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Top 7 Best Weather Station – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Last updated on February 1st, 2022

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An unexpected change of weather can ruin even the most thought-out plans. If you want to stay updated with the conditions outside and plan your days better, then you need to invest in a home weather station. It can be placed indoors or outdoors and provide you with an insight into the current weather. Using sensors and environmental information informs you about when to expect a downpour as well as when it’s safe to go for excursions. In essence, it’s one of the handiest devices for planning your day.

When it comes to choosing the best weather station, there are a lot of things to consider. First, you have to think about the features you’d like to have because weather stations have a plethora of those. Some include programmable warnings, Wi-Fi connection, PC connection and mobile app display. Another thing is the kind of elements to monitor, which include but are not limited to, precipitation rate, humidity and barometric pressure. If you’re thinking about your budget, you choose from a variety of cheaper models with basic features.

That said, below we have a number of good quality weather stations that are surely worth considering. Our best pick is the Youshiko Weather Station, which we think is the best weather station for most gardeners and weather enthusiasts. It offers plenty of advanced features whilst still offering excellent value for money. Take a sneak peek below before comparing all our select weather stations in the product review section.


Youshiko YC9385 Weather Station
This device provides a complete range of weather readings and is a breeze to set up and use. The weather station will measure rainfall, wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, heat index, dew point, wind chill, barometric pressure and beaufort scale. It additionally provides genera inforamtionl for sunny, partially cloudy, cloudy, rainy, stormy and snowfall. The package includes a sensor to be installed outside and the display unit to be placed indoors. The display unit requires 3 x AA batteries but unfortunately, you have to buy them separately. This device is barely new, however, the number of positive reviews about it are overwhelming. We couldn’t be wrong ranking it our best pick in this post.


Bresser Weather Station 5-in-1 with Outdoor Sensor
This device provides a 12-hour graphical weather trend and displays the information on a well-structured LCD screen. The values you can see include wind speed, wind direction, temperature, rainfall and humidity. The device is incredibly compact with its outdoor sensor requiring just a little space for placement. Supplied with it is a pipe clamp, screws and stand, which combine for easy set up. It also features radio controlled time and date setting. For the price of this device, it’s good to say the Bresser 5-in-1 is the best budget weather station.

Weather stations are an advantageous investment for anyone looking into the spontaneous weather that mother nature will accustom us to in the years to come.

Enjoy your purchase and be sure to read our detailed reviews below.

Top 7 Best Weather Station Reviews

1. Youshiko YC9385 Weather Station


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Youshiko YC9385 Weather Station

The Youshiko Weather Station is the latest UK version from this leading brand and it boasts some enhanced features compared with previous models. For example, it has a larger, clean and clear LCD display that allows easy reading without needing to alter the angle in full daylight. With a 5-in-1 weather sensor, the device gives accurate readings of wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, temperature and humidity.

Accurate weather forecasting with minimum and maximum readings

A nifty feature of this weather station is the radio control clock with date and weekday as well as the moon phase and weather forecast. The latter tells the conditions outside whether it’s sunny, partially cloudy, cloudy, rainy, stormy or snowfall. Also, the weather station records maximums and minimums, as well as the last 24-hour hourly data, meaning you can make precise comparisons and thus better adjustments.

Easy to set up – wall mount or desktop usage

You will need to buy three AA batteries for it to function because the device doesn’t come with them. Once you have them, the clever weather station is easy to set up as either a stand-alone or wall-mounted unit. The device will take about 10 minutes to fully connect and update time and location. And because it is wireless and radio-controlled, you’ll never have to reset it.


  • Clear LCD display for time and full weather information.
  • Comes with a radio control clock with date and weekday plus moon phase.
  • Features buzzer alarm clock with ice pre-alert function.
  • Forecasts weather in the form of sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy, stormy and snowy.
  • Records maximum and minimum readings with time-date stamps.
  • With 5 languages for weekday: GB/FR/DE/ES/IT.
  • Can be wall-mounted or used as stand-alone.
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included).


  • Unfortunately, the large display panel is hard to read in darker situations, so you will need a light nearby.
  • The wireless sensor can’t be fixed on the outside wall with only a single screw to keep in place, so additional securing is a must.

Our recommendation

Upgraded and improved, this latest 2020 UK version of the Youshiko weather station offers you everything you need to track and forecast the weather in your area. Besides providing accurate data into the weather and temperature, it also gives updates on wind speed and direction, rainfall volume and moon phases.

The 5-in-1 device features a radio control lock to help you manage your day-to-day schedule. It includes a sensor that is installed outside and transmits information to the main unit indoors. Its full range of features is impressive except the package does not include batteries. All in all, its wide range of readings helps you to understand the conditions in your area accurately and easily.

2. Bresser Weather Station 5-in-1 with Outdoor Sensor


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Bresser Weather Station 5-in-1 with Outdoor Sensor

For folks who need their weather station to continue functioning well outdoors despite unpredictable conditions, the Bresser Weather Station 5-in-1 with Outdoor Sensor is a good one to have. This package comes with mounting accessories and an LCD display unit that shows a range of values such as air pressure, temperature and humidity.

Multiple alarm settings

With this device, it’s super easy to monitor the current weather conditions for the day and even track back over the weather changes since you began utilising the Bresser 5-in-1. In addition, there’s the option of setting personalised alarms for maximum and minimum temperature values. If you are concerned about ice and frost, the device has a specific warning setting that you can set to alert you of any impending freezing temperatures.

The device can be used as a stand-alone weather station or combined with the indoor climate indicator to also measure the air quality in your home. If you need to check out the different phases of the moon, there’s that option too. The compact device takes very little space and thus can be placed virtually anywhere.


  • 5-in-1 multi-sensor with mounting accessories.
  • LCD display allows clear viewing of data.
  • Measures 10 different elements of weather.
  • 12-hour weather forecasting.
  • With an alarm function for frost and ice notifications.
  • Operates on 6x AA batteries.
  • Ultra-lightweight device weighing just 300g.


  • The LCD screen is hard to read in direct sunlight due to glare.
  • The device isn’t solidly built and so it can break easily if slightly mishandled.

Our recommendation

The Bresser Weather Station 5-in-1 with Outdoor Sensor takes 10 different measurements including air pressure, wind speed and direction, precipitation amount, and indoor/outdoor temperatures, making it the go-to product if you want a vast range of information. Better still, it can be programmed to provide alerts of frost and ice conditions. Its LCD display is clear and simple to read and shows all the relevant data at a glance. We also like the ease of setup and the way it automatically sets the time and date. A truly affordable alternative to the Youshiko Weather Station.

3. ClimeMET CM9088 Digital Wireless Weather Station

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ClimeMET CM9088 Digital Wireless Weather Station

The ClimeMET CM9088 is a new and improved wireless unit that gives very accurate and reliable weather monitoring. This Amazon Bestseller measures both indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity, barometric pressure, sunrise and sunset times and moon phase. One thing we noticed is that it usually records the minimum and maximum temperatures and humidity until you reset the lowest or highest value. You’ll be able to keep a record of your own min and max values for temperature, humidity and pressure.

Can be mounted or freestanding

The ClimetMET CM9088 comes with three screws for mounting the sensor to a spot using the backplate. If you find mounting a bit hectic, this gadget can still operate free standing which is very useful. The box contains settings instructions, which some users have found to be complicated, however, after a little time it soon becomes clearer.

Input location’s longitude and latitude for more precise weather information

The sunrise and sunset times plus the moon phase display are the new integrated features adding to an all-round weather station ideal for homes. When setting up this gadget, enter your location’s longitude and latitude for more precise weather information that is distinct to your area. The LED backlight of this unit makes it easy to read values including the forecast icons and tendencies that display the expected weather conditions.

We find this unit is compatible with 3AA batteries for the sensor and 2 AAA batteries for the console but they are not included in the package so be sure to pick up some when you are buying the weather station to avoid delays in setting up your weather station. There’s even a low battery indicator to keep you informed of when to recharge the unit. The 12 or 24 hour time display and the time alarm with snooze are additional features for time management.


  • Wireless indoor and outdoor temperature readings (°F or°C).
  • Records minimum and maximum temperature and humidity.
  • Records 24-hour history graph barometric pressure (in Hg or hPA).
  • Forecast icons and tendency arrows based on changing barometric pressure.
  • Features time alarm with snooze.
  • Accurate DCF radio controlled time and date.
  • LED backlight to ensure an easy to read display.
  • Versatile – free standing or wall mounted.
  • Sunrise and sunset times.
  • Features Moon phase display.


  • The CM9088 only reads the min and max values, which means it may not be able to review the lowest or highest values over a number of days.
  • The settings instructions are also a bit lacking, especially if you are not tech savvy so some patience is needed when learning to use the device.
  • The outdoor sensor is weatherproof not waterproof, this means if its going to be placed in direct sunlight or exposed to heavy rain some shelter will be needed just to give it that little bit of protection. It may be better placed under the eaves of the house or shed etc, anywhere that offers a little protection.

Our recommendation

The ClimeMET CM9088 is an upgraded weather station with new features such as the sunrise and sunset times along with a graphical moon phase display. These upgrades make the gadget an ideal option for hobby gardeners, astronomers, anglers and weather enthusiasts.

It offers excellent value for money without minimising quality and features. Overall, an excellent choice if you are buying your first weather station and looking for something simple.

4. Profi Froggit WH3000 SE Weather Station

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Profi Froggit WH3000 SE Weather Station

The Profi radio weather station Froggit WH3000 SE is another new offering on the market, combining the latest measurement technology with top-of-the-range features. With its integrated Wi-Fi module, you can easily upload your data to weather servers such as Weather Underground. This also allows you to have an overview of your weather data around the globe.

There’s a setup app so that you can install the device step by step and all data is visible on its full colour display. It includes a cleverly designed Y outdoor unit that measures the outdoor temperature, relative humidity, UV value, solar radiation, precipitation, wind speed and direction and sends all the info to the display unit. It gives updated values every 16 seconds.

The indoor display unit features a thermo-hygrometer that consistently measures the internal temperatures, relative humidity and air pressure. The data collected is automatically analysed to give you a weather forecast, the precipitation rate, the dew point and trends for the indoor temperature, the humidity and the air pressure.


  • Built-in Wi-Fi module for real-time transfer of data.
  • The full-colour LCD display makes it easy to read weather measurements.
  • Integration with your own app is possible.
  • Compact design and easy to set up.
  • Measures both indoor and outdoor conditions.


  • The manual does not cover some operations.
  • While it has Wi-Fi connection, you cannot upload data or view from the internet without a smartphone because its app does not work on PC.

Our recommendation

This Profi radio weather station Froggit WH3000 SE is definitely a great piece of equipment that’s easy to set up and put online so you can view data from your app. The display on the main unit is clear and has two levels of brightness settings, with the brightest mode functioning as a good night lamp to light up a room. The outside unit is compact and only takes a few minutes to install. The major selling point, however, is the built-in Wi-Fi module for the real-time transmission of data to global weather servers. Overall, this is another good buy although it costs a lot more than many other models.

5. Aercus Instruments WS1093 Weather Station Wireless

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Aercus Instruments WS1093 Weather Station Wireless

The Weather Station Wireless WS1093 is a popular unit with touchscreen benefits from the latest touchscreen technology and conveys weather readings through the console or internet. The unit is easy to assemble and goes online in less than 2 hours. It connects to your PC via USB and comes with software for easy and quick downloading, charting and uploading to online weather websites. For those using Mac, the unit is compatible with WeatherSnoop software but the software is not included.

The console can play as free-standing or wall hanging. If you opt to mount it, the box contains mounting screws and bolts, 4 plastic mounting bands, 2 metal mounting bands and three mounting arms, all at your disposal. The beginner’s guide contains the mounting instructions although pros might find it an easy DIY task.

Data collected can be stored up to 3 months at 30-minute intervals

For weather readings, the WS1093 features a backlit LCD screen that displays temperature, humidity, wind, barometric pressure, rainfall, wind chill, dewpoint, short-range forecast plus the time and date. The unit has a transmission range of 100m (328ft) and the data collected can be stored up to 3 months at 30-minute intervals with a simple viewing of historic records.

For information, the WS1093 measures a temperature range of -40C to 65C outdoors while 0C to +50C indoors. Humidity range is from 10% to 99%, wind speed from 0 to 160km/h and barometric pressure from 300 hPa to 1,100hPa.

The good thing with the WS1093 is that these variables are user adjustable. The unit has a low power consumption requiring 2AA batteries for the receiver and 2AA batteries for the transmitter, unlike most other models that consume 3 on either side.


  • Can be used freestanding or as a wall hanging console for extra convenience.
  • Wireless sensors transmit data up to 100m (328ft).
  • Features storm warning alert.
  • Displays min and max values along with time and date stamp.
  • Customisable weather alarms.
  • Clear Backlight console displays weather variables.
  • Compatible with WeatherSnoop software for Mac.
  • View the weather from your Weather Station from anywhere in the world using any browser, iPhone or Android phone.
  • Up to 3 months data storage capacity.
  • Low power consumption.
  • User variable measuring intervals.
  • Connects to your PC via USB.


  • The display seems dull and can be difficult to see in the wrong light.

Our recommendation

This WS1093 from Aercus Instruments is a great weather station and we loved it because of the several weather variables it measures.

With this unit, you can check the weather from wherever you are using a PC, iPad, Mac or Android phone. The data storage of 3 months is a bit short but it’s not such a big deal.

We find the WS1093 an ideal weather station for the casual home user and great value for money for a weather station this advanced. Overall, a superb product that we would highly recommend.

6. Oregon Scientific BAR208_HGW Wireless Weather Station

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Oregon Scientific BAR208_HGW Wireless Weather Station

The BAR208 HGW Wireless Weather Station consists of a wireless weather station with a radio-controlled clock and calendar. This means it picks up the exact UK time and date once installed – no more arguments on whose watch is correct.

This device will feed you with all the weather information you need from your own garden, be it temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, wind chill, barometric pressure, heat index and rainfall data. There’s even an Ice Alert with a green LED blinking indicator, a great feature for gardening.

Ability to add more sensors to this unit is a huge bonus

The Oregon BAR208 reads temperature and humidity from the enclosed wireless sensor and it can pick up signals from up to three sensors. The ability to add more sensors to this unit is a huge bonus. There’s a weather alert feature that shows you at a glance what to expect outside; wind, rain, heat, fog or frost. This helps you to plan your day and activities better. The display itself is clear and easy to read.

What we loved with the BAR208 is that it comes with the batteries included, unlike most other models that come without. The setup is incredibly easy and the unit picks up the radio signal immediately after inserting the batteries. And, the battery life is tremendous, especially with the outdoor sensor.


  • Measures indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.
  • Weather forecast with barometric pressure trend.
  • Features weather warning message for Wind/Fog/Frost/Heat/Storm.
  • Ice Alert with green LED indicator.
  • Radio controlled clock and calendar.


  • We appreciate the weather alert feature on the Oregon BAR208 but when temperatures fall to freezing, the warning light flashes continually. This unnecessary flashing light is disturbing, especially if the unit is placed somewhere open.

Our recommendation

The Oregon BAR208 will be an excellent purchase for anyone looking for a modest weather station.

It’s quick to set up, works great and provides clear readings plus you’ll not incur additional costs for buying batteries.

Overall, a mid-range model with extra features without you needing to spend the earth.

7. ClimeMET CM2016 Wireless Weather Station

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The ClimeMET CM2016 Wireless Weather Station is a feature-packed yet easy-to-use weather station that is available in the mid-range pricing for weather stations. This model is easy to set up as it can be attached to an appropriate pole on a shed, house or garage roof. It can be wall-mounted or used stand-alone inside your home and the sensors have an exceptional transmission range of 100m.

Configure up to 20 weather alarms

The weather station offers dependable build quality and accuracy for a mid-range design. The display is also clear and functional. The standout feature is the ability to configure up to 20 weather alarms for various conditions including intense rain, cold temperatures and high winds, as well as recording of wind gusts. The wind speed and direction are updated every 48 seconds. The CM2016 additionally gives air pressure information so it can function as a digital barometer.


  • An affordable weather station for monitoring temperature, wind and rainfall.
  • Perfect for beginners who want to monitor the temperature, humidity, wind speed, rainfall, barometric pressure and more.
  • Can be programmed to provide custom alerts as needed for frost etc.


  • Lacks a PC connection and does not work with weather software.

Our recommendation

This ClimeMET CM2016 Wireless Weather Station is a good weather station for the price and should last for years thanks to its impressive build quality. It includes a great range of features such as temperature and humidity readings, rain gauge, wind speed, storm alerts, thermo and hydro sensor. Add that to its easy installation process and you have a weather station that gets the job done with no hassle. It’s such an ideal pick for beginners in weather watching.

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Weather Station Buyer’s Guide

This guide is here to make your job simple. Let us explore more about weather stations.

Types of weather stations

The current market is overrun with different choices of weather stations, with prices starting from under £20 to well over £100. The most popular ones include:

  • Home stations – These are usually, created to blend in the home environment. They come packed with set feasible instruments. Their range is usually more restricting.
  • Professional weather stations – These are a more upgraded version of the home station. The additional features are the extra accuracy and added tools like soil temperature gauges and more.
  • Wireless stations – These work simply on battery energy. They are efficient for smaller operations because they have sensors that directly collect information to a central display. They obviously don’t have wires, so you are safe from tripping and causing unforeseen injuries. They’re also super easy to set up having no wires.
  • Digital stations – These type of stations are very accurate and detailed because they are upgraded occasionally. They also have additions like storm warning features which are a plus for people in the field. You can seek out professional advice if you are looking for specific gauges.

Points of consideration

  • Source of power – In selecting weather stations, you have to contemplate on the power source that will be sustainable and within your budget range. You can choose either electric, solar or battery powered. The general climate of your residence will also play a part in your selection. Solar-powered weathers stations will be inefficient in climates where the sun does not appear regularly although solar panels are improving all the time to overcome this.
  • Available features – For the purposes of preference and functionality, you may be able to marginally narrow down to the specific weather station you need. Some weather stations are more suited for in-depth research whilst some are designed to be simpler. You also may want to decide if you’ll purchase a wireless or wired weather station. They are often solar-powered or battery supported. The more popular ones are battery-powered as solar power can be affected by weather conditions.
  • Setup and ease of use – Manuals can be tasking to read and figure out, especially if there is too much jargon. You also have to consider the location you will place the weather station. You might need to create additional support if you are in rugged terrain. Wireless units are very user friendly and they can be easily managed as opposed to mounting and maintaining solar panels. You can find useful material online to simplify complicated manuals.
  • Range – Distance from the set up to the central data collection point should have sufficient coverage. Professional weathers stations have more sensitive sensors that can be able to cover wide ranges. Keep in mind that for these stations to work efficiently there needs to be minimal interference from objects. The popular range is between 300ft -500ft.
  • Accuracy – Look out for weather stations that give more accurate results. If you are collecting data for empirical reasons, accuracy should be a crucial factor. You can get ratings and reviews online and the comment sections as well as from our own reviews below. This is where you get to understand which brands are popular for accuracy work. Accuracy also will depend on the quality of sensors installed in the models.
  • Weather protection – Considering that on most occasions the weather stations are set up outside. It is crucial that they are able to withstand the different seasons of the year. The longevity of the parts that make up the station should be waterproofed and equipped with temperature regulators. For those placed inside with indoor conditions, they should be protected from dust that usually accumulates and causes heat stress on the machine.
  • Reputable brands – If you are a first-time shopper, you probably don’t know the intricate differences in brand products. You can rely on the reviews and expert advice you gather from manufacturers. Also when surfing the web, you can try digest through blog posts and reviews of the product you are looking to purchase. This way you can get some form of confidence during the selection process. We also only recommend weather stations from trusted brands.
  • Warranties  – Guarantees and warranties are a way for companies to assure you of the quality of their product. Check warranty timings. Some have shorter warranties and guarantee periods. To be safer you might want to prescribe to brands with longer warranty periods. If anything goes wrong within the warranty periods they can fix them for you for free or at a subsidised price.
  • Adaptability – With the way the world is set, sometimes change occurs without a moment’s notice. In case of any developments, you want to be kept in the loop. A weather station fitted with pc/mobile phone connection settings is a great tool. If you are handling sensitive data collection, you need to be able to get constantly updated despite your current location.

Final Conclusion

And here we are after a long and informative guide about weather stations. Just remember to look at the manufacturer of the model you are eyeing to purchase. Established brands can guarantee the quality and durability of the weather station. Still, there are newer companies that have created functional devices and that’s what you need to pay attention to. Youshiko, for instance, has got a variety of good weather stations and for different budgets, and so is ClimeMET.

If you are still not sure which one to buy, we highly recommend the Youshiko Weather Station, with the Bresser Weather Station 5-in-1 with Outdoor Sensor being a great and cheaper alternative.

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