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The Best Hedge Trimmer – Top 6 Compared & Detailed Reviews

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Best Hedge Trimmer Reviews

If you have hedge to maintain and take care of and don’t have time to work with regular sheers then the best option and quiet frankly sometimes the only option is by using a hedge trimmer.

They come in their various models and power systems which is why selecting the best hedge trimmer can be a difficult task. If you select wisely you will not have a hard time maintaining your hedges. Look at the scale of work that you want to undertake so as to have an idea of the best hedge trimmer to satisfy your needs.

With lots of models now available from big brands such as Bosch, Einhell, Makita and Flymo and three types to choose which include corded electric, cordless electric and petrol deciding which is right for you can be difficult.

If you continue reading below you will find information that will aid you in identifying a good hedge trimmer.

Below is the winner of our 'Best Pick' which is the Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer which we think is the best hedge trimmer for most people as it combines both great cutting performance, reliability and excellent value for money making it the best choice.

  • Designed with an adjustable rotating handle making it easy to use at many angles.
  • Powerful 650w motor and diamond ground cutting blades which are able to cut through branches up to 27mm thick.
  • Comes with a coloured indicator to show when it is powered.
  • Offers a hedge sweep feature which means you can sweep hedge trimming off the top of hedge as you cut.
  • Has anti-jam features which facilitate smooth cuts.
  • 3 year warranty for full peace of mind.

Below you will find our reviews for the Top 6 hedge trimmers which we would recommend, which after hours of research are the best models from of over 25 models which we originally compared.


 Ryobi 650w RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer with HedgeSweep Review


Ryobi RHT6560RL 650w Hedge Trimmer Review

Ryobi RHT6560RL 650w Hedge Trimmer

The Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer is a fantastic trimmer to have around and is certainly one of the best electric models we have seen and has some great features. Firstly it has a powerful 650 watt motor is capable of producing enough power and at a constant rate. The saw function is very convenient especially when dealing with branches that have hard barks thanks to the diamond ground blades and 27mm cutting diameter.

The diamond ground blades with double stroke action provide the much needed neatness that is needed for medium to large hedges. The blade is 60cm (2ft) in length with a 27mm cutting capacity as all ready mentioned. This length is very manageable especially when you need a little reach as its not too heavy yet still long enough to deal with larger hedges.

Worried about the overall neatness of your hedges? Worried about collecting those cuttings afterwards? No need. What we really like about the Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer, you get a hedgeweep feature for free which all though is very simple is a excellent feature. The hedge weep collects all the residual debris and deposits it to the side which means you don't need to take them off the top of the hedge when you have finished cutting which saves you time.

The handle to a hedge trimmer is important. A good hedge trimmer combines comfort and function. The Ryobi team have provided you with an adjustable handle that can be turned into 5 different positions. This gives you the chance to select what position feels comfortable and means you can cut at many angles making it a very versatile hedge trimmer.

Anti-jamming features have been set in motion to facilitate seamless and neat cuts. When you are done with all that work you are free to clean the blade with its sheath and put it away.

The unit has also been equipped with a blade tip protector. This basically shields the blade from the impact when running on hard surfaces.

Finally it is fitted with a 8m cable, in order to give you as much freedom to move around which is somethings a lot of hedge trimmers lack, a long lead.

  • Can handle heavy duty work and is designed for medium to large hedges.
  • Powerful 650w motor and diamond ground cutting blades which are able to cut through branches up to 27mm thick.
  • Designed with an adjustable handle which ensures ease of use as it can be used at many angles with ease
  • Strong blade with diamond ground teeth and a blade tip protector.
  • Comes with an indicator to show it’s plugged in.
  • Comes with a hedge sweep feature which means it sweeps the hedge trimmings off the top of the hedge so they so not need to be picked off separately when you have finished cutting.
  • Well balanced and light weight at only 4.6kg.
  • 3 years warranty for full peace of mind.
  • Can feel heavy after extended use but is the price you pay for a more powerful motor and better build quality.

Final Conclusion

The Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer is a brilliant product and probably the best corded electric model we have seen and is a brilliant peace of kit. 

Apart from being able to produce neat work, the trimmer can take care of large hedges and has no trouble cutting through thick branches even up to an inch wide. 

Firstly, as you would expect for a Ryobi product the build quality is much better than some of the cheaper models which feel cheap but with this build quality does come the extra weight. Its not heavy as such but after longer periods of use it can start to feel heavy.

Other features that make it stand out from the rest are the hedge sweep which is a great feature and can be removed as well as the rotating handle.

Overall this hedge cutter is heard to beat and if your looking for a quality, well manufactured hedge cutter with plenty of power then this model will not disappoint. After careful consideration we decided that this model deserved the spot of our 'Best Pick' and with 3 years warranty its certainly made to last so should give you years of surface.

If you have thick branches to cut that are maybe to thick for this model to handle then the Bosch AHS 70-34 hedge trimmer may be a better option as it has a larger cutting diameter of 34mm and a longer blade of 70cm. We review this model in detail further down.

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 Black & Decker 600w GT6060 60cm Hedge Trimmer Review

Black & Decker GT6060 600W 60cm Hedge trimmer Review

Black & Decker GT6060 600W 60cm Hedge trimmer

The Black & Decker GT6060 60cm Hedge Trimmer is best for small and medium hedges. This little lightweight corded trimmer is incredibly light weight which probably the first thing you will notice. The 600 watt trimmer is more than adequate for tackling most hedges. the trimmer comes with a dual stroke blade which basically means it cuts on both sides of the blade ensuring that the cut is always efficient. 

The blades are what make the tool purposeful. The stronger and more resilient they are the better for you. The blade's length of the blade will also determine your reach. This model comes with a 60cm blade which is the same as the Ryobi hedge trimmer but it has a smaller 25mm cutting diameter which means that its not as efficient at cutting thicker branches than out best pick. This means its perfect for cutting hedges on a monthly basis but it does not handle thick branches you might get on a hedge that has not been cut for years. That might be a losing battle. The manufacturer recommends it for medium hedges and we agree but the maximum cutting diameter is worth remembering when comparing models.

Balance is good for posture. If the blade is too heavy, you may have a hard time when making a diagonal cut. The handle and the body have excellent balance. The Black & Decker model is designed to offer you comfort as you work which is does really well. The handles have a special bale handle design to ensure that you can cut at many angles as it does not have a rotating handle. 

Another important feature is the two handed safety start which means that two hands have to be in the hedge trimmer to use it to avoid accidental starts. 

  • Light weight at only 3kg and easy to use.
  • Longer 60 cutting blade with a 27mm cutting diameter.
  • Perfect for small hedges
  • Durable blades that don’t get blunt easily.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • 2 year warranty for full peace of mind.
  • Not suitable for larger hedges or intensive cutting jobs .
  • May not be suitable for heavy daily use

Final Conclusion

The Black & Decker GT6060 600W 60cm Hedge Trimmer won’t cost you much and it will serve you well. Just ensure that it is not overworked. At 3kg is probably one of the lightest models we have reviewed. 

For those who need a quick trimmer to be used occasionally for a small hedge, you can employ the services of this model and with a 2 years warranty you have full peace of mind and for the price you can't really go wrong. 

Overall its not a bad model but it certainly does not match the Ryobi hedge trimmer as its lacks the build quality, rotating handle and the hedge sweep of the Ryobi hedge trimmer, still its probably a better choice for someone with a small hedge where the Ryobi features and durability would be wasted.

If you have a small hedge that is cut regular, think a perfectly well maintained hedge, then the Flymo Easicut 460 we below next may be a better choice as it has a shorter 45cm blade and sometimes a 60cm blade can be to long for smaller hedges.

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 Flymo 450w EasiCut 460 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

Flymo EasiCut 460 - Electric Hedge Trimmer 450W Review

Flymo EasiCut 460 - Electric Hedge Trimmer 450W

The Flymo EasiCut 460 Electric Hedge Trimmer is another affordable trimmer and one we choose to include as its a great choice for anyone with a small hedge who is looking to keep it well maintained. We think that this model is perfect for small hedges as it has a smaller 45cm blade which is better for situations where a 60cm blade is a little to large and can make trimming the hedge more difficult. This bright coloured instantly stands out as being part of the Flymo brand with its bright orange colours which is another brand famous for its hover lawnmowers. 

The unit comes with a 450 watt motor that is more than capable of cutting smaller hedges and is very well balanced making it easy to use at all angles.

The diamond ground blades are of good quality. Together with the quality motor, the dial stroke blades produce a very neat cut. As mentioned the blade is 45cm long with a smaller 19mm cutting capacity which is much smaller than our best pick or the Black + Decker model. However it is adequate for light work but cannot be tasked with thick branches as it does have it limitations in this respect.

This model offers a well-designed handle with and additional central handle. This is just to help maintain balance as you move along with your work as it does lack a rotating handle.

The handle has also been designed ergonomically for comfort and it comes with an electric cable which is an impressive ten meters, therefore, your reach is not that limited.

  • Long electric cable for more reach.
  • 45cm long blade with a 19mm max cutting diameter.
  • Perfect for maintaining small hedges.
  • Very light weight at just over 3kg.
  • Ergonomic central handle design to enforce easy operation.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Not suitable for large hedges or thicker branches over 19mm in diameter

Final Conclusion

The Flymo EasiCut 460 Electric Hedge Trimmer is a good example of good quality at affordable pricing. The blade is not so long which makes it perfect for smaller hedges which is its selling point.

If you have a small hedge then this model is more than adequate but it does have its limitations as it lacks the power, length blade and cutting diameter of other models, however sometimes the extra power, longer blade and larger cutting diameter are simply not needed.

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 Bosch AHS 70-34 Electric Hedge Cutter Review

Bosch AHS 70-34 Electric Hedge Cutter Review

Bosch AHS 70-34 Electric Hedge Cutter

The Bosch AHS 70-34 Electric Hedge Cutter is perfect for them larger hedges where you need longer blades and wider cutting diameters to get the job done. The Bosch 70-34 is simply a beast that needs respect. The 700 watt motor powers a blade that can deal with those large hedges with ease and never misses a beat and will cut through branches as promised. The blade is 70cm long which is 10cm longer than our 'Best Pick' with 34mm spacing which again is wider than our 'Best Pick' which makes it better suited to larger hedges. The torque on this model is 50 (Nm) meaning you have enough impact to work with even on the most demanding hedges.

The quality of the blades matters. The blades are diamond ground blades ensuring that they remain as sharp even over constant use. It also has a blade protector so that you can cut right up to walls and paths without the risk of damaging the blades. With a stroke speed of 3400 strokes per minute this model is hard to beat.

The handle is well designed to offer comfort and function. Since the blade is longer, there is more manoeuvrability to deal with. But this is well distributed with a well-positioned handle in the centre. The handles have been ergonomically designed to comfortably fit most hand sizes. The use of gloves will not affect the overall grip which is sometimes an issue with smaller hedge trimmers. 

The machine comes with a safety lock to ensure that it remains inactive unless needed. The handle guard which is transparent to make sure you can see what you are doing. The warranty on this product is 2 years unless registered at My Bosch. If you do so the warranty increases to 3 years so its well worth doing to get that extra years cover.

  • Can deal with large hedges and thicker branches up to 34mm.
  • Comes with an inbuilt- blade protector to protect the tip of the blade when trimming right up to walls and paths.
  • Designed to have high torque for better performance.
  • Ample cable length means you have plenty of reach.
  • Has a longer blade thus more reach.
  • 3 years warranty when you register online.
  • Does not come with a blade sheath.
  • Can be a tad heavy for some but with cutting length and quality comes weight.

Final Conclusion

The Bosch AHS 70-34 Electric Hedge Cutter is a fantastic hedge cutter for large hedges with the main advantage being that it has an impressive cutting diameter of 34mm which is more than our 'Best Pick' as well as the longer 70cm which gives you more reach. 

The unit will do well for large scale work due to its powerful 700w motor. Compared to other smaller sizes this one needs more handling so make sure that you maintain proper posture.

We think the build quality is excellent and dispite its size its still fairly light compared to petrol hedge trimmers.

When compared to the Ryobi hedge trimmer which we awarded our 'Best Pick' it has better reach and will certainly cut through thicker branches, however the feel the quality of the Ryobi is slightly better. If you have a larger hedge, specially if you have thicker branches to cut through this is going to be the best choice. However if you have a large hedge that is well maintained so the branches are not too thick then the Ryobi is still the better choice  as overall is has some features this model lacks.

To sum it up, its an excellent hedge trimmer for larger hedges, specially if you have thicker branches to cut through.

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 McCulloch SuperLite Hedge Cutter Review

McCulloch SuperLite Petrol Hedge Cutters Review

McCulloch SuperLite Petrol Hedge Cutters

The McCulloch SuperLite Hedge Cutters fits its name. It is a light weight model at only 4.8kg that you can easily manoeuvre with,  super light for a petrol based model that is. The 2-Stroke engine produces plenty of power and has the obvious advantage of you do need need to plug into plug sockets or worry about the cable.

The unit comes with a 45cm blade and a maximum cutting diameter of 28mm all though its recommended to 20mm but the teeth spacing are 28mm which it will cut through. This is manageable for small to large hedges but is more designed for domestic use rather than professional. The blades are strong with double sided action providing an even cut and an overall great cutting performance.

This hedge trimmer has been designed to have low vibration which can sometimes be a problem with petrol hedge trimmers. Once you slowly start the engine, you can expect swift action accelerating to the acquired speed thanks to the precise trigger.

The handles on the unit have been well positioned to ensure that balance is maintained. The handle has been designed for comfort and the overall machine is very well balanced. 

  • Powerful petrol motor that can deal with even thick branches up to 28mm but better for cutting up ?????to 20mm.
  • Perfect for smaller to larger hedges.
  • Attractive and comfortable design.
  • Very easy to start as it incorporates soft start making it much easier to pull the cord.
  • Low noise but powerful 2 stroke engine.
  • Tool-less air filter cover which means its easy to change and clean the air filter.
  • Can be heavy to some.
  • A little noisy.

Final Conclusion

The McCulloch SuperLite Hedge Cutter is appropriate for those looking for a reliable and powerful petrol hedge trimmer or those where they have no access to plug sockets to use electric models.

It is true that petrol model provides a bigger kick than the electric based models. This unit is well designed to provide comfort as you go along trimming. The blade length is appropriate for the people whose hedges are a bit mature. You will not be disappointed by the performance of this unit and it certainly has plenty of power.

If your looking for a quality petrol hedge trimmer then this is one of the best models we have seen and we preciously reviewed 6 further petrol models.

We think the cutting diameter could be better but overall its a great alternative to a electric model for the home user.

If you looking for an alternative to petrol and still need a cordless alternative them a cordless electric model may be your best next option. We have reviewed the Bosch cordless hedge trimmer below which has proved impressive and is worth considering, you can read our full review on this model below.

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 Bosch AHS 54-20 LI Cordless Hedge Cutter Review

Bosch AHS 54-20 LI Cordless Hedge Cutter Review

Bosch AHS 54-20 LI Cordless Hedge Cutter

The Bosch AHS 54-20 LI Cordless Hedge Cutter is a cordless unit and is a great alturnative to a petrol hegde trimmer with the weight and engine maintenance to worry about. It's powered by a 36V lithium battery which means there now power cords to worry about. These new lithium-ion batteries are popular due to their ability to recharge fast (60 minutes) and don't loose there power when not in use like older cordless models do. This model comes complete with battery and charger but some models come as a bare tool meaning now battery or charger is included so when comparing all ways check.

A Syneon chip has been installed to effect correct energy management from the batteries to the motor. Run times are not bad but you can expect around 30-40 minutes of cutting time which is more than enough for most medium sized hedges.

The unit is fitted with a 54cm blade that has a maximum cutting capacity of 20mm. This unit seems appropriate for medium hedges but the corded equivalent will cut through thicker branches. The diamond ground blades operate using the double stroke mechanism which ensures a good clean cut.

The trimmer comes with a safety lock to make sure that the operator knowingly activates it. It will not go off by itself. The handles have also been well designed to offer comfort and the much needed grip and the centralised handle is installed to make sure that the weight of the unit well balanced. The handles have been padded to provide a cushion against the vibration which is a nice feature.

Sometimes if you have hedges close to the wall you might run into the wall. To make sure that the unit survives the impact, the unit has been fitted with a blade tip protector, again a feature not fitted to all models but worth having.

  • Powerful 36 V/1.3 Ah lithium-ion battery for longer run times.
  • 45cm cutting blade with a maximum 20mm cutting diameter.
  • Unique anti-stall system prevents jamming by reversing blades automatically when a jam is detected.
  • Optimal performance due to proper energy distribution and proper blades.
  • Lightweight design ensures its easy and comfortable to use.
  • Limited run time so two batteries is recommended.
  • May not offer as much torque as corded models.

Final Conclusion

The Bosch AHS 54-20 LI Cordless Hedge Cutter is an excellent option for one who is looking for a cordless option. The unit comes with high quality blades with a cutting length of 54cm which is not so bad.

The downside is that you do not have a full hour of constant work you will have to recharge if cutting larger hedges. We suggest getting a spare battery so that you can keep going for as long as you want but this if of course at an extra expense.

We think that this is a great alternative to a petrol hedge trimmer as they are generally maintenance free as they have no engine to maintain and service but they do have the downside of having limited run time as well as being more expensive.

We have reviewed a range of cordless hedge trimmers which you can read here

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 Ryobi RPT4545M Pole Hedge Trimmer with Extension Pole Review

Ryobi RPT4545M Pole Hedge Trimmer with Extension Pole Review

Ryobi RPT4545M Pole Hedge Trimmer with Extension Pole

The Ryobi RPT4545M Pole Hedge Trimmer with Extension Pole is handy for those tall hedges as it takes away the need of balancing dangerously on a pair of ladders with a standard hedge trimmer. The 450 watt motor is strong enough to supply the right amount of power to deal with medium sized hedges and will easily reach hedges up to 10ft tall.

This trimmer is designed to be used with or without the middle extender. If you do not need that much reach you remove the shaft but if you need the full reach then you can attach the middle section. This also helps to facilitates easy storage.

The diamond ground blades are essential in a good hedge trimmer. This is because of the offer durability and sharpness that lasts. The blade fitted to this model is 45cm long and offers a maximum cutting diameter of 20mm. this is enough to deal with most demands in your landscaping. The blades have also been designed to be hedge sweeper compatible like that on our 'Best Pick'. With the shaft, you get a 2.6 meter extension which makes work a whole lot easier and gives a full reach of 4 meters when fulled extended.

Safety can never be overlooked but sometimes these safety features can be inconvenient. For example, widely spaced starting keys. The Ryobi RPT4545M Pole Hedge Trimmer will not make you go through this. The start keys are conveniently placed so that you don’t struggle a problem we had previously seen on some models.

The cutting head can be adjusted into for positions to 135° to enable you to cut the top of your edges with ease. No matter the angle.

The handles have also been ergonomically designed to offer comfortable but firm grip.

  • Comes with extension options with a maximum reach of 4 meters for cutting even the tallest hedges.
  • Designed with an adjustable cutting head so you can put the top of the hedge by adjusting the cutting head.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Length extends to 2.6m with centre shaft, providing a reach up to 4m.
  • 3 years warranty for full peace of mind.
  • Cannot handle heavy weight applications.
  • Heavy ended when extended therefore unbalanced.

Final Conclusion

The Ryobi RPT4545M Pole Hedge Trimmer and its extension pole make it very convenient for cutting very tall hedges and saves the need to use ladders or use expensive platforms.

The blades are of good quality and the fact that the head can be tilted to four positions when extended makes it very useful. Basically, if you need reach, this is the tool for you. We have compared a few pole hedge trimmers and none seemed as well designed than this model by Ryobi.

Overall if you have tall hedges this a probably the best hedge trimmer and its also comes at a great price. However the blade length is smaller than our 'Best Pick' and it has a smaller cutting diameter, however this is the price you pay for the extra long reach as a larger cutting blade would probably make it to top heavy to use safely.

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As we have seen, these hedge trimmers are essential for cutting and trimming hedges. The trick is to find a model that fits the workload around your property. There are also other factors like budget, blade length and cutting diameter that you have to consider. To understand more, you have ?to be familiar with the constituent features of the hedge trimmer. The features might seem trivial but they affect the work you are doing on a larger scale.

Here are the factors to consider:?

  • Power options -  When it comes to hedge trimmers, you have two power options for you. We have petrol based and electric based models. The petrol based units are more powerful and can generally handle larger hedges as well as be used in remote areas. However they require maintenance to the engine and are noisy.

    The electric models also offer you a choice in your selection. You can select between the corded or cordless counterparts. The corded unit may be limited due to the length of the cord and it came sometimes get in the way.

    The cordless units are more manoeuvrable. They use battery packs that can be charged and used when needed. You do not have to worry about those pesky cords. You will find that most models use Lithium ion batteries. The downside is the run times are generally limited to 30-40 minutes, 1 hour max so its best to have a spare battery. They are also the most expensive models but also maintenance free when compared to petrol models.
  • Blade length and width - Without the blade, there will be no pruning. The length and the cutting width matter. The length of the blade will determine your reach and the speed at which you  can trim a hedge. You can get blade lengths between 45-75cm. You will find that most models have double blades. The width in between the teeth also matters. If the teeth have wide spaces in between, they will effectively cut thick branches. On the other hand, the finish will be a lot rougher. Smaller spaces between the teeth produce a neater finish but have limited cutting performance. The spacing will vary from 20mm and 34mm.
  • Comfort and safety - Safety is important when handling any kind of tools. Tools with blades especially need extra care when handling so as to avoid unnecessary cuts. For hedge trimmers hand guards are essential. They prevent the operator from ant debris that may be thrown back. By doing this your line of vision is clear. A lock of the switch is important in facilitating safe usage. The unit is rendered inactive unless both hands are on the switch. Even when left on the ground, it won’t start even though it is plugged.

    Maybe you will be handling the hedge trimmers for hours on end. You do not want to have your hands scream for help. Padded handles are soothing to the hands. They take the brunt of the weight of the machine off the hands. Some models come with specially designed handles to maximise on comfort.

    You will meet models that have extendable shafts so that the unit can reach on top of tall hedges. You can consider this if you have high topiary to deal with.
  • Weight and size - Do not be a victim of uneasiness. A tool that is hard to use will cause you grief. A larger unit is likely to weigh more than a smaller unit. If the workload does not require a large unit, get a smaller unit. The longer the hedger trimmer blade is the more you are likely to be operating a heavy unit. a short blade is very manageable but won’t have much reach.
  • Budget - Depending on your spending power you should be able to come with a workable budget. The budget helps you narrow down the range of products you can afford. Once you have narrowed down on the products you can afford. You will be able to select the best option for you. Remember to check if any accessories have been provided. They add value for money. Do not be swayed by brand names. Look at the features and make a wise decision. We found a good corded model for small hedges would set you back £50-£60 while a corded model for larger hedges would be around £130 and cordless models costing over £200 and petrol models costing around £130.

Quick Tips

  • Ensure that you have a protective clothing to prevent minor accidents. Gloves and protective eye wear are essential. Your line of vision should never be disrupted by debris flying everywhere.
  • Very important to avoid using the hedge trimmers in rainy conditions. The moisture level may damage the electric component of the unit. Petrol models are better for using i rainy whether.
  • A blunt hedge trimmer blade will produce un-neat work. Make certain that the blades are sharpened to ensure optimal performance. You can choose to do it yourself or take it to the professionals.
  • Sap collection on the blades can prove to be a problem later. Ensure that you clean the blade before putting the machine away.
  • If you need to do light handed trimming or pruning rely on hand hedge trimmer. It’ll save you some inconvenience of a large trimmer.
  • Keep bypass hand pruners to deal with those thick branches that are hidden in the thicket.

Final Conclusion

Trimmers are tidy little tools that change how our property looks. Make sure that you do not buy an overpowered or underpowered hedge trimmer. Measure out the amount of work to be done and the possible challenges.

When you do this you can analyse how much reach you need. When you have all these figured down its time to narrow down at the price and voila! You will find the best hedge cutter for your needs.

Best Hedge trimmer

Ryobi RHT6560RL 650w Hedge Trimmer Review

After careful deliberation, we came to the conclusion that the Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer with with its HedgeSweep feature was the best hedge trimmer for most people.

It offers you the HedgeSweep function ensuring that you have perfectly manicured hedges. The unit has a long blade so as to offer you more reach for those slightly taller hedges. It comes with an adjustable handle for better control as you move and has all the safety features in place.

Overall it seems like a sound product that is adaptable in many situations and it comes with a 3 year warranty for full peace of mind.

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Bosch AHS 54-20 LI Cordless Hedge Cutter Review

This title goes to the Bosch AHS 54-20 LI Cordless Hedge Cutter. It is the only cordless model in the review but not the only one we looked at, we did look at other models but this stood out from the crowd which is why it made it onto our review.

However, it offers you good quality and sound features. The blade length is not only adequate but balanced. The unit does not bind the operator to a certain location.

The running time may not allow heavy duty work but its maintenance free when compared to the petrol alternative. You won’t regret its performance but be sure to buy a spare battery.

Best Hedge Trimmer For Tall Hedges

Ryobi RPT4545M Pole Hedge Trimmer with Extension Pole Review

This goes to the light weight Ryobi RPT4545M Pole Hedge Trimmer. This is because this model offers you an extension pole. This pole allows you to cut the top of tall hedges with ease where standard hedge trimmers simply cannot reach.

If you feel that you don’t need much reach you can disengage the pole easily if needed. The head that can be adjusted into 4 positions makes it even better especially when dealing with topiary applications and the tops of hedges.

A harness has been provided to maintain stability due to shift in weight distribution which some of the other pole trimmers we looked at didn't have.

If you want to go higher, this is your model.

Up to this point, we hope that you can find the best hedge trimmer. It doesn’t have to be perfect for anyone, it just has to be ideal for you.?

Last updated on February 15th, 2021

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