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top 12 fast growing shrubs

Top 12 Fast Growing Shrubs

Fast Growing Shrubs If you are looking for quick growing plants, then chances are you are trying to create some form of privacy screen, wind break or informal hedge. Alternatively, you simply

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small evergreen shrubs

10 Small Evergreen Shrubs Perfect For All Season Interest

Small Evergreen Shrubs that offer ‘Year Round Interest’ Evergreen shrubs for anyone is not familiar with the term is a plant that does not drop its leavesĀ for the winter like

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Viburnum carlesii – Koreanspice shrub you need to grow now

Viburnum carlesii (Koreanspice) deciduous spice This shrub is yet another outstanding variety of Viburnum, ‘carlesii’ is a medium growing shrub getting to around 180cm (6ft) making it ideal for small

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Viburnum opulus guide

Viburnum opulus – A vibrant show of snowball flowers followed by red berries

Viburnum opulus – Snowball shrub This stunning shrub is also know as a ‘snowball bush’ due to the elegant light green snowball shaped flowers that appear around April – May

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