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Top 5 Best Wormeries for Making Your Own Compost from Recycled Kitchen Waste

Last updated on March 31st, 2022

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A wormery provides an efficient and easy means of turning kitchen waste into nutrient-rich compost. It uses composting worms to do the job and the end product is rich fertile compost and liquid fertiliser that you can use in your garden to grow plants and vegetables.

A typical wormery is made up of at least two trays whereby the bottom compartment collects the liquid that can be extracted to use as liquid feed for your plants. The top tray is where you put kitchen scraps and also where the worms live. Most wormeries, however, have four trays, allowing you to compost plenty of food. Other benefits of wormeries are that they don’t smell, take up little space and are perfect for introducing children to the wonders of worms and recycling. But then there’s the small matter of choosing the best wormery to buy for your home.


Wormcity UK Made 4 Tray Wormery
Well, we did our homework in researching for models that standout out of the crowd and we found that the Wormcity Wormery, in particular, is the best wormery to buy. It’s made up of four trays that add up to an impressive 100-litre capacity, making one of the largest wormeries on the market. It also comes complete with composting worms and bedding, meaning you are ready to use it out of the box. It's easy to see why its probably the most popular wormery currently available.

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Wormery Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve decided to turn your kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich fertiliser for your flowerbeds, let’s go through some of the most important features.


Wormeries come in a variety of sizes, intended to suit different households. For single households wanting to compost their kitchen waste, the smallest wormeries of around 20 litres should suffice, whilst a family of four could benefit from a 60-100 litre capacity, depending on the amount of waste from their kitchen. To harvest a decent amount of compost, you’ll also need around 500g of composting worms in a large wormery, which amazingly you can also buy online on sites such as Amazon from specialist sellers.

Original Organics 4 Tray Tiger Wormery: Easy Access Composter, includes Worms, Terracotta Red
  • New addition to the original wormery range
  • Converts food waste to valuable plant feed and compost
  • Tray system allows for easy harvesting of the compost
  • Includes tiger worms, worm bedding, lime mix, tap and full instructions
  • Freephone after-sales helpline also available


There are two factors to consider when thinking about the design. One is how easy you want the composting to be and the other is how much compost you want to harvest. You can decide to make a wormery at home and benefit from quality fertile worm compost that will feed your plants for months or buy a ready-made one with trays and a tap. The latter option, however, allows quick and easy composting with the option of draining off liquid compost too.

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You also need to choose between plastic and wooden wormeries. Plastic is currently the most popular home composting and is long-lasting, as well as being easy to maintain because it doesn’t rot. However, it heats up quite quickly and may degrade in sunlight, which is why many plastic manufacturers treat their products with UV stabilisers, with the Wormicity wormery being a perfect example.

Choosing a wormery

Wooden wormeries are popular with conventional gardeners. The wood itself is aesthetically impressive, holds moisture, and keeps out the light. Furthermore, worms enjoy this natural material a lot. It may rot in winter though and requires maintenance for it to last a long time.

No matter the material you choose, you will need to place the wormery somewhere dark and cool because worms hate too much light. They can actually die because of it or slow down the composting process. You also need to ensure that there is a proper lid to prevent pests such as mice from stealing the food scraps.

Number of trays

Trays can make a huge difference to the simplicity of keeping organisms as well as the amount of compost you can harvest on a regular basis. You start off with one tray that contains bedding and worms and add your kitchen waste. Once you fill it, add another tray on top and start filling it with scraps as well. Wormcity UK Made Wormery 4 Composting Trays (100 Litre Size) Black - INCLUDES 500g WORMSContinue like that with the number of trays that you have. Every tray has holes in the bottom that allow the worms to climb upwards to eat the fresh scraps. In so doing, they leave behind compost and liquid feed that accumulates in the lowest tray and can then be harvested via a tap. After draining off the liquid in the bottom tray, restack the tray onto the top of the wormery and so forth. Four trays are ideal for a household of four people and you can always go for the biggest you can manage.

Top 5 Best Wormery Reviews

1. Wormcity UK Made Wormery 4 Composting Trays (100 Litres)


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UK Made Wormcity Wormery 4 Composting Trays (100 Litre Size) Black - INCLUDES 500g Worms, Coir Bedding and Worm Food

The Wormcity Made Wormery comprising of 4 Composting Trays (100 Litre Size) is the best product around because it’s big, is of excellent quality, a breeze to use and comes with everything you need to get started, including the worms.

This UK made wormery measures 43cm x 43cm x 100cm and consists of four large composting trays. It is actually over 30% larger in terms of surface area than other wormeries with the same measurements.

Perfect for a family of 4

The Wormicity wormery comes complete with worm food, 500g of composting worms, coir bedding and a tap to drain away liquids. That’s pretty much all you need to start composting right away. Moreover, it boasts a 4-tray design that allows you to start harvesting the magic compost quickly, plus the wormery is large enough for a big family of at least 4 people.

Ease of use

When it comes to ease of use, it couldn’t be any easier – simply empty out the bottom tray when full, utilise the compost and then place the empty tray on top of the stack. The worms typically consume the kitchen waste from the lowest level and then slowly work their way upwards through the holes into the trays above. They will keep moving upwards again whilst leaving behind vermicompost. By the time they reach the top tray, the food in the bottom tray should be fully composted and ready to use in the garden.

We’d like to mention that the assembly instructions are pretty straightforward that even a novice will have an easy time. The wormery is constructed from recycled UV protected plastic so you can be rest assured you are doing your bit for the environment. It has a solid base for maximum durability and there is even a rain protected gabled roof to keep the contents dry.


  • Large 100-litre wormery with four trays for easy harvesting.
  • Made from long-lasting UV-protected recycled plastic.
  • Comes with 500g of worms, coir bedding, worm food and a tap for draining liquid compost.
  • Easy to assemble thanks to straightforward instructions.
  • Has a strong base that won’t collapse under pressure.
  • Everything you need to start making worm compost and liquid feed.

The reviews about this wormery online are fabulous and adding to its superior performance, we no doubt believe it’s the best wormery to buy. On Amazon alone, it has the most reviews by a long way compared to other models and the reviews are well worth reading, they only further confirm our own thoughts.

2. Original Organics 4 Tray Tiger Wormery (62 Litres)


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Original Organics 4 Tray Tiger Wormery: Easy Access Composter, includes Worms, Terracotta Red

Our runner up recommendation is the Original Organics 4 Tray Tiger Wormery. Constructed from recycled plastic, this one stands out instantly because of its terracotta red colour, which is a good choice for those looking to make a design statement in their garden.

The Tiger Wormery is perfectly designed for worm composting and includes 4 trays to allow the upward movement of the worms through the system, as well as the easy collection of liquid from the lowest tray. After harvesting, you can always return the empty tray to the top of the stack.

This wormery measures 75 x 41 x 41cm with a volume of 62 litres – considerably lower than the Wormicity model above, however, it should still be sufficient for a family of four. It comes with tiger worms, lime mix, bedding mix and assembly instructions so you can start composting food scraps hassle-free. The top quality and practical design additionally features a tap for dispensing any liquid waste, which you can then use as natural plant fertiliser.


  • Made from recycled plastic, which is always a good idea for the environment.
  • Has a 4 tray system that allows perfect composting and harvesting of the final product.
  • Supplied with tiger worms, lime mix, bedding and full instructions.
  • Integrated tap to remove the liquid.
  • Eye-catching terracotta red colour that makes an instant statement in any garden.

Another benefit to purchasing this wormery is the excellent after-sales freephone customer service. Should you have any issues, the manufacturer is ready to listen at no cost. All in all, this wormery represents a magnificent choice for a small household.

3. WormBox Wormery Composter 3 Trays + Planter (56 Litres)

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WORMbox | Wormery Worm Farm composter 3 Turquoise Trays + Planter | 48 liters | Organic Waste Compost, make your Worm Castings

Designed and manufactured in France from recycled plastic, the 56-litre WormBox Wormery composter comes with three turquoise trays and a planter. It is more than a wormery because it can also serve as a seat or planter which is somewhat unique.

This wormery comprises of various levels and compartments that make a total volume of 56 litres. Once the lower trays fill up, add a new one to raise it one level. Its individual components are perfectly sealed from each other to make the wormery easy to assemble. Worms naturally rise up, attracted by the fresh supply of waste, whilst leaving behind vermicompost.

Thanks to its strong wheeled base, this wormery can withstand a load of 100kg when used as a seat. The addition of a planter tray also converts it to a planter for your aromatic herbs, allowing the worms to go into the planter and bring with them high-quality humus. Furthermore, you can add extra trays (to a maximum of 8) as your family is growing, or even replace the lid with a planter. It’s such an evolutionary wormery.

One thing to bear in mind is that this wormery needs to be kept indoors for proper composting. Think about somewhere in the kitchen, utility room or garage. A temperature range of 15°C to 25°C is ideal, and is something you need to consider. That being said, this WormBox is an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile wormery, though it’s a shame it comes without the composting worms, however, these can be purchased separately.


  • Stacks up to 8 trays so you can make as much compost as possible.
  • The ultra-strong base withstands a load of up to 100kg and can be purchased with a flower planter or even a seat to use as a stool.
  • Made from recycled plastic to help the environment.
  • Comes with a liquid collector with tap for easy harvesting of worm feed.
  • Wheeled base for easy movement of the loaded wormery.
  • Allows you to add more trays as your household grows.
  • 15-year guarantee for peace of mind.

4. Roundpoint Extra Large Wormery (100 Litres)

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Roundpoint Extra Large Easy to Use COMPOSTING WORMERY with WORMS(Black)

The Roundpoint Extra Large Wormery offers a clean and eco-friendly way of composting your kitchen and garden waste. As the title suggests, this wormery provides 100 litres of composting volume, which is big enough for most families. Set up is very simple thanks to its easy-to-use design and although this wormery is large on space, its innovative design means it takes up little storage space when not in use.

This wormery also has very stable legs that raise the system off the ground to keep away unwanted pests. The base tray has been made with a dome to prevent the organisms from drowning and there’s a tap for you to drain the nutrient-rich liquid out of the wormery, as with most wormeries. There is a good reason why this compost wormery is black in colour – it absorbs maximum heat from the sun to keep the worms warm and healthy.

To get yourself up and running with this wormery, simply add the worm starter kit and start putting your kitchen waste into the bottom tray. Once it is full, add another tray until the entire system is in operation. The worms naturally move upwards to the next tray and so the lowest tray will be full of vermicompost and ready to be used in the garden. However, this wormery doesn’t come with composting worms.


  • Easy to assemble thanks to its simplistic design.
  • Includes drainproof sump to stop the worms from drowning.
  • Comes with a tap to help collect the nutrient-rich compost.
  • Has a stable base plus a raised platform to keep the system away from pests.
  • Made from recycled UV stabilised plastic so it can last outside.
  • Large 100 litre capacity, perfect for a big family.

So overall, it’s a good alternative to the Wormicity model in terms of capacity, but you’ll still have to dig deep to get the worms.

5. Anself Worm Factory 4 Tray Worm Composter

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Anself *s wormery composter outdoor Worm Factory 4 Tray Worm Composter for garden

Wrapping up our list is the Anself Worm Factory 4 Tray Worm Composter. This budget 4-tray composter allows you to turn kitchen scraps, paper waste and even cardboard into nutrient-rich soil for use in your garden, and it does so in a matter of days.

Start by adding a handful of worms and your kitchen waste to the bottom tray. The organisms will begin processing the food. Once one tray is full, add another level and the worms will move upwards to the fresh organic waste leaving the bottom tray full of rich compost. As the waste is broken down, nutrient-rich moisture filters through the system and can later be harvested as organic liquid fertiliser.

The product is good quality, sturdy when built and is aesthetically pleasing. The instructions are also easy to follow. However, this wormery only comes with a third of the worm bedding actually required to give the ideal depth of bedding, so you may want to order extra bedding. Nevertheless, this wormery is still a good addition to any organic garden. One last note is that the roof is not wide enough to stop the rain from getting into the wormery, with this in mind we recommend this for using somewhere it will not be exposed to the rain.


  • Comes at a very good price, thus a good budget option.
  • Easy to use due to its simple design.
  • Made from recycled plastic and it promises long-term durability.
  • Has a tap for harvesting compost liquid.

Because of its budget price, we think this is perhaps something that can be overcome by using in indoors instead of in the garden.

Wormery FAQs

What is the best compost for worms?

The best types of worms are red wigglers (Eisenia fetida) and more commonly used tiger composting worms. These species prefer compost environment to plain soil and they are very easy to keep. Worms that feed on food scraps, organic bedding and compost produce a richer end product than those that feed on plain soil. Red wrigglers can grow as long as 2.5 inches and can also consume up to half their weight on a daily basis. These worms also produce over 5 cocoons each week. Tiger composting worms live near the surface which makes them ideal for the lifestyle of wormeries.

What do you feed worms in a wormery?

You can feed your worms with any vegetable food scraps as well as eggshells and coffee grounds. Worms love moist, soft and low acidity foods. As a general rule of thumb, feed your worms with a mix of equal green and brown foods. Brown foods are high in carbs and carbon whilst green foods add a lot of protein and nitrogen to the soil. Examples of greens include lettuce, cucumber, fruit peelings (not citrus) and other vegetable remains. Try to avoid meat, fatty foods, dairy foods, potatoes and potato and onion peels, grass and chicken manure just to mention a few.

How many worms do you need to start a wormery?

It depends on the size of the wormery. The minimum quantity to start with is around 250g, though an average-sized wormery needs 500g. If you put in too many worms, they will feel overcrowded and when that happens, they will disperse.

Should I add water to a worm farm?

You shouldn’t unless the wormery is too dry. Worms don’t like too much water because it can drown them. If worms sense the wormery is too wet, they will try to seek drier conditions. That means there will be a slowdown in composting too.

Does worm compost smell?

Not really. If you’re doing it right, your wormery should have an earthy scent at all times. If it smells bad, then it’s probably too wet with an insufficient airflow.

Final Conclusion

Wormeries have some amazing benefits. Not only does it help you recycle kitchen waste that would otherwise end up in your green bin, it can also balance your carbon footprint. For those of us who have to separate food waste in those small buckets that the council gives, a wormery would be god send. Moreover, wormeries are very simple and easy to use, choosing the best wormery kit shouldn’t be a hassle either. We hope you can find inspiration from the great examples in this post.

Wormcity UK Made Wormery
After comparing many models, the Wormcity wormery stands out from the crowd and is an amazing bit of compost kit.

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