The Top 7 Best Angle Grinders – Detailed Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Last updated on June 21st, 2021

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Do you want to remove rust from a corroding metal roof? Or want to cut through concrete? Whatever job you have in mind, an angle grinder is probably what you need. It is a versatile and very useful handheld tool for both home and professional use.

Knowing the ins and outs of angle grinders including matching the correct tool to a particular project will enable you to make informed purchasing decisions. The best angle grinder may sound like an advanced tool and seem very hard to find, but it can be extremely useful once you choose the right model for you. You only have to compare different angle grinders in terms of features and benefits for you to settle on one that is suitable for your project and more importantly budget.

Today we are going to give you some advice on how to use an angle grinder, what you should look out for when buying an angle grinder and point out some top picks in our angle grinder reviews.

Below is the winner of our ‘Best Pick’ the Wolf Industrial Angle Grinder. Which despite its name, is perfect for both home users and tradesmen with a price that is simply hard to beat and a performance that is even better.


Wolf 230mm 9 inch Angle Grinder
The Wolf 230mm 9 inch Industrial Angle Grinder features a powerful 2300 watt motor for heavy duty cutting and grinding. Comes with a rotating rear handle for comfortable horizontal cutting and grinding. The soft start button creates smooth acceleration and prevents accidental start up.

Angle Grinder Uses

The name ‘Angle Grinder’ suggests a single purpose, but angle grinders can be used for a wide range of tasks which include:

  • Grinding: this is the major task for this tool that involves grinding metal weld seams to smooth flawless finish. It can also grind down stone or concrete.
  • Polishing: angle grinders can be used to buff up metal with the correct disc fitted.
  • Sharpening: most people use angle grinders to sharpen home and garden tools such as lawnmower blades. However, sharpening gardening tools with angle grinders can be dangerous especially if the tool is not properly clamped.
  • Cutting: angle grinders can be used with many cutting discs making them useful for cutting through concrete, stone or metal.


Makita DGA452Z 18 V Li-ion Angle Grinder
The Makita DGA452Z Angle Grinder is a cordless model that is powered using the latest Lithium-ion batteries that have a long run time and an impressive 22 minutes charge time. A compact and lightweight design with an ergonomic shape to ensure and even pressure and easy control

Angle Grinder Buyer’s Guide

If you want to buy the best angle grinder, there are important features to consider before jumping in. You should also compare angle grinders in terms of abilities to find your most ideal tool.

Below and a few of the most important features to consider before investing in an angle grinder.

  • Motor Power: these tools have different wattage and amp ratings. You can select anything from 500 to 2,500 watts and from 4 – 15 amps. If you intend to use the tool for light household tasks, you don’t necessarily need a powerful motor whilst if you plan on cutting through concrete and stone then a bigger model with a more powerful motor is a must.
  • Disc Size and Type: generally, the bigger the disc in the angle grinder, the more powerful the motor is. In any case, these discs come in varying sizes with 115mm and 230mm being the most popular. There are also different discs for cutting or grinding different materials such as metal, concrete and even wood.
  • Comfort: this is usually affected by the size and weight of the tool. Compact angle grinders are easier to use even for extended durations than larger models. Anti-vibration handles are also useful if available. Big angle grinders are ideal for large and industrial jobs.
  • Dust Management: working dust-free is a top priority for most DIY and professional handymen. Make sure that the angle grinder features an effective dust management technology if possible.
  • Speed Ratings: the speed can rate anywhere from 5,000 – 10,000 rotations per minute often stated as rpm. Leave high-speed units to the pros as the risk of injury is high, especially if not handled correctly. For home DIY tasks you will be better off with a unit with moderate speeds which are much easier to handle for amateur users.
  • Soft Start: this feature is usually present in most large machines. It makes the angle grinder easy to start and also prevents the tool from jerking or twisting when powered on. Keep in mind that you must always wait for the motor to accelerate to full speed before applying the disc to work.
  • Adjustable Side Handle: it enables the tool to be used either right or left-handed. Generally, a tool with more positions is more versatile.

The Top 7 Angle Grinder Reviews

Comparison of Corded Angle Grinders

1. Wolf 9″ Industrial 230mm Angle Grinder


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Wolf 230mm 9' Angle Grinder 6500rpm Corded Electric 2300w 230V + Diamond Tipped Disc Blade

The Wolf 9″ Industrial 230mm Angle Grinder makes us proud and is the winner of our ‘Best Pick Award’. This very impressive beast operates on a powerful 2300w motor is one that you can have around the home and even for professional and trade work for those looking for a cheaper alternative to the more expensive brands. 

This powerful electric motor ensures that you get enough power no matter what job you have in hand. This motor is equipped with cooling features that ensure that there is no overheating. The cooling system in this model serves both the gearbox and the engine itself for increased reliability.

This angle saw rotates at a very impressive speed of approximately 6000rpm which is more than enough speed to work through most materials. There is no leading speed so you can get to work immediately.

This model is designed with a simple spindle lock which makes for ease of use and quick changing of cutting and grinding discs. You can trust that once you start the machine, everything is held in position nice and tight.

The spindle lock is accompanied by a rotating rear handle. This feature makes work easier for you when you are trying to cut in difficult angles and positions. This Wolf 9″ grinder has been created in such a way that the ergonomic functions allow you to work longer hours without too much strain. It is not heavy as such, so the fast and easy cuts are manageable.

When it comes to the cutting function you can clearly see that Wolf has tried their best to provide you with a sizeable diameter disc option. The blade diameter on this product is around 230mm. That is far wider than the rest of the corded angle saws that have been featured in this review.

It can handle large-scale work, showing its range in power. The Diamond-tipped blade will cut through most materials giving off a smooth finish for neater cuts. The manufacturer also supplies you with a few tools to aid in cutting. It comes with an effective blade remover and side handle that you can use whenever the chance arises.

The product comes with a 2-year warranty that you can use whenever you require fixing or maintenance.

We find it applicable to both individual and commercial use. Why? It is simply a high-performance machine with enough roar for a range of jobs. If well maintained it can offer you years of service.


  • Powerful 2300w motor with enough power for larger projects.
  • The rotating rear handling offers more comfort and durability.
  • Excellent for cutting through a range of materials.
  • Offers you excellent value for your money when compared to similar spec models.
  • 2-year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • No carry case included
  • Can be heavy for those seeking a grinder for lighter jobs such as removing mortar before re-pointing.

Our recommendation

The Wolf 9″ Industrial 2300W Angle Grinder has been listed among the best angle grinders that we have seen. We are taken with its sheer might. The 2300W engine is very effective for brick, stone and metal cutting, making it a very versatile tool. With this amount of power and speed, you can slice through some concrete just like butter. We love that it comes with its own diamond-tipped disc which is very cost-efficient and means it is ready to use out the box. We also like the wider diameter in blade length gives you a wider range making it ideal for bigger jobs.

It is a lot heavier than some of the corded angle grinders but it is worth it for the effort and the extra power needed for some jobs.

Overall it performs all the required functions extremely well. If you know you have a heavy handed project, you can rely on this model to get the job done. 

It can be manoeuvred and handled like a dream. What more do you need? We feel the price is extremely affordable for such a tidy tool. We think that this is an investment that will serve you for many years to come and when comparing the quality, performance and price you won’t find a better model especially when you take into account the 2 years warranty. 

Sometimes we struggle to come to the conclusion which model should get the ‘Best Pick’ spot, however this model win hands down.

2. DeWalt DWE2406K 115mm Mini Grinder with Kitbox

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DeWALT DWE4206K-GB Angle Grinder, 230 V, Yellow/Black

The DEWALT DWE4206K Mini Grinder is another not so surprisingly great product from the masters of power tools ‘DeWalt’, this is actually a very impressive tool. The 1010 watt high-performance motor is built to undertake more strenuous tasks as well as the run of mill jobs too.

This beauty was made with total safety in mind and they have done this is by introducing a ‘No-Volt’ mechanism switch. What it does is that gives you control as the machine has to be reset to start again, this ensures it only starts when needed and avoids accidental starts.

We understand that work sometimes can take longer than expected. That is why we appreciate the comfortable and well-made design and feel of this grinder.

The low profile gear case is positioned in such a way that you are able to access tight areas when working which can be more difficult with some models. The comfortable grip will make sure your cuts are accurate as you can keep a tight firm grip whilst working with the grinder. It also comes with an anti-vibration handle to keep vibration to a minimum, something that must be appreciated if you have ever used an angle grinder for any length of time.

The DeWalt DWE4206K has a good blade diameter that you can work with. The good thing is that the blade and all its components are kept in a position very well. Since the 115mm diameter blade travels at a speed of 11000rpm, you have to be sure that it is secured properly. The design allows the blade to rotate without locking. You do not even need tools to fit your guard on. This tool comes with ease of use for the consumer in mind.

When working with different materials, the motor has to have the ability to keep up. The engine cooling system in this angle saw will allow longer usage. You can keep updating the brushes to make sure the engine runs for longer and last many years. Save your tools’ motor from unnecessary abrasion.

Finally, this model has a well-versed dust ejection system. Dust ejection should not be undermined as it will affect the overall performance and lifespan of the motor. To combat this DeWalt’s dust ejection system prevents the majority of the dust from passing over the motor which helps prevent both abrasion and tracking.


  • The ‘No Volt’ system guarantees you safety and control to prevent accidental starts.
  • It comes with its own carrying case for easy storage and transportation.
  • For its price, you get excellent power and durability.
  • The low girth and spindle lock allow for easy access in tight areas where larger models would struggle.
  • 12 months warranty for full peace of mind.


  • No problems to report here.

Our recommendation

The DEWALT DWE4206K Mini Grinder has impressed us with both its performance capabilities and quality but we would expect no less from DeWalt as they make the best of the best when it comes to tools. We love that they have made a product that is both powerful, dynamic and yet still very affordable.

The motor is made for excellence, especially when supported by a good dust management system as this is often the main cause of most grinders overheating or becoming faulty.

At 1010 watt the motor has ample power and will cut and grind in whatever position you need and the ergonomic design and low vibration handle will make your cuts even smoother.

With safety always on our mind, we really like the ‘No Volt’ feature which is another impressive characteristic of this tool.

Overall, this is a very well made model that is probably one of the best grinders we have reviewed, if it was not for its more expensive price tag this would of probably one of the Best Pick Award. We also noticed that Amazon has very good reviews which further confirm how good and reliable this grinder is.

One last note is that they call this a ‘mini grinder’, however, it’s the same size as most other popular grinders on the market so I’m not sure they call it a mini grinder except for the fact it is smaller than some of the other DeWalt grinders available. Either way, it is a brillant grinder ideal for home use and trade work.

3. Makita GA4530KD 720W 240V Slim Angle Grinder


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Makita GA4530KD 720W 240 V Slim Angle Grinder with Diamond Blade

The Makita GA4530KD Angle Grinder comes with an impressive motor for the smallest angle grinder. The 720-watt engine has optimal heat resistance to ensure it does not get too hot which is always a concern with angle grinders. This slim angle grinder has been designed in such a way that you can easily operate it with one hand. The 20-degree angle will provide you with a firm yet more comfortable grip.

The Makita operates at a speed of 11000rpm which is managed by a powerful small gear system. You can be sure that despite the size, it can offer a considerable amount of power. The diamond blade that comes with this model will provide you with precise and clean cuts every time. The diameter of the blade is standard in this category of angle grinders, you can be assured that the 115mm diameter will be sufficient to work through most of the work required.

It also comes with its own kit box. This is usually very convenient when you want to pack it up for storage or transportation. We appreciate that it has an inbuilt dust management system. These inbuilt dust management systems prevent the machine from collecting up all that debris. Like we have said before, the amount of dust that collects near the bearings will affect the performance of your tool.

Finally, this lightweight grinder comes with a 1-year warranty that will let you fix or repair the tool without too much hassle. We find it appropriate for smaller jobs around the house or for regular DIY enthusiasts looking for a good reliable tool.


  • The weight and the design allow for easy manoeuvring.
  • 1-year warranty for extra peace of mind.
  • Includes carry case.
  • Affordable price at the time this review was written.


  • The design of the switch could be better designed, some users have reported it being a little fiddly to turn on.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks, more of a home-use model and for a DIY enthusiast.

Our recommendation

The Makita GA4530KD 720W angle grinder leaves us expecting more from the brand. The lightweight model will cover only the basics and nothing more. Compared to brands in the same range such as the DEWALT DWE4206K Mini Grinder this product needs more work.

However, if you are in search of a small angle grinder for small un-intensive projects, this would be perfect. The price is affordable and it should serve you for many years to come. If you are in the market for a more high-performance machine, we suggest you consider the DeWalt grinder and pay a little extra.

We cannot fault it completely as everything has two sides. It has an excellent design for those who have wrist problems/one hand injury. Handling will be easy and if you decided to use one hand, it is possible with this model. The storage compartment is well designed and reminds us of some of the reasons we love this famous brand. 

Overall we have probably been a little harsh, however, it is a shame that something so minor as the on switch lets it down a little. Other than this, not a bad grinder overall.

4. Bosch Professional GWS 7-115 Corded Angle Grinder

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Bosch Professional Angle Grinder, Multicolour, 240 V

The Bosch Professional GWS 720-115 Angle Grinder is another lightweight grinder in this review. This product comes with a powerful 720 motor that is fan cooled. This high-performance motor is equipped with carbon brushes that are replaceable. These carbon brushes make certain that the motor performs optimally all the time.

For continual high performance, the gearbox housing is fashioned out of aluminium. This is because aluminium is lighter and durable making the overall weight of the tool more manageable and at only 1.9kg it’s one of the latest models we have reviewed.

Like many good angle grinders, it features a spindle lock for easy changing of the discs. Once the spindle lock is in position, you should not experience any wobbles when you are working. Also, when we get to the handle of the tool, is very ergonomically designed for extra comfort. One nice little feature is the flathead design which allows you to reach tight corners.

An interesting feature of this model is that it has a multi-position side handle. This handle can be manoeuvred according to the direction that you want to take. The estimated speed on this corded angle saw is 11,000 rpm comparable to most other models. This speed paired off with the 115mm diameter disk will work sufficiently for small jobs.

This model also arrives equipped with a guard that you can use whenever you want. The adjustable guard will be used at your convenience.

To protect the motor from accumulating too much dust the model is fitted with a dust management system. The bearings on this angle grinder have been sealed to prolong the life of the tool. This ensures that your motor will perform effectively avoiding abrasion and all other unnecessary evils.

The vibration from this machine is not too high so you can enjoy doing minimal work without too much noise disruption. The lock-off switch, which is usually a safety feature has not been left out. For a DIY enthusiast, this product will prove perfect as it will for professionals as well.


  • Small and lightweight, ideal for small projects.
  • It has well-designed handles for better grip.
  • The multi-positioned side handle is convenient for manoeuvrability.
  • Can be used with one hand.


  • The carrying case/storage box is not provided.
  • Too small to handle serious projects.

Our recommendation

The Bosch Professional GWS 720-115mm Angle Grinder is a well-made very impressive angle grinder.

We like that the design comes with an adjustable guard that can be used whilst you work. We also think it is an aesthetically pleasing machine that will offer you excellent manoeuvrability.

This model comes with an affordable price that really is hard to beat and with a 2-year warranty that can be extended to a very impressive 3 years if the product is registered online.

We can say that this product is well built and it will serve you well for many years to come. A must for professionals looking for a real workhorse.

Comparison of Cordless Angle Grinders

1. Makita DGA452Z 18V Li-ion Angle Grinder


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Makita DGA452Z 18 V Body Only Cordless Li-ion Angle Grinder, SMALL

Makita developed this model to replace the more expensive Makita BGA452Z Grinder and so far it is the first angle grinder of the Makstar series models, which is actually the charger system that charges the battery in only 20 minutes. The Makita DGA452Z 18 V Li-ion Angle Grinder features a lock nut wrench, abrasive wheel and side handle. It has a small circumference motor housing with soft grips for improved comfort and control.

Integrated into the angle grinder is an electronic current limiter that protects the motor from overloading. There is still a warning lamp that turns on whenever an overload is imminent and also warns of low battery for extra convenience so you don’t get caught short without power.

For your own safety, the tool features an anti-restart function that prevents the motor from starting if a fully charged battery is inserted without the switch being turned on. In addition, there is a slide switch with a lock-on.

Makita boasts that the DGA452Z generates 50% faster grinding with 10,000 rotations per minute which is very impressive for a cordless model. This tool has a compact design with a length of only 12 1/2 inches and a weight of 1.4kg for minimal user fatigue. Its ergonomic shape fits like a glove with even pressure and easy control.

The recommended battery to use in this tool is the 18V 4.0Ah although the 5.0Ah battery has longer run times it is also heavier as it has a larger capacity. It takes an amazing 22 minutes to charge with the Makstar Optimum Charging System. The Li-ion batteries provide an extended run time, 5 times lower self-discharge and 16 solid holding contact terminals for consistent high power. This tool is even capable of using discs or wheels from corded grinders.


  • Great quality and performance.
  • Easy-grip body with side handle.
  • Minimal user fatigue due to its compact and lightweight design.
  • Overload monitoring is possible with the built-in LED warning lights.
  • Quick charging battery – only 22 minutes – with the Makstar Optimum Charging System.
  • Lithium-ion batteries offer a greater lifespan than ordinary batteries.
  • Anti-restart function with warning light prevents accidental starts.


  • Eats battery power so larger 4 or 5 Ah batteries are recommended. Have a few spares handy if you have a lot of grinding to tackle.
  • Lacks the power of corded models but that is to be expected.

Our recommendation

For its cordless convenience, the Makita DGA452Z 18 V Li-ion Angle Grinder is perfect for cutting and grinding a variety of materials including steel, wood and plastic.

We highly commend this tool for its exceptional features which enhance performance. However, the tool doesn’t work well under heavy pressure so we recommend using slow to moderate speeds.

If you are looking for a fully packed model, this Makita is a great choice and it’s affordable in cordless tool terms. If you want something with a little more power then we recommend you invest a little more and invest in the DeWalt model that is reviewed below.

2. DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Grinder


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DEWALT DCG412N-XJ 18V XR Grinder Lithium-Ion Body Only

The DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Grinder is the latest version of the premium grinder that features DeWalt’s new XR Lithium-ion technology designed to increase efficiency and make applications faster. It comes with a powerful and highly efficient PM47 fan-cooled motor with replaceable brushes which is capable of delivering up to 7,000 rotations per minutes for fast grinding and cutting applications.

Ordinary tools produce vibration which affects general performance. The DeWalt 18V XR comes with steel cut spiral bevel gears which ensure low vibration and thus increasing user productivity and provides the highest level of productivity.

A simple jam pot gear case guards the internal components for durability while also providing improved ergonomics. It also features a smart trigger and lock-off switch for smooth tool start and greater control. It also prevents the tool from jerking when powered on, a common problem with cheaper models.

Note that this is a naked tool that comes without batteries, charger or kit box. It requires 1 Li-ion battery to run, meaning you either have to buy or use one from a DeWalt tool if you have one at home.

It weighs 2.2kg which we find a bit heavy for a hand tool but manageable for small bits of work. The noise level stands at 98 d(BA) which isn’t too bad for a grinder.

It comes with a standard warranty of 1 year as standard but this can be extended to 3 years free of charge when registered online on the DeWalt website.


  • Highly efficient run times due to the featured Li-ion technology.
  • Fast cutting and grinding applications due to its high speeds – 7,000rpm.
  • Low vibration thanks to the integrated spiral bevel gears.
  • A cover case protects gears for increased durability.
  • Safe and easy to control due because of the smart trigger and lock-off switch.
  • 3 years warranty when you register online.


  • It is a bit heavy to handle for extended periods but with weight comes quality in this case.

Our recommendation

The DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Grinder is a fantastic tool that copes well with cutting and grinding and is probably the best cordless grinder we have reviewed.

We really like the tough plastic construction and intelligent trigger control. Without wires to get in the way, the tool is easy to carry up a ladder for those demanding jobs and its 7,000rpm speed means you’ll be done in no time.

However, this grinder eats batteries so frequent recharging is a must for those heavy-duty tasks so we would recommend investing in 5 amp 18 v batteries to get the most out of it. 

Some people may also find it a bit heavy. Apart from that, this is an excellent grinder offered at slightly above £100 but it worth the extra cost especially for professionals or someone looking to tackle demanding jobs.

Overall a very good tool that you can’t help but be very impressed with, the 3 years warranty is also a big bonus but don’t forget to register online to take advantage of it.

3. Ryobi R18AG-0 ONE+ Angle Grinder


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Ryobi R18AG-0 ONE+ Angle Grinder, 18V (Body Only), Green & Black

On top of its cordless convenience, the Ryobi R18AG-0 ONE+ Angle Grinder is suitable for light to medium cutting jobs with an uncomplicated and efficient design for enhanced comfort and control.

For extra comfort, the Ryobi features a unique micro grip texture that makes it easy to hold and use for long periods of time. It is offered as a body only with a wrench, wheel guard, grinding disk and auxiliary handle. There is no battery or charger but the good thing is that you can build on your Ryobi’s ONE+ collection without spending extra money on batteries and chargers. If you do need a battery and charger you can also use them with other tools from the Ryobi plus range.

The tool will complete a wide range of tasks; from cutting and grinding metal to shaping stone or paving, sharpening blades and removing rust and loose paint off old metal gates as well as polishing surfaces.

Its 3-position handle provides optimum user control across all grinding and cutting tasks for premium results. A spindle lock and a tool-less wheel guard make it easy and quick to change accessories as well as adjust the position of the guard. A two-stage non-lockable switch stop will prevent accidental start-ups for increased safety and peace of mind.

When it comes to performance, this cordless angle grinder produces 7,500rpm which is great for tasks such as metal cutting, removing paint and other heavy-duty jobs. For peace of mind and product assurance, the Ryobi R18AG-0 ONE+ Angle Grinder is backed with a superb 2-year warranty.


  • It provides improved control and accuracy when cutting and grinding.
  • Easy to adjust tool-less wheel guard that adjusts to allow multiple applications.
  • Simple and efficient accessory changes enhanced by the spindle lock.
  • A non-lockable switch prevents unintentional start-up.
  • Easy to hold and use for extended periods due to its micro grip texture.
  • 2 Years warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Not suitable for very heavy duty tasks.

Our recommendation

The Ryobi R18AG-0 ONE+ Angle Grinder is a pretty versatile tool that you can use for most cutting and grinding tasks.

It is a solid product with simple ergonomics, easy tool-free accessory changes, flexible handle and safety feature. Basically, it is a great DIY class tool offered at an even better price.

As solid as it is, you will need plenty of batteries for it as they don’t last long when it’s running for 15 minutes or so. For small quick jobs, then it’s great. If you intend to complete larger pieces of work you might want to invest in a higher capacity battery such as the 18v – 5Ah lithium-ion battery for longer run times. This however does come at an extra cost but it is worth the extra investment.

Overall it is probably the best cordless angle grinder for having around the home or for the avid DIY enthusiast.

A great model but if you’re looking for something with a little more power for professional trade use then the DeWalt 18v XR Grinder would be a better choice and worth the extra investment and comes with an extra years warranty.

Final conclusion

Many angle grinder reviews highlight the various applications of an angle grinder. Of course, angle grinders are amongst the most versatile power tools available. They come in a range of sizes so their power, disc size, speeds, and wattage may vary to a great extent.

When you want to buy the best angle grinder, the best place to start is assessing the project you have at hand. This way, you can find one that meets your job requirements.

Below is a summary from our angle grinder reviews:




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