Best Tile Cutter – 8 of the best electric and manual tile cutters

Best Tile Cutter – 8 of the best electric and manual tile cutters

Best Tile Cutter – 8 of the best electric and manual tile cutters

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Best Tile Cutter Reviews

For proper installation of tiles, one has to acquire a tile cutter but with so many models on the market it can be difficult to choose one of the better models which makes cutting tiles a whole lot easier. The tile cutter is designed to help you have a correct and even fitting. It offers you an even surface to cut different types of tiles without breaking them.

There are tile cutters designed for different materials so it is advised to be sure of what you want. There are many brands on the market which means there is plenty of choice to choose from. To choose a tile cutter that takes care of your needs, you have to be very selective. You have to be confident in the knowledge that you have in order to pick the best tile cutter.

Continue below to find out the characteristics that make a good cutter.

Our selection consists of electric tile cutters and manual tile cutters and here we picked our best models from the two categories.

If you just want to get straight in there and purchase the best overall versatile tile cutter, then after hours of research we came to the conclusion that the Plasplugs Compact Plus Electric Tile Cutter that not only performs well on most tile types and sizes, it also offers excellent value for money.

Best Electric Tile Cutter
  • Diamond wheel cuts most tile types up to 20mm of different sizes.
  • Cuts both straight and angled cuts of 22-45 degree mitres.
  • Includes no mess water re-circulation system which ensures a clean workstation.
  • Comes with a carry handle for lifting and/or transporting the machine easily from job to job.
  • Features handy cable storage for hiding the cable when the machine is not in use.

Perfect for trade and domestic use

Bosch PTC 470 Tile Cutter

Manual Tile Cutter

Bosch PTC 470 Tile Cutter

  • Features a durable, titanium coated cutting wheel that cuts in one movement.
  • Integrates a steel clamping rail for secure fixing of the tile for accurate scoring and breaking.
  • Includes a sturdy 45 degree angle guide for accurate diagonal cuts.
  • Comes with carrying handles for easy and safe transportation.
  • Includes angle stop and guide ruler that ensures accurate cuts down to the exact millimetre.


Below are our top 5 electric tile cutters, followed by our top 5 manual tile cutters and then our tile cutter buyers guide

Electric Tile Cutters Reviews

Plasplugs Compact Plus XL DWW200 Electric Tile Cutter


Best Electric Tile Cutter

Plasplugs Compact Plus XL DWW200 Electric Tile CutterPlasplugs Compact Plus XL DWW200 Electric Tile Cutter Review

  • Cuts tiles up to 20mm, all sizes and various types; ceramic, quarry, slate, porcelain, stone, marble.
  • Cuts both straight and shaped cuts of 22-45 degree mitres.
  • Integrated with No Mess water recirculation system which ensures a clean workstation.
  • Includes a carry handle for lifting and/or transporting the machine easily.
  • Cable storage included for storing the cable when the machine is not in use.

The Plasplugs Compact Plus XL DWW200 Electric Tile Cutter is a relatively large machine with an amazingly powerful 350W motor that runs a 110mm diameter blade at a No load speed of 4600rpm, an aligned fence that works incredibly well and locks up perfectly using two thumbscrews.

There is a mitre board on one side which can set to 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees for bevelling tile edges.

The DWW200 is a pretty compact machine equipped with a carry handle to help in lifting and transporting the 3.7kg machine.

Perhaps the outstanding advantage with this machine is that it can be used with either left or right hand operators making it perfect for most people.

There is a lockable cutting guide that helps you achieve precise cutting. The machine cuts all sorts of tiles including ceramic, porcelain, quarry, stone, marble, and slate. And it does both straight cuts and shaped cuts of 22-45 degree mitres.

Also integrated in this machine is a no mess water re-circulation system and a motor height adjustable splash guard. You are less likely to experience any water spraying from this machine. The machine is corded and PLASPLUGS did the best to include a cable storage for taking up the cable when the machine is not operating, this is a great idea as most models do not think about this issue during transportation and storage.

  • Tile guide can be a bit awkward to use.

Our recommendation - This is one of the most powerful tile cutters to come across with an impressive 750w motor. We love the versatility of the Plasplugs Compact Plus XL DWW200 Electric Tile Cutter from functionality to usage.

It is capable of cutting various tiles, all sizes and the good thing is that it doesn’t matter what hand you are.

The mess free water circulation is also a plus and it does recirculate most of the water, on another note the tile residue collects in the water reservoir so be sure to clean after use as you will find it hardens if not cleaned.

It does vibrate when running and the vibration is said to be due to an ill-fitted blade over the motor spindle which allows the blade to jiggle slightly as it is turning. However, it is a strong tile cutter for daily use and not a major issue.

Overall this is one of the best tile cutters we have seen at a price most people would find acceptable, even for odd jobs.

This model is certainly worth considering ?and if you have a budget up to around £60 and is a great choice that will not disappoint which is why it won our 'Best Pick Award' for its high quality, performance and affordability.

VITREX Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw Review


VITREX 103402 Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw Review

VITREX 103402 Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw

  • Comes with 100mm x 16mm diamond blade with continuous rim for extra clean cut.
  • Features a built-in water cooling system with a large reservoir and integral drainage which helps in cooling down the blade during strenuous cutting.
  • Integrated with a ruler and quick release rip guide for perfect straight cuts.
  • Includes a variable height transparent wheel guard which allows you to see your work clearly.
  • Long 5 meter cable with 3 pin plug.

The VITREX 103402 Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw is a popular consumer tile cutter in the DIY market. The reason is because it is a simple cutter with a relatively powerful motor and the price is also reasonable, in fact its one of the best priced tile cutters we have seen.

Equipped with a 450w motor, the VITREX 103402 can gracefully cut through up to 25mm thick tiles using the small 100mm x16mm wheel blade on a plastic cutting surface.

For best accuracy, avoid forcing the tiles through. Taking it slow and steady not only achieves the best precision but also helps in prolonging the life of the little blade.

At 4kg, this machine is one of the lightweight tile cutters and that is encouraging when you have to change your work station or perhaps going to work somewhere else. As much as this an advantage, the VITREX 103402 is susceptible to being accidentally moved so consider clamping it down to a workbench.

Vitrex knows it is important to see your work clearly and safely and they integrated this machine with a transparent wheel guard with a variable height adjustment for you to see the cutting action.

There is a built-in cooling system with a large reservoir but be careful not to overfill the reservoir as it may lead to excessive spraying of water as the blade turns thus soaking the operator and probably messing the entire workstation.

On the other hand, it helps on cooling the blade when it is engaged in thorough cutting. It also includes a quick release rip guide and ruler for flawless straight cuts.

  • This machine emits a high level of sound during cutting operations meaning you must wear ear defenders especially when working for prolonged periods of time.
  • Adjusting the fence is a bit tedious considering that both ends must be positioned and clamped for precision cutting.
  • The reservoir has it’s back and forth issues too. We already mentioned the risk of over filling the reservoir yet not filling it too much means topping up frequently than you might consider convenient. 

Our recommendation - The VITREX 103402 happens to be the cheapest electric tile cutter in our list and, of course, the lower price implies that corners had to be cut and the tile cutter suffers from a few shortcomings, nothing to bad but just things you should be a where of as mentioned already.

It chews through tiles with a power of 480w, cutting up to 25mm thick tiles. We recommend going slow with this machine if you want accurate cuts plus the small blade lasting longer.

The ruler and rip guide are good features for accurate cutting and the low weight makes it perfect for transportation. We recommend you clamp it down steady to a workbench or table.

The cooling system is great yet it has some positive and negative issues. On this one, you might be better off refilling the reservoir from time to time than overfill and get the whole place a mess, including yourself.

Despite a few shortcomings, the VITREX 103402 Diamond Blade Cutting Saw gets the job done and offers great value for money.

It’s perhaps the most affordable electric tile cutter you can get while still getting decent performance as well as value. 

We would recommend this model for anyone looking at do there own tiling who just want a tile cutter to get a few jobs done around the house or even at work.

Overall our 'Best Pick' is the better of the two, being more powerful and slightly better in terms of performance and quality, however this model does get the job done even though its not quite as powerful making it ideal for first time users.?

Einhell TH-TC 618 600w Tile Cutter Review


Einhell TH-TC 618 600w Tile Cutter Review

Einhell TH-TC 618 600w Tile Cutter

  • Equipped with a powerful 600w motor which cuts at speeds of up to 2050rpm.
  • Includes a cooling system for cooling the blade during strenuous cutting operations.
  • Comes with a cutting guide for increased accuracy when cutting.
  • Can tilt to 45 for easier cutting of hard tiles.
  • 2 Year warranty for full peace if mind.

Made in German and sold in the UK, the Einhell TH-TC 618 600w Tile Cutter is meant for the mainland European market. You get the sense immediately you look at the supplied operating manual which comes in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese languages. The plug is also a standard European one instead of a UK-style one. This means you either need to cut the plug and fit a uk plug, two minute job for a competent person. You could also use a continental adaptor which are readily available like a travel adapter. 

However, these inconsistencies should not be a deal breaker for the UK consumer, especially since the tiny bit of assembly required amid setup depends for the most part on simple DIY skills. The machine also works pretty fine on UK voltage once the fitting has been changed.

The TH-TC 618 is powerful and can handle almost any tile that you want to cut as thick as 35mm. The cutting table size is a bit small though so you must provide external support when dealing with larger tiles.

The machine has a 600w motor which cuts even up to speeds of 2950rpm. Its cutting depth is also generous, being capable of handling up to 35mm thick tiles.

This innovative tile cutter machine also features a water cooling system which helps in cooling down the blade during gruelling tile cutting operations. There is a parallel stop and mire cut guide which ensures precise cutting. For further cutting precision and convenience for the extra tough cutting operations, the workbench can be tilted at 45 degrees to ease the workload.

Just like all other Einhell tools, the TH-TC 618 comes with a 2-year warranty along with full after sale service.

  • The blade guard bracket is a bit flimsy and can work loose easily after some cutting operations so just be aware if this.
  • The parallel guide rail for ensuring a straight cut have tight nuts that require so much effort to fasten. As much as the rail needs to be exactly parallel to the blade, the process can get too tedious.
  • The biggest drawback is the 2 pin plug that the machines come with, if you can change the plug yourself this is not a problem, however if you are not competent then use a continental adaptor. We recommend changing the plug over using an adapter.

Our recommendation

The 600w motor plus the 35mm cutting thickness ensures you’ll find it easy cutting standard sized tiles with utmost accuracy. Even those harder tiles can be handled by putting the workbench in 45-degree angle. The water cooling system is a great feature plus the cut guide that enhances precision cutting.

Yet, the parallel guide rail is a bit troublesome and the blade guard bracket is somewhat flimsy, something we don’t expect of a machine of German pedigree.

The 2 pin plug is a little of a hurdle to? overcome, either way you need to either change the plug or buy an continental adaptor. An extra cost and work we could really do without. However we are a fan of Einhell products and have reviewed their products in the past and always been very impressed.

Overall, this is a powerful machine for a great price but with a few drawbacks. The 2-year warranty is also a plus, if it was not for the 2 pin plug, this might of been our 'Best Pick'. Unfortunately most people want convenience and not the hassle of changing plugs.

Vitrex 103450 Versatile Power Pro 900 Wet Tile Saw


Best tile cutting tool - Vitrex 103450 Versatile Power Pro 900 Wet Tile Saw Review

Vitrex 103450 Versatile Power Pro 900 Wet Tile Saw

  • Powerful 900w quiet induction motor which produces a consistent cutting speed for extra smooth cuts.
  • Large water reservoir with a submersible pump that delivers water to active cutting wheel for necessary cooling.
  • Comes with a full adjustable mitre guide which allows for diagonal cuts up to 45 degrees.
  • Includes a locking mitre guide and sliding ruler for perfect straight cuts.
  • Features adjustable wheels and strong folding legs for easy repositioning and transportation. It also includes built-handles for convenient carriage.
  • Cuts wall and floor tiles up to 35mm thick and 30mm thick at 45 degrees, 455mm diagonal cut and 610mm straight cut.
  • Weight - 42kg

The Vitrex 103450?? Versatile Power Pro 900 Wet Tile Saw produces a consistent cutting speed to make those extra smooth cuts in a wide range of materials, powered by a 900w quiet induction motor.

The bench has a large water reservoir featuring a submersible pump that sprays water to the active cutting blade. This is essential in cooling down the blade that usually gets hot due to the friction generated when cutting tiles.

The Versatile Power Pro 900 bench includes a relatively large 200mm continuous rim diamond blade that is capable of cutting to depths up to 35mm. The bench is somewhat oversized, making it perfect for supporting wide tiles. It also includes a sliding ruler and a fully adjustable locking mitre guide which is ideal for making straight or diagonal cuts up to 45 degrees. The bridge can also tilt up to 45 degrees.

Any portable machine usually offers some form of convenience. The Vitrex 103450 in this case has adjustable wheels and strong folding legs which allow easy repositioning and transportation when necessary. Along these lines, there are built-in handles for easy lifting of the machine.

  • This machine might have the necessary repositioning and transportation features but even so it is quite heavy at around 42kg.

Our recommendation - The Vitrex 103450 Versatile Power Pro 900 Wet Tile Saw is quite versatile and capable of cutting porcelain, granite, ceramic, marble tiles and natural stone.

The 900w motor is super powerful and the capability of cutting up to 35mm thickness ensures large tiles can their fair cut. The oversized bench also encourages cutting of large tiles.

At 45kg, the Vitrex 103450 is a heavy beast even though it has built-in handles, adjustable wheels and sturdy folding legs for convenient re-positioning and transportation.

This machine is perfect for handling tough jobs thanks to the 900w motor, this also makes it perfect for professional and trade use as it has the power and build quality to tackle daily use.

However, you have to spend up in excess of £300 for one of these extraordinary babies, however if your are a professional tiler looking for the best tile cutter, this certainly will fit the bill. Best of all it runs on 240 volt with a 3 pin plug, this is simply the only tile cutter you will need to take with you.

Clarke ETC8 Electric Tile Cutter


Clarke ETC8 Electric Tile Cutter Review

Clarke ETC8 Electric Tile Cutter

  • Cuts to a maximum depth of 33mm at 90 degrees and 22mm thickness at 45 degrees.
  • Features an enclosed water reservoir which minimises dust levels while lubricating the blade.
  • The table can tilt and lock up at 45 degrees for bevelling.

The Clarke ETC8 Electric Tile Cutter happens to be the smallest machine in the Clarke range of electric tile cutters. It has a metal cutting surface and is capable of cutting a range of tile types.

It has a powerful motor of 450w running on 230v which allows it to cut up to 22mm thickness for a 45 degree mitre cut and 33mm thickness for a 90 degree cut.

The water reservoir on this machine is well enclosed to minimise dust levels while still able to lubricate the blade. Be prepared for frequent after 2 or 3 cuts. We recommend you use this tile cutter outside as it can get a bit messy with the water lubricator.

A blade safety cover is included yet we find it a bit flimsy plus doesn’t lift up easily when the tile tries to push past it thus requiring a little help from the operator.

  • The fence-locking mechanism on this machine which needs some kind of tinkering to operate properly.

Our recommendation - The Clarke ETC8 Electric Tile Cutter is a basic machine designed for accurate cutting of ceramic tiles. The variable cutting depths at different angles is great plus it can tilt and lock at 45 degrees for bevel cutting.

This machine has an enclosed water reservoir yet it still sprays water all over the place. That is why we recommend it for use outdoors if possible to reduce the mess caused.

The 450w motor is perfect for its size and it runs on standard UK voltage. All in all, it is a good compact tile cutter for the money, Still there are better option available in our reviews including our 'Best Pick', the Plasplugs DWW200.

Manual Tile Cutters Reviews

Bosch PTC 470 Tile Cutter


Best Manual Tile Cutter - Bosch PTC 470 Tile Cutter

Bosch PTC 470 Tile Cutter

  • Features a durable, titanium coated cutting wheel that cuts and breaks in just one movement.
  • Integrates a steel clamping rail for secure fixing of the tile for accurate scoring and breaking.
  • Includes a sturdy 45 degree angle guide for accurate diagonal cuts.
  • Comes with carrying handles for easy and safe transportation.
  • Includes angle stop and guide ruler that ensures accurate cuts down to the exact millimetre.

The Bosch PTC 470 Tile Cutter uses a titanium coated cutting cutting wheel to deliver quick and accurate cutting up to 470mm. Most importantly, this machine offers exact scoring and cutting in one pass thus minimising the need for re-scoring a common problem with cheaper models. The titanium coating plays a vital role in prolonging the life of the blade while ensuring maximum precision and clean cuts. As such, you can enjoy repeating clean cuts with little effort and without wasting tiles.

Whether you are preparing tiles for a new kitchen floor or doing some bathroom renovation, this machine cuts tiles down to the precise millimetre, thanks to the 0-45 degree angle stop and a guide ruler with millimetre scaling.

The PTC 470 is easy to operate thanks to a combination of useful features that enhance fast and easy work. There is a steel clamping rail that allows secure positioning of the tile, a titanium-coated wheel for precise scoring, a set of integrated breaking brackets to evenly apply a small amount of pressure and a support handle for the perfect grip of the machine.

It is arguably difficult to prevent chipping and even cracking of the tile especially when cutting tiles on a hard surface. So, the Bosch PTC 470 comes with two anti-chip support pads on either side of the machine. These pads act as cushion at the point where pressure is applied and the tile is cut thus ensuring chip-free, smooth tiles.

There are two carrying handles along with a press on stud strap that prevents it from coming apart during transportation.

The PTC 470 tile cutter comes with a 2-year warranty which can be increased to 3 years by registering on the MyBosch website within the first 28 days of purchase.

  • It is quite expensive. Most manual models come at less than £50 and this one is way above. So, most people will wonder if it pays the bill and perhaps opt for the cheaper alternatives.

Our recommendation - The Bosch PTC 470 Tile Cutter is packed with a range of useful features not seen on cheaper models that make for easy swift operation.

The titanium-coating on the blade is great for promoting durability of the blade while the steel clamping rail ensures secure positioning of the tile.

While it is expensive for a manual tile cutter, we think it offers greater value for the money when compared to cheaper tile cutters on the market.

This manual tile cutter is a brilliant option for both home diy projects as well as professionals and tradesmen.

If there was one manual tile cutter we could recommend,? it would have to be this Bosch PTC 470. Bosch have simply done a absolute brilliant job as designing this tile cutter and it really is very impressive.

Vitrex 102360TC 50cm Heavy-Duty Tile Cutter Review


Vitrex 102360TC 10 2360 50cm Heavy-Duty Tile Cutter Review

Vitrex 102360TC 10 2360 50cm Heavy-Duty Tile Cutter

  • It has a rigid steel construction for increased durability.
  • Includes integral angle cutting guide for accurate scoring.
  • Easy to use with a simple score and snap operation.
  • Comes with a heavy-duty flatbed cutter.

The Vitrex 102360TC 50cm Heavy-Duty Tile Cutter is a top quality tile cutter that has a solid construction. This means it is not a gamble when it comes to durability.

Most often people will buy cheap products and later complain about their crappy performance. Well, the Vitrex 102360TC is not a £10 tile cutter nor a pro tool, but it serves as a highly portable, fairly precise cutter that is handy for those DIY jobs where quick, accurate cuts are on demand over and over.

With the simple score and snap operation, it is possible to get around 100 cuts within a few hours.

There is an integral angle cutting guide which helps in achieving accurate scoring thus reducing the chances of tile breakage, chipping or even cracking.

For straight cuts in wall and floor tiles, this machine does the job incredibly well, delivering up to 500mm square and 12mm thickness. Diagonal cuts can also be done on tiles up to 360mm square. Make sure to double check on the score before making the cut.

  • Some users have reported It does struggle a bit for making diagonal cuts. Also, lining up the cutting wheel exactly on the line to get the exact cut where you want it is somehow tricky. 

Our recommendation - The Vitrex 102360TC 10 2360 50cm Heavy-Duty Tile Cutter is a great tool for reasonable domestic use.

We love the solid construction of this machine along with the ease of use. It makes both straight and diagonal cuts but you have to be keen on the score before making the cut.

We wouldn’t recommend using this on harder, porcelain floor tiles but it is pretty fine on smaller or thinner tiles. You might as well be good using a smaller cutter for the job because it will be much easier to store compared to this unit.

Overall, the cutter is well manufactured and performs well, perfect for domestic use but professionals will need to look for another model, specially for thicker tiles.

Draper 38861 Manual Tile-Cutting Machine


Draper 38861 Manual Tile-Cutting Machine

Draper 38861 Manual Tile-Cutting Machine

  • Extremely handy and lightweight cutter.
  • Cuts and breaks ceramic tiles in one easy movement.
  • Features a steel base with heavy gauge sheet with foam cushioning surface for minimising tile damage.
  • Comes with a replaceable tungsten-carbide cutting wheel.

Of all the tile cutting tools you can find, the Draper 38861 Manual Tile-Cutting Machine is the probably the lightweight champion. Weighing just 1kg, you can easily walk with this tool to any location of a walking distance.

The Draper 38861 is designed to cut ceramic tiles in one easy operation. The maximum cutting capacity of this cutter is 300mm x 10mm thick tiles.

There is a foam cushion cutting base where the tile is placed and the wheel is drawn across the tile to cut it. The foam cushioning provides a soft surface for the cut to be done so minimising the risk of cracks or chips that is usually the case with cutting on hard surfaces.

The wheel is made of tungsten-carbide for increased durability and the fact that it can be replaced is a big plus. If your tiles have bevelled edges, then you must be careful with this as the scoring wheel might not be deep enough to be effective.

  • This manual cutter is not effective with bevelled edges. Also, the Draper 38861 is less robust, so the current trend for thicker and bigger tiles makes this model a bit redundant. However its still perfect for small tiles.

Our recommendation - The Draper 38861 Manual Tile-Cutting Machine is a compact machine that is incredibly easy to use. It is perfect for those small DIY jobs dealing with thin tiles. Otherwise, if you are looking for professional jobs, you’ll be better off with a larger model.

It does perform great and cuts ceramic tiles in one easy operation. The steel base with foam cushioning I great for ensuring you don’t lose too many tiles due to breakages or something. The tungsten-carbide wheel is also a good feature for prolonging the lifespan of the cutting wheel.

The Draper 38861 is a quality budget tile cutter designed for home use. It offers excellent value for money which is why is one of the most popular tile cutters available on Amazon which is always a good sign in itself.

Am-Tech 16" Tile Cutter


Am-Tech 16-inch Tile Cutter

Am-Tech 16-inch Tile Cutter

  • Features a heavy gauge sheet steel base with foam cushion surface.
  • Includes steel guide bars and hand operated lever.
  • Cutting wheel is made of durable Tungsten carbide which is also replaceable.
  • Integrated with an adjustable guide for precision angle cuts.

The Am-Tech 16-inch Tile Cutter is built from solid materials which means it is meant for the tough cutting jobs. The base features a heavy gauge of steel with foam cushion surface which prevents chipping or breaking of the tiles when pressure is applied to it.

The unit has a built-in steel guide which is handy when making diagonal cuts. The blade is 16 inches, sharp and designed for heavy duty use. You can replace the blade when it is worn out with time.

Integrated in this manual cutter is a guide that locks and swivels and is useful for precision angle cuts. On that note, the guide is pretty easy to adjust and helps in maintaining square cuts too.

As expected with manual tile cutters, the Am-Tech 16-inch Tile Cutter has a quiet operation and there are no worry about any mess in the house or outside. This unit is also extremely lightweight weighing only 1.9kg. Transporting of a tile cutter machine doesn’t get easier than this.

  • Not suitable for professional use.

Our recommendation - The Am-Tech 16-inch Tile Cutter is an incredibly lightweight machine with the capability of handling heavy duty works. We love the heavy gauge steel base featuring a foam cushion for preventing chipping, cracking or breaking.

The build in steel guide is perfect for making diagonal cuts while the ability of removing the blade is a big plus. Just remove a worn out blade and fix a new one instead of going to shop for another new unit.

You will be surprised by the price of this model and what it can do. Actually, it is the cheapest tile cutter in our reviews, both electric and manual models included. So we recommend the Am-Tech 16-inch Tile Cutter for anyone on a budget.

Vitrex 630mm Professional Tile Cutter

**A professional cheaper alternative to the Bosch model**

Vitrex 102380 630 mm Pro Flat Bed Manual Tile Cutter Review

Vitrex 102380 630 mm Pro Flat Bed Manual Tile Cutter

  • It is compact and lightweight weighing 8.4 kilograms, thus easy to transport.
  • Features a rigid steel construction for maximum durability.
  • Includes adjustable cutting guide for cutting various tile sizes.

The Vitrex 102380 earns a place in our list of the best tile cutters. One of the things we like about this machine is the solid construction which guarantees unmatched durability.

Setting the machine up is easy cutting through the tiles requires little effort. It works pretty fine out of the box and it is easy to make adjustments if you need to.

The cutting wheel on this unit is made from Tungsten Carbide, known for its strength and durability. It delivers a maximum straight cut of 630mm, maximum diagonal cut of 445mm and cuts through tiles to a maximum thickness of 13mm.

At 8.4kg, the Vitrex 102380 is also relatively easy to reposition or transport to any location.

This unit features an adjustable cutting guide which makes it great for cutting tiles of all sizes. The manufacturer says it is possible to see the wheel for more accurate cuts but some users found it possible to see from the sides and that minimises the accuracy of the cuts.

On the better side, the machine cuts so easily and it doesn’t even require pressure after the score. 

  • It is difficult to see the exact position of the cutting wheel when preparing the tile prior to cutting. This may compromise the accuracy of the cut but is not to much of a problem.

Our recommendation - Using the simple score and snap operation, the Vitrex 102380 630 mm Pro Flat Bed Manual Tile Cutter delivers clean cuts with pretty little amount of pressure.

The unit is sturdily built yet it is still compact and lightweight for easy transportation. The cutting wheel is incredibly strong and durable thanks to the Tungsten Carbide material used on the wheel.

There are a few issues with seeing the cutting wheel while preparing the tile for cutting but we still feel this unit is worth the money.

We would highly recommend the Vitrex 102380 for cutting wall, floor and ceramic tiles of various sizes and would recommend this model for professional and trade use. However this would be a great choice for home DIY tasks if within your budget as it is one of the more expensive options, although still slightly cheaper than the Bosch tile cutter should you be looking for a slightly cheaper option.

Tile Cutter Buyer's Guide

You can get a wide variety of tile cutters with different blade length and strength. Other factors will determine the kind of tile cutter you will buy. Since they are essential tools, there are basic features provided by manufacturers.

Below are some of the crucial aspects to consider before you invest in the best tile cutting tool:

Types of tile cutter

There are different types of tile cutters and we will boil them down to:

  • Wet tile cutters - These type of tile cutters is popular for their precise tile cutting. They act like a table saw. The main notable difference is that the cutter is placed on top on a water table. The purpose of the water is to facilitate a smooth cut by reducing friction and protecting the tiles from breaking under the heat. It can handle large projects without fumbling under the pressure. They are designed for easy use and can be handled by beginners. We recommend wet tile cutters over any other mainly because of there ease of use.
  • Tile grinders - These type of tile cutters was created to handle smaller projects. They are efficient at cutting angles or patterns into single tiles. They require a lot experience in handling. So they should not be used by inexperienced hands and a generally use by professionals and trade use.
  • Manual Tile Cutters - These cutters are adapted to handling small scale projects that do not have a lot of thickness to get through. These cutters are quite challenging to operate since they need a steady hand to produce precise cuts and take a little practice. They are not like wet tile saws that have a cutting surface provided. These are usually the cheapest option all though there are more expensive models on the market that are very good such as the Bosch PTC 470. If you have a small job to do, manual tile cutters can be perfect.

What size is ideal for you?

In regards to size, there are two things to consider, the amount of work to be done and the robustness of the tile cutter. For thicker and denser materials you require a cutter that has been built to undertake this work. Heavy duty tile cutters are usually very bulky so that they can support and hold firm what is being cut. Cutters with smaller builds will be unable to undertake such work. Look at the materials of the tiles you want to cut and the number of tiles you want to cut. Then decide on the best size for you. Generally the more expensive the tile cutter the better the performance.

Electric or manual tile cutter

The battle between manual and electric tile cutters is unending. This is attributed to the fact that they have notable advantages. Electric machines tend to be bulkier and more expensive. The bigger they get the more money you will spend. If you have a lot of tiles to get through, motorised cutters are the way to go. Motorised tile cutters require water to cool the bladed down and reduce friction. They give precise cuts. The only downside is you need a plug socket to plug into to power the tile cutter.

Manual cutters take up less space, are generally lighter and usually cost considerably less than the motorised versions. They are limited in precision and length of the cut. Since they are mostly hand operated they may lack in overall neatness of the cut, all though a professional with produce excellent cuts with a decent model. The plus side is there is not motor to power and no water to worry about.

Materials that make the tile cutter

Different materials have different densities which affect the blades that can go through them. There are materials with a finer more compact grain like granite or some grades of glass. You want to select motorised cutters for such compacted forms of materials. There are also materials that need special blades just to cut through them. Depending on the material you are working with, choose a cutter that can house compatible blades and have enough power to cut through. Most normal ceramic tiles which are the most popular can be cut through with most types of tile cutters so this is not a issue in this case.

Blades, what about?

With blades, there are a few things to look for. Each tile cutter needs blades made of a strong but supple material that can handle stress. Most blades overheat during cutting procedures. According to the amount of work you want to engage in, buy a cutter with resilient blades. There are blades for wet cutters and handheld saws that have different requirements to operate.

The blade capacity is another thing to look at. It looks at the ability of the blade to cut through varied thickness and materials. How wide and how deep is the cut? That is the question to ask yourself when looking to buy a tile cutter.

If you want tiles with different cuts for an easy fit. Look for tile cutters that have the ability to adjust the blade position. This way you can control quick successive cuts.

The other thing to think about when it comes to blade power. If you are using a motorised tile cutter. You have to look at the speed and the impact the cutter enforces. Some materials need blades that are heavy and move at higher speeds for precise cuts. The faster the blade the more friction is generated to cut through thicker materials.

Overload protection

When blades are at work, depending on the material being cut, friction levels vary. The cutter you get has to have mechanisms set to prevent the blades from overheating. Overheating causes damages to both the blades and the material being cut. Some materials tend to buckle under the heat and crack. You will have to spend more money buying more tiles or maybe a new blade.

Is the tile cutter safe?

Like all power tools, they can do some damage if not handled correctly or if assembled wrongly. You need to check to ensure that your blades are securely fixed. Accidental cuts are not uncommon so steer your hands clear from the blades while working. To make sure that there are no mishaps while cutting, it is usually advisable for the cutter to have structural support. Wet cutters have excellent support. They hold the tile in position as you cut. Hand cutters have a different procure. The stability of the cut is completely under your control. That is while they are susceptible to human error often but often a long less dangerous to use.

Whats the cost?

How much are you willing to spend? That is the question you need to answer. Like stated before, the heavier the cutter the more expensive it will be. The types of blades and cooling mechanisms used also affect the price of the tile cutter. Handheld tile cutters are easy to work with and they handle small-medium projects. That makes them more affordable than the larger cutters. Professional or commercial based cutters cost a pretty penny but they give excellent and fast service. Think of the tiles you are working with and possible the best-priced tool to do such.

The good news is you can now buy electric tile cutters for around £50 that will handle most domestic tile cutting jobs.

Our Final Conclusion

Our review guide puts into consideration the factors that you look for when choosing the best tile cutter, keeping in mind that all tile cutters have their own positives and negatives. We hope now you know what to look for in the best tile cutting tool and perhaps how to find the best tile cutter that suits your needs.

Our list of tile cutters highlights some of the best tile cutters suited for various situations and we trust that you have learned a lot from the products we have chosen to review after hours of researching and talking to professionals. 

Here is a quick summary of our favourite models;

Best Electric Tile Cutter

The Plasplugs Compact Plus XL DWW200 Electric Tile Cutter is our best electric tile cutter. We love the versatility of this model that is capable of cutting a wide range of tiles including: ceramic, quarry, slate, porcelain, stone and marble. 

The integrated cooling system of this tile cutter is also fantastic. It is mess-free allowing the machine to operate both indoors and outdoors.

When it comes to portability, the DWW200 features carry handles for easy relocation and transportation of the machine. The corded machine also has a cable storage for keeping the cable away from possible external damage when the machine is not in use.

We feel the unit is relatively priced thus it fits the bill for the impressive features without costing the earth. It really is an impressive machine at a even more impressive price.

For those looking for a cheaper alternative then the VITREX 103402 Diamond Blade Tile Cutter? is worth considering, its not as powerful but still a very impressive machine as a very good price.

Best Manual Tile Cutter

The Bosch PTC 470 Tile Cutter is our best manual tile cutter. As much as it is expensive, this unit is worth the money you’ll spend on it.

It is easy to operate thanks to a combination of useful features. The Bosch cuts tiles down to the exact millimetre and the anti-chip support pads on either side are great at ensuring chip-free, clean cuts.

The cutting wheel features titanium coating which ensures maximum accuracy and clean cuts as well as prolongs the lifespan of the wheel.

Carrying this unit is also a breeze thanks to the two integrated carry handles. Lastly, it comes with a 2-year warranty with the option of extending to 3 years.

For the price, you just have to spend for a high-quality model. Even so, it is still cheaper than some electric models.

If you looking for a slighlty cheaper model or don't think the Bosch model is for you then we would recommend the Vitrex 102380 Tile Cutter which is also a very impressive tile cutter.?

Best Electric Tile Cutter
  • Diamond wheel cuts most tile types up to 20mm of different sizes.
  • Cuts both straight and angled cuts of 22-45 degree mitres.
  • Includes no mess water re-circulation system which ensures a clean workstation.
  • Comes with a carry handle for lifting and/or transporting the machine easily from job to job.
  • Features handy cable storage for hiding the cable when the machine is not in use.

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