8 Best oscillating multi tools for tackling a range of jobs from cutting to sanding

Last updated on November 30th, 2021

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Oscillating multi tools are one of those tools you don’t know you need until you use one. They are, without a doubt, one of the most versatile power tools you can get. Whether your professional joiner fitting cupboards, tile fitter, plumber, electrician, builder or a DIY enthusiast like me fitting a new chicken coop door or regrouting the bathroom as I have recently done as shown below, they make your life much easier in ways you never probably thought possible. They are designed for doing a range of jobs from cutting into wood using a detail blade, cutting nails, sanding and even removing grout using a specialist grout removal tool.

My Best Oscillating Multi-tool review includes a Buyer’s Guide that walks you through most of the options you have when choosing which tool to buy. Once you’ve decided what you need in this tool, our reviews highlight the features of our favourite ones and we discuss what I like about them.

The two oscillating tools that I most highly recommend are our Best Picks. Our overall best Pick is the DEWALT DWE315KT Oscillating Multi-Tool which I have now owned for over 2 years. This electric model is ideal for professional craftspeople and trade use, due, in part, to its 37 accessories which is one of the reasons it the model I use, its also very affordable, especially for a DeWalt tool.

Extending the hole for the new chicken coop door I installed

Our Best Cordless Pick is another DEWALT model – the DEWALT DCS355M1 18v Li-Ion Cordless Brushless Oscillating Multi-tool. This is basically the same but cordless so is much more expensive but offers more freedom.

Best Pick

DeWalt DWE315KT Oscillating Multi-Tool
This versatile tool arrives with more than enough accessories for nearly every intricate job you can think of, giving you the ability to tackle many different projects from removing grout I recently did, to cutting wood in areas that would be difficult with other power tools which I also recently did when installing the new chicken coop door. It even copper pipes, nails and plasterboard. Overall I like that it's well balanced, very comfortable to handle for long periods as it don't seem to vibrate through the handle too much, and the variable speed trigger is very controllable with the option to lock the speed into a position which is useful. The build quality is as you would expect from DeWalt and it has a much needed long power cord too. A feature I do like is that it comes with a depth stop, handy for cutting into things like plasterboard when fitting sockets so you can control how far you cut into the plasterboard. Let's not forget it also great for sanding and comes with around 25 sanding pads of different grades. For most people, this is, without doubt, the best choice whether a casual DIY enthusiast or professional tradesmen. In total it comes with an impressive 37 accessories which include several cutting tools, sanding pads and grouting tool.

Best Cordless Pick

DeWalt DCS355M1 Oscillating Multi-Tool
An absolute cracker of a tool and very popular model, first off it integrates a brushless motor which offers superior performance as well as being more durable than cheaper brushed models. The brushless motor also reduces wasted energy while maximising battery run time and the life of the tool, making it a worthwhile investment for professional tradespeople who need a multi-tool that can handle a heavy workload. Another thing we like is the set of supplied components which includes an awe-inspiring 35 accessories just like the corded model, everything you need to get started. If you like our budget pick and have a larger budget, this is a good alternative and also includes the battery and charger. It might be a little expensive but its still worth considering, especially for tradespeople.

Best oscillating multi tool which we review

  1. DeWalt DWE315KT Oscillating Multi-Tool
  2. Dewalt DCS355M1 18v Li-Ion Cordless Brushless Oscillating Multi tool
  3. Makita TM3010CK/2 240V Multi-Tool
  4. Bosch PMF 190 E Multifunction Tool with Toolbox and Accessories
  5. Milwaukee M18BMT-0 M18 Multi-Tool
  6. WORX WX680 F30 Sonicrafter Multi-Tool Oscillating Tool
  7. BLACK+DECKER Multi-Oscillating Tool
  8. Ryobi ONE+ R18MT-0 18V Cordless Multi tool

Top 5 Best Oscillating multi tools

You have already seen two of the best models, one corded and one cordless. From experience, I would highly recommend choosing between the two. Still, in case you want to go a step further and consider some different brands, below we go into more detail with these two models giving you a better understanding of what they offer. Still, we also review a further four multi tools from Black + Decker, Bosch and Worx.

1. DeWalt DWE315KT Oscillating Multi-Tool


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All the included accessories including, detail cutting tools, scraper, grouting tool, sanding tool and pads and depth gauge
All the included accessories including, detail cutting tools, scraper, grouting tool, sanding tool and pads and depth gauge
  • High-quality multi tool ideal for professionals and trade use.
  • A highly equipped tool that comes with 37 accessories for various jobs from cutting to sanding to scraping.
  • Change accessories by simply pressing the level, inserting the accessory and releasing the trigger, takes seconds. Also compatible with other attachment types using attachment nut
  • A 3-way depth stop allows for precise trimming, ideal for cutting into plasterboard or wood where cutting to a specific depth is important.
  • Features LED light to make it easier to use in dimly lit areas.
  • Comes with a strong stackable carry case.
  • Dust extraction is possible with the Airlock compatible port when used with a dust extractor.

See the best dust extractors in this review

The DeWalt DWE315KT Oscillating Multi-Tool comes complete with a good selection of accessories, in fact, it comes with 37 accessories which are more than any other model and also a solid carry case, probably one of the best examples I have seen.

Whilst talking about the accessories it also includes the 25 sanding pads, so the usable attachment tools for different jobs include the 3 cutting tools for nails, wood, plasterboard, metal. These are the tools I use the most.

DeWalt DWE315KT Oscillating Multi-Tool with the accessories it comes with

You then have the sanding pad attachment, which comes with a generous 25 pieces of various grades of sanding pads that are useful.

You also have the scraper but the other useful tool I have used is the semi circle grouting tool, this is a real-time safer, literally saves me hours not having to do it manually. I recently regrouted part of the bathroom and having the multi-tool on hand made the job much easier.

See the video below with it in action!

Whilst doing this I discovered I could not get right down against the bath to remove grout so went and purchased a triangle shaped grout removal attachment for a few pounds from B&Q and it fitted perfectly.

Cheap attach I purchased for my DeWalt DWE315KT Oscillating Multi-Tool which was compatible

I love the quick-release attachment feature

One of the features I do like is the quick release accessory feature. The whole point of a multi-tool is the ability to quickly and efficiently get the job done, and this depends on the accessory you fit into the tool. So whether you are cutting plasterboard for sockets, sanding down some rough edges or scraping some old paint, this multi-tool will allow you to quickly get the required accessory attached to the oscillating tool for the job at hand on mere seconds, no hex screws to fiddle about with.

DeWalt DWE315KT Oscillating Multi-Tool in open position for inserting attachment
DeWalt DWE315KT Oscillating Multi-Tool in closed position without attachment

The attachments can also rotate so you can cut from different angles which makes it even more versatile. You can see in the picture below how the attachment can be used in different positions.

DeWalt DWE315KT Oscillating Multi-Tool with attach fitted
DeWalt DWE315KT Oscillating Multi-Tool with attach fitted at different position for awkward areas

It also comes with a 3-way depth-stop which allows accurate trimming. For instance, when cutting into plasterboard, it will prevent punching too deep into the wood, set the depth to 12-15mm, and it will not cut any deeper, again a simple but handy feature.

It also features full variable speed (0-22,000 oscillations per minute) for improved control which is controlled with the trigger, what we like is the ability to log the trigger at the desired speed which is very handy. As mentioned, the dual position rocker switch features ‘lock-on’ gives you ultimate control over speed and application.

If you are working in dimly lit areas, under stairs, in a cupboard, the DeWalt has already thought of this and featured a front bright LED work light. It is activated by pressing the trigger so you can easily see what you are cutting.

DeWalt DWE315KT Oscillating Multi-Tool with attach fitted being used it cut into shed beam to make space for steel bolt

Something this multi tool does have which most models don’t have is a dust extraction port that is compatible with ‘DeWalts Airlock’. We have previously reviewed these and DeWalt extraction unit scored top marks. It, not a must-have feature, but it certainly makes life a little easier as it keeps the work area clear as you work.


The DeWalt DWE315KT Oscillating Multitool comes with great features to enhance every DIY experience and is our first choice for anyone looking for a corded oscillating tool that’s high quality, reliable and affordable.

Included in the box are 37 accessories for various tasks so you have plenty of choice and accessories for nearly every job you can think of.

DeWalt DWE315KT Oscillating Multi-Tool sturdy cary case

I like the variable speed control, which is a feature we look for as it’s a good thing to have for optimum control. This come in handy recently whilst fitting a new cordless chicken coop door and needed to be very steady and accurate not to damage the unit.

Me using the DeWalt DWE315KT Oscillating Multi-Tool to cut hole for new auto chicken coop door

The rocker switch is also a great addition for speed control. However, I think a separate control knob for the speed would work better; however, as it is, it seems to work well as it is. Apart from that, this DeWalt Oscillating Multi-Tool is such a remarkable, powerful oscillating multi-tool with several attachments for various jobs.

I can’t stress how well made it is and how well it performs, it’s super comfortable too. After taking everything into account, including the accessories it comes with, how much power it has, the high-quality case it comes with. Not forgetting a 3-year warranty, for a corded model, it is an excellent piece of kit and a worthy winner of our ‘Best Pick’. You really cannot go wrong with this multi-tool which is what I decided it was the model I would continue to use myself, the cordless model was just a little too expensive for what I need one for.

2. Dewalt DCS355M1 18v Li-Ion Cordless Brushless Oscillating Multitool

Best Cordless Pick

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The Dewalt DCS355M1-GB Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool is one of, if not the best oscillating multi-tool in the market today. It is an absolute precision tool with a variety of accessories which can be used for endless applications.
  • Perfect for a range of jobs from cutting plasterboard and pipes, scraping paint and sanding.
  • Powerful 300w motor capable of delivering 0-22,000 rpm.
  • It includes a kit for dust extraction.
  • A bright LED light makes it possible to work in dark areas.
  • Quick and simple attachment changing in seconds without the need for tools.
  • Ergonomic handle design ensures comfortable handling, especially for extended periods.
  • It comes with interchangeable battery packs in the DeWalt XR system.
  • It has a simple soft start function for a smooth start and great application control.

Another one from DeWalt is a cordless model with all the same great features we previously saw. This oscillating multi-tool comes with a compact 300w brushless motor that delivers a maximum of 22,000 oscillations per minute which is the same as the corded alternative, so it has just as much power and equally good performance.

The Dewalt DCS355M1 Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool is powered using an 18v li-ion battery, the set we reviewed actually includes an 18v 4Ah battery and also came with a multi-voltage battery charger for charging when necessary. What we like is that the batteries are interchangeable with more than 30 tools in the XR 18v system, this means if you invest in more DeWalt tools, you can buy the bare tool and save money. Equally, if you already have any of the 18v XR tools by DeWalt, then you have some spare batteries or could invest in the bare tool if you wanted.

This Dewalt cordless oscillating tool comes with 35 accessories and a TStak kit box which ensures value for money. Just like its corded counterpart, this model is suitable for everything from cutting plasterboard, any types of pipes, timber such as floorboards, MDF, any kind of flooring, preparing surfaces with a scraper, grout removal, sanding, and other tasks. It is also equipped with a soft start button for smooth start-up and improved application control. There is also a quick-fit depth stop for exceptional control to avoid going through to deep.

As you would expect, speed control is possible with its variable speed control feature while its ergonomic handle design enables comfortable to use over prolonged working periods.

Finally, LED lights to make working dim areas much easier while a unique quick-change accessory system allows tool-free and one-hand operation as we previously described for the corded multi-tool. A well thought out and easy to use design allows you to change the accessories in seconds. Also included in this tool is a quick-fit dust extraction kit which is compatible with DeWalt Airlock system.


The Dewalt DCS355M1 Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool is one of the best, if not the best oscillating multi-tool in the market today which is cordless. It is a perfect precision tool with a variety of accessories which can be used for endless applications making it an excellent choice for professionals or anyone looking for a top-quality tool.

There are many high-end features not found on all models such as the LED light, great for jobs where its a little hard to see, a dust extraction kit which isn’t essential but can be useful if you have a dust extractor already, the depth stop is a nice simple feature too. This is a powerful tool with a 300w brushless motor and a long-lasting 18v – 4Ah battery for extended run times included if you buy the set we reviewed from Amazon which also comes with the accessories and charger.

Overall, the DeWalt DCS355M1 Multi-tool is an excellent quality tool that handles anything thrown its way. A great investment for any professional tradesperson.

3. Makita TM3010CK/2 240V Multi-Tool

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The Makita TM3010CK/2 240V Multi-Tool is referred to by the manufacturer as a basic tool. This is because you purchase just the body of the tool, though it does come in a useful carry case. All the attachments are optional and you purchase them separately to the multi-tool. This is so you can just buy what you will use and not have to pay for unnecessary attachments. So be sure to buy at least some blades so you can use the multi-tool as soon as you get it. 

This oscillating multi-tool has a 320-watt motor that’s powerful enough, at 6,000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute, for most jobs. Use the variable speed dial to select the right speed for the material you’re working with. The soft-start function gradually ramps up the speed of the multi-tool to remove the risk of start-up shock. The barrel is designed ergonomically so your hand shouldn’t hurt with prolonged use. Or you can use the constant speed function which locks in the speed you want.

The Ever-style lock system and the lever-style tool-less accessory clamp let you quickly install and replace accessories. With the popular universal OIS interface system, you can use blades and other accessories from whichever manufacturer you want to. You’re not locked in to buying Makita’s accessories. Makita does offer an optional duct extraction attachment to fit into this model for use especially when you’re sanding.

A valuable feature of the Makita TM3010CK/2 is that you can install the accessories at one of 12 different settings. More importantly, these settings cover a 360-degree view in increments of 30 degrees. You can cut or sand at any of these angles. This makes this tool handy when you can’t use a jigsaw. You also won’t have to place your body in uncomfortable positions to work in awkward places.

Makita provides a one-year warranty with the Makita TM3010CK/2 240V Multi-Tool. You can lengthen the warranty period to three years if you register online.                                             


  • Weighs 1.6kg (2.8 pounds) so comfortable for prolonged use. 
  • Soft start function gradually increases the speed to eliminate the shock of start-up.
  • Variable speed control dial lets you select speed according to what you’re doing.
  • 320-watt motor provides power for most heavy DIY tasks at 6,000 – 20,000 oscillations per minute.
  • Constant speed control for even cutting, sanding or grinding.
  • Ever-style lock system lets you quickly install and replace accessories.
  • Can install accessories at 12 different settings to find the correct angle you need.
  • Comes with a carry case to keep everything together.
  • Uses popular OIS interface for universal blades that fit accessories from any manufacturer.
  • Optional dust extraction attachment for when you’re sanding.
  • Ergonomic barrel grip so your hand won’t become sore.
  • One-year standard warranty expandable to three years if you register online.


  • All the accessories are optional and must be purchased separately.
  • Grip on the handle is not rubberized and you can feel the vibrations at a high speed.
  • Doesn’t come with any blades; have to purchase accessories separately before you use the multi-tool.
  • Difficult to fit the multi-tool and the cable into the carrying case.


We recommend the Makita TM3010CK/2 240V Multi-Tool if you’re a professional construction person or do complex DIY projects. This model is well balanced and easy to control, including an off/off switch you access with your thumb. 

A really useful feature is that you can angle the accessories in the head around 360 degrees, at 30-degree intervals. This lets you reach even the tightest of spots in the furthest away recesses of a cupboard.

Reviewers have mixed feelings about having to buy all the accessories separately. We advise that you stock up on a selection of blades when you order or purchase this multi-function tool. Some people found that they feel strong, uncomfortable vibrations through the handle as it’s not rubberized.

The Makita TM3010CK/2 240V Multi-Tool is worthwhile looking at for professional-level tasks or involved home DIY projects.

4. Bosch PMF 190 E Multifunction Tool with Toolbox and Accessories

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For all the accessories it comes with and how useful they are, the Bosch PMF 190 E Multifunction Tool with Toolbox and Accessories is worth every DIYer’s attention. This will do so much around the house such as cutting plastic drainpipe, skirting boards, installing solid flooring, and sanding wooden floors to give them a neat finish. It works at incredible speeds too and the tool itself is comfortable in hand, thanks to its ergonomic body. The depth step is obviously useful in enabling precise cuts and this little multitool has no limits to where it can work.
  • Variable speed of 15,000 to 21,000 oscillations per minute.
  • Supplied with several accessories designed to get different jobs done.
  • Comes with a universal screw for simple attachment of accessories.
  • Compact body with an ergonomic soft grip for comfortable handling and controllable.
  • Includes a 4 step depth stop that enables users to make desired cuts with the segment saw blade.
  • Comes with a carry case for safe storage and easy transportation of the tool.

The Bosch PMF 190 E Multifunction Tool which includes a toolbox and accessories is a multifunction tool supplied with a wide range of accessories. To help tackle repairs, home renovation, basic DIY tasks, conversion projects, anything where you need to cut, sand or scrape. 

This is a great choice form home DIY tasks, perfect for a range of jobs such as cutting, sanding, sawing, routing, and scraping are straight forward to handle using this oscillating multitool not only because of its multiple attachments, but also its powerful motor. Changing accessories is also a straight forward task due to the use of a universal screw, takes a few more steps to change blades. This means it’s compatible with more brands which are essential for the home user nipping to their local DIY store.

Using Bosch’s plunge cut saw blades, you can make a variety of cuts into wood and plastic, as well as making cut-outs in door frames or in furniture to access wall sockets. Another accessory is the ACZ 85 EB designed for cutting into tight spaces such as making long cuts in the middle of a workpiece, where conventional tools will struggle to reach.

Great for sanding - Bosch PMF 190 E Multifunction Tool with Cutting Discs, Saw Blades and Sander Sheets

For sanding plates and sheets, Bosch offers a sanding paper set with six accessories together with AVI 93 Delta Sanding Pad. This will let you sand smooth furniture and bodywork to achieve impressive results. What we would say is I you intend to do a lot of sanding then it is worth investing in an orbital sander as it does a much better job, especially on larger areas. However, to you use now and again for the odd job, it’s perfect.

Then there’s a depth stop that will enable you to achieve accurate cutting depths; this could be useful if you don’t want to cut too deep. It can be easily attached at the clipping neck of the multitool on top of the segment saw blade. Precise cuts can be made in 4 steps ranging from 8mm to 14mm with ACZ 85 blades, and anywhere from 14mm to 20mm with ACZ 100 blades, so it’s very versatile.

The shape of this tool makes it simple to execute tasks almost anywhere. It is so small, lightweight and comfortable to carry with a single hand to work comfortably in tight spots. This multitool has a superior advantage over traditional tools, especially in areas closer to walls or floors, as shown in the picture below. Whether you need to make precise cuts of floor panels, carpet, or flush cut insulation material, this all-rounder makes the job a breeze and will save you lots of hassle.

Great for cutting flooring - Bosch PMF 190 E Multifunction Tool with Cutting Discs, Saw Blades and Sander Sheets


For all the accessories it comes with, and how useful they are, the Bosch PMF 190 E Multifunction Tool with its Toolbox and Accessories is worth every DIYer’s attention. This will do so much around the house such as removing plastic drainpipe, skirting boards, installing solid flooring, and sanding off paint in corners, cutting hose pipe, once you got one you will find lots of jobs for it.

The depth step is useful in enabling precise cuts, and this little multitool has no limits to where it can work. 

Some previous buyers have raised concerns regarding noise levels, but most multi-tools are noisy tools anyway. We only recommend this tool mostly for DIY jobs. It will eat virtually anything you throw at it and will come in very handy around the house for those who are into DIY tasks at home. If your looking for a model which is a little more budget-friendly, then our next recommendation by Worx is well worth considering, has great accessories clamping feature too.

5. Milwaukee M18BMT-0 M18 Multi-Tool

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The Milwaukee M18BMT-0 M18 Multi-Tool is worth considering if you work on a variety of materials or do many different tasks that are sensitive to the speed of the multi-tool.

This multi-tool has an impressive twelve speeds from 12,000 to 18,000 oscillations per minute selected by turning a numbered dial. This fine control of the speed of the multi-tool lets you run it at the optimal power needed for your material and task. And the REDLINK overload protection stops it from starting up too fast.

You receive a wood cutting blade, a sanding pad and five sheets of sanding paper with this tool. And the blades for your tasks are easily changed due to the FIXTEC tool-less blade changer. Just pop the accessories in and out. You also get an OIS universal blade change adapter so you can use whatever brand accessories you already have. 

Two additional features come in handy. The cutting depth stop adapter lets you cut down into your material to whatever depth you want. And the dust extraction kit will clean up all the sawdust from your sanding chores when connected to an AC or DC extraction system.

Another convenience of the Milwaukee M18BMT-0 M18 is the LED workspace illumination feature that brightens up even the darkest spaces. The 18V battery is compatible with all Milwaukee M18 tools, so instead of buying the battery and charger separately, you can use the ones you already have.

This multi-tool comes with a one-year warranty which you can lengthen to a three-year warranty if you register online within 28 days of your purchase.


  • The battery is 18V and works with all Milwaukee M18 tools.
  • Twelve variable speeds from 12,000 to 18,000 oscillations per minute.
  • Comes with a wood cutting blade, a sanding pad, an adapter and five sheets of sanding paper.
  • FIXTEC tool-less blade change makes changing the accessories a snap.
  • Universal blade change adapter so you can use whatever brand accessories you have.
  • Cutting depth stop adapter prevents you from cutting the material too deep.
  • Dust extraction kit to keep your workspace free from dust.
  • Bright LED workspace illumination so you can always see what you’re doing.
  • REDLINK overload protection for a controlled start-up.
  • One-year warranty extended to three years if you register online within 28 days.


  • Battery and charger not included.
  • The battery is on an angle so the multi-tool won’t stand up; you have to lay it down.
  • Doesn’t come with carrying case or storage box.


The Milwaukee M18BMT-0 M18 Multi-Tool is a professional-grade multi-tool that is suited for everyday hard use. Its selection of twelve speeds lets you fine-tune the tool’s performance to suit the material and task you’re doing. The cutting depth stop gauge lets you move beyond just ordinary cutting all the way through the material; the dust extractor kit helps you to keep your workspace clean when you connect it to an AC or DC dust extraction system. 

Online reviewers have mixed feelings about having to buy the battery and charger separately to the multi-tool. Those with other Milwaukee M18 tools are happy to use the battery and charger they already have. One design feature is that the battery is at an angle so that the multi-tool doesn’t stand up; you have to lay it flat down in between using it. This tool doesn’t come with either a carrying case or a storage box, so you may have to keep it sitting out on your workbench. 

The Milwaukee M18BMT-0 M18 Multi-Tool is worth looking at if you need a professional-grade multi-tool with some sophisticated features.

6. WORX WX680 F30 Sonicrafter Multi-Tool Oscillating Tool

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The WORX WX680 F30 350W Sonicrafter Multi-Tool Oscillating Tool is a good versatile tool designed to complete many DIY applications. The inclusion of 29 accessories at least ensures you have enough for cutting, sanding, scraping, sawing, among other tasks.
  • Perfect for the home DIY enthusiast.
  • Oscillations Speed: 11,000 – 20,000/min
  • Works with tools from different brands thanks to its universal clamping system.
  • It is ideal for a variety of applications thanks to the included 29 accessories which include 2 cutters, a sanding pad and sanding sheets. It also works on several different materials.
  • Accessory changing is tool-free due to the integrated Hyperlock clamping system.
  • It comes with a carry case for storage and transportation.

The WORX WX680 F30 Sonicrafter Multi-Tool is ideal for all DIY jobs, and first impressions are excellent, it’s worth considering. The 29 supplied accessories make it suitable for a wide range of applications and a powerful 350w motor and a 3.2-degree oscillation angle provide unparalleled cutting performance. The first thing to note is that they consist of 2 cutting blades and a sanding pad, the other 26 accessories at sanding sheets. 

That being said, It’s an incredibly versatile tool with the capability of making precision cuts and flush cuts with ease, removing gout, and trimming wood right up to edges, cutting metal such as copper pipes, cutting tiles and other materials.

Great for cutting holes in plasterboard - WORX WX680 F30 350W Sonicrafter Multi-Tool Oscillating Tool with 29 Accessories

What we like is that it uses a unique universal fit system which is integrated into the Sonicrafter F30 to allow multi-tool fitting to fit accurately in this tool no matter what brand they are from. This is perfect for the home user as you would be able to buy new accessories with ease without worrying about if they fit as they always nearly fit. There is still no need to struggle with spanners, and Allen keys for the most part as it uses a Hyperlock clamping system then allows you quickly change accessories tool-free.

When it comes to performance, Worx stated that the Sonicrafter F30’s exclusive high-frequency oscillating technology moves the blade three times faster than standard oscillating tools. This, they said, enables you to work faster for enhanced efficiency. Such high speeds reduce vibration and thus gives you improved control when precision is required. We can’t comment on whether it actually is faster, but it certainly gets the job is done which is all that really matters.

Perfect for tilers - WORX WX680 F30 350W Sonicrafter Multi-Tool Oscillating Tool with 29 Accessories


The WORX WX680 F30 350w Sonicrafter Multi-Tool is an excellent versatile tool designed to complete many DIY applications. Although it comes with 29 accessories, we wish it included more cutting and scraping attachments, that being said, the fact it works with attachments from most brands, even the Aldi accessories, we are yet to find an accessory it does fit. It does give you plenty of options for buying new blades.

Overall an excellent tool for the DIY enthusiast and homeowner, we wish it came with a few more cutting accessories.

7. BLACK+DECKER Multi-Oscillating Tool Review

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Overall, the BLACK+DECKER Multi-Oscillating Tool is a good tool for a wide range of applications around the house but if you intend to use it as a sander, we recommend you look at another model in our review. Anyone in the trade would be better investing in a slightly better model but its great for home users.

  • Perfect for DIY enthusiast and professionals.
  • It is simple to handle and manage thanks to its ergonomic design plus conveniently placed dials.
  • The variable speed control makes it easier to perform different tasks.
  • Its adaptor allows you to use other branded attachments such as Bosch, Makita and Worx to name a few.
  • It can be worked with one hand when the lock-on switch is activated.
  • Can be used with a dust extractor.

The BLACK + DECKER Multi-Oscillating Tool is one of the most versatile multi-tools available at a reasonable price. Whether you want to cut pipes, copper or plastic, sand down some garden furniture or scrape off some old paint, this tool can work on a wide range of materials including wood, plastic, laminate, plasterboard and non-ferrous metal with the right accessory of course.

Of course, it comes supplied with the essential accessories to complete the various tasks. It includes cutting blades for wood, plastic, metal and laminated flooring; scrapers for removing sealant, grout and tiles; and a sanding platen and pad for sanding, polishing and rust removal. It’s amazingly versatile.

Cuts through plastic - BLACK+DECKER Multi-Oscillating Tool, 300 W

The oscillating multi-tool can withstand the most demanding tasks for prolonged periods, thanks to the metal gearbox and the professionally constructed housing. It has a slim body and a soft grip which helps to increase comfort. A sliding lock-on switch allows you to operate the tool with a single hand when required.

Inclusion of a standard oscillating tool accessory clamp allows other brands attachments to be used from brands such as Bosch, Einhell and Worx to name a few giving you more choice and potentially saving money and making it easier to find the right compatible accessory.

Variable speed dial allows you to select the right speed for particular tasks with precision while increasing accessory life. The speed varies from 10,000 – 22,000.

Ideal for sanding - BLACK+DECKER Multi-Oscillating Tool, 300 W


Overall, the BLACK + DECKER Multi-Oscillating Tool is a useful tool for a wide range of applications around the house, but if you intend to use it as a sander, we recommend you look at another oscillating tool in our review or better yet, look for an excellent orbital sander especially for the job. Anyone in the trade would be better investing in a slightly better model such as our ‘Best Pick’ by DeWalt and paying a little more.

8. Ryobi ONE+ R18MT-0 18V Cordless Multi tool

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Info about image for alt text

The Ryobi ONE+ R18MT-0 18V Cordless Multi-tool works with pretty much everything – drywall, metal, plastic, wood and composite materials. It can also sand down to the fine details.

Control and your comfort are key elements of this Ryobi ONE+ multi-tool. Its pivoting head adjusts to four positions so you can work in strangely angled spaces and in tight corners. 

You can vary the speed in six steps so that you get the appropriate power for the material and tasks you’re working on. And the lock-on switch for the speed means that your hand won’t cramp holding down the trigger. The LED light is also convenient so that you can work in dimly lit or even dark spaces.

The tool-free clamp allows you to switch accessories easily and quickly. And this multi-tool comes with some accessories: blades for plunge cutting and flush cutting, as well as a sanding pad and sandpaper sheets. There’s also an OIS universal accessory adapter so you can use blades and other accessories from other brands.

Two useful features are plunge cutting and flush cutting. Plunge cutting enables you to cut a hole that’s contained within another shape. With flush cutting, you can cut your material right up to another surface. 

The 18V battery needed for this multi-tool is compatible with all other tools in the Ryobi one+ series of cordless tools. Neither the battery or the charger is included with this multi-tool.


  • Variable speed of six steps lets you control the multi-tool in different applications.
  • Lock-on switch so you don’t have to keep squeezing the trigger for prolonged periods.
  • Includes a variety of blades: plunge cutting; flush cutting; sanding pad.
  • Tool-less clade clamp lets you change accessories easily and quickly.
  • Comes with a universal accessory adapter so you can use accessories from any brand. 
  • Cuts materials including drywall, metal and plastic; also sands.
  • Cuts flush up to another surface without harming it.
  • Pivoting head with four positions for hard-to-reach areas.
  • An LED light illuminates any dim or dark work areas.
  • 18V battery is compatible with all other Ryobi one+ cordless tools.


  • Batteries and the charger are not included.
  • Included blades are flimsy and break easily.


The Ryobi ONE+ R18MT-0 18V Cordless Multi-tool is versatile in that it works with a wide range of materials, from wood to metal. The six-step variable speed lets you choose just the right power for your task at hand and the lock-on switch ensures a constant speed.

The 18V battery is compatible with other cordless tools in the Ryobi ONE+ range. This is just as well as this model doesn’t come with a battery or a charger. You have to purchase these separately unless you have other ONE+ tools whose battery you can use. Online reviewers advise that the blades that come with this multi-function tool are flimsy and break easily. So stock up on blades at your time of purchase.

With its flush cutting and plunge cutting features, the Ryobi ONE+ R18MT-0 18V Cordless Multi-tool is a good choice for household DIY, especially if you already own other tools in the Ryobi ONE+ series.

Oscillating Multi Tool Buyer’s Guide

Below we go over some of the features we look for in a reliable oscillating multi tool starting with whether to go cordless or save some money and go with good old fashioned corded models.

Choosing between corded vs cordless multi-tools

Corded oscillating tools are by far the most affordable and have the distinct advantage of not having to worry about recharging batteries. In general, they also offer the most power in terms of rotations per minutes with equals better performance as long as the rest fo the design is right. Look for long power leads which give you more flexibility and means you won’t need to get your extension lead out every second, due to the nature of the type of jobs you may be attempting, you may have no choice but to use an extension lead if you are not using it close to a plug socket. 

Cordless oscillating tools give you the freedom to work without worrying about reach and can be ready to use in seconds. Because of the latest lithium battery technology, cordless models are getting better, and there are now some serious contenders that provide the performance of even the most powerful corded models. The downside is, they are generally more expensive, often twice the price, this is especially true for a trade quality model such as the DeWalt DCS355M1 Oscillating Multi-Tool which is the winner of our Best Cordless model. The other downside is you have limited run time unless you have a few spare batteries, which is highly recommended. However, it pays to remember that if you already have some cordless DeWalt tools, then the batteries may be compatible.

Does it have variable speed to aid with cutting

While delicate sanding requires slower speeds, cutting and grinding usually works best with higher speeds. Therefore, a tool with variable speed becomes handy when you have to complete different types of projects or when working on different materials. For smoothing things out further, some oscillating multi-tools feature soft starts that slowly ease up the speed and prevents the tool from jerking to the sides when first started.

We like to see models with a separate variable speed dial for setting the speed; however, some models use the trigger to set the speed, we found this is ok as long as it also has a “lock-on” switch to lock the trigger in place to aid with controlling the speed.

LED work lights to help lighten up dim areas such as inside cupboards and under floorboards

Sometimes multi-tools get into tight areas such as inside cabinets, and these areas are usually dark. Models with LED lights are the best at working those dimly lit spaces.

Does it have a vacuum dust extraction port?

To keep the working area as clean as possible some multi tools incorporate a dust extraction port which can be attached to a vacuum or dust extractor. Although it’s not an essential feature and not many models have it, it is an excellent addition, if it does.

See our latest reviews on the best dust extractors by clicking here

Tool versatility and products available

The versatility of a tool depends on the number of attachments that can be fitted to the oscillating head. The tool needs to have a universal fitting system which is compatible with accessories from other brands as not only does this save money, but it also increases the number of accessories available. 

Some models allow you to place the cutting accessories at many angles, including at 90 degrees. This means the blade is similar to that of a jigsaw; this makes even more versatile and more comfortable to reach difficult places.

Does it come with a carry case

A useful power tool of any kind should come with a carry case to help in storage and transportation. This is especially true for oscillating multi tools as you nearly always have lots of attachments to store as we have just discussed. Many models come with good cases and lots of accessories which increases value for money or at the very least, keep everything neat and tidy together.

Warranty – 3 years seems to be the going standard now

All power tools come with a warranty, and this varies from brand to brand. Some companies like Bosch and DeWalt offer a standard warranty of 1 year which should be extended upon registration of your product on their website to 3 years. 

Finals thoughts and conclusion

As you have seen, there are many oscillating multitools available, and they all have one common feature, they can cut, scrape and sand. One thing that did become clear during our research was that a good quality blade makes all the difference. It doesn’t matter how useful the tool is if you buy cheap sanding pads and blades that don’t last 2 minutes. The first lesson here is to invest in good quality accessories. It will make your experience much better long term.

Now the next question you need to ask is, which tool do you think will be right for you? All the models above will get the job done, the DeWalt multi-tools are probably the best overall. That being said, the Bosch and Worx oscillating tools were excellent and may lack some of the fancy features like LED lights, but they still get the job done are worth investing in if you’re looking for a more affordable model for DIY purposes.

For most people, we think the DeWalt DWE315KT Multi Tool is the best oscillating multi tool and it comes at a great price when you consider the attachments it comes with and that heavy-duty protective case.

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