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10 Reasons You Should Get a Leaf Vacuum for Your Garden

Last updated on February 14th, 2022

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Leaf vacuums are an invaluable piece of garden machinery, and something more and more people are investing in to help keep their garden in tip-top condition once the leaves begin to fall.

While your neighbour blasting their leaf vacuum early on a Sunday morning might not have you sold on the idea of getting your own, leaf vacuums are a piece of kit that really can work miracles when it comes to your garden.

Make your end of season garden clean up a million times easier with your very own leaf vacuum. Here are 8 reasons that our friends from bestvacuumexpert have come up with to get your own.

1. Clear your Garden of Leaves and Debris

Your front garden may be one of the first impressions people have of your home, so it’s worth making it something special. Making an effort to keep your garden clear of leaves and debris is the first step towards giving you that dream garden, as wet leaves littering the floor can be unsightly and smelly. Invest in a leaf vacuum and totally clear your garden of fallen leaves.

It’s not just leaves on the floor that leaf vacuums can scoop up. They will also be able to pick up debris from your flowerbeds without ruining your flowers. Instead of picking leaves from your prized flowers by hand, let a leaf vacuum do the hard work for you.

2. They Can Help the Environment

We all need to do our bit to save the planet and, contrary to belief, leaf vacuums provide a cost-effective way to do just that.

Compost heaps are great for the environment. They save water by helping the soil to hold moisture, and they recycle organic resources and waste which would otherwise be thrown away. Compost heaps will help your plants grow and attract lovely wildlife to your garden.

Fallen leaves are perfect for compost heaps, and leaf vacuums will shred and mulch them into the perfect condition to help your garden bloom.

We reviewed some great compost boxes and tumblers which you can read about here

3. Make Light Work of Cleaning your Garden

If you’ve ever tried to tackle piles of leaves with just your hands or a garden rake, you’ll know the struggle that ensues. Leaf vacuums will make light work of clearing up leaves and debris, making your garden a space to be proud of in a fraction of the time. The best part? They won’t give you aches, pains or nasty blisters as you work!

Clearing leaves and debris is one of the less fun gardening chores. Get this done as quickly and efficiently as you can, and you’ll have more time to spend designing and creating your perfect garden.

4. They are Available in a Range of Sizes

Those with smaller gardens often think leaf vacuums aren’t for them but, contrary to belief, leaf vacuums don’t have to be huge or heavy pieces of machinery! While leaf vacuums and blowers combined are often larger pieces of kit which are ideal for bigger gardens (or parks and public areas), smaller models can be bought to suit a range of sizes of garden.

Handheld and cordless leaf blowers vacuums are readily available for smaller spaces. These are usually very lightweight and perfect for scooping up leaves, debris or even pet hair in smaller spaces, such as balconies or patios. Leaf vacuums for larger gardens will be heavier and more powerful, while backpack models are ideal if you’ve got an extra large space. With such a range of sizes on the market to suit a variety of gardens, finding the perfect leaf vacuum to suit your garden has never been easier. We recently looked at several petrol leaf blowers that were perfect for those with larger gardens, you can read about these petrol leaf blowers here

5. They Can Make your Lawn Healthier

When fallen leaves and debris get wet they can begin to rot and harbour diseases. Rose Black Spot or Apple and Pear Scab can affect your plants year after year, and the purple or black spots appearing on the surfaces of your leaves are unsightly and will stop your plants from growing healthily.

Collecting fallen leaves is one of the best ways to stop fungal diseases like Black Spot spreading. Staying on top of things is even easier when you have a leaf vacuum, instead of attempting to do it all by hand. Clearing your leaves will also make your grass healthier, and discourage earthworms from infesting your soil and ruining it.

Furthermore, fallen leaves that are left to get wet in the rain will make paths and patios slippery. In the interest of safety, clear up your fallen leaves before they turn to a brown, slippery mush.

6. They are Easy to Handle and Fun to Use

Lightweight leaf vacuums won’t give you blisters like a garden rake, and they certainly won’t give you backache. While raking your leaves day in, day out can take its toll on your body, leaf vacuums are specifically designed to be comfortable, practical and easy to use.

Plus, leaf vacuums are fun! While raking and scooping can be mundane and exhausting, leaf vacuums are a piece of machinery that simply feels good to use. Whether it’s the noise of the engine (although quieter leaf vacuums are available!), or the knowledge that you’re accomplishing a mundane and notoriously long task in minutes, there’s something very enjoyable about vacuuming fallen leaves and transforming your garden.

7. They are Inexpensive

Garden equipment is often expensive, something that puts many people off. Leaf blowers and vacuums, however, can be bought to suit a range of budgets, and they don’t have to break the bank.

While larger, powerful leaf blowers will cost more, the smaller handheld or cordless models are much cheaper – and the hours of work they save you make the price more than worth it.

8. They are Durable and Easy to Maintain

Taking care of your leaf vacuum will ensure it lasts a long time. Leaf vacuums are investments, and while the initial cost may be higher than that of a garden rake, they will clear your garden of debris and leaves year after year.

While maintenance and cleaning will differ depending on which model of vacuum you have, most vacuums can be cleaned easily using only warm water and cleaning solution. Petrol models are the only type that need any sort of real maintenance when it comes with servicing and cleaning filters etc.

Ensure you check the instructions and if unsure, contact the manufacturer who will be able to advise you how to keep your leaf vacuum in tip-top condition.

Liz is a part of the Content team at Best Vacuum Expert, sharing expert knowledge and best tips on how to have a clean house.

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