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how to grow tomatoes in pots

How to grow delicious tomatoes in pots this summer

Growing tomatoes in pots There is nothing more satisfying than growing your own juicy tomatoes and then having the enjoyment of being able to eat your own freshly picked tomatoes which

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pruning gooseberries ensured more fruit year on year

Pruning Gooseberries – Pruning as bushes or wall trained cordon

Pruning and Training Gooseberries Gooseberries are an excellent soft fruit to grow. They will thrive in a full sun site in most soils, so are ideal for most gardens and

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Pruning blackcurrant plants

Pruning Blackcurrants – How and when to prune to get the most fruit

Pruning blackcurrants Blackcurrant bushes are often considered hard to grow, yet this is not the case at all. They can be grown directly in the ground, but those of you

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