Top 5 Best Cordless Jigsaws – Detailed UK Comparison and Reviews

Last updated on June 11th, 2021

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For DIY enthusiasts we bet that the jigsaw is comparably your favourite tool to use along with cordless screwdrivers which we also recently reviewed. Cordless jigsaws are versatile tools that have the ability to cut around curves with magnificent ease. The jigsaw is the woodworkers early morning miracle. It saves time and can cut through different textures like a hot knife through butter.

You may think it only cuts through the conventional wood and metal material, but it does a lot more. Jigsaws can cut through some grades of glass, steel or even drywall. They are so easy to use and they are robust enough to handle anything you throw at them.

For the best cordless jigsaw on the market, you have to look at certain specifications and features. It would be unlucky to spend your hard-earned money on a cordless jigsaw only to find out it has poor cutting performance, lacks the power needed and has a short battery life.

To help you find the perfect model, we started with 20 different models and after hours of intensive research have narrowed our top recommended models down to just 5 of the very best models.

To be fair we have chosen the best models within certain price ranges from a budget jigsaw at around £50, great for light home use, to high performance professional jigsaws at over £100 for intensive trade work.

Below you will find our detailed reviews which you can read to help you make an informed decision of which model is right for you.


Makita DJV180Z Cordless Jigsaw
Through our intensive research, we have come to the conclusion that the Makita DJV180Z jigsaw was the best cordless jigsaw in this review. We love its affordability and excellent performance in versatility. Features three efficient orbital settings and a cutting speed of 0-2600 strokes per minute.

Top 5 Cordless Jigsaw Reviews

1.Makita DJV180Z 18v Cordless Jigsaw


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Makita DJV180Z 18 V Cordless Body Only Li-ion Jigsaw, SMALL

We know that you do love the work that you do and we want you to do it comfortably. The Makita DJV180Z Cordless Jigsaw has put to mind that you need to be comfortable when handling this power tool. With a net weight (weight not including battery) of only 2.8kg, it’s light enough to be easily manoeuvred around different materials and textures without extra duress.

  • Ergonomic enabled features that provide firm grip and support while working for precise cutting performance.
  • Features 3 efficient orbital settings plus a straight cut feature which offers options of cut.
  • Includes a blower to remove clutter that may block your line of view.
  • Lightweight but still compact to offer you maximum output and comfort.
  • It is designed to have a soft start so as to give you time to adjust your line of view correctly.
  • Uses an 18V Lithium-Ion battery that ensures maximum output and faster charge times. (does not include battery or charger, you will need to purchase these separately)
  • It also comes with a tool-less detach/attach blade mechanism for easy use whilst working.
  • Double insulation for support and safety measures.
  • It has a speed of 0-2600 strokes per minute which is efficient when cutting through most materials.
  • By using the air-cooled Makstar Optimum Charging System you can re-charge in only 22 minutes (charger sold separately).
  • 3-year warranty for full peace of mind.

The grip needs to firm so as to not slip and cause unnecessary disruptions. Also in the line of working, you need to be able to see clearly the marked line and cut accordingly. This is why some models (like this Makita DJV180Z) are designed to have a LED guide light. It is smooth sailing for you to work and produce the exact thing you had in mind.

In the middle of working, it becomes inconvenient having to spend valuable time putting your blades in. Now, the best option for you, in this case, is to find one that is user friendly. By user-friendly, we mean features like jigsaws that do not need other tools to attach and detach the blades. The Makita DJV180Z is one such jigsaw. After a quick blade change, you can go back to work and it’s like you never stopped.

A jigsaw, that purrs softly in the beginning, gives you time to correctly position your tool and posture, is a plus. Another tick for Makita.

The motor is definitely the heart of any power tool. The Makita DJV180Z uses an 18v motor to provide a maximum speed of 0–2600spm. This voltage is supplied by the much trusted, 18v 3.0Ah Lithium-Ion batteries that have a large power storage capability and can be recharged in only 22 minutes using the Makita air-cooled Makstar Optimum Charging System.

The blades of course have to be of the best quality the market can offer. These blades need to be robust but still supple to withstand constant stress during projects. The Makita has robust blades with 3 orbital settings and this means the blade can be moved forwards and backwards for a more aggressive cut. The straight cut is also included in this model.

  • As with most high spec models, the battery and charger need to be purchased separately which is an extra expense if you do not already have compatible tools with batteries. If you do own other Makita tools with compatible batteries you are good to go and can save a few pounds.

Our recommendation

The Makita DJV180Z Cordless Jigsaw gives you versatile use, is robust and can handle a wide range of materials.

We will compare the Makita with other models in this review and you will be able to notice the difference. So far the Makita DJV180Z has all the features that make a good cordless jigsaw not just for amateur DIY projects but also for professional and trade use.

During our intensive research we noticed the reviews from customers have been glowing and to be honest, we struggled to find any comments from anyone who had a bad experience with this model.

The customer reviews are nothing short of impressive but we will let you read them to see for yourselves.

The only real downside is you will need to purchase a battery and charger separately if you do not already have compatible batteries from other tools you own. If you do already have compatible batteries then you can save yourself a few quid. 

Overall, as with all Makita tools, this is a fine example of a cordless jigsaw which is why it has been awarded our ‘Best Pick’.

2. DeWalt DCS331N 18v XR Cordless Jigsaw


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DeWalt 18 V XR Lithium-Ion Body Only Jigsaw Yellow/Black

The DeWalt DCS331N XR Cordless jigsaw is a very impressive model. It is a model that can provide compact power due to its motor. The powerful PM47 motor runs on XR Lithium-Ion technology batteries. They offer you surety of longevity and maximum output and these batteries are fashioned to be easily recharged for easy convenience.

All this power is shelled under a light frame that makes it easier for it to be transported from job to job. Usually, the more output a power tool has the more likely it will be heavier than the small motored ones.

  • Encompasses the XR technology which is a new development that Lithium-Ion batteries have been inducted to provide more power and efficiency.
  • It has a powerful PM47 DeWalt motor that is of high-performance standards.
  • The 18V batteries (not included) power the jigsaw’s single-speed of 3000spm which provides maximum output.
  • It weighs 2.4kg without a battery which makes it easily portable and storable.
  • It includes a speed adjustment setting and lock-off lever that give more controlled when running through quick cuts.
  • It also includes adjustable “anti-scratch “ shoe features to protect surfaces and can accurately produce bevel cuts of 45°.
  • The model has a key-less system of changing blades. This is to make certain that ease of use is enforced as no tools are needed to change blades. It has a stroke length of 26mm and compatible with T-blades.
  • Ergonomic features have been put in place to supply comfort and easy handling.
  • Offers you a one-year warranty for extra peace of mind. Ensure you register online as the warranty goes up to 3 years.

Remember to pick models whose weight you can handle. There is no point in causing your body extra strain and regretting it later, this is evident when the day is done and your muscles are too sore to bear. Seek models that have ergonomic features like padded grips just to make use easier.

When it comes to the blades, the is no compromise. Only the best will do. The blades on the jigsaw you have your eyes on will determine a lot. Can the blades cut through some basic materials without hassle? The length and thickness of the blades will determine what thickness of the material you can slice through.

The DeWalt DCS331N XR Jigsaw has a stroke length of 26mm which can cover most materials that you need to cut through. When you have projects that require sharp takes, the model has a lock-off lever that can provide control over the precision of those cuts. You can easily change your blades as the mechanism is key-less. This makes working with this model convenient for when you are swamped with work and time is lacking.

There those who need models that offer the bevel cut settings and if this is the case for yourself then this is a model you should seriously consider. It allows you to make cuts of 45° degrees in both directions which is very convenient and useful, the cuts it produces are clean and precise.

The model is fitted with anti-scratch shoes that will prevent the base from damaging your surfaces. The DeWalt model comes with a warranty of 1 year but is extended to 3 years if you register your model online on the DeWalt website.

The warranty is important in case the model has a manufacturing fault and it needs to be fixed, especially when you consider the price tag on the jigsaw alone.

The not so good.

  • The model lacks an LED light that would have made visibility in poorly lit areas possible. The model comes without batteries and blades. This means you have to spend more to get a full functioning jigsaw. However as with all bare tools, if you already have compatible batteries from other tools this will save you a considerable amount of money.

Our recommendation

The DeWalt DCS331N XR Cordless jigsaw is a bit more expensive than our Best Pick cordless jigsaw, but it offers you enough power and a faster cutting speed. It has received more reviews which have culminated in the power tool receiving an exceptional rating on and was actually a Top Rated product when we reviewed it.

Compared to the Makita model, it lacks an LED light that may be a necessity for some of you. If this feature is not necessary, the DeWalt model will serve you well. The model can also offer bevel cuts which is a point over the Makita.

It is indeed a versatile tool that can cut through nearly any materials you put at it.

You will spend a little bit more if choosing this model but you won’t regret the extra power you will get access to.

This is a great choice for professionals and tradesmen alike and has been built to last. If you have a larger budget, this model should be at the top of your list to consider.

3. Evolution Rage 7-Multipurpose Jigsaw


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Evolution RAGE7 Li-Ion Jigsaw with Battery and Charger (18V)

The Evolution Rage 7 Cordless Jigsaw comes with razor-sharp blades that are ready to cut through materials like aluminium and thick wood. The strokes are lengthy enough to efficiently take advantage of the 45º bevel cut settings. This comes in handy during DIY projects that include mitred corners. The blades can easily be exchanged when needed since the attaching mechanism is very simple to use. There are brands that require extra tools to attach and detach the blades to the jigsaw. This is not convenient when working with different blades at a given time period.

  • For ease of use, it has a tool-less process of attaching and detaching the blades.
  • The jigsaw is designed with a laser that is aimed at improving your precision. 
  • Has a bevel capacity of 45º. Any of your projects that need a bevel cut can be managed to perfection with ease.
  • The handle is designed and insulated by anti-shock material. This is just to improve the control support and comfortability as you work.
  • Uses 18V lithium-ion batteries (included). You can fully charge the batteries of this model in a measly hour thanks to its fast charger.
  • It weighs around 3.1kg which is sturdy enough to supply sufficient power as you cut through different materials.
  • It incorporates 4 orbital settings for a smooth cut across various materials and applications. It has a speed moderator to control the 2600spm that is the maximum output.
  • The model has a low battery indicator to notify you when recharge is required.
  • It is compatible with T-shank blades and has a proficient stroke length of 25.4mm.
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty and a manual for a better understanding of how to use the jigsaw.

Some brands use the LED light function in order to increase visibility, but the Evolution Rage 7 is not one of those brands. The Evolution Rage 7 has chosen to go another way. They have chosen to use lasers to guide the user when they cut along the line. This is just to maximise precision and overall neatness.

While on the topic of friendly interfaces, we must mention this jigsaw model’s handle is insulated against vibration. This is to make certain that your grip and direction remain constant no matter the strain caused by cutting through thick materials. Its 3.1 kg weight gives extra support when cutting through different materials. People with back problems or other physical limitations are not advised to handle this tool for extended periods of time. The weight may be a little bit more than the other models in this review.

For people working on projects that require different shapes and patterns. You can use the Evolution Rage 7’s four orbital settings to cut precise curves and straight lines. It comes with a stroke length of around 26.4mm which makes working through pieces of wood and light metal a breeze. These strokes can go up to 2600 per minute. This is fast enough to work clean through brittle material such as ceramic.

When you have been working hard the whole time sometimes it can escape your mind about recharging your tools especially if you have no indicator. That’s why the Evolution Rage 7 has a battery indicator. This are just some of the reasons we like this model.

The not so good!

  • The battery is not strong enough to work through extended shifts as it needs a constant recharge, because of this it will need charging on a more regular but thanks to the 1-hour charging time it is not too bad.

Our recommendation

During our intensive research, we noticed lots of feedback from owners who were very happy with its performance. 

Although the power does not hold as much as the Makita or the DeWalt models which may be an oversight from the manufacturer it still can provide good performance on a full battery level and would be a great jigsaw for general DIY jobs at home or on a small workshop.

The price is considerably friendly and it comes with its own blades, battery and charger so there no extras to buy.

The one-year guarantee may not be as long as Makita or DeWalts 3 years warranty, however 1 year is probably acceptable for home use.

If you have a budget of around £100 and need a decent cordless jigsaw with a battery and charger includes then this is a great option which is simply hard to beat.

4. Bosch PST Cordless Jigsaw


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Bosch Home and Garden Cordless Jigsaw PST 18 LI (Without Battery, 18 Volt System, in Carton Packaging)

The Bosch PST Cordless Jigsaw is among the lighter jigsaws in this review. Coming in at a minimum of 1.6kg (without battery) it can be easily operated. The ease of use cannot be stressed enough. This because we understand that at a certain point, you can be buckled down for long hours of work. It is unbearable working for long periods and having your body call out for you to stop. This is why the Bosch PST has considered this factor.

The handles on this light machine are padded to maintain a firm grip from the already perfect low vibration feature. The higher the vibration emanating from the motor, the more unstable the grip and control becomes.

  • It is lightweight and has a compact design. It weighs only 1.6kg which makes it easily portable.
  • It utilises 18v Li-Ion batteries to power its speed of 2400 strokes per minute. The speed can be controlled thanks to the speed trigger mechanism.
  • Within the model is a Syneon chip which is designed to supply more run time, this means you have controlled energy for every project you decide to undertake.
  • It has the capability to cut through 80mm of wood and 5mm when cutting through steel.
  • The model comprises 4 orbital settings that are there to facilitate quick cuts and fluid continuity.
  • For safety reasons the model also includes a lock-off mechanism to prevent accidental activations of the jigsaw.
  • It has a lighting mechanism to increase visibility and a dust blowing mechanism to make sure you have a view of the right direction.
  • For ergonomic functions, Bosch has designed a low vibration for linear balance and the handle is coated to provide a comfortable but firm grip.
  • The body, battery and charger come separately. It is all part of the ‘Power4All’ movement which means you can use batteries from other compatible tools you may have.

The model has LED lights to ensure your visibility is perfect. To aid in this bid for visibility, the Bosch PST blows the bits of material away from the line of sight.

The motor on theBosch PST is powered by Lithium-Ion batteries that are known of being efficient charge keepers and even better at fast recharging. To power this models motor, you need 18 volts. The Bosch PST is part of the is ’power4all family’. What this means is that the 18V batteries are compatible with all the power tools in that line of Bosch products.

The manufactures incorporated the Syneon Chip which is responsible for intelligently managing the battery power and increasing your overall running power. You buy the battery and charger separately. The blades are sharp and can easily manoeuvre around wooden and some metals. Others require more power to slice through. The blade penetrates through 5mm of metal and 80mm of wood. This is okay for DIY projects as you have 4 orbital settings at your disposal

The speed of the Bosch PST is quite fast. The speed is estimated at around 2400spm. It is fast enough to slice through basic materials with ease. This advantage is further progressed by its light weight, making fast and continuous strokes possible. The model has a cut control that makes sure you have access to smooth quick cuts. This is just to give you more control of the cut that you need.

To prevent unnecessary injury, the Bosch PST, has lock-off mechanisms that prevent the motor from turning on for no reason or when slightly nudged. This mechanism is an added bonus.

Our recommendation

Depending on where you purchase your tool from it may range in price as a bare tool or alternatively, you can purchase the jigsaw including a battery and 1.5-hour fast charger should you not have compatible tools.

It is a very efficient machine that is able to provide you with enough speed and stroke length for minor projects.

If we were to recommend one model between the Bosch PST and the Evolution Rage 7 Jigsaw, then we would probably lean towards the Bosch PST out of the two jigsaws.

If you need faster speed, you’ll have to settle for more expensive brands like DeWalt that have higher speeds and longer stroke lengths.

If this is not the case and you are looking for a lightweight option, the Bosch is a manageable tool for you to purchase that offers excellent value for money everything considered.

5. Einhell TE-JS Cordless Jigsaw


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Einhell TE-JS 100 Electric Jigsaw | 100mm Cutting Depth, Swivel Soleplate For 45° Mitre Cuts, Pendulum Action, Electronic Speed Control, Dust Extractor | Power Saw For Wood, Plastic and Metal

The Einhell TE-JS cordless jigsaw is powered by Lithium-ion 18V batteries. These batteries are quick to recharge (only 30 minutes) which is convenient when you have a hefty workload.

The model does not come with either batteries or a charger. They are part of the Einhell X-change battery system. This is part of the movement that is aimed at saving money and considering the environment. The goal is to produce tools that are compatible with the same battery.

  • Includes extra features attached to act as support for more precise cutting and pressure. It is lightweight at only 1.81kg.
  • It is designed with 4 orbital settings.
  • The jigsaw is compatible with both the U-blades and the T-blades. The model has a stroke length of 24mm.
  • Both the aluminium soleplate and the cutting blades are adjustable without tools which saves time and energy.
  • Its speed of 2400spm is powered by a motor that uses Lithium-Ion batteries that are good at holding a charge (not included).
  • The model is compatible with the Einhell battery X-change system that allows you to be more energy-efficient, batteries can be charged in as little as 30 minutes.
  • To add to visibility features, LED lights are fitted to maintain direction and blower mechanisms to get rid of the particles as you cut through.
  • It has the capability of producing mitred cut at 45° which is good at creating bevel cuts.

The blades are powered at a speed of 2400 spm which can be easily controlled and supported by the model’s parallel guide.

For better use and comfort, the Einhell TE-JS is fitted with an LED light so that your plain of view is properly lit. Using models that do not provide these feature will prove less efficient in dimly lit areas.

The model is also fitted with a blower option so that you can clearly see through what you are working on. The blades can actively cut through 80mm of wood, 12mm of plastic and 10mm of steel which is quite sufficient for most house renovations and DIY projects.

It is also light in weight meaning that you don’t have to strain your body whilst working.

For those interested in bevel cuts, this model can efficiently carry them out for you. The Einhell TE-JS has a bevel capacity of 45°. You can make clean and precise cuts that are of high quality. We like that it is compatible with both the U-blades and T-blades which will save you money in case you are working on a project that needs different blades. When you are working with the Einhell TE-JS you can expect to have an easy time replacing your blades. This is since you do not require any tool to detach or attach.

The not so good!

  • You have to buy the charger and battery separately which can prove expensive especially if you were unaware of this before you purchase it.

Our recommendation

The Einhell TE-JS model is a respectable model from a trusted brand and is one of the most affordable options, especially if you already have batteries from other tools. If not the whole setup will cost you a little more including battery and charger.

Although less powerful than some of the brands in this review, its manoeuvrability and affordable price won us over. 

This is a great choice for home DIY tasks or light workshop jobs.

Cordless Jigsaw Buyer’s Guide

The jigsaw has been with us for more than 60 years and it will remain a staple in our toolboxes. When looking into cordless jigsaws it is crucial for you to understand what it is exactly you are looking for.

Selecting the attributes you are looking for will make the decision process even simpler. Here are pointers on what you should be looking out for:

  • Power – Depending on the work that you need to get done, you may need jigsaws that deliver enough power for you to work with. The more powerful varieties can work and cut around hard metals. Lightwoods and metal will require less force to cut through. Consider this in order to avoid spending on brands that might not exactly fit your need. For cordless jigsaws, the voltage needed to provide sufficient impact starts from18V and higher depending on the scale of work. Lithium-Ion batteries are good at storing charge for long periods of time and charge much faster.
  • Speed – The speed is usually calculated by rotations per minute. The speed on a jigsaw can be fixed or adjustable. It is better if you acquire one that can be easily adjusted. This way you can pick the speed that is comfortable for you to handle. Also, some materials are susceptible to scorching when the jigsaw speed is too high. The friction starts burning away the material before you complete your project, so be careful to understand your speed limits. Confirm what materials work best with what speeds. The higher the speed the more the ability to cut through thicker materials.
  • Durability – The materials that are used to construct your jigsaw determine how long it will serve you. High-quality materials are needed. In as much as we want robust materials to make these jigsaws, we also need to be light for comfort while using them. Materials like treated steel or aluminium can be strong enough to withstand constant use. Frames made of light plastic materials are likely to fade and chip over time. The blades need to be strong so that they don’t break mid-section.
  • Blades – The blades that you see on most jigsaws are fashioned from carbon steel. This is because the material is flexible and durable to withstand constant wear and tear. When looking at the blades remember the number of teeth per inch. The more the teeth, expect the more precise and smooth the cutting continuity. Materials also vary in thickness so they may require one or two blades to effectively cut through. Sharp blades accompanied with fast speed can cut through metal efficiently. The teeth can be designed to be milled- side set, milled wavy, ground-tapered and ground-side. All these different arrangements of the teeth are meant to accomplish different cuts on materials. If you are looking for one designed to give bevel cuts look for one that has variable adjustment settings. Most jigsaws come with the odd blade, usually one for wood and one for metal. Remember you can also purchase spare blades separately. 
  • Cost & Warranty – In the market as always you can find a variety of brands at different prices. While we do not endorse emptying your bank account to get a jigsaw, we ask you to carefully look at your budget and jigsaw function requirements. This way you can measure what you need against the brands in the market. The higher the quality the higher you will be expected to put down more money. Overheating is a common problem with lower quality jigsaws. Go for trusted brands that have good reviews and ratings from customers who have purchased the item and look for good warranties, most domestic models come with 1 year while professional models usually come with 3 years.
  • Extra features – There are brands that offer their customers extra features just to make sure the product is worth every penny. Features like LED lights are used to illuminate the area that you are working on so that you can see the direction you are meant to undertake. Also, most jigsaws include blowers that remove the chaff from your line of vision. This way you can do neat and precise work. Ergonomic factors also come into play. The handle should be padded for extra comfort and firm grip when working with materials that need a sturdy hand.

Our Final Recommendations

A jigsaw is a favourite tool among DIY enthusiast and other professionals. We do not see it diminishing from sight any time soon.

As a purchaser of these products, be sure to know exactly what amount of power and speed you need then go out and get the best one for the job within your budget.

Below is a quick roundup of some of our best recommended models.




The best jigsaw reviews are put together so that you as the customer are completely aware of what to look for when shopping.

Remember that you have to find value for your money by buying a jigsaw that is specific to the functions that you want to carry out.

Look out to see if your preferred brands sell the body, blades and batteries separately or as a set, as often you can buy them as a set and save some money.




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