8 best waterproof jackets for hiking

Last updated on October 21st, 2021

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Whether you are an outdoor junkie or simply want to go out hiking one of these days, a waterproof jacket is a must-have. The UK weather needs no introduction and because you can never safely predict a torrential downpour, you are better off staying protected rather than getting caught out. A waterproof jacket will go a long way to ensure you can face the elements with confidence and even complete your trip.

Now that is well understood, the issue becomes choosing the best waterproof jacket for hiking. They come in different fabrics and features, some are cheap, others expensive, but they all claim to be 100% waterproof. If you narrow down further and look at features such as adjustable hem drawcords, the number of pockets, adjustable hoods and fleece liners, you will realise that waterproof jackets vary in terms of quality.

As such, we have lined up eight top-quality waterproof jackets (four men’s and four women’s jackets) to give you an idea of what you can take out in the harsh weather.

The North Face Men’s Sangro Jacket is the standout in the men’s category. This jacket’s fabrics feature the proprietary DryVent technology that makes it highly waterproof, windproof and breathable. For extra reliability, the surface boasts a durable water repellent, also known as DWR finish. The hooded jacket is impressively priced in the mid-range price bracket, making it a great value buy.

For the ladies, our top recommendation is the Berghaus Women’s Fellmaster Gore-Tex Waterproof Jacket. These jackets have handwarmer pockets with zippers and an inner storage pocket, and their hood is fully adjustable. Made from GORE-TEX 2l fabric, this one is waterproof guaranteed whilst still being breathable, lightweight and movement-aiding. An excellent pick if you’re looking for the best waterproof jacket for general walking or hiking.

But that’s not all, we have prepared a buyer’s guide that has all the information you need to buy a waterproof jacket that suits your needs. You will find this further down after the reviews.


North Face Men's Sangro Jacket
This men's best pick has plenty of positive reviews with over 500 on Amazon alone and it makes a great hiking jacket. It is designed to be waterproof, windproof and breathable thanks to the DryVent technology. The adjustable velcro straps on the cuffs allow for a tighter fit in extreme conditions. Added weather protection provided from the storm flaps along the central zipper. A great purchase for its price.


Berghaus Women's Fellmaster Gore-Tex Waterproof Shell Jacket
This jacket is true to size and has all the features you want for comfort, including handwarmer pockets, adjustable hood and great articulation in the arms. Its Gore-Tex construction will ensure you stay warm and dry and the jacket comes in an array of colour options. In terms of waterproofness, it is guaranteed to be waterproof. At 522g for a size 12, it is not the lightest jacket but the outstanding qualities mean it is well worth the extra weight and is one of only a few which use gore-tex and feature a handy inside pocket.


R Runvel Men's Waterproof Mountain Jacket
Probably the most affordable hiking jacket for men, this boasts a two-layer performance shell for waterproof, breathable protection and tear-resistance. For those who like their hoods to be removable, these jackets offer exactly that. Two side zipper pockets and two internal pockets offer extra comfort and storage, respectively, while its bottom hench cinch-cord allows one to adjust the fit. A nice one for walking, hiking, camping and more. Something worth noting that isn't apparent straight away is that the chest pocket is actually fake, other than that, this is an excellent coat and offers excellent value for money for a more budget-friendly jacket.

Top 8 Waterpoof Jackets for Hiking Reviews

Waterproof Hiking Jackets for Men

1. North Face Men’s Sangro Outdoor Hooded Jacket


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THE NORTH FACE Men Men's Sangro Jacket - TNF Black, XS

North Face takes pride in their proprietary DryVent fabric technology that is integral in all their outdoor clothing and accessories. Our best pick ‘The North Face Men’s Sangro Hooded Jacket’ is no exception. DryVent fabrics are engineered to be fully waterproof, windproof and highly breathable which means that this coat is also extremely comfortable to wear. These three elements combined make for a very comfortable hiking jacket that can be worn in both rainy and warm weather.

Another thing with DryVent outfits is that they are fully seamed and fully taped which is super important, and they can be easily identified by the branding on the sleeve. The exterior layer is treated with a long-lasting water repellent finish that helps form droplets and repel water from the surface. This characteristic ensures maximum protection and comfort in wet weather.

The inner layer is designed to channel body moisture out to the surface, where it is then whisked away to help you stay comfortable during hot conditions. North Face has also made the fibres tightly woven together so as to prevent the wind from penetrating through the jacket. The DryVent technology is really a magical thing that combines different aspects to make a hiking jacket that can withstand all sorts of elements.

This jacket also includes an adjustable hood that is handy when the rain begins to fall and it can be packed away in the collar when the sun comes out. There are two hand pockets that offer protection for cold hands and essentials, while an adjustable hem and cuffs ensure a proper fit throughout. The jacket is long-sleeved and is made from 100% polyester, which allows it to be washed inside a machine as long as the temperature is below 30 degrees Celsius. This basically means it is easy to clean by simply throwing it in the washing machine.

What’s more? This one is reasonably priced for a premium jacket, and we believe it offers excellent value for money. There are also many positive reviews about it on Amazon.co.uk which are well worth reading, especially to get a better idea of sizing, which proves is a jacket well worth considering even if you have to invest a little more.


  • A premium waterproof jacket designed for exploring the outdoors in comfort.
  • Made using DryVent technology that makes it waterproof, windproof and breathable.
  • Offers maximum protection in almost any condition.
  • Includes a hood to use when it starts to rain.
  • Can be machine washed for easy cleaning.
  • Available in a range of colours to suit all tastes.
  • Comes at a decent price when compared to similar jackets that cost 2 to 3 times as much.

Our recommendation

It would be a great buy for anyone who wants nothing but absolute protection against the weather. Overall for men, it’s got to be one of the best jackets currently available and well worth considering.

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2. R Runvel Men’s Waterproof Mountain Jacket


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R RUNVEL Mens Waterproof Coats Winter Jacket Fleece Hiking Ski Rain Warm Outdoor Walking Mountain Thermal Jackets with Hood Black UK M

This R Runvel Men’s Waterproof Mountain Jacket is perfect for taking trails up on the hills and exposed areas such as moors where cold and rain are the norm. It is typically a winter jacket that is made with thick layers that have been carefully designed to keep you warm and remain lightweight for hiking.

The interior features a thick fleece lining that is responsible for trapping the warmth whilst the outer layer is waterproof and windproof. The outer fabric is structured in such a way that it prevents water droplets from passing through the surface of the garment, making sure you stay dry during rainy weather. Constructed from a dual-layer performance shell, this men’s jacket is also breathable to let the sweat escape, though is not the kind you will want to wear during the summer. That being said they do offer an option without the fleece so this could be a good alternative if you are looking for just a summer hiking jacket.

The design includes an adjustable and detachable hood for added protection. It will help keep the cold out and keep you warm because it also benefits from a fleece lining. When not using it, simply detach it and store it away, leaving you with a casual jacket that can be worn on family days out.

Then there is the adjustable bottom hem cinch cord plus adjustable sleeve cuffs, which together ensure a perfect fit that lets the jacket trap in the heat on cold days and guarantees you stay dry all day long. In addition, you can rely on its robust tear-resistant outer because the rip-stop face material provides durability and top-notch performance on the cold hills. You also get two outer pockets for cold hands and two inner pockets for essential items such as cards and IDs.


  • Specifically made for winter and autumn seasons.
  • More than a hiking jacket – ideal for various outdoor activities.
  • Fully waterproof, windproof and breathable.
  • Toughly built to resist wear and tear.
  • Comes with two hand pockets and inner pockets for storage.
  • Has adjustable hook and loop cuffs to keep wind out.
  • Fleece lining interior for maximum comfort during cold days with also the option to purchase without a fleece.
  • A lot more affordable than many other hiking jackets.

Our recommendation

Overall, the R Runvel Men’s Waterproof Mountain Jacket is really functional for frosty treks in the winter or autumn. Moreover, it makes a good choice for other outdoor activities such as climbing, backpacking, skiing, walking and outdoor working. For the price, we think we would struggle to find a better alternative. One thing worth noting is that the chest pocket you can see in the pictures is actually fake, not sure why as this would be handy for storing maps etc, still it has plenty of alternative pockets to use. It really is an amazing coat well worth considering.

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3. Helly Hansen Men’s Crew Hooded Midlayer Waterproof Jacket

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Helly Hansen Mens Crew Jacket, 2XS, Black

Helly Hansen clothing and outdoor gear are trusted by professionals from boating to hiking and everything in between. It has an excellent reputation, and in this Helly Hansen Men’s Crew Hooded Midlayer Waterproof Jacket, they have one that’s particularly good for hiking.

Featuring what’s known as Helly Tech Protection, this jacket is waterproof and breathable to provide maximum user comfort. The exterior is finished with Durable Water Repellency treatment, something that keeps water out to ensure dryness even in the harshest conditions. For maximum waterproofness, the seams of this jacket are fully sealed, preventing any water from penetrating the tiny gaps between the stitches.

On the inside, a unique fabric lets moisture out away from your body so as to stay dry and comfortable, especially when it gets warm under all that clothing, this is usually the case when hiking on cold days. Insulation is provided by its inner Polartec fleece lining that traps warmth in cold conditions, making it not only a great garment for hiking but also for fishing, cycling, sailing and snow sports.

A nice feature of this jacket is the warming collar that extends up to the chin area. The fleece-lined collar combined with a roomy detachable hood and long sleeves leaves little room for the cold to find its way in. The fit is adjustable through the bottom hem too. There are a host of pockets on the outside and inside; two hand pockets, a chest pocket, this time not fake unlike our previous budget pick and two more on the inside for storage.

Worth noting is that this trendy design is available in sizes S to 3XL, as well as in an array of colours. Some favourites for us are the navy, graphite blue and black options, though there are many bright colours too. This jacket is also machine washable and quick-drying that’s another thing to appreciate in terms of maintenance.


  • Excellent outdoor jacket designed with marine sailing in mind making it a perfect choice for hiking too.
  • Comfy on the inside and the outside thanks to two ply construction.
  • Machine washable and quick drying, thus easy to clean and maintain.
  • Lightweight and highly breathable for increased performance.
  • Designed with a long collar and hood for extra protection against cold rainy weather.
  • Available in a range of sizes and colours.
  • Premium jacket that offers excellent value for money.

Our recommendation

All things considered, this jacket from a leading Scandinavian brand is perfect for all-weather outdoor activities and a great upgrade if you have a cheap hiking jacket and looking for something a little more up to the job.

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4. Berghaus Men’s Ridgemaster Waterproof Jacket

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Berghaus Waterproof Ridgemaster Men's Outdoor Hooded Jacket available in Kale - Medium

The Berghaus Men’s Ridgemaster Waterproof Jacket is packed with everything a hiker needs to enjoy the outdoors to the maximum. First of all, this one is made from Gore-Tex 2l fabric that not only keeps you fresh on a simple hike but also provides storm level protection. This is designed for serious hiking in mind and has that extra level of protection.

If you are familiar with the Gore-Tex brand (which most hikers are), then you already know what to expect from this jacket. Most people think that Gore-Tex is the best in the class when speaking about waterproof protection and they aren’t wrong. The outer of this jacket is designed to repel water and you can rest assured that no drop will go through the unmatched 100% waterproof Gore-Tex fabric. At the same time, the product is designed to be lightweight, breathable and very comfortable to wear.

Its fully adjustable hood will come in useful if it starts to rain and it can be removed when the conditions get warm which is handy. The jacket’s sleeves feature adjustable velcro straps for tight or loose-fitting that area as needed. There are hand pockets for keeping your hands warm when it’s chilly, and they can be zipped up for better protection from the rain. There’s another roomy pocket on the inside that provides dry storage for your map and other small essentials.

The polyamide material used in its construction is incredibly hard-wearing and has a softer feel than polyester. Although it doesn’t have a fleece lining, it does leave plenty of room to wear multi-layers underneath when it is cold.


  • A premium jacket for the serious hiker who ventures out in the coldest and wettest of days.
  • 100% waterproof for keeping even the coldest rain out on the wettest days thanks to the Gore-Tex fabric.
  • Breathable so you don’t get damp with sweat and stay comfortable.
  • Includes a fully adjustable hood with hem string for extra protection and tight fit.
  • Fits perfectly and looks good.
  • Comes in different colours to suit all tastes.

Our recommendation

The jacket looks good and fits snugly, and it is suitable for hiking, camping or even going to work on rainy days. You can also choose from a range of sizes and colours, but the price is quite hiked up but we feel it’s still worth the extra investment.

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Waterproof Hiking Jackets for Women

5. Berghaus Women’s Fellmaster Gore Tex Waterproof Shell Jacket


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Berghaus Women's Fellmaster Gore, Bottle Posy Green, Size 14

Our number one pick for women is this Berghaus Women’s Fellmaster Gore-Tex Waterproof Shell Jacket. This is made to keep you dry and comfy in all weathers, whether you’re walking across the tallest hilltops or briskly taking a coastal stride and is a great choice for the ladies.

Featuring the industry-leading, lightweight GORE-TEX material that we have previously seen in the men’s jackets, you can rest assured that rain or wind won’t find a way in. While protection from the outside is guaranteed, the inner is designed to be breathable so you can forget the uncomfortable sweat when powering through tough conditions. The fabric keeps you cool and fresh all the time.

Some rain or showers are almost inevitable out there and this is where you’ll appreciate the fully adjustable hood on this jacket. This hood also has a drawcord that can give a closer fit and stop draughts from ruining your hike. Another positive element in the design of this jacket is the effective articulation of the arms. This allows a good fit, better movement and improves overall comfort; all the things you want when trekking.

There are handwarmer pockets to help keep the freeze-out while a large inner pocket will ensure those all-important maps are kept safe and dry. You can also get one of Berghaus compatible mid-layers if you need extra warmth. Last but not least, this jacket comes in three colours including bottle green, galaxy blue and Tahitian tide.


  • A top choice for the serious hiker who hikes miles in wet and cold weather, waterproof guaranteed.
  • Available in lovely colours and in different sizes that tend to be true to size.
  • Made from Gore-Tex fabric that provides total protection come rain or shine.
  • Has a hood for extra protection in the rain.
  • Includes hand warmer pockets and inner storage pocket.
  • Good quality although is on the expensive side but well worth the extra investment.

Our recommendation

Now, some may consider this an expensive option but that’s actually because of the Gore-Tex fabric – it doesn’t come cheap, but quality and protection are unrivalled. For us, it’s an excellent value and well worth considering.

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6. Mountain Warehouse Storm 3 in 1 Womens Waterproof Jacket

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Mountain Warehouse Thunderstorm Womens 3 in 1 Jacket - Waterproof Outer Ladies Rain Coat, Adjustable Features, Detachable Fleece Inner Jacket - For Winter, Outdoors Green 6

Here we have an amazingly designed hiking jacket that we are big fans of. As the title suggests, the Mountain Warehouse Storm 3 in 1 Women’s Waterproof Jacket consists of two separate layers – an outer waterproof shell and an inner fleece jacket that is actually removable which is what we really like. These can be used in three different ways depending on the outdoor conditions. The outer layer, otherwise known as the raincoat, is perfect on wet days whereas the fleece jacket is great on dry days. On wet and cold days, just wear them together for maximum protection.

The outer shell is made from an innovative IsoDry fabric that makes it completely waterproof, while the inner layer features a mesh lining to help your body breathe. The jacket also boasts multiple features that prevent draught effectively, such as an adjustable hem, an adjustable hood and storm flap closure. These also help you make the item fit your body perfectly.

A great feature of the fleece liner is its antipill characteristic. This prevents the material from “bobbling” which usually appears after washing a garment or rubbing against other materials. The result is an abrasion-resistant jacket that will last a long time. Although that’s not a revolutionary aspect, it is well thought out and will save time when cleaning your jacket.

Both the outer and inner layers have zippered hand pockets, which makes them functional. However, you can’t access the pockets of the inner layer when you’re wearing both jackets. It’s not a big deal anyway as you also get an interior media pocket for your headphones, meaning you can psyche yourself up with your favourite songs on the go.

But the thing that makes this jacket stand out from the crowd is its waterproofness and affordability. The fabric has been laboratory tested as having a hydrostatic rating of 2000mm. By this standard, it means the Storm 3-in-1 jacket can withstand moderate rain. It also features taped seams, something that prevents water from leaking through stitching or joins in the material.


  • Features 3-in-1 functionality makes it perfect for all seasons with removable fleece.
  • IsoDry outer fabric and taped seams that keeps the rain out.
  • Antipill treatment prevents balls of fluff from forming after washing the garment.
  • Includes an inner pocket for headphones so you can listen to music while walking.
  • Inner fleece is highly breathable so you won’t sweat whilst hiking.
  • Multiple storage pockets on both the outer and inner layers.
  • Affordable and good value for money.

Our recommendation

So overall, this is the garment one should take if some rain is expected out there. Moreover, the price is a huge bargain for this high-quality jacket and Mountain Warehouse has an excellent reputation. If you’re looking for something we might describe as being more premium, then our next pick by North Face could be a good alternative but comes at an extra cost.

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7. North Face Women’s Evolve II Women’s Outdoor Jacket

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THE NORTH FACE Women Women's Evolve II Triclimate Jacket - TNF Blk/TNF Blk, XS

Another 3-in-1 hiking jacket, The North Face Women’s Evolve II Outdoor Jacket is designed to withstand rain, cold and wind, keeping you comfortable in the harshest conditions and is a great choice for the serious hiker or anyone looking for a long-lasting premium jacket to keep you warm and dry. The jacket has three layers, with the first two being in the outer jacket that is made out of a proprietary waterproof DryVent fabric we have seen previously on the men’s jackets. This membrane is also seam-sealed to increase protection against the elements.

The inner layer is exceptionally breathable and will keep you dry, even during an intense day of hiking. Then there is a removable fleece layer that helps keep the body temperature at its normal level whilst providing warmth. In fact, the fleece layer can be worn on its own and this ability to take the jacket apart into separate components comes in handy if you’re going somewhere with changeable weather. Furthermore, the fleece jacket is easy to remove as is just a matter of unzipping it all around, as well as on both sleeves.

There’s a hood plus a high, fleece-lined collar to protect your face from the rain and cold headwind. The central closing comprises zip and velcro to ensure that your clothes underneath the garment won’t get soaked. The jacket looks stylish and can even be worn out while sightseeing. A drawstring on the hem allows for better adjustment while pockets with zippers let you store your hands or other essential items on the go.


  • A premium waterproof jacket for hiking for those serious about investing in high-quality clothing.
  • Comes in two layers to wear together or individually depending on the weather.
  • An ultra-light jacket that can easily sneak into a backpack.
  • Has an internal mesh layer for breathability for added comfort.
  • Lots of sizes available; from XS to 2XL, as well as multiple colours to suit everyones tastes.
  • Adjustable cuffs and hems to help achieve a proper fit.

Our recommendation

Any woman would love this hiking jacket, whether for high-energy adventures or easy walks along the canal or through woodland. It’s packed full of technical features that offer advanced, versatile all-weather protection. If you don’t like the black colour, there are many other options including blue, red and dark purple. Quite pricier than the others though but well worth considering. It also has over 600 reviews on Amazon that are well worth reading through to get a better understanding of what to expect and for sizing options.

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8. Trespass Women’s Bela II Waterproof Softshell Jacket

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Trespass Womens Tp75 Bela Ii Softshell Jacket, Black, 6 EU

Winding up our list is the Trespass Women’s Bela II Waterproof Softshell Jacket with Removable Hood. This jacket has been engineered to offer an excellent level of protection while aiding movement so that you enjoy covering grounds. That’s because it is made from a stretchy softshell fabric that is both warm and waterproof.

The outer layer has a waterproof finish with an impressive 8000mm hydrostatic rating, making it capable of withstanding some rain. In addition, it comes with a detachable hood that will provide a reliable defence against rainfall with the option to remove it on those clear winter frosty days. The jacket is also windproof and will effectively shield you from the chilly blasts while remaining breathable at the same time to keep you feeling cool and fresh.

Thanks to its adjustable features at the hem and cuffs, you can always get a proper fit that stays in place and feels comfy on. The central zip closes all the way up to the chin but the addition of a chin guard ensures there’s no irritation or chafing. There are also three pockets (two lower and one chest pocket) that offer plenty of room for keeping your must-have items such as smartphones and maps, and they can all be securely closed using the zip fastenings.

You can’t miss a size for this one as they are available from 2XS to 2XL, as well as in a range of bright colours such as marine, raspberry and purple orchid. Some reviews we found online while doing our research said that sizes run small so you might want to buy a larger one.


  • Waterproof to 8000mm, making it great for slightly heavy downpours offering excellent protection against the rain.
  • Breathable to 3000 mpv so it will keep you cool during high-energy activities.
  • Has a chin guard that prevents irritation when the jacket is fully zipped up.
  • Drawcord at the hem and adjustable cuffs combine to create a perfect fit depending on your body size.
  • Includes three large pockets for storage.
  • One of the most affordable options on our list of recommendations.

Our recommendation

All in all, this jacket is a great companion on hikes and treks and well worth considering.

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Waterproof Hiker Jacket Buyer’s Guide

With so many hiking jackets available these days, selecting the right one in terms of construction and features has become a serious test. Just visit any outwear section of an outdoor retailer and you will feel overwhelmed by the myriad of clothing available. With this in mind, we have put together a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you choose the best waterproof jacket for hiking for your next adventure. 

Factors to consider when choosing a hiking jacket


Most jackets use different kinds of technologies and fabrics to make them unique. For instance, you’ll see something like 100% polyester, DryVent fabric for waterproof, windproof and breathability properties or Gore-Tex fabric for advanced protection against the elements.

Generally, the outer and inner layers are constructed differently. For the outer shell, you want to consider something that effectively repels water and protects against the cold wind. The inner layer should be breathable and most feature a mesh lining in this respect. And if you have to choose between polyester and nylon shell, pick the former because its fibres are much durable and highly resistant to wrinkles and shrinking.

Waterproof rating

Obviously, we are talking about waterproof jackets but the level of waterproofness varies between jackets. This is where ratings come in. Here in the UK, any fabric that can withstand a minimum of 1500mm of water is considered waterproof.

Now, there is a thin line between products that are water-resistant and ones that are waterproof, so be careful what you go for. Water-resistant jackets can withstand light rain for a short time and if precipitation persists, they won’t be up to the task. However, waterproof garments are designed to prevent the rain from getting through to your body. 

Back to the ratings, the higher the figure, the more waterproof the jacket is. In a hydrostatic test lab, the material is pulled tight underneath a 1-inch diameter-wide sealed tube of water. The fabric is observed for 24 hours to see how many millimetres of water it repels before the water soaks through. The result indicates the level of waterproofness of the jacket.

For instance, the Women’s Bela II Waterproof Softshell Jacket is rated to withstand up to 8000mm of water within 24 hours, while the Mountain Warehouse Storm 3 in 1 Women’s Waterproof Jacket withstands just 2000mm. The former can withstand moderate rain and the latter can survive in light rain. Anything above 10,000mm can effectively handle heavy rain. 

Some jackets feature DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating for enhanced protection against water. This coating makes raindrops bead up and roll off instead of wetting the surface. The feature is inherent in jackets from The North Face company as well as those made out of GORE-TEX materials. 

In addition, the best waterproof jacket must have taped seams to prevent water from penetrating through the stitching. Otherwise, it won’t be guaranteed 100% waterproof.


It’s really important that your garment allows sweat to escape to the outside world. If you like getting involved in activities that get your limbs and heart pumping or planning to go out during summer, breathable gear is a must-have. To get a mix of both waterproof and breathability, go for jackets that are made from Gore-Tex or DryVent fabric. You’ll actually notice that our select products are made from either of these two fabrics and there is a good reason for this.  

Size and fit

Most of us know what category we fall into as far as sizing is concerned, whether large, medium or small. Just take a look at any jacket you currently own and you’ll know the right size of hiking jacket to order. You may also want to check a few customer reviews to know whether the jacket you want to buy is true to size or runs large or small as this can often be the case and can be more of a problem when ordering online which is where a customer review comes in.

Keep in mind that some room underneath your jacket is needed for adding extra layers of clothing, as well as for air to move around. If you live near an outdoor store, check with them for fitting purposes if you are unsure.


One of the characteristics that define the best waterproof jacket for walking is versatility. Your jacket needs to be useful in almost all seasons, which is why it must be waterproof and breathable at the same time.

Some manufacturers have gone ahead to design 3-in-1 jackets; garments with three layers of protection. This design consists of two jackets that can be worn together on very cold days or separately. The inner jacket is usually light and fleece-lined and can be used on mild days. A good example is the Mountain Warehouse Storm 3 in 1 Women’s Waterproof Jacket.

Cleaning and maintenance

Sweat, abrasion and general scuffing will have an impact on your garments durability so you need to maintain it to get the most out of it and extend its life. Handwashing is recommended for most jackets but some can be washed inside a machine at certain temperatures.

Make sure to read the care and maintenance instructions. For instance, you must never put a jacket that’s treated with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) inside a machine as that could destroy the outer protective coating. If the treatment wears off, the jacket’s surface fabric can get wet.

Jacket features


We like to have as many pockets as possible available on our jackets. Hand pockets are usually standard but chest and inner pockets are handy for storing maps and compasses. The pockets should be easy to access when carrying a backpack. Some jackets such as the Mountain Warehouse Storm 3 in 1 Women’s Waterproof Jacket have a pocket with a cord port that lets you connect headphones to your stored music player and this way you can enjoy your favourite songs whilst walking. It’s worth noting that some of the cheaper jackets sometimes have a fake chest pocket for show that cannot be used.


Every waterproof jacket for hiking has a hood and it is a crucial part of the jacket. The hood protects your head and face from the elements. It should be adjustable so you can firmly fasten it around your head without it obstructing your vision.

Some hoods can be rolled up and stored into the collar of the garment while others can be removed entirely when they are not needed. Remember any special needs you may have during your hiking adventures. For instance, if you will ever need to wear a helmet underneath your hood, then you will want some more room in there.

Adjustable hem drawcord

This is a standard feature in all hiking jackets. This kind of cord helps you tighten the garment around your body thus preventing cold from sneaking in through the bottom, particularly the waist level of the jacket.

Adjustable cuffs

Just like the hems, adjustable tabs on the cuffs will help seal them completely around your wrists. A necessary feature when going out on the coldest of days. The adjusting mechanism can either be elasticated or made from velcro, which is common in many jackets.

Waterproof zippers/storm flaps 

The zip area should not let water in at all. Storm flaps make a nice addition as they are designed to seal over the zip, and they can be outside or inside of the jacket. A mix of these two features will ensure extra protection and they should preferably run all the way up to the chin area. A chin guard such as the one on the Ladies Bela II Waterproof Softshell Jacket would be good to prevent irritation when the zippers are fully closed.

Final Conclusion

That’s pretty much it about waterproof hiking jackets though we have only scratched the surface in the products area. As you have seen from our list, the best waterproof jacket for hiking doesn’t have to be the most expensive. As long as the standard features are on point, it all comes down to personal preference. 



Main image source – Shutterstock.com

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