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Top 6 Best Rigger Boots With Good Ankle Support

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The Best Rigger Boots for Your Safety and Our 6 Top Picks

Working in your normal shoes may end up costing you largely. You never know when you might bump your toe into something hard or have something fall on your foot. Rigger boots prevent any accidents from happening and also give the wearer a professional look. Initially reserved for rig workers, they have now grown in popularity. They are perfect for anyone who works in construction, industrial, farming sites or even someone just looking for a good pair of boots for walking the dog.

In the search for the best rigger boots, one needs sound criteria. Sound criteria provide a way for you to manoeuvre through the thousands of products available. Provided are detailed reviews of trusted products that may interest you. After many hours of research and reading through hundreds of reviews ourselves we began our comparison with 30 pairs (of which even this was only a small section of what’s available), we were able to narrow our list down to just six pairs of rigger boots ranging from £20-£30 for a good budget pair too well over £100 for the very best.

If you are after a good quality, long-lasting but affordable pair, then we highly recommend you take a look at the V12 Tomahawk Rigger Boots by VTech. We think that they are probably the best choice for the majority of people no matter where you plan to wear them. They aren’t the cheapest, but they are also not the most expensive either, making them a great pick. Below is a quick overview but a more detailed review can be found further down our article.


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The top 6 rigger boots that we have included in our review are listed below:

  1. VTech V12 Tomahawk V1250 Waterproof Rigger Boots – BEST PICK
  2. Buckler BSH010BR Waterproof Safety Boots – RUNNER UP
  3. Dr. Martens Men’s Icon Holkham ST Safety Boots – BEST LACE UP PICK
  4. DeWalt Men’s Titanium Safety Boots
  5. Blackrock SF01B Fur Lined Safety Rigger Boots
  6. B-Click Traders PU/Rubber S3 Rigger Safety Boots – BEST BUDGET PICK


Buckler BSH010BR Waterproof Safety Rigger Work Boots
They may be a little expensive but these boots are a contender to our 'Best Pick' and still offer excellent value. The Buckler BSH010BR Waterproof Safety Rigger Work Boots have soles that are S3 HRO SRC certified. You can be sure that they won’t split into pieces. The style of the boots is attractive and can be adorned on different worksites. The leather offers anti-scuff properties which will ensure the toe cap does cause any tears. A great pair of boots that will last longer than most and have been made to last with comfort being a priority.


B-Click Traders PU/Rubber S3 Rigger Safety Boots
of boots, for around half the price you get good value for money with these affordable boots while still retaining quality and comfort. The B-Click Traders PU/Rubber S3 Rigger Safety Boots are affordable and the quality has not been compromised too much. The simple boots are easy to put on and walk in. The soles are well constructed while the leather offers water resistance. The only condition with these pair of boots is not to expose them to overly watered environments.

Top 6 Rigger Boots Review

For your hard-earned money, you deserve nothing but the best rigger boots. Below are dependable pairs that you can select from. Read through the reviews and select a pair that tickle your fancy. Below we start with our ‘Best Pick’.

1. VTech V12 Tomahawk V1250 Waterproof Rigger Boots with Steel Toecap


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The VTech V12 Tomahawk V1250 Waterproof Rigger Boots are brown coloured leather safety boots. The safety boots feature an appealing colour that gives them a vintage feel. These leather boots are easy to wear due to the pull loops and outer heel grip provided. No more time is wasted fiddling with never-ending laces.

In typical rigger boots fashion, toe protection is a must. This pair features a steel toe cap which will keep your toes protected. The toe cap can take up to 200 joules of impact which is more than adequate for most people. The steel toe cap is accompanied by a steel midsole which provides further protection and support.

The outer sole is made of rugged nitrile rubber. This makes them resistant to acids, oils and alkalis and the sole is actually made by Goodyear. It is possible to work in oil/chemical potent environments without worrying about impending accidents.

Beautiful and well-styled, these pair of boots feature Thinsulate temperature lining. The lining paired off with Air-tex airflow lining provides comfort and breathability. Your feet can stay cool in warm conditions as well as warm on those colder winter days.

These anti-static boots are also heat resistant. They can withstand temperatures up to 300°C. Whether you are in construction, electrical environments or simply walking the dog, these boots offer optimal performance. With heel support and comfort, they can fit in easily with your work environment and are a great choice for most people.


  • Features steel toe caps for protection against impact.
  • Made of waterproof leather making them manageable in wet conditions.
  • Offers a steel midsole for extra support and protection.
  • Easy to put on and comfortable to walk in.
  • Provides removable foot cushions with Poron shock absorbers.
  • Well insulated and breathable due to the linings provided.
  • Heat resistant up to 300°C.
  • Offers anti-static features for those in flammable environments.
  • The soles are acid, alkali and oil resistant.


  • No problems to report except a very small amount reviews mentioned the pull up tabs can rub against your leg as they are inside the boot instead of on the outside.

Our recommendation

The VTech V12 Tomahawk V1250 Waterproof Rigger Boots are one of the best boots on the market. They boast of high-quality Goodyear welted construction which reassures you of their performance. We like that the boots are easy to wear and walk around in. For those of us with sweaty feet, the linings provided will facilitate breathability which is a bonus. For those in electrical fields, the anti-static and heat resistant features will prove worth the challenge. 

Affordable, durable, anti-slippery, the VTech Tomahawk Waterproof Rigger boots are made for all worksite environments as well as for general wear making them a great choice for most people. Not the cheapest pair available, but well worth the extra money for higher quality and more comfort. If you have a little bit more money to spend, then our next pick by Buckler (reviewed below) are worth considering and are a slightly better premium.

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2. Buckler BSH010BR Waterproof Safety Rigger Boots


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Buckler BSH010BR Men's Waterproof Safety Rigger Work Boots

The Buckler BSH010BR Waterproof Safety Rigger Work Boots can be purchased from sizes 6-13. These durable boots are injection moulded footwear. They feature certified rubber soles that promise optimal performance. The European S3 HRO SRC certified boots feature oil, heat and slip-resistant soles as you would expect for the price. These resistant features fit various work environments the wearer might be exposed to.

For protection purposes, these rigger boots feature steel toe caps with a scuff resistant strong rubber lining and midsole. The steel toe cap keeps your toes out of harm’s way whilst the steel midsole provides extra protection and support. Many safety boots have the tendency to tear where the steel toe cap ends. To remedy this, these pairs are covered in crazy horse leather with anti-scuff properties. In the name of comfort, the insoles are designed ergonomically. Despite your weight, the insoles provide much needed cushioning to avoid sore muscles.

The boots feature anti-static features for those working around electricity. For those working in water-laden environments, the boots are also fully waterproof. The waterproof features keep your feet dry and comfortable which is always a plus as I am sure everyone will appreciate.


  • Offers waterproof features for comfort and functionality.
  • They feature heat, oil and water-resistant soles.
  • Provide a steel toe cap for protection.
  • Feature anti-scuffing toe cap to avoid unnecessary tears.
  • They are anti-static.
  • Made from leather which proves to be strong and durable.
  • They have steel midsoles to provide support and protection.
  • Soles are made of S3 HRO SRC certified rubber.
  • Stylish and easy to slip on due to the inner loops provided.


  • The design may be too narrow for people with wider feet, so bear this in mind if you do have wider feet.

Our recommendation

The Buckler Safety Rigger Work Boots are stylish and comfortable to walk in and are a premium pair of boots. They are not heavy boots and thus can be worn whilst working on a farm or construction site. The boots are well constructed but are on the more expensive side when it comes to rigger boots.

They can hold their own on different surfaces without slipping. For those looking for simple well-made rigger boots, these would be a great fit. We appreciate the anti-scuffing toe caps because many safety boots are vulnerable in this area. They are waterproof and have certified soles to provide optimal performance. They will be a great addition to your work wardrobe. Try them and see for yourself, remember you don’t get premium boots like these without paying a little more, so even though they are expensive they still offer excellent value for money.

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3. Dr. Martens Men’s Icon Holkham ST Safety Boots


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Dr. Martens 6601 Original, unisex adult boots, Black (Black 6601), 36 EU (3 UK)

The Dr. Martens Men’s Icon Holkham ST Safety Boots are sturdy and can be maintained over several years if looked after correctly. These sturdy boots are created out of leather and a synthetic inner lining for comfort and breathability. The leather is waterproof making it possible to work in water-laden environments.

These boots look heavy but they are rather comfortable to wear. The 5-tie hiker styled boots feature a steel toe cap to protect your toes from harm’s way. For the sake of comfort, the boots feature padded collars and tongues. This prevents your feet from rubbing against the interior and causing friction burns which are common on cheaper boots.

You will find the Smartmask PU-cushioned footbed whose job is to keep your feet comfortable is a great addition. The linings are provided to ensure that on top of comfort, you get some ventilation/breathability to keep your feet from smelling. The linings are treated to keep microbes away and prevent the athlete’s foot. This Agion treated, anti-bacterial Smartmask Insole is a lifesaver for those with sweaty feet.

The outsoles are made from durable synthetic material and offer proper traction on different surfaces. The soles of these boots happen to be oil, petrol, fat and alkali resistant. Accompanied by a strong welt construction it will be hard for these boots to unravel.

The strong laces are looped around 7 metal eyelets that ensure the boots are secured around the ankles and fit tightly. The laces are of good quality and are less likely to snap over time which is a small but important detail often overlooked.


  • Lightweight and easy to walk around in.
  • Made from leather which is a durable material.
  • Features a steel cap for toe protection.
  • The sole is oil, fat, petrol and alkali resistant.
  • Offer an anti-bacterial insole to keep your feet from infections.
  • Provided lining helps to facilitate breathability.
  • Have a welt construction providing stability.
  • Provides laces for a perfect fitting around the ankles.
  • They are waterproof.


  • The boots are stiff at first and need to be broken in, but this is normal for most footware.
  • Trimming at the top of the boots will wear off after some time.

Our recommendation

The Dr. Martens Men’s Icon Holkham ST Safety Boots look heavy but they are not tasking on the feet. Those in search of laced-up rigger style boots can settle for these ones and should find them a good choice.

They are made of leather and other synthetic materials thus you can expect durability. The steel toe cap is present for protection while the linings provide that all-important comfort. What gave this product an extra edge was the anti-bacterial insole. Those working in hot conditions will find the combination of breathable linings and anti-bacterial soles a match made in heaven. They may take a few days to break in but once you do, they will make a good company as you work. Depending on your supplier, they may be more or less expensive, but they are worth the trouble and from a brand we have all come to trust and love when it comes to quality and comfort.

If you want something to compare them to, then our next pick below by DeWalt is a great contender, personally, I would probably choose the DeWalt pair but the Dr Martens boots are probably just as good all things considered. Anyway if you read on to our next review below and you will be able to decide which is the best fit for you.

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4. DeWALT Men’s Titanium Safety Boots

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DEWALT Men's Titanium Safety Boots,Honey, 6 UK (40 EU)

The DeWALT Titanium Safety Boots looks like normal shoes but pack a punch. The safety boots are made of 90% nubuck leather upper with stable ankle support. Because it is leather in use, waterproof abilities are very good. You can step into puddles without water seeping in, making them ideal for most work environments.

These safety boots feature strong rubber soles with a thermoplastic polyurethane heel guard. The steel midsole is present to prevent anything from sticking through and harming your heel. Talking of steel, toe caps are included as you would obviously expect. The steel toe caps are able to withstand up to 200 joules of impact which is rather convenient if you are wearing them on a construction site, and this seems to be the standard rating for most safety boots.

In addition, this pair of boots features shock-absorbant soles. The soles are able to resist oil and petrol laden surfaces thus providing great traction. These breathable boots also feature an anti-bacterial footbed to keep your feet fresh and infection-free as you go through your day. The laces allow the boots to be secured comfortably around the ankles.


  • Feature a steel cap for toe protection purposes.
  • Made of durable leather and thus will last longer.
  • Feature anti-bacterial footbed to keep germs at bay.
  • Provide a steel midsole for extra support and protection.
  • Offers thermoplastic polyurethane heel guards for comfort.
  • Have breathable linings to prevent musty feet.
  • They have oil, heat and petrol resistant soles.
  • Offer good ankle support.
  • Very comfortable to walk in.


  • The laces are thin and thus may wear out quickly, so be prepared to buy a new pair (of laces) if you like me, you like to pull your laces very tight.
  • Not as waterproof as you may like.

Our recommendation

The DeWALT Men’s Titanium Safety Boots are good safety boots but there are issues with waterproofness. They are stylish and feature characteristics that many will appreciate. These boots are said to be waterproof but may let water seep in dependant on the level of water you step in. They won’t work like wellies so be careful in water-laden or muddy environments, we would not really advise buying them if you are frequently in these types of environments.

The stylish boots feature steel caps which are a must in high impact work environments. The outsole is in good shape and offers heat resistant features. Those who have sweaty feet will have a hard time with these since the breathability is a bit low. However, in cold conditions, these will provide the warmth needed to get the work done.

We would recommend these for people who work in areas where water will not be a problem, such as working indoors. Those who need breathability and 100% waterproof abilities may have to settle for the VTech V12 Tomahawk V1250 Waterproof Rigger Boots or the Dr. Martens Men’s Icon Holkham ST Safety Boots.

It’s a shame about the lack of waterproofness as these would be a great pick for anyone.

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5. Blackrock SF01B Fur Lined Safety Rigger Boots

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Blackrock S1-P SRC Safety Rigger Work Boots, Mens Womens Steel Toe Cap Black Leather, Working Boots, Safety Shoes, Protective Midsole, Gardening Boots, Work and Utility Footwear, Construction -Size 9

The Blackrock SF01B Fur Lined Safety Rigger Boots are well designed and strong. The waterproof boots have a safety rating of EN20345 S1-P SRC which only speaks to their great quality. The leather boots feature steel toe caps and steel midsoles to protect your feet from any harm above or below.

If you access the safety boots, you will notice that the stitching at the top has been reinforced. The triple-stitched top provides support and strength in preventing unnecessary tears. Inside the boots, fur linings are present and this lining will be convenient when one is working in cold/winter conditions.

For those who were blessed with wide feet, worry no more. This pair of boots will be able to accommodate you comfortably. The polyurethane soles are also shock absorbent ensuring that you are stable at all times. The dual-density soles will be slow to wear and tear which is good if you wear them every day to work.

Another thing about the soles is that they are ladder enabled. This means that you can climb a ladder maintaining good traction and stability so may be a good choice for window cleaners. The anti-slip soles work well on different textured surfaces from ceramic tiles to oily surfaces.

The fuel oil resistant rigger boots also feature anti-static properties. These properties are especially beneficial to electricians or those working around flammable materials. These boots even absorb the impact from jumping or running thus preventing a sore backs or feet.

The pull straps provided make it easy to put the boots on whilst the kick pad heel area makes it simple to remove them. The kick pad area also functions as a protection against bumps or pokes at the back of the foot.


  • Feature a steel toe cap and midsole for all-around protection.
  • The boots are made of leather, making them very strong.
  • They have dual density polyurethane soles that are hard-wearing.
  • Feature a fur lining for warmth and comfort in cold conditions.
  • Wide fitting and, therefore, can accommodate people with large feet.
  • Provides a good grip on a variety of surfaces including ladders.
  • Features pull straps and Thermal polyurethane kick plate heel to make wearing and removing the boots simple.
  • Includes oil resistant soles to prevent any seeping or slipping.
  • Triple stitched at the top to prevent unravelling.
  • Has a safety rating of  EN20345 S1-P SRC.


  • Not suitable for heavy duty work, more suitable for gardening, dog walking etc with maybe a little bit of heavy work now and again.
  • Material scuffs easily, again this is why they are more suitable for lighter use.

Our recommendation

Are you in search of safety boots that are appropriate for light-handed work? Look no further. The Blackrock SF01B Fur Lined Safety Rigger Boots will do just fine. The Wellington looking safety boots are easy to wear, walk in and remove. The pull straps are especially convenient when you have wide feet and you are trying to get through. The soles of these boots have great qualities such as anti-static and anti-slip features which are much appreciated. The fur lining keeps your feet warm as the energy-absorbing soles keep your muscles free from pain. These boots have a lot of pros, however, make sure they don’t attend to heavy-handed tasks. They may get damaged more quickly, and are more suitable for lighter work, overall for the price you won’t find better boots.

If you are looking for a pair for more demanding tasks but are working to a budget, our next pair below may be a better choice by B-Click Traders.

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6. B-Click Traders PU/Rubber S3 Rigger Safety Boots


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B-Click Traders PU/Rubber S3 Rigger Safety Boots

The B-Click Traders PU/Rubber S3 Rigger Safety Boots feature a simplistic style. The slip-on rigger boots are made of leather which gives them water-resistant abilities. Whether you are working on a farm or busy at a construction site, you can be sure that your feet will remain dry and comfortable.

Same as all quality rigger boots, steel toe caps and midsoles are present. The steel toe caps can take 200 joules of impact without caving in so no need to worry about dropping something heavy on your foot. If you are working around nails and other puncturing tools, the steel midsole is your saviour from harm.

The soles are made from polyurethane/rubber constitution. The dual-density soles provide durability against accelerated wear and tear. The soles are energy-absorbing which takes the pressure from your heels and lower back thus reducing exhaustion.

A good thing about the soles features on these boots is that they have anti-slip features. This creates a great traction that is useful when working on different surfaces. The soles also happen to be oil, static, acid and alkali resistant. These same soles are able to withstand heat up to 300°C.

These are fur-lined rigger boots that offer insulation and comfort. The boots have been designed to conform to the EN345 standards. The overall heel height is estimated to be 0.5cm.


  • Features water-resistant abilities.
  • Have dual-density soles to minimise wear and tear.
  • Offers shock-absorbing soles to minimise pressure on the heels and lower back.
  • Provides good insulation due to the fur lining installed.
  • Features steel toe caps and midsoles that offer protection.
  • The soles are heat, acid, alkali, static and slip-resistant – good for construction sites and garages.
  • Fitted with pull straps for easy wearing.
  • Lightweight, thus easy to manoeuvre in.


  • No problems to report.

Our recommendation

The B-Click Traders PU/Rubber S3 Rigger Safety Boots are an affordable pair that anyone can get. These are not necessarily heavy-duty boots and thus should not be exposed to heavy-handed work or hostile terrains. These are simple slip-on boots that you can wear often when working, in the garden or walking the dog.

They have a fur lining that will keep your feet warm in case of chilly weather in the coming winter months which is handy in the UK.

You may have to apply a good layer of waterproof dubbing coatings to stop the water from seeping through. Other than that, they are comfortable to wear and easy on your feet as well as your budget. If they fit the bill, why not? Overall, a great affordable pair.

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Rigger Boots Buyer’s Guide

Picking a pair of safety boots that fit your personality and function is as easy as pie. You only need to know what to look for. Regardless of your occupation, there are safety boots that fit the purpose. Here are some safety boots characteristics to look out for:

All-round durability

  • Outer section – The material used will affect comfort and sustainability in specific environments. You find that most safety boots are made of heavy duty leather. The leather is a strong material that can take years to start looking affected by wear and tear. You can choose to wear synthetic leather or go for the full grain leather. Full grain leather is preferred as it is stronger and holds waterproof abilities. Suede is able to take a bit of scuffing where full grained leather may be affected. The inner lining of the shoes will depend on how hot/cold the weather conditions are. Colder areas will need a fur lining whilst warmer areas will benefit from a simple fabric lining but you can get pairs which take both hot and cold working conditions into consideration so they can be used in summer and winter.
  • Outsole – Every pair of rigger boots need a strong, stable sole. If you are working on slippery/chemical prone surfaces, boots with slip-resistant features will be very helpful. You need to check the material and safety rating provided to make certain you have picked the right pair. Materials such as rubber, polyurethane and Vibram are preferred due to their durability.
  • Midsole – When it comes to comfort, the midsole is responsible. You want to select a pair of boots that have an ergonomic design. In most boots, you may find that the midsole offers extra protection in the case that something pieces the outer sole. Boots with steel midsoles are very popular and worth paying extra for.
  • Insole – In the continuity of comfort, the inner sole is important. The insole cushions your feet and also provides breathability for your feet. The insole should be able to absorb moisture and keep your feet clean. If you need extra cushioning you can find pairs especially made for that purpose.

Proper Foot Security

The reason many workers appreciate safety boots is the reinforced toes. Toe reinforcement keeps your toes from getting damaged in the case of an accident. Toe reinforcements are commonly made of steel or composite alloys. Steel is strong and can take an impact without caving in. The only downside is that it is a bit heavier compared to the composite toe reinforcements.

Those working in electrical environments do not need the steel-reinforced toes as such. They can settle for alloy toes. Alloy toes usually are made of Kevlar, plastic or carbon fibre. The alloy toes allow the user to avoid electrical accidents while keeping the weight of the boots manageable. Alloy toed boots are lighter to walk in than steel-toed boots.

Water-resistance and antimicrobial features

We cannot escape the water, it seeps almost everywhere. When working, you do not need to be annoyed and uncomfortable. You need rigger boots with waterproof features plus a little care with a little dubbin applied. Water-resistant abilities depend on the material and the stitching used. Full-grained leather is preferred, the same as treated suede. For waterproof suede, the treatments will have to be applied periodically to maintain the water-resistant feature.

If you work a lot, then you are in your boots a lot. Antimicrobial treatments prevent fungi and bacteria from infesting inside the boots. If you have athlete’s feet, look for boots that are treated to prevent further infestation.

Pull on straps or laces?

Not all boots have laces to secure them.  Slip-on boots require you to pull straps to make adorning them a simple process. These pull straps have to be properly secured to the boots so that in the process you don’t yank them out.

If you prefer laces, one really needs to consider the quality and the thickness of the laces.  Thin laces will break faster compared to thicker ones. Remember to look at the loops. Roughly finished loops will snag at the lace fibres and eventually cause breakages.


Do you plan on wearing the boots regularly or occasionally? Are you planning to conduct light or heavy-handed tasks? These are some of the questions to ask yourself. Boots intended for heavy-handed work will weigh more. That is because they have to experience continuous wear and tear on a daily basis.  Light boots are not likely to survive daily wear. Think of the function at hand select boots that won’t weigh you down too much. For walking the dog around the local wood then a lighter pair may be better suitable as they don’t need to be as robust.


How much you are willing to spend will affect the quality of rigger boots available. You do not want to be too cheap. Cheap boots will wear down quickly in comparison to their counterparts that are made of better quality materials. It is possible to get boots under £50 or above £100. Think of how long you want them to last and make an informed decision.

Final Conclusion

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of rigger boots available worldwide. That means choosing the best rigger boots can get utterly confusing if you do not understand what you are looking for.

Selecting pretty designs is fun, but do not be fooled by appearance only. Above all make certain that the quality is good enough to serve the purpose intended. For instance, if you tend to operate in environments where getting wet and messy is the order of the day, go for the best waterproof rigger boots regardless of the price. Factor in your environment in your area so that you can be prepared at all times. With that said, we have confidence that the right pair for you is available on the market. Make a budget and go get your rigger boots. 


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