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Last updated on September 24th, 2021

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Power Mixer Buying Guide and The Top 5 Models Reviewed

Mixing cement, paints, mortars, coatings and any such liquids or semi-liquids doesn’t have to be strenuous. A plaster mixer (or paddle mixer as it’s also known) can do the job more efficiently and facilitate a successful application. We all know that a poorly mixed coating can be a nightmare to apply, but a perfectly mixed plaster gives much better results and makes all the difference between a poor job and a very smooth finish. If you are a serious plasterer, this mechanical device is a must-have amongst your tools, if you’re looking for an upgrade or investing in a new model, then our guide should help you make the right decision. 

We spent more than 48 hours researching and scouring the internet in search of the best plaster mixer and came up with the five top-rated paddle mixers based on our own research, talking to professionals and customer reviews. Some of the factors we considered in arriving at our five best paddle mixers include motor power, ergonomics, maximum mixing capacity and weight of the tool as well as cost and of course warranty. These and other aspects are all covered in our comprehensive buying guide. Further down, you will find our plaster mixer reviews of select plaster mixers that we think are worth considering.

But before you get there, you may want to briefly look at the winner of our ‘Best Pick’ below, the Nordstrand Twin Paddle Mixer. After much debate, we think it is probably the best model for most people as it’s suitable for both professional tradesmen, as well as home DIY enthusiasts, and its twin alternating paddles really do improve the mixer performance. If you are doing your own one-off project, then the single paddle version (which we also review) should do just fine and will save you some money.


Nordstrand 1800w Twin Paddle Heavy Duty Mixer Tool
This heavy-duty plaster mixer is perfect for both DIY and professional uses. The highlights include a heavy-duty motor, robust gearbox and durable paddle. Maximum efficiency is provided with the oversized twin mixing paddles. The handle has been ergonomically designed with a soft rubber grip to allow for comfortable handling for the user.

Our top 5 best electric plaster mixers that have been included in our review

  1. Nordstrand 1800w Twin Paddle Heavy-Duty Mixer Tool – BEST PICK
  2. Evolution Twister Variable Speed Mixer
  3. Nordstrand 1800w Pro Portable Handheld Mixer – BEST BUDGET PICK
  4. Refina 1050w MM19 Mega Mixer – BEST PROFESSIONAL PICK
  5. Vitrex 850w VITMIX850 Power Mixer


Nordstrand 1800w Pro Portable Hand-Held Mixer
This model has some really useful features for a decent price. From a powerful 600rpm motor to 6-speed control and an easy to use trigger switch with a lock function that is very useful. It can deal with all sorts of mid-viscosity liquids that most people mix such as plaster, paint, glue and cement.

Top 5 Plaster Mixer Reviews

Let’s dive into the 5 best plaster mixers after comparing over 25 models. These products should provide superior performance and longevity of service if looked after properly. The main thing is to buy the right model for the job, cheaper mixers simply will not last if used for heavier use in trade jobs. We start with our ‘Best Pick’ which is perfect for DIY enthusiasts and trade use.

1. Nordstrand 1800w Twin Paddle Heavy Duty Mixer


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Nordstrand PWT-PM03 1800 W 140 mm Twin Paddle Mixer for Plaster Paint Cement Mortar

As the name suggests, this model comes with two spindles that rotate in different directions, creating the best possible mix in the process. The Nordstrand Twin Paddle Heavy Duty Mixer comes with an oversized paddle of 140mm, which increases the mixing surface area. This makes it more efficient than most 120mm paddle models because it reduces the amount of time needed to effectively mix a given amount of material. Be it cement, plaster, mortar, paint, glue or any high viscosity liquid, this paddle mixer is ready to handle it. 

The power of this mixer is incredible thanks to a 1800w motor that outputs 900rpm which is needed for demanding jobs. In addition, it offers two speeds of operation which are selected via a simple switch. The maximum mixing capacity is 30 litres so you can mix a good amount of mixture at a time. When it comes to the build, we find the mixer is very well made and strong enough to withstand the day to day use on the most demanding jobs. It also has ergonomic rubber handles that make it comfy to use, which is made better by the two-handled design. 


  • A fine bit of kit, tough and robust. 
  • Has ergonomic rubber handles for comfortable handling.
  • Equipped with a powerful 1800w motor that produces 900rpm.
  • Variable speed control to suit various applications.
  • Double mixing capability for maximum efficiency. 
  • Comes with a large mixing paddle, which further increases mixing efficiency. 


  • None found.

Our recommendation

This plaster mixer stands out from the crowd due to its twin paddle and larger paddle. The implication is that it mixes better and more efficiently than single-paddle models. The 1800w motor is incredibly powerful and the maximum mixing capacity is decent as well, when mixing it does really take some holding into but it does a brilliant job, especially with drywall adhesive. 

This model makes a great choice for professional users and DIY enthusiasts, the 2-speed control is also a great feature too. Overall it is probably the best affordable model and offers excellent value for money. You can get cheaper models but none seem to compare to the quality and performance. 

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2. Evolution Twister 1100w Variable Speed Mixer

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Evolution Power Tools 013-0001 Twister Variable Speed Mixer (230 V),Black

The Evolution 1100w Twister Variable Speed Mixer is truly a versatile tool designed for mixing all sorts of materials including cement, mortar, Artex, gypsum, plaster and many more. Fast and easy to use, the mixer features variable speed control from 250rpm for mixing thicker mixes to 750rpm for lighter mixes such as paint, this makes it suitable for different materials which means it is a winner in terms of versatility. The on/off switch of this mixer is very intuitive and it can be locked to prevent accidental activation or even turning off unnecessarily which again, makes mixing a little easier. 

We really like the two-handled design, really ergonomic and fits comfortably in your hands. The spacing between your hands is good enough for you to maintain the correct posture as you mix and it should be about right for most people. The grip area is soft and dotted in a way that enhances maximum comfort. As you would expect, the tool comes with a 120mm mixing paddle that is easy to attach using a supplied wrench. 

This plastering tool is corded, therefore, you must ensure there is a reliable power source on location but this is the case with most specially designed plaster mixers, we could only find a couple of cordless models and these were over £400. This model is powered by a 1100watt powerful, high-torque motor built into its robust headstock.  Don’t forget this mixer has a two-year warranty just in case you encounter any defects which will give you a little peace of mind.


  • Highly versatile mixer for a wide range of mixing applications. 
  • Has variable speed control to suit all kinds of materials. 
  • Easy to use with lockable on/off switch for safety. 
  • Comes with a powerful 1100w motor that delivers plenty of mixing power. 
  • Ergonomically designed handle for maximum comfort and superb control.
  • Supplied with paddles and wrench for attaching them.
  •  Comes with a 2 year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • The whisk is a bit on the small side. 

Our recommendation

This plaster mixer is pretty decent and offers more than enough power for smaller plastering jobs, it may be okay for professionals and it is supposed to be trade rated, but after doing a little research it appears that it may not be up to heavy use. So with that, we recommend it to anyone doing a little DIY themselves or doing only a little mixing now and again.

We like the ergonomics, including a soft grip handle for comfortable use. Variable speed control is the major selling point here, allowing you to match the speed to the material at hand.

We found that the whisk is quite small but that may not be a serious issue because we wouldn’t recommend it for industrial applications. Overall, it’s an amazing mixer and comes with a decent 2-year warranty. I would probably go for our ‘Best Pick which is available for a similar price.

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3. Nordstrand 1800W Pro Portable Hand-Held Mixer


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Nordstrand 1800W Pro Portable Hand-Held Mixer Stirring Tool for Cement Plaster Grout Paint Thinset Mortar - 6 Speed - 120mm Mixing Paddle

The Nordstrand 1800w Pro Portable Hand-Held Mixer comes at a budget price and it is more than capable of mixing mid-viscosity materials such as mortar, plaster, glue and cement. It is very powerful for its size, powered by an impressive 1800watt motor and generating 600rpms for mixing materials. The mixer offers 6 levels of speed which is useful and there is a simple switch to let you adjust the speed according to the job demands. A lock-in pin is a useful extra feature on the switch and it lets you use the mixer continuously without having to hold down the trigger which we like. 

The mixer’s maximum capacity is 30 litres so not a bad size overall. Additionally, it has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy and comfy on your hands when mixing. This 1600W mixer comes with a 120mm paddle that provides a fast and effective mix. It saves so much time and money, thus a great pick for DIYers but for professional use it may be better to go for a mixer with a more powerful motor and twin paddle as it will struggle with more demanding jobs.


  • Designed with an ergonomic handle for ease of use.
  • Produces a great amount of power – 1800w – to deal with heavy materials in smaller mixing loads. 
  • Has an easy to use switch with lock in function for continuous operation.
  • Features a 6-speed control to suit a range of applications. 


  • A bit under-powered and not really suitable for trade, may be okay for the odd small mixes.

Our recommendation

This heavy-duty plaster mixer makes a good choice for domestic and light professional uses. If you regularly mix materials that fall in the mid-viscosity category, such as cement and mortar, this mixer paddle is one you should consider.

The handle is easy to work and the trigger is simple to use to turn it on and off. Variable speed control is obviously something you want in your line of work too. We feel that this model will not really produce as much power as you’d expect from a 1800w mixer.

Perhaps it doesn’t hit max but still does the job efficiently, perfect for domestic use and comes at a very affordable price, one of the better budget models. Just not the best choice for trade and probably not worth buying if you do demanding jobs and plan on using it daily.

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4. Refina MM19 1050w Mega Mixer


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Refina MM19 Megamixer 110v D Handle Drill Including MR3 130G Paddle - 451931301

The Refina Mega Mixer (MM19) is a product of German engineering that we found to be solidly built for long-term service, making it the best choice for trade use but this comes at a cost. It comes with a heavy-duty motor that delivers 450rpm which is enough speed for mixing heavy materials. The gearbox is robust as well to protect the motor when mixing the most demanding mixers where other models would simply start to give up.

A pistol-grip and hoop handle provides easy handling of the tool when mixing but a double-handled side by side model may be better but as it is, it should be fine. What’s even more impressive is that the Mega Mixer can mix quantities from 25 to 50 kilos and it boasts an output of 400kg/hr. The supplied paddle measures 130mm and it does a thorough mixing job. You will benefit greatly from the soft start variable speed feature, allowing you to match speed to the task at hand. Generally, low speeds are recommended for heavy mixing and vice versa, it is also useful to start slow and speed up as needed. It’s also compatible with a range of different paddles (not sure which ones exactly but that’s a good thing). 

Some of the applications that you can use the Mega Mixer for include mortars and epoxy, paints and heavy-bodied coatings, floor screed, latex and coatings, render and external wall insulation, just to mention a few. The tool weighs 3.1kg, which is regarded as quite light in the field of construction. Additionally, it is available in both 110V with 16 amp plug and 230V with 13 amp plug. The tools vibration is 1.9m/s whilst the noise level is 71 dBA so not too noisy. Lastly, it comes with a 1-year warranty that covers the power tool and paddle although it would be nice to see a longer warranty for such a robust and expensive tool. 


  • Sturdily made, hard working mixing tool for trade use.
  • Comes with a heavy-duty motor fitted inside a durable gearbox.
  • Has a back and hoop handle design for easy handling.
  • Delivers high torque and slow speeds which is perfect for mixing heavy materials.
  • Can work with a variety of paddles sizes and designs.
  • 1 year warranty for peace of mind.


  • Quite expensive in comparison to most other models. 

Our recommendation

We like the build of this paddle mixer although we feel the handle design isn’t really ergonomic like the other models with double-handle designs, we did find a double-handled model but this was over £400.

In any case, the tool is not heavy and you shouldn’t have any fatigue issues whilst mixing. It has some impressive figures in terms of mixing capacity and efficiency. Furthermore, this works with interchangeable paddles, which guarantees much more flexibility.

Another thing we can guarantee is the quality of this tool as it’s built to endure tough mixing conditions. If you like the handle and are looking for a serious mixer that will work day in, day out, the Refina Mega Mixer (MM19) Mixing Drill is such a versatile tool to have and without doubt, is the best choice for trade use.

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5. Vitrex VITMIX850 850W Power Mixer

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Vitrex VITMIX850 850W 230V Power Mixer

The Vitrex VITMIX850 850w Power Mixer is not only a compact tool but it’s also small on budget and perfect for the home user. It’s pretty powerful as well, fitted with an 850 watt motor for mixing cement, plaster, adhesives, grout, fillers and paint. You will find it a breeze handling and carrying this tool because it’s very lightweight but with this comes its limitations. However, that being said, this mixer has an adjustable no-load speed of 0-550rpm and it features a lock speed function to enable continuous operation. It’s basically a single-speed mixer that may take a bit longer to mix a batch of plaster but it does a thorough job and leaves little mess. 

An ergonomic handle is an important part of a plaster mixer but the one on this tool has been carefully thought of. One side has a soft rubber for a firm grip of the handle whilst the other is just bare metal, which acts as a rest when putting the mixer down. The mixer comes with an M14 120mm paddle that is designed to fit high torque mixing tools. It makes a good fit for light applications. 


  • Has a lightweight construction, making it comfortable to work and carry. 
  • Has a lock speed function for continuous operation.  
  • Designed with a brilliant metal handle that acts as a rest when placing down.
  • Suitable for a variety of materials.
  • Very much affordable. 


  • It can struggle with mixing large amounts of material and not suitable for heavy or trade use.
  • Does not have variable speed.

Our recommendation

This is a small mixer but it offers more than enough power for mixing cement, adhesives, fillers and plaster. It is quite a lightweight model that you will find a breeze to work with.

The only drawback is that this mixer can’t handle huge amounts of material and is certainly not suitable for trade use, however, for the price this is expected and makes it a bargain for domestic users looking for a reliable mixer for occasional use. If you are looking for an affordable and portable mixer, the Vitrex VITMIX850 Power Mixer is a great pick.

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Power Mixer Buyer’s Guide

The right tool will depend on the kind of applications you intend to dig into, whether it is mixing light paint or dense mortar. Below we explore plaster mixer characteristics that you ought to pay attention to when choosing the best paddle mixer. 


First of all, you have to consider the thickness of the material you’ll be working with. The thicker it is, the harder it will be to mix and the more effort it will require. For instance, paint or varnish requires less mixing effort than cement. The amount of power required depends on your line of work and the value is determined by the tool’s torque; the higher the torque, the greater the mixing power. 

Plaster mixers range from 800 watts (small DIY mixers) to over 8,000 watts (for industrial applications) in terms of power, but most will not be needing anything like this. A 1300W plaster mixer should be versatile enough for most DIY jobs and even professional everyday use.

Rotational speed

Measured in rpm (rotations per minute), this is another factor that relates to the power of a mixer. Various models achieve different rpm with 500 rpm being ideal for any job, whilst models with more than 700-900 rpm are perfectly suited for demanding tasks. Some models feature electric gears and these provide more fractions of rpm, allowing users to choose the speed accordingly. For instance, they may have slower speeds for mixing thick materials such as cement or plaster and faster speeds for mixing paint. 

Mixing capacity

Every mixer has a maximum mixing capacity, which is labelled in kilograms on the product’s notice. It simply tells the maximum amount of material that you can mix without overheating the mortar or causing accidents. A 30kg plaster mixer is perfect for working things at home. You don’t have to go for the highest weight limit but rather what suits your day to day applications. 


Mixers come in two variations; single-spindle and dual-spindle. The latter is an amazing time-saver and is especially good for working thick and heavy materials with two spindles turning in different directions to enhance efficiency, they ensure the very best mix. Single spindles still remain the most common mixers and are capable of efficiently completing any job. 

Pay attention to the spindles maximum mixing capacity and the maximum diameter accepted by the plaster mixer. If you put your paddle into more than it can handle, you may end up with a nicely curved spindle. Most spindles are more than strong enough and most good manufacturers will replace spindles if they break, assuming you are not doing something you shouldn’t be.

Paddles or blades

A paddle or blade is fixed at the end of the spindle. Blades deal with thicker materials better than paddles. Both are still designed to rotate in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, mixing from the bottom up or the other way. 

Mixer ergonomics

Ergonomically designed hand tools offer great comfort levels and your mixer should certainly be easy to use. It all starts with the weight of the tool; most portable models range from 3kg to 8kg. Make sure to go for a lightweight unit if your work involves heavy use, however, lighter tools that are also very strong often cost much more for obvious reasons.

You will also come across models with either a single or two handles. The choice is yours but double-handled mixers provide great stability and enhance precision mixing. This is really a personal choice though.

It’s hard to avoid water and dust in a construction setup. You will want to consider an airtight seal to ensure a great level of protection against these elements. 

Durability and protection

The plastering equipment you purchase should be able to endure a great deal of stress in its line of duty and for a decent period. The mixing paddle should be made of rust-resistant material. Steel is a great choice for its strength, whilst aluminium is lightweight and malleable. However, aluminium paddles can be bent or damaged if not properly looked after or overworked. Some mixing paddles may be made of hardwood, which is known for its high resistance to rot or decay. 

Final Conclusion

The plaster mixers above are perfect for DIY uses except for the Nordstrand 1800W Twin Paddle Heavy Duty Mixer Tool and Refina Mega Mixer, which extends to professional applications too, and that’s why we chose the twin paddle mixer as our best pick as it was the only model we felt came at an affordable price but could be used by trade as well.


The models have different capabilities and you realise even their power requirements vary greatly. The best paddle mixer will, therefore, depend on your job specifications.

Some units may be cheap, such as the Nordstrand 1800W Pro Portable Hand-Held Mixer but you can trust them to deliver consistently and last longer if used within their means, in other words, don’t overdo it.


We hope this information has been helpful in finding your right mixer paddle.

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