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Best climbers for wildlife - Top 6 climbing plants for attracting birds, bees, butterflys and more

Top 6 Easy To Grow Best Climbers For Wildlife

6 Amazingly easy to grow climbers plants for encouraging wildlife into your garden Climbing plants are fascinating for both humans and animals. They cover our walls, patios and fences, providing

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How and when to prune clematis - the complete guides

How to Prune Clematis Correctly by Group Type 1, 2 & 3

How and when to prune clematis for the best show Clematis is a climbing plant that blossoms to create breath-taking scenery in the garden. The clematis plant has very many

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pruning wisteria

Pruning Wisteria: The easy to follow guide for a better flowering Wisteria

Pruning Wisteria Wisteria are an outstanding feature in many English cottage gardens and produce the most beautiful display of flowers during May and June. The draped, petulant, scented blue flowers

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Wisteria not flowering, how to get this stunning plant to bloom

Why is my Wisteria not flowering Wisteria isĀ a climbing plant that produce masses of longĀ petulant, sweetly scented flowers, usually lilac-blue, blue or white in colour. They lend themselves to many

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