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4 Best Electric Bikes for Kids – From ages 3-13+

Last updated on February 27th, 2023

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Best Kids Electric Bike – Buying Tips and Top 4 Model Reviews

Kids love playing and electric bikes are one of the best “toys” that offer the most thrilling adventures and best of all, get your kids outdoors. They help children develop basic life skills such as fine motor skills, sharing and creativity. Electric bikes are equipped with a motor that is powered by rechargeable batteries. They provide 30-minute or up to 1-hour rides before the batteries are depleted. These bikes are slow enough for safe riding by children but they do have different age limits. 

Now that your kids want one of these bikes, this guide informs you about the available options and gives tips on how to buy the best electric bike for your child. Why is it important to consider maximum load capacity or age limit, for instance? These are some of the factors to consider when shopping and we’ve covered more in our buyer’s guide.

We also review the best kids electric bikes to help your child play outdoors. Before we get into our buyers guide and detailed reviews, we would like to bring our attention to the winner of our ‘Best Pick’, the Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Bike which we think is probably the best electric dirt bike currently available.


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Our top 4 electric bikes for kids that have been included in our review

  1. Razor MX350 Dirt Electric Bike (13+) – BEST PICK
  2. BMW 12v S1000RR Kids Electric Ride On Super Bike (3-8)
  3. Qaba Kids Electric Motorbike


HOMCOM Ride On Trike Motorbike
For those children who love stylish designs, this bike is your best match. With a red comfy seat, fire decals, a set of front lights, a black finish with lovely stickers all around, there is a lot of style going on in this one. Playtime is up to 45 minutes which is good and the maximum speed is 2.5km/h which is just enough for little ones. Perfect for children aged 3 - 6 years.

Now let’s see what the market has to offer in the following electric bikes reviews.

Top 5 Kids Electric Bike Reviews

1. Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Bike (13+)


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The Razor MX350 Dirt Electric Bike is built for off-road adventures, providing a fun way for kids to enjoy thrilling experiences. The manual recommends the bike for kids 13 years and older so it is not suitable for younger ones. It speeds to a maximum of 14mph, which is pretty safe for children riding off-road, around the garden or in the park (strictly not for use on public highways). The bike offers up to 30 minutes of continuous use and it is good to keep in mind the sound and light extras. 

The motor is high-torque and chain driven with a twist-grip throttle control just like on a real petrol motorbike. A hand-operated rear brake ensures the child riding the bike has optimum control over their speed. Large pneumatic knobby tyres maximise power transfer and the bike’s adjustable riser handlebars ensure they can find their preferred and most comfortable riding position. 

This bike is obviously battery powered and it comes with 2 x 12V batteries to give 24v. Battery charging time is around 12 hours but you will need to charge it for around 18 hours on the very first charge and it is important you do this. Note that the bike arrives pre-assembled, but you will need to do a little assembly at home. All you have to do is attach the front fender, the handlebars and the number plate. You may also want to ensure that your child wears protective gear such as a helmet. 

Another impressive thing about this bike is that it’s super quiet. Your child will have an easy time riding around without anyone complaining about the noise. Thanks to steel construction, this bike will last for years if well looked after. The Razor MX350 comes with a 90-day warranty. 


  • Fast 14 mph speed and twist-grip acceleration like that found on petrol models.
  • Easy to put the components together and maintain as well. 
  • Durable but as long as children don’t bang it around.
  • Silent operation, thus won’t be a bother to your neighbours.
  • Comes with adjustable riser handles for maximum riding comfort. 
  • Equipped with a hand-operated rear brake for better control.


  • Quite expensive. 

Our recommendation

The Razor MX350 Dirt Electric Bike is definitely a solid investment for your child and as long as they’re over 13 it is probably the best electric bike you will find.

The bike is well-built with large wheels and will take on any terrain as it does have plenty of torque which we think is important. The maximum speed of 14mph is safe for kids yet fast enough to give the speed rush and the hand-operated rear brake gives them effective control over their speed.

We like the adjustable riser handlebars because the children can alter the height to suit their heights accordingly, something not all electric bikes can do.

In terms of quality, you won’t find better, what does let it down a little though is the warranty is limited to 90 days unless you purchase an extra warranty. We think it should really come with 12 months warranty for the price. However, this should not be a dealbreaker because if it lasts for 90 days, it should prove reliable for the foreseeable future. Razor is also one of the best brands out there for an electric ride on bike and known for the quality and reliability so this bike should be no different. Overall a great bike we found worthy of our ‘Best Pick’ award for the best electric bike.

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2. BMW S1000RR 12v Kids Electric Ride On Bike

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BMW S1000RR Trike Bike Motorbike Electric Ride On 6v Kids Bike Official Licensed BMW Bikes Red

This is our first review of BMW licensed motorbike and it truly reflects what we have come to expect from this famous brand. First of all is the bike’s stylish look, plus a sleek modern design that comes with a choice of colours. It comes with a powerful 12V battery that delivers a top speed of 3 to 6 km/h thanks to its 2 speeds. The battery charger and everything needed to assemble and ride this beautiful motorbike are provided, and the assembly itself is a no-brainer. 

The BMW S1000RR 12v Kids Electric Ride On Bike features a practical key start function just like the real thing, a two-speed throttle, functional horn, pedal and EVA tyres, unlike any other model. In addition, there is an LED headlamp, front and rear fenders as well as a brake panel, allowing your child to ride forward, right and left for up to 60 minutes of fun.

Let’s not forget to mention the attached training wheels which ensure proper balance for your child to ride with confidence and when your little ones are ready they can be removed and this is where the second max speed of 6km/h comes in. The maximum load is 30kg but unlike the dirt bike type, this bike should be used only on a flat surface, ideally, a hard surface will provide the best riding experience. It even comes with a kickstand, thus you can leave it outside for neighbours to drool over. Parental supervision is recommended and a warranty of 1 year is included.


  • Features a realistic BMW key start ignition just like the real thing.
  • Offers adjustable speeds between 3 – 6 km/h.
  • Comes with stabilisers for ease of use that can be removed.
  • Includes LED front lights.
  • Quick and easy to assemble following the supplied instructions.
  • Has a beautiful design that will impress children. 
  • 1 year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • None found.

Our recommendation

This fully licensed BMW motorbike for children has everything going for it and if it was suitable for the more uneven ground it would of win our ‘Best Pick’, however, it is a great alternative and great for riding on hard surfaces.

Designed not just for its striking looks, the bike is simple and safe to use with a low maximum speed, but just a little faster than most other models with the exception of our ‘Best Pick’. What we really like is the two speeds, this makes it perfect for when you remove the stabilisers and that is when it really shows its true potential. 

It involves minor assembly but nothing too difficult and the instructions are simple enough to understand. Stabilisers are a great addition too. The bike is available in a range of colours, thus parents can choose the most appealing to their children. We didn’t find any drawbacks, overall an excellent choice for those looking for this type of bike and it looks amazing.

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3. HOMCOM Children Ride On Toy Car Kids Motorbike


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HOMCOM Kids Electric Motorbike 6V Children Ride On Motorcycle Battery Powered Toy w/Lights Sound for 3-6 Years Old Black

The HOMCOM Children Trike Motorbike is stylish and affordable at the same time. From the set of front lights to the red seat and the fire decals, this bike really looks stunning. It is a three-wheeled bike that offers a good balance and a safe speed for children to enhance their imagination. In addition, the bike comes with side mirrors and a windshield, thus resembling a real bike. Forward and reverse gears also ensure kids can enjoy free movement as they please. 

This bike comes with a powerful 6v, 4Ah battery that can propel it to a maximum of 2.5km/h, remember slow and steady wins the race. We reckon this is a safe speed for kids riding around the garden or on the pavement. The battery provides a continuous run for 45 minutes which is good and it fully charges in about 6 – 8 hours which although it isn’t fast-charging, it is faster than most other similar bikes. It may take up to 10 hours for the first time but this is normal for an all-electric ride on bike. 

Home assembly is required, with instructions included for the exercise. The frame is very sturdy and the seat is super-comfy. Lastly, the bike is meant for ages 3 – 6 and it can support up to 25kg bikes it is perfect for being their very first motorbike. 


  • Has an really cool design that kids will love. 
  • Long ride time – up to 45 minutes on a single charge.
  • Includes forward and reverse gears.
  • Has a sturdy metal frame.
  • Comes with a comfortable seat with sound and light effects. 
  • Supplied with assembly manual.


  • No problems, may just be a little small for 6 year olds, especially taller ones.

Our recommendation

No doubt, children will love the look of this bike. They will also enjoy long playtimes of up to 45 minutes Some other impressive features include forward and reverse gears, front headlights and sound effects. 

The maximum speed is also thrilling enough for kids aged 3 to 6 years, 2.5km/h may sound slow, however, trust us when we say it is fast enough for little ones.

All in all, the HOMCOM Children Ride Motorbike makes an amazing choice for younger children and is super stable. 

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4. Qaba Kids Electric Motorbike

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HOMCOM 6V Kids Child Electric Motorbike Ride on Motorcycle Scooter Children Toy Gift for 3-6 Years (Green)

The Qaba Kids Electric Motorbike is the perfect Christmas gift for your child and can be the start of their interest in motorbike passion. It features an on/off function for easy use along with bright front lights and horn sound effects which are truly appealing to kids. This bike also comes with detachable training wheels to help beginners learn how to ride and ultimately, find their balance. So even if your child is just getting their feet wet in riding, this bike will be very useful in enhancing their skills.

This motorbike is suitable for children from ages 5 to 8 years old and it can carry up to 25kgs. The motor delivers 25 watts of power and drives a top speed of 2.5km/h, it may not seem fast but it’s just the right speed for those riding for the first time and this also ensures it’s safe for kids. Children can enjoy a really authentic ride due to the forward, reverse and stop functions. In addition, they will benefit from 45-minute rides on a continuous basis. That’s from one full charge but recharging will take around 8-10 hours. 

Some home assembly is required to get the bike running, however, it’s a matter of attaching a few components such as handlebars and wheels by following the instruction manual. The package includes a set of screws, 1 x battery, and 1 x battery charger – essential accessories for building and running the bike. The frame itself is quite strong and is available in three different colours to choose from. Overall, this is a great choice for beginners. 


  • Has a decent runtime of 45 minutes from a single charge. 
  • Comes with detachable training wheels. 
  • Low maximum speed of 2.5km/h, making it safe for riding. 
  • Includes front spot lights, music and sound effects for a truly fun experience.
  • Supplied with assembly instructions. 
  • Comes at a good price. 


  • Long charging time – up to 10 hours. 

Our recommendation

This bike makes a great starting point for young enthusiasts. Detachable training wheels will go a long way towards helping your child develop balance and a slow speed makes the bike safe for them.

Parents can assemble this bike in a matter of minutes your children will enjoy a long playtime as well as it has an impressive 40 minutes of continuous riding. The only niggle may be a long charging time, but that’s something not to put you off as you could just charge it overnight.

If you are looking for one of the best children’s electric bikes at a competitive price for a young child just starting out, this is a good pick and has all the bells and whistles to entertain them.

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Kids Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide

Electric bikes for children differ in size, style, features and other aspects too. Safety is the biggest concern, no matter which bike you go for. Here’s how to narrow it down to the most ideal bike for your little one.

Consider your child’s age

Every bike has a specified age range and you will want to stick to it. Manufacturers specify an age range with the knowledge that kids of a particular age bracket will find a specific bike useful enough and more importantly the correct size for safe use. For instance, bikes for younger children will usually have training wheels and stabilisers to help them learn how to balance. These bikes are also short enough for children to mount on easily. 

As the age increases, the bikes become a bit more complex. This is where dirt bikes come in, for instance, with rugged constructions. They may be without training wheels and their speeds might be slightly faster than for starter bikes, though all children’s bikes are slow compared to petrol children’s motorbikes. However, electric bikes are the best place to start. 

That said, make a point to check whether the bike you want to buy is ideal for your child’s age. You also want to make sure your child is comfortable riding the bike, with their feet touching the ground to provide better control, especially when stopping. 

Safety features

The crucial feature to pay attention to is the braking system. Your child needs to stop the bike quickly if needed, therefore, the brakes need to be as good as the bike. The best electric bikes for kids such as the Razor MX350 Dirt Electric Bike come with handbrakes to allow the child to slow down or even stop the bike quickly if needed.

Check if the handbrake is easily accessible and that your child can activate it anytime. Handbrakes may not be useful for children with smaller and weaker hands. The brake should also be responsive and placed much closer to the handlebar grip for easy pulling. If you purchase a slow bike that stops on its own when the accelerator is released, it is still a good idea to get your child used to the idea of a brake.

Does the brake activate the front or rear tyre? The one featured on the Razor MX350 activates the rear tyre, which is easy to bring the bike to a stop. A front brake may send your child flying over the handlebars if activated strongly enough, so this is something you will have to consider too. You will also have to teach your child how to brake gradually. 

A helmet is, of course, a must-have safety gear that you’ll have to buy separately because most bikes don’t come with one. 

Construction and design

The bike’s geometry plays a significant part in how well the child can ride it and how comfortable it is. For instance, bikes with a wider wheelbase offer great stability and control for the user. The handlebar placement is another thing that determines the overall manoeuvrability. Low-rise handlebars are good for aggressive and all-terrain riders but they create some strain on the neck. They offer a small cockpit that can cause a child’s knees to hit the bars when turning. Mid-rise bars are good all around for kids and provide improved control and little neck strain. High-rise handlebars limit control and manoeuvrability. 

Consider the bike’s build material as well, especially the frame. Sometimes children go around banging bikes or bumping into all sorts of things, so you want a sturdy ride that will withstand reasonable abuse. Metal frames are the best for durability. Make sure all the components are firmly attached and don’t wobble when the bike is moving. 

Battery and run time

Check whether the battery and charger are included. How long does it run the bike and how long does it take to charge? Most bikes offer 30-minute run times, however, some such as the Riiroo Kids Ride On Scrambler can continuously run for 1 hour, our ‘Best Pick’ by razor has a 40 minute run time which is reasonable, especially for such a fast electric children’s motorbike. The batteries should be hard to access for the children, just in case they try to pry the battery lid to get to them. All our picks provide a good run time, beware though some cheaper models have shorter run times and take much longer to charge.


At the very least, the bike should have a comfortable seat, footrests and sturdy wheels. Most electric bikes for kids will also have their own bells and whistles to make them more attractive to children. Some common extras include working front light, sound effects, side mirrors, forward and reverse gears. 


1. Is an electric bike safe for children?

Electric bikes are designed with a child’s safety in mind. Parents, however, must provide initial training for kids to ride a motorbike confidently and supervise them when riding around. The need to purchase protective gear goes without saying for they can provide a good cushion in case the child falls. Some of the slower starter bikes may not require safety clothing but the Razor bike certainly does, especially a helmet.

2. Can you change the battery after a long period of time?

This depends on the quality of the battery that comes with the bike. High-quality batteries such as lithium-ion batteries can last for many many years, especially if particular maintenance measures are looked into. However, some older style batteries are weak and will start losing power as time goes. Such batteries will obviously need replacing after a few years. 

3. Can a battery explode?

Battery explosions can happen with low-quality batteries or due to ongoing use of damaged batteries. Explosions are rare and something you may bring upon yourself because of negligence. Otherwise, high-quality batteries and ones in top-notch condition should never cause any issues. Top brands will always only use quality batteries.

Final Conclusion

From exercising to developing balance and fine motor skills, kids electric bikes offer amazing benefits to help a child’s cognitive development. Whether you want to buy one as a gift to your child or the kid is asking for it, this is a reasonable investment you can make to impact your child’s life.

You can choose a bike from a range of models on the market, but we strongly believe the Razor MX350 Dirt Electric Bike is one you should not pass if your child is over 13. Yes, it is expensive, but it has the most useful features. From adjustable handlebars to the hand-operated rear brake and retractable kickstand, nothing beats the practicality of this bike. In our opinion, this is the best electric bike for kids. As long as it fits your child’s age bracket, you can trust its durability, thanks to metal construction.


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If you are after something for children between the ages of 3 and 8 that comes with stabilisers that can be removed and eventually be used as a real motorbike, then we highly recommend considering the BMW S1000RR 12v Kids Electric Ride On Bike by Riiroo which is really impressive and more suitable for the younger rider.

Even so, the products we’ve reviewed above are the best-rated by customers and we think you can’t go wrong with one of these bikes. We hope the ton of information above has been helpful enough. 

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