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Top 5 Best Weed killers – Learn which you need to get the job done

Last updated on January 28th, 2022

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Strong weedkillers and manual weeders

With so many weedkillers on the market, it can be a bit of a nightmare to decide which one to use, so first, we are going to discuss the different types of weedkillers that are available to gardeners.

Where possible we would nearly always advise that you remove weeds manually. There are some good weeder tools you may not have thought of such, as the ‘Fiskars Weed Puller’, this is an excellent tool that you put over the weed, press the foot to peddle and it clamps on the weed and roots and removes them easily. Seedlings that are in beds and borders can also be hoed with a dutch hoe and simply left on the surface of the soil to shrivel and decompose into the soil.

If this is impractical, then you are likely to want to choose a chemical weedkiller (also known as a herbicide) of which there are 4 types.

The 4 types of weedkillers

There are four types of weedkillers so it is important to understand them before selecting the ideal weedkiller for you, each one is ideal for certain circumstances or areas.

  1. Selective weedkillers – These types of weedkillers only kill certain types of weeds and leave the surrounding plants unharmed. Unfortunately this is used mostly in ‘lawn weed killers’ because it will kill broad leaved weeds such as dandelions and will not kill the grass. Read more about the best lawn weed killer here.
  2. Contact weedkillers – As the name suggests, these type of weedkillers only kill weeds on contact and the surrounding soil is unharmed. These are great for controlling annual weeds (weeds that only live for one season) in beds and borders. These should only be applied when the weeds are actively growing, this is usually around March to September.
  3. Systemic weedkillers – These weedkillers are sprayed onto the weeds when they are actively growing and ‘systemic’ means that the weedkiller gets inside the weed and kills the roots as well as the leaves. It usually takes longer to notice them working, (up to a few weeks) but as they kill the whole plant and root they are longer lasting and prevent the same weed growing again.
  4. Residual weedkiller – These weedkillers are good for industrial areas or places where no plant growth is grown such as paths, walkways and patios. The weedkiller kills the weeds but also forms a residual barrier to prevent other weeds growing for a few weeks.

Ready to use or concentrate weedkiller?

Most weed killers are available in ready-to-use containers, often in 1 litre spray bottles that are ideal for spraying on smaller areas or spraying individual weeds.

If you have got a larger area to treat, for example, a lawn or driveway, then you would use a concentrated weedkiller. Simply mix with water as instructed on the bottle or box and water on with a watering can or sprayer. Using a sprayer will ensure it goes further and it is advised over using a watering can.

Recommended weedkillers

We have chosen a selection of weedkillers to try. We recommend these as the best weedkillers, whether you are clearing weeds on your drive, treating weeds on the lawn or simply spraying individual weeds on your path or borders.

1. Roundup Fast Action Pump ‘n’ Go Weedkiller

roundup fast action pump n go weed killer

Manufactured by Scotts Miracle-Gro, this strong weedkiller comes ready to use and is probably the largest ready-to-use weedkiller available. The systemic action ensures it kills the foliage and roots making it ideal for most annual and perennial weeds. It kills most weeds including grasses, dandelions, docks, bindweed and thistles.

You will start seeing results within hours, a few advantages of this weedkiller is that not harmful to the soil as micro-organisms break it down meaning you can plant it in treated areas. Once dry, children and pets can go onto treated areas. You can also get refills once empty so you can use them again and again when needed.



2. Gallup 360 Professional Glyphosate Weedkiller

gallup 360 weed killer review

Developed for industrial use, the Gallup 360 uses a strong chemical called glyphosate that kills most annual and perennial weeds. This weedkiller is systemic so it is ideal for use on emerging and growing weeds because it is taken in by the weed and kills the foliage and roots. However, it is none selective meaning it will kill most if not all weeds but it is non-residual and this means it will not stop new weeds from germinating. This makes it ideal for clearing out weedy borders and can be planted in after treatment. An excellent and effective weedkiller, sold as a concentrate to mix in a garden sprayer. Available in many different quantities.


3. Weedol Rootkill Plus Weedkiller

weedoll rootkill weed killer review

Weedol is renowned for being a good quality weedkiller and their new formulated formula ticks all the boxes. What makes it unique is that it has been designed to be used on hard surfaces as well as beds and borders. It uses a systemic action to kill the foliage and roots ensuring the weeds do not return. You can start seeing the effects after only an hour and it degrades into the soil so treated areas can be planted afterward. It kills most broad-leafed weeds including docks, stinging nettles, thistles, couch grass, dandelions and creeping buttercups as well as grasses.

Designed more for domestic use rather than industrial, this effective weedkiller contains glyphosate plus Pyraflufen Ethyl and can be applied with a watering can or garden sprayer, which is unusual because most glyphosate weedkillers cannot be applied with a watering can. Other advantages are children and pets do not need to be excluded from the treated area once dry. Available as a concentrate or ready to use.


4. Roundup Ready To Use Weedkiller Gel

roundup gel weedkiller review

Another excellent Roundup product. If you have weeds in harder to reach locations, for example, around other plants, in pots, vegetable patches or simply places where it is not possible to use a sprayer, then this could be what you need. What makes it unique and effective is that you remove the cap and then simply touch the weed with the specially designed applicator. One touch will kill most weeds although two applications may be needed for more hard to kill perennial weeds. It uses a systemic action to kill the roots ensuring they do not grow back. Once it touches the soil it degrades, meaning it is harmless to other plants in the soil. Can also be used on lawns to kill individual weeds.


5. Clinic Ace Glyphosate Weedkiller

clinic ace weedkiller

This professional weedkiller contains glyphosate and is ideal for killing all weeds. It takes around 4 weeks to completely work, but it is extremely effective and deadly to weeds. Be sure to wear protective gloves when applying, as with all weedkillers.


Which one is right for you?

All the above weedkillers are extremely effective, the professional weed killers ‘Gallup 360’ and ‘Clinic Ace’ are only available as concentrates and need to be used in a garden sprayer. These two are the most effective, which is why they are commonly used by professionals. If you have large areas to treat then they are probably the best choice for you.

If you want a ready mixed weedkiller for larger areas then we would recommend the ‘Roundup Pump n Go’.

For smaller areas, the ‘Weedol Rootkill Plus’ would be ideal because it can be used in a garden sprayer or watering can and can also be purchased in ready-to-use sprayers (also known as RTU).

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