motor supports two oscillating speeds, each of which produces less vibration than a regular orbital sander. And the efficient dust filter can hook up to a vacuum extractor to keep the immediate vicinity clear from harmful fine particles. All of this adds up to a powerful sander that’s comfortable and safe to use.

If you don’t use the dust filter with a vacuum extractor, online reviewers say that the included textile dust bag fills up quickly on big jobs and needs to be emptied often. In addition, while it’s great to have the two oscillating settings, it’s difficult to tell from the thumbwheel which setting you are in.

These are inconveniences rather than problems. And that’s why we’re impressed enough with the Metabo SXE450 240V Orbit Sander to make it the Runner-up in our review of the Best Orbital Sanders.

3. Makita BO5041 Random Orbit Sander

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Makita BO5041 240 V Random Orbit Sander Review


  • Perfect for DIY enthusiast for sanding smaller surfaces as well as for home use
  • Powerful 400w motor that produces an impressive 8000-24000 strokes per minute and constant speed under pressure. 
  • Lightweight at only 1.4kg with an adjustable front handle to access tight corners more easily.
  • Contains a lock-off switch for user comfo?rt.
  • Built-in dust collection system.
  • Adequate cord supplied for easy reach.
  • Features a simple to use sandpaper changing mechanism.
  • Adapter provided to connect the sander to a workshop vacuum.
  • Available at a pocket-friendly price.
  • 3-year warranty for full peace of mind.

The Makita BO5041 Random Orbit Sander with its adjustable and removable handle is an adaptable sander and a great choice for smaller sanding jobs such as sanding furniture and skirting boards. The adjustable front handle lets you rotate the unit just in case you find yourself working in a confined area. The padded handles provide comfort and much-needed grip, especially when working with had stock.

The 300-watt unit operates with variable speeds between 8000-24000rpm. This speed is fast enough to provide adequate polished finishes. The sander comes with a sanding diameter of 125mm so is a little smaller than the previous two models we have looked at but it also has a retail price of half the price. Unfortunately, there are no sanding papers provided accept for one abrasive disc, therefore you will have to purchase them separately so be sure to add them to your order if you choose this model.

Features such as dust ports cannot be overlooked. This unit can be hooked to a dust collection compartment or a vacuum with ease. This means that you can keep your workshop floor tidy at all times. To replace worn-out sandpaper, the sander uses the hook and loop mechanism we have previously seen on other models. As previously mentioned this takes a short time meaning you can get back to work even faster.

Weighing in at 1.4 kg, the unit is fitted with oversized ball bearings and is a lot lighter than the other models we have looked at. The sealed bearings make certain that no accidental debris or dirt gets to affect the motor. Once you activate the sander, you can initiate the lock off switch. This allows you to work continuously without having to press down on the trigger continually.

This unit is supplied with a 3-year warranty that you can activate if you face problems with the quality of the product.


  • Sandpaper replacement mechanisms need improvement so as to prevent fiddly work.
  • The dust collector needs to be improved as it’s not as effective as some may like.
  • Lacks a carriage/storage box.

Final Conclusion

The Makita BO5041 Random Orbit Sander is a good choice for lightweight sanding making it perfect for the home DIY enthusiast. We really like the sander’s adjustable handles since they let you get to the restricted areas making it very convenient for working in smaller spaces. This sander would do well in any small workshop due to its vacuum compatibility and affordable prices but would be better suited for home DIY use.

Overall if your looking for a smaller orbital sander under £100 this model could be within budget, a great little sander and the 3-year warranty provides further peace of mind.

If you are looking for a stronger sander for larger workpieces,  the DeWalt D26410 Random Orbital Sander would be a better investment but is more expensive but will handle just about anything you through at it.

4. Ryobi R18ROS-0 ONE+ Random Orbit Sander

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Ryobi R18ROS-0 ONE+ Random Orbit Sander Review


  • Offers up to 40 minutes of running time when used with a 5Ah battery.
  • Light and easy to steer due to well-designed handles and lightweight design at only 1.56kg with the battery fitted.
  • The unit has a blue indicator to let the user know that it is on and powered.
  • Supplied with different coarse sized papers for the user to make use of.
  • The sander is compatible with workshop vacuums, therefore, making cleaning an easy process.
  • 3 years warranty for full peace of mind.

The Ryobi R18ROS-0 ONE+ Random Orbit Sander is the first cordless model in our review and the first point we would like to make it that not all sets come with a battery and charger as this model can be used with batteries from other compatible Ryobi tools you may have, just bare this in mind when comparing prices. This model is powered by a Lithium-ion battery that is able to store energy for long periods without losing its charge as older type batteries do. The 18v battery-powered model can handle light-medium sanding applications with ease. Remember the batteries and charger are bought independently unless you find a set which includes the battery and charger, a 5.0 Ah (RB18L50) battery will give you around 40 minutes run time.

The sanding paper disc is estimated to be 125mm with a diameter of the orbit of 2.5mm. This unit does not support variable speeds so you have one consistent but smooth speed. It has a no-load speed of 10000 rpm and orbit rate of 20000 opm. This means it can attend to basic sanding rather than heavy-handed sanding, however for heavy sanding is usually better to use a corded model.

When the unit has completed a complete cycle of charging it offers around 40 minutes of running time. This is decent to work with considering that most models run shorter. The 3 sanding sheets provided can be individually attached to the sander using the hook and loop method. This easy process doesn’t take much time and has become standard with most sanders now.

The dirt is collected in cyclonic movements, therefore, it does a fairly good job at collecting dust as you sand. An inbuilt collector is evident at the back. It weighs a measly 1.56kg with the battery.

Finally, a 3-year warranty is also provided for full peace of mind.


  • Limited run time as with all cordless models with the increased cost of spare batteries.
  • Lacks a carriage/storage box.
  • The dust collection could be better.
  • Lacks adjustable speeds that are essential for different levels of finishes.

Final Conclusion

The Ryobi R18ROS-0 ONE+ Random Orbit Sander is a decent cordless sander that you can rely on to do medium-light work making it perfect for the DIY enthusiast or home use. The unit operates at an average speed and can support up to 40 minutes of activity but you will need the more expensive 5Ah battery to achieve this. 

This unit can be recommended to those who find cords limiting. The features are decent but remember to add the cost of the battery and charger before making a decision.

The other flaws in the product are workable therefore should not be used as a basis to discredit the sander. What it lacks in size it makes up in quality and the 3-year warranty further confirms this. Overall a nice little sander.

If your looking for a similar orbital sander that is corded, so, therefore, is much cheaper when you take the battery and charger into consideration, the Makita we review next may be a better fit.

5. Bosch PEX 300 AE Random Orbit Sander

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  • Ideal for home use and light DIY projects.
  • Low vibration unit thus less stressful to the user.
  • Lightweight at only 1.5kg and easy steering through the soft-grip handle.
  • Comes with a microfilter box for easy dust disposal.
  • It is vacuum compatible.
  • Sanding paper and storage box is provided adding value for money.

The Bosch PEX 300 AE Random Orbit Sander runs on a 270-watt motor so is the lowered powered model in our review. The compact and effective design of the sander lets you work on lightweight applications with finesse. The interesting thing is that the sander combines both orbital and rotary movements. This, in turn, produces a smooth surface with no scratches and makes up for the lack of power.

Sore muscles at the end of the day? Not really. This is a low vibration unit that can work without damaging your health in the long run. The switch is even located in centralised positions along with the handle for easy and comfortable use. This enables the user to activate the unit and work without straining. To add to a layer of comfort the handles are also ergonomically designed.

This unit is also fitted with a microfiltration system. This allows the dirt to be trapped without getting released back into the air. A vacuum can also be attached but only the ones that complement this specific product. We found a great solution to this problem is to just use some duct tape.

Surprisingly for a lower cost model you can choose to adjust your working speeds on this sander. The speed ranges from 4000-24000opm and the sanding disc diameter is 125mm making it ideal for smaller jobs. This is appropriate for medium sanding or fine polishing.

To attach the sanding paper, a Velcro mechanism is included for easy connection. Best of all it even comes with a carry case, sanding paper, paper assistant and micro filter box and of course instructions.


  • Velcro holding the sanding plate tends to wear off easy which is one of the reasons we recommend for home projects.

Final Conclusion

The Bosch PEX 300 AE Random Orbit Sander is a good attempt but the dust collection system lets it down. Basically, if you used on its own after a while it blocks up, however, if probably sufficient for home use and for the price is not a deal-breaker. 

It is recommended to use a compatible vacuum to collect the dirt. This unit, however, has a lot of positives. It is easy on the user’s body, it comes with its own storage and finally, it is budget-friendly.

We recommend this unit for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money for a basic sander. Home workshops will appreciate the service of this sander. Professional workshops would be much better investing in the Bosch Professional GEX 125-150 AVE Corded 240 V Random Orbit Sander and paying that bit extra. If the price and size are just right for you, then it’s worth considering and you probably one find a better model at a similar price.

6. DeWalt 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

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DeWalt 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander review

The DEWALT Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch (DWE6423K) is a solid addition to the DEWALT range of power tools. You can use it to sand metal, plastic and wood to whatever degree you want by adjusting its variable speed to suit your project needs.

The powerful 3.0 amp motor gives an impressive range of power from 8,000 to 12,000 rpm depending on the speed that you select. The top speed is #6 on the dial and is fast and powerful enough for sanding even the most rugged wooden board. The vibrations felt at this speed, and all the other speeds, are dampened by an overlay of thick rubber on parts of the sander. Less strong vibrations enable you to use this sander for a longer period without tiring your muscles or developing an aching wrist joint.

The DEWALT Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch is also shorter than other orbital sanders, that is, it has less height. Standing at just 12.5cm tall (5 inches), this puts you closer to the work you’re doing and lets you have more control over the sanding process. 

This sander comes with a dust bag to collect all the fine particles of material that you will produce when sanding. You can attach the dust bag to the sander by locking it in place with one hand. Alternatively, for more efficient removal of dust and fine debris, you can attach the sander to a dust collector, specifically the DWV010 or DWV012 by DeWalt. If you don’t have the appropriate DEWALT collector, use the DEWALT Universal Quick Collector to attach the dust port to any other vacuum system.

Along with this DEWALT orbital sander, you receive the dust bag and a carrying case. Be sure to pick up a large packet of sanding disks as well as none come with your purchase. The sanding discs attach to the sander by hook-and-look, so they’re easy to take off and put on when you need to change the grit you’re sanding with. 

This orbital sander comes with DEWALT’s usual liberal warranty: a three-year limited warranty; one-year free service; and 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • Can sand wood, metal and plastic.
  • Weighs 1.3kg (2.9 pounds).
  • 8,000 – 12,000rpm of the pad due to the 3.0 amp motor gives enough power for most sanding jobs.
  • Orbit diameter is 9.5mm (0.375 inches).
  • Only 12.5cm (5 inches) tall so the user is closer to the workpiece than with other models.
  • Thick rubber over various parts reduces the vibrations felt in your hand, wrist and arms.
  • The on-off switch is dust-sealed so the switch stays clean and lasts longer.
  • The dust bag can be locked in place with one hand.
  • Comes with: sander; dust bag; carrying case.
  • Three-year limited warranty, one-year free service and 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • Doesn’t easily connect to a generic shop vacuum
  • The on-off switch is a little difficult to use because of its rubber dust-proof cover.
  • Mixed reviews about whether the dust filter collects enough dust.

Final Conclusion

The DEWALT Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch (DWE6423K) is another winning power tool from DEWALT. This corded orbital sander works on wood, metal and plastic to give the smoothest sanded finishes.

At 1.3kg, this orbital sander is one of the lightest models in our review. This, along with the moulded-rubber over parts of the sander to dampen the vibrations, should make your sanding projects as comfortable as they can be, even for prolonged periods. The variable speed (#6 is the top speed) also lets you customize the sanding to your work needs and your comfort level in handling this power tool.

The dust collecting ability of the DEWALT Random Orbit Sander, has generated some discussion among online reviewers. There are mixed feelings about whether the dust filter collects enough of the dust. Some reviewers are upset that this DEWALT tool is designed to fit well with DEWALT extractor systems, but that it’s difficult to use the DEWALT universal collector to attach the sander to any other brand of a vacuum system.

The DEWALT Random Orbit Sander is a good choice of random orbital sander for the home, especially if you already have a workroom full of other DEWALT tools.

Buyers Guide 

Orbital sanders are not very complicated and its really comes down to build quality, power and finish. Once you understand what they do and the size that you need, you are good to go.

However, it never hurts to get a few pointers so that you make sure that you get the best random orbital sander you can purchase for use. Here are a few things to consider:

Varied versions of orbital sanders 

There are basically two variations when it comes to orbital sanders.

  • Orbital sheet sander – This has been the version available to use for many decades now. The sander is a bit underpowered compared to the random orbital sander, however, it provides an effective smooth finish. They are inexpensive to use and maintain.
  • Random orbital sander – This the more powerful version of the two. The random orbital sander is usually used as a preparation sander. This is because they are able to remove layers of the surface of the wood. The disc shaves off material at random hence the name. This version is more manoeuvrable since it does not depend on constant 90-degree movements. 

Possible power source

Most tools in the industry now are either corded or cordless. This to the truth of the matter is that it boils down to personal preference. Both sections of the power spectrum have their pros and cons but to be honest the differences are not so wide.

Corded models are known to provide more power since they feed directly from the mains. They are however limited by the cords that give them power. In the case of an electrical outage, the unit is rendered useless but they are the most affordable option.

Cordless sanders are convenience providers. The convenience provided is mostly of having unlimited reach. There are no cords to hamper movement. The downside is that they can only run for as long as the battery is capable. If the battery runs out of energy the unit cannot be used. Cordless units can be unbelievably light to use. These sanders are usually much more expensive if you need to also invest in batteries and charger.

Sanding disc and size 

The sanding disc is the area that houses the sanding paper. The diameter of the base will vary depending on the size of the sander. The larger the sanding base, the more area you are likely to cover at a given time. This is especially convenient in commercial situations. A 1/2sheet sander will work for large polishing applications. For smaller applications, ¼ sheet sander would do just fine. For delicate small projects mouse, sanders are recommended.

Motor size and speed

The larger the motor the more power output is expected. If you are working on light applications a motor with 200-400w is advisable since not much power is required. Larger units can run on 1000w and over so as to provide the needed finish. With variable speed comes a blessing. Since different surfaces come with varied texture, some take more time to get smooth. That is why at times the speed can help you get a certain grain of wood smoother faster than the other. If you think your work needs the assistance of varied speed levels, get a sander that can do exactly that.

All about Ergonomics

Comfort and function go hand in hand. If the user is comfortable he can then move the sander as he wants. Comfort is directed at the grip and the manoeuvrability of the sander. You will find that most models have a handle and a knob for steering, others just have handles and the others rely on centralised housing. You should definitely try to handle the unit and feel it out. If the grip and the positioning of the handle are fitting, purchase the sander. If you are not able to test the comfort-ability, read reviews online from previous users. Of course, we took all this into consideration when we considered what to include on our review so we have you covered.

Dust collection systems

We all have to agree that areas full of dust prove problematic for our respiratory system and this is one of the problems we sanders, dust. The other thing that is annoying about dust, is to have to clean it. So what do you do? You look for a model that has a quality dust collection system. There are usually two options when it comes to sanders, to use a collection bag or to hook the sander to a vacuum. Most people prefer hooking it up to the vacuum cleaner as this seems to be the most effective way of collecting dust and keeping the area as clean as possible. This is because there is a low chance of the contents being emitted into the air again. Depending on the method that you chose make sure you have the right attachments.

Sealed switch and trigger lock

Since so much dust is produced when working, your activation switch is better sealed. Some models fall prone to the dust that collects behind the mechanism of the switch. This ends up jamming the switch and renders the unit inactive. A trigger lock is a feature that is not found in all models. This switch permits the user to remover the hand from the trigger and concentrates on guiding the machine around. This is convenient when your muscles are tired and you need a break.

General user tips 

  • Avoid leaving the unit unattended as it may cause damage to the working surface.
  • These units are not to be used around water. Water may cause a short circuit if it seeps into the motor.
  • Ventilation is essential is preventing respiratory issues.
  • Protective clothing is recommended especially a basic mask.
  • Keep cords away from the feet to avoid tripping.
  • Loose Velcro disc holders are discouraged. Purchase long-lasting ones so as to hold the sandpaper in position.


What is the difference between an orbital sander and a random orbital sander?

An orbital sander and a random orbital sander both do the same job – sanding a surface, usually wood, until it is smooth. The difference between them is in the way the sanding head moves. With an orbital sander, the head moves with a circular motion in the same direction all the time; with a random orbital sander, the sanding head still moves in a circular motion but in random directions. This ensures that you don’t leave any marks on the material you’re sanding.

What is an orbital sander used for?

The last stage in any woodworking project is to sand the material completely smooth. An orbital sander does this. An orbital sander is heavier and larger than a palm sander which you hold in your hand. You can operate an orbital sander with one hand, though two-handed operation is generally advised. The orbital sander has a round head to which you attach a sandpaper disc. The head moves with a circular motion as you move the sander across the surface. You vary the grit of the sandpaper depending on how fine a finish you want. You have the choice of cordless (battery) or corded (electric) orbital sanders.

Final Conclusion

No more scrapes and blisters from sanding and smoothing by hand; any of these orbital sanders will be a useful and well-used addition to your toolbox of power tools. Whether you go for a cordless or a corded orbital sander, our review of the best sanders shows that there is a model out there for your DIY needs.

If you’re looking for a professional quality model, then consider the Bosch Professional GEX 125-150 AVE Random Orbit Sander, our Best Pick. For something more home DIY-focused, our Runner-up, the Metabo SXE450 240V Orbit Sander is definitely worth taking a look at.
If you’re an avid DIY-er and plan to do a great deal of sanding – perhaps you’re going to refinish all your hardwood floors – consider investing in a dust extractor for health reasons. Check out our review of the Best Dust Extractor to find out what your options are.

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