Top 8 Best Oscillating Multi-tool – Detailed Reviews

Top 8 Best Oscillating Multi-tool – Detailed Reviews

Top 8 Best Oscillating Multi-tool – Detailed Reviews

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Best Oscillating Multi-tool Reviews

Oscillating multi-tools are without doubt the best invention for DIY jobs, whether at home or in professional settings. There is a lot of usefulness that they bring to the table and throughout the years, their development has continuously been enhanced to make them more assorted and more functional to the users.

An oscillating multi-tool comes in handy when you want to sand, scrape, grind and cut. While an oscillating multi-tool is largely of great benefit to the user, it comes with the drawback of making it difficult for you to settle on the choice of tool that will work best for you. Your first tool will usually feel foreign but it doesn’t have to be if you have the correct information. To help you with that, we have prepared a buyer’s guide for you and reviewed some of the best oscillating multi-tool and found what we consider to be the best oscillating multi tools to get you started.

Below is our 'Best Pick' the Bosch PMF Cordless Oscillating Multi Tool which we consider the best model for most people. Its light weight, robust and very versatile and come with 3 years warranty making it a great model to invest in with full peace of mind.

Bosch PMF 10.8 LI Cordless Multi-Tool Review

Bosch PMF 10.8 LI Cordless Multi-Tool


Bosch PMF 10.8 LI Cordless Multi-Tool

  • Bosch Syneon Chip technology for optimum performance.
  • Ergonomic design which ensures handy, lightweight and comfortable handling.
  • An all-rounder tool for many applications thanks to the many supplied accessories.
  • Variable speed control with smooth acceleration from zero to maximum.
  • Includes carry case for easy storage and transportation.
  • 2 year guarantee which can be extended to 3 years for free.

Oscillating Multi Tool Buyer's Guide

The following are some of the factors to look out for before buying an oscillating multi-tool:

  • Comfortable grip: Since you are typically going to hold the tool with one or both hands, its shape and circumference will determine how well it fits in your hands. For instance, circumferences under 7 inches suit users with small hands while larger ones are good with big hands. But, heavier tools might be tiring to hold for prolonged periods of time.
  • Variable speed: While delicate sanding requires slower speeds, cutting and grinding work best with higher speeds. Therefore, a tool with variable speed becomes handy when you have to complete different types of projects or when working on different materials. For smoothing things out further, some oscillating multi-tools feature soft starts that slowly ease up the speeds and prevents the tool from jerking to the sides when powered on.
  • Minimal vibration and noise: Some models vibrate when cutting and grinding or can be fairly noisy in the process. This can be really annoying so it’s important to pay attention on the decibels (dBA) rating of the tool you want to buy.
  • Task lights: Sometimes multi-tools get into tight areas such as inside cabinets and these areas are usually dark. Models with LED lights are the best at working those dimly lit spaces.
  • Corded or cordless: Corded versions tend to be more powerful and they don’t have a limited run time since they connect directly to a mains. When buying corded models, consider the length of the cable. A longer cord will give you more working distance without having to worry about extension leads.

    Cordless models, on the other hand, are more convenient since they are not bulky and they allow you to work easily and effortlessly in agile places. However, they use rechargeable batteries which might run out before completion of a project, making them better for short time tasks.
  • Handle: The oscillating multi-tool should have a flexible, comfortable and firm grip. This enables easy control of the tool, for working in hard-to-reach places and detail work.
  • Versatility: The versatility of a tool depends on the number of accessories that can be fitted to the oscillating head. It is essential for the tool to have a universal fitting system which is compatible with accessories from other brands. This ensures flexibility and cost saving.
  • Voltage: Generally, the higher the voltage, the more powerful the tool is. As such, it is important to buy an oscillating tool with a higher wattage when working on power and time consuming projects.
  • Carry case: A good power tool of any kind should come with a carry case to help in storage and transportation.
  • Warranty: All power tools come with a warranty and this varies from tool to tool. Some companies like Bosch offer a standard warranty which can be extended upon registration of your product on their website. A warranty might not be a top priority with many buyers but if you find it necessary, look for a model with favourable terms and conditions.


Bosch PMF 10.8 LI Cordless Multi-Tool Review


Bosch PMF 10.8 LI Cordless Multi-Tool Review

Bosch PMF 10.8 LI Cordless Multi-Tool

The Bosch PMF 10.8 LI Cordless Multi-Tool is a versatile all-rounder that can be used for cutting, sawing, sanding and scraping. It features the intelligent Bosch Syneon Chip that manages the interaction between the motor, battery and gearbox, providing optimum power when needed and maximum endurance throughout a project. This technology provides the perfect amount of energy required for your project and it is also available in all Bosch cordless Li-ion 10.8V, 18V and 36V DIY tools such as the Bosch Cordless Lawn mower.

The ergonomic design of this tool makes it super easy to use, optimising comfort, performance, and safety whilst working. Bosch understands that accuracy and vibration don’t blend well, so they have equipped the PMF 10.8 LI Cordless multi-tool with “Low vibration” technology plus an ergonomic softgrip to absorb those awful vibrations associated with some models.

Regardless of the task you intend to complete, the PMF 10.8 LI range of accessories will make the job easy for you. Whether it’s cutting, routing, sawing, rasping, sanding or scraping, it has the right accessories to get the jobs done. The Bosch electronic technology also allows speed control with smooth acceleration from 0 to maximum so you have the perfect speed for the job at hand. In addition, there are five power settings for optimum speed control when working on your project.

This lightweight and compact tool also boasts useful features for small to mid-range DIY projects, such as: the universal tool holder screw which allows for fast, easy accessory changing and the 4-stage depth stop so you can saw the the depth you need, and dust extraction connection for dust free sanding. A carry case and instruction manual are also handy whenever there is need.

It comes with a free 2 year guarantee which can be extended to 3 years by simply registering your product at MyBosch within 28 days of purchase for the improved warranty.


  • Lightweight, compact and comfortable due to the ergonomic design.
  • Consistent variable speed pre-selection with the integrated Eco-electronic.
  • It intelligently controls energy for every task using Syneon Chip technology.
  • Long-lasting battery due to Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP).
  • Dust free sanding due to the dust extraction connection.
  • Multi-functional range of applications due to a wide range of accessories.
  • 3 years warranty for full peace of mind when you register online.


  • No real problems to report with this model, a little noisy but due to the nature most model are. Two batteries would also be a bonus to improve running times for larger projects,

Would we recommend - This cordless multi-tool stands out from the competition thanks to its exceptional ergonomics that make it handy, lightweight and very easy to use and because its cordless, no wires to worry about.

We really like the variable speed pre-selection and the variety of accessories which make it suitable for a wide range of applications while the carry case completes the convenience offered by the tool.

A word of warning, if you have never used one before practice before tackling the jobs you intend to do. ?

The battery life is quite short so a second battery would be welcomed and the tool is also a little noisy but these are manageable drawbacks. Otherwise, the Bosch PMF 10.8 LI Cordless Multi-Tool is an effective all-rounder that is offered at a great price.

The high quality, versatility, and accessories are what made this the winner of our 'Best Pick Award'?, that combined with how well the tools actually works.

Overall a brilliant tool we would highly recommend, if your not sure which model us right for you, this is probably the best choice.

BLACK+DECKER Multi-Oscillating Tool Review


BLACK+DECKER Multi-Oscillating Tool Review

BLACK+DECKER Multi-Oscillating Tool

The BLACK+DECKER Multi-Oscillating Tool is one of the most versatile multi-tools available at a reasonable price. Whether you want to cut pipes, sand walls or scrape paint, this tool can work on a wide range of materials including wood, plastic, laminate, plasterboard and non-ferrous metal.

Of course, it comes supplied with the essential accessories to complete the various tasks. It includes cutting blades for wood, plastic, metal and laminated flooring; scrapers for removing sealant, grout and tiles; and a sanding platen and pad for sanding, polishing and rust removal.

The oscillating multi-tool can withstand the most demanding tasks for prolonged periods of time, thanks to the metal gearbox and the professionally constructed jam pot housing. It has a slim body and a soft grip which helps to increase comfort. A sliding lock-on switch allows you to operate the tool with a single hand when required.

Inclusion of a standard oscillating tool accessory clamp allows other brands accessories to be used from brands such as Bosch, Einhell and Worx giving you more choice and potentially saving money.

It comes with a powerful 300W motor that makes all sorts of oscillating tasks a breeze. A variable speed dial allows you to select the right speed for particular tasks with precision while increasing accessory life. The speed varies from 10,000 – 22,000. It is located at the back of the tool for easy and safe access.


  • It is simple to handle and manage thanks to its ergonomic design plus conveniently placed dials.
  • The variable speed control makes it easy to perform different tasks.
  • It works on a wide range of materials including plastic, wood, metal and laminated floor.
  • Its adaptor allows you to use other branded accessories such as Bosch, Einhell and Worx.
  • It can be worked with one hand when the lock-on switch is activated.
  • Dust extractor can be fitted to sanding attachment.
  • 12 months warranty.


  • The sandpaper fittings are not effective and have issues.

Would we recommend - This is an easy-to-use, powerful and versatile tool from BLACK+DECKER and they really have done an excellent job, another very impressive tool.

We like the variable speed which make it ideal for working on a variety of materials while the tool-free accessory change make it very convenient when changing accessories (no screws to deal with). Furthermore, it can work with accessories from other brands which we like to see as it gives you more choice when buying attachments. Its robust design also makes it quite durable.

The sanding function is the only concern, the sanding pads simply do not stay on and during our research we noticed on Amazon that many user commented on this.

Overall, the BLACK+DECKER Multi-Oscillating Tool is a good tool for a wide range of applications around the house but if you intend to use it as a sander, we recommend you look at another model in our review. Anyone in the trade would be better investing in a slightly better model but its great for home users.

WORX WX680 F30 Sonicrafter Multi-Tool Oscillating Tool Review


WORX WX680 F30 350W Oscillating Tool Review

WORX WX680 F30 350W Oscillating Tool

The WORX WX680 F30 350W Sonicrafter Multi-Tool Oscillating Tool is ideal for all DIY jobs. The 29 supplied accessories make it ideal for a wide range of applications and a powerful 350W motor and a 3.2-degree oscillation angle provides unparalleled cutting performance.

It is an incredibly versatile tool with the capability of making precision cuts and flush cuts with ease, removing gout, and trimming wood, cutting metal, tiles and other materials. Basically, this performs a number of tasks including cutting, sawing, sanding, scraping, grinding; just to mention the most common DIY tasks.

Worx have a unique Universal Fit System which is integrated in the Sonicrafter F30 to allow multi-tool accessories to fit accurately in this tool. There is still no need to struggle with spanners and Allen keys, the Hyperlock clamping system then allows you quickly change accessories tool-free. The clamp offers more than 1 ton of clamping force to make sure that accessories do not loosen in the middle of the work.

When it comes to performance, the Sonicrafter F30’s exclusive high frequency oscillating technology moves the blade 3 times faster than standard oscillating tools. This enables you to work faster for enhanced efficiency. Such high speeds reduces vibration and thus gives you improved control when precision is required.

For peace of mind, the Sonicrafter F30 comes with a 2-year warranty which can be increased to 3 years with online registration.


  • It works 3x faster than standard oscillating tools.
  • The 1 ton clamping force provides the strongest lock on accessories, so no loosening at work.
  • It allows other accessories to fit regardless of the brand or year of purchase.
  • It is ideal for a variety of applications thanks to the included 29 accessories. It also works on several different materials.
  • Accessory changing is too-free due to the integrated Hyperlock clamping system.
  • It comes with a carry case for storage and transportation.
  • 3 Year warranty for extra peace of mind.


  • No problems to report with this model. Only great comments.

Would we recommend - The WORX WX680 F30 350W Sonicrafter Multi-Tool Oscillating Tool is a good versatile tool designed to complete many DIY applications. The inclusion of 29 accessories at least ensures you have enough for cutting, sanding, scraping, sawing, among other tasks.

The tool performs well with a rated power of 350W and oscillating speeds of 11,000 to 20,000/min. Most power tools operate with these speeds too so do not be fooled by all the hype on the super performance of it.

Changing blades is easy and tool-free and at least 1 carry case is provided to help you with storage and transportation. Basically, this is a great versatile tool that comes at a fair price. Unlike the Black & Decker model the sanding attachments are firmly fixed.

Overall a great tool for diy enthusiast and trademens looking for a good all round tool.

 DeWalt DWE315KT 300W Oscillating Multi-Tool Review


DeWalt DWE315KT 300W Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

DeWalt DWE315KT 300W Oscillating Multi-Tool

The DeWalt DWE315KT 300W Oscillating Multi-Tool comes complete with a pile of 37 accessories and a very strong carry case. It features a quick release accessory changes for increased ease of use and versatility meaning no hex is required for changing tools.

Obviously, the whole point of a multi-tool is the ability to quickly and efficiently get the job done and this depends on the accessory you fit into the tool. So whether you are cutting, sanding, trimming or rasping, the DeWalt DWE315KT will allow you to quickly get the required accessory attached to the oscillating tool for the job at hand. Simply press the lever, remove the accessory, slot in a new one and then release the lever.

A 3-way depth-stop which allows accurate cutting and trimming. For instance, when cutting into plasterboard, it will prevent punching too deep into the wood. It also features full variable speed (0-22,000 oscillations per minute) for improved control, powered by the premium brushless 300W motor. Along these lines, dual position rocker switch with “lock-on” gives you ultimate control over speed and application.

Working in dark areas is not a problem with this tool thanks to the featured front bright LED work light. It is activated by pressing the trigger and it even ensures there are no more shadows around the job area. A dust extraction port is available on this tool which is compatible with “Airlock”.


  • ?Robust construction ideal for professionals and trade use.
  • Highly equipped tool which comes with 37 accessories for various jobs.
  • Easy to change accessories without the need for tools.
  • 3-way depth stop allows precise cutting and trimming.
  • It can be used in dark areas thanks to the LED lights.
  • Dust extraction is possible with the Airlock compatible port.
  • 3 Year warranty when you register online.


  • The trigger is not that good and its effectiveness is questionable. It either doesn’t control the speed comfortably or you have to keep pressing it too much to activate it which can get tiring. Certainly room for improvement.

Would we recommend - The DeWalt DWE315KT 300W Oscillating Multi-Tool comes with great features to enhance every DIY experience. Included in the box are 37 accessories for various tasks and switching between them is easy without any tools.

The variable speed is a good thing to have for optimum application and rocker switch is also a great addition for speed control. Working dust free DeWalt’s top priority so they‘ve also included a dust extraction port which would be handy for certain jobs.

The only flaw with this tool is the trigger action which sometimes can cause hand discomfort. Apart from that, the DeWalt DWE315KT 300W Oscillating Multi-Tool is such a remarkable, powerful oscillating multi-tool with several attachments for various jobs.

It is a bit on the expensive side but gives value for money and is excellent for trade use were it would get daily use. We can't stress how well made it is and how well it performs, just a shame the trigger is not better designed.

VonHaus 220W Oscillating Multitool Review

**Best Low Cost Model**

VonHaus 220W Oscillating Multitool Review

VonHaus 220W Oscillating Multitool

The VonHaus 220W Oscillating Multitool is a very budget-friendly oscillating multi-tool offered for slightly over £20 making it perfect for odd jobs around the house. It comes with 15 accessories which are not too excessive in numbers yet they are all great quality. They comprise of cutting, sanding, grinding and scraping accessories. A universal screw allows easy and quick attachment of the supplied accessories for easy selection of the right accessory for the job.

This tool performs a multitude of tasks including detail sanding, precision cutting in wood, metal, and tiles, and scraping carpet and laminate. A half-moon saw allows cutting through wood, plastic, laminates, carpet and plaster board, and its shapes allows plunge cutting to the edge of another material at 90 degrees.

A stainless steel cutter is perfect for removing wood, vinyl, paint and coating, residues and separating laminated layers. It also cuts carpet and removes adhesive residue and other stubborn substances from floor coverings. A universal E-cutter cuts through wood and ferrous metals such as nails and pipes with a plunge cutting depth of 1.6’’. Sanding pad and sheets are also available for sanding and profiling.

There is a thumb operated wheel at the back of the tool which enables changing of the oscillation speed, with a maximum speed of 11-19,000 opm.

Vibration control ensures the tool is easy to manoeuvre over the working surface. The corded electric tool has a 180cm (6ft) cable so you will need to consider using an extension lead.

The kit also comes with a carry case for easy storage and moving from job to job. It is even covered with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty to tell you it can stand to the test of time.


  • All-in-one tool with accessories that will help you tackle projects with confidence.
  • It is easy to assemble, handle and change accessories.
  • Supplied with carry case for easy storage and transportation.
  • It offers exceptional control over the workpiece due to the variable speed and vibration control.
  • It is easy to change attachments thanks to the universal screw.
  • It is very affordable.
  • 2 Years warranty for full peace of mind.


  • The on/off button is a bit flimsy.
  • Not good with sanding as even the sandpaper keeps falling off while in use.

Would we recommend - The VonHaus 220W Oscillating Multitool is an okay tool for the price but it won’t win any major awards. It can be an excellent option for those quick, low to mid-range jobs while you plan to treat yourself to those expensive, high efficiency models from other brands such as DeWalt and Bosch.

For now, the 15 accessories can help you get around with simple cutting, sawing, and trimming on materials such as wood, plastic, tile and metal. The ease of changing the accessories, variable speed and vibration control are also great additions. You will also appreciate the carry case for when you want to store or transport the tool.

There are a few flaws with this tool which limit its performance and ease of use. We don’t associate that with its cheap price as even most other expensive models have their own drawbacks. Anyway, when you are on a budget and want to finish some average jobs at home, the VonHaus 220W Oscillating Multitool can be a great pick.

It is what it is, cheap and cheerful but gets the job done and at under £30 and with 2 years warranty you couldn't ask for more.

Top 3 Cordless Oscillating Tools

Dewalt DCS355M1-GB 18V Li-Ion Cordless Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool Review


Dewalt DCS355M1-GB 18V Li-Ion Cordless Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool

Dewalt DCS355M1-GB 18V Li-Ion Cordless Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool

Another one from DeWalt except this time is a cordless model, this oscillating multi-tool comes with a compact 300W brushless motor that delivers a maximum of 22,000 oscillations per minute, offering faster completion of the most demanding jobs.

While ordinary motors contain carbon brushes which generate friction, DeWalt’s brushless motor eliminates this wasted energy, increasing the runtime and life of the tool, to sum up brushless motors are far more superior.

The Dewalt DCS355M1-GB Cordless Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool is powered using the included 18v 4Ah li-ion battery and comes with a multi voltage battery charger for charging when necessary. Furthermore, the battery packs are interchangeable with more than 30 tools in the XR system so if you invest in more DeWalt tools you can buy the bare tool and save money..

The Dewalt DCS355M1 comes with 35 accessories and TStak kit box, making it suitable for cutting fabrics, pipes, timber, flooring, preparing surfaces, clean grout removal, scraping, sanding, and other tasks. It is equipped with soft start button for smooth start up and improved application control. There is also a quick-fit depth stop for exceptional control over application.

Speed control is possible with variable speed control feature while its ergonomic handle design enable comfortable use over prolonged working periods.

Bright LED lights make working a dark areas easy while a unique quick change accessory system allows tool-free and one hand operation. Also included in this tool is a quick-fit dust extraction kit which is compatible with DeWalt Airlock system.

Like all DeWalt products, the Dewalt DCS355M1-GB comes with 1-year standard warranty which can be extended to three years upon online registration within the first four weeks of purchase.


  • It provides faster job completion due to its powerful 300W motor capable of delivering 0-22,000 rpm.
  • It includes a kit for dust extraction.
  • A bright LED light makes it possible to work in dark areas.
  • Quick and easy accessory changing without the need for tools.
  • Ergonomic handle design ensures comfortable handling especially for extended periods.
  • It comes with interchangeable battery packs in DeWalt XR system.
  • It has a simple soft start function for smooth start and great application control.
  • 3 years warranty when you register online.


  • The adaptor does not fit most other tool blades out there so you have to buy the expensive DeWalt blades.
  • It is expensive.

Would we recommend - The Dewalt DCS355M1-GB Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool is one of, if not the best oscillating multi-tool in the market today. It is an absolute precision tool with a variety of accessories which can be used for endless applications.

There are many adorable high-end features such as the LED light, dust extraction kit, depth stop, and soft start function. This is a powerful tool with 300W brushless motor and a long lasting 18V 4h battery for extended run times. 

On the downside, this tool does not fit most Fein tool blades available meaning that most of the time you will have to stick to purchasing DeWalt blades only.

Overall, the DeWalt DCS355M1-GB is a very good quality tool that handles anything thrown its way. However, it is quite pricy and even the most expensive on our list but performance is unrivalled. A great invest for any professional tradesman or ladies. Don't forget to register for the 3 years warranty if you invest in this fantastic model.

Bosch Professional GOP L-Boxx 10.8 V-LI Cordless Multi-Cutter Review


Bosch Professional GOP L-Boxx Cordless Multi-Cutter

Bosch Professional GOP L-Boxx Cordless Multi-Cutter

The Bosch Professional GOP L-Boxx 10.8 V-LI Cordless Multi-Cutter is versatile, compact lightweight tool with a powerful performance and an assortment of accessories for repairing, adjusting and trimming. Furthermore, it is compatible with a wide range of accessories making it ideal for flush sawing, sanding down surfaces and plunge cutting, great for cutting out of worktops where accuracy is key.

The robust box contains a sanding plate, a 5-piece set of sanding sheets, cardboard, and Allen key to get you started.

Weighing only 1kg including the battery (purchased seperately) along with an ergonomic design, the Bosch Professional GOP Multi Tool is easy to handle in whatever situation. Its handle has a small circumference plus a softgrip covering that further increase comfort while minimising fatigue.

Its powerful motor is capable of generating 20,000 oscillations per minute and thus it works like a comparable corded device which usually have more power. In addition it has a variable speed control for optimum application on a wide range of materials so you all ways have the ideal speed for the job at hand.

A battery level indicator makes sure that you are aware of the amount of power left to finish the job. The Bosch Premium Li-ion technology gives the battery an extended runtime as well as prolonged lifespan. In any case, the battery can be charged any time in as little as 60 minutes. 

What makes this model more efficient and reliable is that it benefits from 'Electronic Cell Protection' which guards the incorporated batteries from overheating, overloading and deep discharge. Bosch covers this product with a 1 year standard warranty which unlike most other brands which only cover batteries and charger for 1 year includes the batteries for the full tool years as with all of there blue professional tool range.


  • ?Powerful and efficient.
  • It can be used with comprehensive accessories to complete various tasks.
  • Excellent handling due to its lightweight ( only 1kg) and compact design.
  • Rapid action and precise variable speed control between 5,000-20,000opm which is comparable to corded models.
  • Includes battery level indicator which lets you to know when to charge the battery.


  • Batteries and charger have to be purchased separately increasing the cost.
  • It is expensive.

Would we recommend - The Bosch Professional GOP L-Boxx 10.8 V-LI Cordless Multi-Cutter is a handy and manoeuvrable tool with several accessories for various jobs.

Its 1kg weight beats most other tools in our list which ensures less fatigue at work. Adjustable speed control plus the battery level indicator makes it very convenient too which is very handy.

Some cordless tools have issues with battery life and this one is no exception. And as much as sanding is part of what the tool can do, we think you will be better off with a sander. So in our opinion, this is a good machine with great features but quite pricey for the jobs it can do.

Don't forget it does not include a battery and charger which will cost around an extra £70 on top of the price of the bare tool. We do like that the 2 year warranty covers batteries and charger though as these have been known to go after 1 year so you would be covered should this happen.

Ryobi RMT1801M One+ Multi Tool Review


Ryobi RMT1801M One+ Multi Tool

Ryobi RMT1801M One+ Multi Tool

Another versatile and compact multi-tool from one of my favourite tool brands, the Ryobi RMT1801M 18v One+ Multi Tool is designed for sanding and cutting various surfaces. This handy tool is also capable of cutting intricate hard-to-reach areas, sanding difficult surfaces and it is an important all-rounder for DIY.

There are two blades; the flush cut and the plunge cut. The former allows you to cut right up to a surface without destroying it while the later enables you to cut directly into a surface. This operation is considered complicated with most other conventional saws but the RMT1801M gets the job done quickly and easily.

As all ways, the variable speed control allows you to be in full control of your sanding and other task-specific applications all throughout.

Equipped with a powerful 18V motor, it produces 20,000 oscillations per minute for project completion which as we have mentioned before is comparable to corded models.

It's 3 degrees oscillation angle also makes for faster cutting, sanding and sawing. What we really like is that the head can rotate to four different positions for easy accessibility for any task, regardless of the angle. A built-in LED light illuminates those dark areas, making your work easy, a feature not fitted to all models.

When it comes to handling, the RMT1801M features the Gripzone Over Mould which provides maximum grip and comfort, now we seen this before on there other tools and they really do feel nice in the hand. 

For information, this tool is sold as body only, thus allowing you to use a variety of interchangeable accessories and batteries from other Ryobi garden and power tools that you own. Ryobi has it that the ONE+ tool and battery system includes over 35 compatible tools. If you don't all ready own Ryobi tools you will of course have to budget for at least one battery and charger from round £60 to £100 depending on the size of battery you choose.

Even more, it comes with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.


  • Suitable for sanding hard-to-reach areas and cutting difficult surfaces.
  • It has variable speed control for task-specific applications.
  • Faster sawing, sanding and cutting due to 3-degree oscillation angle.
  • Built-in LED light allows easy working in dark areas.
  • Easy and comfortable handling thanks to the featured GripZone Over Mould.
  • It allows you to use a wide range of other accessories from the Ryobi’s ONE+ system.
  • 2 years warranty for full peace of mind.


  • No battery level indicator meaning you will never know when to charge the battery.
  • Battery and charger now included.

Would we recommend - The Ryobi RMT1801M One+ Multi Tool is another versatile piece of kit which is perfect for DIY enthusiast.

It will handle those annoying jobs with ease due to its powerful motor, ergonomics and variable speeds. The most unique thing about this tool is the integrated ONE+ system which allows the use of accessories and batteries from all other Ryobi garden and power tools, so you will not keep running around town in search of accessories.

The lack of a battery level indicator is the major drawback we found on this tool. Apart from that, it is specially equipped for projects relating to sanding surfaces and cutting materials. For sure, it is hard to find the kind of versatility this tool offers for less than £80 but you will need to buy a battery and charger separately.

Overall probably the most affordable cordless model available offering excellent value for money, we would highly recommend this model to any home user or diy enthusiast looking for a versatile multi-tool.

Finals thoughts and conclusion

After looking at our buyer's guide and the oscillating multi-tool reviews above, we hope buying the best oscillating multi-tool will now be easy for you. It is always important to compare multi-tools with the features and abilities of each tool before you buy one. This way, you will buy the right multi-tool for the project you have at hand.

Below is a quick roundup of 3 of our favorite tools from out list, this include our 'Best Pick', a good all rounder, cordless, affordable and lots if accessories. The Ryobi Multi Tool, excellent quality, very well designed and the advantage of cordless and finally the VonHaus Multi Tool, cheap as chips, perfect for the odd job around the house without investing in expensive tools.

Our Best Pick

This goes to the Bosch PMF 10.8 LI Cordless Multi-Tool with 10.8 V 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery. We appreciate the Bosch Syneon Chip technology which efficiently manages the coordination of motor, battery and gears for the optimum power and maximum endurance for the job at hand. The handy, lightweight and comfortable handling plus the “Low vibration” technology are great features that make this tool outstanding.

A single tool for many applications, the Bosch BMF has the right set of accessories for whatever you intend to do with it.

Other goodies with this tool include variable speed control, five power settings and a carry case. Most importantly, you will not have to spend too much for this top quality power tool and best of all it includes the battery and fast charger.

Bosch PMF 10.8 LI Cordless Multi-Tool Review

Bosch PMF 10.8 LI Cordless Multi-Tool

Buy the Bosch PMF 10.8 Multi Tool on

Our most versatile pick

The tools in our list are quite versatile in one way or another but we feel the Ryobi RMT1801M One+ Multi Tool, 18 V offers unmatched versatility.

Featuring the ONE+ Tool and Battery system, this tool is compatible with accessories from over 35 garden and power tools within the system. Of course, it still has other useful features such as: built-in LED light, ergonomic handle, and a flexible head with four rotating positions and 3 degrees rotating angle.

It is also affordable and comes with 2-year warranty. The only real downside is that if you don't all ready have other Ryobi tools with batteries and charger you will need to buy them separately. However its worth the total investment and is perfect for both DIY enthusiast and trade professionals.

Ryobi RMT1801M One+ Multi Tool

Ryobi RMT1801M One+ Multi Tool

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The most affordable model

When you are on a shoestring budget but still need to get some cutting and sanding jobs done, the VonHaus 220W Oscillating Multitool can be a great option for a price of less than £30.

This corded tool comes with multiple accessories for a wide range of jobs and the good thing is that it has no limited run time. It still provides variable speeds and vibration control just like the expensive models.

Easy handling, quick accessory change and a powerful 220W motor make for a handy tool that will get jobs done quickly.

Perfect for home use where you only have the odd job around the house to tackle and can't justify investing in a more expensive model that want get the use it deserves.

The best budget model we were able to find and best of all its fully backed up with a 2 year warranty for full peace of mind.?

VonHaus 220W Oscillating Multitool Review

VonHaus 220W Oscillating Multitool

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