7 Best Jobsite Radios – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Last updated on June 11th, 2021

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When working on a site you need a good robust radio, we look at 7 amazing radios and some even double as chargers

Whether you are working on the highest building in the world, at the workshop working on a small project or working as a plumber going from one job to the next, you need a little music to make things come to life. Gone are the days where people sang when working just to keep the momentum and the spirit going. Technology has evolved from those days and now you can listen to your favourite music, literally anywhere.


Makita DMR104 DAB Job Site Radio
Though a lot more expensive than other DAB models, the Makita DMR104 DAB Job Site Radio is still a favourite for many people. This model had just about 180 reviews the first time we wrote this post but it’s now past 230, and that shows how popular it is out there. The major highlights include a digital DAB/FM tuner with 10 pre-sets, AUX-IN jack, flexible FM antenna, LCD display, and a soft grip carry handle that swivels 90 degrees. This unit should be easy to operate and last for years as well. Certainly a great choice.

As a tradesman looking to hear their favourite songs, you probably witnessed the joys of having a jobsite radio. They make work a whole lot fun and you feel the exhaustion a lot less. Jobsite radios were developed to keep the working man company and still be able to survive the environment.

The jobsite radio has earned its place among the top power tools in your toolbox. Workmen from around the world can attest to the essential part of their work-life, these radios have become.

Maybe you are in the market looking for the best jobsite radio to suit your needs. The market is overrun with different brands and designs at different prices that confusion is understandable. With features such as DAB, Bluetooth connections, iPhone and smartphone docks, water resistance and not to mention, sound quality. Knowing which model is right for you can become difficult. A decent model will cost you around the £80-£100 mark, with the more advanced models costing anywhere around the £200 mark.


Makita DMR200 Jobsite Speaker
It’s only a speaker, but the Makita DMR200 Jobsite Speaker Cordless Bluetooth can mean the difference between struggling to hear your music and enjoying a clear, crisp and loud sound. Its Bluetooth range is decent and there’s an auxiliary play option for connecting your mobile device directly. Battery runtime has been reported to be very good so you can enjoy a whole day’s entertainment worry-free.

The top 7 best site radios to buy

  1. Makita DMR104W Jobsite Radio – OUR BEST PICK
  2. Makita DMR200 Jobsite Speaker with Bluetooth – RUNNER UP
  3. Milwaukee 4933451252 18V Jobsite DAB Radio
  4. Makita DMR106B Jobsite Radio with Bluetooth and USB Charger
  5. Bosch GML Soundboxx Professional Jobsite Radio
  6. DeWalt DCR020 Compact Jobsite Radio
  7. DeWalt DWST1-75663 Toughsystem Radio – BEST PREMIUM PICK

Our Top 7 Jobsite Radio Reviews

1. Makita DMR104W Job Site Radio


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Makita DMR104 DAB Job Site Radio, No Batteries Included

The Makita DMR104W is a high-performance DAB Site Radio that offers excellent value for money. It provides you with a rugged design that can withstand a few bumps and bruises. The handle and the chassis are fashioned from ‘tough moulded ABS’. This gives it the extra robustness it needs to survive long periods of use.

  • DAB/FM enabled with up to 5 preset channels with your favourite stations.
  • Robust and reliable structure (metal/plastic).
  • Rich sound and variety in stations including magic, heart London, kiss, gold and capital.
  • Water-resistant – can withstand up to 5 minutes of exposure to rain giving you plenty of time to get it undercover should the heavens open.
  • Loudspeakers with anti-shock features.
  • Includes AC adapter so you can power your radio by mains.
  • Powdered by Li-Ion batteries (7.2V-18V) – not included but you can use the compatible batteries from your other Makita tools.
  • AUX-IN option so you can connect your smartphone, iPod, MP3 Player and listen to music from your device (lead not included).
  • Weight:4kg.

Whilst you tune into your favourite FM or digital stations, you can be sure that the sound emanating from the stereo will be strong enough to be heard from afar. The stereo system is armoured with anti-shock features that ensure the sound quality remains constant despite the heavy impact. If you get bored listening to radio stations, you can hook up your phone/mp3/iPod and play something different. This is enabled by the AUX-In function but the cable is not included but can be picked up for a couple of pounds from Amazon or eBay.

Another attractive feature of the Makita DMR104W is that it is water-resistant. This is especially compelling to those who are usually working outdoors. This feature however is not to be misconstrued, the Makita can take five minutes of rain without damage and no longer. It is good however that this site radio can take up either power options.

You can plug in directly to an available socket or depend on the battery life. The recommended batteries are Li-Ion based batteries. Unfortunately for those who are fond of switching batteries from other power tools, the Makita radio is not compatible with some other Makita produced batteries, you need 7.2V to 18V cluster type/ 9.6V to 18V slide-on type. Be careful.

The power options provide you with flexibility when deciding to work indoors or outdoors when mains power may not be accessible.

Our recommendation

This radio is more expensive than some other models on the market, but it has proven to be a very popular model is not the most popular. In fact, at the time of our review, it is the best selling Jobsite radio on

However, this does not mean it’s the best job site radio, when compared to the Bosch Professional GLM they are both similar in price but the Bosch model does offer slightly more in terms of saved channels and in my option is a better design overall. But if having DAB is important to you then this Makita radio is the one to go for but it does lack AM channels which may be a deal-breaker for some.

Both are fantastic radios with excellent sound quality and battery life so we would highly recommend them both.

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2. Milwaukee 4933451252 18v Jobsite DAB Radio

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Milwaukee 4933451252 M18JSRDAB 18v JOBSITE DAB RADIO-M18JSRDAB+-0, 18 V, Red, One size

The Milwaukee 4933451252 18V Jobsite DAB Radio is one of the best radios currently on the market. It’s easy to use, handle, and store. Since it’s a DAB radio, you can expect top-notch sound quality and extra song information such as title, artist and accurate time. This is especially a good feature for the current generation of listeners who are normally interested in finer details. Additionally, this device produces extraordinary volume and clear reception as well as signal clarity.

  • DAB+/FM tuner with digital processor delivers incredible reception, signal clarity and sound quality.
  • DAB+ shows music information such as artist name and accurate time.
  • Dual speaker system delivers loud and clear sound.
  • 10-station preset which allows you to save your favourite stations.
  • Metal speaker grills prevent dirt and flying debris from reaching the speakers.
  • Comes with carry handles for easy transport and storage.
  • Versatile operation since it runs on Milwaukee M18 batteries or AC outlet.
  • Includes a weatherproof device compartment for storing mobile devices.
  • Supplied with auxiliary cord and batteries.

The unit also has the ability to play music from an AUX cord, allowing you to connect a Smartphone, iPod, and any other portable music device. With a 10 station pre-set function, you can search and keep your favourite channels and quickly switch between them with the simple touch of a button. The unit comes with two speakers that produce loud, clear sound with deep, precise bass. Its customisable equalizer will also take sound quality to the next level.

When it comes to construction, this unit is well-designed for the job. A storage compartment atop the radio allows you to keep your mobile device away from the elements whilst producing high-quality music. Metal speaker grills protect the unit against being dropped, water and flying debris that may find its way into the speakers. Another important design feature is the integrated handle that makes it easy to carry the radio to and from the job site.

Although the obvious method of playing this radio is through Milwaukee M18 batteries, it can actually charge those batteries when plugged into an AC outlet. Runtime is up to 12 hours and the radio has the ability to charge your mobile devices when plugged into the wall. 

  • A bit more expensive than many other job site radios.

Our recommendation

The Milwaukee 4933451252 18v Jobsite DAB Radio is the product of choice for those seeking a high-performance audio system with a DAB+/FM tuner. Its integrated digital processor delivers exceptional reception accuracy plus signal clarity. Let’s not forget the obvious benefit of DAB, which is the fact that it displays song information. The sound quality coming from its two speakers is also of the highest standard.

We like the durable construction of this unit with features like metal speaker grills and shock absorbing end caps. This unit also deserves a big plus for coming with 2 x AAA batteries as there are many other models that will require you to purchase them separately. We are convinced it’s worth every penny. 

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3. Makita DMR200 Jobsite Speaker


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Makita DMR200 Cordless Bluetooth Jobsite Speaker - Blue/Black

This is just a speaker, designed to play music from a mobile device via Bluetooth. The Makita DMR200 Jobsite Speaker with Bluetooth has a range of up to 10 metres. Alternatively, the speaker can be connected directly to an audio source through its 3.5mm AUX-IN socket. There are 3 LED colour indications that show the state of the speaker in terms of Bluetooth connection and whether or not it’s on play mode. There are control buttons on top of the speaker for different functions including next or previous track selection, play, volume increase or decrease, Bluetooth on/off, and power button; selecting your favourite jams can’t get easier than this. Whilst some speakers have shared buttons for volume control, for instance, this model has each control on a separate button and that is very convenient.

  • Exceptional sound quality for such a portable device.
  • Decent Bluetooth range – up to 10m.
  • Powered by CXT or LXT batteries – compatible with 10.0 – 18V.
  • Long runtime when using Makita’s BL1850 battery: AUX-IN – 65 hours, Bluetooth + USB charging – 11 hours.
  • 3 LED colours indicate the state of the speaker and Bluetooth connection.
  • Intuitive control buttons allow for easy playback and music selection.
  • IP64 rated for protection against dust and rain showers.

A crucial feature of this speaker is the integrated USB port that allows you to charge your phone whilst working and enjoying good music. There’s actually a storage compartment where your phone should charge from. The speaker has a two-way system with an impressive output of 10.0W. It runs on 10.8V to 18V CXT or LXT batteries only. The runtime with Makita’s BL1850 batteries is a cool 65 hours on AUX-IN function, whilst Bluetooth plus USB charging simultaneously will go for 11 continuous hours.

The device is IP64 rated for dust and shower protection so you can be confident of it lasting for a long time even in relatively bad conditions. A foldable handle makes it easy to carry the speaker every time you need to shift locations and in fact, it weighs a mere 2.8kg with the battery included. Makita has also included elastomer bumpers to protect the device against any rough handling.

  • The obvious issue is that batteries must be bought separately and Makita’s BL1850 battery, for instance, costs nearly the price of the speaker. The Bluetooth range could also be a little more as some find the stated 10m abysmal.

Our recommendation

If you are looking for a speaker to couple it up with your smartphone, consider this Makita DMR200 Jobsite Speaker Cordless. It has an awesome sound quality that’s very clear and with a balanced base. The Bluetooth range is on the shorter side but using the speaker with an AUX cable is a game-changer. The speaker is compact and its handle comes in handy during transportation. Straightforward button controls make it very easy to operate. The speaker is well-built and should last a long time even outside in the dust and rain.

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4. Makita DMR106B Jobsite Radio with Bluetooth and USB Charger

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Site Radio (All 7.2v - 18v, Li-ion Except CXT) Black with Bluetooth & Mobile USB Charging Sock

Makita has been making job site radios for years and the Makita DMR106B Jobsite Radio with Bluetooth and USB Charger is their latest offering. Featuring Bluetooth class 2, it allows you to wirelessly connect your mobile phone for playing music up to a range of 10m. The radio plays both FM and AM stations with a range of 87.5 – 108 MHz and 522 – 1710 kHz, respectively. Two large 89mm speakers offer a rich and crisp sound that is audible even in a noisy environment. These are also durable in that they’ll never distort even when played at full blast.

  • Digital FM/AM tuner with LCD backlit display and 10 pre-set stations (5 FM and 5 AM).
  • Features time and two alarm timers.
  • Has Bluetooth class 2 that connects to your mobile phone or portable music player.
  • Includes a USB port for mobile charging.
  • Dual power options including AC power adapter and battery compartment.
  • Designed for rough handling, with impact resistance and waterproof case.
  • Frequency range FM 87.5 – 108, AM 522 – 1710KHz
  • Has an ergonomic handle for ease of transport.

An AUX-IN jack is available for connecting to an external audio source such as an mp3 player or an old-school iPod. The connecting cable is not included, though it shouldn’t be hard to find. There’s a USB port for charging your smartphone on the jobsite and that means your entertainment will never be cut short by low battery issues.

The radio benefits from a dual power source in that it can run on AC power or Makita Li-Ion batteries, including cluster battery 7.2 to 18V and slide battery 14.4 to 18V. Note that the package does not include batteries. If you work in an area that has electrical power, then you may not even find the need for a battery.

It does display time and has 2 alarm timers with a snooze function. If you need to work for a given number of hours, just set an alarm to alert you when time’s up. Thanks to the robust construction, this radio can withstand impact from a height of up to 1m. It can also withstand about 5 minutes of exposure to rain as well as be used in relatively dusty surroundings since it is IP64 rated. This Makita jobsite radio weighs 4kg but it’s still portable, especially because it has an ergonomic handle.

Our recommendation

The Makita DMR106B Jobsite Radio with Bluetooth and USB Charger is perfect to use on the job site owing to its durability. This isn’t something you need to babysit, but rather a device you can toss into a large toolbox at the end of the day.

It has some pretty good convenient features such as a large LCD display, simple rotary tuning and volume control, time and alarm timers, USB port, and AUX-IN jack. The IP64 rated body plus a double moulded abs casing and the anti-shock loudspeaker system should see this radio last for years. Makita batteries seem to last ages as well and that’s what you want to keep your day more interesting. We believe it’s a decent buy.

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5. Bosch Professional GML SoundBoxx Jobsite Radio

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Bosch Professional GML 12V-10 Cordless Jobsite Site Radio (Without Battery and Charger) - Carton

Among the reasons, we love the Bosch professional jobsite radio lies in its sound quality and power. This site radio is equipped with 5Amp speakers that produce high-quality sound with minimum distortion. You get to enjoy tuning your song to soothe your ears through the equaliser feature built-in.

  • Powerful sound no matter what method of music you use  (FM/AM and MP3).
  • Fits in the Bosch L-boxx for easy portability.
  • Uses 14.4 V or 18 V lithium-ion batteries or power adapters plugged into the mains.
  • Use external music players such as an mp3 player, iPod or smartphones via the aux-in socket.
  • 20 volume levels and an equaliser function to adjust the bass and treble for amazing-sounding music.
  • 10 amazing preset set stations, 5 AM/5FM means that changing and finding stations is super easy.
  • Very lightweight at only 2kg, this means it’s very easy to transport and carry from job to job.
  • Measures 30.7 cm long and 14.8 cm high which means it’s small enough to pack away with ease but large enough to house many features and fanatic speakers.
  • Radio frequency range AM531-1.602 kHz
  • Radio frequency range FM87.5-108 MHz
  • Input voltage(s), mains 100-240 V

Depending on the power source that you decide to use, you can enjoy the jobsite radio for extended periods of time without disruptions. This product is preferably powered by 14.4V or 18V lithium-ion batteries sometimes sold separately. These Bosch professional batteries capacity limits are within 1.3Ah-4.0Ah (the higher the Ah, the longer the battery will last) so you can be sure that this radio will produce powerful sound as it has all the power it needs. Alternatively, you can decide to plug in your adapter to a power socket and keep enjoying what you were listening to without wasting battery power.

The Bosch professional radio has another plus in its corner; it can easily be transported in the L-boxx. It only takes up half of the box and the other half of the box can be used in storing another power tool of equal size. So whenever you need to be on the move, you just shove it in your toolbox and go.

To add to its portability, the radio utilises batteries so you can carry it to any remote location and have no problems. Remember however to carry extra battery packs if you will be running longer shifts.

We also love how durable and versatile this product is. Designed with robust housing the radio is well protected when tossed around, bumped with other objects or accidentally knocked off from a height. The extra protection and handles prevent the dials/display from getting damaged. Using the handles or other apertures, you can just hang it on a wall and continue working.

This jobsite radio also allows the use of auxiliary inputs. You can play music from your mp3 or choose to listen to your saved stations. The jobsite radio allows 5AM and 5PM stations to be saved at a time.

  • This device may give you a bit of trouble when it comes to mp3 formats and speeds. Recommendations suggest that the mp3 should be around 128kbps. Anything above may read as an error. Also if you are using a USB function, the SD card in use needs to take the FAT32 format.

Our recommendation

The Bosch professional jobsite radio is the kind of product you acquire if you need consistent quality sound and excellent performance, great features while still getting excellent value for money.

At the time of review, it doesn’t seem too expensive when it is compared to similar models.

One other thing we do really like about the Bosch Professional is its size. It’s not to big so that is hard to transport and carry but it is still large enough to produce enough power to be used in noisy situations where small radios just don’t make the cut.

Overall an excellent choice for all tradesman and workshops. A brilliant choice you simply struggle to find a reason not to invest in this model.

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6. DeWalt DCR020-GB Compact Jobsite DAB Radio

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DEWALT DCR020-GB XR Compact FM/DAB and Site Radio - 24 x 24.5 cm, 2.8 kg

The overall robustness of the DeWalt DCR020 Compact Jobsite Radio is superb. The device is designed to survive the accident-prone environment that construction sites can be. Its design also supports easy portability. The cage includes a centralised carriage system that offers enough support when in transit. It is very uncomfortable carrying weighty equipment, with wrongly positioned handles. The cage also provides a raised platform to protect the device from unnecessary dust and moisture.

  • Compact and robust structure with a robust roll cage for extra protection from falls and bangs.
  • Utilises 10.8V, 18V XR and 14.4V Li-Ion batteries which enables you to use your current DeWalt batteries for other tools. (not included).
  • Supports USB charging through AC only.
  • DAB/FM support for crystal clear reception and sound.
  • 3.5mm Auxiliary port for plugging in MP3 Player, iPod and your smartphone for playing your own music.
  • Tech Box for keeping your MP3, Phone, iPod safe while plugged in.
  • Splashproof.
  • Weight:3.2kg.
  • 12 Month Warranty for extra peace of mind.

Considering that it utilises DAB technology and also offers FM stations, you can be sure that you will never lack something to entertain you. To add, the jobsite radio also enables you to connect music from other sources through the auxiliary input. This site radio includes a USB function that you can use to play music or charge your phone as you work.

The charging station/auxiliary input has a compartment where your devices can be protected and kept away from reach while charging or playing music In addition to its durable structure and portable size this jobsite radio can produce very loud and high-quality noise.

The powerful speakers can be battery powered (these need to be purchased separately) or you can use compatible DeWalt batteries you already have from compatible tools or alternatively you can plug into the mains socket using the included power cord.

These multiple power options will allow the radio to be usable in different occasional settings. The interface is also easy to control and work around without difficulty with or without wearing work gloves.

  • There are a few downsides to this product such as the inability to save pre-searched stations. This can be aggravating since you never get to save any favourite channels. If you want a specific channel you start tuning from the beginning until you find it. It does not support Bluetooth connectivity.

Our recommendation

The DeWalt DCR020 Compact Jobsite Radio has more advantages for you if you are looking for powerful sound and longevity in service.

If you are looking for extra features like Bluetooth connectivity, you might want to find another model. Otherwise, this can be a valuable addition to your working life and overall is a brilliant affordable radio, we really like the added compartment which you can place your phone or mp3 player in and the USB port is handy for charging your mobile phone.

Overall a great radio with lots of features and great sound quality. Would recommend it to anyone looking for those extra features. This model is also a popular choice for many people on who have left many interesting reviews.

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7. DeWalt DWST1-75663-GB Toughsystem Radio


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DEWALT DWST1-75663 Tough System DAB/Bluetooth Jobsite Radio XR Battery Charger, 18 V, Yellow/Black

The DeWalt DWST1-75663 is a very impressive jobsite radio. It is endowed with two 40 watt RMS sub-woofers and 6 high-quality speakers. With these features, including a level D amplifier and proficient digital processor, you experience unbelievable sound optimisation. It produces powerful and highly tuned sounds that will make your ears tingle. All this awesomeness is powered by alternating current.

  • Listen to DAB for crystal clear sound as well as AM and FM.
  • 6 loudspeakers and 2 sub-woofers for optimum sound performance.
  • Compatible with Toughsystem setup which means you can stack on top of other Toughstem boxes and cases from the Dewalt Toughsystem range.
  • Bluetooth technology so you can play music from your devices by wireless.
  • IP54 protection against dust and water jets.
  • Can be powered by AC using a standard 3 pin plug, please note a battery still needs to be in the radio when powered by mains.
  • Weight:8kg
  • Utilises/charges DeWalt XR 10.8, 18V, 14.4V Li-ion batteries (not included)
  • Can be used to charge batteries.
  • USB connection for charging mobile phones and Auxiliary connections so you can play your favourite music from MP3, iPhones and smartphones.

Another notable feature is its versatility when it comes to listening options. In conjunction with the FM/DAB/AM features, you can change up your music using the Bluetooth/USB/Auxiliary functions. This feature makes this product especially attractive. If working in shifts, it allows each member to play some of their music without feeling left out. Even when working in locations with inferior radio signals you will be able to provide some musical company.

This DeWalt jobsite radio is compatible with the already established Toughsystem. It can comfortably be stacked with other Toughsystem boxes. It can also load and lock on an L-T carrier, that is Toughsystem compatible. They have made sure to comply with the 1P54 regulations. This means that it is generally protected from dust particles and even jets of water although we would not recommend cleaning it off with a pressure washer.

The other great thing is that it can run and charge other batteries that are compatible with it. This is great news when some of your power tools juices are down. With a centralised carriage system and rubber protected corners, the DeWalt DWST1-75663 is a tough cookie. It can last years.

Possible concerns to take into consideration!

  • Its weight greatly inhibits easy mobility. It is not a product you can easily toss around. The other thing is that the storage area lid tags easily break rendering them useless when trying to lock the compartment so a little care should be taken with these. When the radio is placed upright, the battery tends to fall out, making the consumers assume that the site radio was designed to lie flat.

Our recommendation

The DEWALT DWST1-75663-GB will cost you a bit more than the other job site radios, however, we feel it is worth every penny if it’s within your budget.

We originally looked at a few models around the same price range from various manufacturers but this model really did stand out from the rest.

DeWalt really has thought of everything with this radio, from the DAB stations as well as FM stations and AM stations which some other models lack. We also like the Bluetooth connectivity for playing your music straight from your phone and MP3 players without the need for extra wires.

The small flaws can be overlooked for such a wonderful product. If you need variety, robust service and performance, this is the one for you.

If it was not for the expensive investment needed to purchase this model, this would have been our ‘Best Pick’. However, we do understand that its probably not within everybody’s price range which is why we named it our ‘Best Premium Pick’.

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Jobsite Radio Buyer’s Guide

When in search of a jobsite radio, there are a few things that you should look out for. These factors will be explored more below.

When looking to purchase the best site radio, you need to consider factors such as value for your money. Tool manufacturers these days are required to work within certain standards. So you can be sure that these standard products are of good quality. Below are some of the notable points to remember as you shop.

  • Power Source – Jobsite radios usually have two power sources. They can be battery-powered or mains powered. Depending on your work environment you can select a site radio that suits your needs. When working outdoors you can select a cordless radio as it’s easy to manoeuvre around. Using battery-powered site radios require recharge to last entire shifts. When indoors, however, you can take advantage of sockets to provide you with music as you are working and save battery power until it’s really essential. If you are looking to buy a radio site that only uses battery packs, remember that most manufacturers sell them separately from the radio itself. Some manufactures also sell the adapters or battery packs with their chargers. The idea is that you can use the same batteries from your power tools to save money. For example, most DeWalt radios use the same batteries as most of the other power tools such as drills.
  • Robustness – Considering that a construction or workshop environment is not the gentlest of places, worksite radios are built to adapt. Depending on the design and the protection mechanisms, jobsite radios can survive falls and rough handling. Some manufacturers include a rubber protected exoskeleton that enables portability and protection. The material used is usually durable and can absorb shock from falls without breaking or chipping away. These extra protection features will help you maintain the radios ability to serve you through the years. Cheaper radios are usually not as well protected and are more likely to get damaged.
  • Sound Quality – The ability of a jobsite radio to be loud and still produce quality sound will be beneficial to your work life. Worksites can get noisier as expected and the radio you choose to buy must be able to reach across a wide area without distortion. Distortion occurs when the speakers/amplifiers exceed their set capabilities. When this happens the sound quality becomes poor and unbearable to listen to for long periods of time.
  • Weather protection – If your intention is to work outdoors, you need to look for a radio that can be able to withstand the weather conditions. Most manufacturers provide information on the level of weather resistance. Waterproofing is especially important as moisture tends to ruin electrical equipment if exposed for long periods.
  • Ease of use – When operating a jobsite radio, you want features that make your work easier. The buttons and dials should be easy to use, with or without gloves. Some manufacturers make wider dials to enable easy access when pressing. Most workers prefer dials more than buttons when it comes to controlling the volume function. Having too many dials and buttons may confuse you. Use models with simple operating systems. The LCD display should give you all the information you require, like date and time, battery charge level, sound source, station frequency, alarm clock and volume, among other things. The display should not be too small. Small displays may frustrate those with poor eyesight or dirty eye-wear. Choose a sizable display that displays information even when the screen light is dimmed.
  • Station reception and tuneability – You want to work with a jobsite radio that has excellent reception. Sometimes work takes us to remote areas. Jobsite radios have the ability to work in remote areas as long as it still within radio range. It is easier to work with radios that automatically scan for stations within the area. You should be able to tune your channels without unwanted distortion. This way you can enjoy your music despite your current location. Some site radios include the feature to switch from stereo to mono. This means that stations with weak signals can be heard better by reducing intermittent static.
  • Versatility – At times radio content can get boring and you want to switch it up you need a radio that has the ability to include auxiliary inputs. These days jobsite radios permit you to play music from your phone, Bluetooth, CD or mp3 player. You can work from locations that are far from radio signals and still manage to have a jingle keep you company. You can also access radios with equalisers to tune your music just right as you work.
  • Extra compartments – In the market there are jobsite radios that allow you to store your auxiliary devices while in use. These compartments ensure that your gadgets are out of harm’s way. These sealable compartments include rubber gaskets that help in keeping dust and moisture out. Some of these devices contain USB ports that can be used for charging or perform auxiliary functions. These features are an added bonus.

Final Conclusion

Whether your demands or needs require a small or large jobsite radio, there are many options to choose from so your sure to find a model that is right for you.

The top seven models we have reviewed here are made up of the best that we narrowed down from the twenty models we originally looked into. 

We have summed up the top three models below which we think would be the best choice for most people depending on their requirements.




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